Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Remember to relax and take it easy. Report and ignore shitposting.


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Putting her hair up in the same style as Kirias default style or wearing any of her other outfits. - imgur.com/a/mvtME

A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Dressed as either Lyn, maybe with a focus on the exposed thighs; or as Naga. - imgur.com/a/5XApL

Wearing Zamasus Kai clothing and doing some sort action or dynamic pose. - imgur.com/a/JDFhk

Or anything cute or slightly suggestive/lewd is fine too. Thank you.

I would like to request Mai Natsume preparing to throw or throwing her spear:

Another suggestion is Mai in her combat outfit holding a morning star lily:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Requesting handbra jeans of my Kobori, please. If possible, include some focus on her perfect midriff.


Another idea is her in a nurse outfit, tending to my ailing SI.


Anything else is fine, cutelewd included.

Requesting Okoi (dressed as a Hitmontop) doing some crazy spins.

Anything else is always appreciated.

Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly wearing a naked apron, but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

anything is fine cute or lewd preferred

Posting for Makifag

It's my birthday today, so I'm requesting a POV shot of my beautiful tomato Maki giving me a pork bun with an embarrassed look on her face, saying happy birthday.

Anything smug or cute is also definitely appreciated! Thank you, and have a good weekend!

Requesting Hagoromo Gitsune using user's lap as a seat as she eats his ice cream or going for a late-night stroll in the woods with a lantern in one hand and user's hand in the other. Anything else is fine, too.

Requesting Kirino, in some sort of fluffy SI picture, anything from cuddling together, to shopping together, to pretending to be magical girls together; Anything would be nice.
Ref is here: imgur.com/a/5ooE5

Alternatively, I'd love to see her dressed as Cure Miracle, or in Mirai's school uniform, and casting cute spells: imgur.com/a/MrsuO Or looking super fashionable in the Moschino Barbie line, any of the outfits would be nice to see her in! imgur.com/a/01azx

As always, anything else is always greatly appreciated, just nothing too lewd, please.

Hi WWD. Hope everyone's week has been going well.

I would like to request Sakuya in any of the following:

-Wearing a nightgown/sleepwear can be as lewd as you want
-Eating an ice cream cone
-Holding her ears in embarrassment

Or anything really.

Thanks and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Good afternoon everyone.

Requesting Kosaki cosplaying as geniewiz. Witch hat is optional.

Doing something casual like sipping tea or an aerial view of her comfortably lying down showing of her softness.

If you want something a bit spicier, she could be changing into or out of the outfit (thinking unbuttoned top or ZR focus).

Geniewiz Outfit Refs:

Slighty lewd is acceptable. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Requesting Cyan:
-making a pouty/annoyed face with puffed cheeks
-wearing and using this shirt, how high you want it to go is up to you (check the eyes) (i.imgur.com/AcVFbtU.jpg)
-in your favorite rhythm heaven minigame, preferably one from the wii game
-at this glowing beach, playing in the water or laying on the shore. Wearing any of her beach outfits (i.imgur.com/9J7uuuW.jpg)
-in a cat pancake bed (i.imgur.com/GcDRgGp.jpg)
-with her angel wings around her while she holds a lantern plant shaped like a heart, black wings also work (i.imgur.com/itvZJqY.jpg)
-sitting on a ball, back view, looking over her shoulder. Wearing either a school gym outfit, bunnysuit, or whatever you'd like

Or anything else you want to draw. Cute or cutelewd is ok. Also if you want to make her assets bigger or have a different hairstyle I don't mind.

Good morning, Cred Forums!

Requesting my waifu being very angry at me (possibly to the point of tears...?) on account of me being a reckless fool on my bike sometimes.

Alternately, it would be fun to see Hinagiku studying/practicing magic or brewing potions with Tharja. Her own clothes or even wearing appropriate FE clothes would be cool. Other ideas could include a simple outfit swap, the two of them in alternate FE:A classes, or both of them watching their anons/SIs from behind stuff.
Hina in her pajamas with BB playing games or sleeping beside each other would be nice, too.

I'd also love to see my waifu wearing any of these bikini-style Pokemon uniforms!
In order of preference, Aqua/Magma, Rocket, Plasma2, Plasma1, Flare, Galactic.

Lastly for the weekend, Hina confidently declaring, "I'm the woman who's going to be (or is) your wife!" or something along those lines.

Please and thank you as always!

Good afternoon WWD!

Requesting the following of my Mamimi:

- My SI and Mamimi sleeping against a tree holding hands.

- Mamimi with shark teeth.

- In a pencil skirt and mary janes.

SI reference: imgur.com/7U0FVpT

Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Requesting Hisui polishing her ladle or frying pan as if it's a combat knife or a sword. Or just holding either of them and looking serious and ready to fight.

Requesting Haruhi using Vira's bikini danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2453062 or inviting me to a lap pillow while using a sweater dress like this one danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2412496.
Anything not too lewd would be fine as well.

Requesting Natsuki in a similar pose and angle to the picture below the reference, clothing can be anything.

- something like this imgur.com/a/ITsGV , lifting her bangs like in the picture
- only a hoodie
- the outfit in this video youtube.com/watch?v=z9X_4ML9fZw maybe with tiny twintails

Anything cute, cutelewd or autumn related would be nice.

Requesting my dear Ion, wishing user to get better and/or offering tea while wearing casual clothes and an apron would be great, but anything is ok, thank you!

Also, a joint request with outfit swap, or maybe Mariya making Ion try on one of his cute nightgowns. And please remember both are boys

Requesting Neptune or Purple Heart naked and conveniently censored by film reel. Refs: imgur.com/a/3cUDv
-Or showing off her butt with these jeans: i.imgur.com/ahxxWwH.jpg
-Or opening her hoodie to reveal she’s wearing sexy lingerie

Other ideas:
-Purple Heart and Takane () singing together by the moonlight, dressed elegantly. Refs: imgur.com/a/HlNHj
-Neptune and Chiaki () excitedly playing Dreamcast and singing together the chorus to "Superman" by Goldfinger
-Or Neptune and me as school students, with the “ai ai gasa” umbrella on the chalkboard at our backs. Refs: imgur.com/a/gJH5r

Purple Heart ref: my.mixtape.moe/aiqcuo.jpg

Of course anything cute or semi-lewd is always warmly welcome.
Please and thank you so much!

Requesting Mai Kawakami. Some suggestions:

-hitting a heavy bag with a side kick or a hook kick while in her chinese outfit
-diving in the ocean
-getting her cheek caressed as in this picture: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2374710
-wearing a dress like the one Rossweisse is wearing here: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2380028
-Mai in a maid outfit making a heart with her hands, smiling but with a small drop of sweat on her face as if she were embarrassed

Anything cute or sexy is fine too. Please and thank you.

Since Persona 5 is out requesting Aigis dressed in one of the Persona 5 girls outfits imgur.com/a/HaDFZ
Her taking a bubble bath or just cleaning her self off with bubbles covering her up.
As a Metal Slimegirl imgur.com/a/fHmoe
Dressed in Mimori magical girl from Yuuki yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru imgur.com/a/omfOY
Doing a skirt/dress lift maybe holding the dress up with her mouth with a seductive look on her face like imgur.com/a/kvF8s
With a alternate hair style maybe a long one or, but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Requesting my husbando, Reigen Arataka.
-In an outfit similar to this: i.imgur.com/85RDQkr.jpg

Anything else is always appreciated, just noting obscenely lewd please.

Hello again.

Requesting Diana in an pic that's cool or cute, and non-lewd. Some ideas here:
-sitting at a coffee table with a small cup of coffee or a cake and looking at the viewer with a warm, loving smile
-wanting to be embraced (sticking out her arms for a hug) and being all flustered and shy about it (I saw a picture like this in these threads but I can't find it now.)
-you can put glasses on her if you feel like it
Of course anything cute will be appreciated.

Thanks and have a great weekend

Requesting Ayaya please, playing with a train set or anything cute please

Thanks in advance

Requesting my lovely Inori drying herself off after a shower.

Alternative: Her wearing Gwynevere's or Priscilla's outfit imgur.com/a/TdXqv from Dark Souls

Anything else is fine too.

Requesting Touko dressed as a traditional witch complete with the pointy hat, a witch's cape, and a magic broom.

Alternatively, eating a delicious ice cream.

If none of those interests you, perhaps any of these:
-Hugging a chibi plush of herself
-Waking up in the morning with a messy bedhair while only wearing an oversized shirt
-Wearing a medieval knight's armor

Anything else cute, cool, or cutelewd of her is fine. Thank you and have a pleasant weekend.

Hello thread. Requesting my waifu Ruby Kurosawa being the cutest she can be, please. Thanks!

Requesting Taiga please.
Anything would be appreciated but something lewd would be greatly preferred.

Requesting my lovely Lilly please, in a sleepy bedside pic like shown in the reference. Anything is appreciated of course, thank you!

Requesting Kneesocks hunting Metal Slimes.
Metal Slime ref: i.imgur.com/AJTLfCg.png

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

Requesting my precious waifu Himiko Toga in comfy casual wear, something similar to this ref.

Or maybe Himiko Toga playing the drums, If not then anything is fine. thanks in advance.

Howdy, WWD!

Requesting my Minty princess dancing around outside in the moonlight, having a nice comfy nap or conquering a tiny cardboard or plush city and my heart in a cute dinosaur Kigurumi!

Anything else nonlewd is cool too, I'm just always happy to see her beautiful smiling face. Thank you very much and have a lovely weekend!

