WSJD - Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary

In which Itani just does everything in that way that tells you "yeah, this is pretty much all the stuff I wanted to show off but my editor told me we're getting canceled".

Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary volume 1 is out if you want to buy it. Allegedly there will be at least 2 volumes of this series.
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How many chapters until it ends?

The crow was a hot brown chick all along!

This puts strange context to the fact that said bird has crapped on him several times.

I'd say one or two.





Showing off what it might've been like had we seen the konshikon of other minions





Why do you post this?

>I'm going to make Batsu the ruler of Hell.

as opposed to the final boss here, Souhei

Because I like it.


Neat, I always miss these threads so I have to read them the next day.
Thank you!

But this is in Japanese, nobody is gonna get it.


Batsu warns Takuan, saying this guy can't be "judged" by her. Takuan says she's mistaken and whispers something into her ear

>Wh-What are you saying!?

>No way... But... There's no way that...

>I understand.

>It's time for judgment.


Are you blind? No? Then we're good.

You're not missing very much by being unable to read it.

>Mozuya Souhei and Tsukumo Takurou!
>Not quite sure what this says! Something like "(for?) that malice and hatred toward order" I really am not sure
>The charges are the killing of the Lord Enma

WSJD Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary DDL:

so there's some sort of twist, it seems, where these two oni (or, Souhei and Takuan) are guilty together for some reason. Probably would have been explained over time, I imagine.

Thanks. How much more chapters?

It's only speculation but I could see it ending in 2.


Thanks for dumping, user.