Danganronpa 3

S-surely this anime will have a happy ending!

I give AT least a 30% chance!

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Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

What was the problem with Junko's character in Despair? How would you fix it if you had the chance?

Kaede a cute

She was always good in short doses, terrible as a persistent influence.

Will Twintails end up being Owari level irrelevant?

Things went her way way too easily and it never seemed like she wasn't struggling to fuck up the whole world.

It'd be a wasted design

so yes

Of course!

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.

What about Juzoboys?

No gays allowed

She's annoying as hell

Smart? Fuck no she's not smart, she's lucky.

Bold? Well, she's certainly bold, but that's because Ultimate Luck seems to help her boldness

Oh and good look just killing the cunt since she has Ultimate Plot Device as a sister

Honestly the biggest sin regarding Junko is that even when she lost, it is because she allowef herself to lose.

There isn't any satisfaction in seeing her beaten, and that makes her a poor villain, since she is so two dimensionally unsympathetic.

Except that she isnt even shown to be unsympathetic, because we are repeatedly told that talented people are trapped by their strengths, so she just comes off as a free spirit who happens to cause a lot of collateral damage instead of an ugly, evil piece of shit.

Maybe them too.

She's been trying to break Naegi for awhile without success so far, and she killed herself for it.

Gee, maybe she should make him run a death gauntlet where he gets impaled by spikes

It could work, too. Her actual Makoto-customized execution involved tossing him in a barrel and stuffing it with spikes.

Juzo is a fucking faggot.

She failed to break Naegi by breaking the rules of her own game overtly.

She allowed herself to be executed.

Naegi and company did very little in comparison. Junko is a master analyst. She should have known whether or not she'd be caught fucking up.

The entire last trial was caused by her own hands, and she should have also known after intense observation that all she needed to do was wait.

After all, her whole motivation is overcoming boredom. What is exciting about guaranteeing your own downfall with certainty?

While I really like the anime I feel it makes many things regarding the games questionable.

For example, why were none of the brainwashing effects used on the 78th class, if such means were available to Junko? Not once did we see them used in either of the games. Similarly, if she wanted to knock the world down into despair, why were those effects seemingly not used in the Killing School Life footage broadcasted to the world? How come Makoto's hope inspired the world, while Chiaki's remained powerless and was simply crushed, despite the fact she also held onto it to the very end? It seems irrelevant when you see the hopeful lose their lives, doesn't it?

Since Junko's now clearly shown fond of using brute force and torturing others to achieve her goals, with no means for her victims to overcome the despair she creates, as seen with Chiaki and many others... why exactly would the events of DR1 be an exception, where she surrenders simply because of the survivors' decision? So far it was a pretty vague reason of "she also tries to find despair to herself", but what despair really is there in "lol, they chose to go out, so I guess I'll kill myself." They didn't really overpower her or defeat her. They just decided to leave. Wouldn't making them miserable to show how powerless they are lead to more despair than just handing their victory over to them?

Nagito puts too much stock in a bunch of idiots who dont even like him and were disappointed when he came back because he want Tsumiki. Then they didnt question where Tsumiki was when she came back.


I like Junko in the anime. She has her goals, she has her ways to get things done. She wants to destroy predetermined harmony, she wants for the world and for herself to experience despair, with extremely ruthless methods of achieving that. All in order to free her from her boredom. But then I recall DR1's finale, back when she was simply "super randum despair girl" who committed suicide because the protag was determined enough. Was it all just to go out with a bang?

Maybe it's just me forgetting stuff, but it feels like DR1 now has tons of grey areas that don't add up that well with the new canon. We have Junko in the anime, with a clear goal of causing the apocalypse and using all tools available to make that happen... we have her broadcast a killing game where Hope's Peak Academy students kill eachother (which the world kind of already knew they were capable of, since some other students already caused the civilization to collapse and murdered thousands)... and once that is done, she just kinda does whatever?

I guess I'm now just confused a bit.

Copy-pasted from elsewhere, but I guess I want Cred Forums's take on it

Komaru wouldn't stand a chance against them, if she met any of the others they'd kill her on the spot.

honestly i feel a little bad for Nagito, yeah he was insane, but he never had anyone who would try and help him be a better person, he never had a Chiaki, no one ever tried to get close to him because everyone saw him as too weird.

Would you have tried to be his friend Cred Forums?

>why were none of the brainwashing effects used on the 78th class,
Cause she wanted them to kill themselves. Not others.

Actually have her utilize some of her purported cunning and break each member of Class 77 down individually, with or without having the despair-ridden class killing Chiaki as a capstone, not the one event that turns almost all of them into insane hopeless wrecks aside from Mikan and Chisa who were on that boat already.

actually he did have a chiaki but we all know how that went

Do anyone except Fujoshit likes him now?

As Chiaki proved in this week episode, everyone nice to him will die.

>"I don't want to die!"
>"I have so many things i want to do!"
Fuck, this scene will always resonate in my head, fuck you Junko.

I actually did tear up in that scene, but it's ok Chiaki, your death wasn't in vain, after all it was you who gave Hinata and Co the HOPE needed to push through and beat Junko..but she wasn't alive to see this happen...unless she IS alive.

Cause kohacka just think of the backstory now and he wrote himself to a corner

He meant somebody that gave a shit about him as a person.

Because Makoto's hope turned the despair brainwashing she had going on into HOPE brainwashing, I guess.

He was lucky enough that Junko was slightly more fond of him than Chiaki, enough that she gave him a fighting chance and simply reused Kirigiri's execution instead of something much more suitable for the SHSL Hope.

So yes, in the end, for all the posturing that talent doesn't matter, Naegi's talent definitively and utterly mattered.

If he showered for once maybe

It happened again bros.
Why did it happen again?

Something like a miracle is not going to happen. Give it up. The flowers! She's dead!

It's best if you took DR1's events in broad strokes. We'll be lucky if they actually explain why the hell they decided to lock themselves up in HPA without at least bringing their family, friends, and pets in with them in Despair 11.

Junko only works in short cameos, because the longer she talks the more you realise that she's just a terrible plot device and not a character

Nagito seemed to enjoy Hinata's company in DR2, well at least till he learned that he is talentless

No, I'm perfectly capable of comprehending your stupid theory, I'm dismissing it as a desperate plea because you refuse to accept your cartoon waifu is dead.

i really hope giri survives but seeing that they didnt pussy out with chiaki im guess the bottle shit really was just a red herring

But isn't the point of a good survival horror to face monsters you cannot possibly beat?


Post Naegi x Mukuro.

The flowers could have been for her in a coma and Izuru has nearly given up on her waking up!

Yes! Love despair! Miracles won't happen!


So yes, I was right that you were doing it on purpose. Why do you insist on wasting your time like that? This is the last response you'll get from me.

Do you think it would even work? Ultimate Luck afterall is not a myth.

People know chiaki is supposed to die from the start so there's difference in asspull here.

DR:AE isn't a survival horror user.

Just finished fapping to Chiaki getting tortured a second time, what about you guys?

At least she can catch a break now,r-right?


i know but it just makes me think there wont actually be a happy ending to this like i originally thought where chiaki somehow made it, it just doesnt feel right to give naegi a happy end with his waifu and then leave hinata screwed.

Kirigiri is more than likley dead


But maybe they aren't so impossible for Chiaki's friends.

just finished fapping to some mikan humiliation porn

If AE was anything like a survival horror game, then yes.

It isn't, so no.

I know, I know, it's just wishful thinking about a game that could've been much better.

Junko seems to hold a fondness for Naegi so she cuts him breaks here and there.


That Togami always crack me up.

Share with the class bruh.

What makes you think he didnt?


