To Love Ru Thread

I recently binged both the To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru Darkness manga (up to Chapter 71) , and I just sort of realized that a harem ending isn't even possible.

Rito still likes Haruna more than Lala, and there is no way Rito will ever stop liking Haruna. There is nothing Haruna will do that will somehow make Rito dislike her. She's a bland character, but she's honest, kind, and considerate. This is precisely what Rito likes about her. Unless the author kills her (which won't happen), there is no way he would choose Lala over Haruna. The worst part is, it's not even Lala's fault really. Every time she tries to do something or get close to him, Rito keeps reminding her how he likes Haruna more than her.

And Haruna is one thing, but girls like Yami, Nana, and Kotegawa would be against a harem.

I really fucking like this series, and I'm just pissed that it's likely going to have a shitty ending. I can only see this ending in three different ways:

1.) Haruna wins and everyone else just becomes really good "friends" with Rito. They all end up living close to him, but the story makes it clear that he only really loves Haruna. This one seems actually likely because she's so far the only girl he's actually kissed (even if it was accidental).

2.) Darkness will have the same ending as its prequel, and it'll just be left ambiguous and vague as fuck.

3.) Author writes x number of endings. x=number of girls that love Rito

I'm curious. What do people actually think? Is it actually possible for someone else (not Haruna) to win? Can Lala actually win?

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Rito is literally gay at this point

Don't know

>Can Lala actually win?

There is no need for Lala to win, if he's unwilling to give up on her for Haruna, it's good enough. The entire point of initial harem plan proposed by Lala was to let Rito marry both her and Haruna, since even if his love for Haruna is stronger, he loves Lala as well. The only problem is to convince Haruna and cure Rito's faggotry.
If he goes that route, he won't be bound by any rules when it comes to his wives/lovers, so the rest just has to invite themselves into his harem.

Also this thread seriously lacks some eyecandy.

Momo will win. She will be the main along with other members of the harem, Mikan, Lala and Haruna + maybe others. All others who are anti harem will be friendzoned. Best end.

>Darkness will have the same ending as its prequel, and it'll just be left ambiguous and vague as fuck.
This happened only because his previous wife cucked him, the only way that happen again is the same event with his new wife

The thing is, Rito doesn't really seem to like Lala anymore. Yeah he told her he loved her at the end of To Love-Ru, but ever since then, I don't think he's ever done anything else to show that he loves her, even just a little. I feel like he's actually losing some interest in Lala, and only gaining interest in Haruna. That's my problem.

There was that whole chapter where Lala tried to get closer to him, but Rito doesn't really want to take a bath with her and doesn't like her locking arms with him. But when he does that shit with Haruna, he feels flustered, nervous, shy, and timid, but he actually enjoys it.

He has a new wife?

Neither Haruna nor Lala will win. On her quest to achieve the harem plan Momo will take Rito for herself.

so the whole rito kissing haruna happened right? i didnt just imagine it

it got completely downplayed by the manga. i dont think its ever been brought up

I hope this actually happens, but so far the story doesn't seem to pointing towards this being likely at all.

Good end. Momo is the best girl in the series anyway.

nobody will win, rito is clearly gay, no heterosexual healthy man would remain sane after drowning in so much pussy and ass 24/7

As long as it's a monogamy end I'm 100% in agreement with you, anons.

Yeah it happens.

Something will happen that requires Rito to become king of Deviluke. Protecting the universe or whatever. As such, he needs to marry Lala. But he loves Haruna, so she becomes one of his wives too. At that point the floodgates open and pretty much everyone can get married to Rito, or they'll just stick around him as usual.

That's pretty much what I want too. But I just don't want Haruna winning. Although, Japan seems to like her:

It's from a year ago, but it's still somewhat relevant, considering that this is a monthly series and not much (except Yami and Nemesis) has changed since Chapter 54.

The series is getting dirtier each chapter and there's no "world rules" anymore, the girls would accept harem with a smile even if it sounds dumb as fuck for their characters because author wouldn't give a fuck about that.

Also, through darkness you can see that Rito thinks seriously sometimes about harem plan and saying that "is the only way but..."

