>When you're in middle school and your adult GF has an electra complex for you






Thats hot

I see nothing wrong here.

Saving this panel for future use


>this series looks interesting
>"this series is in your completed list"

You contracted Memento

>girl has daddy issues
wow it's just like 3D

10/10 thread OP I completely forgot about this after reading a couple of chapters last year

Just started reading it
Doesn't the MC have an oedipus complex for her too?

sauce on this?
google is not giving me anything again

If you go on google and look for 'pages with identical images' there should be at least one kissmanga in the first page
If not search limit to site kissmanga.
It legitimately isn't on iqdb or tineye and google says cartoon so I can help you that much at least.

Futari no Renai Shoka

Come on mate I even told him the exact steps for it, if he does it my way at least once he can find many more manga that google thinks is a 'cartoon'.

The only reason i gave him the source is to piss you off, you autistic creep


>reminds me of being with my father
>that guy isn't his father

How do you "look fo pages with identical images"? for future reference.

thanks m8

Should be at the bottom of the page no?

hmm, doesnt show for me

welp, I'm a retard
since when did we have to manually upload the image to google to get result?
back then I didn't have any problem just opening the image and just clicking the google search tab, now it dont even give me result if I do my usual method

That is not what an electra complex is.

Oh, so you have to save the image! Thanks for the help! This was really helpful

She has a daddy complex. Kind of.

Then what is it? Because it seems like one to me.

When moot joined google.


Nice one. I like when the oldfags show the "wannabe oldfags" newfags how it's done.