Monster Musume

Happy birthday Leela

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It would be pretty cool if Manako was as outgoing as Leela, to be quite honest.

I'm going to marry Draco!


Tiny chest! Tiny chest!

>immediate newtposting

Well this thread's already good

You misspelled perfect size.

>Ywn raid Draco's dungeon and defeat her in order to claim her tiny chest.

[misandry intensifies]

Cool! Today's my birthday too!

Flat is justice. Or something.

>call out the wrong name while cumming inside her
And you people say she's not for bullying.

user, Draco belongs to the Orcs.

How would you even fit a brain in that skull with an eye so large?

Happy Birthday Manako

I'm gonna marry Lala so I can spoil and pamper her!

How would you confess your love to your waifu?

>Manako in Rachnera's outfit
Literally made to be bullied. Still cute though.

Excessive and targeted bullying.

I don't really know how to express my feelings properly.

>Can I hold your hand?

Manako as a pirate when?

Can humans get monster girls pregnant?

Dunno. Ask Miia, Papi or Cerea or their human fathers.

Is that a thing? I'm a filthy secondary who's only just started reading the manga.

Lamias and Harpies are female only species and Ceres's Mom talks about her dad later in the manga so yes they can breed. It's a pretty major plot point.

Lurk more.

>more animated Lala in November
>S2 should have my favorite chapter
As a Lalafag I'll take anything but I'd love some short animations of her just breaking her Chuuni behavior when nobody is around.




Can Suu get monster girls pregnant? I mean she's effective enough at raping them, may as well go the extra mile.

Post cute Suu's

But it's Manako's day.

>Loving a serial rapist


There need to be more handsome monster boys in this mango.

>not wanting to be raped by Suu

Suu doesn't rape.
She just molests.

I want to suck it in the.ponut

In Crabman's world, unless an Orc, there's no monster boys.
If a Slime try to rape, pour salt on it.

Wait when exactly is her birthday?

She drives the girls to orgasm. That's a bit too heavy duty to consider just molestation.

Depends where you are. In some places only penetrative sex is rape, which is why only men can be rapists by law.

Aw, off by one day from mine.

>In Crabman's world, unless an Orc, there's no monster boys.
Are you sure?

The only place that would matter in this case would be Japan. A quick Google search says their laws match what you say though, so I guess it's not rape in Japan at least.

There's mermen, orcs, male centaurs, probably male lizard men, maybe male Oni and ogres, there might be male Kobolds(seems likely). The only two that we know for sure don't have males are Lamias and Harpies

And all slimes are genderfluid

I don't know, a particularly good prosecutor might be able to prove Suu can be considered male and her tentacles count as dicks.

Happy birthday!

Damn, keep forgetting those minor parts.
Better be no male Kitsunes.
>And all slimes are genderfluid
Take your (You) for that funny joke.

Now I want to replace every single genderfluid on the Internet with rapist

No, today is Manako's birthday

Does anyone know where that user who wanted to lick Manako's eye went?

Buddy, unless you have two huge bags of salt on standby, salt ain't gunna do shit. She literally absorbed sea water.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Doppel is the Superior Meme alongside with her Best Friend Zombina

It's good to be here again

You fucking bastard.

Then we have to bag the rapist and use heat to evaporate her.


Only through the hax of the wetsuit. Put her in a bag, punch some holes in it right before dropping her in the middle of the ocean. At first, she'll be able to absorb some of it, but beyond a certain size, it will actually start tearing her apart at the seams, due to osmotic pressure.

Do you constantly plan the deaths of characters you don't like because you're mentally ill or do you just post about it because it's the only way to trigger Suufags and you hate people liking things?


My nigga.
To be simple, I don't like some them.
Eyes are too close.

Only one of those is me, and I have contingency plans to defend myself from near omnipotent beings like any good evil overlord ought to.

>To be simple, I don't like some them.
That doesn't answer my question. Are you mentally ill or a troll?

So you're an edgy paranoid schizophrenic. Got it.

I won't stop planning defenses though. Also, only 2/3 of those apply to parts of me. Probably.

Just shitposting.

