Shingeki no Kyojin

15 or so more days.

Post theories, discuss your favorite characters, and stay on topic, please. This is a comfy, early-Autumn thread.

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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

Armin is love
Armin is life
Armin is the hero we need but don't deserve
Armin will make the walls great again
Armin may not be as physically strong as others, but he makes up for it with his intelligence, empathetic nature, and the hope he brings to others

The SL are war criminals and should be wiped from the planet

You're simply the best.
Better than all the rest.
Better than anyone.
Anyone I've ever met.

Armin is cute.

BRA did nothing wrong.

Very cute.

What's the appeal of a crying coconut if you're not a Slutty tier turbofaggot?


There are many things to love about him! Would you like to read my 30 page essay I wrote about why Armin is amazing?

Molester-kun pls.

Yes. Is it golden like the EL essay?

Oh, sorry, did I say Armin essay? I meant EL essay. And it's actually 60 pages and oh my fucking god I cannot believe someone unironically wrote that shit, holy fuck. Wasn't it EreL, though?

Are you retarded?

AM is love.

EH is canon.

Did you write the EL essay?

A pure ship.

And again, are all Armongfags this retarded?

Yes they are.

So what exactly are you calling me retarded for? I know the EL essay was written as a joke.

At least I hope it was. I don't know anything anymore.

Can a mangafag tell me when best girl returns, thanks.

>I love Armong wanna read my essay about him?
>oh sorry I meant the EL essay

She's dead and she never gets mentioned again. Fuck off back to your containment threads now.

Are you autistic? Do you not understand what sarcasm is? You have to be autistic.

Mina is love
Mina is life
I just want Mina to breath again
Mina a beacon of light
Mina may not have done much, but she makes up for it with love, kindness and caring.

Can't wait to see the punishment Zackley dishes out for EM.

Don't you know what sarcasm is user?

Shit machine.

1. Why is Eren so pissed off?
2. Why is Armin's hips wider than Mikasa's?
3. Why is Mikasa's dress see-through?

Eren can heal from any wound and Mikasa has Ackergenes. I hope he'll be a bit more creative than that.

Arminfags are retarded but they were clearly being sarcastic. Chill out.


Isayama sucks at proportions.

>write stupid shit
>i-it was sarcasm xd

>Eren can heal from any wound
That's why the shit machine is perfect for him.

>She's dead
I can't accept this, why introduce such a funny, charming, kind, brave and diligent character with such an intriguing background just to kill her off? No mina will return. Tiocfaidh ar la.

Is this bait?

Petra is olev

>gets blown out
>tries to switch sides


Yep. Bait.

>why introduce such a funny, charming, kind, brave and diligent character with such an intriguing background
It'd be better if you stopped smoking.

Isn't that just a zig-zag on the bottom of her dress/sweater?

When will Ymir come back?

No wonder Armin looked so nervous. Jean is a good man. If Mikasa remembered that he even existed he'd have a chance.

Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki. This seems like a shit thread btw. Time to stop posting after this.

Good. It's much less shit when you're not around.

You should stop posting this shit, it's annoying as fuck. Anniebot's first post is enough, yours is just annoying.

Gesumong a shit.

Next arc maybe.


Pretty much everyone here either hates or loves every character on this show, is there any that this general doesn't hate?


I'm not the only one who posts this though. Someone else did before, I just followed in case he doesn't.
>says the shittiest poster ever

Connie, just Connie.

Only EMA are hated. Everyone else is decent.

Nope. Well, there's Zeke. You'll get one or two people say Zeke a shit but I doubt they say it for any other reason than bantz.

>implying you know who I am

Then stop doing it, you're just making the thread shittier with those repetitive posts. Let Anniebot do their job without adding that shit.

Other characters, especially the shifters, get a lot of hate as well.

You are correct.

Shh, the shota is sleeping! Don't wake him up!

Mankasa actually looked cute as a goth. I normally find her unappealing as hell.

She acknowledges his existence and he knows by now that she doesn't really care.

