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Lord of Calamity next week finale. Do you feel the hype?
Velvet is still the best Lord of Calamity

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>Next week

Too bad the game wasn't like this. Fucking Baba.

Velvet deserves a good life

I admit I have no idea what's going on with the Berseria side of the story.

I want an Edna.

Who doesn't

I don't. I prefer Alisha.

Lailah is the best girl.

Why have 2 cours? I've only got halfway through the game I think but is it really the lengthy?


I think it's because the anime includes stuff from Berseria.

Quiet, Meebo.

How different is the anime from the game? From the little I know Alisha was supposed to leave the party early.


I haven't watched all the way myself, but I'm not sure we're even at the point where she leaves yet...? Correct me if I'm wrong, people who actually have watched that far.

Big events left that either have to be covered or reworked are

>Meeting Kitty Beard (Next Episode)
>LastonBell - Rose/Dezel
>The trials (Powering up) and Dezel/Zaveid
>Mayvin/Michael flashbacks
>The fucking dragon and the return home
>Final Dungeon/Battles

Shit probably could have been done in like 18 episodes or so but Berseria and Alisha took the other 4 or so episodes from us.

The only thing Edna deserves is her brother.

Alisha never leaves because she never joined at all in the anime. Her narrative is being kept separate and that's one of the improvements the anime did.

>Shit probably could have been done in like 18 episodes or so but Berseria and Alisha took the other 4 or so episodes from us.
Dunno why anyone is complaining, it actually gives me something else to watch this season besides Jojo, since I'm not watching anything else.

Oh that's nice to know, thanks user

After destroying the little dragon in Marlind, they go to the forest nearby to destroy the root of the malevolence. It's there where Sorey almost dies or some shit because Alisha's a shit squire. Alisha figures this out and leaves.

It's then when she quits the party and the Hyland government force Sorey to take part in the war or else Alisha will be tried as a traitor. Sorey goes into the war to wreck the shit out of Rolance instead of clearing out malevolence.

So yeah, the anime changed a lot of shit already. Still more or less consistent with the big events though.

How many episodes will we get? 13?

It ends next week, I think. Next cour is next year.

>Next year

I like the direction the anime took better.

I liked the idea they had in the game slightly better. In the anime the approach is that the Shepard's duty is lonely because he alone basically takes on the Malevolence of the people.

In the game the duty is instead a lonely one because people fear his power.

That said, I agree on it being better executed in the anime. The game just leaves that entire aspect dangling after a while.

I want to put something long and hard in Alisha's behind when she's not expecting it!

I want to sneak behind her and tickle her cute ass and make her jump and then turn around to see nothing, and keep doing it to make her scared of what's going on!

too bad the bowl cut guy got to her first

Real talk, wouldn't the general be labeled as traitor for this or no one gives a shit about Alisha's authority in the royal family at all?

I feel like they paced the series so episode 12 would be the episode where they meet the Lord of Calamity. It's pretty much the best place in the game to have the season finale. The next couple of plotlines wouldn't have made for a climatic season finale.

I don't think anyone put too much thought into how the politics work honestly.

Frankly it doesn't make a lot of sense. The general said to capture her which you couldn't possibly cover up in any way. Maybe if they thought they could kill her and blame Rolance, but I have no idea.



Edna is ticklish!

How do seraphim make babies?

They use Edna as the town bicycle.

Reminder that:

>Rose's height = VA's height
>VA's favorite movie : Detective Conan - Assassin in the Eyes - (Alisha's DLC title: What Shows in the Eyes
>Which turned out to be Rose, an assassin
>VA's motto: I am me
>Rose's true name: Rose is Rose
>VA's favorite type of guy: A serious person with a rich heart
>Famitsu interview, Baba: "The theme of this time's story is the "richness of the heart" that everyone should have"
>Baba is called "Prince" by his surroundings
>Conan the Barbarian (Eiyuu Conan) -> Prince Conan (Eiyuu is Baba's first name, different pronunciation)
>Rose's in-game fiancee was Prince Conan

I feel like Alisha became too cool and she's stealing the show. Her side of the story turned out to be much more interesting. I'm barely giving a fuck about Sorey's journey defeating the magical ancient evil with his chosen superpowers. right now.

I don't think they do? I think they just happen when a regular human dies and ascend to seraphhood.

That's how it was supposed to be initially. Alisha was supposed to get her own story that was parallel's to Sorey's.

Also Alisha's story was supposed to be about political intrigue, while Sorey's was about bullshit super powers.

So were Edna and Eizen siblings as humans? How does that work?

>I feel like Alisha became too cool and she's stealing the show.
Funny how karma happens like that.

Nah I'm really liking. So much that I want an Alishia spinoff. But I feel bad for Sorey, he seems just really bland in the anime.

Wow, no webms again. Kinda sign of fujofanbase is majority in these threads.

I mean, outside the pure gimmick, he was pretty bland in the game. He seems more dynamic to me in the anime since he doesn't wait around for Lailah's approval to do anything in the first quarter of the game.

They probably died in a similar way Celica and Artorious Jr. did and got resurrected as malaks/seraph.

He hasn't gotten to have adventures exploring ruins yet. His enthusiasm and personality should get to shine when he takes a break from Shepherd work.

Human's can ascend to seraphim after dying, giving the proper condition. Artiorious' wife and his unborn baby ascend immediately after the mother was pushed down a cliff. Mikleo ascended when he was sacrificed as a baby..

Same thing could have happened to Eizen and Edna. The kicker is they have no memory of their previous life, just their personality and interests.

it's been a long time since i've played Zesty so i can't remember the details, but i'm pretty sure Edna and Eizen weren't human siblings. Eizen probably just adopted her when she was still loliest Edna/a new baby seraphim.

Bartlow does whatever Bartlow wants
He ordered the general and his men to deal with Alisha no matter what they could had to do and so they did.
Who gives a shit about a king/queen not appearing in the game too.

I don't remember that ever being mentioned in Zestiria.

I seem to remember that by this point in the story (episode 11) that Alisha was eventually given an ability to see the seraphim in the game's story, but here she's only just reached the point of being able to hear them when Sorey is close by.

It just feels retarded why does a princess have to go around the country for charity works and the king doesn't even have an opinion regarding this

The king is a pussy and so the politicians made him their bitch

The squire thing was entirely dropped

it was a late game skit i think... Edna seems surprised that they (Sorey and Mikleo i think? or possibly just Mikleo) assume she and Eizen were blood related, because seraphim don't really work like that.

>takes a break from Shepherd
Probably not gonna happen in this or the next cour.

Because she's not a direct spawn of the king. In the game, she mentioned she's so far down the family line, she would not be able to ascend to the throne in her life time.

She's starting to be able to perceive them on her own. I have to rewatch it, but didn't she look up and saw Dezel at the end of the episode?

>She's starting to be able to perceive them on her own. I have to rewatch it, but didn't she look up and saw Dezel at the end of the episode?
Now that you mention it, I think you might be right. My brain just automatically thought of it as coincidence at first.

I thought she was the king's daughter but from woman of low status.

I don't think she did. She only reacted to the wind and wondered if it was a Seraph. Dezel just appeared for the viewer's sake.

She didn't look up high enough to actually be looking at Dezel. She was just surprised by the realization that a seraphim was there and protected them, I think.

I honestly don't remember. I'd have to replay it dig out these details. But I really don't want to suffer through all that again.

Are we actually getting one more episode?
I thought we'd get to episode 12 but then I remembered it had an episode 00 which makes it 12 episodes in total now.
So the cour is over? No more until winter?

She's not the king's daughter, it's like said. She's a member of the royal family but her dad fucked a lowborn woman.

I actually got the impression from playing the game that the king is probably a little kid or infirm or something, because you never, EVER see him and it seemed like the Council/Bartlow had way too much power. Nobody ever talks reverently or respectfully about the king at all.

Will Alisha get kidnapped and be forgotten again?

Alisha is alpha as fuck this time
But still has Lancer E rank luck

>Do you feel the hype?

I just realized that's Phi and Laphicet in the background. I didn't need these feels early in the morning.

Does that image actually happen in the game? I sure don't remember it.

It's Velvet's happy dream of what could have been after she goes to eternal sleep with Laphi

Just imagine. She has all that taken away when Sorey and Mao wake up.

Sorey and Mao waking up has nothing to do with Velvet waking up.
Though I do hope they wake her for a Shepherd+Lord of Calamity teamup. More than a thousand years of happy dreams is enough, r-right?

Don't know if Velvet would applaud Alisha for attacking the cause of malevolence or call her retarded for her "No revenge allowed ever" approach

Velvet knows she's the evil one. She's not a hero who fights for the good of the world, she just wanted to kill that motherfucker Artorius. It just so happened that she ended up also fighting for the freedom of humanity.

Is this the cue for an outfit change for cour 2? Her clothes are all bloody now.

I hope so.

Eizen was born first. There's nothing as sibling in Seraphim world. After a while, Edna was born in the same spot he was. He knew right away there's something special between them. They understand each other and lived together.

>He knew right away there's something special between them
Probably has something to do with her looking exactly like a loli version of himself.
Every user would imoutozone that.

The king is an idiot.

>Not joining the Lord of Calamity to fight the stupid Shepherds...

Why even live?

She must wake up to take back Mao from the evil oneechan that is now working for him and does a horrible job.

She must do it not just for Phi but for all the otouto out there, that Lailah will hurt with her sociopath loving ways.

What make you thing it's not Eizen who make himself appear as aniki version of Edna?

Newfag to tales of here, is there a reason why the soldier armor design is similar to the ones in tales of the abyss? Or is that design universal throughout all the games?

It's just the artist who can't draw anything else

It's more of an art style thing. It's been very similar since Symphonia. Character models were in a similar situation until Xillia hit and then again for Zestiria.

It's really funny and weird that in the anime Rose keeps following Alisha around and getting impressed by her actions.

