"but she's not real?" What do you say in rebuttal to that?

"but she's not real?" What do you say in rebuttal to that?

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Just because my hot wifu is so pretty and not real doesnt mean that it is wortht to die and stuff because i love the wiifu accross love and memes i dont know what to olove in real life so i love the wifu life

"Prove it"

Why would that ever come up? Fuck off norm.

>your not real

>implying I'd be talking to anyone about my waifu
>implying I'd be talking to anyone ever

who's to say they're not real if our eyes aren't real

Fool, she's real in my heart.


Only 2D love is real.


If every possibility exists to infinity, anything dreamed up by the feeble mind of man must, therefore, exist.

Reality is merely a delusion created by my flawed body in order to transmit information. Whether or not something is credible in that reality as a material object in every sense of it's form is irrelevant.



What is actually real?

How can love be real if our waifu isn't real?

"Well, duh. Real women are ugly."


Why would I ever talk to normalfags about my waifu?

To be fair there's no evidence for a multiverse. This could be it.

>"but she's not real?"

neither your god

Use Devil's Proof.

y-you too

"Do you want to get me arrested?"

It was real in my mind

There is an infinite amount of numbers between 1 and 2
Not a single one of them is 3

I want to commit a crime.

why is it a crime?

Really makes you think.

"Neither is a happy marriage."

That's trivial to disprove, you just need to find a single happy marriage.

"That's the point."

Just because she's not with me doesn't mean she isn't my treasure.

I don't care.

How is it worse to stay true to an ideal of perfection, rather than hanging on to a shitty imitation of it?

The people who say that are the prisoners in the cave of Plato's parable, who cannot see the light and thus ridicule those who can. But it is them who are mad and worthy of ridicule, preferring the imperfection of the immanent rather than superior anime waifus.

There's literally nothing wrong with being a normalfag.

What isn't real?

I'lI just use the most powerful words in existence.

Love isn't real either. Neither are opinions.

If your standard of real and unreal is non-corporealism, then omae wa shindeiru.

Yes, so it's not pedo.

What is real anyway? All that matters is that she's real in my heart.

>Xenomorphs, Zombies and K-ON with guys exists.

I don't want to live in this multiverse.

You can love an idea.

It's not a crime if she's not real.

s-shut up,user!

Everything we perceive is just a virtual reality constructed in our brain from our sensory inputs

I think, therefore I am -
I perceive waifu, therefore waifu exists

What is real?

Baby don't hurt me

Kindergarten philosophy kek.

I perceive a fag post, therefore your a fag.

Don't hurt me

Do I loo like I care?

Best Arturia.

Many of us construct a fantasy mate, even people who aren't fans of anime. You may do it with a celebrity you like, a girl you see on a bus sometimes, your hot teacher. You imagine a life with them, you imagine fucking them, or maybe just holding hands.
Either way, such fantasies have little reality to them, with waifus it's the same thing. Having these fantasies every so often seems healthy, or at least normal. Just make sure you don't confuse fantasy with reality.

Don't hurt me
getting quads so effortlessly



She is real in my heart and dreams.

In your reality, yes.

There is no universal reality. Especially when it comes down to subjective man-made concepts like "fags"

>There is no universal reality
There is though, you're just incapable of perceiving it. Unless the universal reality just happens to be your particular subjective reality and the entire world revolves around you like you're haruhi or something.

my waifu is as real as god, jesus and harry potter

She can and will be once android technology reaches to the point at which I can program a waifu-bot, till then I will continue to learn C++ and Java until I program my waifu into a computer program. Otherwise wait to see if I live in the infinity small (and large) chance of living in the same universe