This place has seen a pretty sharp rise in shitposting all around, for pretty much every girl, in the past day or two. Probably the same few people doing it each time for every girl.

Then please get some creativity. Months of every time Suu is mentioned "Hurr I want to put a shaker of salt on Suu because I want to kill her with it." is not only retarded but bereft of anything of substance.

Hardly much reply in these for a while.
Wouldn't that also applied to those that mention Cerea having horse pussy or Cathyl being a cheap whore?

>Draco is the only yuri monstergirl
>Orcs are the only monster boys (and they're not even cute)
Why does Crab hate female fans?

I find it rises the most over weekend afternoons(school's/church lets out, morning binge-drinking) US times.

Women's read my oppai comic?

Isn't Darling and Bike Cop enough?

Anyone got any snek phone backgrounds I only have a couple

>Draco is the only yuri monstergirl
>Orcs lust after Draco
That's quite the connection you've made there user.

Indeed he did.

>Only monster boys

What are mermen and centaurs?

I Imagined femanon raped by centaur.

They seem like they're too interested in working out to rape.

>Working out


>femanon raped by centaur
>During the full moon
Oh, the horror. She wouldn't be walking right for days.

She's dead, Jim.

I want to put my dick inside the horse

I meant the centaurs you dope.


I'm going to impregnate that Kobold and take responsibility.

>you waifu becomes real but she becomes an inverse monstergirl

Unfortunate Lamias, Unfortunate Spider, Unfortunate Mermaids, Centaurs, Unfortunate Draconewts and Unfortunate Harpies for everyone then.

slimes just turn into women with down sydnrome

Thanks God, zombies will be alive.

I don't, but I tried fixing that image of yours up since all the overwhelming amount of unneeded whitespace was pissing me off.

Posting superior monoeye.

All monoeyes are bulliable.

Back problems for life. Hope you like paying for your chiropractor's 4th home, Hitomi-Sensei.

Blaming back pain on larger breasts is a bit of a strongly perpetuated myth.

All Monoeyes turn into single eyed diabetic middle aged men with a peg leg.

Poasting best birthday girl

Delete this!
Seriously, please do. That mould-line is setting off my inner fa/tg/uy like the return of Matt Ward!

Happy birthday, Manako! For this one day I'll allow you to snipe my heart.

But only on a Thurday

I heard that the Polt chapter will be animated in an OVA that ships with the new volume. True/false? If true, what was TTF's reaction?

I'd think it had to do with proportions as well. A 110cm gal like Hitomi would probably be carrying 10% of her entire bodyweight in her tits, compared to someone much taller.

You've been gone for awhile my friend. Yes it's true. I'm beyond hype. It's an expanded episode that is going to have tons of Polt fan service in addition to all of the MON squad in swimsuits. The Omake for Vol 11 is also going to be Polt related which should be awesome.


Likely an erection of wannderful power.

You're partially right. There is going to be a gym OAD episode that is packaged with volume 11. It isn't the same as the gym chapter from the manga though. It focuses on the other girls that didn't go to the gym in the manga chapter. I know that TTF is getting his copy the day of and I personally have ordered my copy from CDJapan and will be getting it 5-12 days after release in Mid November. If you want a season two of the anime I hope you will order one too. It is a limited edition so act swiftly.

It doesn't "focus" on the other girls user it includes them. It's an expanded episode since it's 22 minutes for one chapter instead of the normal 11. It should follow the gym chapter plot for the most part while including the other girls who didn't go in the manga.

Zombina is the Superior Girl

Oh, well, I guess I was wrong. Thank you for correcting me. That just makes it even better.

Are Manko's legs a match for Lala's?

Ew! What is THAT Thing?

Manko don't have legs. They have lips though.

Being a Lalafag is pure suffering.

>inb4 it's literally that "Lala has trouble getting noticed" pannel but with her in a swimsuit and everyone leaving without her
I won't complain because it's SOMETHING, but still.

I really hope the hospital chapter doesn't get skipped in S2.

I really doubt her hospital chapter would get skipped in season 2. It was a really big chapter.