With boots, thigh high boots.

Hello, drawfriends! I'd like to request my lovely husbando, Izaya Orihara.

Anything would be great, but if possible, I'd like to see him dressed as the male Pokémon Go trainer, with a Wobbuffet. Reference: imgur.com/a/cU4Ha I know Wobbuffet isn't in the game, but it's my favorite.

If you're up for a challenge, I'd like to see him with/riding/near the motorcycle in the linked reference, maybe wearing racing leathers: imgur.com/a/wUIHv

Thank you!

Did that drawfriend from last week deliver at some point during the week and I missed it?

Requesting Sawyer in a pose like this, one of her legs up
Potentially partially undressed; wearing just her panties, her striped undershirt, socks, and one boot.

Or just her making a yandere face:

Alternatively, just draw her with clothing and hairstyle like Shirasaka Koume from Im@s:

As always, I'm open for just about anything else cute, cutelewd or lewd (like maybe a cool pinup), within reason, if you have an idea for something, just ask me. I love seeing her in pretty dresses and various cool and fashionable outfits.

Further references: i.imgur.com/jXIwLCY.png

Hello everyone requesting my Seras either

1) Working out

2) trying on Halloween costumes of classic movie monsters

3) Joint requesting Natsume and Seras locking arms Anything is apprecitaed and thank you and have a good weekend

Requesting Kaito doing fall activities like going for a hike or baking pumpkin cookies.

Or requesting him wearing fall clothing like a jacket with a scarf.

Anything else that's cute or cool is fine.

Hair guide: i.imgur.com/OEbcLEt.jpg

Hello again everyone!

I'd like to request my lovely Madotsuki. Really anything would be great, anything cute, seasonally-themed, romantic, or especially POV. Lewd is ok (within reason).

Good afternoon. Requesting my beautiful Ai Nanasaki wearing a cute off-shoulders sweater, like this:


Or maybe wearing a really loose fitting tank top and no bra:

Also requesting my SI serenading Ai (maybe while she looks out from a balcony):
SI ref: u.pomf.is/bihpzo.png

Of course, anything is appreciated, including cutelewd, thank you.

I'd like to request my husbando, Mariya Shidou:
-Dressed as Felix Argyle (ref: i.imgur.com/Ossl1ui.jpg)
-Wearing nyangerie
Most anything else would be wonderful too, thank you

Also, a joint request with outfit swap, or maybe Mariya making Ion try on one of his cute nightgowns. And please remember both are boys.

Requesting Amakusa Shino, please and thank you.
Optionally in a wedding dress, but anything else is fine too.

Requesting something cute with Nepgear, but nothing lewd, please.
Our 4th anniversary is at the 20th, so anything related to that would be cool too, I guess.

Hello WWD, humbly requesting my husbando Slaine Troyard.

I'd love to see a drawing of him wearing a suit and looking serious imgur.com/a/PbL9n or something cute/handsome PoV imgur.com/a/O7exZ
But anything happy or cool of him would be much appreciated. Have a fun weekend!

I'm requesting my dear Yukiho being cute and comfy please!
If you want something specific this weekend, the Mid Autumn Festival was just yesterday, so something like viewing the full moon or eating some mooncakes together would be nice.
Another idea would be something involving my SI and her doing something cute together.
Thanks in advance!

SI: a.pomf.cat/hifpwb.png

Requesting Crona wearing running shorts (bike shorts/spats, basically) and incredulously asking the viewer if he really expects him to go out wearing them. (His top can be a jacket, sweater, etc. Doesn't matter too much.)

Alternately, requesting anything viewer interaction/PoV related. I love that stuff.

Anything else cute or cool would be fine. Thanks.

Requesting Kukuru.

Here are some ideas that you might consider:
- Wearing a mahou shoujo outfit, maybe like Miyu’s one ( imgur.com/a/sZe66 ) or any design you’d like.
- Wearing hiking/camping gear, like in Yama no Susume ( imgur.com/a/8Upi9 ).
- Playing or holding a euphonium ( imgur.com/a/QmPAj ).

Anything else is also fine.

Humbly requesting mon amour, Mitsuru Kirijo.

If possible, I'd like to request her out on a hike, riding in a hot-air balloon, or sleeping in the passenger seat of a car.

Of course, I'd be appreciative if she were drawn at all, thank you!

Kindly requesting Colette being cute dressed similarly to Nymph (Sora no Otoshimono), preferably still wearing her pantyhose
Alternatively, her being cute similarly to any of these images: imgur.com/a/u8jrQ
Or anything else overflowing with cuteness

I'm a simple user.
Requesting my dearest waifu Sora holding an AR-15 rifle in a combat pose.

Thanks, kind anons.

Good evening everyone, happy Friday and happy weekend!

I'd like to request my Tsubaki in bed, perhaps hair down, waiting for me to join her. Hand outstretched as she offers to pull me onto it. POV.

Either that or a nice portrait of the flowers in her hair replaced with jack-o-lanterns/pumpkins for that Halloween aesthetic!

As always, these are only suggestions. I appreciate any drawing you do of her. Thank you if you consider this, and have a great weekend.

Hello everyone

I would like to request Karen Shirogane either:
- Cosplaying as Priestess with eyes of Blue i.imgur.com/OIBSjDf.jpg
- In a pajama playing with kittens like this i.imgur.com/SDaS69o.jpg
- wearing a sweater, and if it is the boob window one she uses it for her wings instead of the original purpose
- with a YES pillow
- wearing CUTE ribbons
- wearing cozy autumn wear with a big scarf, maybe even sharing it
- With a big witch hat
- with braid or ponytail
- as cute chibi
- As joint request with Rias and Akeno together posing and showing off thier wings

Anything cute is always welcome, just as wings, horns and glasses. No lewd pls
Have a nice weekend all


Good evening, requesting please Orihime as a teacher, or owning her own bakery, or asking for one of each at the ice cream store. Anything else cute of her is good too, thank you.

Requesting Inori standing in the rain under an umbrella.

Dressed like Lillie from Pokemon Sun/Moon i.imgur.com/U2a54Wy.jpg
Or wearing Illya's cat suit i.imgur.com/vj7ehLw.jpg

Anything else is fine too. Thank you.


Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any one of these pokemon
a few ideas could be:
-Attempting to teach it an attack
-Taking a nap
-Enjoying a meal
-Playing a game
Or just anything nonlewd that you fancy
Some pokemon refs: imgur.com/a/700pN
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA
Any pokemon not already in this bigger album is also acceptable, feel free to use it for ideas: imgur.com/a/tiA4z

Hello to everyone on WWHD! My birthday is on next Tuesday, so I'm requesting my waifu Cosmos from Fairy Tail either:

-Giving me a cake or cupcake made of any sour fruit.
-Giving me a present and inside it's a flytrap table decoration.
-Naked green ribbon like this (my.mixtape.moe/ntoxkp.jpg) or this (my.mixtape.moe/jdnbor.jpg)
-She wishing me a happy birthday with a Giratina origin form (my.mixtape.moe/slppmz.jpg)

Can be with or without SI (drawfriends.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=60850 [Although it's the origin form mask])

Any other birthday situations are also welcomed.

Thank you, and happy birthday to all other anons whose birthday was this week/would be next week.

Dear Drawfriends,

While anything cute of my dearly beloved wife Hane is always appreciated, I'd really love to see this happen but I understand that technical/mechanical stuff is scary: Hane as artwork on a fighter jet - Idolm@ster DLC for Ace Combat-Style imgur.com/a/vGN78 - my favorite jets are the F-16 and the Panavia Tornado, but my overall favorite thing to ever take to the skies is the Dornier Do-335 Pfeil.

Recently an exhibition of production materials took place so I did what I could to provide you with good references from multiple sides: imgur.com/a/lUnoF

Do note that the ones in all of photos are in wrong colors so imagine the 2nd and 3rd one a bit less offensively bright and in regards to hair color, please refer to the reference attached to this post.

As always I wish that all of us will have a great weekend, delivery or not!

Requesing Oora, anything is fine really.

Requesting Sina in her new outfit, with the shorts unbuttoned or lifting her top to show off underboob, like the bottom left image here

Sorry that was kinda lewd, anything you feel like doing would be very appreciated too, so don't worry. And let's have a nice weekend!

I'd like to request Kobeni dressed as a flight attendant similar to the reference below.
>Outfit Reference: i.imgur.com/Ber6KTh.png

Or, dressed as Meyrin Hawke from Gundam Seed Destiny, maybe saluting or holding a Haro.
>Meyrin Outfit: i.imgur.com/xugjHzX.jpg
>Haro Reference: i.imgur.com/OIwjhZT.gif

Or a joint request between Yuu and Kobeni wearing kimonos at a festivel, with Kobeni cheering on Yuu as she scoops goldfish or the two of them sharing cotton candy with one of them getting some of it on their nose.
>Kimono References: imgur.com/a/pr5h6
>Yuu Reference: i.imgur.com/yDj8g6k.jpg

Requesting Rin as a smug milf, bragging that she still has her figure.

Requesting Makoto wearing a suit of armor. Something like the armor worn by Ethana in Tower of Druaga would be great.

Alternatively, requesting Makoto as a catgirl, snuggled under the blanket.

Or Makoto as the princess of some small European country.

But anything cute would be of course much appreciated.

Please, and thanks for considering.

Who's the most hated requester here?

Requesting Hakodate Omiko wearing red or blue rimmed glasses. Optionally she can be studying. Anything else is also fine.