It's like pottery.

I see

Why is Velvet such a bro-con? Who thought this was a good idea?

Calling it right now.
Rose is going to be Alisha's "squire" next cour and see the errors of her ways and get knighted at the end of the series to help spread Alisha's gospel of peace and pacifism.

In this case it might just save the world. It's a preventative measure to prevent Lailah from turning another impressionable young child into another shit shepherd.

Sorey was only good because Lailah didn't raise him.

But Velvet's worrisome onee-chan personality is the best part of her.

Alisha slowly teaches Rose how to not be a sociopath, and to keep her murder boner in check.

I really do wonder how Lailah got her job, surely it can't be because she is a cute older sister-type, right?

I highly doubt they'll write Rose out of the story like that. She's still pretty much set to assist/succeed Sorey thanks to the whole Dezel thing.

Because Velvet is a shit.

That's probably the only reason why she got it.

Why is this faggot getting close to Edna-sama

Fuck off you blue homo.

>That last screenshot
Why are they so perfect together, Cred Forums?

he's her bullying victim/little brother figure. they interact with each other a lot in the game, too.

Who knows, one thing for sure she won't be the one who will rescue Sorey during the war scene, that'll probably be Sergei.

Another problem is that Rose's attitude and ideals and her approach to her problems are something that the anime has already pointed out multiple times as both wrong and even hindering to the shepherd. The anime isn't kissing her ass like the game, so Rose has to play by the world's rules, which are much more pronounced and stringent here than it was in the game.

In reality the whole squire, and Rose becoming shepherd plot existed solely for Rose's character.

that would be interesting, since he would recognize the Lord of Calamity's human form.

i do agree that it seems unlikely Rose will be the one to save him, she's pretty far away from him, and i don't see her ditching her wounded hime-sama. unless she drops Alisha back off with Maltran and Alisha asks her to go help Sorey, i guess...

Yeah Sorey is also going farther and farther away from Alisha's position and therefore Rose's position, plus Sergei saving him and bringing him to Rolance is the only reason why they'd even include him in this event. It's also smart because everything connected with Sorey's mission is in Rolance.

Season 1 will probably end on a bleak note as Sergei and Rose have to squirrel the two main characters away to safety after seeing Kitty Beard stomp around being evil.

if it DOES happen this way, then that means Dezel will never be sublord. they'll just snag Zaveid somewhere in Rolance instead. i'd be okay with this.

i wonder if Rose, Alisha and Dezel would have to deal with Lunarre in the second cour in this this hypothetical scenario? might be cool.

>In reality the whole squire, and Rose becoming shepherd plot existed solely for Rose's character.
Horribly unbalanced as it was I'd believe you more if you said it was a created for gameplay purposes.

I also see that as the most likely outcome. The only thing else that I can see happening is Sorey not needing saving at all and Kitty Beard just retreating.

The one thing that is somewhat screwing with that is that Meebo just hinted at what happened in the game. You know, take a break after the war and explore some ruins. That's exactly what happened in game and lead to Rose/Dezel joining and eventually getting to Lastonbell.

I'd like something to happen with Lunarre, he never really made any sense in the game.

Rose is too far away to see Kitty Beard, and to be honest I'm not even sure she'll make it Rolance. They can have Sorey deal with the problems in Rolance, especially since the source of those problems is a hellion, and a mistake that Lailah made in the past.

Yeah they can just have Zaveid join without killing Dezel.

Yeah them going against would be a smart way to handle the situation.

>The trials
They cutting up that part for meebo, lailah and edna, i doubt anime will ever show that crazy dungeon.

I think I'd really prefer this kind of split plot threads with two groups instead of squishing everyone together.
Having more than 4 people around together the whole time is just gonna hurt everyone characterization wise unless it's the final battle.

>The only thing else that I can see happening is Sorey not needing saving at all and Kitty Beard just retreating.

i guess this might happen, Sorey is definitely stronger in the anime than in the game. i can't really see Heldalf retreating without fucking with him in some manner, though, so he might fuck with his resonance, block Sorey's ability to perceive the seraphim, and then leave him alone afterwards... which should be pretty traumatizing on its own. stuck in a new land with no allies (or strangers if Sergei shows up) and not being able to see his seraphim pals sounds pretty awful to me.

Both being best healer in-game.

Didn't they already show the Zestiria Opening? Rose is Armatizing whether you like it or not.

>i can't really see Heldalf retreating without fucking with him in some manner, though
He basically did that in the game. Heldalf doesn't want to kill Sorey for most of the game. He wants Sorey to join him.

Well Storyline wise and meta wise all Sorey really needs to do to purify the lands much faster is defeat Hedalf and purify Maotelus. In reality hellions aren't as big a problem as the game makes them out to be.

The whole squire mechanic is related to Rose, as originally I don't think that anybody else besides Sorey was ever going to armatize.

i'm only wondering how they'd handle Dezel in this case? Rose still thinks he's a ghost. unless Alisha gets resonance boosted again, or being around Rose is enough for her to hear him which might piss off the Nips with Rose being special again, how will the two of them communicate with him?

They dropped the squire thing altogether already. It's actually quite possible Rose will never armatize.

At this point in time they've basically taken away for her to join.

Her personality and ideals have been pointed out as problem, Sorey is too powerful to need the extra help, no game play to act as an excuse. And Mikleo fills that position as Sorey's closest companion just fine.

Dezel has yet to speak around Alisha, so they could explain it by saying that being around Sorey has caused her natural resonance to increase.

and they've entwined Rose's story with Alisha's too much at this point. it'd be fucking weird if she ditched Alisha now. unless Alisha ASKS her to i can't really see her going after Sorey.

>Didn't they already show the Zestiria Opening?
I always thought they showed Zestiria's game opening because they couldn't show Berseria's OP.

Yeah and on top of that the anime doesn't has the people forget the fact that the shepherd, can talk to spirits, and Sorey has been raised around them so it's not as though he misses human interaction.

They could just make both Sorey and Alisha party meet at Lastonbel or Pendrago, having Alisha go with Sergei to negotiate peace with Rolance while Rose hanging out with Sorey doing their own thing.

That can only happen, after Sorey has gotten rid of all the hellion in Rolance, but once he does that the story will change gears to being about Hedalf, Sorey and Mikleo.

So by the time that Rose is capable of joining there would be no reason for her to be there.

So, they're skipping entire assassin hideout part then?

Rose is too far away from Sorey's position to be able to rescue him.

Yeah, Alisha's political background makes it really easy to write her out of the story.

Going forward I think it's almost guaranteed that we'll get the story split between 2-3 PoVs.

>Alisha + Rose/Dezel + Sorey and co
>Alisha/Rose/Dezel + Sorey and co
>Alisha + Sorey/Rose

All of them a huge difference from the game where it's just
>Rose and co

>>Alisha/Rose/Dezel + Sorey and co

i think i'd like this one best. Sergei can be the Rolance version of Alisha, which is what i always dreamed.

"Sergei wa suki da"

The only thing I know for sure is that they need to go to some ruins slightly before or after Lastonbell. I don't know how that'll work out.

I can see S2 starting in either Lastonbell or the ruins.


Maybe Rose will drag Alisha there, since she's "badly" hurt?
But then again visiting that place without Sorey would be pretty pointless.

But then when could Rose join? Alisha can't enter into Rolance since there won't be any peace talks until the hellions in Rolance are dealt with. But the problem is by the time that they're dealt with Sorey will be focused on Hedalf and the story will be over.

They're a bunch of ruins in between Lastonbell and Pendrago.

Maybe, but by then Sorey will probably be picked up by somebody else, and will wake up to being unable to see Mikleo. Not having Rose around means that we can actually focus on Sorey during this time.

for that matter there's a ruin in Glaivend Basin. so it could be that shitty filler ruin, the one in the forest that the Sparrow Feathers use as a hideout, or any of the ruins after Lastonbel but before Pendrago.

admittedly, the Sparrow Feathers' Hideout ruin has that map in it that shows where all the elemental trials are, but if they're going to skip or condense those anyway it doesn't really matter.

Sorey starts in Lastonbell, goes to the ruins (hideout) to get the trial info/unwind and Rose/Dezel meet them there. The ruins IS Rose's hideout so it just makes perfect sense that everyone ended up there.

The only difficult matter is writing an injured Alisha into this.

Not to forget when Sorey wakes up it'll be with him unable to see the seraphim, so he won't be able to immediately explore the ruins with Mikleo.

There are a lot of ruins in between Lastonbell and Pendrago, there's no reason for Sorey to backtrack. Especially because they'll probably skip the elemental trials.

>admittedly, the Sparrow Feathers' Hideout ruin has that map in it that shows where all the elemental trials are, but if they're going to skip or condense those anyway it doesn't really matter.
How and if they handle the trials is a different matter entirely. They need something to power up Sorey other than info though that much is certain.


They can use the explanation that they've used already, experience. Sorey is getting stronger the more he battles hellions, besides Sorey was worn out during his first encounter with Hedalf.

The elemental trials really just existed in the game as filler, but it's actually really easy to skip over it entirely.

I really don't think which in-game ruins they go to matters or where they're located. Any of them can act as a hideout if necessary IF they go the route of adding Rose and Dezel to the party.

When I said
>need to go to some ruins slightly before or after Lastonbell
I meant as in S2 will start with the ruins or Lastonbell and not the physical location of the ruins in-game itself.

the boy could already violate the laws of physics before he became a shepherd, i don't think they need to waste too many episodes on a world trotting power up arc. he'd have to go all the way back to Hyland for the water trial and then back to Rolance again to resume the plot.


I like her formal speech.

Holy fuck why is her in-game model so terrifying?

>not wanting to hear fire trial's music for the entirety of one episode

So far, they've actually been very consistent regarding locations, no reason why that would change.

