Danganronpa 3

What will Junko-chan do next?

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Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

Reminder that Chiaki is fucking retarded and literally led everyone to despair

So, Mitarai and the boxer are solely responsible for the Tragedy? Faggots and neets turning world into despair shithole - pure japanese poetry.

Sucking my dick as those numbers say so.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.

Yeah we know

>they seriously brought an unconscious person to a life threatening situation

This stupidity is completely reprehensible

Reminder that Chiaki haters are Emiliatards that enjoy derailing threads.

>mfw edgelords think they can act all rational and mighty in a perilous panic situation like chiaki's

it still hurts

Why isn't Junko bloated from all that despair she was feeding on last episode?

>you will never strap Chiaki to a chair, gently assuring her this will make her embrace despair as you take your spikes to her skull
>you will never gently remove 40% of the mass of her prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as she slowly loses herself as you carve away her higher brain functions
>you will never bathe her and flip her daily to prevent bedsores as she is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in her eyes when she awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with
>you'll never teach her how to drink from a bottle, or gently spoon mushed up food you chewed yourself into her mouth to feed her
>you'll never tuck her into bed, gently stroking all over her body as she murmurs and falls asleep
>she'll never inquisitively suck on your rock hard cock, licking up precum greedily as a tasty snack and gripping your shaft like a lollipop
>you'll never fuck her ass raw as she sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when she's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up her drool every morning to wake her up, suckling her cheeks for the sweet nectar
>she'll never call you Master in her slurred, barely coherent voice as her feebled mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory

Which is bullshit because he got the biggest hope boner to end all hope boners by the guy who just shot him.

>He knows his words are useless against the class rep they actually love.
I disagree. If he brought up the fact that some superhuman SHOT him and brought up the fact that they shouldnt take Chisa's sacrifice of saving them in vain, he could have convinced those stupid idiots.

It's frankly barely Izuru's fault. Nagito somehow knew all about Junko and the HCP, brought Chiaki down with him, gave a giant monologue to Junko telling her that he hopes she survives this. Well Nagito was very lucky because she did survive. Instead of shooting her immediately, he gives a giant sermon, senses Izuru and then shoots him immediately. He fails and Izuru makes him eat shit.

>Blaming the creator of a tool for the for how it is used by someone else


I fucking hate Emilitards, fuck them

Stop doing this.

>you'll never fuck her ass raw as she sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when she's naughty
This sounds too much like adult baby to me. Otherwise, 10/10 my dick is diamonds.

Mitarai was held hostage to his benefit. He showed her the anime initially before he knew she was a despair induced psycho.

what emotion is this face trying to convey?

Keep your waifu butthurt on reddit.

Reminder to report and ignore all of their terrible posts.

>Has a qt gamer girl vying for his attention and just wants to spend time playing games with him.
>Goes full retard and picks talent over the girl
Hinata-kun is the worst self insert ever.

wtf i love despair now

And he ran away like a bitch without informing anyone about a crzy ass bitch that murders everyone. He's even worse than boxer in that sense.

Except you can act rational in those situations. Mighty is kind of presumptuous on your part, too. They were pumped up to a stupid degree, sure, but not "mighty."

Sonia's is cheeky breeky victory smugness. Nagito's is "jesus christ maybe despair aint so bad after all hey pass me the misery blunt senpai"

Naegi-kun, my muff needs sum nigga rod. Bring me mah brotha Bandai over here.

>not thinking Seiko is best girl
>not thinking Bowel Eater is best girl
My god tier tastes are underappreciated everywhere I go.

>literally one emiliafags shitting up the thread turned out to be a chiakihater
>means the rest are also emiliafags
Can Chiakifags get any more retarded?


Please keep re zero shit out of this thread.

Chiakicucks will defend this
>Chiaki's torso got pierced like at least 3 times, completely through
>She is still alive and has conscious even after more than 5 mins passing considering everyone else left their room and all when her lungs are supposed to be full of blood and she shouldn't be able to breathe.
>She fucking tried to get up, even though it would have been normal for her to lose her conscious after like 5 secs just like Juzo did when he got stabbed.
>She lost so much blood but her heart is still didn't stopping.
This is indeed bullshit.


What did she mean?

Reminder that the true mindhacking is by Kodaka. That's why you're all going to watch the last episode of Despair Arc, why you're going to finish Future Arc. You'll get a shitty twist and still keep watching, because you've already been brainwashed. We all should've abandoned this like Monaca before it was too late

The rich telling the poor - it's okay to stay poor.

>Calls herself the ultimate gamer.
>Can´t use ``Gamer's Mind´´

You knew everything.

See? Now it's funny. Variety is the spice of life my man.


First you get the talent
Then you get the power
Then you get the women

>Despair sent us to hell... But we're going even deeper! Take back every girl that we've lost!

All waifus must perish!

I'm ok with that. The guy has been insecure and hopeless his entire life. He was only good at animating and some bitch turned the thing he loves into something that made people kill themselves or others. Admitting what he did, he would be seen as a collaborator with Junko and not an unwilling participant. His whole character even in mirai-hen is that he still cant summon his own courage. That is why he admires and is jealous of Naegi.

Juzo just couldnt come out of the closet.

So if one of your family members are in danger are you going to head down to the ghetto and save them?

>Remcucks are BTFO

Remember in the Star Wars Prequels where senator pumparump showed Anakin a video and then he became Vader and killed younglings?

He was a good writer

Everything about me.

Judge me

The AIs in DR are just as good as the real thing. Somehow AI Chiaki has all of real Chiaki's memories.

Except the AI isnt as dumb.

Even my despair.

What if we're being mindhacked into thinking this is a shitty anime and everyone's dying in a bullshit way and the real show has actually everything we wanted?

Switch Mukuro and Sakura and it's pretty good

>that gun crop out

could it be?

Have I finally found some one as bad as Photoshop as me?

Yeah whatever marysue lover.

But is Izuru gonna fuck Komaru?


Ain't no sistah falling for despair
Das right

>duur hurrrrrr blood and wounds duuruuurr
It's called ANIME you fucking retard, and don't even dare point your Chiakifag finger my way. You've seen your fair share of characters getting gaping chest wounds and still talking, so don't start complaining now just so you have something to complain about.

At least complain about her personality or final words or something like a normal shitposter.

Don't listen to that other faggot, your taste is solid.

What's her name again?

>Naegi... I'm already a demon.

Fix the fucking hand

My favorite meme desu

No one is butthurt, user.
Everyone is sick of letting these crossboarding edgelords and cancerous rezero fans making the threads worse than they were already.

>Except you can act rational in those situations.
I highly doubt that but I guess we'll never know until we make our own game.

I'd rather attempt to and die doing so than be branded as a coward for the rest of my life.

Monokuma maid

Komaru is the only character we've seen with the SHSL Spirit Medium talent. Even if he fails to save Chiaki, he can have her channel her so that he can talk to her and fuck her one last time.

>Somehow AI Chiaki has all of real Chiaki's memories.
That is blatantly untrue. She's referring to the earlier trials in that picture. She never once references real Chiaki's memories, and in fact has a notable lack of knowledge of what being a real person is like in her FTEs.

Can someone answer this question to me? I get how Nagito admires talent and everything but isnt it ridiculous that he puts so much stock in a fucking GAMER.

I mean. That's even more useless then a normal person in terms of societal benefit. Is it simply that everyone in HPA's circle are the talented and everyone else is just normal.

Fuyuhiko sucks and is terrible at his talent. Natsumi would have probably been better then him at being a boss. Could he really not use his connections to get a hand on what the reserve course was rioting about?

Ultimate Yakuza my ass. More like Ultimate make Peko do my shit.

Thank God Hajime isnt an idiot because Nagito would have had them all killed.


Since last episode killed normal katanaposting we had to evolve and find something else.

Yukizome "Even the younglings" Chisa

Mikanfriends report in!

These threads have been derailed pretty badly by all the Chiaki hate and now re zero shit posting? Pretty bad desu

Let's come together and post Mikan!

Chisa "Turning Gamer Girls into Gamer Fuel" Yukizome

>Kotoko in trash tier
Worst fucking taste.

Chise Yukizome you memeing fuck.


an extremely erect penis

The time has come to an end
Yeah -- this is what nature planned

Being tracked by a starving beast
Looking for its daily feast
A predator on the verge of death
Close to its last breath
Getting close to its last breath

(Rules of Nature)

And they run when the sun comes up
With their lives on the line
For a while
(No choice)
Gotta follow the laws of the wild
With their lives on the line
(No choice)
Out here only the strong survive

What's done is done
Survived to see another day
The dance of life
The hunter and the agile prey
No guarantee
Of which of them will succeed
Strong or weak


Rules of Nature
Rules of Nature


Please go and stay go in the trash bin

I want Mikan to take care of me

My current theory is that, in much the same way Danganronpa 2 was a deconstruction of video game sequels, Danganronpa 3 is a deconstruction of anime spin-offs. It's going to turn out that both series form a meta-story and are actually made by Junko to give us, the viewers, a sense of palpable anger and despair.