Requesting Natsume surrounded by fireflies or releasing sky lanterns for the Moon festival preferably wearing a qipao, anything else is cool as well

Joint requesting Natsume and Seras locking arms

Requesting my cute Haruka Morishima. Some ideas are:
-As Bishamon ref: imgur.com/a/gf9MA
-Singing in the rain
-Cooking in a chef's coat or just an apron

Anything you decide to draw would be appreciated though!

Requesting Kagura cooking in a kitchen, please! Apron and/or chef's hat are optional.

As always, anything you feel like drawing, [spoiler{even somewhat lewd,[/spoiler] would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Because of the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend, I'd like to request my darling Miia wearing elegant chinese robes and doing a sort of dragon dance, and/or wearing a cute dragon mask on the side. (imgur.com/a/0A8Zr)
Or because of the full moon, some slightly suggestive lewd based on that, like her lying in bed with a furious blush, or enticingly holding out an apple to an user POV style, or an SI. i.imgur.com/frxBBVW.jpg
Or just Miia drawn in an 80s/90s anime artstyle (imgur.com/oWONwke.jpg)
Last idea is Miia dressed in Aqua's outfit from KonoSuba (i.imgur.com/ksJj3xR.jpg). Also optionally SI shit with user in Kazuma's hero clothes partaking in silly adventure shenanigans.

Anything else cute or cool of her in any of her other wardrobe is fine too.
I like 9, 10, 19, 20, 26, and 30 the most.

Thanks again in advance.

Also, here's a pattern for her scales in case you need it. (i.imgur.com/ZmFRIPH.png)

Tried to finish, I'll try to continue next chance I get (at least 2 weeks, military service)
np m80
If it isn't trouble I'd love to see a drawing of Kukuri (from Tsugumomo)
ref: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1945128

I'd like to request Uni. Dressed like a princess, or in the Knight's Set + Reiterpallasch + Piercing Rifle/Evelyn equipment from Bloodborne, but otherwise I'd like anything.
I would also request Uni and Yozakura as a pair of Wing Diver or Pale Wing and Fencer from Earth Defence Force, the latter with dual Jackhammer weapons. a.pomf.cat/ohggxy.png a.pomf.cat/vtwren.JPG If anyone wants to be a Ranger or Air Raider to make it a full squad, feel free to suggest.
Alternatively, playing co-op shooting games like Time Crisis - or doing some cosplay and cool poses as the characters. Water guns are good as well!


Requesting Shalltear Bloodfallen, please.
For something specific, I'd like to see her dabbing her lips with a piece of cloth after a meal of some sort (can be bloody). Alternatively, smearing leftover blood away from her lips in a seductive manner.

Anything else would also be appreciated.

Requesting my handsome husbando Kousaka Kyousuke dressed in Golf Wang fashion imgur.com/a/JzaYF

With the haystack wig Teru wears(in Kyousuke's haircolor) and in his sweater. imgur.com/a/mJAwL

Laying around playing games/listening to music in one of his at home outfits (top right in reference)

Or dressed as Ultraman Hurrican Slash and using the Slugger Lance to fight a Kaijuu or possibly another waifu/husbando dressed in a monster kigurumi in a light hearted way? I imagine it with a helmet instead of the full head mask part of the suit so you can still see his face. Or a cut out. imgur.com/a/W7i00

Wearing an alternative hairstyle imgur.com/a/d7DDx

Anything else is find as long as its cute and nonlewd. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Requesting Cute lewd Eureka, preferably something including her wings being touched.

More refs: imgur.com/a/jK9yw


Requesting my beloved Momo as a maid, please and thank you.
References: imgur.com/a/XO4kr

Woah holy shit, OR here. Love how her sweater is just too big for her so cute, thank you so much friend!


cute maidfu. is she also a detective?

Feel free to re-request

Requesting my lovely bassist, Akiyama Mio.

-I'd like to see a slightly older Mioonee-chan, since she would be 24 years old these days if we follow her complete birth date. She's 18 on the ref and at the end of the show. You can also go for the complete opposite and draw her as a cute loli bassist !

-Or her wearing Chifuyu-nee's bikini from Infinite Stratos ( ref : imgur.com/a/GxtF9 )

-Or for a cutelewd request, the bassist wearing a pair of stockings and hiding the rest of her body with a big yes pillow, blushing like a tomato and looking away

Anything else is fine as long as it's cute, or not too lewd. Thanks in advance and have a nice day !


"Happy Friday, everyone!
Requesting Fujibayashi Ryou, please, preferably in one of the following scenes:
•as a delicious milf cooking dinner. Think Akiko Minase from Kanon.
•"dressed" like Aigis while singing youtube.com/watch?v=mNU3aIJs88g or youtube.com/watch?v=79fzeNUqQbQ
•dressed like Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats imgur.com/a/At4BT while wielding the .44 AutoMag from the movie Sudden Impact
•dressed like Katori from Kantai Collection kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Katori/Gallery preferably not wrecked
•calmly enjoying the sunrise in flannel pajamas while sipping a cup of coffee
•freestyling like Ayumu Maihama, in pictured clothing imgur.com/sCiHDk6 that I don't have a color reference for. Let's just say black hoodie, yellow pants a la Kill Bill.
Lewd would be perfectly fine with any outfit request or if you wanted to abandon outfits completely, a 7 on the lewd scale would be welcomed.

Have a great weekend!"

a poor attempt, but yes that's what i tried to represent

I like it and find it humorous. Not OR.

Requesting anything cute or fun with Nozomi! Since it's autumn now, perhaps something autumn-related? A few ideas:

- Eating a baked sweet potato
- Standing in the rain while holding an umbrella
- Wearing a dark blue school uniform for the fall (Reference: i.imgur.com/PZhoG78.jpg, as well as the first row of manga panels in the reference picture)

Thanks in advance!

Requesting Risty in a wedding dress.

Or her sweaty after a hard workout.

Or just her in casual summer clothes or in a swimsuit.

Alternatively, her in a bunnygirl outfit like this: i.imgur.com/qL2Qbvm.jpg

I'd like to request my lovely Ibara. Since there's lots of unexplored possibilities in terms of cosplays and scenarios, if you have a good idea for a drawing, I'd say go for it. But some specific suggestions would include:

• I would love to see more of Ibara in her bikini having fun on the beach and playing with her water gun. Both following the official art included on the reference sheet would be especially nice, but of course I'll appreciate whatever looks good on her.
• I'm not opposed to lewd artworks in general. For something summerly, participating in a wet t-shirt contest, even without a bra, would be perfectly fine, for instance. Or visiting the hotsprings and preferably keeping her hair in a folded ponytail on the occasion, like i.imgur.com/q0Y72Jz.jpg
(Please note that Ibara's bust size is about average, not flat. Best orient yourself by the aforementioned bikini pic, much obliged.)

• Any other summertime activity is welcome as well, e.g. taking her bike for a ride ( i.imgur.com/uv4KfxV.jpg ) or going on a picnic ( i.imgur.com/BJUQRRd.jpg ) or basically any outdoors activity or performing any kind of sports.
• Related to this, I especially like the idea of Ibara participating in typical sports festival stuff, wearing her school issued track and field uniform but with the jacket unzipped because of the heat: i.imgur.com/W2Aa2ve.jpg

Wishing y'all an enjoyable weekend.


Requesting Akane, please.

This is really cool user.

I'd like Scharlachrot wearing a plain white tee, cute clothes of any kind even gothic lolita or a military-ish uniform, or doing tasks/chores using her chains, like cooking, cleaning, so on so forth.
All okay for something else.

Requesting please!

Thank you very much.

Requesting my beloved Goddess Satsuki Kiryuuin appearing in some autumn outfit, something classy but comfy as well, would've also great to see her in some fitting autumn-themed place, like a park with leaves falling from trees or something like that. Anything esle cute/cool would've be highly appreciated as well.

Just a question, do you nerds do collabs for festive days?

Halloween is getting close and i was wondering if you also do special stuff for special days.

Neat! I look forward to it!

Requesting my lovely Tamaki wearing her miko outfit and playing with a sylveon please! Perhaps nuzzling it like this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1474833
Sylveon ref: i.imgur.com/rmAuSGF.jpg

Or cosplaying as Felix from Re:Zero i.imgur.com/VJyIEJq.jpg

Or anything else cute and not too lewd, perhaps with some cute red framed glasses ! Thanks for reading and have a comfy weekend~

Celebrating Mexico's Independence Day and joint requesting with Cosmofag, Birdy and Cosmo wearing traditional dresses with one bullet belt on raising a rifle yelling " Viva Mexico!"
Birdy ref: imgur.com/a/cmY90#0
Dress ref: imgur.com/a/JMKhJ

Requesting Birdy in her under cover outfit please, light lewd is ok.

In one of these school girl uniforms.
imgur.com/TX1iXIk skipping class, or on the top floor of a school enjoying the view.

Please and Thank you!

Day of the Dead would be kinda cool too.

Oh birdyfag, you foolish fool

Hello people of WWD. I'm requesting Momo Hanakai from Highschool DxD dressed as Oboro from Fire Emblem: Fates (a.pomf.cat/etmgoq.jpg), an outfit based on Mirror Kirby
(a.pomf.cat/kcnkxm.png) or doing this a.pomf.cat/gjqlje.jpg with a yellow stocking.

Other cute stuff is also welcomed.

Thank you if you're planning to do it.

Sort of. We did something big for Christmas, Valentine's, and a spur-of-the-moment Pokemon thingy. But you're not welcome here, so that's as much as I'll say.