Time for Teletubbies.
Time for Teletubbies.
Time for Teletubbies.
Time for Teletubbies.

Same. I hate her but she looks adorable as a goth.

Jean Cuckstein.



Fuck you and everything you stand for.


Kenny is objectively the best character


I have seen the face of God and it is weeping

Mankasa is hot. I wish I could be his imouto. Ellen and Girlmin are lucky bitches.

Whatever you do, don't imagine him carrying his girls on his back. Don't imagine him giving them piggy back rides.


Because Mankasa is best onii-chan.

Duh what?

I said, Mankasa is best onii-chan!

Why shouldn't we imagine him carrying EAr in his back exactly?

When will Eren slap Mikasa's ass?


Would you fuck Mikasa?

Fuck Eren, Bert had a cooler titan

Because you might die from the cuteness overload.

Someone please draw that. Mankasa giving Ellen a piggy back ride and carrying Girlmin bridal style. (Girlmin must have long twin braids, none of that fugly bowl cut garbage that has cursed his normal self.)

I'd throatfuck and suffocate her with my dick

This thread is NOT cute enough.

Who is that handsome guy standing next to Hanji?


Disgusting. If you're going to post pictures of the veterans at least post good ones.

The only ass Eren slaps is Armin's while balls deep inside of him.

That doesn't even make sense you fucking mongoloid

It makes perfect sense you retarded shitkasafag.

i would hug her and tell her its okay to make love with a grown man who isn't a whiny fag like eren

Nice try

Trips of truth.

I guess you mean Mankasa, though he's not exactly next to xim.

I don't know, i'm fixated on the cute girl holding hands with Eren.


Armin is for _______


Mikasa a shit.

True, but what else?

Squeaking like a troubled mouse

not Mikasa.


Providing Eren with a reason to live.

>cancer fujoshit OP
What a great start.


Buying skinny jeans


>characters sitting next to each other is fujoshit
God, don't make it gay, Mikasa.

loving Mikasa.

Giving blowjobs.

>Chadner will never give you a swirly in the boys' locker room
>Stacystoria will never stick her chewed up gum in your hair and take a photo of it and post it on Facebook
Why even live?

Janbo will win the Mikasa bowl.

trips confirms it



He could do better.

I want to lay my hands on Eren's bare chest so I can feel his heartbeat under my fingertips.

So Zeke is going to save Eren from his military disciplinary trial and Mikasa will follow, right?

Will Mikasa's military disciplinary be butthole tickling?

One of these things is not like the other.

Could be interesting. I don't see how it would unfold though. But Zechs did say he would save Heero.

Soon, Armin. Soon. You'll get to ride his dick too.

Need one of them

This thread is hiving with closet gays.

Can you imagine dry humping this butt in the club or something?

>in the club

Besides husbandos and waifus.

What's your take on what's outside the wall ?

I'm thinking another wall keeping the titans far from of the real human society for decades, perhaps centuries, it's a prison and the never-ending nightmare is the punishment.

Taking advantage of this zoo without the need of keepers a rogue group of them founded the three walls as we see them now.

4th wall theory confirmed soon



More, please.


This is beautiful. Thank you, user.

Hey, Minafag. For you.


Disgusting, please post canon LM.

>Getting this triggered.

Arminfats should be gassed.

What a beautiful panel.


Anything for you, user.

He's about to prod her pooper. Lube up Lebe.

Minafag pls.

>sticking your dick in a shithole that hasn't been washed in at least 3 months and smells worse than the designated shitting streets of India

Why is every Armin x Mikasa doujin end up being some weird dom shit?

LM soon.

> in at least 3 months
Levi washes her in canon so you know that isn't the case.

LM No.

Canon training arc imminent.

Doujin of LMHE fucking when?

I don't know. I prefer them to have a pure relationship, not a lewd one. Or at least one where Armin always tries to go all the way with her but she stops him. And then one day he forces himself onto her but she doesn't fight back.


LM yes.

Nice delusion.