She makes my dick diamonds

It did introduce a new character that can relate to a couple of the girls. I would be surprised if (I'm forgetting her name at the moment) the girl doesn't come back.

That chapter is really dark when you think about it

Some poor girl got straight up turned into a zombie because of Lalas interfering. also Pickles probably had to go to a dentist.

I see what you did there and I'll stab you in a dark alley for making Manako cry.


As opposed to dying at an incredibly young age without even experiencing life?

I think Lala did the right thing.

Sucks for Bina though.

>Sucks for Bina though.
But she got a new protege. Dynamic undead duo adventuring in monster girl land when?

you're right but it's still a bit dark. Lala acting out her chuuni obsessions by giving a child eternal life. what if she was still ill?

Time to go orc huntin'


Lala would have her legs deatached or her entire lower half? Also, very friendly and normal

And my day just went from good to great. It's gonna be an awesome fall.

Here's a sneak preview of Polt's swimsuit too. It's gonna be awesome.

I want to love and cuddle this spider.

I want to marry this cinnamon girl.
Tomboys are cool but girly girls are my favorite.

Tio is pretty damn cute user. You have good taste even if I prefer tomboys.

Cant wait


I want to touch Polt's chest puppies

I used my last day in Japan to splurge the last of my spending money and bought every single volume I was missing, the 4 anthologies, and 2 melonbooks special cover editions.

It was therapeutic in away.

I wan(t) to squish her paw pads.

Wait, did I miss something too? Or is this just us assuming season 2 is coming?

I'm an optimistic person.

Buy the OAD with volume 11. Do it.

Good news. If nothing else comes up, Chapter 45 will be released later today.

At least she will be there.
I bet that after her episodes from the possible 2nd season, her popularity will grow up, forcing more appearances in the manga and more official Lala related merchandise


The series is pretty successful. Sales arent world record breaking, but are above average. We probably will get a season 2 when we have enough chapters to be animated


Thank you for your hard work.

So wait. If the inverse of Zombie girls is being alive
Does that mean you'd get a HUMAN GIRL?

Thank you for your service.

You'd get a living girl where 90 percent of her body is stitches and scar tissue instead of 10 percent stitches in dead flesh.

So a human girl

Which girl is the most fertile?

Huh, reminded me of pic related.
For the curious out there...

If she's a queen, Kiira.

>Cyclops and Catgirl
>Daughter is a Cyclops catgirl
>Son is a full cat


What if Kiira is a Killer Queen

But a sweet insecure about her disfigurement kind of human girl. One to head pat and tell her everything is going to be okay.

The mom is half cat half human, so there's 1/4 chance of having a full cat, 1/4 full human, and 1/2 for half and half. Not accounting the eye.

No. Grow old and die.

I want to say Papi, as she did lay an egg. Then Miia I guess because something about all female species says its not picky biologically on to or not to become pregnant.


Looks like Papi. Maybe Kii too.

Hey my waifu got called a human with down syndrome as her inverse. Takes yours and make lemonade out of lemons.


Does giving Kii fertilizer make her more fertile?

Would she still be pumped full of chemicals?

She's not dead so there would be no need to unless she has cancer or something. The inverse should be overloaded with vitamins.

>Giving Kii water makes her breasts grow

Now imagine giving her nutrient rich water

Fat ass to round out the package? Sign me up.

Tara is for roughhousing in a pillow fort and then settling down for lewd V A N I L L A H A N D H O L D I N G

snek head with a human body

Confirmed males are Mermen, Fishfolk, Centaurs, Orcs, Ogre, and Triclops

When has this been mentioned in the manga?

Single panel character

But our Spiritual Liege did nothing wrong.

Oh, yeah. Good eye. No pun intended.

>tfw love mushrooms in my food
Bring on the next chapter

> Extremely tiny forearms and hands on the Kobold/Polt

>love mushrooms
>know someone who hates mushrooms with a passion, refuses to understand that other people like them

Makes me even stronger.

looks like a regular doggirl


Which girl would worship my meat missile the best?

Miia is a turboslut for Darling

What if you gave her rocket fuel

I don't know, go put rocket fuel on crops and tell me how well they grow

Yea what a dumbass, you gotta put Brawndo on plants if you want them to grow

What kind of rocket fuel?