>move Toko to A
>move Sakura to B
>move Juzo to C
>move Ruruka to a new tier below trash
Otherwise, this is a solid chart.

I want to stain alive Kirigiri's hair with my cum.
This post is 100% related.


>he puts so much stock in a fucking GAMER
She is the class leader, to be fair.

>Thank God Hajime isnt an idiot
Except his was the worst idiocy.

And the thing with Mikan is that she at least didnt get brainwashed in a stupid way. She was initially trying to meet Mitarai but got abducted along the way.



>It's called ANIME you fucking retard, and don't even dare point your Chiakifag finger my way. You've seen your fair share of characters getting gaping chest wounds and still talking, so don't start complaining now just so you have something to complain about.
>At least complain about her personality or final words or something like a normal shitposter.

>Lol it anime, anime, anime disable your minds while watching it
Should I disable my emotions as well so that I won't feel anything at all while at it?

Yeah, but go talk to them about it, not me. Not my OC.

Chisa "Underage Undertaker" Yukizome.

>I highly doubt that
I just meant in general. People act rational all the time in extreme situations, that's how lives get saved. These are overconfident hope-filled juveniles, however, so it's easy to see why they aren't thinking rationally. Only Hopeman has the brains for it, and he's too fucking weak to try and actually stop them.

He's not "Rules of Nature" anymore, he's "The War Still Rages Within"


>a sense of palpable anger and despair.
That would explain the constant production delays.

This episode was terrible. Literally nothing happened.
Chiaki was killed and Juzo is a fag, both of which we already knew was gonna happen from the start. Yet they somehow managed to drag it on for 20 minutes

her being brainwashed was significantly dumber than the others though cause the anime wasnt even complete and didnt have the double wammy of watching chiaki tortured

I cant wait to see what meme he'll sprout with his new best friend Naegi Makoto

>Mikan stroking Junko's mushroom prop
I thought that was adorable

It was a simple typo, don't do anything you'll regret now.



Reporting in! I want to ride the carousel writh Mikan!

Have some hope will you?


>Despair arc
>Dragging out episodes
No shit. The last 5 episodes could have been done in half the time.

If Izuru found everything boring, why didn't he kill himself?

>She is the class leader, to be fair.
So if a normal person was the leader of the class, what then?

>Except his was the worst idiocy.
I don't know. He's been pretty vindicated. His only fault is that he didn't think he'd be turned into a mind wiped no morals super human and his alter ego not killing Nagito when it had the chance.
He would have died in the tragedy or if he managed to stay in the reserves just got killed via suicide.

All he has to regret when he wakes up from DR2 is that he killed a guy with glasses who killed a bunch of other people and he didnt stop Chiaki's death.



Fuck boxer


I can't wait to see my favorite pig slut in full action next week!

Death is the ultimate boredom. He killed himself with DR2.

Feel free to disable every one of your fingers in order to spare us the pain of seeing any more of your retarded posts. Yes, it's fucking anime. Yes, disable your fucking mind and suspend your disbelief. Trying to impose reality's rules upon a 2D universe where logic goes out of the window is nothing short of the Final Form of autism.

If you're baiting, you win. If you are seriously and unironically believing what you post, then kill yourself.

>Literally nothing happened.
Not this shit again.

Afterlife would probably be boring. Better to drag things out and try to beat the boredom while you still have the chance to do it here.

Fucking Emilitards, They are always shit up the threads.

He can't

>I'm unfriending you. Goodbye.
>You know why.


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo

I see you made(?) a new one, great!

how do you kys in a non-boring way when everything is boring to you
death is boring anyway

Both of you drop the gun

>people didn't see that coming

Go back to Cred Forums Chiakifag

You first.


Because he has hope.

Yes she can

>thats 90% of her development
>people still care about her
>mfw she died

>You know why

You are not the only one with 2 guns bud

how about all 3 of you drop em

>>If you're baiting, you win. If you are seriously and unironically believing what you post, then kill yourself.
Fuck you. There is nothing wrong with expecting some standarts from anime and other similar works.

Fucking drop that shit, now.

Kodaka sure showed them.

Good thing local Juzoboyz accepted this and moved on

These are so great.

>Kirigiri pasta mentions the Juzo
>Juzo pasta ignores the Kirigiri
How rude.

I don't even want to think about tumblr's reaction to this episode.

Some Mikan will make even the shittiest of threads a little bit better.

ahoge squad assemble!



I just want to play V3 and date Weedmans descendant

Kill yourself my man. Boxer is finished

Nice toys

You forgot one

You can't win if you can't shoot me.


I like how Monoca went from being the worst character to one of the better ones in the span of 10 minutes.

>People act rational all the time in extreme situations, that's how lives get saved.
The thing is Chiaki's move was the best chance they had given what they had.
I've seen people here saying that should've called the police or tell the teacher LOL yeah because Chiaki clearly knew what they were going to do with Chisa and knew exactly how much time she had left.


Back to facebook you go.

>We don't have a Montage of Izuru going through all the DR2 executions with a bored expression on his face

>The clones have appeared again! Come on, let's beat them!

Talents are all actually lizard people. Their anatomy is different.

>tfw you believe in the purest love
Feels subarashi.

Everyone get on the ground or you shall be liberated by the United Komaeda of America

I want secondaries to leave.

>your friend is slowly murdered by some edgy teenager
>instead of getting angry and trying to get revenge, you become her ally and destroy the world!
In case you thought Kodaka stopped being a hack

Do you think Juzo wanted to be o top or bottom with Munakata?

So what the fuck was Junko's plan if she hadn't bumped into Mitarai by sheer chance?


He never said "kys" you fag

And yet people still say she is a Mary sue

I will never understand you guys

I'll be taking those

I was just thinking, did Junko need Izuru to be hanging around at all? She just blamed the killing game on him and that's about it, afterwards he just kept repeating how boring everything was and other than shooting Nagito in self defense did literally nothing to actively help Junko
Also fucking Juzo, first beats Hajime into becoming Izuru and then refuses to come out of the closet to save the world

He'd do what Munakata wants

How did Chiaki know Chisa wasnt immedietely killed? Would a call to police or security have hurt?


How dull.

You also see


Trying to invade my dimension ?

She was always a good character. She was an intentionally hateable villain. She was easily better than Junko and actually manipulated people the way Junko should have.

I would be scared as fuck to remove my shoe after that

Behind you.

Even though I have nothing against the Kirifags, Juzo did take actions against the detective's life. Since the pasta is mostly composed by Juzo's own actions and the character count is nearing 2k, it would be hard to make a change supporting Kirigiri and the Kirifags "cohesive", if you see what I mean.

But they know I too wish them the best of luck!

No need to take something like this so seriously! Worse things have happened and will happen, but we are ready for them nonetheless!

How you doing today, Monacafag?

Can someone edit it?

I want to date Nagito and Monaca's child. I hope he's at least as crazy as Nagito.

Damn you guys are going crazy with the OC. You're the reason I love these threads so much.

>trusting in untalented blueberry water people
Yep. And their best move was a complete failure, which really is a testament to how shitty their situation was if you think about it.

I don't think that word means what you think it means. Junko is completely insane in a lol-I'm-so-cute manner. Edgy would be her wearing all black and going "tsumaranai" and silently destroying people as if it were nothin personnel.


Been done already, brother!

>mary sue
>gets btfo and goes into despair being unable to save everyone

Learn the techniques from someone else.

I want to use this as an exploitable but I'm struggling to find an idea

God damn it.

Just so we're clear, Izuru was the only one who didn't get MIND HACKED, right?



Nagito why you kill your hope

wow you Juzofags are really gross

Same shit, same Facebook tier cancer. You and him need to go back to where you belong.

See, I wasn't aware that she was developed specifically to be hated. And yeah, she was a better manipulator by a wide margin. Her acquiring everything she needed to fuck up Towa City was both well thought out and made sense given her motivations. Plus, she's probably the only person in the cast who's acknowledged that both hopefags and despairfags are idiots.


>Faggot, go kill yourself. No wait, I'll do it myself.

Correct. Junko may have taken advantage of his "my inner self is crying unlimited bitch tears over my dead waifu" persona.

