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>Title: A spiling face with bruises all over it

>That's yours, right?

>How sis you get it…!?

>It was dropped on the road, so I took it with me!
>Box: Seeing her smiling face, I…

>Box: got pissed off quite a lot for some reason.

>all these reactions
Jun is literally a girl

Typo. Meant smiling.

Not to mention the "sis" instead of "did. Man, i'm the worst for making so much typos.

I want a cute tomboy with large breasts to fight my battles for me.

Title: A smile full of wounds
Panel 1:
Tomo: Here! This is yours, isn't it?
Panel 2:
Jun: Why do you have this!?
Tomo: Well, you see,
Panel 3:
Tomo: It was laying on the road so I picked it up!
Jun: [Seeing that smile, for some reason...]
Panel 4:
Jun: Huh?!
Jun: [I became extremely angry.]

>It was dropped on the road

Almost word for word what an user predicted yesterday. Thanks

"lying" not "laying"
laying requires an object
lying doesn't

-Jun feels so emasculated.
-Holds a grudge against Tomo.
-This is why he wants to beat her.

He's not emasculated. He just knows she's bullshitting.

It was at that moment that Tomo screwed herself over for life.

>he's bullshitting

Is this the first we've seen her two fangs?


damn! you're fast.

Shit, what a specific memory you have.

in everyday conversation i would say "laying"

>I now imagine Tomo speaking as the count from Sesame Street

Is she a vampire?

Vampire tomboy

I just noticed the bite marks on Jun's neck. Subtle edit

Oh! I wish..

vampire tomboys are quite the paradoxical creature, all their athletic activities would be limited to night time.

So she's biting her lower lips?


It's like poetry, it rhymes...

What happened to Tomo. She used to be cool.

Puberty hit her hard

Actually, user...

>Page 1



why's he so pissed?
>I don't get it.

he knows subconsciously that there's no way that she would know that a DS that was lying on the ground was his.

Someone else fixed his shit while he did nothing about it

Because Tomo just made him feel inadequate and weak as fuck.

>Imagine how he would've felt if he knew she was a girl.

His friend actively sought his bullies, fought them and got wounded to retrieve his DS. Earlier, Jun lied to his friend about his own injuries and missing DS so as not to cause any trouble.

Jun's pissed because his friend willingly put himself in trouble AND outright lied to his face, just like Jun did.

He's being shown his weaknesses twice: by being "rescued" from his bullies by a friend he wanted to protect and by not being honest and trusting. I have the feeling that this will trigger Jun's /fit/ autism and MOTIVATION.

>Tfw you're the only one that isn't autistic in your circle of acquaintance

dig down, user. you know that's not true.

Now you understand Jun's suffering.

>implying Misuzu isn't autistic as fuck
The only main character who isn't autistic is Tanabe.

>Main Character
>Not an Autist
Only choose one.

>main character?


They don't belong together.

keep telling yourself that.

I've been having this feeling for a while.
>TomoXgirlySenpai for life.



We've finally reached the point where this word has lost all meaning

This. Tomo doesn't love Jun. She just wants to be BFFs.

there's green and purple playing on the TL site for some reason

2012 called, they'd like their dawning revelations back. They also said ISHYGDDT. Not sure what that means, maybe they meant shiggy?

>Current year
>Words having actual meaning

>Only now reached the point

You're late by several years.

>not wanting the tomboy to win

oh yeah now I remember

>And all I was going to post was a screenshot


The line between tomboy and vampire is becoming blurred.

what are they doing

it's chapter 420


>tomboy vampire Christmas cake elf in a summer dress

>not this

This is incredible.

great hentai doujin. Absolutely worth the read.

How dare these bastards edit out Tomo's glorious smile in the third panel. New TLs or riot.

give her a genki smile to show off her fangs

So, does 420 refer to Article 420?

Is that a new character?

Tomo a shit
worst boy
worst girl

>several years late
Oh yeah I forgot, this place was never good

The tomboy will win, it's just a matter of who will win the tomboy

As someone who prefers to run/jog at ~2am as opposed to any other time of day, I never realized how much I needed a vampire tomboy before today.


>cute girls doing midnight parkour

>Developed the bad habit of working out at night

Guess that would work well

Not even jun himself knows

These translator monkeys should stick to translating and stop trying to meme.