What the hell is Brawndo?

Where did the pillow fort meme come from?
I'm seeing it every thread.

It's the stuff that plants crave.

Yea it's got electrolytes

Are you ready for this trip?


Oh we doing this now
Aww shit

*injects weed into veins*
Hell year




Look at that glorious bee-crotch



Wow Cerea, you're kind of a bitch.



Well, tarantulas make nests don't they?

Rach was asking for it. Once you read chapter 46 it's clear that this whole arc is her fault.

Some just hide somewhere, some build one with silk, some dig a hole and put silk on the walls.

News at 11

Inb4 Rach dindu nuffin


well, what did she actually do that lead to this whole arc taking place? I dont remember any such revelation in ch 46.


Fuck I'll have to read up on break

Whorse is a cunt.

armored Cerea is happy Cerea

So would Tara make a pillow fort?



Would Mako make a fort out of rum bottles and Alestorm albums?

Depends on the species, but spiders in general do like tight spaces.

This is why Rachnera is one of the worst girls.


I can't tell if that is a dig at LNs or not.

>best girls


If kiira is prone to anger, then its a good thing it was caught as it could be discovered during a more violent outbreak.


It's a dig at the Isekai genre which is getting retardedly popular as of late thanks to shit like Ogrelord, REEE:Zilch, and Kono Scuba

Get ready for some chuuni action.

>She just lives in the dungeon
God damn freeloaders

It probably was, because this sure as fuck sounds like the plot to a bad light novel.

Papi wa adorable

I guess I should have phrased it: I can't tell if that's malicious or not.

The two should have been deported for that act.
Papi, you may be an idiot, but damn you called Miia out.


You forgot to translate a bit.
You're welcome.

miia in the box.gif


I would gently meme to her mori.


You should know what happens when we care about these details.

This was already well known.

>Miia in a kimono
>Equip with spell tags


So she is sweating by hot semen?
So lewd.

Can you spot it?

The crabman?

Spot Crabman in the left shelf.

Show her your wares.



>Wasn't able to go to AX this year because of money or keep up with Musume threads
>MFW I just found out Okayado went there

Anyone see him? Does he wear a hermit crab mask and raffle off sketches?

Well I was gonna stuff my new Daki, fap, and then go to sleep but this is much more interesting.

Hey its naruto.

>You will never done the Crab Helmet of Manly Shielding
>Passive: Increases Armour by 50%
+5 to bullying

>spider merchants
Cred Forums was right, spiders are the puppetmasters.


>That chime Cerea does
I see your Zelda reference

"You're up against the wall. And I am the FUCKING WALL!!"


Look at how fucking happy she is.


Suu's not filthy.

He's a goofball

Poor suu.

I love how happy she is at all times.


Cerea is just a bitch.


News at 6

No surprise the chapter too so fucking long.

He seems like a man who enjoys what he does and is still humble about his success.

Mero's so best.

That describes him perfectly

Mero's fucking face in that top panel

Remember kids, injecting a shroom or marijuhana is bad, m'kay?

Suu is a wall is what Suu is.

Yay. :D

I remember injecting two marijuanas and then I died.

I'd like to meet him one day, and maybe get an autograph.


What would you do?

>Bullying Wasps
Rachnee please marry me


Wait how can Suu be affected?

Being a zombie doesn't seem that bad desu senpai.

Thanks guys.

>began to act very strangely
>except for Lala, she just kept doing her thing.

Thanks for dumping and thanks once again for all Pretty user's hard work.

How can you not like Tio

Laugh at Doppel being Doppel.

Thanks for the hard work, it was a fun read.

Here's to the next chapter.


She's mimicking the others. It's what she's good at.

Have some credits.
I'm gonna hang mylaundry.

She's really desperate for boobs isn't she.


I helped

You're mom is cancer.

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

No i did.

This was a good chapter. I liked this chapter.

I also liked Cerea in this chapter and she's my least favorite girl.

Uses her boobs to kill men through suffocation.