I think it was more in the lower abdomen, my man.



my sides

Power bottom or a switch

He's probably still in despair after this episode. If you look at the main page, his eyes are more red than before - just as red as the despair eyes that everyone has now, in fact.

Are you triggered ? You should really kill yourself then trash


>A sprite used 1, fucking time in the entire game
>the best meme ever
Sometimes I'm happy to be alive

Pretty good. Needs a few swaps
Switch genocider and sakura
Switch monaca and chisa 'playground plinker' yukizome

Switch raiden and imposter whale

Saved. Kudos to whoever made this

We need Happy Teru with gun

She definitely got a long, hard rod inbetween her breasts by the end

Reporting in for cute Mikans

Someone called?

Death, Junko, shitty plot, etc.

Yes, he did.

You mean the security that was too busy fighting off protesters? The school that had all the gates and fences guarded so no one including the police could get in? The school that was hiding the classroom killings from the public?
I was being sarcastic, Chiaki didn't know how much time was left and didn't know what they were going to do with Chisa hence why she rushed in as soon as possible.

>And their best move was a complete failure, which really is a testament to how shitty their situation was if you think about it.
That was literally the point. No one was a match against Junko, not even Juzo, not even the entire world that fell into despair but one little dead girl gets all the heat.

Nah facebook cancer simply needs to go back where they belong along with their overusage of buzzwords like triggered.


>You mean the security that was too busy fighting off protesters?

It's amazing how creative anons can be sometimes.

Mikan is for sex and literally nothing else. She's just a boner exploder who's insane.

>not even Juzo
To be fair, she can basically see into the fucking future with her ability. He had no chance in hell.

Why is this so good? I really can't explain it.

There is difference between
and "kill yourself"
you crossie/newshit

>Heroines and Love Interests
Really now, what did they mean by this?



You know, Komaeda reminded me exactly of Class 78's hopeless sentiments during the last trial DR1.

As for Chiaki, she had similarities to Naegi. Naegi was boring, plain, and the most seemingly useless ultimate. Chiaki was an ultimate that made her a loner: plain, boring, and unable to relate to others. There was a lot of character development put into Chiaki: She grew fond of her classmates, set up class field trips, socialized with all of them and have (almost) everybody fit in. She had high hopes for all of them. Chiaki cared a lot and brought her classmates' spirits up, despite The Parade, Mikan's and Mitarai's disappearance, and Komaeda's encounter with dangerous strangers.

Naegi had lots of moments in DR1 where he looked stupid for trying so hard to make things right (with everybody initially against him), exceeding expectations. He even went as far as convincing everybody to go out into a broken world, hoping that they can make their own future.

Chiaki believed that everything would be OK. She believed that they could save Chisa, beat her captors, and have everybody together again. Like Naegi, she convinced everybody to venture into a dangerous situation. They trusted her, believing the same as she did; that they could overcome anything, through their unity.

While being subjected to torture in that maze, after every blow, she still didn't give up. She still believed everything would be OK. After being brutally impaled, she was STILL alive. What kind of person could still have the will to live after that kind of torture?

What kind of person would be so convinced that there was still the possibility of being saved? Her body gave up before she did. Chiaki died trying to reach out to Izuru/Hajime, just like she did with her classmates. How is that not touching?

tl;dr: Chiaki was hope, only unlike Naegi, she could not escape death at the hands of Junko.

>[email protected]

Chisa "There's a Baby in the Oven" Yukizome is here to clean up your park of flith!

So does that make his victory over AI Junko that much sweeter?

Perfect mix of an easy to exploit pose and a laughing face that can look exceptionally cruel when juxtaposed properly

No one can. Not even Hajime knows why he's air guitaring.




>Nagito: -"Maracas...?? This is not an hopeful instrument at all!"

>got mad at how predictable and boring Chiaki's death was
>still find myself getting genuinely angry about it over time
God damn it.


These people calling her a perfect Mary sure are delusional


>I just wanted to play video games
>why did this happen
>help me hinata

the rarest of the hajimes

Where does it say that?

no ibuki

>Hajime being nice enough to bathe all those people
What a pal.

>avafagging JunkoxNaegi autist
You can't make this up anymore. A literal newfagging tumblrite with facebook memes trying to justify his facebook meme. 10/10 autism.

Reminder that all dubs are shit an DR is no exception

ok u

Delete this for such event has never ever taken place in Hope's Peak Academy™ grounds.

Stop this. I'm not a Chiakifag and you faggots are still trying valiantly to make me cry.

This is getting out of control.

>predictable and boring Chiaki's death was
Tripleturbonigger you cannot be fucking serious right now. You predicted both a violent death gauntlet AND an emotional last gasp?

Hopeman with a gun meme is the only good thing to come out of the anime.

>dumb fucks really defending Chiaki aka the leader of the class willingly bringing her friends in to a dangerous situation she knew was beyond them and then brought someone who nearly died there again

If Chiaki was acting like the real class rep she should have only brought couple people with her at the very least while the others go contact for help or call the police, like what the fuck would bringing a cook would do in life or death situation?

What are the chances of Munakata killing Chisa on Monday?


Also it was dont in the traditional style of execution, would have liked to see it done in the same artstyle though.

Lets put it this way, I still popped a boner watching her suffer.

Those are the titles of the illustrations that come with the BD. You know, the ones with Aoi/Kyouko and Mikan/Chiaki? They were called something like "Heroines and romantic interests".

No need for her when we have Munakatana on vocals

Fuck, I wasn't ready for this despair.

NicoB was destroyed, I feel bad for the guy

Begone you witch. Juzo is the only guy who woudn't be brainwashed into loving you.
Not even Rurukas sweets work on a mind of a gay man.

>He doesn't like Juzoboys

Yeah, that's the point where I went from "jesus fucking christ this episode has not been done well" to "jesus fucking christ Izuru save her already you fuck". She deserved better.

Post happy chiakers.

TAKE MUKURO OUT RIGHT NOW. She does not stink, her imouto is just a lying cunt who indulges her masochism. She loves her sister because that would make her a tastier despair snack later on.

>Hopeman with a gun meme is the only good thing
Confirmed for missing about 75% of these threads up until now.

Why does Mukuro look so pleased in this?

>NicoB was destroyed, I feel bad for the guy
That might have been harder to watch than when I saw the death scene.

People predicted a brutal and contrived death scene yes, they did the instant she appeared as a character


Huh I didn't know that. Yeah, I wonder what that means?

Its jewbook newfriend

Juzoboys are redditboys

I wasn't either. I felt faint at the end of the episode and had to lie down.

I figured that if they were going to be lazy and kill her character off instead of exploring interesting alternatives like I hoped, they would use shock value to overcome the inertia of her having died previously. Everybody had different ideas of how it would be done, ranging from her own class killing her to Izuru himself killing her, but it was expected. The "why am I crying" part was incredibly predictable.

But even so, I...!

need one of chiaki covered in blood and izuru crying

See and .
Stop calling others dumbfucks just because you don't know how to use your brain.
Also fuck you for underestimating Teruteru's skills.

You're the newshit here, dumb Junkofag.
>Kill yourself my man
This line is literally a meme that came forth out of a facebook video. It's facebook cancer and it spawned the acronym "kys", both have turned into facebook memes due to the video and the 12 year old kiddies using it everywhere, as shown in these threads.

And they literally turned Chiaki into Jesus.

If she just died from being impaled it would have been pretty sad but her struggling and that fucking face she made near the end just pushed it over the edge. I wasn't even that big of a fan of real Chiaki, but it was bad.

I had a hard time sleeping last night because of it. I spent a long time ragging on the show after the episode, but her crying like that and not wanting to die stuck out too much. Poor girl.

It could just mean that Mikan and Aoi are potential love interests, which they are, but...
>Bronze/Silver medal ending
>Aoi wins the Naegibowl
How would people feel?
>Mikan wins the Hajimebowl after everything she did
How would people feel about -this-?

Oh shit, I haven't seen this one before, HOPE/10.


So AI Chiaki is an artificial construct based on a dead person who wears an accessory the dead person own. Are they using elements from Zero Escape now?

Have you even been to Cred Forums user ?

>But even so, I...!
Ya fucked it up Izuru. No waifu for you, 3D or 2D.

[spoilercaptcha: stop stop[/spoiler]

Not him, but it came from Viper. Not Facebook.

Kiss Your Sister

But it wasnt because it was Chiaki. It was because a girl got tortured. They could've put Mikan in there and got the same reaction.

>muhh best chance

Please go and tell me how bringing cooks and musicians was gonna help at all? It's better to put them to good uses contacting senior people while the people who can actually possible make a difference comes with her.

