Which size do you prefer?

Which size do you prefer?

Bottom one

Top is my fav form of dirty pillows.

if it needs a cup, it's too big

Both are too small

The very paragon of mental health.



Peak gay.

Top is literally the perfect pair of breasts. Not too small, not too big. Gives you some cushion and softness, and they fit perfectly in your hands.

Shirayuki breast

My waifu's size.


A-cup master race

I just realized, "an a-cup cup cupping a cup" might be a better filename. Thoughts?

I like tits of all sizes honestly. Shape, symmetry, and firmness are all important factors no matter the size.

You have a mental disorder.


Let's cut the small talk.

If you can't hide a loli underneath them, they aren't big enough.

Sauce on the bottom?

Big enough to destroy clothes?

cowtits leave


Where do you think you are, user?

Both are too big.

>big tits

On a cowtits board. Keep walking flatty.

"I am a shadow… The true self…"

I don't know, why don't you tell me?

I have the most boring taste on Cred Forums. Small, but not completely flat.


This size


Please, you can't call yourself "big" unless your nipples can crush a kingdom.

This is one of the most retarded fetishes out there

I'm talking about how she's 5 miles tall

her head would be cold but her feet would be warm

Are these both from the same show? Google says it's Aria for the top one.

Any is fine as long as it's not FAT like these
Fkin gross

We've gone over this already. Flat chests and titty monsters are best enjoyed together, for contrast.

How rude

How about these?

Not thinking Shizune is utter perfection is indication of mental illness. Seek therapy.



Top approaches upper limit, bottom is lower limit. I'm fine with everything in that area

Nothing above D


>breast size console wars still going with no end in sight


I recognize those tits.
Its Aria and that yandere bitch.

Nerf her

She's like 14. When she's 18 she will be DD. She's genetically engineered to be perfect.

Fuck this gay earth.

Fucking 3rd world hoarding all the best sizes for themselves.

yfw with a few exceptions this is just a world obesity map

Both are too small

4D boobs.


underrated post

flat = best


>Yandere Bitch
Fuck You Hater Faggot
Shirayuki is Best Waifu

I sincerely doubt she's your waifu. Stop using the term incorrectly.

I prefer small but can live happily with either.

as long as they are perky, I am as content as Buddha.

Around this size, with some nice sag like pic related.