That's an interesting pic. Are EH prepping LM for breeding?

Levi and mikasa are most boring shingekis

>Relying on hangeki no tsubasa
I knew you shipperfags were retarded but I never imagined it'd be this bad

That looks like their wedding photo. C-Cute.

Because only Arminfats ship it.

Why you hatin'?

So cute.


It was nice of Levi to give her those flowers.

Does mikasa have any point to her character besides shipping fodder?


Isayama literally made her character about shipping fodder. She's foreshadowed to repopulate her clan one day.

He really is a gentleman.

I like Mikasa and I ship her with Armin because he cares about her and likes her the way she is.


Why do they look so good together? Fuck Isayama for making me like this ship.

Asian clan.

Hange deserves better.

How come Hange is so strong?

Good looking people usually do.

>Fuck Isayama for making me like this ship.
They were just standing next to each other. I guess Isayama is not allowed to do this anymore. Too much pandering.

Better than the guy she likes the most?

Lighten up, man. I just meant I never noticed how good they look together until he drew that picture.

I'm not a delusional shipperfag, so I don't really see it.

Moe burrito was better, but he's dead. Manlet's micropenis won't do m8.

I do believe Moblit was a nice option for Hange.

Literally Mikasa's body, on a black girl, 2016.

Too much tiddy.

Mikasa's butt isn't that round.

Mikasa has nip origins, meaning he got no ass nor tits, she seems to have good hips though.

That's how Kanye West sounds like?wew

That is literally the embodiment of Mikasa, with black skin.


That was not drawn by Isayama- sensei.

it pretty much was

It wasn't newfag.


user pls

user pls just fuck off.


I am just looking at your stupidity.

Look at this fucking thing user, Isayama created a masterpiece.

>loses every fight



Too bad her ass ain't canon

Why is Armin just a human version of Tails

Nice try

It isn't. Just deal with it.

>it isnt just deal with it

The first one it's not drawing by Isayama retard. You are fucking sick.


Fuck off retard.

Nicer try, but Mikasa has been proven and even illustrated to have a canonly fit butt. Please vacate the premises, EHfag.

Fuck EH. I don't care just fuck off retard.

Look at this butt.

nice fanfiction butt, flatkasa


Not everyone who think you retarded likes delusional garbage like EH.

Nice try.

Stop engaging with a shitposter newfags.

When will Eren make a move?

He's a shounen protag, so never or only in the finale.

Only with Armin.

You mean when Armin will make a move?


>Post theories, discuss your favorite characters, and stay on topic, please.

Kek nobody on here ever does that

You've gotten stale MikaQT. Your replies are lame and your shit is retarded.

Not MikaQT, but nice try.

I hope zackley has corrupted historia to enjoy his scat fetish

I hope big nose who knows is dead.

Hello Cred Forums I work used for isayama but since he fired me I decided to spoil the ending for you
>after the battle of the monkey titan the humanity finally escape the 4th wall
>10 years later 100% of all titans are dead however titan shifters exist for military purposes
> all the walls have been destroyed and used for development of the country
>historia has change the country from monarch to a democratic nation. She has gone for a adventure beyond the walls
>Armin is a general for the army
>Jean and mikasa get married and raise a family
>hanji continue her development on titan shifting
>Eren has also left for a new journey

Reiner, Annie, Connie, levi, monkey, sasha and ymir are dead

>Jean and mikasa get married and raise a family
Instantly disregarded, nice shitpost.

>Jean and mikasa get married and raise a family

>monarch to a democratic nation.
This shit isn't even trying anymore. Democracy is worse than monarchy.


Why would Mikasa end up with Jean? Is Isayama purposely trying to create a shit ending? Also proof or gtfo.

No gradually the trio split there own ways during the 10 years thus developing new dreams and ambition
Jean becomes more like his mother in the next 10 years

Jean will end up with Hitch and Mikasa with Armin.

EM is canon though, so unlikely.

