No Black Saiyan

What happened ? Cred Forums not allowed.

Because toriyama didn't make any black ones. But you got two games where you can make your own.

Uub was a failed project

>implying a black saiyan wouldn't be too lazy to train
>implying they wouldn't spend all their energy bitching about their planet being destroyed
>implying they wouldn't try to get some sort of compensation for having been slaves to Frieza
>implying they wouldn't try to get every show with monkey on them canceled

Nah man have you been around blacks. They are super dedicated to fitness and fighting. Especially the younger generation. If anything goku would be the typical black sayian

>Why doesn't a country that is 99% Asian care about muh diversity

Blacks already love dragon ball, there's no reason to pander that hard

Black Saiyans would only work to get fast so that they can steal shit. Then they would form gangs, kill their own, and bitch about how White Saiyans are more well-liked.

There are no redheaded or blonde Saiyans either

It's almost as if the comic was drawn by a dude who lives in a country where almost everybody has black hair and lightish skin

You do realize that sayians are space pirates. Them stealing shit would be an aid to what they are hired to do. Sayians love two things, fighting and food. They don't seem to care for gold or women. Both things that black humans tend to love. So I figure the fighting and eating aspect of black sayians would be heightened.

They would be the best of the best going from planet to planet fighting and laying waste to everything. Maybe even eating thier opponents.

Seeing this in sure a paranoid fuck like Frieza would have had then wiped out early on.

You're trying to have an actual discussion, and I'm just here saying black stereotypes. Good on you to turn shitposting into an actual discussion.

>Saiyans love two things, fighting and food

I'm not sure about that. I don't know if it's canon, but they had a monarchy going on which means they cared about some sort of status, which would mean some of them care about money and shit.

>There are no redheaded
Does auburn not count?

>Expecting the average ret/a/rd to use his brain.
Don't reply to these attention seeking retards.

Japanese people don't care about niggers


Also do you really expect a japanese to portray a "master race" as blacks?

Have you ever heard of East Asian culture, OP?
Do you know why China had a different promo material for star wars?

>Proud warrior race
chose one user.

White had proud warriors ?

Who are Buccaneers?
Who are Vikings?

read any written history and you will know they were huge pussies

Any war worth mentioning and fought by and won for whites and/or asians.

>huge pussies
>still accomplished much more than niggers and enslaved them

Nice "fighter" race

Goku literally leaves his family to teach Uub

Most stereotypical behaviors for blacks are due to generations of mistreatment and living in poverty as well as not being educated well. Black saiyans would probably not be like black humans IMO.

>generations of mistreatment gives us reason to act like idiots
Almost every other race on this planet has been mistreated, genocides and scapegoated, why are we ao special?

blacks are like the feminists of the ethnics always complaining about irrelevant shit and not focusing on what's important. No wonder in africa they still wondering if electricity isn't some type of sorcery.

That's not black. That's an Aryan, painted black.

This is a black.

Uub is poo in loo, not black

Uub and goku black

His name is literally Naam which means 'us' in poo2loo

chinese actually deal more with real africans than european, american, etc. ones because of minerals and business opportunities there.

they see first hand exactly an entire civilization of blacks turns out.

Even if he did you probably wouldn't like him because he would've looked like this.

Nigs forget what clowns they were in the 80s and early 90s.

Saiyans are literally white supremacists, that's why their hair turns blonde in their SS (Nazi) form.
They probably killed all the black Saiyans at birth.

The truly exceptional Saiyans turn into Aryans, while the dregs turn into Apes (Negros)

fuck off Cred Forums

Why would there be? It's weirder that there are black humans right now since we don't even need all that melanin anymore

>reeeeee stop making me insecure because im black!

Blacks are statistically proven to do worse than other races even in rich neighborhoods, and when they're adopted by white people (rich and poor alike).

>They are super dedicated to fitness and fighting
Implying they won't just suckerpunch you.

I've read this shit over and over again on trips to Cred Forums and Cred Forums. keep that shit there and don't shit up Cred Forums

>I've read truth over and over again, I don't want to see truth here

>going to Cred Forums and Cred Forums in the first place
it's as if you like being called a nigger

>implying africans who migrate to europe aren't real ones

what the fuck?

Why would anyone want a black Saiyan besides Xavier Wulf Jossip on Deck Black Twitter ass niggas?

It just proves he's really insecure about it. Other niggers don't bother mentioning their race.
>h-hey Cred Forums black m-masterrace amirite

Was Turles a Nigger Saiyan or just a Spic?

Also, if Super Saiyan is the true aryan form, then why is Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan the only Saiyan with green hair color?

I Got 2 tabs open nigger

>Cred Forums not allowed

Fucking kill yourself.

Because all of this race bullshit is irrelevant to DBZ, idiot. All characters are basically Japs.