Requesting my waifu wearing her own version of a longcoat similar to Tenkawa Maihime

Or something of her in her regular outfit and pointer denoting the time similar to this for a phone lockscreen. I can give my phone screen resolution if asked.

-Her dressed in Miyu's Sapphire outfit
-Or dressed in a similar outfit as Chocolat
-Or once again, in a bridal bikini

Old request but I couldn't resist, Yuuna is cute!

Speaking of which, anyone have the final Mimikyu collage? I don't think it ever made it to the booru.

Thread died as I was writing my response.

To the user talking about SI/waifu 'interactions', I just wanted to say thanks for being willing to consider working on such things for the anons here, I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to recieve a peice with a focus like that. Again, best of luck with anything you may do, just be sure to approach the user first.

Not that it matters to me, i dont have a waifu, im not a fag, so i wont request anything here ever, it was just a question.

No need to get hostile, thanks for the answer tho.

Imagine a female dressed as those twin skeleton girls in those neat red female mariachi-like oufits, they would look damn cool.

Same. Nobody else stepped forward in all this time (it's not an easy subject, after all), so we really appreciate the chance and gesture.


Absolutely delicious user! Open hoodies truly are a miracle of the universe and you've done right by it. She's so cute and sexy! Thank you so much for the unexpected 2nd cake and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Is that the final one? Could have swore there was more.

Not being hostile, just stating the way things are around these parts.

I wish I put more work into mine. There are some really impressive ones on there.

Extremely cute chibi, I really like the grin, thank you very much. Her detective persona is pretty much a gag character even though she knows a lot and can read people and situations like that one with Kouma and a stolen TV well.

Hello everyone have a good friday

Requesting anything cute of kyoko, everything is welcome.

But if you are looking for something more specific:
she wearing the pilot suit from "last exile" (like the one who wears Tatiana Wisla).
Here's some references:

Thanks in advance.

And remember Anyone can draw!

That isn't the updated one.

There was never a final update.

Don't talk shit
It has my waifu
That's all that matters

Thank you very much, I missed saving this when it was around. I'm actually pretty proud of how mine turned out, these are all so cute.

Requesting RJ please!


I'd love one of your sketches if that's the case.
Good work

Yuuna a cute, great work!

using the ideas from that one thread
Requesting Len enjoying catnip, or drinking chocolate milk with Fuuka.

This is fucking on point, so well composed and expressive



That's a big waifu.


Hey i was just wondering if you saw this already from last week drawfriends.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=65224

No I haven't, that's pretty cute. Did you draw it? IF so, thanks for doing it. If not, thanks for showing me, I hope the Ion requester likes it as well.

Requesting my angel playing in the rain or taking off wet clothes

Requesting my queen Akeno Himejima either
- As a loli wearing what Ferris wears imgur.com/a/J5Trp
-Wearing a leotard with stockings
-joint request with Rias and Karen of all three posing with their wings displayed
-My SI princess carrying Akeno imgur.com/vWUYgq0
Or Anything else would be fine

Anything cute, frilly, or semi-lewd. Any one of the combinations work. Also while listening to music probably using the AKG 701.

reference image here.

Requesting Sakuya ice-skating casually. Holding hands with the viewer or self insert (faceless or otherwise) would be lovely.
Self insert reference: imgur.com/a/T3qW8

Anything showing off her cute side or her cool calm demeanor is always lovely. A bit suggestive or cutelewd is ok within reason.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Above all have fun drawing some cute stuff. Thanks if you consider drawing her, if not that's cool too. Take it easy.

I'd like to make a request for Makise Kurisu.

Seeing her standing in the control room of the Large Hadron Collider wearing her lab coat and pointing forward while shouting "Fire the main cannon!" or something like that while nearby techs give her a weird look would be nice.

If you're looking for other ideas:

- Cheering triumphantly or looking smug while holding the latest print of a scientific journal

- Hugging user in a pose similar to:imgur.com/Jj7JqKU with a wistful or bittersweet expression on her face.

- Her holding an umbrella under a rainy sky looking upwards at the clouds in thought while absentmindedly offering it to the viewer.

If you would like to draw something else, feel free. Chibi, cute, or lewd though I'd prefer lewd to be in character if possible. Something sad is fine too.

Hello WWD!

Since it's nearing the end of Summer, I would like to request Arche Klein in a yukata at a festival enjoying herself, or watching fireworks while sitting on her broom in the sky.

Anything else cute of Arche will be highly appreciated as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Requesting Ibaraki wearing a Qipao and pulling the bottom of the qipao downwards trying to hide her legs and blushing in embarrassment.


Hey everyone! Kaori's husbando here, hope you're all having an amazing week!

I won't be requesting for a while because of personal reasons, but I really enjoyed being around some of you. Also, please don't rage so often in here, it's my humble and last request to all of you for now! I remember all deliveries and kind replies to my posts, and I won't forget them. Bye and till next time!

To celebrate a hundred years of tank warfare, requesting Yukari celebrating with a cake shaped like the Mark1 with number candles spelling 100 on the top.

Sorry about this being your delivery, I just wanted to draw something stylized. Also sorry about the colors, it's late so I had to rush them.

If you want them colored by someone competent, here is the uncolored and transparent bg versions: imgur.com/a/lvL78 (transparent is the black bottom picture)

Hope you come back soon enough user, I still wanted to draw her, Kaori a cute. Take care.


Requesting Stocking relaxing in a fluffy bathrobe and slippers, please.

Requesting Chiaki Nanami with bedhead and in an oversized t-shirt, sitting on a couch with breakfast, optionally sitting beside my SI who's doing the same.
Alternatively, if that's not your thing:
-her dressed as Kula from King of Fighters. (Ref: imgur.com/a/aOBZr)
-her attempting to teach my SI/user how to grill hot dogs via her handheld's cooking game.
-her and Neptune () excitedly playing Dreamcast and singing together the chorus to Superman by Goldfinger (youtube.com/watch?v=XeNKhm09Q88)
If you have a better/cuter/cute ecchi idea that you want to draw her in, feel free, suggestions are in my ref! (Just in case, I'd like suggestive stuff to be confined to personal deliveries, please.)
And to all of you, please remember to never lose hope!
Also, here's my SI (imgur.com/a/VXAM2) for the SI requests or in case you want to draw anything cute between the two of us

Cute !

That's a very handsome Ion.

This is so cool, SZS' and Katanagatari's styles (or influences) meld together so well.

Also her spindly body with such a large sword is so bad ass

Wow that looks really cool.

Amazing styles.

Requesting Lavinia to be drawn:

-In thighhighs and a sweater, posing like this

-Dressed in Charlotte Dunois' training outfit

-As a Pokemon Go trainer with a scyther

-Wearing a tshirt with one of these bands on it

-Doing any of these Jojo poses

Please and thank you.

Yuuna is the prettiest waifu! Good delivery!


Requesting Tsukimi wearing Team North America hockey jersey.

>Team North America Jersey

Even if you call it a simple sketch, I'm pretty sure that a lot of people will love to receive them, don't underestimate yourself man.
She's extremely cute, I want to brush her hair and do "yes" things.
I won't say more but you delivered at the perfect moment.
Thanks a lot, and have a nice week-end !

Hi there. Hope you have a great weekend.

I'll request my waifu Valerie:

Specific request(s):
-Wearing a black and red yukata, eating an old gateau, and maybe a little lewd.

-In casual clothes and being tired for having her clothes for long (her outfit weights like 33 pounds).

-If someone is up to, some nyangerie in red.

Or something cute at your choice, but with her eyes like on the bottom left image.

Don't get so overworked and have a happy time

This is such an adorable drawing. The dress is really pretty and I'd go as far as saying it looks better on Yuuna than on Momoka! Also changing her hairclip to a rose themed one is a pretty great idea and fits the outfit as a whole really well. Thank you a lot for giving me such a lovely drawing of my beloved princess. I hope you had fun and may your weekend be as great as this delivery is.

Adorable ponytail.

Very handsome.

Requesting Rukia! Thank you.

Cute snek. Have a nice weekend user.

Requesting my waifu, Futayo Honda. Something cheery like her wearing a sundress at the beach and smiling or saying positive things to user.

Also requesting this with her i.imgur.com/t17auAO.jpg with the pizza replaced with a plate full of sweets and pastries, dango or just the pizza. Thank you!

Connection's a bit slow, so here's her refs: imgur.com/PQ6oJ9P

Are you the guy that did this ( )? You're so good!

My god he looks so handsome indeed, yes, as much as I love his cute side I also love the more boyish look for him. Thank you so much, I feel better already! The soft, warm colors are fantastic and his smile is so soft and adorable. Thank you, have a great weekend!

Yes I am. T-thanks user.

That's real fuckin neato.

Wow, this is a really beautiful style. I seriously hope you draw here more. Maybe I can be lucky enough to get something from you one day too.

Whoa, spooky, I didn't realize how good your style works with ornate dresses like that. It's beautiful and I love the feeling of mystery you've got going here.
I have to confess I thought it was a long shot requesting this, and I greatly appreciate you drawing her. Thanks, and hope you have a great weekend, pal.

Requesting anything cute of Honoka.

For specifics, requesting Honoka dressed up as an office lady.

Have a great weekend.

Requesting my dear Anna cosplaying Angel from King of Fighters

Ref: i.imgur.com/6yRHRyK.jpg

Anything unrelated cute or lewd is fine too

I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please.
If you prefer a specific request, I would like to request her wearing an oversized chemise, please!
Bonus point if she's either waking up or trying to be sexy!