They've skipped over many ruins but they've never moved their location or even the treasures that were found in them. So again there's no reason for them to go to the sparrow feather hideout.

Besides that even the manga skipped over the elemental trials, needless to say they're unnecessary.

She looks like a creepy doll.

> long flowing robes
> still shows bare legs


i actually liked the game and now i cringe at in-game screenshots of any of the characters. the anime has ruined it for me.

The music used in the trials are actually Lailah, Mikleo's, Edna, and Dezel's themes that have been remixed.

>i actually liked the game
Wait, I thought Tales Of fans consider Zestiria bad compared to some of the others in the series?

The trials most likely to be skipped entirely or just briefly shown since their purpose in-game just to unlock ability to Armatize with seraph, the anime already disregard this rule and Mikleo already visit the ruin by himself.


no you're right, it's an average game AT BEST and total shit at worst. what can i say? i have shit taste in video games, user.

>tfw we'll never get to hear the Fire Shrine song used in the anime because Lailah never does anything cool
oh well, at least we'll get to hear the Water Shrine music a couple of times.

>not playing water trial music entire season because entire party keeps getting teleported back to the entrance

Well you might end up hearing it during a flash back with Michael.

Seeing them in movement helps a tiny bit. But yeah, they really need to upgrade the graphics. They're still on 2005 tech.

Zestiria are subpar compared to almost any tales games due to the shitty writting and clunky gameplay elements.

Last I checked Go Shiina did like 10 tracks and there's like no repeats other than the instrumental/slow version of Journey's end.

Unless you mean in the anime which I guess it's technically right.

Kinda hope that they consider reusing cell-shading like they did with Vesperia, it's fitting for anime artstyle.

Can't blame them, they're still porting it to ps3.

My mistake, the game actually used the elemental trial themes as character themes.

>every poster in this thread is completely civil
Is this because the anime has so few viewers?

No it's because of the time of day.

I assume the shitflinging already happened in the previous thread?

What sort of shitposting usually occurs in Zestiria threads? Besides
I imagine.

Both Rose and Alisha are treated properly and everyone is optimistic.
There is no reason to be mad. Even in the last two threads even though there were some fiery discussions were quite civil.

Yeah it did you had that one Rosefag who keeps insisting that people don't like Rose because of imagined misogyny. And everyone else pointing out that their point made no sense. Then there was that triggered fujo.

Rosefagging, Rose isn't a well written or implemented character by any standards however Rosefags don't like it when you point this out.

I'd be flinging shit as a Rosefag seeing how everyone here wants to write her out of the story. But the fact of the matter is that I don't know how they'll handle things.

So I'll just keep things civil until she Armatizes.

That's because Rose and Alisha get proper treatment in anime, so both party having less material to be used to shit at each other.

there used to be some really epic Rosefag vs everyone else shitflinging, but with Rose actually being decent in the anime that's calmed down a lot.

fujos versus 'THEY'RE BROTHERS' fags happens a lot too.

Seriously delusional long-winded Rosefagging.

Because everyone agrees that Lailah is the best girl so there's not much to discuss anymore.

Please start flinging shit again. I need to get back to witcher 3. I've had it in the background for the past 10 hours.

To be fair though Rosefagging is the fault of both sides. There's just as many people who longwindedly complain everything Rose related and in turn bait the few Rosefags that exist into an endless argument.

but why, i like actually discussing where the anime might go. it has potential to fix shit in interesting ways next cour!

You people just like to over-analyze everything.

Is he the most beautiful Tales of character?

There's no over analyzing to be had though, it's usually just the Rosefags who do that.

>come into Zestiria threads expecting waifuwars at the very least
>some gamefags spoil that Sorey doesn't actually get with any of them and so there's no point
Oh well, back to fapping to Lailah.

>back to fapping to Lailah.
How? There's like literally 5 images of that.

of course he is, just one look into his sophisticated violet eyes would tell you that.

I don't believe you. I demand you post them.


I fucking love Earth Shrine BGM

Yes if and only if Lailah and Edna didn't exist.

And I like how silver haired girls are a thing this year in anime. I think there's a good 2-3 popular ones or soon to be popular (sagiri).

Well a lot of people have problems with the character, so those who are playing Zestiria for the first time or who have recently played it, and feel like their experience with the game was ruined because of the character are going to complain about it.

The problem with Rosefags is that they get upset whenever people point that out. At that point it's the Rosefags for liking the character to the point where they don't even want to acknowledge their faults.

>>ywn make Lailah blush like that
Where's that cliff?

I think that people are actively upset that Mikleo is a dude.

Fire > Water > Wind > Earth

So I haven't watched this and probably never will

How much has changed from the games? Mainly Zestiria.

Mostly tweaked. The biggest change so far is that Alisha is given more time but also doesn't become squire at all. That has led some people to believe that the squire system has been completely scrapped. Rose has also been given more time but so far she's tied to Alisha.

We're at the first war and the first season will end with Sorey and Heldalf first meeting (next episode).

Rough story beats and locations are the same so far but Alisha is much more of a deuteragonist with her own plotline. Also Rose is working for Alisha now.

S2 better have another episode or 2 about best muhlevolence

The anime basically has the same destination but a different journey.

Where will you be when the second season's OP shows Rose Armatized?

>self lubricating asshole
I mean, I guess it makes sense considering Meebo is a water seraph?

At this point in time, I don't know if they'll even do that. Especially since doing it will risk them losing all the good will they've managed to regain.

>The kicker is they have no memory of their previous life, just their personality and interests.
So if Sorey does become a seraph by the end, he wouldn't have remembered Mikleo?

What if it shows both Rose and Alisha armatized?

he won't remember things he did with Mikleo but he'll still have the same feelings towards him. personality traits and strong emotions carry over.

Won't happen. That would trigger the japs way too hard and they know it.

This is even less likely.

They remember their likes and dislikes and important feelings. So while
Sorey won't remember Mikleo he would remember his feelings for Mikleo or likes and dislikes associated with him.

Or Mikleo altered his body so that he could do it.

that whole doujin is hilarious because it's pretty obvious neither of them know what they're doing. so Mikleo magics himself a self lubricating butt and Sorey insists it's normal.

>Come for Zestiria
>Fags spoil berseria
When will you mongoloids die?

Can still happen, even as early as next episode. If UFO can write properly for Alisha, they can also do the same for Rose. Besides, I think they should stop throwing on how great Alisha is.

Sorey please stop waifufagging. We've had more than enough of that.


But how does that work? I mean, you're only friends with the people you are friends with because you've experienced the same things and remember the good times. What do feelings mean without memories?

The thing is though that nobody wants to see Rose armatize except for Western Rosefags. There's no way to really salvage the Rose armatization plot line, and because there's no gameplay there's no reason to.

It's kinda the reason why a lot of Rose's impact as a character has been lessened.

Nah, I saw comments at 2ch that some wont't mind if Alisha dies and Rose can Kamui, as long as it is reasonable unlike RoseAGE in the game.

You're saying no way because you don't want to think the way.

They can still increase Rose's impact as a character next cour.

What if Rose treats Alisha's injuries through magical sexual intercourse and Sorey becomes Archer?

i don't really get it either. i think it'd be really frustrating to look at a person and feel love or admiration for them and not have any context for why you feel that way... but i guess he'll have years to build new memories with those he still has left so it's not too bad. plus Mikleo or any of the others can tell him stories and fill in the gaps.

It's not uncommon for to separate, memories from feelings. You might not always remember a person or an event but at times you will remember feelings and emotions that you've associated with it.

Yeah but that's usually because even if it's not an active memory your subconscious still remember parts of the events that enabled you to feel happy.

I don't get how someone who gets turned into a seraph can remember precious feelings without the presence of memories? Feelings are a byproduct of memories and without the latter, there wouldn't be anything to elicit a reaction out of the individual.

The livestream (the NicoNico one) went berserk during the 5th episode when White Light started and showed Rose's Armatization. It immediately became a cesspool of hate towards her and the episode. Any producer worth its money would avoid getting that negative reaction again.

Does Dezel care enough to just magic heal Alisha? He didn't do anything when they were being attacked by the guards.

It'll be too late though. Most likely all of the key animation / production have finished even before the first cour started.

Because the last time that they showed Rose armatization people were pissed, so I doubt that they're really okay with the idea of it. The problem with the next cour is that I don't think that Sorey will meet up with Rose, nor do I think that Alisha will die. It's like everyone has been pointing out.

There's no point to Rose Armatization anymore, Sorey's too strong, and doesn't need her help. The set up makes Rose unnecessary to Sorey's tale. Not that she wasn't already.

Grow a fucking pair.

The only way it goes to hell is if they pair up Sorey with Rose/Alisha. That'll be the end of the world as we know it. Anything else doesn't matter.

I thought people liked Sorey and Alisha and were buttblasted when they found out the real heroine is Meebo.

based on Rose's reaction he only intervenes if she's in a very bad situation and she thinks it's a 2spooky ghost. but since Alisha can tell a seraphim is there he might be willing to toss a heal her way.

I don't care either way. I'm just pointing out that, from a money-making perspective, is too risky, and we fucking know how much they hate risk over there.

What? They can make Rose and Sorey are actually related?

Alisha can still not die, but unable to do anything due to her injuries. That's a valis reason to leave Alisha out of the story.

It takes 3-4 months to make one episode, it's not like they make it one year ahead of schedule. So it's likely that they haven't even started making the second cour yet.

Nips don't like Rose

Not really, Sorey x Alisha quickly became forgotten about once people realized that it wasn't going to happen. No real hard feelings here.

They seem to be more upset about Mikleo not being a girl.

Can we focus on hating the one true enemy of Zestiria and anime in general instead? This fucking cunt needs to die.

Almost no one cares about canon romantic plotlines. The problem was bait and switching an advertised main character for years with a late addition coupled with fucked up everything from plot to gameplay.

