Watched the last episode

>Watched the last episode
>The whole time I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the supposed bombshell that was supposed to happen to pic related
>Nothing happens

What the fuck

Literal garbage finale.

I liked the happy ending. This just means season 2 will start off with maximum suffering.

Honestly shit ending, hope this doesn't get a second season.

What was supposed to happen?


You don't want to know

Both emiliafags and remfags btfo in the same episode, delicious.

Emilia humanized and made best girl again this episode

But no news about Rem

Reality, sadly whitefox wanted to step back without needing to promise S2.

>Betelgeuse loses just because he's against plot armour and deus ex machina
what great writing and narrative payoff

Betelgeuse had a ton of plot armor going for him it's his own fault.

>going for him

This show was absolute shit. What happened to Felt and Reinhard? They disappeared entirely. It's your typical anime that meanders around and does fuck all for the first 2/3rds of the season before the writers say "Oh fuck we need a villain to wrap this shit up" and spend the last third ignoring everything they've set up in the first parts of the season.

Absolute fucking garbage.

It's so smartly written that even the writers forgot about rem

Rem erased by gluttony hell spawn army, basically think of a fucking lot of hits whales the size of pissed off chihuahua

>best girl dumped
it really is a mess

Better dumped than in a coma and everyone except Subaru forgetting u exist.

He couldn't die either, he has an army and superpowers, he even realized he was up against another archbishop tier opponent but he didn't exercise any caution at all.

Why the author continues with the forced drama in the LN? just end it

>This just means season 2 will start off with maximum suffering.
It won't be the same
>S2 Ep 1
>Subaru learn of Rem's fate
>He can't save her
>He promises to save her
>Ep ends
Such a low tier hype

I hope when Rem wakes up from coma she won't have her memories anymore so she can find someone who is worth her love instead of some fag who put her "2" in his "heart"

Basically Rem is for Subaru a replacement when Emilia would reject him.

Rem x (Whoever except Subaru)

season 2 hasn't been greenlighted yet that's why.

Right after the point where episode ends, Subaru starts talking to Emilia about how Rem loves him too. Emilia responds, "Who's Rem?"

Fuck ya'll niggas

That ending was dope

>make 27 minute finale
>cut the big ruse that puts an endcap of pure dramatic irony on the entire fucking intro
>give 20 minutes of EMT EMT instead
White Fox bait and switching me in an attempt to give me paafecto haafu erufuu waifu-induced diabetes doesn't make me happy.

They really missed an opportunity there, it would ben glorious.

Is Hetaro fucked

>Expect supreme edge
>Get Iyashikei
I actually didn't mind and wasn;t actually spoiled at all especially when I realized he ended up getting friendzoned.

I agree. Not sure why the circlejerk. It was average at best. The first 5-10 episodes were pretty good and the show had a lot of potential, the rest was just... what a letdown. Major characters completely disappeared, the villain at the end was beyond stupid and poorly explained, emilia's response at the end was completely over the top considering the two actually had very little interaction in her timeline.

i'd even say the best character from episode 13 on was the damn dragon raptor Patrache. Rem was decent too. The other decent characters just disappeared while Subaru moaned and groaned and meandered his way to the finish with a few forgettable knights, one of which we were treated to a pointless filler backstory.

I was a little angry about them cutting it, but I still think it was the smart thing to do in case of no season 2

>Emilia lap pillow with 7 minutes left on the clock
>oh shit that's plenty of time for a standard 3min confession, here comes the ruse cruise
>It's literally seven cringy minutes of Subaru telling Emilia that she's maji a tenshi no matter what :) while she stutters out the usual shit like "i-i-is it really alright to be happy"
>credits roll
It's like ep15 all over again, but now I'm the one suffering.

It would have been a much better finale if it ended with that. Like a post credit scene. Just to let people suffer on that note.
Im a remfag but still would have been interesting



You're an idiot. They simply didn't appear in this arc.

thank God

If there was a season 2, the obvious thing to do would be to start with a recap episode containing some of the S1 last episode, but finishing with the "Who's Rem?" bit.