Sorry i'm not the type to use his brain to bring an clearly injured person to the same place he almost died in

A lot of people would be mad about that but I wouldn't mind. Then we'd have Mikazuru daughteru

>Are they using elements from Zero Escape now?
They've been ripping off each other from the very beginning.

>I'm obliged to spam reiterating memes or else I'm a newfag
Wew lad, this is getting better by the post.

>fucked up the spoiler even by using ctrl+s
How the fuck did that even happen

I had a dream last night about despair Ibuki asking Mikan if she could take a bite out of her, and when she refused she tore chunks of flesh out of Imposter instead. I thought she was going to eat all of him, but instead she just took bites out of him. Like, some fingers and part of his belly.

I find it disgusting that grown men fall for completely blatant emotional manipulation, which is the primary purpose for her final contrived scene

And that's why they threw that scene in there, because it lacks impact without schlocky suffering

Her death in the game didn't need to do this at all, because you actually cared


He can have any side waifu like Sonia or Mikan.

Yeah, maybe. I don't like Mikan, but sub in another somewhat likable character and sure.

How is Japan reacting on Juzo? Are they homophobic or accepting? Is hard to see LGBT characters outside yaoiy/yuri series

If this happens then twintails confirmed bestgirl.


Dont you have carps to fight ?

I want to marry Sonia!

>kiss your sister
Naegi still hasn't fulfilled Cumaru's fantasies. Marry the Kirigiri, take the imouto as a concubine. He's on a roll right now with this alpha thing, better not fuck it up.

Sonia is easily choice #2.

Chisa "Roast the runts" Yukizome
Chisa "Herod's heir" Yukizome
Chisa "When kids go out to play, she goes out to flay" Yukizome
Chisa "Send them to heaven before they reach seven" Yukizome
Chisa "If the child reaches eight then she's running late" Yukizome
Chisa "Spare the goat, I'll cut the kid's throat" Yukizome
Chisa "Straight from the womb and into the tomb" Yukizome
Chisa "If she comes around, she'll put your child in the ground" Yukizome
Chisa "Just a teacher for hire who likes to set kids on fire" Yukizome

At least you made me laugh user, thanks

No, even not liking Mikan would make you feel bad, because no one actually likes this iteration of Chiaki

Reminder that picture related is the unironically most tragic and deep character in all of Jap Mystery

No one in Dangan Ronpa even comes close

>tells Chiaki she will die
>she actually dies


He just ovverreact and preted to care for views you autist. Thats like how PewDiePie got his money

It's more of a double bronze ending than anything else. Naegi had Kirigiri and Maizono, and Hajime had two (two!) Chiakis.

Still, that would be pretty devastating.

This. This Chiaki isnt the AI. She's a jesus figure who somehow was still obsessed with Hajime but not enough to go look for him.

Remshitters need not apply.


The mad woman

I don't speak nip but here
twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=逆蔵 十三&src=typd

Speak for yourself. I like her and how she's more emotional and expressive than her deadpan AI counterpart.

>going to Cred Forums
>at any point past 2006 when it gained it's "infamous" attitude which made all the kiddies go "ermahgawd Cred Forums xdd"
It's like you want to dabble in a pool of edgy preteens. At least it was decent until MLP cancer came in there, but the state there now is trash.
I'm aware, which was a facebook video that then went on to become a youtube thing and then became a shitty meme.

That's pretty much all I go for in these threads, other than challenging myself to make good OC. It's actually really fun once you get into it. Still can't do webms though.

Didn't make this one, just clarifying that now.

In hindsights I would have preferred the ROD fucking shit up during the apocolypse with flashbacks towards their time at Hope's Peak.

>ultimate "Gamer"

>got BTFO in a maze game with traps

So chiaki got found out for being a fraud?

>You'll never dangan those junkos

>looks like Hajizuru/Mikan's daughter
>pouts like Chiaki
What does it mean?
Honestly, probably nothing.

*mindhacks behind you*

Does this mean Junko starts a complex plan that involves her birth?

It was the ultimate way for Junko to mock her. She's a total cunt like that.

I'd still fuck her into the next century if I had the chance, though.

>How is Japan reacting on Juzo?
Most of them seem to be alright with it (they call him "homo boxer"), while being sad about Chiaki's death. Some fujos are having a blast.

>Not Rosa
Shit taste

Psh Tsumaranai kid


>no weapons
>no items
>no skills
>not even a manual to read to prepare for the controls first
Pretty terrible game.

Could Izuru beat Delta?

What's the tumblr's opinion on the reveal?

git gud

>didn't read anything from the replies and completed ignored what it said
Next time actually READ what is said before you start talking.


>loved by men and women alike
Fucking Munakata, why Souda can't have anyone for himself? Even Weedman got a chick.

git gud

if you don't have weapons use the enemies ones

>tells her no miracles
>no miracle
She was a good stepping stone though.

>pool of edgy preteens
>Cred Forums is literally full of dicks.
By "Have you ever been" I meant past 3 years
you had to seen viper there.
Cred Forums is still got for dick pics, you can send these to people.

What if Chiaki is a speedrunner faggot?

Holy Shit

Imagine the look on Junko's face when she sees Chiaki reunited with Hajizuru.

They are happy that Kodaka support LGBT like he's some special LGBT agent working for tumblr inside Japan culture

Soda could get tons of girls but he only has eyes for Sonia.

It's just a coincidence Junko didn't build this for Chiaki, that makes not a single amount of sense considering Junko had nothing to gain from killing Chiaki

He's right though. What is Saionji going to do against Junko or Mukuro?

She won, though. It just had a bad ending.

Largely happy, with some now upset he's dead.

A lot think it's nothing special because they believe nekomaru/ibuki/teruteru/komaeda were already gay or bi tho.

Luna was a qt unlike the slut she was based off of

user.... Chiaki is dead.

>blushed when Chisa was close to her and when Sonia hugged her
Do you think Chiaki could be talked into a threesome with one of them, or even a foursome with both of them?

Pretty shitty attempt at a speedrun when you have no idea how to beat the game yet.

You've got a point there.

Need more hair down Junko.

can we hope for a happy end?

Stink up the place which will distract Junko for a moment giving the rest of the class a small window to rescue Chisa.


Why didnt Junko tell her what happened to him? It would have made her despair super hard.

At least he had Munakata's sword inside him

It means Izuru passed down Chiaki's future to his daughter

Unless Izuru actually manages to wake up the DR2 cast, he's still a dick for fucking them over and letting Junko kill them.

Nothing you said changes anything. Chiaki fucked up as a class rep for thinking she can deal with the issue with everyone and never considered splitting up as groups was the better idea

>muh security people are busy with the other kids outside

Yeah because there's no other adult in the school right?
>it was the best chance and she rushed

Yeaah because it's not like they spent 5 minutes talking about muhh chisa instead of quickly splitting up people and then bringing the ones they need to confront Junko.

She fucked up, simple as that.


So she'll be best girl, motivate Kaede and die in the finale to motivate her?

Did you read what I said? I gave up on Cred Forums after it gained it's infamy. All the newfaggots gather on Cred Forums and all the kids+reddit trash+tumblr trash ends up at that place due to said infamy. This has been going on for nearly a decade now so fuck going there.
>sending dick pics
user, you don't seem to understand that I'm not saving dickpics on my mobile or my pc.

Why Funimation is still a thing?

What if he didn't, and the boats were more viruses sent in.

>She dies at chapter 5 like her mother
My heart would break.

user.... hoping that hard will just cause greater despair. Are you saying those flowers were for Chiaki in a coma or not at all? One had to be for Chiaki.

I knew he was a fag but i didnt expect this.

motivate her even further*

>game is designed to kill the player
>player dies
>she won

It's because of Hajime turning into Izuru that those fucks even got a chance to regain their sanity. Had Hajime in Izuru not recognized Chiaki, things probably would have turned out different. They are nothing but stepping stones for his hope and future.

I see, thanks.

>Pretty shitty attempt at a speedrun when you have no idea how to beat the game yet.
That's the point. She was bad because she didn't know the game yet. She's a speedrunner fag.

Do you still browse jewbook ?
You clearly know what memes are (were) hot there
>not saving dickpics on my mobile or my pc.ň
>Not having imgur album so people will always open it because /imgur.com/

Yeah, well, I'll bathe in despair. Yes, I'm pretty sure that Chiaki's dead, but it -could- mean that she's in a coma and Izuru's predictive powers told him that she was never going to wake up, so he treated her as dead.

Only after meeting with AI Chiaki did he realize that AI Junko was right, and a miracle even he couldn't predict would be possible, and so he's going to save her in Mirai.