There is no reason for Rose to leave Alisha in this plot though.

No, they can't. Sorey was born prematurely, remember? As for the storyline, again Sorey doesn't need any help especially not from someone whose ideals are what spreads malevolence.

There's no reason for Rose to leave Alisha and there's no reason for Sorey to take a squire.

Sadly, it's not something we can answer. I doubt any of us here has the knowledge regarding said topic to say if this case is possible or not.

Personally, I never questioned it a lot because I took it as a game/story element that exists. The humans die and become seraphs if they are pure enough. They lose their memories so they won't have grudges and regrets of their human lives. But still be able to feel strong emotions towards something or someone familiar, remember likes/dislikes, have the same personality. So in a way they won't have to remember things that made them happy or sad but still have these strong feelings in order to help them around in their new life.

Anyways, the game and manga point that Sorey is not a Seraph or a human after he wakes up. He is probably another being that still has his memories and is immortal.

This anime is really gay

it's the best kind, where girls love girls and boys love boys.

>Let's change the plot so that Rose is out of the way: The thread
It's so cute. When will you all just accept the Rose? It's better than to get wrecked when your nightmare scenario inevitably happens.

Yes they can. They can write Rose is aware of her wrong ways after sucking too much of Alisha's cock.
The anime is already different from the game and manga, why wouldn't it be different in the next cour.

Also, if Alisha wishes for Rose to accompany Sorey, she can leave the badass Princess. I'm sure ufo can write Alisha is great even without Rose.

Sorey will have a reason to take a squire once he realizes he can't defeat Heldalf alone, unless the writers want to write it he can.

>Let's change the plot so that Baba is out of the way

You don't get it. Rose must go and that's the end of it. Reason and logic has no place here. Leave now.

Okay, noted. Fuck you, Baba. I just want Rose to shine in a proper way because what my seiyufuu have to go through because of him.

But then like the other user said, why would Rose leave Alisha who is injured. Remember Rose is unconnected to Sorey's story, and Sorey has no need for a squire.

This episode has made it perfectly clear that Alisha and Sorey are going their separate ways, Alisha has no desire to accompany Sorey.

Sorey is just too powerful to need any help, and Rose is too far away to take part in the scene where Sorey passes out on the battle field.

Sorey also ends up choosing to fight Hedalf alone so, it's actually pointless to include her from the get-go. So why would he even bother to include her in the first place.

Actually logically and reasonably there's no reason for her join Sorey.

But Rose must be there for when she teaches Alisha about sex with a hands on demonstration while Alisha gets all nervous due to naivety.

He's so pure. I thought he would be a generic shounen hero but I ended up liking him a lot.

She's better off with Alisha advent/u/res anyway. Sorey doesn't need her.

Well blame Baba for giving her a role which was never meant for her, instead of just waiting for the next game.

i wanna protect his smile.

Sorey is pretty much just a more motivated Yoh.

>Actually logically and reasonably there's no reason for her join Sorey.
Based on what ultimatelyand most importantly is just your head canon and/or what your pulling out of you ass. Or in kinder terms your predictions.

Rose/Dezel can restore Alisha's HP and drop her somewhere safe. Use the wind skills to run fast across the map.
Remember that Sorey chose to fight Heldalf alone from the game. They can still change it in the anime.

Because pointing out that a character is too powerful to need any help is headcanon.

Despite the fact that the only real excuse for Rose joining in the first place was gameplay with isn't a factor here.

But then why would she leave here there. Sorey chose to fight Hedalf alone in literally every version of Zestiria. At this point in time it's as inevitable as Mikleo end. Considering that he's going to end up having to stay with Maotelus anyway, and if they decide to follow up on the Hedalf is Sorey's father plot point then you really won't see it.

Remember for Sorey v. Hedalf was a personal battle. The chances of Rose being included into that are slim.

Remember no Baba here, the story does things for the story's sake not for Rose's sake.

>drop her
Except Rose's only reason for even being there is to witness Alisha's ways for herself. She even swore to her that if she fails and dies that she will spread the word of Alisha's ideals. Rose is much more involved with Alisha's side of the story now. She has no interest in Sorey other than a passing acquaintance.

the only consideration she has for Sorey is getting payment from him for helping her into Ladylake that one time. and also worry that he might be a fake/asshole shepherd, i guess.

Also from Ufotable's perspective them connecting Rose to Alisha's plot line is what makes Nips tolerate the character, why would they ruin it by trying to force into a plot that they already know she doesn't fit in and is badly received by the audience?

The last part has already proven to be false, and the first part no longer matters.

The story does story for story sake, and Rose can still be part of it, just like how great they make Alisha is.

Alisha can still not die and requests Rose to assist Sorey after Rose witnesses Alisha's ways only work if the writers say so.

I can't wait for next season. Too bad the series isn't popular at all on Cred Forums otherwise we'd have a proper shitstorm brewing.

I find it much more likely that they're all going to join together for the final battle. I don't think Alisha's injury is going to last long

If I hold his hand will this make him impure?

have you missed how big of a hand holding slut he is?

And what's Rose's connection to said story? Remember storyline wise
Rose is little more than just a tag along, she's not a significant character by any means. Case in point give one good reason why Sorey would need her.

Being completely realistic it's unlikely that Alisha will die. Plus considering that the Maltran plot hasn't been resolved yet, it's likely that it will come into play.

Sorey won't be able to defeat Heldalf alone because he is not as strong as you said?

Do you need to be a Princess that preaches peace to not be an insignificant character?
I'm sure a jouney to reevaluate your way of life is a valid reason for Rose to get a character development other than losing to Alisha three times because Alisha is so cool.

There's no harm in making Rose a Squire and share Sorey's burden of sucking the kegare because Rose is learning from the sugoi Princess to be a good person. Pretty sure you'll not be complaining if Alisha can kamui and is able to help Sorey in many ways.

>There's no harm in making Rose a Squire
Except for Ufotable's studio burning down.

>Literally just sharing a frame
Why are shipperfags so delusional? It makes my skin crawl.

Th few bits og game I saw had Rose and Alisha having a fistfight. I have hard time imaging they get down to it with the way they are developed in anime.

>Sorey won't be able to defeat Heldalf alone because he is not as strong
You and I both know that's bullshit, Sorey will end up fighting Hedalf alone, again, because that's an important story beat.

>Do you need to be a Princess that preaches peace to not be an insignificant character?
Alisha and Sergei are actually connected to the end of the war plot which we know that Hedalf is using to create malevolence. We also know that people living happily prevents malevolence from spreading.

>I'm sure a journey to reevaluate your way of life is a valid reason for Rose to get a character development other than losing to Alisha three times because Alisha is so cool.
Yeah for Rose, but that's no reason for Sorey to include her, besides didn't Rose say that she wanted to watch Alisha till the end.

>There's no harm in making Rose a Squire and share Sorey's burden of sucking the kegare because Rose is learning from the sugoi Princess to be a good person. Pretty sure you'll not be complaining if Alisha can kamui and is able to help Sorey in many ways.
Except he doesn't need her, he has Mikleo to act as his companion, and all he really needs to do is focus on killing Hedalf and purifying Maotelus which again is something he'll do alone. And I would be complaining if Alisha kamui she doesn't need it to help Sorey or be relevant. In fact Alisha has been doing just fine without it.

Also pretty sure that Ufotable would end up burning down if Rose used kamui, especially since it's one thing that people cite as point they hate the most about the character. Most of your excuses were reasons why the story should change for the sake of Rose, and let me remind you that Baba isn't in carge anymore.

Alisha wasn't this much of an alpha female in the game.

It's funny, every time I see this picture I can't but think of pic related.

what the hell is that, it looks amazing. why aren't more ToZ doujins online?

A comedy doujin. Zestiria has a lot of them but none of them will ever get scanned. It's sad because they're fucking hilarious. There is actually a Zestiria/Yokai Watch doujin.

The real question is what they're going to do with Dezel.

>Alisha and Sergei are actually connected to the end of the war plot which we know that Hedalf is using to create malevolence. We also know that people living happily prevents malevolence from spreading.
So you need to be high in the society to be able to preach peace. Maybe Rose should focus on the merchant side to make people happy.

>besides didn't Rose say that she wanted to watch Alisha till the end.
I'm sure Alisha will get her peace, so there's no fun watching others following her getting what we know Alisha will get.

Again, Alisha can still order Rose to accompany Sorey to help him.

Sorey can include Rose because he wants to help her too, as he is a nice guy and all.

>Except he doesn't need her, he has Mikleo to act as his companion, and all he really needs to do is focus on killing Hedalf and purifying Maotelus which again is something he'll do alone.

Duh. in the novel, Rose tried to protect Sorey and Mikleo's feelings from getting tainted during the final battle with Heldalf (the last novel illustration irrc) before Sorey left them.

No harm for Sorey to socialize with other human in his journey.

Pretty sure if UFO writes it right, they can avoid getting burnt from hysterical fans. Unless you're crazy and you still want to burn them even with a good writing.

You don't need to remind me Baba is not in charge, as we all know how great Alisha is.

Most of your reasons are excuse why the story should not be changed from the game because you don't like Rose.

the only thing that's for certain is he'll go where Rose does. if she doesn't meet up with Sorey then Sorey will just get Zaveid as his sublord instead.

Filthy secondary here, why does Dezel stalk Rose?
Is he Baba?

Dezel's traveled with the Sparrow Feathers for a long time (don't know how long exactly). they were a mercenary band before they were merchants/assassins for hire. Dezel and another seraphim buddy of his followed them around and helped them out, but then Tragic Backstory shit happened, Dezel's buddy died and the Sparrow Feathers became wanted criminals or something. Dezel sticks with Rose because it was his fault they got fucked over, and also to use her as an instrument of revenge.

i'd explain the Tragic Backstory shit better but honestly, it made so little sense to me i'm not sure i can do it justice. just hope the anime fixes it.