Wouldn't that spread the zombie virus further?

Thanks, Griff. You're the new guy on the team but you did a good job.

So is this ever going to get translated?

Let them catch up on the chapters before getting anal about the Omakes.

>zombie Lala
Is it possible? Shouldn't she be already dead?

No? A nuke would evaporate the zombies and their body fluids ensuring that none of it could spread further. Sure you have to deal with radiation and fallout but it's a better option than a single zombie sitting in some sewer grate biting a kid and starting the whole thing over again if we did a cleanup the usual way.

Maybe the virus could infect her. What if she was only infected in the body but the head was still all right? Would she shamble around and go Uwa Uwa in panic?

some day. it's chapter 43, so... I don't know when.

She's too cute to not forgive.

user resist her charm. People like her needs breast reduction before the try to hug men.

>needs breast reduction
That's like slapping our Crab god in the face. You're no man.

>You're no man.
No, but it is one of our most easily recognized attention whoring thread campers.

>People like her needs breast reduction

Only because he says the same things over and over again.

It's style works. Honestly, I've come to despise the people replying to it more than it, may it choke on its own hemorrhoids.

Pretty much. Pay no attention to him and appreciate all girls, even Cerea.

Do you want to die by tits that are P-cups? You better off with a monster girl that has a B-cup or wear a helmet to protect your skull.

>Do you want to die by tits that are P-cups?

>even Cerea

Since we all know who best girl is, who is second best girl?

Fuzz? Fuzz.

This goofy girl.

>Do you want to die by tits that are P-cups?


>second best girl
Do you even need to ask?

Papi because she's best girl's best friend.

Papi and Suu are cute together

Yes they are. You have good taste, user.

You are not stretching the truth.

Breast friends.


W-what is Suu doing to Papi?

You disappoint me, Anons. What ever happened to loving the decent B or C cups?

A friendly massage.

A massage that turned into rape.

All massages turn into rape
It's the law of the universe

She's just working the kinks out. Take that in whatever way you want to.

Even though i dont actively do anything for those threads, i feel very happy to make part of this community. Here we get to know minute details people who just read the chapters online or discuss on reddit have no idea even exist.

I love being here with you guys.

Thanks for the chapter dump, good stuff. And thanks to your team for getting it together, super appreciated.


I'm waiting to see where this goes in light of the 'shroom chapter

I dunno. Ever since I was a young lad big chests have always held my interest.

I didn't realize Kurusu was Canadian.

So, chapter 46 later tonight, right? RIGHT?

Those were other people, not me

Just when on drugs

Smith's sick of her high-stress, low-paying, and life-eating job so she's smuggling mon musume into Japan to fund an early and comfortable retirement.

He's very polite and pronounces suimasen with an O in it.

I see Magneto's helmet as well

I love the 'glitter berry' eyes

>Slimes equal rapists.
Has there even been a Slime that never rape people?
Miss that show.

Oddly shaped pupils are the best.



>paw pads under the foot

I want to tickle them

Monster Girl Report, probably.

Most of the time I don't even want to sex the girls, just play and cuddle with them.

I think thats how we all feel really.

I want to hug this spider. Lewding is her call.

I want to marry this snake.

> horse pussy
> least favorite
What are you, fucking gay?

Make sense since he wants to screw every monster girls, including the lolis.

I want to go on walks with this dog

Lolis nothing. The slime was a newborn with the shape of a luscious woman.

And yet it was the slime that he invited to accompany him.

>dat feel when Suu turns out to be his old helper who 'assisted' him in 'learning' about other extraspecies girls.

I don't like her personality most of the time. She's supposed to be a knight but (until incredibly recently) she hasn't been acting like one. She's also built like shit on her human half muscle-wise. Her torso is too narrow for her tits to be that big and saggy without looking ridiculous.

Horsepussy is low on the list of reasons. If her human half was built better and she had more confidence I'd like her a lot more.

She was definitely a proto Suu but I would be surprised if they were the same slime.

I'm not really a Cerea fag but when she's flustered she is cuter. I think her being more confident would be a step back in her character. It's good to have some flaws.

Zombina knows how to take over the world is style!