There is no way human Chiaki survived because the flower scene would make 0 goddamn sense. Izuru's eyes in the poster turned a different shade of red and matched the rest of the cast because he fell into despair, he fell into despair because Chiaki died and not mind control, that is why Junko said it was easy to break him.

>those messages

Super duper savage

>break him

Pretty standard stuff by DR standards, yeah.


Awful :-(

What a wonderful hope user. If only I could be like you.

I could care less for a "happy ending" in this story which kills millions, but your girl Chiaki is still my main suspect for the Mirai Hen game

>break him

Anyway, I predict this:
We will find out what happened for sure in this week's Mirai episode.

Is there anybody at all who can dispute this prediction?

>because he fell into despair,
I think it was more him finally getting some passion. That and he is considered a RoD so he should be part of the group pic too. He had a "fuck this world" attitude before, but now I'm not so sure.

>dragging in jewbook
Now why would I browse a site more cancerous than Cred Forums?
>you don't know what memes are hot on Cred Forums
I fucking wonder when I told you I don't go there as it's the worst board filled with autists, newfags and redditors.
>linking dickpics in imgur albums
Again, if you like to have a link open to imgur for dickpics or having them saved on your pc then be my guest. But I'm not going to be equally as retarded and giggle like a 15 year old after linking a dickpic in an imgur album and then getting angry replies back. That's just mediocrity at it's finest and a lazy as fuck way to troll someone.

>"man, I wish I could feed munakata like that"

>for thinking she can deal with the issue with everyone and never considered splitting up as groups was the better idea
There was only one entrance. How the fuck are you meant to split people up when you're searching one place?
>Yeah because there's no other adult in the school right?
Yeah, teaching other classes and probably faint at the sight of violence just like the pe teacher. Gee, I wonder how much precious time would've been lost if they did attempt to get help.
>Yeaah because it's not like they spent 5 minutes talking about muhh chisa instead of quickly splitting up people and then bringing the ones they need to confront Junko.
She was explaining the situation, you moron. A teacher ends up lost, a class rep is terrified, a student who shows up after over 6 months disappeared and gets shot, another student that disappeared for a while shows up out of no where with an injured Peko whose injuries needed explaining and you think a class would not want to ask questions? It's like you've never communicated with actual people before.

>Is there anybody at all who can dispute this prediction?
Yes because they could blueball us until the end to show us the DR2 cast and wait another week.

I thought Hajime managing to slightly resurface (or whatever you want to call what happened at the end) was the miracle?

The future to die twice?

Could Juzo top Soda as the Ultimate Cuck?

So, which people do you think Chisa whored herself out to?

DR2 cast are on their way to Mirai-hen, going by that stinger we got last Mirai-hen episode


Considering it's the penultimate episode, yeah. They can't leave all the twists for the last 20 minutes of the series.

>That's just mediocrity at it's finest and a lazy as fuck way to troll someone.
You still get the reaction, and its fun how they wont trust you after that.
If you are so good then teach me you MasterTroll

>Kills Fuyuhiko's little sister because she has a gay crush on Mahiru
>Helps fucking Gyaru Hitler destroy the world because he has a gay crush on Munakata

Gays were a mistake

>would not want to ask questions?
Then why didnt they ask peko or mikan or nagito?

>You clearly know what memes are (were) hot there
Fucking missread, well gee whizz, if friends who only use facebook know it then yeah, it's obvious that I'll end up knowing what's hot on there due to them. Unless you're autistic and have no friends you'll understand what I mean.

She definitely fucked random people and took photos so when the cat was out of the bag she could show them to Munakata to mess with him.

Explain why, I'm curious.
Also if she was alive do you think she still restrain her old personality?

Kill Urself My Man is an album you stupid shit. He uses Facebook to spread his albums.

Like they have a fucking choice.

>Not only using people
>Having friends wich only limit you
So I am the 15yo, right ?

If Peko was willing to kill male gays as well everyone would have ended up way better.

What, is this the sort of thing you expect to happen?

>Izuru saved Chiaki but she's left comatose and that's enough to make him despair
>Junko finds out and visits when he's gone
>her mere presence is enough to make Chiaki shake and cry with her eyes wide open
>she assures her that she already got punished so she doesn't care that she's still alive, and gently strokes her in all the places she got pulverized and penetrated in before for emphasis
>she congratulates her on falling into despair and causing her husbando to fall into despair as well, and says she'll give her a nice reward for that
>she brings up a monitor, flicks it on, and forces her to watch despair-ified live footage of her classmate and teacher's atrocities, with footage of her own previous execution interspersed in whenever there's a lull in the action
>Junko leaves to go do other things because she can't move her body in any way
>Chiaki is consumed by true despair without even being conscious for it and her eyes become swirly

>how they won't trust you after that
Congratulations, you've just linked your friends dickpics of random anons on the net in a fresh imgur album. If they didn't think of you as a complete autist then now they will. What we used to do to each other was send each other torrents, edit them to contain a keylogger and then subscribe them to random sites that'd flood spam mail. Either that or disguise a link to be a screamer as screamers in general give a better result than dickpics.

Do you really need to be spoonfed? They could've just explained that off screen when they were walking. No point explaining to the viewers what they already saw.

>Despair hen will have the ultimate despair ending.
>Future hen will have the ultimate hope and happiness ending.
Hurry the fuck up already, I'm sad and I need my Kirigiri back. Also real Chisa justice, not that bullshit we got in episode 1.

>0 goddamn sense
Unless Izuru thinks she's dead, which ties into his boredom-due-to-predictability conundrum. Her being alive in spite of that would be unpredicted and a good moment for him, if anything.

Mukuro without Junko is a military grade UNF waifu.

Mukuro with Junko is a military grade trash "N-nya" fag

That's Munakata's job.
>Peko and Munakata will never bro-op to remove homosexuality from the world forever.

Nice tumblr post.

She didn't unlock the Izuru route.

Who would save her? Don't say Junko because she would prefer to have her dead since Chiaki is such a hopeslut.

screamers wont burn into your mind like dicks user.

Kill yourself emiliatard, fuck you.

>not using people
Edgy 15 year old indeed.
>having friends which only limit you
Them linking retarded memes=/=limiting me, how is this a new concept to you autists?

Matsuda. He knows the place.

Dick screamers.

Make it happen.

Izuru himself.

nagito's voice actor is a fucking genius


I want Chiaki and Kyouko back. Chisa too, because she was a nice teacher and didn't deserve to have that happen to her.

But suggests that Izuru wouldn't know she's alive.

If she's in a coma and not a single prediction of his tells him "she wakes up", then she's as good as dead, isn't she?

The fallacy is assuming that the Mastermind is a Despair Slut

The Mastermind certainly wants to be SEEN as one, but there are several key factors which cast doubt on that

1. The Killing Game is NOT being broadcast.

2. The deaths themselves are, for the most part, quick and to the point. Violating an NG code kills you almost instantly, and the usual cause of death, knife to the heart, is instant

It's rather lacking in sadism for a Despair

Matsuda is dead, they already passed dr0

>Calling me 15yo
>Believing that your friend will always be your friend and that they wont stab ur back
user you are the autistic one here, every single person on this planet, is greedy fuck.
everything we do is "greedy"
even mother love is.
You wont be "friends" with someone if you dont have emotional feedback from it.
U are genius user

No fuck that, she suffered enough.

I guess his idea would still work if he somehow carried her somewhere but still thought she wouldn't make it, or that the flowers would still be meaningful if she was in a coma (think of someone like Michael Schumacher), but it's contentious.

>Tsumaranai, lol.

Screamers are far more effective than a random dick pic. Hell, if you actually want something decent just get deepfriedrice or bluewaffle snd disguise it as link. That works equally as good as a screamer. Random dick pics are low tier as there's no shocker value, just disappointment.

To be fair, the anime isn't much better from Mahou.

>mind control sweets.
>lava katana
>Nekomaru blowing a hole in the wall from shit

DR 1&2 were still grounded in reality. 2 less so, with muh personality altering game.

what flower scene

Fucking Hopeman is always right and nobody likes him because of his hope fetish. This is worse than being gay.

Which is more accurate?

I want to fix her with lots of hope, love and cuddles

Having her cry softly in my arms about all the evil she has done and telling her I would love her no matter what she does would feel like heaven.

>they already passed dr0
No they didn't. They haven't even gotten to the start. The last few episodes have all taken place on the same day.

>instead of getting angry and trying to get revenge, you become her ally and destroy the world!
Junko straight up says that she was using her dumb mindhack tech on them. Chiaki was integrated into it to make the video stronger since aside from Mikan, who is just inherantly shit I guess, it apparantly wasn't strong enough (as seen with Chisa). She described the brainwashing video as "not quite being complete yet" before she gets Chiaki to play Wizardry.