They can literally just bypass Dezel joining altogether and just have Zaveid become the wind sublord.

>So you need to be high in the society to be able to preach peace. Maybe Rose should focus on the merchant side to make people happy.
Well yeah, their world doesn't rely on a democractic system. You need to have some level of political power to make a difference. There's actually not much Rose can do as a merchant, she can't found a orphanange or anything like that without the help of someone of high social standing, and everything beyond that isn't connected to the plot. At best that would just be something that is mentioned in the epilogue.

>I'm sure Alisha will get her peace, so there's no fun watching others following her getting what we know Alisha will get.
You do know how Zestira's story goes right? Once the war ends Sorey immediately goes to fight Hedalf, so what would be the point of her joining when the journey about to end? And again you're talking about Rose's sake, not the story.

>Duh. in the novel,
And in the manga she just made everything worse, with that attitude, in fact Sorey became distant with her because of it. The novel follows the game to a T, but the is more like the manga than the novel. Also remember anime Sorey is already aware of what it really means to be a shepherd.

>No harm for Sorey to socialize with other human in his journey.
Which he will do with Sergei.

>Pretty sure if UFO writes it right, they can avoid getting burnt from hysterical fans
It's the NIps they have to worry about user not me or any or any other westerner. Nips don't like Rose.

Considering how you still want the story to bend over for Rose I think you do need to be reminded that Baba isn't in charge. Your reasoning is basically the anime should make include Rose on Sorey's journey, because Rose, you've yet to give any reason for why Sorey needs her to join him.

Doesn't that get in the way of Sorey's goal of human and seraphim co-existence?

not really, the target of Dezel's revenge is another seraphim. in the game he uses Rose like a spiritual cocksleeve to artificially boost her resonance so she can... help him kill the seraphim, or something.

seriously, Dezel and Rose have a REALLY retarded backstory, and it's exposition dumped in a really long cutscene that doesn't make much sense.

NO I mean the fact that he used Rose for 5 years as cocksleeve so that she could be an instrument of revenge, which caused her to become afraid of ghosts/seraphim and see them as unnatural. And he did that on his own accord.

I know that the story is there to explain why Rose can Kamui but kinda takes away from the whole human and seraphim can co-exist narrative, because Dezel (a seraphim) is using a group of humans for his own selfish ends.

You only like the modified version of him if your just watching from only the anime.

Hey, he can also socialize with Rose, as Sergei can do with Alisha.

Why should they include Sergei and Alisha in his journey, as if Rose should not be learning from Sorey and vice versa, and only the high ranking people are allowed to help the Shepard?

And Sorey needs her to join him because he doesn't have to do it alone, because you know, his journey doesn't have to end like in the game, manga, or the novel.

Also,like I said earlier, some Nips are okay with Rose using Kamui and Alisha is removed from the party, if the reasons are right.

Thing is though, Sorey isn't really modified, the only person on that team that was modified was Lailah. Anime Lailah is much more helping and forthcoming with information than game Lailah who just spouts bad puns and goes "Sorey you mustn't".

Interesting what allowing a character to not get surrounded by unhelpful cunts will.

oh, that. yeah, i guess. Rose kind of shits on that because she's totally fine with it when she finds out about it. it was really badly done all around, if i remember right Sorey even helps hide the fact that Dezel's been with Rose for basically her entire life from her? at least, he's not the one to bring it up.

the whole Tragic Backstory shit actually happened because Dezel wanted to keep travelling with the Sparrow Feathers so badly. his 'blessing' is actually a curse, and he turned Rose's noble fiance into a hellion somehow. the leader of the Sparrow Feathers died, Dezel's friend died, the noble fiance died (i think?), and the Sparrow Feathers had to high tail it out of town wanted for his murder or something. Dezel blamed another seraphim who was nearby at the time Symmone, either because he didn't know he'd done it himself or he didn't want to acknowledge he'd done it himself.

But your point is that Sorey needs human socialization (which ignoring the fact that he's gone on for 1+ years without coming across a single human and therefore doesn't need it) and I'm pointing out that he can interact with Sergei, in fact he'll have to do just that in order to solve the problem with the cardinal anyway. And because he's currently too far away from Rose for her to help, it's highly likley that Sergei will be the one to save him, and because we're likely to not get any Iris gems Sergei will also end up explaining to Sorey who Hedalf is and teach Sorey the Lion's Fist.

So yeah all the human interaction he needs will probably come from Sergei and knights of Rolance, again Sorey doesn't need Rose for that. As for her "help" there's nothing she can do help him, he's going fight Hedalf on his own anyway, because anime Sorey is OP, and guess what? Rose also wasn't really needed in the manga either, in fact she was just one giant side quest who Sorey never got close to.

>Also,like I said earlier, some Nips are okay with Rose using Kamui and Alisha is removed from the party, if the reasons are right.
Except they're not okay episode 5 proved as much.


They brushed it under the rug but it was still there like a pink elephant in the room playing the drums. It's a sob story for Rose and Dezel that explains Rose's ability to kamui but the game really doesn't want you think about it.

I know why it happened, Eizen did the same thing but he was infinitely better than Dezel. Dezel's story on it's own isn't bad ( a seraph loves humans and wants to help them but is cursed to never be able to do that) and helps the co-existence narrative, it's just when you add in Rose and the Sparrow feathers where you start having problems.

Without Rose he's just Symonne's foil who works well with the story theme wise, but with Rose he's both inconsequential and creepy.

Except the comments of the Nips being okay are after Alisha being stabbed in the last episode. Learn to read 2ch and twitter, I guess?

Got another 1 cour to go. If Sorey is OP, they should end it next week. It's hard to write on how Rose can meet Sorey in the next cour, like for example Alisha is worried about Sorey and requested Rose to search for him.

>with Rose he's both inconsequential and creepy.

i'm not a SJW or anything but Dezel and Rose do bother me. spiritual cocksleeve jokes aside, he does use her body without her consent, REPEATEDLY, and it was glossed over. it's okay because it gave Rose high resonance! it's okay because it helped her be better at murdering people! yeah, okay, but it's still fucking creepy.

>instant franchise fix, just add /u/

> Nips being okay are after Alisha being stabbed in the last episode
So is everyone here, since almost no one here expects her to be incapacitated for any long period.

Except the comments on Nico and episode 5 tell a very different story about how okay they are with the idea of Rose armatization.

Manga Sorey was OP as fuck too, but the story will still continue because 1.Sorey doesn't know about Maotelus and 2. Sorey is tired and so will get his ass kicked.

Yep, to be honest that's one of the reason why I don't like Rose armatization it is contrived and creepy. Plus the fact that it was just used to gain sympathy points is just stupid. I remember seeing Nips complain about the whole thing being creepy and unnecessary.

Post yfw UFO pull out the Squire thing next week and both Alisha and Rose will armataize ruinig everything

Maybe at the end when Mao Mao appears.

Except the comments on Nico Ep5 were like 6 weeks ago.

I think I'm done arguing, because you don't want to give the chance for UFO to write better for Rose, like they do to Alsiha, though I still find her trope is as boring in the anime as in the game/novel/manga.

Not him, but they can write better Rose without devaluing sheppards and armatization by having other people with the same abilities thanks to contrived scenarios.

But there's no reason for Alisha to do that, ESL-Rosefag. As far as Alisha knows, Sorey's elsewhere doing his Jesus thing. The last episode really hammers home that they have separate stories and destinies, even though they're friends. Rose has nothing to do with Sorey's story at this point and everything to do with Alisha.

Really the only way they could link Rose back with Sorey is through whatever they end up doing with Dezel.

>because you don't want to give the chance for UFO to write better for Rose
They are already doing so and armatization is completely unnecessary for making a better Rose.

You do know that they are anti-threads on 2ch that are separate from regular threads right?

The thing is they have written Rose better, and sorry for your idea of her, but she just doesn't work as a character who steals who steals other people's thunder, her doing this is why people hate her to begin with.

Besides that fixing Alisha was easy, it was just a matter of giving her character time to actually giving her time to shine. Rose was contrived from day one, and the only to fix that is to avoid and get rid of the contrivance. That's why she's better in the anime, they're not trying to connect her to a plot that that she has no connection to.


There is nothing wrong with either Rose or Alisha armataizing.
Multiple Shepards working together were already a thing in the past anyways

I want at least one skit of Velvet interacting with Sorey and Mikleo out of this whole thing

>that exposed belly button
cute AND lewd.

Are you trying to turn me into a homosexual?

Lailah doesn't seem to be strong enough to handle more than one shepherd. As for Alisha she doesn't need to be relevant and Rose only had it for contrived reasons.

They really do like to cover up Mikleo don't they? I guess that's what makes it so lewd when he finally does show some skin.

Yeah, just like they hate Alisha in the anti threads and the normal threads. Your point?

Alisha is contrivedly able to kick Rose's ass three times, when Rose could easily killed Alisha. I don't see people complaining. I'm sure her plot armor is so thick that she won't die no matter what comes

2ch keep anti threads and regular threads separate.

user, Alisha is a trained knight, who has been training for god knows how long to gid gud since her mother died. Rose has only been a assassin for 5 years. If you're gonna try and justify your point you should at least know the basics of both characters. And now you're falling back on typical Rosefag behavior blame other characters when people make a point about about Rose.

>Alisha is contrivedly able to kick Rose's ass three times, when Rose could easily killed Alisha.
Why Alisha, a knight trained since young by one of the strongest warriors of the kingdom and with dueling experience, being at least equal in duel to an assassin, with more assassination experience, is contrived in any way?


This, they've already fixed Rose by curtailing her dumber, more psychotic moments, giving her a path for character development, and not having the plot and characters throw up everywhere after choking on her dick.

Zip that shirt back up you fucking slut

don't talk about Sorey's cute wife that way

I'm not finding nearly enough of these two on tweeter.
We need to go gayer.