I'm just giving my reasons for not liking her. Never said she was shit or anything.

Which girl is the biggest goofball?

It's okay. I'm not calling you out or anything. Just discussing the girls. You actually have a nuanced reason for not liking her.

He could end up fucking a mushroom like Kino or a Doppelganger.
Could be a good theory.
Shaia is the better Centaur.

Also who ever did this edit, go a little darker. I never got to thank you for it, so i'll thank you now. Thank you!



Touch soft paw pads

And maybe go to the park and stroll around, have a picnic, make it a thing.

She's an adorable goofball.

Imperium never gave the name of this OC


It'll never happen but I would like to see an impressionist style painting of this. The dapples of lighting is so good.

Go back to bed TTF

Which girl do you want to befriend and have fun nonsexually with?

Feed it to google's Deep Dream.
Lets see how many dogs it can find.

Her strength doesn't seem to be based on her human size though. Like when she stops the charging wild boar with a 10 foot log with one arm. Maybe braced against her body or something but can't really tell.

Also her ridiculous tits and shy easily flustered demeanor are part of her charm to me.

I'm not TTF, goddamnit, there are other poltfags besides him and Foreheadfag. Don't you see me using commas?

I think most of the impact there came from momentum. She can move pretty damn fast.

>Deep Dream
I tried it out. Never heard of it before. This is what I got.

You're posting about doing unrealistic things with a manga character, while posting said character. Sounds like TTF to me.

I'm seeing a couple of vans, but no dogs

Looks like its encased in water.

Isn't it 5 am in Japan? Fucker should be asleep. He pops up around 9-10pm eastern.

That's pretty trippy.

He's not the only faggot who wants to do unrealistic things with the kobold

Who the fuck is TTF anyway?

>Looks like its encased in water.
I see subtle images of a cow, a rooster, a simian, a small person, a bird and other shapes.

Balding tripfag with a tanktop who's the translator


Here's a picture of him.

Manlet Tripfag who translates the manga, Waifu is Polt, and is currently at Japan at the moment attending events.

You can easily spot him with his thinning hairline and short stature.

How tall is he to be considered medium sized?

> Forgot the balding
I'm glad the Necron are bullying the Imperium


If only they had a Kincaide filter.

I want to pet the Wan

Also has a habit of not using commas when he's typing.

If he's actually 5'9" he can hardly be considered medium sized, unless you're memeing pretty hard.

What are jokes, user?

It's an inside joke we're only just outside of.

He put darling as 6'2" if that gives you a hint

He's getting pissy lately, he's developing a Napoleon complex

Something my autism won't allow me to handle apparently.

Hope he doesn't turn into the last translator tripfag, oh boy that was a fun few weeks.

>ywn lie with your head in Tara's pedipalps

Wait there was another translator before him?

Yea, it was a flat gril

What about Rachnee's pedipalps

A fujo who occasionally shows up nowadays just to shitpost

He's not overusing the word "Brah"

She's a good choice, but she's not thicc or fuzzy enough for me.

Yeah, some dude.

Some fag who wants to fuck a Starcraft 2 player

I like TF not to a creepy level some anons took it. If it wasn't for her introducing us to this series I never would have found my waifu so I am grateful.

Incidentally, it's her guides that I am using to train the new TS. Because jesus fuck they are amazing guides...

She always came off as a smart cookie. Plus she could do anything related to scanlation.

wasn't one of them complaining about thread quality, and when it was directed back at them they replied "it's okay that I shitpost and encourage off topic discussion because I deliver content"

I miss her.
She was fun, and not balding.

Which is why we are having such a hard time without her. She could literally step in at any point and do anything. Cleaner sick? Done. Redrawer slacking? Done. No TS around? Done.

I can only really keep Jitsu running, and even then we have weeks(like this week) where we had a break in the chain and we're forced to release something light.

Tarage, typesetter. He has bassplayer syndrome

That'd be me, and honestly, I severely lost interest in even trying to argue with you people. Think what you want.

Also lol at TS being the bassist.

Do you need any help, Tarage? I'm not experienced at all but I have lots of free time.