Have you not watched a subbed version of the episode yet or something?

Exactly. People mock IF because it's fanfiction and people like it, but I liked that Mukuro. I really did. I enjoyed the real cognitive dissonance she experienced, and it really balanced things out by blending her relationships with Junko and Makoto, complete polar opposites. She can't possibly let go of her abusive relationship, but at the same time she has rediscovered her love for Hopelet and believes in his hope. The ending is incredibly ambiguous and really makes you wonder if it'll have a happy ending or a despair ending, especially considering the fact that she more or less promised to return to the school.

IF Mukuro cute and interesting. Canon Mukuro even cuter, but also straight-up evil and cruel, and also /u/ corrupted.

Chiaki might come back considering Izunata might be relevant now, and so much emphasis has been placed on her already. Her return is incredibly unlikely though, I feel. Kyoko on the other hand has plot, waifu, sacrifice, and main heroine armor combined. She might as well have opened the console and typed ~godmode for crying out loud.

Left side.

We don't know if he knows or is 100% dead. Him crying could be his Hajime realizing he's fucking up. But I think she dead.

>Believing that your friend will always be your friend and that they wont stab ur back
>user you are the autistic one here, every single person on this planet, is greedy fuck.
>everything we do is "greedy"
>even mother love is.
>You wont be "friends" with someone if you dont have emotional feedback from it.
So let me get this straight? I'm the autistic one for having actual friends? I feel sorry for you that you think others with friends are autistic as you have trust issues about being backstabbed. You truely are the edgy 15 year old.
>even motherlove is out of greed
>everyone acts out of greed
Literally the mindset of a child that hasn't seen a lot of the world but his own emo individualism.

So Junko might have never been aware of how much Chiaki meant to Izuru.

>There was only one entrance. How the fuck are you meant to split people up when you're searching one place?

I mean split up in the school for asking around for any adults about and then explaining the situation to them.

>Yeah, teaching other classes and probably faint at the sight of violence just like the pe teacher. Gee, I wonder how much precious time would've been lost if they did attempt to get help.

So are you trying to say the only adults in school are teachers now who are all teaching at the very same time? My fucking sides you are dumb as shit and waste what time? The people who are doing this are not gonna be helpful fighting Junko hence the reason why they are going for adults instead dumb shit. Everyone would be doing something that they're capable of doing.

>She was explaining the situation, you moron. A teacher ends up lost, a class rep is terrified, a student who shows up after over 6 months disappeared and gets shot, another student that disappeared for a while shows up out of no where with an injured Peko whose injuries needed explaining and you think a class would not want to ask questions? It's like you've never communicated with actual people before.

Once she tells them the situation they start delaying for a while about whether they should do this or not, this is why she simply could have quickly told them what they should do as it would have saved time and got them pumped up to save their teacher.

Give up, you are only proving how retarded you are saying what Chiaki did was the best thing she could have done.

Junko said that she has short memory span when she was counting to 10 and tortured Chiaki. Ithink she wa already switching between herself and Ryoko.

Are they even going to reach the start of DR0 at this rate?

>Literally the mindset of a child that hasn't seen a lot of the world
Its other way around, live in your world user, I am not going to push my values onto you, you will find out.

>Avoid Re:zero threads because it's Super High School Level Toxic/Cancer since the start
>Re;Tards can't stick to their own threads and shit up others

ok Im scared about junko real power
some wageslave neet its 01:32 am here so he probably came back from work and just saw the chapter go out to his balcony and screamed "zetsubooooouuu"

>game is locked into bad end route
>your save data is locked; no going back now
>could have just sat her ass down after the first spike and cried like I would have
>screamed I'M GONNA WIN THIS until the very end
>Chiaki still completed the game LIKE A BAUSS

Do NOT talk shit about Chiaki being a bad gamer when every single odd was stacked against her and she still followed through

Before you get eaten alive by other replies, I'm going to say that I get it. I really do. The whole "reforming evil person" fetish is pretty powerful, especially if the villain is cute, double if she acts cute as well. Junko is a rotten bitch, but I get the whole "fixing her" deal. Make a tulpa or open the gate to 2Dland. Maybe you'll get your chance.

I think it's very unlikely. She was just killing Chiaki for the effect it would have on the entire class. With Izuru's personality and her obvious lack of knowledge regarding Hajime Hinata, it's safe to assume that she completely stumbled her way into the opportunity. She may have "broken" him at this point, but it wasn't intentional. She got a taste of the SHSL luck.

Is there any need to? It's an epilogue story to Junko causing the tragedy Zetsubou-hen focuses on where she has to hide herself for a while


I want all my money back for this. Even the money I didn't spend pirating their shit.

This is a big reason why i say tengan is the mastermind, he wasnt lying about not being a despair but thats irrelevant to whether he did all this or not

Probably not.

Reminder that Chiaki is a cute and loving best girl.

Unlikely, the final Despair episode will probably serve only as complementary material for the final Future episode, I can't wait for Monday.

offscreen like all the SoL parts

Reporting in friend!

Why would they need to, danganronpa 0 takes place like a month after all this, at most we might see junko get mindraped

anyone else laughed when the metal balls hit chiaki in the head

shit was comical like out of a comedy show

Anyway, so anyone know why Juzo hate Naegi?
They never explain that.

Man, this is hilarious. I've been around for 25 years, but being called a kid for having friends and actual good friends at that is just taking the cake. You my man, have autism and a negativistic view upon the world and from your post I can already tell you're that one depressed kid with social anxiety. Thanks for the tip though, I think I'll need it once I graduate from middle school.

You think the PTA for Junko gives more insight to her character?
>I don't want anything. I don't want to lose anything. The future's full of lies. You have no argument. The future will make you suffer. Any choice is despair. Just give up already. You're not hope. What is this crappy feeling? A miracle won't happen. You won't be able to do it. You won't be able to do anything.

I know her standard PR reason to outward parties is that she's bored of everything because she knows the outcome thanks to her talent. I'd go further than that. Because she knows the outcome she fell in despair. She knows when she'll fail, she knows when something will break, she knows when she'll lose someone, so instead of that, why not toss everything away and break it before it has the chance to? Because of her talent she never attempted anything nor felt any reason to. More than anyone she would be familiar with her own faults and confronted with them daily. This would be nice characterization for her while still being in-character.

This reminds me that she's similar to Bernkastel, who as the Witch of Miracles, knows they don't exist so relishes in despair instead. They seek their comfy refuge in despair because they don't want to be betrayed by the future. Despair is constant and reassuring while hope is fickle and unreliable.

>thinking Junko regrets anything she's done
>thinking she cares about what what you think
>expecting her to turn into a demure moeblob
>not knowing this is all a ruse to turn you to despair
>not loving Junko because she's evil and demented as fuck
>not helping her do evil shit and cause chaos for the sake of despair
>not stealing a piece of her corpse and trying to impregnate it
I could keep going all day about how ridiculous you are.

If anything we will probably get maybe a short tease to the start of the event events at the very end of despair arc. I wouldn't hold out for that though.

>I don't know how to read
>repeating my nonsensical bullshit and throwing insults will definitely get my point across
If I knew earlier that this was bait I wouldn't have bothered replying.

I love that someone drew this before episode 10 was released.


>could have just sat her ass down after the first spike
Would Junko have expected this? That last hallway looked completely safe before she got to the end, so maybe she could've sat down and waited. The despair swirly twerlies in her friend's eyes may have disappeared if she went long enough without getting injured.

>Kirigiri still not shown or mentioned on Monday
I would collapse into myself and create a black hole of butthurt. I'd be triple mad if she survived, because then it would've been a massive cocktease all along.

You sound like my 14 year old brother who listens to Linkin Park, Korn and Dragonforce.

start of DR0's events*


>took damage
>no loot
>not a vertical play

How would they dispose of chiaki"s remains?

>Gerba Daisy and Buttercup
>Cheerfulness + Light/Joy


>Stop hitting her Hajime, she's dead already!
Muchkatana literally said it, he talks about real world hope not knowing how much despair they felt, manlet just doesn't know his place

>adding Monomi

Junko used them to create her clone we've seen in Danganronpa 1

I was expecting more to happen in the anime just because of this translation error.

>my argument was clearly destroyed
>muhh you just didn't read mine

Yeah don't bother posting things as facts again


Where my H O P E B O Y Z at?
We ready to see this guy on Monday?

Monomi deserves more love love.

