I want to rape Ritsu!

I want to rape Ritsu!

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I want to catch a rapist and hand him over to the police.

Why would you arrest yourself, user?

But I can't make an arrest. I'm not a police officer.

Then become one you fucking faggot

Too much work.

It doesn't take THAT much work.

More than I am willing to muster.

post ritsu

Just believe in yourself, user.

Anything is possible!

I'm over thirty years old now. The next time I do something with my life it's ending it.

Don't say that, user.

Just focus on something else, like becoming a chef.


all of my images are in shit quality because they're low quality jpgs saved to a 3ds



Ritsu is the only decent girl in the show and the only reason I even watched it. She isn't for raping. Azusa and Yui on the other hand...

Have some Ritsu from my collection






Should I watch K-on just for Ritsu?

What's up with people in their thirties becoming chefs? My brother is one and of his 6 coworkers 2 started past 28 and when he worked at other places it looked very similar.


Hey bud! you have to keep your topic related to actual discussions of anime & manga. "Raping" an anime character is not a real discussion.

Yep. That's what I did. But you will also discover that the other Keions except Jun are all pretty great too.

before watching i though ritsu would be worst girl

but now i know the truth

Mio and Nodoka are waaaay shittier than Jun though

I will protect the RIcchan.

No Mio and Nodoka are both good.

>having tastes this shit

I hate arbitrary people like Nodoka. And Mio is Kakifly/Joey deMaio self/husbando insert with a fapbait skin.

>Self insert fap bait
>More arbitrary than Jun

Keep your fucking hands off of her

I want to sex all the K-Ons.

i'll violate her if i want too

i'll violate her dick

Are you by chance the same bastard from last time?
also horsecocks are not arousing

>horsecocks are not arousing
>being this much of a faggot
here something for you, then, my sensible friend

>implying I dislike futa

I just don't want dickgirls to have horsecocks is all.


Obligatory best girl post.

>I just don't want dickgirls to have horsecocks is all.
Sometimes I have a perfect image in my mind of Ritsu with a cute penis but when I try to draw it my hand make her thing jumbo-sized unwittingly.

>Sometimes I have a perfect image in my mind of Ritsu with a cute penis but when I try to draw it my hand make her thing jumbo-sized unwittingly.

You poor, poor bastard. Keep trying, though.

literal shit girl

worse than jun



Azusa's friend.

The one with the hair buns.

i want touch her and her forehead.

she's a loud idiot with no social awareness that constantly does stupid shit to draw attention to herself which she mistakenly believes makes her charming and popular. probably like you

can't rape the willing

Stop talking about Mio and post more Ritsu


op rekt

Ritsu is straight as an arrow.
No need to force yourself into her. Just send her a love letter will do.


>he didn't read every piece of yuri doujinshi about Ritsu available on the Internet

Sadly, I haven't.

Should probably mark that down on the bucket list.


Ritsu has best breasts.

and the best butt

That's not Sawako, mate.

get out with your rejected old rag to be desu fampaichi

get out with your forehead drummer slut famalam



yeah spoonfeed us senpai

datte houtou wa crazy

Found it lad.

Goodnight, senpai.

do you think yui is embarrassed when she poops in front of azusa haha


Mio is a slut, user.

She is only bearable in mitsu doujins tho

>Dislikes Mio
>Likes Mugi


>Dislikes girl with shit personality
>Likes girl with 0 personality

>Likes rich ditzy blonde with 0 personality besides being rich
>dislikes perfect black haired bassist

>dislikes perfect black haired bassist (citation needed)

>I said so.

Finally a post that I can agree with entirely

ritsu is not for raping

Yeah, she's not Yui.

taking advantage of the mentally challenged is wrong too, user

>Mentally challenged

but I never brought up Jun.



Literally what

>Yui is not retarded
>bringing Jun as punchbag again

Which Keion is most likely to get BLACKED after Mugi?

fuck off LaKarson

I want to have rough anal sex with Ritsu and bust a huge nut inside her tight little ass and make the other Keions lick it as it drips out of her crack.

The Keions are too popular, there must be some gurls secretly hate them for gaining all the attentions. They are privileged where teachers go lenient on them and they can fucking high-tea everyday in school. abusing the facility and funds.

Me in the middle

>two subjects in the picture
what are you smoking, user

burnt cotton panties wore by Azusa after the smell wear off

The women of that generation don't know how to cook. Someone has to cook so the men have taken over.

>except Jun
I'm replying to a 9 hour old post to tell you to fuck yourself