How do you go from this

How do you go from this

to this

That's because my name is Mayjor Mowtohkoh Kusanagee

Because hollywood is shit.

Does she actually pronounce it like that?

What could have been if they hadn't cast an ugly jewess to play a canonically Japanese woman.

>The major gets an extremely beautiful artificial body for the sake of whynot and sexytimes
>looks like an ugly jew
Sasuga, Hollywood.


better than having a black L just sayian.

The japanese never learn... never let a white man play with your anime.

you mean Major Moe-tuh-koe Koo-suh-noggy

The Japanese don't really care. Would you get angry if Bollywood did a remake of X-Men?

you were saying?

This is an outrage

I honestly don't get the problem, they look similar enough.

Motoko isn't Japanese or a woman, it's a cyborg.

How do you go from anything to this?

Motoko was made to be so human-looking that she wouldn't stand out or call attention to herself. She sure wouldn't have been made to look like a foreigner.

The problem is that Asian roles are going to white actors which makes it even harder than it already is for Asian actors to get work in Hollywood. I don't see what's so hard for people to understand about that.

So? Hollywood is an American business. ALL countries have done this since the dawn of film, it's nothing new whatsoever and nothing exclusive to Hollywood/America. Do you cry over the fact white actors can't get roles in Japan?

I don't give a shit about actors getting work, Asian or not.

I'm not saying you should care about the problem, I'm just saying that's what the problem is.

If you subscribe to the idea that White is to America as Asian is to Japan, then sure I see your point, but that's not the case at all. America is a much more ethnically diverse nation.

If Japan had that degree of ethnic diversity and I was a Japanese person, I would absolutely think there was a problem if the film industry weren't representative.

It's time to boycott the Oscars again.
Not that this shit will get nominated.
But still. Might as well make it an annual thing.

Yes America is more diverse, but by and large the country identifies as white. If Hollywood wants to make money, they need to have mostly white actors in their movies.

>but by and large the country identifies as white

What does this even mean?

If you want these people to pay for your movie, then you need to put white predominantly people in it.

Besides Ethnicity Whites consume the most movies anyway. Hollywood is a business not a political party, the best actors get the roles so more money can be made.

Let's look at the cast:
The Major - a jew
Batou - a dane (if there's one country more Sweden yes than Sweden it's Denmark), cohosted Eurovision
The Laughing Man - an actor known for staring in a transgender shillflick
Aramaki - an actual japanese actor for a change
Togusa - a chink... is playing the most Japanese character out of the cast
Ishikawa - a fucking aboriginal Stralyan cutlord, can't make this shit up

The rest don't matter all that much but there's lots of chinks and other assorted random asians.

The dirrector is a brit known for directing some movie with Kirsten Stewart - who he fucked for a while during and after the movie.

10/10 movie I can smell it from here.