Another Episode was barely allright as a third person shooter, I'd hate to think how badly they'd fuck up the sneaking mechanics needed for what you want.


here you go senpai

What are the chances of Juzo being the mastermind, and wanting to kill all these people just to be alone with his perfect boyfriend?

I wish they would stop adding variations of Monokuma.

Monomi was alright as a counterpart but 4 to 5 different colored "Quirky" Monokuma in V3 are either going to be completely superflous in V3 or a waste of too much screentime.

Life just isn't fair user, either way don't lose hope, the series isn't over yet! it might be possible for her to survive with Izuru's help, i still believe in the posibility of a happy ending...

about as slim as my chances of getting trips user

A-A miracle can happen for Chiaki!

But how else can we judge the Climax Rap Battles?

But she's great.


How will Kodaka make her suffer more than Chiaki?

Well, her AI ended up making AI Junko experience true despair, so hey, maybe she'll get a bone thrown her way.


She's bisexual so she can have both a husbando and a waifu die

>Everybody loves despair
Jeez, Kaede's not making a very good impression in DR3.

Is that meant to be funny?

Did Junko even suffer a single setback that didn't either quickly end up in her favor or mattered at all ?

I guess DR0 counts but for the entire Despair side I don't recall a single major hitch to any of her plans.

Even when Izuru stomps her shit he still agrees to go along with what Junko is planning and she leaves the hospital just fine.



I won't ask again.

I feel they're purposefully refusing to address stuff like DR1 as a whole or Junko's actual goals and motivations in both games, where she was always this big bad scary despair girl for the sake of it. Tons of that stuff is so dumb sometimes, it sometimes pains to go back to that.

For example, I wish there were a bad end in DR2 where AI Junko does take over, kind of like DR:AE did it. Cause at some point, I ended up asking myself - "*So what* if Junko takes over?" Wouldn't she act like the dead kids anyways? I wish we had the danger of that scenario slammed right in, instead of just being told it's bad cause she did a bad. Would that really be such a problem?

Oh, you want a ton of clones after that. Oh, you don't, you just want to lure your class in. What exactly *do* you want after that, though.

I just don't get that.

By making her the first MC to die in an execution.

I expect it. Kodaka basically spoiled that she's going to suffer and endure a lot of despair by saying that she's the gutsy leader, which means that unlike other leaders in the past she'll have to endure the pain of failing again and again before a happy ending can be reached.

oh good, i laughed!

Actually, the ED mentions Valkyries

Which, well, are the spirits of dead female warriors


Donuts still has the cutest expressions.
Her "Go. I trust you."-face could heal anything.

Well, that too, but that line was one of the ones I honed in on.

can't wait until he shove his clank inside her

That part actually fails as Momokuma just cant hit him and runs out of swords. The execution ends with her just dropping a weight on him.

So yeah, the only way she can win is if she makes impossible to escape death traps.

Doktor, turn off my hope inhibitors.

She was a wacky crazy antagonist in the games that was presented in an unrealistic fashion ,but it worked because were presented as facts and they didn't expand on these.
>How did Junko plunged the world into despair ?
She just did. It wasn't the bulk of the story. What was the bulk of the story in DR1 was that she created the school killing game.
Prequels are complicated exercise, the vaguer your original premise is, the harsher the official explanation will clash with the viewers idea of the story.

Just look at Star wars prequel and how fucking shitty Anakin was. And to be honest it stood on much sturdier ground than DR3 attempt at sequeling Junko and Class 77 fall into despair. That's how despair sucked, because SW sequels sucked ass for Anakin character.
Despair just was too much of a mistake. You didn't need to explain why. Most of people didn't mind believing why the DR2 cast fell into despair. Actually explaining it (and in the worst thing possible by creating IRL Chiaki to serve as a switch, putting the class into pure background and brainwashing anime) was just too unbelievable.
I know the suspension of disbelief is often thrown too easily but I legit couldn't get into the despair arc because it was just requiring too much mental gymnastic to work.

If Junko had despair anime, why didn't she use it when killing Leon to break everybody else at their lowest point?

did sumbody say hope

hobe xD

Fuck off white gurl.
Protagonist spot is for me.

One theory is that they're going to be the Jury to Judge Monokuma.

Because they didn't know or care about Leon

Which, again, brings into question "Why did she do it"? She could have left an opening for Chiaki, like outright telling "If you decided to wait by the door I would've let you go instead of killing you" but she seemed determined to not allow for failure there. So why the change of heart in DR1? It's inconsistent characterization.

Desbair :DDDDD
t. jungo

This is dangerously approaching Tumblr stuff.

Please. He'll tell her that she was a really good friend and then he'll fucking DIE because Kodaka's making up for not bullying Komaru hard enough in AE by setting Kaede up as a hero from the get-go and then knocking her down several dozen pegs.

Tried to find that weedman faceswap pic but couldn't. So I made one myself.

Where're my weedbros at?

Man that colour is disgusting, a bit lighter would be better. Like coffee/cookie/biscuit colour would be nice

Thank god Robohope got cucked, I can't stop laughing

How does it make you feel, knowing that your beloved Juzo was tainted by cock?

> expect each episode of Despair to show Junko chipping away at tragic back stories one by one
> literally just mind hacks

Did they intentionally make this awful so that they are more justified in the V3 soft reboot. I hear this is going to end with a Q&A session, so that might at least be entertaining

The guy's not bad if you're actually talented. He'd be way too unbearable in regular society though.


>this is horrible! but I also have a an erection

Dick stuck in a drawer again, Munakata-kun?

Believe me, I know how it feels. Here's what I got mine stuck in the other day.

quints and chiaki is alive for episode 11

>yfw Hopebot is the love interest instead

Class 77 is just a bunch of retarded chumps user. The only survivor worth a shit was Hajime. Sonia at least has common sense and stuff and can notice the obvious.

Kyoko, Chiaki, Chisa, and the entire 77th class will be fine. Kodaka's main goal is to shock and surprise the audience, and I think he will realize that the most shocking thing he can do is give everybody the ending they wanted.

No user. Please. I just turn DR sprites into delicious brown.
Do not compare me with pic related. please

>yfw RoboHope, purple Hagakure and twintails all die in the first case.


She wanted to make a fair fight between despair and hope for once and was BTFO

It's going to be the black cap character. He even has Chiaki/Kirigiri's "thinking" pose.

If you could spend the day with Ishimaru before he died, what would you do?

Reddit answered to questions like this with theories that she actually liked her class and wanted to share genuine despair with them, and offering them a freedom of choice - and then deciding to give it all up when that failed.

All of which would be great to see addressed in the anime.

>Not the first case's victim

fuck off

I just want to fix her and let her experience hope instead of omnipresent despair.

If you didn't think something horrible was going to happen to her the moment she showed up you're hopeless.


But what made her do it?
"Dude despair lmao"?

It doesn't take away from his point.

You have to remember that Junko is not a consistent person to begin with

In the first killing game she forced herself to follow the rules she created to make things more interesting and she was BTFO because of it

Deflower him, of course. What else?

Digits confirm

And also, the male cast is too good looking for their not to be one that Kaede wants to fuq.

>straight girl MCs arent popular.

Kat is a very popular video game femtagonist and she wants to munch on some dick.

I'd probably run around the building as much as fucking possible


Yes, we all love Monomi.

To make sure she would believe THERE ARE NO MIRACLES.

The rules she had set up before, she did say she would kill herself if Hope won

Tell him not to get murdered by a fucking sweaty fat guy


To be fair, the one thing that can be justified with Chiaki holding out is that by showing how strong Hope is, she was finally able to break through to Izuru, albeit maybe a few seconds too late.

You called?

Kaede will be bi

holy fuck did you just taste a corpse's saliva?