Why would the bee lie about the shroom?

The TS. He threw a fit and got real upset when people called him out.

What did TF stand for?


>Think what you want.
Alright then you sound like a cunt, glad we could come to an agreement.

Which areas does the PA group still need the most reinforcement on anyways?

That's the problem. We barely have time to do our jobs. Add on top of that trying to teach someone from scratch... not happening. I appreciate it, but we just don't have the time. It's a LOT of work to train someone how to scanlate. Teaching/Fixing Griff's stuff is already enough for me, not to mention the weekly manga I work on...

See, that implies that I even care what people think about me. My absence from these threads should be proof enough that I seriously have better things to be doing with my time. Like scanlating. I only stopped by because I wanted to see people react to the new chapter. You know, discussion generated from actual content, as opposed to the circle jerk that is the remainder of these threads.

I don't know the context but passively secreting hallucinogens (I'm assuming because she gets nervous) is a huge risk to people around her. It sucks because now that I see her she looks like a decent person but this could be a similar situation to Succubus teacher from Demi-chan.

>Implying it's not Translator-Flat

All of them, but honestly, we're probably not going to be trying to expand anymore. We've already dropped nearly every manga we work on outside of a select few and when those end, we'll probably just stop. We're getting too old for this shit. We either have jobs, are going back to school, or are just tired of the whole thing. There are plenty of groups who can pick up the slack, or new groups can form. I've seen several appear from Cred Forums alone. Helck anyone?

I just figured I'd offer. If you have a full plate then I understand. Maybe after Griff is up to speed you can start recruiting for Jitsu wa Watashi wa. You still have people that like you here even if you don't like us too much.

Obsessive attention to detail and hot monster guys.

Their species are natural enemies.

>See, that implies that I even care what people think about me.
yet you're still replying. If the circlejerk doesn't bother you one bit, then why are you still crying about us and how you don't give a shit?

Makes sense. It'll be a shame to see the quality of the translation likely drop, since the PA group does a pretty bang up job, but can't expect you all to keep doing it forever. Hopefully some other group does eventually pick up MM. I imagine one will after enough time, it's popularish enough.

Chapter 45 sates my hypnosis fetish for the day. Now if only we had a gender bending chapter I would be set.

What's going on with the IH team right now? I heard they're short handed too.

I may not be much right now, but im currently learning moon, i dont see with helping PA as they're already doing fantastic, but if they ever do drop it i'll likely be knowledgeable enough to try and translate it myself.

>See, that implies that I even care what people think about me

And yet you're still responding and acting real defensive about it. It's been weeks and you're still clearly butthurt that people called you out on your stupid actions.

Still waiting for that pregnancy chapter, Crab.

>deep dream
use this instead

>Can humans get monster girls pregnant?
Ancient Greece rules. In that humans seem to be able to breed with anything. Although with female-only species they seem to exclusively breed with human men.

In Greece mythology where most of the monsters came from, it is actually rare that monsters have both male and female pairs described. Centaurs are a rare example where both genders exist in lore.

>polt in sunhat and sundress


Well user, it's not Polt

That's going to take 49 minutes to do. Let's hope it turns out spiffy.

>And yet yet yet yet
Sure buddy, maybe if you keep repeating it you'll get your point across.

>I'm not upset!
>let me keep reminding you that I'm not upset!

You're a joke.

Let's all love Lala.

Would being near her be like being on LSD the whole time?


My Lala collection's growing a lot faster then I thought it would.

LSD and shrooms are two different experiences. With LSD the chemicals it releases in your brain take time to reup so you can take LSD two times in two days and trip your balls off the first day and absolutely nothing will happen to you the next. Shrooms is more of a poison so you trip every time.


Can I eat her hat.

That would hurt her. No you may not. Just tender nibbling please.

Alice is best snek



>Full of emotional baggage
>Crazy tentacle-filled biology
Literally the only good thing about her is he human half is purple


Why not both?


for some reason I tend to like troubled women.

Rachnera is best.

Rachnee is more complicated than people give her credit for. These new chapters seems to be leading to a payoff in her backstory all though it could turn into a joke which would disappoint me.