Isayama was going to keep the monarch but there really no need to

The wall country gets alot of assist from other countries as reparation for what they did

>EM is canon though
Nice bait user

There's a reason I have this page saved to my "Lewd Mikasa" folder, user.


Mikasa didn't even want Eren to get close to her kek.

Can't wait for the shitstorm.

>One page makes them canon

Shit taste, but more than anything, quite delusinal preferences for pairings you have, arminfat.
Anyways, I thinks EMfags will cry harder.



>The autor has refered negatively to Mikasa and Eren's relationship a number of times
To EM to happen Isayama has get killed first.

Poor Eren.

In that case nothing would happen, retard.

That was my point you imbecile

You said EM would happen. Maybe you should read your own posts, retard.

Not that user but he was clearly implying it would never happen unless Isayama died and someone else took over because we know how he feels about EM.

Not him but you're fucking retarded. He's saying the only way EM could happen is if Isayama dies. Get better reading comprehension retard.

>He's saying the only way EM could happen is if Isayama dies.
In that case we wouldn't even get an ending, genius.

Holy fuck you must either be baiting or an Arminfat. That's the whole fucking point retard.

Maybe next time his post would make a little more sense and actually had some logic, if he also added Araki takes over afterwards.

Your point has zero logic.

Another user here. You're either retarded or you're missing the point because you're not a native English speaker or something. His post made perfect sense to me.

End yourself, illiterate-kun,

You first.

He's most likely a middle schooler. See

Not like the post he replied to was any better.

I wish we had never found the basement.

If you were in charge writing snk what would you do to make it better

I would make historia or Annie main character

Main heroine I meant

I really wished Isayama would have killed Eren back then during the political arc.

Wasn't there a character that looked like her in the one shot

Yes, Isayama even said he reused her character design for Historia.

were can you read the one shot

I think it was never fully leaked, just a few panels back then in the brutus magazine.

I think Isa has an amputee fetish.

Mina is a slut who slurps cocks like popcorns.

Stop. Sucking off old men for fun is Annies thing.

We all know that sucking old men is anka thing

I would turn it into a full blown BL manga with beach/ocean chapter.

We all know that's Eren's thing.

>will never get to witness even and historia hand holding sessions


Best Kyojin is dead
Why should i give a fuck about this manga now

that poster tho they are all looking into titan erens asshole

Best kyojin's family revenge.

It's jarring how Bort basically achieved nothing other than kicking down the wall and then getting eaten. What a disappointing mascot titan.

I felt the same way when best gril died


Wait i just noticed this, who are on the wall?
Possible other shifters?

The hand holding was too lewd to show.

No need to get so triggered over your shit taste

The dead characters are returning called it.

No, SL.

Fuck off already. What's so fun here if you like a dead redshirt with less than a line?

So negative. Cheer up.

Did she shit her pants?

I hear that happens when people die. So probably.

Not like any of the other warriors has achieved anything though. Nearly everything they've ever done has ended in failure and they will continue to fail in the future unless Isayama ends the story with a warrior victory which I can't see happening. Their only success happened in the the first two chapters of the story. Has there ever been an enemy so incompetent?

>Has there ever been an enemy so incompetent?
Well, they killed half of the cast.

They killed a whole bunch of redshirts and Erwin, a one armed man who lost the will to live.

>Destroyed the walls and fucked up humanity
>Captured Eren and ran, they could have gotten away if Ymir wasn't a fucking asshole
>Killed alot of skilled survey corps members without having to attack themselves (Zeke's rocks)

Yeah and what about Annie?
The entire levi squad got assfucked.
And they only want eren they dont want to kill.

EMA deserve death.

Justice for mina

>wasn't a fucking asshole
Yes, that was so mean.

BRAYZ deserve death.

Especially Eren.


None of them did anything wrong though.

Mina a shit. I'm glad she's dead.

One of them isn't even part of the rest.

The requirements for the game say you need an i7, is that true? Sounds like they only tested the game on one pc and use that as the base requirements.

So the manga just drags on forever, never accomplishing anything? That sounds fun.