Take his manly virginity


Yeah, I've never really been fond of Monokuma to begin with.

teruteru died a deep fried virgin lol

But why have that rule there in the first place!?

She'll be "bi" like Hajime was "bi"


Is she despair?

Chiaki isn't fat!

I think all of class 77 waking up is kind of predetermined now.

someone give hopeman his gun.

There is a 0% chance that Despair Teru didn't rape someone.

The base Monokuma was and is great.

The spinoff bears have gotten more and more absurd though.

>Sacrifice every plot development and every remotely meaningful moment for the sake of a stupid twist

Yeah, seems reasonable.

But that's pretty fucking terrible thing which could be accepted if not that DR1 was released before DR3 ,and it glaringly show how different she is.
I mean sure everything fall down to the "it's probably. It can exists" but it's no excuse to how obviously bad DR3 fits into the series.
The real problem is "is it possible that she did it like this" but why do we need so much discussions to actually explains and decipher it. Why do so much people feel the fact that it's shit writing should be an indicator.

So there'll be a yuri pairing that gets a lot more fanart than the hetero one, but plenty of people like both and they get OT3 fanart too?

In all the right places.

What is "brainwashing" for 500$

Pretty much. I hope it's the maid.

>yuri pairing in DR

user, it doesnt work like that. When Ishimaru/Mondo is the series' second most popular ship, the moment two males act homoerotic in V3 is when that becomes the popular shit.

The chest is not a good place to have fat in.

The maid is going to have incestual fanart with baseball cap.

No one wants you, Judas.

Would collecting the underwear of all your friends make you strong enough to resist a brainwashing video?

I was referring to Komahina/Hinanami, actually.

Fuck it, you want a miracle, here's your fucking miracle.

> Izuru rushes Chiaki through the halls thanks to being Ultimate Sprinter
> Finds the room where Junko has been practicing loading up her brain to a digital program as a back-up
> Creates a Chiaki brain back-up, and hides it from Junko
> Talks to her every night to try and wake her up and learn more about himself, as she's the only non-boring thing he's ever discovered
> comes up with an elaborate plan to save her
> agrees to Junko's mind swap plan only to take the technology
> "fuck, I don't want to fuck any of these girls they've brought me, they aren't thick enough"
> just unbrainwashes Souda first instead and bro's up with him
> Souda builds Chiaki a robo-body as thanks to Isurjime being his friend, and they finally upload her memories to it
> Mistakes into miracles
> 16 years later, their son is in a killing game set in a prison

That's next weeks episode, enjoy folks

It will make you the HOPE everyone needs.

I honestly prefer a little bit of meat on the bone compared to being completely slim. Plus, the real Chiaki looks nowhere near as fat.

For the last time, yes.

That's fine too. My OTP is MusclebroSailor anyways.

It's just as stupid as what that poster proposed, next question.



Introduce him to porn and mar his purity.

Get with the times, my man.

That's his point. They tossed aside everything hinted at in SDR2 for the sake of a twist that they were literally brainwashed and the only thing they did wrong was not investing in tinfoil hats or something to resist it.

Fuck off you decoy protagonist robot trash

tell him he's irrelevant and no one would cry for his dumb death



I'd be sad. Twintails looks cute and good rival material for Kaede.


How many times I tried to input Bone on the Meat in that trial...

Anyone buy best girl to cope?

I disagree with this, and am siding with the people who says she's a shittier version of the Joker

With the Joker, it actually felt like calculated moves and insane life bets just to bring chaos and despair to people

Actually have her do intellectual and charismatic actions rather than the world and writing bend to her will and role as villain

Woah, that was a close call.

She's too meek from what we've seen. I think Robot is the rival.


Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why you stab

But how will he fuck a robot?

Is anyone else's dicks ready for him?

Nothing wrong with that, user.

Thanks for the fanart, that's cute as fuck.

We're not gay like Juzo :D

For him to show up for 2 minutes? Absolutely.

One thing that draws less suspicion towards Chisa, or at least imply she has an accomplice, are the killed guards. There's no way she had the time to kill them, right?

Conference meeting -> private talk with Munakata -> patching up Naegi. Meanwhile the other FF members are walking around, and Kyoko/Aoi are in the bathroom where the bodies are.

know You . why

>Chiaki is fine
>Izuru still takes her one-of-a-kind hairclip

What a jerk.

I'm really ready for Hajime/Izuru/Hajizuru to interact with ANYONE from class 77 outside of DR2.

That's what I picked the first time. Got fucking pissy when it was wrong.

More like Juzo Sucockura amirite lads

My vagina is lubricated.

I hope Junko's still alive so she can die again.
If Kodaka is going to be a hack might as well go all the way.

Never said it was a bad thing~

Chisa is just a despair slut and not actually the mastermind.

It was the Bandai/Gozu tag team.

Someone finally made my dream game?

>he uses the hair clip as a stitching needle and grabs electrical tubes for blood transfusion.

Hey, meek resistance could be the perfect foil to Kaede's upfront go-getter-ness.

>It was the Bandai/Gozu tag team

Despair zombie injections.

How would you react if they removed FTEs?

Are you sure you want that?
>Junko was revealed to be mind-controlled into loving despair by the original Kamukura Izuru
>Ryouta's new and improved HOPE-filled anime breaks through and heals her when even Matsuda failed

That's how you go full and final hack.

>he probably picked up the hairclip because he thought it could be of use for his hair
Holy shit I didn't realize

It's obvious Juzo was the attacker.

He was STILL being blackmailed about his crush on Munakata, years later. He tried coming out to the edgelord, so he could finally break free of Junko's control, but Munakata at that point was so far gone he just killed him before he could even speak.

Do you think Chiaki would have introduced him to class 77 if Junko didn't show and fucked things up?

Nobody cared about Leon
A lot of people cared about Chiaki

There's a difference

> dat bod
i'd pierce her repeatedly, if you know what i mean

Unless she started fucking him. I dont think he'd care about meeting them though.

>Juzo was the attacker
>When Munakata stabbed him, he unknowingly won the game
>But Ruruka, who saw everything happen, treated Juzo's wounds a bit and saved his life
>Because of this, he could continue being the attacker

Three main culprits in this case

First is Chisa because NO FUCKING SHIT

Second is Asahina, who is bringing a brand new meaning to the term "Wild Card"

Third is the Mastermind, which is probably Junko somehow

But this clusterfuck is basically three keikakus crashing into each other

>no DR3 Chiaki figure

Don't click this

Since Chisa is aroused by despairing things, does that mean killing children brings her sexual pleasure?

>denial stage: bargaining

You know, if you have low expectations then the despair arc isn't that bad.


I don't think Ruruka follows the real attackers modus operandi, since her body was lying on the ground and she was killed much more violently than usual.

I think the mastermind killed her to settle a personal grudge and quite possibly to trick everyone else into thinking the game was still ongoing and keep trying to kill each other.

Thus, even though Ruruka died, since the -attacker- didn't kill someone the game is technically over.

Started watching earlier this week and I have to say they really glossed over the whole Fuyuhiko sister murder. I was expecting them so show the whole ordeal.

I clicked it

> SHSL Technosexual

He does do everything better than anyone else after all

I'm still stuck at HOPE, user, I will always hope.

This made my dick feel weird.
Am I falling into despair?

I admit, it would be kind of nice to watch her refute Kaede's argument in the same calm, matter of fact way Nanami refuted the arguments of Nagito.

>Ruruka was so fucked up because Juzo was taking out the frustration of being rejected and betrayed by Munakata on her

Still believing Chisa basically just got Mukuro'd at the start. Actual Mastermind got her to do the heavy lifting and then killed her while her guard was down

So that's what it meant


Personally, all it would've taken for me to start masturbating was if Chiaki got swirly eyes.
Edit where?

