Do you feel more attached/attracted to Anime characters than real people?

Do you feel more attached/attracted to Anime characters than real people?


I don't really feel attached to anyone.

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Jesus, if you answer yes then you have a problem.

I jerk off to 2D a lot more than 3D, does that count?


What's the point of this question?

I don't feel attached to anything at all

Well yes, they're much easier to make perfect so it's only natural.

user you need a therapist.

Not really, but I do not look at real women as much as I do anime women (except porn). I have never had a crush on a woman i did not know F.E a celebrity but i do have anime crushes. And when I am with a real woman I never think "I wish I was watching anime girls right now"

I think anime women are more attractive, but somehow I still find beauty in the 3d woman.

I am still on the path to enlightenment, and though the road is hard I shall drive on, stroke by stroke.

No chaff shall deter me, no fatigue can delay me and lack of internet connection will not impede me.

Loving 2d, grabbing my 3d: my hands have banged many waifus, but never held them. I am the sword of my bone.

So as I pray.


Yes. But I never really felt attracted to real people anyway, even before watching anime.

I like both.

if I ever somehow got married, I'd still be thinking about Kirie while doing her, she'd just be an expensive onahole.


Yes to women, no to the rest.

I love Tomoko because her personality and we a lot in common.

Too many real women are full blown cunts. I'll use a surrogate rather than listen to how much of a failure I am all day from little Miss Mega Bitch.

You come here for no reason at all?

Yes. 3DPD are garbage

Yes and it's not even close.

I come here for one piece and jojo

I'm pretty sure this is /r9k/ topic
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How is this thread still even up, come on.

what does this have to do with trannies?

I like both

No, is a totally diferent feel but also I almost dislike everything or be bothered by small details.