Early Linkin is best Park, Korn has maybe 3 good songs, Dragonforce is almost average. They're not COMPLETELY awful.

Junko cremated her and then used her ashes for her morning coffee until she ran out.


>Chiaki died (twice)
>Kirigiri still breathing
Kodaka sure is picking sides here.

>check thread
>junko autists
>chiaki hate
>juzo memes
>monacafag autism
>talking about facebook and Cred Forums
>some guy talking like he just listened to crawling in my skin
>emiliatards and remcucks
Did we fuse with Re:0 threads to become a cancer to surpass JoJo threads?

I've never been a fan of that fetish because it's the common dwelling of tsunderefags, people who are so deprived of human interaction that they can't differentiate between romantically charged teasing and genuine psychopathy. proves my point perfectly.


>Cure for NG poison discovered

>Literally discovered by finding it on the creators corpse.


I can already see how much hope we'll get in the end.

>Her return is incredibly unlikely though, I feel
That's exactly what makes it so likely though, as Izuru is supposed to be capable of miracles. What better miracle for Hajime personally than getting his waifu back?

Fuck off.

Anyone who pretends Danganronpa wasn't always cancer before the anime is a newfag.

I blame PC port though. Literally before that the series was dead on Cred Forums and Cred Forums after 6 months of the DR2 release with only scrums left on /vg/.

So you would be friends with someone who is dick to you ?
No you wouldnt because you dont get anything from it.
>Much edgy teen
This isnt about being "edgy" this is basic mechanic of human brain.
And this is friendship selfish thing wich you do only for emotional feedback. (sometimes for material as well)
If I am autist then you are emotionally unstable because you need this feedback.

Cause the end of the world, get kidnapped by now-sentient Monokuma, tortured for 109 years then turned into a blob, I hope


So what happens after they beat the mastermind?

Stop fucking bringing them up and we'll be fine. Seriously, just how many of you got triggered by that one post?

I can agree with you, but at the same time I'm not sure it's on *that* level of pathetic. It really does seem that he's just someone whose waifu happens to be a batshit insane and almost universally hated bitch monster.

Gasp. Are you implying that Baconwaifu is actually Bacondespair all along?

I'll say this much: if both Kirigiri and Chiaki return, we'll have 10x the shitstorm we had yesterday.

But there is no Hajime in DR3 and Izuru doesn't fucking remember anything

Why bring her back?

Not relevant besides her AI and not relevant in Mirai

Updated Munakatana, this is probably the last time I'll mess with this character's page.

Here, hopeful as always. I really wish he will appear but I find it unlikely.

I feel like if Chiaki was ever supposed to be a person and still alive by DR3, Hajme would mention something about wanting to see her in the DR2 epilogue.

>But there is no Hajime in DR3

He's not wrong, these threads were always bad but ever since the last episode the threads have reached a new level of cancer.
It's gotten that bad that I would rather have waifufagging than this.

Munakata with the help of his new friends Naegi and Izuru, shove needles into Chisa's head to stimulate her hope centers and then proceed to have an orgy with all their waifus. Juuzo dies offscreen.

Why does he get no love in these threads? Literally MUH HEARTSTRINGS not to mention despite not being a major character has one of the best roles.

>ultimate scout
>plays JUZOBOI
>keeps promise to his best friend
>dies a heroes death
>thinking kirigiri is actually dead

So why don't you guys love WAN PIECE more?

Zetsubou is relevant to Mirai, you bozo. She's relevant for giving Hajime his happy ending.

He said he would stay on the island, and he's leaving it in DR3. Don't think too hard about little details like that.

Seeing him on monday would at least dissolve my doubts about an hopeful ending to this trainwreck of suffering, that's for sure.

Sorry, but you'll have to accept this.
Hajizuru doesn't count.

Hope will always win, that is just how it is. And with enough hope, she can be cured too.

just like Akane from Rewrite, who had evil literally physically implanted in her brain, was cured with love, and that is exactly how she turned out

Oh and Mitarai watches and decides to get into hentai animation to spread hope while Aoi gets fed a donut by Togami's rescue team.

>star on boat
Oh man.
Ohhhh man.

these are excellent

make more

He dies so quickly and gets so little screentime he's basically a non-character.

>He's not wrong, these threads were always bad but ever since the last episode the threads have reached a new level of cancer

Nope the same shit happened in DR2 threads and even with DR1 anime threads with that gokigenyou faggot.

If he didn't scout Junko nothing of this would've happened.

Sometimes great characters get very little development doesn't mean they aren't great.

He does.

Make one for Chiaki.

>Zetsubou is relevant to Mirai, you bozo.

I'm talking about her character you dumb fuck.

>hajime happy ending

He already fucking had it. His happy ending was to retain his memories instead of waking up how he slept with all his other buddies awoke normally.


What the fuck was Junko scouted as in the first place?

I don't think that guy had anything to do with it.

cause he died for nothing

>cause he died for nothing

Believe it when the anime ends and Kirigiri is still dead.


>So you would be friends with someone who is dick to you ?
Yeah, that's part of a friendship. Fucking around and being dicks is one part and the other part is comradery, you autistic individual.
>No you wouldnt because you dont get anything from it.
But I would.
>>Much edgy teen
>This isnt about being "edgy" this is basic mechanic of human brain.
Basic mechanic of the human brain is to have socializing as an aspect to function in society. If people lack social interaction and/or neglect and shutdown any attempt at friendship being made you're obviously going to end up as a nihilistic individual like you with no grip on what is reality as you flee into your hole of escapism.
>And this is friendship selfish thing wich you do only for emotional feedback. (sometimes for material as well)
No you don't. You can genuinely like someone and be friends with them. You don't need to see it as a trade system, if you do there's clearly something wrong with you. If you're already talking about using people then you're the autistic one.

Not just that, but how are you going to use someone either for emotional feedback or usage when you've just met them and your opinion and knowledge on them is blank, yet you're having a decent laugh together? You're drawing straws that can only belong to someone with severe case of social anxiety and autism.
>If I am autist then you are emotionally unstable because you need this feedback.
What? Please repeat this in English. Because I'm not emotionally unstable, I just have friends like any other human being as it's generic social interaction that's necessary to keep up with studies, work etc. one comes with the other.

Overall, this is most likely the most autistic post I've read on Cred Forums, good job.

In HPA pupils get picked and scouted and he was the scouter of the academy.

>I'm talking about her character you dumb fuck.
Yes, Chiaki's character is relevant in Mirai, as she is a part of Zetsubou, and it is connected to Mirai. What do you actually expect Hajime to do, anyway? Bust the FF out? Job to Junko? What? We know it's not going to be much substantial, as the UDG episode told us, so it has to be something very mild.

Fashionista no?

Analytic was her "hidden" ultimate right?

No he does not.
Hajime is a pathetic normalfag that remembers the real Chiaki, but Hajizuru is literally Izuru with emotions that only remembers AI Chiaki, and she's different from the real one.

You guys are just arguing semantics at this point.

He was amazing, too bad he didn't get that much screentime.

It feels weird chiaki doesnt even have a backstory like her family and past

Her induction into HPA was a "special case" and pushed through by the Board of Directors, JKoichi and the others had no say in it.

ESL-kun, you're transcending edge. I know it's cool to pretend to be Izuru, but it's not feasible to compare it to real life. Izuru is not your self-insert.

>Why does he get no love in these threads?
It's just because he's dead and out of the story. He's fucking awesome.

That's what I'm sayin'


I mean yeah, I get that but, plenty of people in here bringing up dead characters lmao

Jin and Scout are easily two of the most likable characters. They literally did nothing wrong.

>and it is connected to Mirai.

She's dead as fuck and Izuru has is own motives now that aren't known.

You are literally making shit up.

I just speed read that shit.
So let me explain.
Ive never said not to socialize, just dont make "friends" and dont let anyone be close to you, keep your relationship professional.
Why do you want friends ?
How are friends better than being alone ?
"Liking someone" is emotion
and you like this emotion you want this emotion so you keep liking someone
you want to be even more close to X person because you want that emorion to be stronger you are doing this all for this one emotion.
If is someone super boring you dont get any emotions from them or any material stuff you wont be friends with them
Because you dont like them you dont hate them you dont feel anything towards them.
Thats why friendship is selfish its about your own emotions (even if you do X think for someone its still about UR emotions )
So now
How is it better than being alone ?
It isnt.
If you learn hwo to be happy with the emotions you have while being alone you are safe.
No one can hurt you
Nothing can happen.
Because you are alone.
You might even become obliged to someone then it hurts when they leave.
And the worst thing about this is, you cant control this.
Thats why its better to be alone.
Being alone mean that you can control your own self a lot better.
Do you get it now ?