This was an exucution, DR1's killing school live was a game with actual rules.

But he's gay lol.

It's natural to get a boner while watching a girl get double penetrated, user.

Which is why this scene was even better

A hole is a hole when you're in a rage.


I hope she's alive.

Who will be the new Hopeman and fuck everything up

Updated version. ;_;7

Have hope! Delusion or reality, it is hope all the same..

Chiaki and Kyouko sure got... "handsome" all of a sudden.

Komaeda has the best hygiene of the cast according to trivia.

Relationships will never work for a person whose luck can randomly cause the death of anyone he loves. This is why Komaeda constantly seeks death, he has very little left to gain living.

His closest bond was with Hinata and we all know how that went.


Yeah I'm ready to see him and him only because the others who aren't Komaeda are relevant nor competent enough to make a difference.

Tranny maid, (s)he looks way too suspicious.

*are not*

>It's Alolan Aoi
>Her whole schtick is that she is the opposite of the other tanned girls and is an intellectual, flattie couch potato who is sadistic as fuck

It ain't happening, user. Let it go.

Replace Juzo with Chisa please.

I refuse to believe these three died.

The greenish blonde fuccboi

Not even
It's implied he hijacked one of the ships and just 180'd out of there

No Jabberwock
No other 77 classmates
No ridiculous fight
No more anything

Would it be too obvious to assume Hopeman and Monaca's son would be NeoHopeman?

I suppose Kodaka would only do that if he could put a twist on it. The man loves trying to condition you to expect something and then flipping it around. That's how we got the first Hopeman after all.

It is happening though. Otherwise who was in boat?

>despair but also an erection: the scene

Chiaki died for sure or dr2 wouldn't make sense.

not really to cope. did buy her a week or so ago though.

Either the sailor bishonen or blue hair.

This. Their hivemind shtick in Zetsubou-hen is really off-putting, and seeing it in Mirai would just rub salt into my wounds.

oh, you thought I wanted Jabberwock. No, I just want to see Hajime.

I want to know where he is going.

But I have a feeling all of 77 is waking up.

Only Izuru and maybe the survivors not like they'll do anything important

>DV3 doesn't have Free Time Events
>Instead its Mandatory Interrogation Time
>Nobody becomes bros, they're forced to talk about themselves and what they did prior to entering Monokuma's Juvenile Center for Wayward Talents
I could dig it

the scarf dude he looks to innocent. hes probably a psychopatch

>Chiaki died for sure or dr2 wouldn't make sense.
How? Izuru was tired with Junko and wanted to try something else.

Robot or green hair.

They're not. The whole scene of the boat leaving just shows they won't be doing shit.

Expect only Hajizuru and you won't be disappointed.

anyone find last week's despair episode to be more despairful? It's like I kept waiting for things to take a turn. Just any goddamn turn away from disaster. For me, seeing Chisa undergo the brainwashing triggered my own despair. And then to see Chiaki (who I like but not in a waifu way) take step after step to her doom. . . I just felt resigned and sad.

I did feel hope at the end tho. Seeing Izuru tear up at Chiaki's death made me feel like there's something above hope and despair.


Nobody wants to see that retard. All people want to see is the mastermind of the future game, and if its Junko - some kind of final standoff with Makoto where hope ultimately triumphs for good.

Did you not play dr2?


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo

Appreciate the edit, brother! We keep hanging on!

The protagonist spot Kaede

Difference is the blonde boy is a legitimate asshole unlike Nagito who at least has his brain disease to justify his behavior

Yes. Izuru wanted to use Junko and he did.

I just want her to hijack someone's brain and be cute and quirky and sexy in it

Is that too much to ask?

>where hope ultimately triumphs for good
god I hope V3 is free of this Hope vs Despair bullshit

I don't give a fuck about Chiaki. I'm more butthurt about that Candy bitch and Mura the Yu look a like. I should care since I like her but I just don't.

How about Junko?

Hinata and maybe the survivors. They're all just stepping stones for the true main characters though. They'll probably be offpaneled until the last 5 minutes.

I'll give him love and protection. He needs to be taken care of, both emotionally and physically.

God. the idea of a guy being clingy and fucking him while holding him up sounds really hot.

It's gonna be Mechakoto who's butthurt for losing the MC spot

Or the sailor bishie

Or maybe even the twin tails girl

And how is that relevant? Aren't we talking about Chiaki?

I can't help but think Aviator Junko and Ribbon twintails are trash. Hopefully their personality makes up for these trash designs.

So could I. They're in an abandoned prison school killing game, they're all probably fucked up. I liked that things weren't particularly buddy-buddy in DR1 too.

But why are the other boats seemingly turning around?

>Expect only Hajizuru and you won't be disappointed.
I posted an image of Hajime. That's all I want.

But the other survivors will be shown I think.

>Nobody wants to see that retard.

Taking bets on jabbawok island
>no one other than hinata wakes up
>everyone who survived wakes up
>everyone who survived and hopeman wakes up
>everyone wakes up due to FUTURE

>Ruruka keeps on freaking the hell out at the sight of a silver spraypaint can and no one knows why

Clearly you don't love her then.


Say hypothetically Izuru saved her. Why wouldnt DR2 make sense?

I've been having a blast with these threads since DR3 started, and Juzoboys are an unforgettable part of it. I don't want this ride to end so soon.

Tengan was reponsible of hypnotizing Junko to loving despair and she was just a pawn to the true Ultimate Despair this whole time.

After all, she got into HPA by recomendation of a Top member in the organization.

My sides

Basically this. I don't know why people expect the DR2 cast besides Hajime/Izuru and Nagito to do anything. They're even more incompetent than FF.

sort of leaning only the survivors. definitely wouldn't mind all of them though

Maybe she got bored of MIND HACC.

She was trying to make it fair after having cheated before

Where does that game come from?

Makes me wonder if they know of the FF killing game.
Maybe Monokuma was broadcasting to them to try and get them back into Despair?
The moment when freaking Naegi is the most grounded and competent character still alive in the building
They are lucky Despair is shitty.

>Tengen needed despair to culminate more Hope

The whole "there needs to be a villain for you to be the super hero" thing, huh?

Who said I loved her? I like her.

Junko is literary a character who gets bored constsntly, why do you think it's unreasonable that she wanted to have a fair fight to prove her point for once and for all?

Specifically after having cheated early on?

Hey, maybe the reason why the hypnotizing sweets didn't work on Juzo was because he was gay.
Like, they work based off of sexual desire or something.

It sounds like the kind of forshadowing Kohacka would do.

That's just shitty nagito logic.

Because Chiaki in dr2 was a program like alter ego. If she was alive then FF wouldn't need to make an AI of her just to guide other students in game.

Oh I don't doubt they'll show up. Just show up stuck on the island watching over their friends. We'll get coverage on what they're doing there.

But on the off chance they do go with Hajizuru, they'll still be irrelevant.

>Tengan was just super-Nagito this whole time


I get wanting to fuck Chihiro but this character is A GUY in every way.

Why does everyone want to fuck him? Has Cred Forums really reached that level of homosexuality already?


i love this Hopebot meme

He is cute! CUTE!

I knew she was the victim all along. I just want to save her ;_;

I have no idea. I think it's some Hunger Games simulator or something?

Nagito is so lucky. His love, Junko survived. Fucking idiot.

>Implying that it already hasn't.

>Betray Munakata's trust
>or he'll find out you're gay
THAT was it for Juzo to agree? It would've been more convincing if she threatened Munakata's life, too. If ANYTHING, mention the trustee she tortured, that would've been more reasonable.


