So how does Boruto fit together? There are those chapters after Naruto ended (700+1 - 700+10) there is the Boruto movie and there is the new Boruto manga running in WSJ. Is all of that canon? How should I watch/read those?

You shouldn't read it at all and be done with Naruto.

I'll tell you canon

Madara won and everything that happened after the infinite tsukuyskyjsk was just Naruto's dream

Took the words right out of my mouth.

699 is the perfect ending of the manga. Dont read 700

Release order.

Don't listen to these losers.

Why? He probably enjoys it, otherwise he wouldn't ask.

700 was fine. Adding onto it was a shit idea without lowering the power scale.

>Had the potential to add new villains and use of modernize technology to create a new aspect for shinobi, like Jason Bourne with superpowers
>Adds more Uchihas and Otsutsukis instead

Naruto ---> Boruto

This isn't hard

The movie plot is part of Boruto, although the movie did it better

Its literally dragonball Super.

I really wish Bort didn't have his own fucking series. For one, Even though we don't know much about her, Himawari is already much cuter and way more interesting character than her shit brother. Two, Everyone in the original series got a good end. What the fuck is the point of making more?

Money for Shonen Jump. Kishi is making another new series.

Boruto chronology:

Naruto Chapter 700
Naruto Gaiden (focuses on Salada)
Mitsuki one-shot
Boruto movie
Boruto manga (first arc is a retread of the movie)

You forgot The Last. Yeah it's shit, but it's technically canon and it happened between 700 and Gaiden.

Between 699 and 700

Couldn't he at least make it about the sister instead. She's obviously the happy fun one.

Did he actually lose his eye? I haven't been following it at all.

Chronological order.
Naruto manga until chapter 700
Naruto Gaiden: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon(Mitsuki Gaiden)
Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring(Sarada Gaiden)
BORUTO(The movie or manga)

Release order is
Sarada Gaiden
Mitsuki Gaiden

The LAST is canon but it's not written by Kishi and he has made clear that he doesn't plan on using Toneri or the super Byakugan bullshit in his own story.

So is there really a point in watching it? I mean the manga time-skips to 700 where they all have kids.

If you're going to recommend The LAST then you might as well recommend all the Hiden novels that happen between 699 and 700, because while they are ""canon"" they're not written by Kishimoto and their purpose is fill the 10 year blank that Kishi has no interest in filling.

I can totally understand watching it if you want to see powerlevels but that's about it.

Why the fuck does the Bort manga art look completely different to Kishi's Naruto and Sarada Gaiden?

Is he not drawing it anymore or had his art really gone down the shitter?

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Don't you mean NaruSakufag?

>Is all of that canon?

>How should I watch/read those?
Gaidens --> Movie --> Manga (once it actually starts getting new content)

Because it's not drawn by Kishi. And the artist seems to have fear of boobs.

I'm glad Bort being the protagonist triggers you

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