>Credits are on screen while Subaru confesses to Emilia, secondaries think anime is finishes with this
>Credits finishes and Subaru starts to talk about Rem.
>Who is Rem?
>Subaru with a despair face
>Black screen

>>give 20 minutes of EMT EMT instead
>They try to force her down people''s throats so forcefully
>This will backfire sooner or later
>People will start to hate Emilia
Are they doing this intentionally? I'm kinda starting to think they are false flagging here.

Betty does'nt forget either, I suppose.
I just want to see Rem saved.

I hope so too.
Fuck Subaru.
Rem deserves happenis.

Remfag reporting in. What was Emilia's actual appeal considering she appeared in the show less and interacted with the dopey edgelord MC less than many other characters?

Seems to me like just another self-insert faggot LN. Everyone's there to help him forgive himself for being a no-try-shut-in and he just wants to be with the pretty half-elf princess in an alternate world. i think japan needs to be nuked again.

Damn too sweet
>S2, hype is almost finished
>They do who is Rem
>The viewer don't give a fuck and move on to the next big thing that is airing at the same time
The worst thing that can happen to an anime is that the hype goes away. And they literally killed all the hype by themselves.
Now that the anime feels like it is completed, we can hardly feel like to keep waiting for a supposed s2. I myself don't feel like watching an s2

>Seems to me like just another self-insert faggot LN.
Yep, fellow Rembro
The author posted tweets like "this is a story where an unconfident guy confesses his feelings to an unconfident girl"
This is how he sees his work. Blatant self-insert

Only shitters got BTFO by the ending.

How is Rem confident though?
I feel sorry for her, she sacrificed herself multiple times, even stayed by his side despite the fool rejecting her, and for what?
Emilia had little going for her considering her screentime.
It's nothing compared to Rem's efforts.
Rem shows actual acts of love.

The only way I can see it keeping hype is releasing an OVA between S1 and 2 that continues and completes vol 9 to set up S2.

Ovas can't keep the hype up.
This anime spent like 24 whole eps to build up the hype and it is gone on this ep 25. We will move on the next big thing in the fall season and leave re:z behind. Justa few Ovas doing who's rem won't do the wonders like magically

have fun

A while later, Subaru and Emilia headed to the capital in the Dragon Carriage with the children, and during the trip there, he tried telling her about Rem, however to his surprise she asked him who Rem was.

On their way back from the battle with the Hakugei, Crusch's group had been attacked by Ley Batenkaitos and Regulus Corneas. Not knowing who he was, she ordered a different Dragon Carriage to run Regulus over, yet to her surprise the second the Earth Dragon, driver, and carriage touched him they were ripped apart by his Authority. Shocked by the outcome, she ordered him to state his name, which he ignored and continued on with his theories, causing her to attempt to kill him with her Hundred Man Sword Strike, nonetheless that had no effect either. Her actions angered him, claiming that it was "a violation of his rights", ripping off Crusch's left arm with a gust of wind created by swinging his arm. As they wondered where the others were, they heard a different voice, one that expressed its delight in eating. Rem saw, to her horror, that the owner of the voice had wiped out the rest of the knights, and both of their assailants named themselves. Ley revealed that he came to check the situation as he felt that his "pet" had been killed, continuing on with his philosophy about eating, which Regulus couldn't understand as he had different values. Seeing that he was the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, Rem asked him if he came to take back the Hakugei's head, to which he replied that he didn't really care since he could just make a new one even though it would take 400 years, and revealed that he was much more interested in eating the people that killed it. Rem decided to fight them in her injured condition, though she made the fatal mistake of naming herself before fighting Ley, leading to her being eaten later on.

> though she made the fatal mistake of naming herself before fighting Ley, leading to her being eaten later on.
Ley could learn her name by using the other people's memories he ate anyways. Rem keeping her name a secret wouldn't work.

Should have ended at ep 11 if white fox were going to pussy out for sales, the conclusion to the mansion was better. Starting S2 with it will feel weird, it's a conclusion to the relationship and character development and not the premise for the next arc, it won't be resolved in that season either.

So Ley death when?

Does Toyota know about this event? Or was it from a "higher up" perspective?