14 years old

>14 years old

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How many cocks has that 14 year old raised? She's a good farmer, isn't she.

Good enough for me.

Japs can't into ages


That's the greatest picture of Yoko that I've seen.

There are plenty of 14 year olds with bodies like that. Most girls finish developing at age 15 anyway

You sure?

My friend's sister had bigger tits than yoko at 13

That pool party was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. Fucking Christ, how they jiggled. STOP IT BONER SHE'S TOO YOUNG


I see

The truth is out there.

There is no such thing as too young user


ages are meaningless in anime anyway.

It can't be helped.


She could play with my gun, if you know what I mean.

The most bizzarre thing is, I was having a discussion with my father last night about this subject. He recounted to me the story of a classmate of his who was a pettanako until she was like 16, and then suddenly ballooned into an EE. She apparently even had reduction surgery.

And people say underage girls are not for sexual but when there are ones with stacked sexy boobs and expect no one to grope dem young boobs.

>reduction surgery.

But she's underage!?

that isn't that big of a problem because i am a 8 year old so we can have a little brother big sister thing ^^

Why shouldn't an underaged girl know how to handle a real weapon?

It could be very dangerous!

Inexperience can be even more dangerous especially when handling a big weapon.

But giving her knowledge means to give her responsibility as well, eben though she isn't an adult.

It's going to be daijoubu.

Made for rough tittyfucking.

I hope so

>Adult Yoko

>there are so many untranslated ttgl doujins
>ttgl ended like ten years ago, so no one will ever do them

Why is Yoko so shit? She ruined the whole show.

Aren't these girls 14 too?

Don't forget, best girl in all Gainax is 14 too.

>being a literal faggot in a thread like this
Why are you even here?

>liking cute girl
Whatever you say, user-kun.

I personally prefer the sensei form

i just finished watching ttgl for the first time

I liked the show in the second half but the ending I thought was pretty dumb. The ending up to Nia is kill part, I mean. That just felt kinda wonky and after all that Simon had been through, I felt he deserved something.

Otherwise was good

I haven't watched he show in a while, does she say she's 14 in the show? Just seems stupid that she's 14

Yes, somewhere in the beginning episodes she says she's an adult and can go on adventures because in her village every 14-year-old like her is considered an adult or something like that iirc

The difference in a year in-universe compared to ours explains it I would guess.

muh dique

Ugh, that's too much ass

*face tearing begins*

>ballooned into an EE. She apparently even had reduction surgery.

Why did she get surgery for being an EE?
Being an electrical engineer is a good career.

My cousin is 14, seems accurate enough for me. When I was around that age a lot of nudes of a classmate got passed around school and ended up on jj.am and other sites. Her age wasn't even questioned.


Ok anons, be honest, how many potential children have you killed because of this doujin?


Is that a thing? I mean, the volume of circulation. I know it happens, but you make it sound like it was this huge circulation going on. When I was in school, I was only aware of two.


Why are you so shit? You ruined the whole thread.

Oh user you silly goof comon and give me a kiss

What is she, like a D cup or so?
That's not totally outrageous


This was like, over 40 years ago. Standards were different back then.





It's not just about the physical size but how they're framed, how they're used.

>creator tries to backtrack by saying she only 14 according to her village's time system

Holy fucking shit, just make her 21 or whatever. Why'd you even bother making her 14 if you weren't going to roll with it?

She was supposed to be the same age as Simon to push some love triangle with the two of them and Nia.
That was abandoned and she was rertroactively made the same age as Kamina. But her village, having no access to the outside world, got their timekeeping all fucked up and so 14 years for them is 18 in the real world.

>TFW no good yoko h-doujins

Babby's first fap waifu

Yoko is pretty quality first fap waifu though.

>9 years old

>none of the ones that are decently drawn involve Kamina

Anyone have the full version of this that isn't cropped? Can't seem to find it even with reverse image search.

Got you covered buddy.


Well done! I ain't even mad

It is a little frustrating though that someone posted the version where it shows her whole body instead of just her from the chest up, and now it seems impossible to find.