Thanks, now I'm imagining both of them being muscly /fit/ butchdykes under their clothes. I didn't need that.

Well it's anime where 10 years old can lift greatsword without breaking sweat at all.



Your welcome

People were even pointing it out in these threads Rose just doesn't work well with Sorey's tale. She's great with Alisha's story but linking her with Sorey lands you with her either being a Mary Sue or just a glorified side character.


In hindsight it's strange how Alisha wasn't allowed to be stronger in the game and ended up being Rose's bitch considering that she verbally BTFOs old men on the daily to the point where they actively try to kill her. While Rose pleases old men for money.

When I first saw the opening (animefag only here), I got the impression that Rose was some sort of Alisha's protector.

If that happens I will be Ok.

In the game they tried to make her Sorey's foil, but needless to say it didn't help the story.


Either way, I picked up this anime for Alisha and haven't been dissapointed. At least I got to see her in 1 cour.

Well Alisha isn't being pushed aside because of a certain meddling producer so she can now be relevant.

So, everyone loves Rose now? Baba would be pleased.

So long as she's Rose's bitch, yes.

He couldnt handle her fight first ask questions later attitude

I honestly liked Sorey's part in the war in the game more.

The scene was more interesting with the Rolance soldiers fearing Sorey's godly Shepard powers.

Although I like the part in the anime where an exhausted Sorey is desperately running and sees more battles going on and the Lord of Calamity.

But Velvet doesn't attack first ask questions later unless you're ARTORIUS.

>So long as Rose is Rose's bitch

I meant Alisha. So long as Rose is Alisha's bitch.

More of her when?

Maybe the director of Zestiria X is an Ai Kayano-fag like Baba was an admirer of Komatsu and that is why Alisha has so much more presence in the anime?

She is dead in Zestiria

Not even close.

I'm sure 20 minutes of her skeletal remains would still be more entertaining to watch than Sorey.

This anime is a commercial product, they don't care about the original creators artistic view, they are just giving what their public wants to avoid any more damage to their contractors image.

Alisha will probably get less focus, but still some focus, in the second season though. They won't go full Rose either, but since she is a late introduction she will likely have comparatively more scenes in that season.

>still have to wait 5+ months to play second best Tales

Fuck the nips

The same could be argued of the Zestiria anniversary game and Baba ruined it just so he could waifu-fag it.

You can play Vesperia right now, though.

>tfw we'll never get near-simultaneous release like Vesperia ever again

Feels bad.

It's probably not the director, but Bamco themselves doing it. Remember Zestiria's plot was altered to include Rose, so this could very well be what the story meant to be like originally before Baba interfered with his waifufagging. Though all things considered this might also be so that they can save the continuity and they can't do that by making a straight adaptation of the game and reminding people of what they hated about it in the first place.

Season 2 is more likely to focus more on Sorey than Alisha since Rolance is where a lot of revelations for his story come into play.

In this case though it's the company doing damage control, rather than one producer with too much power waifufagging.


The writing credit is actually solely credited to Ufotable instead of say the commitee or a perennial fake name so the idea they are doing everything on their own could make sense.

They fixed Alisha and Rose, hope they can fix Dezel's convoluted backstory too.

Or it could be Bamco, though honestly there's no way that they'd give Ufotable the rights to making Zestiria without looking over the finished product. So no matter how you slice it it's likely that they are overseeing the project.

I want more Lailah, Cred Forums.

Literally only watching this shit show for her.


Well given the relationship between them and the fact that they didn't screw Bamco in regards to animation quality like say A1 or Pierrot (has a reputation of doing with game companies), I don't necessarily think you have such a tangled or distrustful business relationship between the two.

It's not good to lie, Edna.
We know who you really want.

Still kinda funny how she got her job because she is a hot oneechan.

It's not about relationships between companies, that's just how Nips are regarding intellectual properties, especially Bamco. There's nothing tangled about it at all. Who ever writes the script for Ufotable (which because of how staff is in Japan doesn't necessarily have to be someone from Ufotable) they give it to the producer from Bamco to look over and then after it's okayed the animation process can begin.

The level of interference depends on the individual producer, but because the new Tales producer is a pretty chill guy...

Yeah, well who decided to become a dragon rather than stay with your imouto.

The writer on Ufotable's shows is always credited as Ufotable. It was the same on their Fate stuff or the upcoming Touken Ranbu.

A corpse isn't beautiful.

The whole anime is damage control for what happen with Zestiria. Even Berseria has to be in it's own way damage control for Zestiria. They should had just abandon Zestiria and move on to something else instead of just trying to repair something that won't be completely fixed. They fucked up big with Zestiria that even with Berseria being a good game the after-effects are still there. It would be better for them to create a new tales game from scratch.

I think that th there's a big fact that Berseriafags constantly ignore. Zestiria was meant to be anniversary project, and Berseria was planned as a part of that. Now as much as you don't want to admit it despite the game being so badly received not every part of it wasn't negatively received. It just so happens that those parts are things that the creators wanted to focus on anyway, abdominal the things that Nips hate were all things forced by Baba that were also ultimately unnecessary to the main plot and theme anyway. And it's worked for them, since Nips hatred towards the world of Zestiria has lessened and now they wish that the anime was the game.

Also fixing Zestiria was very easy anyway, the manga did something similar and was also better received than the game. Besides that the anime was always planned from the start, and so was Berseria so complaining is pointless.

Also Berseria was made using reused assets from Zestiria, so likely if they decided to drop Zestiria, Berseria would have been canceled.


I would be fine if they move on to something else despite liking Berseria. What's done is done in regards to what Zestiria did to the series.

Except like I pointed out they essentially renewed interest in the world and characters simply by altering the one part of the story that everyone hated. The fact that it did have things that could be salvaged and it was able to salvage it enough that even Nips has started wondering if they're going to port the anime's story into game format, shows that you're assessment is wrong.

>the new producer was the one QC guy who spoke up about Baba's bullshit
>tfw he's probably getting the last laugh now after how everyone presumably hushed him up in order to get the game released on time
Baba's tears must be delicious.

Can a human get a seraphim pregnant?

Weirdly enough, Takumi Miyajima (the writer of Symphonia and Abyss) did the screenplay for several episodes of Fate/Zero.

>tfw we have to wait half a year to see best boy
A-at least we have the translated gameplays r-right?

Let's just have them make it a trilogy and save everyone's asses.

It's not going to caused the people left the series to come back after all the bullshit it did.

Basically this.

Except it already has user, you might want to check new threads on twitter and 2ch. People still hate the game, but the anime has made them interested in the world as it's shown in the anime.

I believe that the manga leaves the Eizen plot open.

The anime has just been taking one big shit on Baba week after week.

Whoring out MC's waifu is pretty foul.

Maybe a new game with a new LoC and Shepherd duo MCs.

You do know that all the Lords of Calamity (except Velvet) and all the Shepherds (Except for Sorey and Eleanor) are assholes, right?

Normal people/seraphs/Hellions party against a LoC and Shepherd combo when?

I wonder how many people just avoided watching this because they were wary of it due to the way the game was. I was, until shots of this episode with badass Alisha.

It's clear he just wanted to show her a real dragon dildo.

I think it's the opposite. A lot of people gave the anime a chance since they explicitly stated that they were "taking a different direction" (aka probably restoring the storyline to what it was originally going to be).

Quite a few people were wary, especially Nips but after the episode last week where both the narrative and Alisha BTFO'd Rose people decided to give it a try.

>any more damage to their contractors image.
Zestiria's image was already damaged by its own fucking existence. And Baba.

Any more details on this?
>tfw translations never

Outside the prologue, the difference wasn't really *that* apparent until an episode or two back, but especially this recent one.

That's probably because the beginning was left relatively intact. Baba's meddling didn't come in till Rose's introduction.

Just as I said they don't kill Eizen because they didn't find a way to turn him back, and Sorey never tells Rose shit about him, and manga Zaveid isn't sucking Rose's futa cock, and Edna isn't close to her so it's likely that neither of them will tell her either.

Kind of, yeah. Slight changes like the way Alisha was originally just confused at the way Sorey was introducing his "family" at Elysia instead of directly pleading with them as soon as Sorey pointed to them, but other than that, yeah, it was generally the same song and dance until recently.

Damn. Guess the best we'll get is doujins unless the anime delivers.

I think that the changes really started when Mikleo got the bow on his own and Alisha never became the squire.

They also never kill him, because unlike the game the party isn't a bunch of soiopaths trying to indoctrinate naive and inexperienced young men into becoming killers.


Oh yeah, and uh, Lunarre...are they ever going to do anything with that youma again? It seemed like he was intended to be or do more this time, but it seems like they forgot he existed, too.

That's Zaveid

>Rose and Lailah are actually brainwashing Sorey into becoming a sociopath
It all makes sense now.

And it's a shame they didn't do anything with him, since Berseria establishes that people become hellions because of their circumstances.

He said that he just wants to watch what happens so likely he won't do anything until next cour.

But he is generic shonen mc

To his credit Sorey resists it and never becomes the killer they so wished him to be. He just did the smart thing and distanced himself from them emotionally, only really confiding in his waifu.

Besides that remembering the epilogue Mikleo may no longer be a sub lord serving Lailah, honestly I don't blame him.

All that time he spent devour-our-our-ing Mason and then trying to kill SoreyMiku, and then he just backs off all a sudden. In fact, I was really left confused when at the earthpulse scene he just kind of looked at Alisha crying to herself and did nothing with that, even though he previously tried to assassinate her. I dunno, I just felt like they were thinking about giving him a bigger role at first but then backed off or pulled an Akira Toriyama.

This thread needs more service to get some certain people's attention.

He was in Elysia because he was following Alisha, besides unike in the game he was scared off by Zenrus before he could kill anyone, including Mason. Besides he himself said it, Alisha is interesting and he's following her to see just how interesting things will get.