Not so fast, Kaede. You may have beaten that laughable robot, but you cannot beat Rafael "Ted" Cruz, the SHSL Necromancer! Chisa, Chiaki, Kirigiri, Juzo, Seiko, arise from your graves and defeat this false prophet!

Well Munakata cooled down so I wouldn't say Naegi is the most competent anymore especially since he was practically useless for majority of the anime.

If Kodaka decided to asspull a happy ending that is. Nowhere in dr2 hinted Chiaki was alive somewhere. So without any foreshadowing I don't think Kodaka planned to let her live in the end.


I share the feeling, brother. These last weeks have been great and full of incredible moments, which I will not forget!

The Hunger Games night was the best!

It's a Hunger Games simulator, yes. You can easily find it via Google!

It's almost like the writing is contrived and shit

Nah his love was cucked by gamer girl.

Nobody ever thought Chiaki was a real person to begin with. This is Kodaka's crazy train.

>betrays Munakata for Junko

>not wanting to trust your husbando that you would put your very life on the line for him
Juzo could learn a thing or two from Ishimaru.

I'm pretty sure you go into a coma from brain trauma, not bleeding out.

Now Hinata can do everything his classmates can do and possibly better! So who needs em

anyone know what the music is before chiaki opens the goal door?

shit is dope and I'm sure it played during another episode

it's not 8-bit ikoroshia or arcade rabbit

not so fast Kaede, I don't believe you can face my 『Stand』

What sort of retard mental gymnastics did you do to reach that conclusion?

It's gonna be either the cyborg or blonde boy

Though having it be one of the twins could be cool

Reading DR doujins, why was Mahiru and Hajime a common ship? There are plenty of non-h doujins about the pairing.

No, it's just that Juzo is a selfish piece of shit who traded the world's safety because he didn't wanted to come out

Class 77 are chumps and dont matter. Nagito maybe but the others nah.

"You know why." suddenly became a lot more reasonable. As funny as it is, Munakata probably couldn't care less about Juzo liking dicks, it's the fact that he pretty much let the tragedy happen rather than reveal his secret.

too many mikanfags and case 3 where mikan snuggled up to hajime

To be honest he kinda looks like a chick so I can see why people would wanna fuck him


Sasuga, Cred Forums

And other boys' briefs.

Cred Forums has always been gay.

>Junko leaks homosexuality to the press
>Munakata and Juzo are completely ruined

Oh yes I can

>world's safety

How would infer that at this stage?


I said Mahiru, not Mikan.

I'm not Murkan, what is this meme

No the writing is just shit.

Impostor's face in this wideshot is funny.

It took you this long to realize Juzo is the most retarded and incompetent character in the history of the world?
Dude, Juzo is head of security, Junko straight up WENT TO REPORT THE DEAD BODIES and he didn't even suspect or know anything about her.
Meanwhile she, A STUDENT, knew everything there was to know about him and about the secrets of the institution.
Yeah, there is that too, Juzo, an insider sent there for this very reason, never found out about anything related to the dark side of the academy.
Junko, a STUDENT, discovered everything. By methods we do not know, sure god the writing of Despair is specially shitty but she still did it.
There should be a limit to how bad at your job you can be.
I bet Tengan is the mastermind and just to be sure Jin or any of the other decent people working in HPA would never find out about the fuckery, he backed Munakata's recommendation of Juzo to the position of head of security. It's the only way I can see Juzo becoming head of anything related to security TWICE(It's pretty much equivalent to his job in the FF)

same reason people want to fuck komaeda. keep up.

>Some bitch kills your friend
>Better join her and do the same thing to others

Mindhack was a mistake.

>useless for the majority of the anime
>blaming him and not shitty writing

why do Peko and Ibuki look so stacked in this frame?

Prepare yourself for the second cumming

Hope vs despair won't be the focus of it anymore(good riddance, there are other series that did the same thing better), but you'd be silly to think that there won't be suffering and extreme sadness for characters.

Ted Cruz was the last Republican runner standing to try and beat Trump for the nomination. A meme started of a picture of Cruz in an awkward stance demanding that Trump "hand over" the delegates (who at this point Trump had many more of than Cruz). The meme only escalated once Cruz essentially refused to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Well you know, They were brainwashed.

Well, it would have made too much sense to have despair Chisa torture Chiaki in front of them

Mukuro wasn't Junko's victim. She wasn't even just her enabler. She was her handler. Her controller.

Go read Zero again. Read IF. Read what lines Mukuro gets in DR1. She's not a person being controlled by a domineering sister. Nor is she a masochist.

When Junko got bored of trying to break Chisa and her video clearly wasn't working, who was the one who REALLY broke her? Spoiler alert: it wasn't Junko.

Junko isn't the real SHSL Despair at all. She's just been made to think she is. The real Ultimate Despair is actually Mukuro. She ALLOWED her sister to think she was the one in control, all the while subtly engineering her circumstances to keep building her despair to greater and greater levels.

When Mukuro went to join Fenrir, it's not like Junko told her to. It's not as if her family abandoned her in Europe. Mukuro was the one to abandon Junko, to push her along the path of despair. That's why Mukuro never displays her despair- it's not like she doesn't feel it, it's that she's so consumed by it that nothing can phase her.

Why are her lips like that?

When thinking back to DR1 and DR2, hardly any mention of hope is there, other than Nagito spouting it and the final case where Junko appears

Scenes without those two are pretty clean from those two words

Mitarai's mindhack techniques were on the recording as well which is why they couldn't look away. That's what converted them to despair, Chiaki dying was just the "push" they needed to get them in the proper mental state.

when Nagito wakes up, will he still be a talent dick sucker?

Let's assume his brainwashing is wiped and he remembers DR2.

>that subtle :3 face

I don't care what her personality is, I already love her, and I know she's going to die because of it.

It hurts guys. Our waifu game keeps killing all our waifus.

Maybe her face hurts.

I want him to laugh at me as I fall down stairs

Oh crap, missed a spot on the right. Fixed.

She can barely contain her orgasm.

Ah, so there's even more justification to her getting speared is what you're saying.

The theme is always there even if the literal words aren't used every time.



Ribbon twintaills is the smug Ojou-sama type from the looks of the one pose of hers we've seen.

Next time, pick an immortal waifu.

We have Hope vs. Despair, but where's the Future Foundation vs. Past Organization?

tfw the ride will be over soon

So just standing there talking to Kaede gives her an orgasm? Damn. We might have just found a bigger slut than Mikan.

Well yeah, but it's not even 'justification'. It was something she'd been working towards from the beginning. Killing Mukuro was what made Junko the SHSL Despair, not the other way around. It was her graduation.

I just know it played when Junko first saw Izuru. Don't know the title.

I found it cringy until Komaeda came on screen, then I laughed. Is Glockman able to make anything funny?

Not shoved in your face like in the anime or final cases.

Anyways, I'll take Hope vs Despair over shitty things like Kingdom Hearts literally using Dark and Light or good vs evil for theirs

Koizumi tried to talk to him
>You should see Kuzu to get yourself killed

Are you literally a newfag? People wanna fuck the blonde sailor boy for the same reasons they wanna fuck Nagito: bishies

I'll miss you guys.

If she was hypnotized like everyone else, would you really be unable to call her a victim?

Junko is in the game and her NG code is "getting proven wrong", which is how Naegi will kill her.

make me

KH is an unfair example, it's possibly the most incomprehensible and convoluted story of good vs evil that medium has ever produced

Is Fuyuhiko literally the biggest waste of a main course slot?

> Black-kun is doing the Kirigiri/Chiaki pose
> Mask is a chunni like Gundam
> Weed V3 looks like a mix of leon/weedman

It will happen next ep.

Hajime flat-out said he was staying on the island in SDR2 and now he's leaving it.