You don't mina that

>Best Kyojin is dead
Shingeki =/= kyojin
Best kyojin lives on

>SL are war criminals
>When MP cocksuckers are even worse

people will never be happy bruh

You shut the fuck up.

Armin a cute. A CUTE!

Also Minafag confirmed Arminfag, there's no way it's a coincidence you both used chibi chara images one after the other.

Look at this cute baby!

Best girl is dead.

I'm not up to date.

Is Ymir dead? What happened to my girl? She just fuckin houdini'd.

She's dead, Jim.

We don't know. She wrote Historia a letter though, which is currently in Hanji's possession. She said she will read it first, before giving it to Historia.

She's alive and living in luxury.

Either SL or Zekes Titans before shifting

I want to squish Eren's cheeks and play baseball with him forever!

I hope she's not dead lads.

>mfw the letter starts with "When you read this, I will already be dead."

>Second line
>I had to free Annie to secure my own safety.

Looks like Annie found her prince

>Annie needing a prince

Calm down, Annie.

How's this? N-No bully.
>"By the time you're reading this, I'm already dead. I know I left so suddenly, and I'm sorry. There's nothing in the world I want more than to be by your side, but that will never happen. If you hate me for it, that's fine. Just know that I did it for humanity. 75 years ago, I stole a power from one of the factions beyond the walls; the one Bertolt and Reiner come from. I left with them not to help them but to give the Survey Corps some time. I knew their boss would be satisfied temporarily if they showed up with me. But they'll be back. Though you already know that if you have this letter. Listen, it is extremely important that you all go beyond the walls, and beyond the fourth one keeping the titans in. After that, you are completely free from mindless titans. I know this because I am--was--the leader of my faction. I don't know if they're still around, my people may have been destroyed by Bert and Reiner's people, I don't know. But what I want you to know is that on the back of this letter, I've drawn a path to how to get to my peoples' village. You will be safe with them, and they will help you free the walled people. That is and always will be our goal. Follow the map and good luck. I'm sorry that I didn't say all of this sooner. And Historia....I love you.

No. And no.

Calling it now: The letter just has a crudely drawn cock and balls on it in the shape of Sweden and Finland with the words "u r (not) here, fagets. get here." scribbled on the side.

>that Annie
I can't take it anymore anons. Heart attack incoming.

What do you have against Tails, user?

Doki of the charts

I read that as 'Mina is bacon of hope'
Why yes, yes she is.

>Annie was friends with Mina
>She even apologised to her corpse

"The name of the corpse Annie apologized to was revealed to be Ruth D. Kline, a classmate Annie was not close to."


>Ruth D
They actually corrected this later on.

You're talking shit, because she only got a name in Lost Girls.

Everything was an elaborate social experiment

That was cancer to read but it gave me an idea:
>SC goes to Ymir's village
>approach guy in watch tower
>"who the hell are you guys?"
>"we're from the walls, we need help"
>"fuck off wall niggers, we're full"

This. To quote from the VN.

"But, Annie thought, just how many more people do I have to kill to accomplish my mission?
Out of nowhere, she questions herself, and dug into her memories.
The dead body of Ruth D. Klein came to her mind.
One month ago in Trost —— Dead bodies / blood / flies / rotting smell.
Before her eyes lies a dead female body. It was bent in a weird angle.
The top half of her face was gone. It has started to rot.
Annie saw the name sew into the jacket ——— Ruth D. Klein.
A classmate she spent three years training with."

"Annie stood in front of Ruth’s body.
I’m sorry ———- Before she realised, she had said that.
It’s pointless to apologize. We have to bury them soon ————- Reiner Braun said.
But Annie never moved an inch.
In the end, Reiner carried the body onto the cart, together with many other bodies."

The new wannabe attention can fuck off now.

No, it's true. People argured here a lot about this.

>it's true because people on Cred Forums said it's true
Get fucked.

Am i not the only one who maybe kinda ships it?

You would know this if you weren't a newfag.