Imagine working for Lailah.
>hey this guy might not be a good Shepard he might be a sociopath
>no user my gut tells me he's a gud boi
>ends up making everything worse
>rinse repeat for a few hundred years

I wouldn't be surprised if Mikleo bailed the moment Sorey's resting place was secured. Luckily Sorey and Maotelus are probably doing a lot of clean up simply by purifying the land.

Fuck you all. Stop spreading your goddamn malevolence.

>Lailah is a gud gurl she dindu nothin!

Eviler than Marche.

It's true. Lailah did nothing wrong.

The worst evil are people who believe that they're doing good when the opposite is true.

I bet you're a fan of Artorious, right Lailah?

>Lailah: Well, now that Sorey's shut away and worthless, guess we'd better find a real Shepherd now
>Mikleo: The fuck you say, dusty bitch??

How many of you actually give a shit about Zestiria and why?

I give a shit about best bros stepping up to help the world when they didn't even have to. I give a shit about Zestiria for the same reason I gave a shit about GetBackers.

The anime part of it is alright, so I'll continue watching it.


If they're not blood related then how come they look so similar?

>Forgive Lailah. I only trained her to give head pats and bake snacks, as a joke.

Seraph change their appearance to whatever they believe is their 'true' self. Eizen and Edna believe that they are siblings, so they look that way.

>I give a shit about Zestiria for the same reason I gave a shit about GetBackers.
For the gay?

A lot of the posters here gave a shit about the game enough to trash it after the experience, so the anime is like a breath of fresh air.

Is Bienfu still alive?

Will this ever happen?
>The X
>Shepard's journey is more than Zestiria
>Only shown 2 episode of Berseria

>The last episode ends with Sorey meeting Mao Mao in a dream world with him offering to tell Sorey his story

Will S2 make Rose the MC?

i give a shit because i like most of the characters. i also thought the world was interesting, except the concept of malevolence is kind of hard to wrap my head around.

if they did that ufotable would get burned to the ground and Baba would be dragged out of his cushy new officecell to be drawn and quartered in the streets.

>i also thought the world was interesting, except the concept of malevolence is kind of hard to wrap my head around.

I've been trying to think out a way to explain what it is using Berseria and Zestiria as reference.

So far all I got is:

>the seraph put filter on the world that catches negative emotions instead of letting them dissipate, and if enough of it gets lumped up together, it takes shape and corrupts things around it

that's from Berseria, right? yeah, i like that explanation. it just bugged me in Zestiria that Rose never has to deal with malevolence herself because she's pure, though i'm sure she creates plenty of it by going around as an assassin, but that was never dealt with in the game either. the anime made it pretty clear last episode, i think, that dying in a violent manner like being assassinated creates malevolence, so there's that.

>it just bugged me in Zestiria that Rose never has to deal with malevolence herself because she's pure

You can disregard all that. Just Baba poking holes in the plot.

Maybe it'll actually happen this time. Rose chnges by being around Alisha all the time and circumstances happen and she gets hellioned with the Dezel crap. It would also be a good lead in with getting the group back with Sorey.

Yeah, the Seraph cursed the world so that negative emotions would come back to haunt everyone. Disregard Rose's bullshit, that's going to get unfucked by Ufo.

Baba will probably hang himself after #12.

That's because Baba would never allow Rose to be wrong, perish the thought.

We could only be so lucky.

>Baba leaves Namco to form his own studio

What would he name it?

>water trial dungeon

>take a wrong step


>appear at the start again
>edna is just hanging out at the start and every time meebo gets sent back, she berates him

I dont want them to skip this

i'd be surprised if they kept it in, but a failure montage could be pretty cute.

Also edna scaring off the minotaur would be pretty grand too.

I cant really see them skipping the trials. They were pretty important in the game

not really. the wind trial and earth trial weren't relevant to the plot at ALL. the water trial was only marginally relevant because of the Maltran thing, which could have easily be done regardless of her showing up there. she didn't even do anything cool with that weapon. i don't remember fire being relevant, either, except it provided the power boost Sorey needed to purify the Cardinal. if they leave one in, it'll probably be fire.

This especially because of the wind trial's aftermath

Just after the wind is the big ol dezel time though. Fire and earth were mostly not relevant to the plot but i cant see them skipping two of them and doing two of them

there's no way in hell they're doing water. it would completely derail the flow, they'd either have to retcon it's location or Sorey would have to travel all the way back to Hyland from Rolance to get to it. sure, they could skip the travel, but so far they've been showing them camping out at night and mentioning travel distances, so it'd be weird.

refresh my memory, what happened at the end of the wind shrine that made it so important? all i remember is Dullahan and some human lady nearly dying. oh, and spinny wind things.

there was a lady about to commit suicide and Dezel saved her

Lailah is literally perfect.

she's only good for head pats desu

But that was still irrelevant to the plot.

Not even a good onee-chan

With the exception of water all of the trials were completely irrelevant to the plot and we're just there for needless padding.

The water trial had me laughing since the event there seemed so important when you got to it. And that ended up being dropped in less than 5 minutes. Poor Maltran didn't even get a dungeon.

And I don't know if they'll cover the trials or not but they have some time for it (2-4 episodes). Whatever they do, they still need to show some sort of powering up for Sorey. He got his ass kicked once, is about to get wrecked badly by the big boss, and will get demolished next season in pendrago.

One day MaoMao has to sit you down and explain to you how to actually do your job.

I certainly would love that, ufo please do it.

didn't they just stick Maltran in the same 'dungeon' a shitty windy hallway with a forest theme that Alisha realizes she's giving Sorey magic aids in? it was such a joke.

i think they could easily have him do the fire shrine if they leave the fake elixir/Pope plotline in, since the fire shrine is right there anyway. i just don't really see them taking the time to do the other three shrines. even if they do them, it'd be really boring and super condensed anyway. i don't see how they could do all four elemental shrines, make them enjoyable to watch AND still have time for more important shit. especially if they're going to be showing Alisha's adventures in politics while Sorey's doing his shepherd thing.

Rose/Alisha aren't that far away. They felt the small rumble caused by Sorey being in the battlefield. They're basically at the same geographical location as the camp was in the game. That's a stone's throw away.

Listen, even the manga never had the 4 trails, and still showed that Sorey was powering up. Remember that the "powering up" in the game that Sorey got was really just mystic artes. Sorey never actually got any new storyline abilities from those trials, and they still got their asses kicked afterwards because the game wasn't ready to end. Instead of wasting time with the trials they can just have Sorey find out about the past organically instead of one big infodump.

4 trails are a waste of time.

They're still pretty far, not to mention that Sorey isn't standing in one area and there's a war going on, that plus her current situation, would make it impossible for Rose to reach Sorey when he encounters Hedalf. Let's be honest here, neither Sorey nor Hedalf are going to wait for Rose.

The anime may keep the locations the same, but they are bigger than they were in the game.

yeah, this. there was no special ability or skill unlocked from doing those trials, it just boosted his spiritual power, which there was no real measurement for even in the game. and what is the anime already doing? having Lailah point out that his spiritual power is growing by leaps and bounds, just by doing what he's already doing and purifying things. he's already powering up. and in a show where he already flies around like a super human, makes water arrows rain from the sky, can punch the ground and make stone rise out of it, and send fireballs flying around... seriously, he doesn't really NEED a video game-y 'go to the four elemental shrines!' power up arc.

>Let's be honest here, neither Sorey nor Hedalf are going to wait for Rose.
I can hear Baba crying.

In addition it's likely no rather it's guaranteed that we aren't going to get the Iris gem fetch quests either but the information is still important because it tells you who Hedalf is. It's more likely that Sorey will become close to Sergei and Sergei will tell him about Hedalf. And especially because he probably have Rose who will force him to avoid Sergei, Sorey can get more involved.

Sergei already knows about Heldalf anyway, Lion's Howl was Heldalf's move originally. a scene like this would be nice.

i just want more Sergei and more Rolance in general. Rolance is fucking HUGE compared to Hyland, has two big cities and one village that we know of, and a ton of BIG EMPTY FIELDS, but it only has a whopping two (2!) important human characters that were allied to Sorey: Sergei and the Pope. considering how much time you spend in Rolance in Zestiria you never really interact with any of the people there.

That's because by the time you get there Lailah has gone full, "humans are the devil" mode, and because of how you get in you really can't get too close to the characters.

Even after the confusion is cleared, Rose murders the cardinal so you end up having to avoid people again. That's one of the reasons why hope doesn't join, so that we can actually focus on Sorey and the things that they will learn instead of a glorified side quest.

I'm the first to admit that the trials won't happen in the same way they happened in the game. It would take too long and be a waste of time in general. Something needs to be tweaked or possibly outright added that shows Sorey progressing instead of hearing characters say that he's getting stronger every 2-3 episodes, though.

And yes, Sorey needs progress. As flashy as the anime is, it's still so far at least the same as the game in terms of how strong he is. And yet he still got his ass kicked by the dragon, and going to get wiped by Heldalf and possibly in S2 Pendrago. Him being "tired" is a shitty excuse and laughable if you're going to say that was the case 3 times.

Beyond giving you Armatized MAs, the trials had that effect in the game. To show some sort of progress. Sorey and co had lost constantly until the Fire Trial where they finally reverse those losses. In fact, I don't remember them outright losing after that unless you count meeting Heldalf in places where they're not supposed to be.

Oh no, they're definitely not looking for Mayvin's balls in this. There's just no fucking way. Sergei is probably going to give Sorey a 10 minute talk about him and call it a day for his backstory.

Sergei most likely doesn't know the full story though. He'd just know who Hedalf is and what happened to his family.

