Is he a good role model?

Is he a good role model?

>male prostitution
nah he a faggot

>alternative is getting hundreds killed in pointless wars
Yeah what a fag

But at least you wouldn't have to take it up the ass.

If you want to be a psychotic megalomaniac, then yeah, I'd say he's pretty swell as a role model.

Follow your dreams user, no matter what

The only good thing about Griffith is that he's physically attractive. Nobody would defend his actions if he wasn't.

Griffith pls go

i agree with this user here

He teaches kids to always follow their dreams, which is important.

Meglomania is when your ability to become great and powerful is a delusion. But Griffith's was real.

The entire point of the character is that there is no one like him in the entire world. Someone like that can't be a role model to anyone, at least if they're being even a little realistic. He literally hijacked the process of becoming a devil to save the world. In the setting, the only being that might even approach him is Guts. But that's because he might surpass what Griffith's intentions for him seem to be. Basically, to kill the God Hand to get to him for revenge. If Guts somehow subverts this he can sort of mirror what Griffith did with his behelith and become his actual equal.

> Killed all the people that ever trusted him with their lives except his best friend and his girlfriend
> Raped best friend's girlfriend
> Says that only his equals can be his friends but when his equal appears he denies him

If nothing more, Griffith is a fucking hypocrite.
Not only did he do all of the above which would be bad enough but he sacrificed the rest of the world as well so long as he had a piece of it that he could shape on his image.

How is he good?

That's not how role models work, role models are people you look up to, not necessarily people you aim to be.
A lot of people have Jesus as a role model, and Griffith is essentially a Jesus figure in the Berserk world.

I am pretty sure that while Griffith's been chosen by destiny Guts is his polar opposite. Having been forgotten even by death itself Guts has no destiny and is completely free thus he could either be Griffith's equal or his polar opposite.

I would even dare to say that by surviving the eclipses Guts have denied Griffith's full ascension a long time ago.

after reading berserk, I took Griffith's lessons to heart and killed all of my closest friends. It was quite the adrenaline rush.

Where's your country, son?

Your dead ass would be used as cock sleeves for Jamal.

A great antagonist but not a good model you should aspire to be

No he's not, his fixation with his dream led to the mental breakdown that caused his downfall

There was no downfall. Literally all is going according to his plan and he's as sane as ever, he wanted to create a perfect kingdom and sacrificed what was necessary for the greater good

yeah the rape was a bit uncalled for but honestly mate he won and got a bit carried away, that happens

I think he meant the part where Guts leaves and he gets emotional and rapes the princess.

>gets fucked in the ass
>wants his best bro to fuck him
>gets pissy and takes over the world/rapes his bro's gf when bro doesn't want to

He's a good example on how to do nothing wrong

That was consensual sex, as evidenced by the fact that Charlotte goes with Guts and co. to break him out of prison and then even throws herself in front of a poison dart to save Griffith.