Canon trumps Cred Forums every time you fucking sperg lord

EAr is canon. Welcome to the canon club.

Yes, and I just said they corrected that mistake later on. Not to mention you are using a site as a source, which listed a character full of dumblr headcanons that only appeared for a few seconds in the anime.

Why is LH so cute?

>you are using a site as a source

Read the thread better next time.

I saw the quote which still had the mistake. I was talking about this source

Only as a shit containment ship.

Is this from an actual manga?


"Look, my son. There's cameras everywhere!"

Because the opposite factor makes them perfect for homely shenanigans.

Source is just confirmation for lazy fucks.

I want to say Armin's chubby cheeks are the best physical aspect of him, but his abs, his ass, his monstrous cock, his perfect legs, his arms, his cute little nose, his big eyes...everything about Armin is perfect!

Fuck off Slutty. Does that grandma of yours know about the shit you post here?

My name isn't Slutty. My name's Eren. And I'm only a slut for Armin.

Sure Will.


I'm gonna tell your grandma.



Since Kenny is based off of Trevor I want someone to draw Kenny and Traute as rednecks.

i love her

So they are going to put this into S2 before the first RTvAT fight, right?
Also, Annie would win.

We know, Levi.

Armong should have been eaten back in Trost.

I didn't even know that scene was animated.

Here's my own personal theory

"The Village" is the military outside the walls. Zeke is a high-ranking officer of the military and is dubbed a warchief. I believe this is evidenced by his clothing (military boots, camo pants, and his jacket). On the other hand, I think that's mostly just his personal clothing preference and has no significance whatsoever.

Ymir and her people are a bunch of renegades who are in bad terms with the Village/military. Her people seem to know about the secrets of the titans and the walls and are punished by being turned into mindless titans, as what happened to Ymir.

Some, if not all mindless titans are able to recognize Ymir and her people (as observed in the bonus chapter 18.5, "Ilse's Notebook"). The titan went berserk when Ilse was screaming because it was trying to convey a message to Ilse (Ymir in his own vision) to release him from his prison. He was pleading to Ymir's subject to rip him out of his body so that he may become a normal human being again. Which is why it was trying to rip its own face off. With this, mindless titans (and presumably normal people outside the walls as well) see Ymir and her people as gods and goddesses of some sort.

I think that titans eat humans not only because they are mindless predators per se, but it might be because that most of these mindless titans are human beings who still have regained some of their consciousness and memories even after becoming mindless titans. And with some of their human memories intact, they are able to remember some key information, like Ymir and her renegade people and the ability to distinguish them.

And with this, I believe that (some, if not all) titans eat and kill humans because they are desperately trying to find Shifters, hoping that they can finally get out of their prison.

Following such theory, this could be the reason why Reiner and Bertholt refused to share information with Eren when they captured him along with Ymir.

Give me baby shingekis/cuteness please!

All I want to see is fanart of Reiner twerking on Bert's grave.

Seconding this.

Good theory. Though I think the titan that Ilse ran into was a shifter, from Ymir's faction. Ymir isn't worshiped by mindless titans but by her own group.

I think it was only exclusive to the film.

I kind of wonder if Annie meant something deeper when she refereed to Mikasa as nonhuman and a beast. Maybe Ackermans or Asians are not human?

Hes nothing like Trevor
kenny was actually likeable

I like to think she said against a beast because she wants to know what kind of chance she has against a certain Beastial Titan.

Suck a smegma covered cock, Trevor is amazing and so is Kenny.

I think the Ackermans are the prototypes to titans. First, scientists experimented on humans, and then abandoned the Ackerman project and the people forced into it, and then went on to create titans. Ackermans are like human sized titans but with slower healing abilities than a titan and no steam.

Trevor's not bad, he's just popular with the reddit audience which is unfortunate.

Also Kenny's personality is identical to Trevor's.

>Armin's face
He's going to smack Jean one of these days if he keeps talking shit about Eren. Eren just looks sad now.