>If he didn't scout Junko

What? Are you stupid? In Zetsubou we get background on characters in Future.

>that aren't known
It's pretty fucking easy to guess that they all have to do with Chiaki.

You're not answering my question.

>I'll be home soon Nanako-chan

Holy shit, I lost it hard.

I understood from the start. You're simply socially retarded if you think this way. You act like this to shut yourself out from anything negative happening to your own emotion, bravo autist-kun. You've outdone yourself in creating the most autistic post on Cred Forums.

You're literally telling me that living a life alone as a shut-in is better than having an actual life with friends in it and a time where you have joy with others.

Fuck man, that chiaki death seen made me feel 10x as uncomfortable as the student council killings.

Make one for Naegi and include sexy pictures from Asahina on his page/messages

Don't give up user, you just need to find something genuine.

>that tengan comment
Fucking gold

Hinata never deserve this girls!

>actual life
Thats subjective smartass.
and you just fuckign said it
>have joy with others.
You are committed to this emotion you arent free (this sound really edgy tho.)
You will suffer when this "joy" will end.
If being happy and feeling joy with myself = "shut-in" then be it.
I am safe, I dont need any other joy and I wont get lost.
I wont take that risk you did.
Enjoy it till it last.
I can guarantee you that you will suffer because of this "joy"

Calm down there Sephiroth. Just because you're autistic and socially inept doesn't mean everyone's autistic and socially inept. I don't have to shut myself down from emotions and become apathy just so I don't get harmed. If you fear being harmed that much, that you go to such an extend, then I'm sorry to bring it, but you need professional help as this is some A+ class autism.

>seemingly useless ultimate

You sure, Komaeda and Naegi use luck to bend reality and force events to happen. Just like Komaeda said, everything always goes his way. Naegi had a broken fire extinguisher magically spring to action to hit Yu in the back of the head and create a smokescreen for him.If Komaeda or Naegi had been in the deathtrap, it would have broke.

im a kirigiri fag, but the fact that they offed chiaki a second time means shes actually dead

>Ive never said not to socialize, just dont make "friends" and dont let anyone be close to you, keep your relationship professional.
You are the autistic one here
Being "friends" with someone and thinking that this will last forever and that we love each others and bla bla bla is just fucking illusion.
You live in this illusion "autist-kun"
No they arent your "friends"
No they dont give fuck about you.
All they and you give fuck about are your own emotions.
Are you scared of being alone ?

Looks like somebody doesn't have enough HOPE.

nigga we should learned by now that the whole hope shit is basically kodaka being ironic, like seriously for as much shit we give him he really does take a big ol shit on the whole hope stuff every chance he gets

You are weak autistic fuck who locked himself in this illustion.
You proceed to feed it by making your standards "norm" so you will feel like its real.
You deluded yourself and you attack anyone who tries to break your illusion.

If we take Junko's ultimate analyst skill seriously, it's entirely possible that Junko would have had a multitude of punishments ready for running back to the entrance, giving up or even taking too long. If the maze wasn't going to shit all over her then Junko would have just upped her mocking until Chiaki fell into despair. Unfortunately, trust between everyone in the 77th class was their downfall.

Seek help.

Shit game. Izuru would have done better and maybe give Chiakiers a chance to win

Wake up.

Fuck, it felt like Kodaka was punishing me for taking DR with any amount of seriousness.

>>Ive never said not to socialize, just dont make "friends" and dont let anyone be close to you, keep your relationship professional.
No, that's autism. If you can't have a genuine friendship then you're autistic and you're socially incapable.
>You are the autistic one here
Nah, I don't shut myself down as I'm afraid to be harmed, unlike you autist-kun. I guess it makes sense as you're an ESL, so 3rd world countries etc.
>Being "friends" with someone and thinking that this will last forever and that we love each others and bla bla bla is just fucking illusion.
Nothing lasts forever but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have friends. That isn't an illusion, that's being realistic.
>You live in this illusion "autist-kun"
No I don't ESL-kun. You live in an illusion where you shut yourself down due to you being afraid of ending up emotionally harmed due to your paranoia, your socially ineptivity and you being borderline autistic. Seek professional help.
>No they arent your "friends"
Yes they are.
>No they dont give fuck about you.
Yes they do. I could give you several examples, but that is something you wouldn't even care acknowledge. You see? They wouldn't call me and invite me for dinner, they wouldn't call me and invite me to come and see their child, they wouldn't make me godfather of said child if they weren't friends.
>All they and you give fuck about are your own emotions.
Not really. See post above. You just don't have a clue how the real world functions and how reality is. You're autistic and only your view is possible, even if it's the view of a socially retarded kid that got 1 bad experience and can't acknowledge what's around him.
>Are you scared of being alone ?
No I'm not as I literally live alone and I'm having a good time my man.

>doesn't know about "kibou vs zetsubou" that's a theme in a lot of Japanese stories
frig off

But you can't break my illusion. You're a random autist on the net who's socially retarded and each and every post you make is making it ever so clear that you actually are a fucking social spastic.

>Yes they are.
>Yes they do.
I dont even have to say anything else. This is straight up sad if you believe it.


So you agree that you live in "world Button" illusion ?
(we say this in my country it means that you believe that everything is good and everybody is nice.)

Then enlighten me, autist-kun. They made me a godfather of their child. Now explain to me how they don't care about me or my emotions or how I don't care about them if I accepted it? They could've picked their own flesh and blood, their beothers, but instead I was the one.

Do you see how socially inept you are yet?

I literally explaiend this 4 times "autist-kun"
That person only cares about the emotion he has from making you godfather.

Kid. You're a fucking autist. I don't believe in everything being one-sided. You're the one being one sided with your nihilistic view where you shut yourself down and seek shelter in your safe space, where nobody can touch or harm you.

You're a sad individual and you need help as life ain't just a black hole and it ain't all roses and sunshine, but you don't seem to understand that.

Indeed it is one big black hole user.
The only good thing about it is when you fags suffer.

>That person only cares about the emotion he has from making you godfather.
What? Literally what? Are you retarded?

Don't you see that he cared about my emotion as I'd see it as a honor and that's why he took me over his own flesh and blood, which made him tear up for hours? Are you just this socially retarded that you don't understand basic friendship and/or emotional decisionmaking in life that actually matters?
Then you're an autistic hypocrite as you detest people who see the world as a good thing, whereas you're the polar opposite who wants to see the rest suffer without acknowledging the good things. So let me ask you this, Sephiroth, who's gonna suffer more? You hiding yourself and dying all by yourself, never accomplishing anything in life but to be some escapist or someone who actually has a bit of realism in his life and goes out and has an actual life, something you don't have.

Fucking underage, autistic and an ESL, that's a record.

I already wrote this.
I am safe.
I cant suffer.
> he took me over his own flesh and blood
I dont understand your mumbo jumbo
>Don't you see that he cared about my emotion
Indeed he cared, and that "caring" is his own emotion you autistic fuck.

>Calm down there Sephiroth

Sepheroth was pissed because because his world destroyer alien mother was treated badly. That user is the garden variety "what's the point of living if everything dies" type of villain.

Then you're as retarded as your dead waifu.



>but isnt it ridiculous that he puts so much stock in a fucking GAMER
Because the anime needs to establish how amazing Chiaki is by putting her on a pedestal by literally every character. That's a DR3 only thing.

>I already wrote this.
>I am safe.
>I cant suffer.
You're already suffering if this is your life buddy. You fear being harmed and live in paranoia, that's just irony and it's bittersweet.
> he took me over his own flesh and bloood
>I dont understand your mumbo jumbo
That's because you're a retarded ESL. Own flesh and blood means his brothers and susters, he tore up over that decision, which makes your other point of him doing it for his own emotions moot as it's emotional decisionmaking and thus a struggle in which he cared more about my feelings than his own and thus preferred to have me as godfather.

You're a fucking escapist, hiding in his shell because he's a fucking pussy. You're a fucking coward and disgrace of a human being. You're the lowest of the low and deserve no friends if this is how you are, the only thing you deserve is being locked up in a mental ward for your severe mental condition.

It was a wordplay on the retard's edge. The guy's edge could cut through 10 Chiaki's at this point.

Super Autism buddies should kill themselves right now.

That one user needs help desu.

>You fear being harmed and live in paranoia
I dont user, I compensate this by making other people feel bad. Its something like kill or be killed but change it to suffer or make suffer.
I have nothing to escape.
All I need is me myself as long as I have that I am ok.
bla bla bla he made you his bla bla bla.
He still did it because of his emotion.
He doesnt love you nor give fuck about u.