>She actually got bigger as she got older.


this music video did things to me.

none, all my dead children have been given to the doujin where Simon is ridden by Yoko and Nia rides his face.

Nigger, you're seriously homosexual.

>we will never know what happened to her

She probably blowed all the Team Gurren everyday after Kamina's death tho

Except Simon.

i need it for sperm donation purposes


Pretty much this. They all look 12 until they look 40.



I still wish she had ended up with Simon.

I don't care if if it doesn't make sense, after everything they went through it'd at least be something positive

None, but this one on the other hand... g.e-hentai.org/g/853654/816f8ab702/

perfect amount of thicc

the image size it too large.


It took me about a minute to find it. You waited longer for someone else to get it than you could have found it yourself.

You don't understand what thickness is do you?

Thank you so much, I don't know how I was searching wrong, I spent 30 minutes before coming to here. Mostly I was searching for wallpapers or using the cropped version to image search and I could only find the cropped version.

Again, appreciate it user

I have to wonder how many of yous have acually seen a 14 year old.

At least 5 different levels of thicc
You should get your eyes checked



Works for me.



Wanna show her our technique Cred Forums?


Say Littner with a japanese accent

>implying any of us would have the chance to even star in a doujin


I knew girls that looked like that in 8th and 9th grade. Not every 14 year old looked like that, but it was a sizeable number. 20-30% had boobs almost that big, or at least pushup bras. One girl actually had boobs bigger than that, and you could tell during PE because she didn't wear a bra for some reason.

But, this thread is probably full of guys who either never paid attention to girls their own age or just forgot.

Oh, and I REALLY hope you guys know the difference between pedophilia and statutory rape.

Pedophilia = attraction to a prepubescent childs body.
Stat. Rape = having sex with a sexually mature minor.

That's what both the laws and the biology books say, so anyone who thinks attraction to someone clearly past puberty is abnormal is a fucking delusional retard.

When I first watched it I thought it would end with simon being some alpha king of humanity with Yoko and Nia as his wives. Boy was I wrong.

I expected him to hook up with Yoko after Nia was gone, though I guess it's better this way

What we lack in quality we'll make up for in quantity

It's hard to say that I liked the ending of Gurren Lagann, because while it made me feel sad and depressed I still thought it was well executed.

I don't know, maybe I'm weird for liking things that make me feel sad. Maybe I just feel that if something can make you feel an emotion strongly, besides disgust for the show itself of course, it is quite the opposite of bad.

I just feel weird because most people will hate something if it made them feel sad at the end.

>Its rape/Simon doujins
Im sick of this

There's definitely a market for hot girls getting gangbanged by plain or ugly dudes.


>Yoko gets a thread but not Nia

Fucking degenerates


I find it surprising Cred Forums likes yoko. She dressed like a slut and acted 3d. Granted I never finished ttgl, but wouldn't Cred Forums be put off by this?

You underestimate the power of 2D tits

Only retards care about that. If she has great tits we don't care what she does.
>acted 3d
Clearly you don't understand just how bad 3d really is. Liking more than 1 guy is just a minor problem compared to the absolutely shitty personalities, behaviors, bodies, and just overall pettiness of real girls, and people in general.

Not all of Cred Forums is purityfags either.


What's wrong with the proportions? It looks like she's fat.


If she's old enough to bleed (or have tits) she's old enough to breed.

I really like the ending, because of the bittersweetness of how it blends cosmic victory against personal tragedy.

The universe is finally free, but Simon's lost the woman he loved.

Everyone raves about GL's big, 'hype' moments, but I think the series real strength is in the small, personal moments.

Plus im a huge sucker for Odin-esque wanderer characters

This. Yoko's should be fertile given how her age has two digits.

Give me good female characters that aren't there for sex appeal

She thicc

I like TTGL, but I'm not fond of most of the other stuff Imaishi has put out. After the random stuff we've seen in PSG, Dead Leaves and Inferno Cop and the bad pacing of KLK I kind of wonder if GAINAX had somebody else on board at the time to keep him in check

My nigga.

this is probably the first anime song I've ever listened, dem feels