I want snek to plop on me

Actually that wasn't me. I had to pause to do work. But either way, this argument is again pointless. I'm fine with being a target people hurl insults at. Like I said, I don't really even look at these threads anymore because of what they have become.


IH was pretty much TF doing most of the work herself. It's for all intents and purposes dropped.

Then why are you still here?

Because I wanted to know if there was anything wrong with the typesetting. Why else would I be here?


Pay it no mind. That's exactly what the want. A reaction at least and a thread derailment at worst. It's happened a number of times.

Well obviously you're not needed here, and you're just garnering attention because you're still replying.

Jesus christ, is this how what rest of the team is like? Its a wonder how TTF isn't a complete fuckhead yet.

He's getting there.

Not Tarage but give it a rest man. You've been at it for over an hour.

If you guys don't have any complaints/comments about the TSing, then no, I don't. Carry on.

It's terrible. Way too many awkwardly split words. Also there's that one capital I. Tarage is for bully. But really, looks good man.

Okay pal, i'll leave the invalid alone. Just wanted to see what else he was doing besides muttering how he doesn't care about the threads, while still coming here looking for attention like a kicked puppy.

Yeah I noticed that. I gave Griff feedback on the split words. I guess I didn't pair it down enough, sorry. We'll try harder next time. Also I forgot to be vigilant on the I's.

Some people become huge cunts when they're given a bit of power. It's a good reminder to not give a pass to the shitposting or we will end up with another TF and Tarage situation.

That's one smug Papi.

Any more like this?

Either Manako in other characters' outfits, or in very sexy outfits?


Why is Zombina so fat? As in not even "THICCC", but straight up a tubbo.

Just stop. It's pathetic to see you limply try to derail the thread. Maybe when your friends get here you can try again.

I think the transition to 2d made him go a bit mad.

Is there any good lineart or things needing colored out there? Kinda bored.

Is derailing with futa more of your taste?

Mushroom hasn't been coloured yet.

How about this?

There's 45, 46 chapters worth out there. Pick a panel, grab some Crayolas, and have at it.

we already coloured that in a while back IIRC.

Immediately thought of that when I read it.

Do you happen to have it? I think I remember seeing a rough color job, but it didn't look done, so I didn't save it.

How often will crab keep introducing new characters?

This took a lot longer and didn't turn out as cool as I thought it would look plus wants to sell you a print of the picture as well as charge to take less time developing the picture. It screams of the sin of greed.

Every chapter

Both Polt and Zombina?
Could an user in these thread commissioned it?

Could you be with Papi knowing you'd basically have to be her caretaker?

I'd adopt Papi in a fucking heartbeat

about time

God damn it these two are too cute

Me and Suu will raise that retard right.

the software is freely available, but fairly difficult to set up.


my pants are ready

oh yeah, they both are delusional, Lala more than Cerea, but Cerea is still delusional

Wasn't the next monmusu chapter coming out today?

Series was canceled after Crab's heart attack. No new chapters, just the memorial OAD in the last volume, next month.

Aboshi (Kinoko Inu)

Absolute heaven.

>Bottom panel
So proud
So cute.

she sure really knows what's happening
maybe she came in Japan through that boker

Show me first your penny

>im gay
You could have just said so


>438 pure Lala files
well, mine is still getting bigger and bigger
be careful about that tho

What do we talk about next thread?

I'm working on it. Only my baldness keeps me in check. Glad you guys liked the chapter, sorry again about the delays. Big Suu is best Suu.

46 is a good chapter too, I think I did a pretty good job at transferring some of the more difficult jokes into English so I'll want to see you guys reaction to them.


Snek hips.

The chapter 46 release. That will be when the next thread appears, right?


Are you naive or optimistic?

How cute is mushroom-chan?

im high as shit

>difficult jokes

I got faith in you, TTF. Have some bullying.

Oh I'd give her the D, if you know what I mean.
I mean sexual intercourse.

it was funny and very cute
thanks for the translation

Expand dicks

so hypothetically, if they did make an /ag/
would you be ok with the move?

Just dropping breadcrumbs.