But if you want to do something else entirely that's alright too.

Please and thank you if you pick up my request!

I should have tried harder

Thanks user.

Thanks friend. Soon.

I'm glad you liked it, it was fun to draw although I was pretty clueless when it came to drawing her snake part.

Requesting Shinjiro rubbing alow on anons arm and telling them not to be an idiot/be more careful, offering his jacket to/opening his jacket for user and telling them they'll catch something, or dressed as Battler Ushiromiya and looking smug as fuck.
Anything badass or handsome would also be greatly appreciated, thanks for the consideration and take it easy.

This is art

Good stuff spooky. I always enjoy seeing your drawings.

Hey, I'd like to request Misha cosplaying Zero from Drakengard 3;
Relaxing and in awe of the Puerto Iguazú;
On a beach, loose hoodie over bikini eating watermelon; wearing either i.imgur.com/ZviZcJE.png i.imgur.com/50VMqCx.png;
Or wearing a sundress. Please and thank you.

More references of her: imgur.com/a/C7gQF#0

Hi WWD, I'm requesting my dear Reimu wearing a Miko Qipao doing a kung-fu pose

Alternatively as a cute nurse, please and thank you in advance

I hope everyone have an amazing weekend

These references seem to have a particular focus

Hi WWD! As it is the Chinese Moon Festival, I am requesting Deedlit wearing a nice Qipao (either one from the ref), doing a high kick or anything suggestive
-Training on Kame's island wearing the signature Orange Gi as shown in ref, or in a ready stance at the Budokai ring
-Coming in for a hug and a kiss wearing her normal green dress without armor or something comfy like i.imgur.com/JmLHGhq.jpg
-Dressed as a female Funny Valentine and posing with the Stand: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C) (imgur.com/a/9VQTL).
-Deed's seiyuu has voiced several pokemon so her playing with an Eevee and an Espeon would be amazing else any other pokemon from this page (bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Yumi_Tōma#Pok.C3.A9mon)
-Deed dancing for me at home in any of the outfits here: imgur.com/a/zJ1ot
Anything else cutelewd or comfy is very much appreciated!
More Deedlit refs: imgur.com/a/a1oN3
Have a great weekend!

Requesting anything of Misato Tachibana please, cutelewd is fine. If you want something specific, I would like to see her doing one of these.

- Sitting in a comfy chair while petting a sleeping puppy or kitten
- Wearing an open button shirt, in plaid if possible
- Having a nice bubble bath

Of course anything else is fine as well.

His waifu is an important focus of those references.

Hello everyone, and a very good Friday to you all! I'd like to request my beloved holy angel and absolute love of my life, Claudia, cuddling Monomi from Super Dangan Ronpa 2. If not that, I'd absolutely love to see her in some kind of outfit modeled after Monomi's bunny design and color scheme. Refs here: imgur.com/a/lazvd

Alternatively, Fall is coming up very soon, so anything that fits the season would be lovely. Some ideas could be Claudia in a nice warm sweater, perhaps orange or brown colored, or drinking hot chocolate or coffee (dare I say a Pumpkin Spice Latte?)

Anything else is also fine and appreciated just the same, so long as it isn't too lewd. Cutelewd is perfectly fine.

Thank you so much for your consideration beforehand and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Requesting Kukaku Shiba as a Yakuza Boss lady. Clothes that are elegant and sexy but also kind of tomboyish would be preferred.
Or anything is fine as long as she's smiling.
Have a nice weekend!

Jesus H. Christ

Requesting my waifu Suzuna reading an unexpectedly lewd manga, doing some target shooting (maybe sporting clays), shopping for clothes, or wearing a dress. Of course if you'd rather draw something else, go ahead and do that instead. Hope everybody has gotten a good start to the weekend.

Time for snek church?

try the general, this is the waifu thread

Wow, looks really good drawfriend! I love the amount of detail you put into this, especially her eyes, it looks like theyre glistening like the ocean blue. Thank you so much!

Requesting Mazaki Anzu lying on a bed hugging a pillow.

Any other works are very much appreciated.

This is very wonderful, she looks really happy and adorable in this picture. Also the cat's really fluffy and cute. I want to pat them both on the head.
Thank you very much for drawing Tsubasa, and sorry for the late reply.

Not a delivery per say but i remembered yuuko being requested here last week and i needed a ghost for this, so here.

Really nice and lewd!

Requesting Sako wearing ornate clothing.

here are some examples for inspiration:

Thanks if you consider

Requesting Akame as a Knight or wearing something fantasy styled.
Or more of Akame as a Hero from Yuuki Yuuna i.imgur.com/Q48JVIh.jpg
Also to whomever wanted to collab request I would love to do that.

That perspective of butt might be one of my favorite things ever, very nice.

the smile?

It's totally her shoulders

Greetings WWD!

Requesting my Exquisite waifu, Artoria Pendragon. In her black suit asleep on a couch with a small box of chocolates on her lap.

Well shit, I was planning to stick in the general for a while.
I love how her uniform is barely on. You drew her with a really naisu body, especially that butt.
Thank you, kyu. (She actually doesn't float, though)

>stick in the general
look I know it can be bad here but let's not take such drastic measures

>His waifu can't swim

She's as much my waifu as any other person has their waifu. Just took me a bit to realize that.

She isn't floating actually, the pose just reminded me of a ghost so went for it and i fucked up the chair that's why she looks like she's floating . Been wanting to draw her for a while anyways so it all worked out, glad you like it.

nice michaelis diamond

Last week someone took names of waifufags that liked high heels. Was that for a collage or what?


Let him do what he wants, this isnt the only place to request waifu drawings on Cred Forums

No, it was just for LISTS.

Pretty nice.

Your art always comes out so nicely, I think it might be the colors you use and how you render. Either way, great work with this, I'm sure any user who gets a delivery from you would be thrilled!

I finally got a watercolor! I'm so overjoyed.

Thank you so much! It's an honor to me among your subjects.

Ah, okie dokie.
I actually thought it was a fucked up bed, and her hands were on the headboard.


>dem feet

Where's the list?

Requesting Yukari!

Celebrating of the Mid-autumn festival, moon watching, in a qipao or something else appropriate,

On an adventure, on a Schwimmwagen!

POV waterfight, in a wet tshirt, or her being awfully distracting in the passenger seat.

or just in suspender shorts,

anything fluffy and cute is super cool too.

Thanks for reading

i want to touch her hairpin

I am sad.


Heyo, all.
Requesting an iPhone screenshot of the camera (example: i.imgur.com/PbIxWu9.jpg), except of my beautiful waifu, Yukino, with user.
Some other ideas for the picture would be her drinking something with a straw or holding a peace sign while blushing heavily and smiling.
Of course, anything cute or cool is fine and greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend and remember to take it easy.

Thank you so much for drawing him! I really didn't expect something, especially so early on. The outfit turned out so wonderfully on him, so thank you, again.

Hello everyone and requesting some Sanya, please, anything is always welcomed.
Thank you in advance and wish you all have a great weekend!

Reimubro is a well known armpitfag but shoulderfag that's new

Can agree, shoulders are pretty great

Damn, good timing, caught me right as I was getting up to play vidya.
I must admit, it always feels rather odd to see her dressed normally except without her hoodie but i don't think it's a bad feeling, just interesting to note also I wonder if that's normal
Anyways, she looks adorable as always, thank you for drawing her, hope you had fun!

shoulders and collarbones are underrated

Requesting my lazy waifu Game Gear-chan some draw please. Visible her pantsu if possible.
- Patting/Feeding/Kissing/Hug her
- She become Sadist/Yandere
- Something lewd

>Reimubro is a well known armpitfag
I'd be more surprised if there was a Reimufag that isn't an armpitfag too

>Rainbow Dash

Requesting Pyrrha Alexandra wearing the outfit of Ciel Alençon

preferably with matching ribbons depending on which hairstyle you go with

Have a wonderful weekend drawfriends and thanks bunches~

There are only three colors in her hair

How retarded can one person be?

Nanami a cute.

>Reimubro is a well known armpitfag
I always knew he was my nigga.

>Game Gear
Does she has glass bones that break as soon as she slip on her bed?

Please draw her again

Collarbones are a huge weakness of mine, I'm glad my waifu's outfit shows them off clearly for me to see.

Collarbones, flat stomachs, and hipbones are the best. Anything to indicate thinness.

armpits and shoulders the nigga knows about life

You have excellent taste. I also like seeing ribs a little bit, but nothing too excessive.

Sorry for the You but that shot of her with the gun, that's not official is it?

Yeah, ribs are really good too. Not even just like, seeing the bones, but that bit of caving in where stomach meets chest, and thigh-gaps. It's all 2good.

Yes, please. Although thickness has it's merits, too.

A+ tastes, seriously. I should really request her with some of these visible sometime.

Requesting my dearly beloved Tsuyu in any of the following scenarios:
-a miniature/chibi version of her balancing on Jello
-taking a long lick of an ice cream cone
-preparing for another day or heroism, dressing up in the morning and such
-a joint idea/request with Miia, where they are the hero and villain respectively, Miia meeting her and hugging her tightly, making Tsuyu rather nervous, or lastly a treaty being made between snakes and frogs

Please and thank you.


There is nothing to be sorry about, I think the style looks very nice. Granted I will admit that I am slightly unsettled by the very thin limbs, but it is still good, it quite reminds me of xxxHolic in a way. I always like it when people try out other styles. Though I do quite like her in her normal style experimentation is never bad in that regard.