>popular with the reddit audience
How? He's the least politically correct of the trio in the entire game. Kenny's slightly different in that he has Ackerautism which made him cling to Uri like his life depended on it--and it did.

Isayama is one of the sexiest Japanese men I've seen who haven't gone under the knife.

I'm a little inspired..

Armin doesn't believe in violence. He'll just firmly talk to Jean, maybe offhandedly call him an asshole. Though maybe when Armin throws away his own morals he'll be more likely to smack the shit out of horseface over there.

Acid bath for you

>Grisha never played baseball with his son
>Grisha abandoned his son because he thought he wasn't a chosen one
>Grisha left his son heartbroken and a sense of inferiority that left him lonely for years despite being surrounded by people

Hes probably the best written character in the game but too edgy even for gta standards

All characters in the game are either boring, annoying or unlikeable.


>d-do i fit in yet?

Grisha a shit. Worst shingeki.


Zeke deserved it, he's shit.


Fuck off Grisha.

It's shitwood. He'll throw random buzzwords and phrases if you disagree anything with him. Just ignore.

Why the fuck does every spinoff, side-stuff, etc. push ArSa so much? Do they forget that Connie exists? It better not be foreshadowing. I do not fucking want Sasha to get with Armin. She belongs with Connie and Armin belongs with Eren. There are lines that have to be drawn and this is one you must not fucking cross, Isayama.

Kill yourself.

I thought it was very sweet when he offered to help her when she was failing class.

what about jar?

What is it, Zeke? Still mad that daddy abandoned you and your ugly whore of a mother to go and fuck hot wall bitches?

>Why the fuck does every spinoff, side-stuff, etc. push ArSa so much?
I don't recall any pushing, except one short moment in chuugakkou maybe.

It was, but they shouldn't be anything more than just friends. Sasha is Connie's and Connie is Sasha's.

Cute fanart but they'd never work. Jean is for Hitch or for Micucksa when she finally realizes Eren is gay and only wants Armin's cock up his ass, forever.

>random buzzwords
>being this illiterate
Thanks for proving my point.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that doing that is something to be proud about.

Enjoy being first in line for the day of the rope, daddy dearest.

You are making it way too obvious. Stop attention whoring, shitwood. And stop accusing others of using buzzwords when your name is a fucking buzzword itself. Now jump off a bridge and enjoy your ban.

I quite agree!



I want to marry the Annie.

Never, Blorthole.

Adoption and raising is the true path.

Are you my father-in-law?

You made him cry, you monster.

We will find out in about 24 years or so.

Remember to give Annie the hugs she deserves.

She will never be lacking hugs, I assure you.

I'll be keeping her in my heart until that time comes.

Post AA.

I'll be seeing you then.

Sure thing, I have a lot of Annie/Annie.

That's pretty fucking adorable dude. I shopped out the joints to make it a bit nicer.

Here's another Annie/Annie for (you)

Thanks user, she looks better than ever.

I'll be waiting.

Why is this figure so adorable and why can't I be a rich nip to procure one too?

It's adorable because it's Annie. I would love one too, but the cost and import charges are very high here.

I feel your pain, perhaps one day a cheaper one will be released.

I am fucking waiting for this.

You are replying to the pedojew of our threads, you realize that?


Historia should have eaten Eren back in that cave desu. The manga would have been better off for it.


Minafag is a republican
Ok then

thread is cancer

I missed the 'or' the first time I read that.

Maybe one day. For now though, I'll just set aside some expendable income and eventually pick her up.

Photoshop friend, could you please remove her elbow joint?

>mina will return. Tiocfaidh ar la.
As delusional as your terrorist kin

I want to hold Mikasa's hand.

Why didn't Mule Titan see Levi and warn Zeke when he started killing his titans?

soon Armin.

Soon Armin.


Here you go dude

because plot and stuff


At that time, I was replying to a fellow user who happened to share my love for Annie. His posting history outside of our conversation, whatever it might've been, is of no concern to me and I don't really like the trend these threads seem to have of singling out and assigning identities to anonymous users.

