So what is Cred Forums's favorite flavor of cake?

So what is Cred Forums's favorite flavor of cake?

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Incestual flavor

Oh stop it, you cunty cheek.

The dere kind

Alcoholic teacher.

Hang on, he might have a point. Aunts or older sisters could qualify

Labcoat, alcohol, smokes.

The best choice

I'd pump and dump that one. She's hanging in there pretty well for her age.


My fellow dark skinned man of African American origin. It's good to know there are people with good taste on Cred Forums.

The soon to be kind

Men of taste are always around. You just have to draw them out

The kyoani kind

>get paid to fuck sensei
Such a thing is too good for our world.

Why is this woman so superior to literally every other slut in the show?

The one who tries to sweat away her pain by becoming a cardio bunny and is fairly well adjusted despite the lack of a significant other in her life.

pie flavored

She simply has superior qualities compared to everyone else. Yukinoshit is an autist, Yui is an annoying histrionic bitch, Totsuka is a boy. Kawaisaki is pretty good though, but not as good as sensei.

The kind that actually ends up with the MC in the end.

Why couldnt he have gotten with sensei instead of orange?



Because Watari is a massive homo who hates fun and pure love

Best girl must be pure. Best girl can never get with the MC. It's like you don't pander to otaku or something.

>Implying Sensei isn't pure
Get your shit taste out of here

Any manga where cakes win?

What are you talking about? I literally said "Best girl must be pure" and behold, best girl is pure.

My apologies. I thought you were referring to Orange

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa (Doesn't win MC, but she was never interested in him anyway)
Onegai Teacher
Garden of Words, kind of

She's not technically a cake. I think she's 23. Neither is Izumi until the movie.

I'll take all of KnK's older women, technicalities be damned.

>works as a teacher
>bought an aston martin

Bitch sucks lots a dick.

Nice, thanks.


Do you remember the name of the manga about the office lady who gets drunk and sleeps nude with her younger co-worker? They don't have sex, but it's cute and they eventually start dating.

Kono Onee-San ga Fiction Desu?

>you hybrid with your christmas keiki onee-chan even though she doesn't even have a gear



It's not cake anymore, they call it New Years Noodles.

It will always be cake

No, but I need to check this out.

These pictures hurt me in a way I don't understand.

>Totsuka is a boy

>The cake next door will never stalk you so you can impregnate her

I don't think words can describe how much I love cake sensei/student pairings, nor my frustration that they're so rare.

There is no love more genuine.

Alcoholic cakes are the best

Which is why Fuuga is so fucking based. It's almost all he does


Get that bullshit outta my face.


OLs and their coworkers are fine too.

I like cake stuff, and I like teacher cakes, but student/teacher is degenerate. Am I too old for it now? I like it better when it's a coworker or something.

>Totsuka is a boy
I don't see the problem

Maybe you're too old. There is nothing better than a student falling in love with his teacher, and vice versa. The only love more pure is that of an imouto for her onii-chan

Maybe you're just retarded.

Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai

>I don't understand
Well Satan, if it's anything like the way it hurts me, what's happening is that it creates in you a great desire to be her saviour. You want to reach into that comic and wipe away all her troubles and make her happy. Then it crushes you with the harsh reality that you can't do that. She's going to continue to suffer and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

>tfw it's the only 8man X Hiratsuka Doujin availabe on the Sadpan (In english at least)

It's so upsetting, the lack of Sensei on panda

>masturbates with huge dildos
>that's why her pussy is stretched out
that's not how vaginas work.

Stop bitching about logic. It's the only 8-man/Sensei doujin we got

We're slowly seeing an uptick in doujins for the series in general, so hopefully there's something else out there in the pipe.

I just want these two to do more together in general, they're such a great pair.

If only

Ironic, given that you feed on human suffering, Satan-San.

Be honest, Sensei. He was never just another student to you, was he?

God damn, why is their love so fucking pure





Don't it's just false advertising.

The "All her dreams came true" flavor.

>Got set up for a date with a Christmas Cake couple days ago

I don't know the why, but I know chemistry when I see it. They don't have to bullshit each other; they know each others' flaws and see the good beyond that. The two are comfortable with each other in a way that the actual co-leads of the show simply aren't - and love is nothing if not comfortable.

Disregard classmates, acquire teacher.


I'm still mad

Nomi Joshi is pretty good though

Fuck off.

I saw the raws, I knew it was coming
But god damn, I was smiling like a retard when it happened


I fucking knew checking this thread tonight was a good idea. You're a god send. Too bad about there being no new chapters really.

Every other girl is a tasteless slut. Sensei is a definate best

kiss her you fool!

Oh he does. He does a lot more than that, as well

Bookish cake for me.
Also my waifu.

Literally me right now if I was born a 2D, older Yukari who isn't actually Yukari.

Sauce please. The search engines do nothing

Trigger-happy subordinate

It's cropped so I'll throw you a bone.

Cakes that also double as operators.

It's cropped, so i'll show you mercy

Thanks dudes. I greatly appreciate it.

Your computer is shit. Nice case though.

And teachers


I know cakefags are nearing meme status on Cred Forums and someday very soon we will be seen as memeshit.

But I love you anons. You make my day every time a good thread happens.

does she count?

What are the qualifications to be a cake outside of being 25+ years old,female and a virgin?
Is that it?

Looks more like Toriumi-sensei.


When I worked at a bakery over the summer, before uni, there was a big sign that said "THE MAGIC OF CAKES" and I always meant to take a picture; I guess I forgot.

Does cake start AT 25 or AFTER 25.
There has been some debate.

Cake that knows it and desperately wants someone

>actually believing nips would come onto a western imageboard to plug their manga
you're a damn idiot, from Cred Forums, or both

I'd love to, but I need the sauce first.

You're retarded for using google. Kill yourself, there's no helping you.



I think it's an unspoken rule that they also should be at least somewhat attractive, otherwise they're just a fruitcake.

Loli cakes. Preferably the kind that centuries old but they're fucking great in general.


I miss you Ellen-san.
So much.

I meant to say that Toriumi looks way too much like a cake version of Yukari. Time traveler?

Her fans killed her and violated the corpse.

this ruins the cake

>Persona 3 remake with a proper Toriumi social link and romance never

The faggot fan theories were through the roof back when P3 was new. But P4AU proved that a nearly cake Yukari is far too well endowed to be Toriumi.

I fucking love them both.

Confirming Toriumi was Maya was probably the best part of P3. It hit every single one of my fetishes.

>A grown-up version of your classmate who has a crush on you will never time-travel back to when you were a student and try to seduce you

>cake doesn't win even when she's the titular character and the only girl in the running for 99.9% of the series

I mean in the sense that she loses and was barely in the running at that. I wasted years of my life.

Rum cake

Use saucenao, mong


The winning flavor

The yandere kind.

>tfw no 2D Yandere cake gf

Fucking kill me...

Christmas cake


is possibly the greatest moment in manga ever