I never mentioned my race the anons in here assumed I'm black. I'm not a Yank, only yank blacks care about Egypt and Jakoub stuff

>They are super dedicated to fighting.
That's not a good thing.
>If anything goku would be the typical black sayian
Literally projecting onto a character of a DIFFERENT race. Also, implying Saiyans don't look Chinese.

I just went deep. I'm redpilled on DBZ now.

Spirit Bomb = The Nukes that fell upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Saiyans = The White Man

Caring about this shit at all proves you're a nigger. Literally no one else whines about lack of presence in entertainment.
Have you seen a goddamn spic bitch because there are no spics in movies? Abos (well, the ones that can speak)? Slavs? American Natives? No one gives a shit except niggers.

>Gekidama only works on evil
At least nips admit Nanking lmao

I don't care whether blacks appear in anime or not, only Cred Forums cancer shitting up this board

So you're not OP and came in to bitch about something unrelated, or you're OP and are playing the ruse cruise. Good to know.
Also, Cred Forums isn't the only place that hates niggers. Common sense is more common than you'd think.

Because while other races have been able to get over these issues the media loves to keep telling everyone we're suffering and still being oppressed.

Basically I think it should've gone like this >toleration>acceptance>unity

this has pretty much lead to stagnation, we got past the initial issue in the 60s, but around the 80s everything freezes and we've never really progressed through the second stage.
All of the races tolerate each other, but we haven't really learned to be okay with that and judge each other purely based on character because on the subconscious level we're reminded of the past.

Obviously while I'd like Cred Forums out, I'd rather have this tumblr-reddit-Cred Forums trash out.

Not sure about any of these, but from experience the guys are super dedicated to Dragon Ball.

We can not allow Cred Forums to become the next Cred Forums.
Priorities etc

maybe their planet was further from the sun than earth

Hard to tolerate people that commit a ridiculous amount of crime

>Cred Forums not allowed
you're literally invited them, you know that? Or maybe it's just some advanced form of baiting.

i just love the imagery, them ascending into a more powerful, beautiful and all around superior version of themselves is just turning into an aryan superbeing

>blonde hair
>white skin
>blue eyes
take your guess, you retard.

It's a result of poverty and decades of media conditioning, Whne you handle integration poorly this is bound to happen, just look at Europe

>cancer shitting up this board
>saying this in a dbz thread

This, I want reddit and Cred Forums to leave.

Yeah. Galo Sengen.




What would change by having black saiyans?

So far we've seen all races in DBZ, even alien races which have a shit tone of different colors.
Having a saiyan which is from a specif color won't change or accomplish anything.

Also I'm pretty sure there were multiple race saiyans until Frieza fucked up their planet.

Poor africans out perform their white counterparts in the UK, did you know that? How could that be if they are so inferior? There is no legit proven difference between ethinicities except for looks and some other minor differences. So just drop that racism, makes no sense and only shows your bigotry. You can dislike their culture which at the moment is really shitty.

Especially since integration wasn't the goal from the start. Post slavery the Jim Crow laws weren't meant to just shit on blacks, it was to isolate them and get them in jail where they could be "leased" out to the plantation owners who just lost their slave workforce. There were at least two back to africa movements started by blacks and whites alike, but all the blacks leaving would have fucked over the south's profit margins or something, so they were shut down, for example.
Fast forward to Nixon and he turned that system national. The police aren't bad people, but the media likes to make it Blacks vs Police so blacks will break the law, get arrested, and get sent to for profit prisons. BLM? A jew-tier conspiracy to drive a wedge even further between blacks and the rest of America

So fighting, food, and being kings? Sounds like a Cred Forums idea of black people honestly. The one things missing is that according to Cred Forums blacks can't control their dicks, while saiyan dicks barely work with how little they actually want to reproduce.

Black civilizations were doing okay before colonization, did a bit better under it, but immediately fell the fuck apart when they were abandoned. Likely because none of them were actually taught how to use the infrastructure so they tore it down.

You sure like to complain about Cred Forums, yet here you are dropping your unsolicited political bullshit.

Is this invasion due to that Mary Sue article?

Well, i am black and when we were kids playing Dbz, i always thought about how a black super saiyan would look like. I think a afro samurai hairstyle with blond hair would look dope.

what is diversity quotas

I'm the one who posted the second thing you responded to. I'm not complaining about Cred Forums

In fact, my second response was playing along.

This thread was about black saiyans, how come everytime black people are just mentioned, everyone loses their minds and becomes a racist. I just dont get it, for what purpose. Well i wont and cant stop you if you want to spew your hate comments, but pls do so in the for you designated board.

Flowing golden afro instead of banana. I don't think it should be exclusive to a black saiyan. Like maybe one of Pan's descendants can take after Satan, he could pull it off.

Why is it necessary, OP?

Because pic related. Remember next time Cred Forums is acting up to drop this in the thread.

Yea i think maybe they should do that, though it would tax a lot of animation budget, so i wouldnt count on toei making it look amazing.

yeah you should go back to your designated board