>And yes, Sorey needs progress. As flashy as the anime is, it's still so far at least the same as the game in terms of how strong he is. And yet he still got his ass kicked by the dragon, and going to get wiped by Heldalf and possibly in S2 Pendrago. Him being "tired" is a shitty excuse and laughable if you're going to say that was the case 3 time
Actually compared to game Sorey, anime Sorey seems to be stronger. Game Sorey is "Doushi no Yoake" Sorey, also remember game Sorey had problems fighting Lunarre to the point where he needed Rose to rescue him. Needed to go in the extra dungeons in order to just use Armatization. Game Sorey couldn't give other people the ability to sense seraphim without going blind, anime Sorey can do it just by being close by them and without a squire contract. Game Sorey needed Attak's help to shoot down the dragon puppy, anime did it on his own. I could go on but I think you get the point. Anime Sorey is a lot strong than his game counterpart. Not to forget the anime hellions are a lot stronger than their game counterparts.

As for being tired, Sorey literally collapsed in exhaustion to the point where he needed Mikleo's help in sitting up and even when running he's stumbling. People are not not balls of endless energy, and Sorey doesn't have any save points to get of fatigue either. Even a more experienced and better athlete will lose against someone whose weaker and with less experience if they're face them when they're.

>Beyond giving you Armatized MAs, the trials had that effect in the game. To show some sort of progress
What progress? Nothing that happens in the trials carries over to the main story, in fact right after those trials Sorey still ends up his ass kicked by Hedalf doesn't he? So much for them making Sorey stronger.

>What progress? Nothing that happens in the trials carries over to the main story, in fact right after those trials Sorey still ends up his ass kicked by Hedalf doesn't he? So much for them making Sorey stronger.

He straight up loses in Pendrago. Comes back after the fire trial and destroys the bitch there.

The second fight against Heldalf wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first encounter where he just falls apart after one or two attacks then loses his ability to see or even talk to Seraphs. The fight ends up being postponed by both parties since Sorey knew something was up and Heldalf wanted Sorey to join him.

You don't need the characters to say how strong Sorey is, I think this episode pretty much shows that Sorey has gotten very strong in such a short period of time.

I mean, he kept on switching back and forth between fire, earth and water armatizations. He knocked out the entire skirmish, caused tornado fires, earthquakes and made it rain arrows. Pretty OP as fuck if you ask me.

He loses in Pendrago because he didn't want to kill the Cardinal it had nothing to do with strength. You get to fight her fairly but that's only because Dezel was immune to her petrification ability.

Immediately after the trials
then immediately after that

You had actually had a lot of victories before the trials.
-All of the hellions you've come across
-purified all the infected lands
So the fire trial never turned anything around, because you were in fact winning before then.
The trials themselves never helped or made a difference to the story.

I am literally laughing at the idea of Sorey getting raped next week and anons saying

>It's because he's tired, guys! SOREY STRONK. HOMO POWER.

I'm straight up laughing at people who actually believe that the anime will waste time with the 4 trials.

>He loses in Pendrago because he didn't want to kill the Cardinal it had nothing to do with strength.
No. Mikleo literally bails them out since they all know they're fucked the moment the cardinal's field of malevolence goes in.

I don't get why Sorey getting his ass wiped means that he's not strong? It just means that he's not strong enough to take on the final boss, for goodness sake, but considering his progress when it probably hasn't even been a month since he became the shepherd means that he's getting stronger exponentially.

I agree with the anons above saying that the anime's done a good job portraying his abnormal growth in strength so far, and that's why I also think they're not going to waste time doing the trials. That's necessary for the game mechanics, but not for the anime's plot progression.

he's stronger than game Sorey but he's still not LORD OF CALAMITY strong, i don't think anyone is saying he's going to walk away next week unscathed. that would be a dumb argument to make.

but seriously, wasting four? episodes on a dumb video game-y power up arc is stupid. and if they condense it into more than one trial per episode then what's the fucking point?

And? that's so another gameplay mechanic could be introduced.

Besides that anime Sorey is a lot stronger than game Sorey, he's not as strong as the Lord of Calamity but still a lot stronger.

Was he still able to touch seraphs though when he lost the ability to perceive them?

I think it's because user genuinely doesn't understand the difference between writing a story for a game and writing a story for an anime.

So user also doesn't realize that certain things happen in games in order to introduce new gameplay mechanics, that can only happen in that format of media. When a story is adapted those gameplay mechanics are done away with and with them the excuses to introduce them.

in the game they flat out didn't show any seraphim after his resonance got fucked, the players couldn't perceive them either. if he touched them it didn't show it, and he couldn't tell that he had done so. it probably works like in episode 0, where Alisha actually went THROUGH Symmone like she was a ghost.

someone who read the manga might be able to answer how it was handled there, anime is following the manga's lead more than the game.

But how does that work though? Because we know that seraphs can pick up things and humans, even those without any resonance, will be able to see flying cups (or even a flying Sorey when Mikleo gave him a piggyback). Seems a bit arbitrary when a seraph can physically affect things and when they cannot.

There was a shot an episode ago or so where the seraphs had cups with soups in their hands and Alisha couldn't see them including the cups.

I'm watching a story playthrough of Zestiria right now and damn, Rose getting into the party is some serious asspullery.
I understand why people are mad about her now.

>There are people in this thread right now who like Alisha

She's been a complete retard the entire time how the hell can anyone find her interesting?
>Oh hey these guys are trying to kill me, but no we can't hurt them despite being outnumbered greatly and them giving 0 fucks
>Guys lets go stop this war with less than 10% of either side's troops. How? Don't worry we'll make it happen somehow!

if you think that's bad, it really does get worse. the first few hours after she joins are seriously awful, though i suppose it might not be as bad if the playthrough you're watching isn't doing skits.

>a princess doesn't want to hurt her countrymen, that's bad

as for 10% thing, the plan was originally for them to wedge their troops in a very tight valley between the two armies, keeping them from each other, but 1) they were too late and 2) Rolance broke the treaty and went through Hyland's land to attack them from behind. we have no idea if Alisha's idea would have worked because she didn't get to try it.

By not killing them, she is proving herself to have her troops trust her
She doesn't want anymore unnecessary killing
do she's not killing anyone

>Oh hey these guys are trying to kill me, but no we can't hurt them despite being outnumbered greatly and them giving 0 fucks
More like they want to incapacitate her in a likely painful way to make her forcely give up. And those people are her subjects and the people she wants to convince to get on her side.

>Guys lets go stop this war with less than 10% of either side's troops. How? Don't worry we'll make it happen somehow!
If she isn't going to stop by defeating them, which would be basically a war with her as their enemy instead, then their numbers don't matter as much.

And Alisha is the best.

They already attacked her with swords at their general's command, she's delusional if she thought she could talk them down from that. If it wasn't for the malevolence she'd be dead and it'd be a fitting end for an idealistic retard.

well she is pure, according to rose
her naivete may of cost her life if the dude didn't show up at the end to save
in the end she did it that way to prove her conviction

Maybe she was 'pure' in getting in that situation when it was arguably already too late to do something, but killing her subjects when she started the conflict and could have surrendered at any time with no punishment would be the end of her life as a leader/politician.

She doesn't know how many soldiers would ignore her as some retarded noble knowing they have their general's approval AND she has to hope she can talk down Rolance AFTER they already sent their troops to the border in response to Hyland. With no plan other than, if I get between them surely they won't squash my unit between them to get to each other.

>when she started the conflict
What they were doing was treason and potentially attempted murder. Killing them would have been justified to anyone

Not to her. Those are still soldiers of her own kingdom.

>She's been a complete retard the entire time
Hey, your family still manages to try and love you despite your lifelong retardedness, so it makes no sense that you're not as understanding.


Who knows, maybe they don't love him

How do you expect to broker for peace by murdering everyone? Are you operating on Gundam Seed logic?

I'm fine with that, this and Ange Vierge are the only things I'm watching this season anyways.

>gets surrounded by assassins who want her head
>kicks their asses and makes their leader swear fealty to her
>a bunch of her own soldiers attack her
>disarms them with top tier swordplay without seriously hurting anyone
>gets stabbed in the back in a moment of carelessness
>gives zero shits and tells her backstabber to clean his blade
Where did all this overwhelming manliness come from? I don't give a shit if her reasoning is naive, these of gigantic balls of steel are admirable.

>gets stabbed in the back in a moment of carelessness
And that possibly because the had to stop the assassin from ruining everything.

And she probably has always been like that when the problem is out of her league (hellions/dragons, malevolence, ancient dungeons, against the most powerful politicians of the country) and she isn't crying alone thinking of how things never go her way. Things would be different if for example the medicine she brought through the storm was able to save everyone or she could properly investigate the epidemic in episode 0.

You know I actually really like the Rose kind of characters. The free, outgoing and smug kind of anime girls with acrobatic battle moves are really my type.
It's just that everything surrounding her is hopelessly toxic in the game that it actually hurts her character and forcing her to be a hero really doesn't work at all.
So far ufotable has been doing a great job with her and I'm looking forward to the rest of Zestiria so that I'll eventually be allowed to like Rose without being branded as Baba.

The world and its rules are stupid
I would actually like Rose more in a different game
Maybe even as the heroine
But she is not a good character for Zestiria

I am only here because I saw Velvet's design a year ago and liked it.

I think she'd have worked just fine in Zestiria as a rival or anti-hero side character with viewpoints that clash with Sorey's to deliberately question but also end up strenghtening Sorey's and Alisha's ideals. She'd be a foil with a more pessimistic human viewpoint as opposed to Sorey's larger than life hero perspective. She might've even been planned as that before the whole Baba debacle happened and everyone started kissing Rose's feet.

This butt is for Rose only.

>How do you expect to broker for peace by murdering everyone? Are you operating on Gundam Seed logic?
Nice joke. After Kira ascended to godhood he targeted legs and weapons.

With the anime you should reconsider who's on top and who's the bottom.

twitter id?


The X made Alisha great again.