What will you do after you finish your backlog?

What will you do after you finish your backlog?

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>What will you do if you ever you finish your backlog?


Actually go shoot my guns.

>after you finish your backlog?
You are not using your backlog correctly. It's not a thing that is supposed to be finished.

All that's left is to watch currently airing series.

If I ever finish my anime backlog I guess I'll finally get started on that manga backlog.

Good thing I never finish it. Its always easier to add new series than to watch them.

Hi, I'd like you to know that this image made my peepee cannon hard.

I want to do terrible things to Yukari!

That's great! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

>What will you do after you finish your backlog?
Add more things to my backlog, the ride never ends.

Move to manga backlog
Then after finishing I move to my vidya backlog
Then to my Cred Forums backlog
Then I kill myself

Finish myself


The point of making a backlog is to always have one.

This. Though I'll add books and movies before the Cred Forums backlog.

I have finished my backlog ~3 years ago.
Nothing happened, except I have turned into anime connoisseur.
Now I'm watching only currently airing shows, CGDCT exclusively.

I'm pretty sure that will never happen, so I don't know. Kill myself probably

That's not going to happen.

Backlog is a thing that only grows, never shrinks.

i need to fix my computers sound and upgrade my CPU before i finish my backlog

Impregnate my waifu.

The joke is that finishing your backlog is impossible

Save the world from capitalism and all forms of societal slavery.

After that I'll try to become a god or something, I've got some ideas for that but it would take a skillful hand to pull off.

>finish backlog
My backlog is the size of a dictionary set at this point.

Play games with my friends and enjoy currently airing shows.

>finish your backlog

Hmm. I'll watch currently airing stuff, maybe find another hobby to occupy the rest of my time, or just work like mad & become rich.


Fuck off, socialist pig.

I only have about 20 movies and 40 shows in mine

anime was made by the evil overlords to distract communists from following their destiny

I'm using a 4.5W celeron on my laptop, it's powerful enough to watch anime