I can see harem ending 100%, sticking only to one at this point could probably be the biggest failure ever and author san would recive a lot of backslash from the fanbase.

It really is fucking gay too. I wished the author would care a little more. Series honestly has the potential to be one of the best in its genre.

No he definitely still likes Lala too. All that's necessary is for Lala to keep seducing Haruna so she's fine with bigamy.

After that, Momo can insert herself and the others.

Hasemi writes the manga, not Yabuki.

Momo's tits are looking much larger than normal.


An attempt at coloring the happy semen demon.
Please be gentle, it's my first time.

Not bad


yes it happened

also a OVA for it should be released at some point

Only if it wasn't real

it's time

>3.) Author writes x number of endings.
That already happened.
We are only waiting for the real ending now.

A harem is entirely possible. It just won't go conveniently according to Momo's plan. Rito has made up his mind about loving Haruna the most long ago. He knows it's unfair to the other girls who are not #1. Darkness is about turning everybody into Lalas and Meas who don't give a flying fuck about what number they are as long as they can be with the one they love.

>not recognizing Yui's glorious body.

I would probably move Mea up one given recent chapters.

Remember when we used to get an extra chapter every other month?
Good times.

Rito is the most beta of beta-kuns

Where do you see Momo's tits in that picture?

It has no reason to end anytime soon, so considering the total ending isn't almost even worth it. Yabuki can drag out the series for as long as he wants as long as he keeps it super interesting, the main plot isn't even a major concern as long as the series is fun.

That said.
>harem series
>ever ending with a harem
I could see several girls willing to be in Ritos harem (all the weapons, Lala, Momo, Risa) but girls like Yui and Nana would be completely opposed to the idea. Haruna would just go along with it because of Lala.

I'd also really wish Rito would stop being such a fucking beta too.

the harem would be them
probably also RUN

>I'd also really wish Rito would stop being such a fucking beta too.
If he didn't care about the girls' feelings he wouldn't be deserving of a harem.

I don't mean the he doesn't fuck every girl on sight beta, I mean the he blushes and gets embarrassed over every little thing and ends up apologizing a hundred times over it and has no redeeming nor interesting personality traits aside from just being nice beta. I guess that's more of a nip thing.

Haruna will never be plot relevant in a big way ever again because of the deal with his ex-wife who she is supposedly based off of

I personally hate people that talk big. And that's sadly what seems to be considered manly nowadays.
To each his own.


Technically Rito has also kissed Lala on the lips multiple times.

>she's so far the only girl he's actually kissed
correction: Haruna's the only girl he was kissed by.

He kissed Run long before.

In the early days you would see Rito bravely dealing aliens like the competing fiance candidates. Also leading the girls away from danger by the hand or carrying them is something he's seen doing all the time. It's technically not alpha in the PUA sense of the term but it does show that he's competent and collected in the face of danger.

He mean he kissed her brother Ren (first kissu), so fem-Rito Ren surprise end?

>It's technically not alpha in the PUA sense of the term but it does show that he's competent and collected in the face of danger.
more like the universe bends itself to accommodate his dense personality


To explain how he's still alive, sure. But it does show that he's at least brave and looks out for others in panic situations which says something positive about his character.

Some girls are just inherently lewd


While others are just inherently unsexy

where do i find this?

Why the hell can I not find this book anywhere in Shibuya?

Impecable taste

Not those lips

When will Yui finally get pregnant?


> and I just sort of realized that a harem ending isn't even possible.
Are you stupid?

Haruna and Lala becoming super-friendly with each other is the very cornerstone of the Harem Plan. The fact that you aren't even noticing that they've become even more friendly with each other with Haruna knowing about Lala wanting them to marry Rito at the same time is already a huge ass fucking clue.

Rito, at the same time, has been waffling about the harem ending since the beginning of the manga.

During the kimodameshi chapters in the original TLR, both Haruna and Lala ended up with Rito getting to the top of the shrine that "ensures they will always be together as lovers" at the same time. And that was like before volume 5. This is further strengthened by Rito choosing both Haruna and Lala during the pool chapters to save. He loves them both. He also admits that him getting with both Haruna and Lala at the same time is a really cool thing during chapter 0 TLRD. He's just not sure if it'll happen smoothly.