Given that it gave us one of the best male characters in the series, I don't mind.

>Past Organization

Well not exactly fuck but more like full on hardcore unadulterated rape but yeah you got the gist of it.

Here's the strange thing. In the last chapter of dr2 they showed photos of students hanging around in school. No Chiaki in any of them of course. But Chiaki in despair arc was class rep and pretty much a centre character in class. How come there isn't any photo with her in it. Not a single bit in the game foreshadowed that Chiaki may once be alive.

I think it shows the whole despair arc was just an asspull by kodaka and it wasn't planned at all. So Chiaki wasn't supposed to exist when dr2 came out. But now they had to shit out an anime to advertise V3 so they had to add something meaningful to the prequel that's make Chiaki real and then kill her to justify her being an AI in the game.

Which one here is Souda's sperm?
Which one is Gundam?
Which one is Mitarai?
Which one is Koizumi?

>Hajime probably spent more time with AI chiaki over IRL Chiaki

>sperming anybody


It's only sluttly if it's someone other than the main character.

It's a new track for the anime.

These threads are literally all I have right now. I don't want it to end.


This is why I keep coming back to Cred Forums. As cancerous as it is, the memes are too much

Yeah, he doesnt have a talent. He's just an heir much like Sonia. And he doesnt have competition for his title. He's literally the only high school aged yakuza heir I bet and so he got the title.

>didnt know why the reserve course is rioting.

just wait until 2018 when V3 gets released

It's funny, "Kingdom hearts 2: final mix" is my favorite game ever. But that is 100% due to mechanics. I make fun of the story elements just as much as the people who hate them series.
And even then, I only really like KH2:FM and KH1.
I dislike pretty much every other game in the series because the mechanics aren't as polished and they force me to listen to that nonsense to extended periods of time with boring fights that involve endlessly rolling into a wall

>best boy has the best death
>best girl got the second best death
What did Kodaka mean by this?


She took the pictures/was getting her galaga in with Hajimeme

Where are you getting these high quality screen shots from?


Wait. Chiaki's execution was a maze, yes? You think they were subliminally promoting the upcoming escape maze event?

>Which one is Gundam?
The chunni masked guy.
He also looks like a militar, Souna is from a military kingdom.. it's probably Kodaka being repetitive tho

Chiaki's dead in the same episode and yet I care more about Juzo's suffering, I can't even make fun of Juzoboys anymore

I think it's very likely the whole anime thing wasn't planned at all. That also explains why it was so shit.




>oh yeah I have real Chiaki in a coma under HPA.

Naegi has always been useless on his own

Mikan a shit

did they get an actual gaijin for live action Sonia?

She's so first victim if it's not robo boy


Kodaka doesn't think ahead, this has been established. The bloody classroom from DR1 was also probably just some hanging plot thread he could use whenever convenient.

She probably would have been an AI even if she was alive. She would have gotten her mind erased and replaced with SIM memories.

She wasn't hypnotized though. She was fully in control of herself

and then for anime in 2021. The wild ride never ends.

I can totally picture him throwing Kaede into the pool and say "Tell me I'm the best".
He's the scumbag boyfriend bait.

HajIzuru can reduce anything to nothing. Keep up kouhai.

Nigger are you some kind of cock gobbler? He's been alpha with beta moments, not the other way around. Filthy fucking secondaries.


I believe her actor was half japanese.

Exactly my point. Anyone trying to act like anything in SDR2 has -that- much bearing at this point is only fooling themselves.

0 confirms

> Last episode we were forced to watch Chiaki get tortured to death, both emotionally and physically for 11 minutes consecutive.

Jesus fuck, that was absolutely brutal and totally unforgiving.

And people think that Kodaka has absolutely no balls.

Kodaka isn't the character designer.

Jamie Natsuki. I think she's half, at least. She was definitely a native speaker though.

What's she asking?

But the photos were random groups of friends hanging around. Not everyone gathering together except Chiaki so she could be the one taking photos. There's no reason Chiaki didn't appear in any of those SoL photos given how she interacted with class in anime.

The vague concept the antagonist of V3 will use as their motivation after Kodaka retires hope and despair.

I'm saying if she were. What if they revealed that Junko's mental state was the result of brainwashing?

There is still time left for a massacre to happen in HPA before the lockdown.
I like the hopelet, but even I wouldn't say that.
He only really matters when all other possibilites have been exhausted, which is his thing, never giving up hope

One of the things Danganronpa 3 has done right was making Naegi man the fuck up. Also it was great when he shattered Junko's retard logic, especially now that we know she's too incompetent to manipulate people into despair and has to rely on mind hack video and Mukuro bailing her out of literally everything

Here's not the writer of Despair arc though.

I want to protect the bara's smile

Yeah, But he is the one that gives a idea of how they have to look.

>He's been alpha with beta moments
No, he's literally just been Lucky. His Luck/plot armor ensuring that he always succeeds is literally the only difference between him and fuck-ups like human Chiaki and Jin Kirigiri who face everything with optimism like Makoto does and deal with everything backfiring on them all the time because they don't have Luck.

American patriotism.

He's, whatever, phoneposting.

It's why Naegi had his trial. And Hajime is going to do something. Who knows what.

If she was somehow the victim of some sort of brainwash anime like the class of 77 and Chisaa, then I guess she wouldn't hold the blame. But that's kind of a moot point since she wasn't

Punishment vs Redemption

You can take that to the fucking bank. They're prisoners. Criminals. It literally can't be anything else.

>It turns out he's not a gentle giant but a huge cunt and blackened

He's the one supervising everything

I actually had to go back and replay the kirigiri scene several times to catch that rolling bottle

she's alive

Which one is will be the least popular character?
I have a feeling it's gonna be the Mask.

It's going to just be Hope vs Despair rebranded as something else.

>What if they revealed that Junko's mental state was the result of brainwashing?
And we already know that it isn't happening thanks to DR0.

DR3 should've been only Future with some flashback segments/episodes about the new characters, leaving anything about Junko, the 77th class and even the 78th class pre-DR1 open and having then appear as fan-service cameos or some little development (like Komaeda involvement with the 76th trio).

Mask or midget

>chuuni character
Wasn't Gundham like the fourth most popular character from a poll done?

basic, truth and lies, we already know you will have to lie, it will show truth as the evil side and lies as the good side.

Freedom vs Order. The villain is for freedom.

Blue-haired glasses girl hasn't been a hit so far. I think it'll be her, unless she's got a great personality.

Fit guy.

It's the GG(Anime) writers, and frankly I don't think they went far enough. Junko should've been able to figure out that Chiaki had a waterfall in her panties over Hajime, and that Hajime was the person who became Izuru. Imagine her taunting her over that? I bet she could've given Chiaki swirly eyes by the end if she used all of her possible cards.

>Which one is will be the least popular character?
No with the cartoony guy and big guy there.
Japan hates those characters
Also, Gundas is popular as fuck, If mask guy doesn't die in the first 2 chapters and has a funny personalitty he would be fine.

Rolling 7 for hope

Pink Junko because everybody hates Junko now.

Lets be real here, Sugita being the character's VA is a major factor in that.

I was really disappointed that Junko didnt use Hajime. They could have cut down on some torture for that.




hopeman delivers


I don't even know who that is but Gundham was my favorite character. That chu2. That love for animals.

And I thought candyslut's death was shocking enough.

What pictures are you talking about? Class 77 didn't have any SOL pictures like 78 did at the end of DG1.