Let them have their fun, user.
They're doing it for free+.

He's not good at translating though, so what else does he have other than memes?

It's actually better for you. You become more fit quicker as your body is already awake and metabolizing.


What makes you think it's bad user? It coincides perfectly with showering right before going to sleep.

I had the volumen set on 90, glad I wasn't using my headset this time.

So far it seems to wake my body up when it's starting to slow down and keeps me up later. And I've learned recently that your body's natural clock likes to be asleep sometime around midnight or before.

Yeah, this is clearly the superior choice.

I had this as my ringtone for like two years. All the normalfags thought it was just black and yellow.

>your body's natural clock likes to be asleep sometime around midnight or before.
Not mine. Left unchecked, i.e. not having to wake up early or anything, my clock tends to tell me to sleep at around 3AM

Why the fuck is this cancer on the page? It's not funny, just sad.

>And I've learned recently that your body's natural clock likes to be asleep sometime around midnight or before.

Not everyone's natural clock is the same user. My most comfortable static schedule to date was when I was waking up around sunset and going to sleep around 10am-12.

Also if you leave me without obligations like work or school, my sleep schedule will rotate an hour or two every day or three. It wouldn't be weird for me to be waking up at 8am one day, waking up later and later until two weeks later I'm waking up at 8pm.

God DAMN these meme translators.

That's mostly because light inhibits the production of the chemicals that makes you sleepy.

We collectively fucked our sleep schedule as a species with electricity.

Ikr? They ruin Tomo's smile.

Of course reddit is defending this bullshit.

Defending what?

>It's free you guys have no right to complain
Fuck them also tell me if I'm wrong but the whole series is free, fumita is just doing free work as well and doesn't pull shit like this because it's free.


Going to plebbit

>Fuck them
>leech thinks he is entitled to anything

>You become more fit quicker as your body is already awake and metabolizing.
top broscience

I honestly hate these memeing fucks. I hope weed never gets legalized and all potheads get thrown in jail. AAYYYY BLAZE IT XD

Tell me where can I buy a translated version of this series?

I always tought it mean: I shititidigity

>use google translate for the words
>ms paint the words over speech bubbles



You're always free to do it yourself if you want.

Just because he can't or doesn't want to take over doesn't mean he can't point out truths.

pothead here, I still thought the joke was lame

Yes, I could if I want to, and I could do a better fucking job than these monkeys that randomly put stupid memes everywhere. I guess I should be glad they did put porn over the 69th chapter, because that would have been le epic funnies as well.

Shit like this really makes me think that I should drop this manga.

>can't ever smoke because jobs and responsibility
Don't remind me.

Jun a goddamn Jobber, he's Jobber the Jun

God I hope you are being ironic. Because in these days people just use any buzzword.

well continue making yourself sound like a fool

Made me giggle when I followed the link from my email

Last thread died pretty quickly, it was gone by the morning.

Weekends too?

not enough memes

>Tomo took the hint when they were kids but not now
Did she became more stupid with time?

Of course they don't.

>Unable to relate to other's emotions.
>Says rude and blunt things without thinking.
>Shit at socializing.
She's actually a textbook case of autism.
Carol's probably the least autistic. She's very good at picking up on others emotions for starters.

She can't even tell when misuzu is mad or not.

It is pretty bad, I guess you'd better stop reading and leave the tomochan threads.
She caught on pretty quick when Misuzu was upset about tomo leaving her behind for Jun and gave her a hug. I think she's just got a thing for irritating people and being smothering with her affection.

This is fine and dandy it's not but I actually want the page without the memes, commie. I save these.

I miss m@sterscans


check back tomorrow

I'll do

Google it.
Thats the big downside to it

If you want a stopgap you could just put the new words down in the original page.


>no fun allowed: the thread


Bless this user

fucking jun


So who's Jun gonna snap at tomorrow? Tomo or the bullies?

Fucking LLS, get your shit together, you fucks.

On Batoto the page isn't memed.

I'm bored of this manga.


Is there anyone else here who doesn't give a fuck about their childhood and just wants the flashback to be over with so that we can return to high school shenanigans?

The only flashback I'm interested in is during the middle school when Jun had stopped talking to Tomo for a period or something like that.

See you tomorrow

Know your shit