Probably a plastic Paddy 'murican.

Thanks again. You should keep making the panels that you made in the past, I liked them.

Funny enough, Armin's brain only lead him to the same result as his retarded husbando Eren.

I only really make them if someone wants something now but thanks

The issue is that the RAH's getting more and more absurdly expensive with time, being a limited edition and all that. If I remember correctly, only 500 copies were released. I'd do the same, but I'm not sure I can make it in time before she ends up costing more than half of Tokyo.

She arrived
I'm erect

That tends to be a problem with all Medicom RAH, they return investment very quickly and if you don't get in quickly, you're unlikely to get in at all.

Show the base.

Armong ruined Eren.

Eren was always shit and his shit taste just proves it even more.

He was improving a bit before this arc made him worse than he's ever been.

It's just the standard figma base

Why is she so mad?
Though that only makes me harder desu

No, he was always shit.

I think she needs to chill.

She also has:
>a moderately concerned/angry "Eren!" face
>a completely blank "I watched my parents die" face

Show us yours though. It might be fake.


Annie have a puffy

When will Mikasa sandwich Eren's dick between her ass



Her back is disgusting.

Why do Arminfags feel like they have valid evidence to shitpost their delusions these days? Is it because MikaQT permitted them?

Because we do, mikasafag. Better question is why are you so triggered by canon?

Not them but MikaQT is disgusting.

Soon. EM is canon after all.

They're overcompensating because nobody outside of Tumblr likes their shitty ship.

MikaQT probably pandered to them back in the day and now since Isayama asspulled Armon they think their delusions might have a chance, so they shitpost about them.

Arminfats A SHIT.

They have valid evidence, user, I would like to defend Mikasa, but Mikasa is a character made by Isayama, and Isayama doesn't care about her, and when he cares for a character it ends being a shitty development like with Armin... so we better let Mikasa stay like a plain character.

>replying to yourself

Mikasa a cute

Armintards are the new biggest cancer of SNK

Try again, Arminfat.

Sure, Mikasafag. Sure.

Armin should be fucking dead.

I see plenty of delusions these months. I understand if they ship EAr or AM but what about RA, EH, LM, etc? they are fucking worse and kind of hilarious sometimes.

But he isn't. Best boy prevails!

Only one of those is me, try again.


All of those are much better than EAr or AM, simply because worst shingeki Armong is not involved in any way.


This. And his fags are cancer.

I am not saying that they are better or not but the ships I mentioned are bigger delusions and you know it.

>still replying to yourself
EMfags are cancer.

this, she has a very nice butt.

Kill yourself, you retarded Arminfat. More than one person hates your self-insert.

It is known.

Honestly all Armin ships are pretty delusional, Mikasa is too romantically involved with Eren and Eren is too involved with Mikasa to even consider Armin.

So why do you even bother shitposting?

>involved with Mikasa
It's gotten to the point that I'm honestly not sure if this is bait or you retarded, delusional EMfags genuinely believe the shit you're spewing.

Please, just stop posting now, armintard.


Why is Annie so perfect?

>not liking doll joints

I don't mind them, but I also like seeing a more lifelike Annie hugging pandas.

That drawing is far from perfect. One arm is skinny as fuck, the other is huge. One boob is like 1/4 of the other. Not to mention those fucked up abs and anatomy in general. I'm almost sure it was his assistants drawing FT in the manga when it looked good.

who i s that cute g irl o n the r ight?

1. I wasn't talking about the drawing but the video that was linked.

2. The picture doesn't look bad. It's a sketchy action pose so it doesn't look as nice as a fully finished still piece.

3. You know that this is Isayama. Most people accept his style/skill level and love the characters regardless/because of this.

Why did Isayama have to kill him off?

Because he was a piece of shit.

That's a lie user and you know it

No. He was boring and pathetic.

Because he is cruel and kills all the honourable men.

Goddamnit, why is Annie such a cute?

If you have not played the video game: play the video game

It's very good and addictive