In TLRD, you are seeing Rito starting to feel emotions for Momo and Run in the same way that he started falling for Lala in original TLR.

The other women are mostly aliens that don't adhere much to Earth rules. Nana loves Lala too much to take Rito away, she'll give in.
Yami has no predisposition against a harem at all. She also loves Rito while she knows Lala loves him, and she really respects Lala since TLR. Kotegawa is a secret slut. Even Momo knows that.

True Harem Ending is very possible for this series. How the literal fuck did you binge on TLR/TLRD and not get that conclusion?

End of the series.

>Can Lala actually win?

It doesn't matter if Haruna and Lala are getting more friendly with each other. Anyone can see that. The problem is Rito seems to have lost interest in Lala, and therefore, he won't marry her. He doesn't seem to enjoy being around her as much anymore. In To Love-Ru, yes, he does show more interest in her. But in Darkness? Not as much. He hardly reciprocates her love.

And Rito still has very mixed feelings about the harem plan; he still doesn't think it's right.

Also, given the personalities of Kotegawa, Yami, and Nana, I'm sure they wouldn't like sharing him. They like him, and yeah they want to fuck him, but does that mean they want to share him? No. Their personalities suggest that they probably wouldn't be open to this idea.

Rito still sees Lala as a PURE, ASEXUAL being
seeing her act sexy or lewd scares him

What happens with that is it brings Lala closer to Haruna and Lala closer to Rito and Rito even more conscious of the other women he knows or feels that is in love with him.

Rito hasn't lost interest in Lala at all in Darkness. He even stares down Lala's body when they take a bath before she regains her full body back. He also feels bad about kissing Haruna by accident when he bathes with her. This happens in like the last three volumes.

>And Rito still has very mixed feelings about the harem plan; he still doesn't think it's right.
Rito is a gentle guy and does not want to make women cry. If Haruna and Lala push him to do it, he will do it.
The others, they will fall by way of Momo, or, Mea's persuasion.

Again, YAMI has never been jealous or shown envy in any way or form for Rito.

Yui's body is too lewd.

>If Haruna and Lala push him to do it, he will do it.

But isn't this kind of fucked up? He should do it if he really wants to. His opinion should matter too.

The line that makes the cleavage triggers me because I don't know how it works.


He wants to do it. He has already said it would be a really awesome thing in Chapter 0. The only thing that's stopping him is monogamy and Haruna.
But what stopped Haruna from confessing to Rito after they kissed was Lala.
The Lala-Haruna friendship is what will ultimately drive Rito to break the monogamy thinking he has.

Good list

Disgusting. Kill self.

Yui is the best. The Best!
And she'll bear Rito's firstborn.

What matters is that she'll be canonically the first one

This nigga gets it

She's not Risa so she's can't be the best

W-what? Is this new? I don't remember even having seen this figure?

Does Rito fap? Because I can't see how he makes it through the day.

I also want momo to win. Out of all of the girls who like rito, I feel she will be the most devoted to him.

His trash can is filled with a lot of tissues. He doesn't sneeze that much.


Momo drains his balls every morning, that's why he doesn't really get a boner when he falls into tits and pussy.

>That tail
Someone please post the tail molestation webms. They're the best part about this show and not enough doujins use it.

Pic related are the only two girls that matter. The rest are trash. Well, Lala and Yami are okay I guess.


when was this released/made?

ghosts need love too

2014 in the harem plan guide book
it's also in the harem gold art book.

Why is Momo the worst Devilukian sister?

fan art?

Thats not how You spell Nana user

The better question is why you have such shit taste?

It's game CG from True Princess.

I need that transalted ASAP then

also needs to happen in the main series

>Vita fanservice VN ever getting translated
Your only option is to learn moonspeak.

>I need that transalted ASAP then
Then go translate it you retard.

>dreams of teenage pregnancy


why teenage? Celine looks pretty old in that pic already. Doesn't look like that girl was conceived right at the point where the manga is now.

It has been in pre-order for one or two months now. It's a FREEing 1:4 B-style, there is a Yami too.