>people still read manga on Batoto

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>"people" still read manga

What's wrong with Batoto? I'm reading Mob Psycho 100 there as we speak.

>reading manga


>People still read

If the cost of buying manga didn't add up as much as it does I'd read it on physical exclusively. I normally just download from madokami and read it on my tablet.

>have to make an account to read manga

>a chapter isn't loaded in to a single page so you can just scroll down instead of clicking every sec

Almost as bad as Mangafox


Here's the flipside: Scanlators control what gets uploaded. Imagine, if you will, I make a chapter but I accidentally upload a repeat page 19 instead of page 20. Every fucking website under the sun scrapes Batoto for that chapter and then never fixes it. I upload a fixed chapter to Batoto.

It's a free fucking account, costs you nothing, and doesn't harm you in the slightest. Fuck off.

>they still think megumi will win souma

>People still get up and pace around the room when watching embarassing anime scenes


I just pause the video and shitpost a bit, I hate second-hand embarassment.

> 2000 + 2^4
> People still post on Cred Forums

Out of curiosity, how do you feel about Kissmanga?

I've lived 23 years doing that and not knowing that other people did it too. Now I can leave this place. Thank you.

>Caring about how people do stuff.

So, literally nothing.


That's irrelevant.

Batoto is a shit site to read manga on while GOAT sites MangaLife let's me read whatever i want on a single page for each chapter for a SMOOTH experience all in HQ with no need for account making.

Also what you say is incorrect, sites like Mangabird upload different versions of chapters incase of the situation like you said so get fucked.

Honestly, it's okay but the problem i have with that site is when there's doublespreads you have to slide the page to the sides to see everything which gets annoying.

>being a tripfag
>caring about people caring about how people do things

You and me, user, you and me.


Only normalfags do that.
>not having autism


fuck off potato

This is why I don't like to watch anime outside of my home. Fucking anime tend to be too cute at times.

That's ironic coming from someone that tripfags just to feel special.

This And the fact that requiring an account for no good reason also fucks any manga apps you may have on your phone that take from Batoto
And then there's the fact that they removed some series due to licensing pressure


Not just licensing pressure, they just remove manga that's even remotely lewd unless it's something that'd create a lot of backlash if removed like TLRD and yaoi.

Like that manga about tall girls isn't allowed on there, for example.

It's inconsistent as fuck but one thing is for is that the admins are the kind of people who think rape culture is athing in developed society.

Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki desu ka?
Jeez, they really did, I didn't even know that. What fucktards.



I just pause and facepalm for a few seconds and then go back to watching.

Yep, you are not the type of person I scanlate for. You can fuck yourself back to wherever you came from.

>reading gookscans


>insert current date
>say something autistic



Isn't it everywhere like this?

Or maybe, there is the possibility it was never released in a 'on paper' format.

I have no other explanation.

>It's a free fucking account, costs you nothing, and doesn't harm you in the slightest. Fuck off.
How about you fuck off to a site that doesn't allow unregistered posting.


Instead of arranging panels to fit a page of paper, they expect you to read it on your phone and scroll down to read.

Oh wait, the formatting really IS better on some websites.
Some websites use different sizes for the individual pages.

But for it to be more seamless is still preferable.

So I made something autistic, and wrote a userscript:

// ==UserScript==
// @name mangalife.me - ReLife - connected pages
// @namespace noyou
// @include mangalife.me/read-online/ReLIFE/*
// @version 1
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('imagePage');
var i;
for(i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
elements[i].style="margin: 0 0 0 !important;"

The only bad thing about batoto is them taking off manga from their site. Having an account only fucks with bots and loading pages all at once is a luxury.

>It's a free fucking account, costs you nothing, and doesn't harm you in the slightest. Fuck off.

Imagine having to sign in everytime you come on Cred Forums?

That's how i feel about Batoto. That account shit should be restricted to scanlators, i come to fucking read manga not to socialise.

>living in 2016

>Yep, you are not the type of person I scanlate for. You can fuck yourself back to wherever you came from.

The only reason someone should scanlate is because they enjoy it or trying to make some form of money, giving a fuck about other people means you are a bitch faggot looking for attention.

>Imagine having to sign in everytime you come on Cred Forums?
Checkmark "Remember me" and you never have to log in again

Not having to register is the main reason I come here.

>people still living in the past

who are you quoting


Not even either of that.
They'll remove manga because one scan group "called the series first".

Batoto has absolutely no benefits, use mangapark.

>people still only have 1 waifu

>not being metaly retarded

It used to be good, but all of a sudden chapters upon chapters were taken down, pages were missing, series were censored, and some can only be read if you have an account. What a shitshow. I just use kissmanga now.

What ever happened to downloading manga?

Why is Megumi so perfect?

I personally don't need to since i'm always on the computer. Most sites have high quality scans anyway, so it's not the same as streaming anime.

But you're not always connected to the internet.
I don't see any advantages of online readers.

>downloading manga

Why? Even back when I used to do that, I just deleted the shit after I was done with the series.
No need to take up all that space when you can go to other sites that can host that shit there.

Manga takes up nearly no space at all.

I'm always connected to the internet, have been for years. It's simply not an issue for me.