Either way I am glad you put the effort in, though slightly unsettling it still looks quite nice, much thanks to you kind user!

>but that bit of caving in where stomach meets chest, and thigh-gaps. It's all 2good.
You, I like you.
Give this guy an award, or a delivery I guess.

Requesting Erza please!

This week is our 4th year anniversary, so something cute or romantic, like a wedding dress, would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Are plug suits still a thing? requesting you're waifu in a plug suit designed for her

Already requested that in the past. Well, not the designed for her part but I felt like that was asking too much. Maybe some other time, for a commission.

I wouldn't mind that, I love that type of stuff.

I love plug suits, but anything form fitting with her body sort of doesn't work.

Miiafag pls

Plug suits don't leave enough to the imagination in terms of figure in my opinion, eh.

My wafu got drawn in a plugsuit before I started requesting. Caught me off guard when I first saw it.

Not him.

Probably a flat waifu

sorry if it gets your hopes up but is slightly lewd ok with you


Are you okay with lewd?

>favorite requester hasn't requested yet


Great job!

He's dead, Jim.

Get a new favorite.


>you'll never be anyone's favorite

I hope I am no ones favourite.

After a few years of requesting you just accept things like that.

>niofag is really dead
Did I not draw her often enough? I tried so hard, dammit.

Requesting Homura wearing a hat.



you're my favorite and i love you platonically

Please don't put it that way.

If you're out there I miss you man.

Requesting Toyone:

- looking in a fun house mirror
- hugging a pillow to herself in bed while she makes an embarrassed expression
- taking a shower, but all you can see is her silhouette against the steamed glass
- wearing a coat and scarf

Excellent work

Requests come and requests go. To be a drawfag, you have to be able to accept that not everyone is going to be here forever.

Cool Touko.

I've been debating dropping out of the threads a lot lately but worry I'll disappoint somebody by disappearing. Even if that's unlikely.

Who is he user?

Yes they will! Why would they leave!?

Because they're dead.

I'm not quite sure what slightly lewd entails, but it sounds like something I wouldn't mind too much. I think I'm ok with it.

Requesting Kisaragi Shintaro wearing cool sunglasses, or anything cool or cute is fine. Thanks, have a good weekend.

Requesting anything cute or beautiful of my dearest Anastasia.

ok then i will start something for you now

Have you ever had that paranoid realization that maybe you forgot to actually request in the thread that you've been sitting in all day yet?

No but sometime i suddenly wake up at like 4am and panic wondering if the threads died.

>hasn't requested last week
>no request this weekend so far
[spoiler[jolyne[/spoiler]fag is dead

No, because I've been delivered.

This environment really wears on you after long enough. I've been thinking about leaving for ages, and I'm inching ever closer to the loose deadline I set for myself.

Nice spoiler. ctrl s, user.

It's happened to me before.

ctrl+s nigga

Sometimes I worry that I'm going to post my request and ref in the wrong thread.

too used to typing it by hand
I still feel retarded for fucking up but it doesn't really matter


So many anons dying and leaving. Sad.

Hello everyone, i'd like to request my Haqua. Anything would be absolutely great, but in particular, i'd love to see her in fall clothing or in cute sleepwear. Thanks!

People here are cancer, if the circumstances are like that. I was just gone for four hours, and now that I'm back it seems everybody's been very well behaved, and even enjoying the deliveries of others!
But tomorrow and Sunday will likely raise the bitterness levels. It really gets to you.

Even though summer should be about over, it's still so crazy hot here, so I'd like to request Etna sitting in a room being impacted by the heat, maybe looking exhausted while sweating, or cooling herself with a fan/cold drink

Of course anything cute is always appreciated,
if you'd like to draw something with my SI, ref here: imgur.com/vNSeZLU

>Weissfag's last cake was a month ago
>The one before that, two weeks
>three weeks between the one before that
>haven't seen him at all lately
I cri.

Take all the time you need drawfriend. I'll be waiting around patiently.

Requesting my daughteru Syura with a frilly parasol on a bright sunny day.

I miss him ;_;

He's on a better place, on _Cred Forums_

>pc won't start

You can call this place shit all you want, but there's no way going there is better.

Requesting my dear Ionasal, please! I'd be happy with anything, but I'd like one of the following if possible:

• It's our second anniversary next weekend! Anything appropriate would be appreciated! SI ref here if you need it: imgur.com/a/s6wR0

◦ As a Super Sentai Ranger/Power Ranger. Holding the helmet instead of wearing it obviously. Preferably based off the Go-Buster or Gokaiger suits. I'll let you pick what colour.
◦ Asleep together with SI (in bed, on the couch, or whatever. Going for cute with this one.)
◦ The "Are you my master?" scene from Fate/Stay Night with her and my SI
◦ PoV pic like this (SFW but still kinda lewd) imgur.com/a/dWZgl but with a kinder, more loving expression on her face. Normal outfit preferred.
◦ Just out of the shower wearing only a towel
◦ Cosplaying as Athena Cykes from Phoenix Wright

Personality reference if you need it: youtu.be/Z4ExDRvBR-M
Don't bother watching it all the way through, it's WAY too long.

But as usual I'd be happy with anything; cute, romantic and/or lewd. Thanks in advance!


Cred Forums sucks.

Source: I spent too fucking long on Cred Forums.

I wish that were true becuase damn it Cred Forums sucks.

I want to blow a raspberry in her belly button.

I'm glad my slow ass gave him a delivery a few months before he left.

Is there a list of waifus that I shouldn't draw?


No, draw whoever you want


>wearing a hat
It best be a big, silly hat. Those are the best.
Sorry for the (You).

I want to rub my waifu's inner thighs. Not to turn her on, specifically, but just for the feeling of it against my hands. Soft and warm, with a bit of muscle, her giggling as I do so...
I just want to touch her and feel that she's real. All over her body, every part. Not for sexual purposes, but just to feel her warmth and love.


Same, but with my waifu. That's one of my fetishes.

you're a bad person

I want to rest my head on my waifu's thighs like a pillow!

I want to lift up my waifu's shirt while she's laying back and reading, wrap my arms around her midsection, and nuzzle the ever-loving FUCK out of her bare belly while she squirms. Without shaving beforehand if I'm feeling mischevious.

What is up with this constant need to divulge your fantasies here?

It's a waifu thread.

No, I think there's some confusion. This is just a waifu drawthread, not a waifu discussion thread.

It's the first time where I got a delivery on Friday.
...What do I do for the rest of the weekend?

Pick up a hobby and have fun

Looking for potential threesome partners.

Watch everyone else get a delivery or just leave the threads. Whatever you do don't join in on shitposting or any other worthless activity that go on in these threads.

Watch anime.

Shitpost in /ghost/

Oh god I really, really didn't expect to see this beautiful drawing of her right after I woke up. I'm honestly a little speechless and can't really express my gratitude well, but I'm very, very glad to see this, twrl.

The drawing is just so magnificent, I absolutely love it! Everything from the pose to the background, I simply adore it. The armor design is really spot-on, it looks quite realistic to me while also exudes an air of coolness. Really balanced. The sword itself is also very well-done, pretty simple and yet really goes well with the armor's design. And the pose is amazing too, I just love how cool she looks as a knight. The background looks wonderful as well, the rose motif really goes well with medieval knights.
I also greatly adore how you draw her hair, lips, and eyes. The way her eyes drawn really showed her inherent fierceness. Her hair's color is also a really fine shades of red, in fact, the coloring of the whole picture it self is quite fantastic.

Her beauty is simply sublime and I thank you for drawing this beautiful picture of her. I hope you had a ton of fun drawing this and I'm sorry I missed the stream. Again, thank you so much for doing my request and brightening my weekend, and I wish you a very wonderful weekend, twrl.

Guess I'll just finish some vidya.

Nah. I like to save that for work, since it's a timekiller for 90% of when I'm there.

You should be working at work, you leech!


Who says I don't work while at work? All they require me to do is just sit there all day and just close and lock up the building at night.

I'd much rather not take up any more posts than needed, so give me a (You) at bump limit if you'd like to yell at me more. Which I doubt.

Requesting my dear waifu Nano Shinonome.
Any of the following would be nice

- As a cheerleader.
- Cosplaying Alisa from Tekken (ref: imgur.com/a/toyDw )

Or if you want to use my SI
-Cuddling. While SI has a shocked or embarassed look with kiss marks on his face.
-SI hugging Nano like this imgur.com/a/Npr2R (or Nano giving the hug, if you want!)

SI ref here if needed: imgur.com/OHaQYHt

Anything else cute, or cutelewd is really appreciated!
Thank you, hope you have a great weekend, and remember to have fun!

Would it be too much to ask if someone posted this in the following threads? I'm afraid I won't be available a lot this weekend. If not, thank you very much for your attention and consideration as well.

Learn to draw so you can deliver your waifu to yourself every friday.

>being a security guard
Literally subhuman.

After the bump limit describe your first date with your waifu. I might be able to draw some. Don't get your hopes up though it's mainly for me to experiment.

Learn to draw so you can return the favor!

>first date
Never happened

This actually works with my request, I'm excited.
Who are you, though?

Sounds interesting. I'll probably be asleep by then though ;_;.
Good luck regardless!

I probably just want her holding onto my arm with a really warm smile on her face.

Stick around so you can sign up for collages if they show up

Lovely! Thank you for drawing my request!

