Am I the only one who likes the old berserk show?

Am I the only one who likes the old berserk show?

It had a great soundtrack and atmosphere. The art was beautiful. And while it omitted some minor details, it was still clear that the show respects the manga.

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It's the only acceptable Berserk adaptation despite being a slideshow, this just show how fucking terrible movie trilogy and new series were

>not preferring the new Berserk anime
Some people...

>Am I the only one who

No, nigger, you're not the only one of anything.

>trilogy movies terrible

get off your fucking high horse, the movie adaptations of the golden age arc were pretty good


>Am I the only one who likes the old berserk show?
The fact that you’re asking this makes me wonder how new you are.
We love ’97 Berserk here, especially the OST.

they should make a berserk "anime" solely traced, colored stills with susumu hirasawa in the background

fuck this always gives me chills up my spine

>Am I the only one who likes the old berserk show?
No you're not. Most of the Berserk fans on Cred Forums agree that while the 90s Berserk anime was pretty low budget, it was very well put together and was faithful to the source material.




Direction was all over the place plus shitty CGI


I like the end song

Everyone likes it. I'd have been more than happy if the new animu was just like the 90s one

>friend didn't like the new one because it was too modern animeish

I wish i could explain what he meant, i too felt it and it's not just the CGI. It feels like RPG party berserk that happens after he gets the magical berserker armor.

The real question is whether you're the only one that seems to be entirely confused by the fact that the opening sounds like a someone is drowning a cat.

Berserk will never get a proper adaptation. 1997 was the best, but lacked the edge the manga had. The trilogy had that edge, but was filled with bad CG and skipped a bunch of details. The new one added to that, and made it worse

It was really good imo, especially the OSTs
It was kinda a bummer that they didn't include some characters but i'm still okay with it

The Eclipse was hot.



I would probably kill myself if I transitioned to Berserk manga after watching Berserk anime series, then 2016 (while also ignoring movies).

The art was good, but the animation was fucking trash
Look at the 100 man fight here, it's garbage. Cheaply made fucking trash, It makes one of the best action scenes ever and makes it boring plodding garbage

Did he just say make some fuck.
Griffiths voice actor ftw.
Imprisoning me
All that i see
Absolute horror.

The 97 anime looks so old now

>19 year old animation

It has been nineteen years, sad poorly drawn frogman. At least it doesn't have that 90's mutated style of absolutely bulbous eyes and exagerated facial features.

I don't find this horrible at all. It's quite cheesy in some aspects but it's still very watchable.

The only good thing about Berserk 2016 was the soundtrack. Literally.




Why is that so good?

Why can't the east make any effort in Berserk's cgi scenes look good?


Scans when?

Looks pretty bad to me. It's masked a little by the artstyle. Imagine Guts doing that stuff and it kind of falls apart, it's stiff and floaty at the same time.

Still better though, obviously


Any of you guys have the "these people are worse than griffith" image?

The thing that annoys me about the old anime is that it ends just as all the cool monsters start showing up all the time. Yeah I mean the story during the golden age feels more emotionally powerful and cohesive but it still bugs me.

Holy fucking shit, what is this?
They butchered it completely!
Why are they indoors?

Is this a good example of the overall quality of the 2016 anime?

>they butchered it
>1997 anime literally would have had a single still image for the entire scene

Looks like a big improvement to me.

I saw part of this this recently and was kind of boggled by it

They just added some kind of filler where Guts takes refuge in an old house like it's a horror movie and shoehorn a demon with a sob story into it?

That's not even getting into how they censor so much despite showcasing so much blood and gore as is so common in media