You're pants-on-head retarded and I'm not going to start feeding you attention. His talent doesn't fucking rule his personality, it's hardly even mentioned when compared to the other characters. Every single trial, with our without Kirigiri's assistance, has been ruled and ended by him. He shot literal bullets of hope into his friends and conquered Junko, driving her to commit suicide. This motherfucker went against the entire Future Foundation for the sake of Ultimate Despair, and then came back home as if nothing had happened. He gives good speeches, pulls in great people to his side, and takes punches like a goddamn legend. He talked Raiden out of his edginess and made him cry like a bitch.

Step away from the keyboard, Mitarai. You'll never be as good as Hopelet. (You).

Maybe he'll have a popular VA too
What if he's voiced by Nakamura Yuichi


But he wasn't talking about Hifumi

>it's gonna be the Mask.
Is going to be the big guy, Nidai was last in the DR2 poll and Sakura was in the bottom too.

>people actually falling for all these cliches and forced writing

Man, and here I thought Cred Forumsnons had some brains



But the only reason
the ONLY reason
he was able to do that at all was because of his luck

>Nigger are you some kind of cock gobbler? He's been alpha with beta moments, not the other way around. Filthy fucking secondaries.
Don't bother. They are jelly of the Ultimate Hope.

>His talent doesn't fucking rule his personality
Didn't say that it does. I'm saying that he's only succesful because of his Luck. Other characters try to be as optimistic as he is and it tends to end in failure for them.

Teruteru's va is Jun Fukuyama and he is one of the least populars characters.
Everybody in DR has a top tier VA so that's a very bad argument.

>I bet she could've given Chiaki swirly eyes by the end if she used all of her possible cards.

>despair gamer

For what purpose?

What if DR0 was brainwashing inside brainwashing?

>MFW this post is just a stepping stone for hope


>all the mot popular characters are the MCs + Nagito
why is Japan's taste so boring

What the fuck is wrong with Japan

Nidai was an ugly hotblooded bara guy. This guy is a cute, cheerful muslebro entomologist. My otome instincts are telling me he's actually going to be pretty popular.

Killing Games, Satan.
But besides that, she doesn't need to use her to drive her into as much despair as she can give her.

dubs for love

Yeah, they should like garbage like Mikan or Junko instead.

What happened with that poll? Is there more than the top 5?

What is it with manlets and being so good at controlling people?

This thread and the people in it are terrible
Derail it, hopeman

That's not how Japan taste works.
big guys are always in the bottom in all mangas/anime that aren't Jojo.

They can't get by on their looks so they have to learn to be charismatic instead.

MC's get the most exposure.

It also helps that 4/5 of those characters are good characters.

You must be retarded

Heh's a haafu.

Based Hopeman

>all the mot popular characters are the MCs + Nagito
Gee maybe it's because they have the most screen time. Or because they move the plot forward. Or because we see more of their mentality and relationships than any other characters.

It's a real mystery.

His luck helps him along the way, but by and large every single victory has been won by effort alone. Luck didn't help him win those trials, and it isn't what won him the Kirigiri. That was hope.

Not control, inspiration and the "good" kind of coercion. They don't force people to do anything, but they can drastically affect someone's perspective. All the good things are compensation for their height.

Naegi is fucking useless without Kirigiri holding his hand.

Now that Chiaki is 100% ruled out, who the fuck could the 16th branch head be, or the extra player?

Why did they send a representative anyway, Aoi, instead of showing up themselves? It's fucking weird.

The only thing that's really possible is a Delta-esque twist involving some hobo living in the ceiling killing people (hence all those weird PoV shots from the ceiling, sometimes with debris on-screen). It could just be a total red herring though.

>Naegi better than Hajime

I think it's less that Nidai is ugly and more he got hit with someone's scat fetish.



Show more of her doing what she did with Izuru. Actually putting in the work for her despair instead of being Mary Despair Sue and have everything just fall in place for her after 2 seconds of "super super duper analyzing".

What is weird is that Makoto is first when Togami was higher in the DR1 poll.

Check these repeating digits. Next ep 16th participant will be revealed.And it will be despair.

>Naegi and Komaeda's luck transcends into real life


>Now that Chiaki is 100% ruled out
But Monaca, isnt a miracle possible?

Why there is fucking Rape Dungeon under Hope's Peak?!

>Your leg is broken.
>Your leg is broken.

Her friend got her first work as a seiyuu

Yeah, I'll be honest, that's why he and Peko are the bottomost characters for me along with Teruteru.


Because the whole world is specifically designed for everything to fall perfectly in place for Junko without her actually having to do anything.

>My legs are okay.

> 16th branch head
Isn't it Togami?

Nice meme. No, seriously. That's a meme.

Looks like we don't get the 16th participant. However, dubs or a seven means we get a Jabberwock flashback battle.

Why didn't she just stand still for three seconds?

Yeah I can see that. Could explain why she's so uncomfortable being around him just by him asking her something

You know why.

So, are we going to get KiriJunko next week, or are they going to do a straight-as-fuck boring ending with Mitarai mindhacking people to death and no 'real' mastermind, or 16th person?

I'd be seriously disappointed.

Honestly, the pretty boy, Mikan's kid, and the snarky ojou all look top-tier.

The snarky ojou will probably die in case 3 or something, despite being best girl.

Munakata killed Juzo who beat up Hajime.

Naegi beat Munakata, ergo Naegi > Hajime.

>16th branch head
It's the 13th branch head and hidden 16th player, dummy.

>Now that Chiaki is 100% ruled out
>implying Kodaka isn't going to go full hack and bring her back from what should've been certain death

Too bad, but this seven will show you that hopeman will have his glorious comeback.

Mitarai ended up being boring as fuck I remember how interested I was in what he was going to do when I saw he was in both aime

She's dead. It was a bottle to help her wake up

>le kirigiri does everything in DR1 AKA "I don't actually play the games I shitpost about, I just parrot the opinions I heard on Cred Forums"

Watch the mastermind be Monaca all along. She was just pretending to fuck off into space.

It's a Monaca-like thing to do.

> Chiaki gets to die 100% onscreen deaths TWICE, yet somehow manages to survive.

I would die of laughter. Especially if she died again.

Sorry, 13th branch head.

We are literally getting nothing on Monday with these shitty numbers. But I'm not giving up yet!


Expect the most boring ending. If we're really lucky, though, we might have a twist ending. But after Chiaki's (very likely) death, I can't be so sure of surprises. I'm not even sure what Hajime will be able to do.

Angry Chiakifags doesn't count as everybody

>but by and large every single victory has been won by effort alone
Nope, it's his Luck that guarantees his survival and success every time. His actual mindset that he preaches to others to follow straight up does not work with other characters because they don't have Luck to save them when being optimistic gets them backstabbed or whatever.

Like I said, human Chiaki is basically what you get if you take Makoto and strip him of his plot armor. Jin pretty much has the same general views as Makoto does but with greater responsibility and no plot armor to back him up, and look what happened to him.

>Luck didn't help him win those trials
I'm talking about him as a character in general but in trials too, it's his Luck that saves his hide several times throughout the game.

I can see where they're coming from, in all honesty. Hajime reminds the players of themselves, sure, but would you want to be friends with yourself? A pessimistic, depressed guy who doesn't smile?
Naegi may be useless, but I'd want to be friends with him.

>Isn't it Togami?
No. ogami is from the 14th brainch

> liked cucksoda since the start of SDR2
> avoid him like the fucking plague because he's the kind of character that dies fast and don't want to get attached

fuck I really missed out on this gem of a character

oh well

Don't give him any more (You)s.

>only chiakifags hate Junko
When did this meme start?

Can we at least have a mastermind reveal if 9?


She might still be revived, but I can't see her coming back for much more than a five-minute sappy scene where she wakes up, sees Hajime and the details are left to us.

At least this one we know will survive

Are all Naegifags this retarded?