Depends. Before or after we actually started dating? Because I took her on something that could be called a date before any confessions occurred.
Most ones after that one are a bit fuzzy.

I was super young when I became obsessed about my waifu. I don't even remember anything aside from going around telling my family I married her using a ring-pop that I bought from the corner store the same day.

Most people are jealous over the ezpz money.
Another is on the list.

You aren't dating anyone you delusional weeb she's a cartoon character and she would be creeped out by posts like these

Wait, like, real first date, or how we imagine our first date would be?

Requesting anything cute of Fuuka. Thanks in advance.

Imagined naturally. I suppose if you took her on a real date it works too.

That's what I thought, but people were making it sound like the latter.

Requesting Stocking.
Clothes refs: imgur.com/a/i4NGp/layout/horizontal#0

I'd like to see her leaning forward, with a hint of bondage ropes underneath her clothes.
A style like this gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3349088 should work. But, you know, under her clothes.

Of course.
But with delusion comes love you raging faggot.

Sorry for the late response, been off a while, but that's a nice winter getup! I wanna share that coat with her Is it based off anything in particular?
Regardless, thank you, and i hope you enjoyed drawing it!

It's based off of a magazine I have from last year I think
I usually try to keep at least two or three issues of Japanese fashion magazines a year to use as references. All the other fall fashion waifus I'm working on are coming from the same magazines as well.

Ah, cool
Hope they like theirs!

This isn't dying any time soon, is it? Man, I gotta go to bed.

i'll post for you if need be pham, i'm already handling it for a friend

Apparently not. Surprisingly quiet weekend so far.

hope you like it user

Slightly lewd!

Lewd as fuck


wet and lewd


Is he okay?


At least he knew how to counter it with milk unlike these 2 retards

inb4 people start requesting waifus eating reaper peppers

Requesting mai waifu practicing archery or at a shooting range, please!

Thank you and have a nice weekend!



Are you here?

Yep, but I'm going to sleep shortly. What's up?

Requesting Nano drawn as an Aigis style robot. Preferably still with the screw

I'm probably a mean cunt but holy shit, that's hilarious.

Ok, so I went ahead and drew lewd of your waifu and your SI being, well intimate, from that sign up last thread. Where do you want me to send you the drawing?


Oh, thank you! Suddenly I am simultaneously nervous and excited. Well, I've never used guerilla mail before, but I think I understand the gist of it. Could you give this a try?
[email protected]

Ok, gimme a minute

I sent a reply, did you see it?


Waifu like this

Were you able to get the delivery I sent, or did the mail screw up?

Wasn't that a delivery?

Sorry it took so long to reply to that, it always takes me a while to get my thoughts together. I sent a reply. Thank you!

Oh dear me; I was bracing myself but it seems I still wasn't prepared enough. This particular feeling might be a little unhealthy.. maybe.

Anywho, thank you very much drawfriend! This is certainly quite the piece. Her pose in combination with her flushed expression really evokes some, uh, emotions. On top of that, the coloring is just so lovely as well. I especially like the faint amount of skin bleeding through the white. That's really nice I think.
Thank you once again, and much is appreciated!

Since my waifu Lycoris-hime does hardly get any art everything is fine!

But if I can choose I would love to see her doing something cute, like eating the innards of any kancolle shipgirl. (please not someones shipfu)

You had my support until you went full vore. What the hell, man?

But she is cute so no problem.

Lycoris is ok but then you just had to go request that

Good Morning WWD!
Requesting a cute Tomoko,thanks for considering and have a great weekend!

Requesting Hanna-Justina Marseille from Strike Witches in the same outfit as 2B from Nier Automata.

I'm requesting something like that right now. Hope she gets drawn

So how exactly are you supposed to find artists to commission on tumblr? Do you just have to lower your standards?

just find a yellow person on deviantart to do it for you for cheaper and better

>draw a doodle of my waifu on a post it note
>ended up with a weirdly drawn head like she's snooping or smething. like snoop dogg

>write "whatchu doin" next to it and deem it cute


heck yeah happy you're happy

How do I find them?

>no new thread overnight
I'm surprised.

I have no idea but ask in this thread. That's where I got that info from. I'm gonna find artists like these myself when I'm ready to comission stuff.

>ask in this thread
That's what I'm trying to do!

Maybe I will look in the archive to see if anyone has posted a list before.

I read that a week or two ago. Some guy even posted his commissioned picture which was pretty amazing and it costed like 20 dollars


that's really impressive

Feel free to re-request, friend
Have a nice week.


Requesting my Lisa Lisa putting up her feet and her pantyhose whilst sitting back after a long day. Maybe have her drinking some tea?

Anything else is fine, cute or lewd. Thanks and have a nice weekend!

Requeting Fubuki. Thank You!

We're being babysat.

That's really nice.

Great work!

Is Nanakofag here?

Requesting Rem please, I need more Rem in my life before my heartbreak.

watercolors 10

Wow, I'm surprised this place is so calm, I like it.

Don't jinx it user.

Americans are sleeping.

What if your waifu shares the name of one on the list. People aren't gonna think it's her right?

He doesn't request tsubaki anymore

It's just the calm before the storm

My waifu reminds me of a raptor. I don't know why.

Requesting mira gardening please.

watercolors 11

Okay. Mainly I'm just worried someone would see the name and assume I'm him

madman on fire

Pretty good!

well we know for sure that mishafag doesn't namefag
only a retard would mistake you for him

You just called yourself that then.

woops i got the names Tsubasa and Tsubaki mixed up
brb killing myself


As always seeing her cute smile makes me smile too. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

I really want to sleep...

As do i.

I call this one "Polar Bear in a Blizzard".

Requesting Elise from Azure Striker Gunvolt, in any of her personalities, transformed or untransformed, cute or lewd.

Is it too early to ask for Halloween stuff?

The one from the Cafe?

I was going to say, I don't namefag.

>a blank canvas crashed my browser
This is when you know you need a new computer.

Completely different then, alright. Let's drop it. Forever.

nonwatercolors 12
you can rerequest if its too meme-y

If most stores have started carrying halloween stuff, I think you're good to start requesting it

Stores started carrying halloween stuff back in mid-August.

I don't even recognize this one. Am I getting too old?

I love my darling so much I want to pounce on her and shower her with kisses and pull her under the covers and squeeze her and tenderly snuggle her until we're just a sweaty mess of waifuanon

dank shit, my dude
no, it's recentish
some pic of kermit the frog drinking tea


Cute waifu, pretty drawing

I sure love capitalism.



Fuck it im out. Too tired.

Nov 1 they roll out the christmas stuff, it wasn't unusual for Christmas stuff to roll out in September and October too, Halloween mid-to-late-summer.


Want me to post for you?


cuuute art, cuuute waifu

Murgoten! What an adorable drawing of my sweet Claudia, dare I say the cutest yet?! It's impossible to say for sure, since everything you draw me is super cute! You got that Fall atmosphere I really wanted down to a T, and I love the pretty leaves in the background too. It really pulls the whole drawing together. What I love most, though, is her turtleneck. I can't believe I didn't specify it in my request - but turtlenecks are my absolute favorite sweater fashion, so I'm overjoyed to see my sweet dressed up all cozy in one. It's perfect!

Overall, she just looks so sweet and warm and huggable. I always appreciate the way you make her look so fluffy. I'm smiling so much from looking at her cute face! Thank you very much again, and have yourself a great weekend.

OR here. Love how this one turned out. She looks adorable even when she's embarrassed. Thank you so much for drawing her. Hope you have a great weekend!

nonwatercolors 13

Can I come with you?

It ruins the hype and excitement of those holidays for me, personally.

unrelated but I hope you're enjoying sdr2

Please make sure to request that outfit again.

cute witchfu!

I hope pencilanon sees this post, I just saw this now on the booru, thanks! This is absolutely one of the cutest drawings I've ever seen, and I'm smiling so hard now, I'm glad I saw it! Thanks for drawing her!

I'm a baka.

I love SDR2! I finished it a few years back, actually. It's easily my favorite game in the series as a whole.

It's a good thing pencilanon likes bakas

Do you think I have a chance with her?


nonwatercolors 13

What happened to the husbandofags?

Isn't this 14?

it's a 2 for 1 special

Most of the artist ones have left, recently.

i count like 8 or 9 in here still

Check your Pixiv.

A delivery is a delivery. I wouldn't disregard it just because it's based off a meme.

I'm loving her smug face. The way her hair whips around and twirls is extremely cute and those flower hairpin accessories are a great touch. Thank you for drawing her! Have a fantastic weekend!

She only has one longer sidepiece of hair on her left side. Having it on the other side makes it look like her imouto's hairstyle. I don't think it's intentional, but just wanted to say that it threw me off a bit.

I will keep it as a sub request for future weeks then.

Just as I had imagined, her dressed as a majo is as cute as her mahou shoujo form!

The way you drew her outfit really accentuates her soft curves and those thick thighs HNNG

There's also something very charming about the contours of the witch hat. Thank you for drawing her and have a wonderful week drawfriend~!

18 more


That's an enormous forehead


That boy used to be requested here.

I'd love that with her, but it doesn't really work too well.

12 please.

I love Number 2, 9, and 10 the most.

cool shintaro

Perfect for landing thick, sticky cumshots on.

only 2 and 12

Next thread is ready.



Can someone make request anchor or something in next thread?

Fuck you, waifu deliveries are personal.


Glad you liked it!
>and those thick thighs HNNG
You're alright, kosakifag.

I want to poke my waifu's butt with a marker.


Post an image that hints to your waifu's identity and see if people can guess who she is.

