Heavy Object

Why won't those two retards just go to a brothel?

Why bother when they already have a whore they share?

They don't want to get killed

Bitch I've seen like 1 episode of this anime and never read the LNs and I could tell you that the second Qwenser is found in a brothel is the second the Object is deployed to run that brothel over.

Hime never even saw a dick in her life.

Why didn't they simply steal Objects?

They have lots of bitches wanting their dicks
Why should they?

Grand Theft Object already happened.

Because it's going to turn out to be a MIB safehouse and quenser will have to stop a giant cannon object using a box of condoms plus hand axe while havia has to fend off gay goth cyber vampires.

shit's expensive

I'm still on volume 5 but why does that sound plausible?

>he doesn't know

Havia is classier than that and also engaged,,and Quenser is a nerd.

Because Kamachi never said there can't be cyber vampires in the HO universe.

What the fun with that?

And then do what? They can't pilot them.

Holy shit, vol.6 is autism on a new level.

>the reason Frolaytia is such a weeaboo and Quenser drops dumb facts about "that Island Nation" all the time is that they're French
sasuga kamachi.exe

That volume reminded me of battlefield: bad company.

Why are Faith Organization girls the best?

It's quite refreshing to have a cast of non japanese while Japan is one of the enemies.

>religious faction has the lewdest outfits
Really makes you think.

Because they can't pilot them. You have to be some sort of genetically engineered super soldier to pilot objects and iirc they're tailored to specific objects. So just because an elite can pilot their own object doesn't mean they can pilot someone else's.

We live in shit times where retarded monotheistic religions ruled by old fags control the religious scene, but there are shitloads of religions that are perfectly open about sexuality.


This is easily the best thing Kamachi ever wrote. The difference in quality compared to Index is ridiculous.

This is what happens when you let Kamachi off the leash.


The Nanomachines.

About to start dance with noble sister, I hope this Azureyfear girl is fun. The last volume was a wild ride.

Man, Quenser and Havia are so fucking based. Frolaytia too. If only Hime came close to being as likable as those three.

I'd like to thank the faceless old men that came up with the elite and martini programs.

Fuck you, Hime a cute too, Quenser agrees don't bother him about it.

Hime is only good for her body.

Well, Kamachi probably thought that cast needs a cute kuudere.

It's nice how all next-gen Elites are little girls, but that also means that some of the objects that got exploded by the idiot duo were piloted by them.

When are we gonna learn Ohoho's name?


We learned her dad's name so it's probably going to happen some day.

>quenser will have to stop a giant cannon object using a box of condoms plus hand axe while havia has to fend off gay goth cyber vampires.

You forgot a beautiful girl that somehow ends up sitting on Quenser. And boring older dude Hevia needs to deal with.

It's perfect

When she stops being a joke character.

>joke character

Yes, she's a joke character. Because she does funny things to my dick whenever I see her.

That's not how it works.

Poor Quenser, all of these girls try to cater to him with Heivia's femdom fetish and hardly ever letting hin enjoy his armpit fetish.

Because Qwenser gets a new girl every mission while Havia is engaged and has a small army of brocon imoutos.

I'm amazed how I can actually see this happening.



Hime is making me develop a mass driver.

That could work.... I can see it happening.

That seems like an odd request, why would she ask you to do thay? Did she get jealous of the Break Carrier?

Quite a few HO threads recently and volume 12 translations haven't even started, neat.
>There are 7 days listed instead of chapters
This one feels like it'll be hype as fuck, at least it better be since we waited so long for it.

The move volumes I read the more convinced I am that LK is the most retarded faction.

While religionfags are slowly becoming better and better from the horrible start in first volume.

IA > CC > FO > LK
Also the LK has the dumbest naming for objects and I love it when people from the other factions call them out on it.

Hime is pure

They did.
With the elite inside once.

They only seem the most retarded because we see them the most. I'm sure other faction are just as retarded if we ever see it from their point of view.

CC is shit though. Only thing going for them is ice loli.

They make the best objects.

Fair point, but the Broad Sky Saber is probably the strongest.

It really isn't. It was way too easy to jam. Kamachi even said that Aphrodite would easily fuck him up.

They both belong to Frolay and she won't let them

He's not even wrong, I can relate so well.

That's only because she can't see out of her pussy and asshole respectively.

The coolest maybe, but not best. And everything we know about them makes the the shittiest faction. They are like some Cyberpunk corporatocracy.

>Why won't those two retards just go to a brothel?

Nigger they have 0 free time, one mission ends and they're sent to blow another object because everyone wants them fucking dead

Even better, when Japanese were the antagonist, they were portrayed as a bunch of bitter assholes.

IA is really the only faction that's not a bunch of crazy retards. Some of the FO cults are also okay.

IA please go. We all know you use the internet for propaganda.
You fooled me once with the G-Cups, you're not fooling me again.

I really want to see an IA ace but kamachi is probably saving it for the spinoff.

LK a best. They have the greatest heroes

The volumes dealing with the nobles also showed that they are a rotten nation.

Correction: Myonri shows up again later on.

>muh internet, muh ass backward AI program controlling super weapons needing to be fixed constantly
>lying to literally everyone including their own peoples


>>lying to literally everyone including their own peoples

That's literally every faction.

I don't know man, the potential to make something out of yourself seems better there. It's better than being some plebeian in the LK or a cultist in the FO. IA is the most worrying in terms of freedom.

IA is a meritocracy, they have a ton of freedom. And everyone is free to shitpost whatever they want on Cred Forums.

Yeah, and now compare that to LK nobles murdering each other and innocent people all the time. Or CC willing to kill a million people for little profit.

CC is all about the money. If you don't have a lot of money you are worth shit. We had CC officers shooting their subordinates in the head for little mistakes.

Why is chibi Hime so lewd?

IA is the closest to a modern western nation. They are like Google nation.

They are the most normal one of them all.

>Literally NSA the Nation
They're probably the worst of the 4

LK is the best nation as long as you are a noble

Not quite working so well for Heivia

That's only because he's choosing to wed that filthy vanderbilt slut.

We know that LK internet is heavily censored. IA internet probably is not. If everyone is constantly using the internet and posting a ton of stuff it's very difficult for a centralized government agency to keep an eye on everyone.

We've never received any indication that IA acts against people who post unpopular political views online. It seems like you're free to discuss and the people with the most information and most support win.

On the other hand, if you disparage religion in FO then you're fucked. If you disgrace royalty or nobles in LK you're fucked. If you speak out against capitalism in CC then you're fucked. IA is the only faction with even a semblance of freedom of expression and opinion.

>0.05$ were deposited in your bank account

What's wrong with propaganda? Isn't it basically just advertisement?

>Advertise G-Cups
>Deliver a smug flat loli

>advertise a product
>end up delivering something superior
I don't see the problem

This sounds like the work of an IA agent.


season 2 when?

After Index 3 and Boo Boo are greenlit.

Kamachi is Hirano 2.0, he writes HO while playing vidya. There was a literal Ace Combat reference.

If any more kamachi anime ever gets announced and it's not index 3, the fanbase would self-destruct.

That's mainly because Miki keeps reminding us that it's "plausible". As much as I want it, if it were to be forgotten and not mentioned by someone like him, the damage would be minimized.

Lost Angels is literally GTA