But the fact that there are Naegifags in the first place is retarded all on its own

>V3 thread

This is not Cred Forums, the thread will 404.


>I'm not even sure what Hajime will be able to do.
In future hen? I would like to know what he is ging to do in future hen. Why would they care about the killing game that is pretty much over by the time they leave the island?

Confirmed, but who will it be?

Absolutely garbage taste as usual Japan

But you spelled Mukuro wrong for the last part

Komaeda wins again.

>by effort alone
He just sorta happens to be in the right place at the right time most of the time actually. His luck definitely is a massive factor, even in the very first case of DR1 where his room being the only one with a busted door was a major plot point.

His talent very literally is SHSL Plot Armor, hardly anyone even denies that anymore. Doesn't make him non-functional as an MC (does make him kind of boring as a character though, perhaps)

The fanservice in ep 2 was an allusion to class 77 (including Chisa) falling into despair together.

All of them but Komaeda suck

actual new

>Why would anyone like Naegi? He's not intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor like me

Exactly. What's he even going to do? I imagine that they'll basically wrap up the Class 77 part of Zetsubou-hen's plotline there, and leave the final episode for someone else like Mitarai, but I can't see anything else mattering. Not enough for an entire episode, at least, unless they want to spend the entire episode infodumping SDR2.

We have two EP left.
The Mastermind has to be revealed this monday or the finale will be rushed as fuck.

At this rate, if she comes back, she's going to go full Jesus mode and save everyone at the last second somehow. She might do it the same way she did at the end of SDR2 where she had Hajime shout "FUTURE" really loudly and magically bypassed the system.

Why are you still replying?


Pick one

> Expect the most boring ending.

God damnit. There has to be something crazy.

At least Delta's 'I WAS BEHIND YOU ALL ALONG' thing was amusing as fuck. Thus far, I haven't been surprised by any 'twists', and that isn't because of mass discussion here.

Like, KiriJunko/NaeJunko, (you) as the 16th participant, Izayoi possibly pretending to be dead to entrap the traitor, etc. etc. are stuff that I'd be surprised about. It's just that all the mysteries have played out in exceedingly blatant ways.

Like, you'd have to literally be braindead if you didn't know that there was something up with Mitarai or Chisa from the first episode. The foreshadowing for the former was blatant by the third episode, and Chisa was basically 1000% confirmed mastermind as soon as the plot tended toward mindhack anime in Zetsubou-hen.

I would want to be friends with Hajime because he's pretty funny to be honest. I don't think he's that negative just realistic. The actual bad examples are probably Hiyoko and Mikan. Those I would avoid at all cost.

Dubs and it was Tengan.

His own sister found that out, and unlike poor Chiaki she had the good sense to give up on hope (or at least her brother's brand of hope instead of a milder hope that things would work out somehow).


Why would they make a Monomi A.I. if Miaya was alive?
If anything, Chiaki's survival actually makes more sense - now they have time and resources to develop a program based on her.

>lel I'm a secondary trying to be cool

Why would you avoid Hiyoko? She's the best.

Everybody and their dog predicted Chiakers dying, and on top of that there were a bunch of gory ideas they had (like Chisa/Class 77 tearing her apart in a fit of despair) so that part wasn't unexpected. I think you should really tone your expectations down, these are the same writers who thought making Taroumaru a major character in the GG anime was a great idea.

>What's he even going to do?
He'll probably just enter the building and be like "Thanks for picking me up by boat for my audition, I was having a bit of trouble finding one for myself".

Naegi was useless in DR1 without Kirigiri. That is the facts. Face it manletfags your boy has always been shit


Because Miaya was dead?

Why would Chiaki's survival let people have time and resources to develop a program? Is she rich or something?

With the way Komaeda kept extolling her as the hope of the class, this wouldn't even fucking surprise me.

Naegi didn't beat him.

Munakata could have just killed him and got out with his katana.

Plot induced stupidity at its finest

Kind of makes me wish that Despair Makoto was an actual thing to be honest.

I thought we were talking about IRL situations.

Three, actually. Future is 13 and Despair is 12 episodes long.

Opening the door with his katana would still count as opening the door, dumbass. That's why he was breaking through the walls where he could.

Yeah, so why would you avoid Hiyoko in real life?

Miaya was supposedly alive when SDR2 happened.
Because then they don't have anything to base her character on. The only people who knew her became Ultimate Despairs.

But how could she still move and talk? Mukuro died damn near instantly

His personality is what saved him in DR1.

Hope Theory defines Hope as the perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways. Hopeful are able to establish clear goals, imagine multiple workable pathways toward those goals, and persevere, even when obstacles get in their way.

Naegi survived those trials mainly because of being someone hopeful. He always knew the main goal and never forgot it, to beat the mastermind and escape. He was also pretty much the only person who bothered thoroughly investigating which INCLUDES talking to people which Kirigiri never did which may have been why he never was targeted for a murder among the other survivors. There's a reason why Alter Ego saved him over Kirigiri. He won cause he never lost sight of his target, even if it meant having Kirigiri finish the case.

It wasn't just luck, sempai.

You don't even need to go that far. Munakata could've actually attempted to chase the guy instead of walking as slowly as possible
or he could've shot him up with his wristgun earlier on
or he could've just stabbed him straight away during the many times he grabbed the guy

I dunno why they pad Mirai-hen out with all these badly choreographed overly drawn out action scenes, it's not like there was a shortage of characters or elements to focus on that the story required padding or anything

Because she's smelly

That's how Naegi's luck works. It's his plot armor.

Kirijunko or a bust my man

Her lack of hygiene only happened after the one person she trusted on the island died, and that was only a short period of time until she got needlessly murdered by the awful swine.

Stop replying, he was outed as a shitposter already.

Kirijunko gets aoi to despair over losing her brother and then has chisa do some shit

Who did ruruka try to kill Oh wait it was Kyoko Personal grudge you don't try to kill junko's new body

Can't people just create her AI based on her school records? She's SHSL she should've been famous and left a lot of footage for the school to notice her.

And Miaya used Monomi as a tool so she didn't appear in the game herself. If Chiaki was alive why wouldn't FF just put her into the game to supervise instead of making an AI of her?

and if anyone but Makoto thought like that, they wouldn't get anywhere due to not having Luck, which I've explained saves him all throughout the game and essentially validates all of his actions. Transfer everything about Makoto barring his Luck to any other character in DR1, they wouldn't have succeeded like he did.

>which INCLUDES talking to people which Kirigiri never did
Makoto didn't converse with the cast as whole all that much at all until towards the end of the game actually. Ishimaru and Aoi were mainly the ones who did. Not that big a factor really.

I'm failing to see how it wasn't just luck.

How am I shitposting? Am I not posting enough dank hajimemes for you or something?

>Because then they don't have anything to base her character on.
Her student profile?

>The only people who knew her became Ultimate Despairs.
HPA was a school, And most of Future Foundation were students there.
AI chiaki and real chiaki are different soit makes sense that she was made with her profile.

>How am I shitposting?
You're spewing crap out of your mouth arguing against something that should be considered common knowlege by now. I don't know who shoved a stick with Naegi's name on it that far up your ass, but you're wrong and you're just instigating shit. Your posts are shit and so is your argument.

Therefore, shitposter.

>tfw you look at Chisa's phone and you find out she's been forwarding all the dick pics you sent her to Juzo

You sure showed him user


I hope you shitty cartoon ends soon so you can go back.

Makoto definitely works better when you have some semblance of control over his actions, that justifies him coming off as having plot armour. Neither him nor Hajime come off as well in DR3 in my opinion, partly due to the way DR3 is being written but partly just because of the "bland protagonist existing mainly for other characters to emote through" type that they are at their cores.