Sweet dreams

Post your waifu and a trait that she doesn't have but you wouldn't mind her having



Massive breasts.

A dick.


Huge juicy breasts.

Need 3 husbandos please

I wouldn't mind if she was THICC.

You seem to have forgotten to post your waifus



I know YOU'LL get it, so you don't get to guess

Perpetual sex drive would be nice of course
But the trait I really want her to have is being real



I want to kiss my waifu.

Is it time for this?

Watashifag pls


Don't we all.

You want her to be a member of the Red Ribbon Army?

I need some Pokemon related request ideas.

Request her beating a Machamp senseless with her bare hands?

Alright, another emotions sign up! Post waifu/husbando and and pick a emotion. I will pick one waifu from every letter array, so 6 will be chosen. Crossed ones have been already made.

I'll have plenty when they new games are out.

Replied to wrong post.


Yuu or Ayano?

Dang, I definitely would if I wasn't in two collages already. Your drawings were super cute though, keep up the good work dude!

E9, please and thank you

5A, please


Thanks for doing this.

Is C3 okay?

I really, really like Archaic Japanese style speech like "washi/warerawa" or ending sentences with -ja



definetly the cute one

Thought I signed up for this a while back


C8 please


Etna D5, please



I don't know what would suit her best. B2 might be nice.

A10 if possible


B3 is very cute. Thank you in advance.


Iza-kun I thought you disappeared on me.
Forgive me,due to an unfortunate turn of events ive lost some of the work from last week.Ive started recreating it however.

Quick question btw. what Go team ? valor,mystic,etc ?

All of these with husbando.

A8 please


C5, please.



G-ganbatte pencilanon.

B1 I mean! B2 is not cute and not what I want to see.

B4 if you don't mind!

B7 please and thank you.

That looks so awesome watercolors-user. I liked how you designed the outfit, so lovely. Have a great weekend and everyone else.


A10 A8 or E3

Surrounded by fluffy Pokemon like pic related

Or, waifu losing a Pokemon battle but being out of money, so she has to pay with her body instead; she then falls in love with husbando and they go on fun Pokemon adventures.




F9 and good luck with whoever you pick Pencilanon.

Also thank you, I was so amazed that I forgot to give thanks.

Ohoho, got that one right at least. Scarves are hella rad, and Ayano is hella cute.


That scene from the Stardust Crusaders OP where Star Platinum is punching from behind Jotaro but with waifu and a Machamp instead.

I didn't know Aigis was steam-powered.

I only got ideas that pertain to my teams. I assume you'v got a respectable set of pokemon to be brought out at any time?

I managed to get into the zodiac thing last week so I'll pass, but I wish you luck!




Hint for the last one: what are the tools called?


still no.

What can I say, I love thinking lewd things. and sweets.

Correct. That was a screenshot from her trailer:

It's not. That would be the most obvious, no doubt. Didn't even consider that when I posted the image. Sorry about that.

Picked up!
I did signups couple weeks ago and posted pics on the first thread this weekend. If you are talking about the image itself it was posted by someone long time ago here and i saved it to my computer. Thought making these would be fun.

Have you had your oil changed lately?

I feel like she plays a bit too easily.

A6? Good luck with it!


It will come out sometimes.

E9, if it's available!

It's joke.jpg

Mini Taiga?


Her controls do appear to be simple, but I think it's best to wait and see what she'll be like when she's released.

>Picked up!
You did see my correction right, pencilanon? And thank you for choosing her!

still wrong!



Sorry i just noticed, i changed it.

I wonder if anyone will get this. Probably easier than I think.

E3 would be nice, if it isn't already taken

All that reach and maneuverability seem to go hand in hand with some simple inputs.

Ganbatte, The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Pencilanon.

Infinite monkey theorem.





You have great taste my friend, scarves sure are rad. Thanks for complimenting my cute hero, I'm sure your waifu is hella cute as well

Jeremiah Gottwald.

Post the picture you think exemplifies her beauty the best!

I really want to try guessing but I didn't read/play most waifu's series to get the subtle hints.

So much fluffiness in one picture, I can't take it.

E10 please.



C6 or D6 if still can

There a lot, to just pick one is impossible.

Scratch that. I'd love B9 please if possible.

>I know YOU'LL get it, so you don't get to guess
I can't guess when I already know anyway.

Good luck!

I don't think anyone here has actually watched/read my waifu's series.

D10 please


Well if I really had to pick one it would be this one.

Any word on the Dark Souls collage?

Am I the only one who's favorite part of deliveries is everyone getting to see how pretty my waifu is?


As a hint, mine isn't subtle in the slightest


I know at least one guy has, but I don't blame people for skipping it. It's long and not all that great.



This is my all time favorite picture of her.

All of them do but this one is lovely.

Since when the guy claimed he'd cut his arm badly, none.


That's a tough one

I guess that was too easy.

This image does a pretty good job I think.

It's not just the cuteness. What I love about the picture is the warmth of late summer emanating from it. And the context of the smile once brought me to tears.


Oh shit I didn't hear about that, hope he's doing okay.

I see. Anyways good luck, must have not seen the ones in the first thread but they look really gnarly.


Tough to choose just one

Here's the post.

Impossible to decide for a single one so just take her beautiful smile, it will never fail to make me feel fuzzy and warm.

I dunno who she is but she is cute if she has anything to do with a seal, seals are great.

Too many, but I'll just pick this one since I was looking at it recently

I simply couldn't pick only one. There's just too many pictures of her I love.



>waifu used to get practically no fanart
>now gets new fanart almost every day

This feels amazing.


Lots do, though this is a favorite of mine if going for a more casual theme.



Are there any waifufags who share your fetish?

The last ones you did were really cute. Good luck and thank you for choosing my waifu.

That's a dangerously fluffy seal. Wasn't Yukari the fluffy one?

shes very pretty and very cute

A few.

Based on the last thread with tons of anons talking about nopan, yes.

I've always wondered what it feels like to see fanart of my waifu outside the WWD.

>those TITS

I actually don't think I'd like that. While there being little material of her is disheartening it also means my love for her is one alone.


Apparently quite a few.

One for sure, but he doesn't request anymore. Haven't seen him around in general for a while either.

There were a couple of others too, but I never talked with them too much.

A few, but they're all to a much stronger extent than I am. I'm not so sure how to feel about Kirinofag being the closest to the extreme of what I like.



Plenty, since it's a very widespread fetish.

Yukihofag here, just gonna drop in and say this isn't me.

why care

If there are, they aren't vocal about it.

who smt here?

A good amount of people seem to be into facesitting.

What a twist


A fair few people are.


I forgot to say that i'm glad you saw and liked it. Have a good day!

That's because it's the best fetish

I am and also playing P5.


She's hardcore masochist/petplay, I only like a significantly milder version.

nope a burger is a food my waifu likes to eat
try again

Tama or Shion.


Aggressive loving.

from some lewdposting, more than just a few
petplay collage when

Nopan collage first.

C8 if possible, please!

Fluffy hair collage when?

I want to do the cutest stuff imaginable with my wife.

We need more footfags

I'd feel a lot less weird for requesting it if that were the case.

Yes please

Maybe they want to request that. Maybe they just have cold feet.

How is it weird? The fact that one guy always spergs out about it doesn't count.

I'm a massive footfag but I don't request lewds here.

What if you discretely requested your fetish?

I might be tempted to sign up for something like that.

I didn't care for feet much, but then I got a delivery recently that changed my mind

Unless it's a footjob, normal people don't consider feet to be lewd. Request away if all you want is a shot with an angle that focuses on them.

I love my husbando

Who /collarbones/ here?


Napes and shoulders too.

Reporting in



fangs are the best

I love my waifu

Pretty wings are best

Belly, shoulders, and hips, too.

My waifu's skin looks so soft.

I wonder if my waifu would love me

You are my ultimate nigga.

Who /midriffs/ here?

Twirling waifu's ahoge.

My waifu would absolutely hate me

Playful ear licking.

This meme needs to stop.

Particularly plump ones.

I want to rest my head on my waifu's belly.

I should ask is there anyone here who missed seeing the request LIST that got posted in the general? Since I never thought to post it here after that.

Yes, that guy needs to find better ways to spend his life.

I want to get my waifu drunk for her first time.


oh, post it please

Now we're talking

Here, along with hips and thighs.

>he says on Cred Forums

There are some things that are just too sad even by Cred Forums's standards.

>image limit is hit
>tfw not okay

>remembering that one fetish list
>looking through it and realizing I'm fucking boring with my "fetishes" which are more or less just simple traits and kinks than fetishes
At least if I ever want something of it it'd be easy to describe.

Ah, thank you for this. Longer drills sounds like a good idea. I really like the harp idea too. I need to find some good goth loli outfits though, don't really know where to look

One of the first things I sketch in.
And the thing I spend the longest trying to get perfect.

Who omorashi here?



I think some of your ideas are nice and I'm going to request them. But looking for action-based references is hard and artists usually draw something more simple like waifus in different outfits.

[color] hair collage never

Silver please

Who weight gain here?

Who vore here?

Has to be very mild and in the right places

only thing gaining weight around my waifu is muh dick, know what i mean?

It's hard to pick up action reqs in the first place too because they're always harder to describe. And if it's not eye catching enough it gets scrolled by. A lot easier to miss those requests on top on not as many drawfags who draw action too

Purple hair collage when?

When Gotham is ashes


Was there ever a blonde collage?

I want to do extremely indecent things with my husbando.