I'd download manga if I had some sort of reader, or a tablet though.

>But you're not always connected to the internet.

Erm, yes i am?

I don't read manga when I'm outside.

It's the braids.

They're cute a shit

I stopped using Batoto when they pulled Household Affairs.

Don't say I didn't warn you when you suddenly lose your internet and can't read anything.

>reading mango out-of-doors
The benefit is that I dont have to organize and store all of it. If I really want to own a series and not just read it online, I'll purchase it physically

>13 Elul, 5776
>reading unfinished manga

>People are still under the impression that it's 2016

>still no government issued waifus


>He's fast.gif

Batoto is pretty bad on mobile because the pages take time to load from lq to hq (i have fast internet too). Works fine on desktop though

>reading manga on the phone

>a chapter isn't loaded in to a single page so you can just scroll down instead of clicking every sec


>Not reading manga on the phone
I've no idea know how many mungos I have managed to read if I tallied up all the time I've spent reading when waiting for class to begin or whatever but it is a lot.

People do this?

>you have to install shit yourself to improve the website

>people actually watch the previews at the end of the episode

You should still always check for an after-credits scene.

You can easily find out by seeing the amount of time left after the episode finishes. If there's more than 2 minutes then you'd know

>And the fact that requiring an account for no good reason
This is the kind of people who browse Cred Forums - people who have no fucking idea of what they're talking about and that don't get called out immediately after they say bullshit like this.

This board has become fucking shit.

The reason for batoto's account introduction was because industrial-tier bot scraping had become a problem so big for the site that it was either that, or shutting down everything. Every fucking manga site on the planet was scraping the entirety of batoto's database every 30 seconds before the accounts were introduced.

But of course you don't know this because you're a fucking mouthbreathing newshit.

I bet you think the Goddess is bad because it requires an account too. Oh wait, you don't even know what the Goddess is.

>people still read manga

>manga apps
>on your phone
Absolutely disgusting

Alright, it's easy to whine about what websites are, but what manga websites are actually good?
>Inb4 non-answers that thinly veil that Cred Forums is simply negative about everything

>giving a fuck about other people means you are a bitch faggot looking for attention

It's like poetry

>Not using batoto
>Not taking advantage of their RSS system
>Not using a manga loader extension


does pause and alt tab count?

I just use kissmanga. I like the scroll-down.

But what I would LOVE, would be a site that lays out the pages 2 at a time side-by-side.


None, I telepathically connect with the mangaka and redraw it by his memory

I see mangaupdates suggested to find sources a lot. But a lot of the time its out of date and just says that Crunchyroll is the translator, so you can't go download it anyway. I don't really get why people suggest it so much.

>I like the scroll-down.
To each their own, but you really do? I hate it because the pages never size up to an acceptable size on my screen. I prefer clicking to read page after page.

you must have never tried reading Kimi no Iru Machi

couldn't even read more than a chapter a night

it's a slight preference, but for binge-reading all that clicking gets exhausting.

Go and fucking please tell me how this matters?

Why should i give 2 fucks about the reason and not read manga in superior sites?

Go eat shit you desperate fuck

I just grab my dick when that happens.

all batoto needs now is a patreon

>needing an RSS system
>having to add something to a site to improve it when other sites have it already there

No thanks, enjoy your content being removed for retarded reasons.
Use mangasee.

Unlike Kissmanga it resizes pages perfectly.

But really, when you plan to read like what? 100 chapters, clicking every single page gets pretty annoying.

>people still read bad translations

Ease of reading with no loading
Easy transfer to your other devices
Always reliable
Requires no internet
Easier to find more obscure or old series with quality scans

Simple, clean layout and easy to navigate
Only real downside is new manga only come in after about 10 chapters because the site isn't that popular
Holds high standard for scans

>hey let's start our own manga site
>what should we call it
>I don't know but "manga" needs to be in the title

when will it end

>I don't know but "manga" needs to be in the title

no shit, that's SEO 101.

the typesetting cheeses me off more than the shithouse translation desu

For recently released shit I just go there. Got a userscript to load the entire chapter in a kissmanga style. For older stuff I go to mangahere or something due to kissmanga banning my vpn. Not a chance I'm going to browse kissmanga with the sketchy backend stuff they got going. It's just as intelligent to download manga and anime for google drive and similar site without a vpn.

>Ublock origin is on
>usually blocks all shitty ads

>go on to mangasee
>load entire chapter
>some random ad keeps popping up every chapter

The fuck bro's? How did they bypass my block?

iqdb is not giving anything. Could I get the source please?

Use Mangalife
It's basically Mangasee's backup but is superior in every way

You can manually block things with ublock.

I love being in the sekrit club, beats batoto in every way.

It doesnt on mangastorm since it lets you log in to batoto

Damn this site is cleaner, thanks finally don't gotta deal with that shit now.

I'm too dumb to do that shit, i just assume having the block on just blocks everything.


>Autists still care what sites other people use for their entertainment, which won't affect them in the least


No I will not kiss my sister, fuck you and fuck off.

>Not kissing your sister




>not using an RSS system
>hurr durr I never use extensions b/c I love the pristine internet 2.0 experience

Well I guess you're just stupid user. Sorry for your loss m8.