Villian Architypes you hate

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
>The hyper sexualized villian who tries to be as lewd as possible
>The Cool Calm Villian who goes "HEH" a lot when shit doesnt go there way

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>>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
My #1 choice.

>The Crazy one who hurts his minions which makes the henchman heelturn

I agree, I actually dropped Black Lagoon because of it. One of the few tropes I really dislike.

>The hyper sexualized villian who tries to be as lewd as possible
Honestly I'm sick of femme fatales in general. It's not Cred Forums but I've noticed that most female villains in Star Wars are the same, all that archetype with nothing interesting about them.

>The one that seems great at first but has a stupid and retarted plan

>all i need is a hug but I'm going to destroy all mankind instead

>The Villian I dont know how to describe

>The adult man with childlish ideals
The worst

Not super common, but the one who has a 4 second delay between the second to last and last word of his sentence.


Get out.

How do I get hair like that

Have a cockroach for your mother.

The bad guys who aren't really the bad guys because they are being manipulated by the real bad guys.

>if I kill hundreds of thousands of people, all humanity will band together to hate me and there'll be everlasting world peace

No, there won't. It won't last 5 minutes.


>all they really needed was a friend

It's not a complete bad idea; at least not how far cartoon ideas can go, but it still needs more after steps and diplomacy.

Suave asshole villain?

>the peasants are revolting
>I know they are wwwww

That's how you get your head on a spike, friendo


>The villain got to his position with pure luck

Does it really count when the villain kills a kid and takes over their body halfway through the story? Medusa was alright and I normally dislike that cliche as well.

I didnt mean Medusa when I made this thread, I Just like her and posted her as an OP image

>>The hyper sexualized villian
Fucking end yourself.

the bad guy who is not really the badguy who is being controlled by a badguy who might or might not be related to the good guys who subjectively also might not be a bad person.
I automatically suspect this from every single Anime I watch now, because I believe 9/10 follow this plot in the last 10 years.
Are Japs slowly becoming the worst storytellers? I remember a world of new lore as a child.

>A couple of people were mean/greedy towards me so im gonna destroy the world

>>The hyper sexualized villian who tries to be as lewd as possible
But thats the only good villain cliche

>The Cool Calm Villian who goes "HEH" a lot when shit doesnt go there way
Not offensively bad but still boring and mediocre, I agree on this one

>>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
FUCK THIS SHIT SO MUCH. I never found it that threatening or creepy, and it just gets more and more annoying the more you see it.
Also the girl (usually pink hair) who acts ditsy and cute but is actually just an evil psycho bitch, very similar cliche.

Fucking garou, but its not that an inconceivable logical leap from "I acknowledge that I am a bad person, and for (insert reason here) am consigned to being a villian, but I still wish for good, so I shall simply have to be the greatest evil and in doing so limit what evil people can do"

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
pic related. Might have been intentional though. Had like no screentime and was weak as fuck

This, also usually involves using their sister as a hostage or pretending to help them in some way.


>The Villian whose pain is greater than the MCs


>>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"


>The Villian does EVERYTHING because his girl died/Girl didnt like him/Mommy didnt hug him enough

>Villains who sprout about how the world is bad and they have to fix it by killing everyone.

The whole point of having a utopia is that everyone DOESN'T have to die in it.

>not causing grand death, destruction, and suffering for the sake of your waifu

>villain is so mad about not being loved enough by mommy that the travel into the past before they were even born and make life a living hell for their parents, with tools ranging from NTR to destruction of the entire world
Best kind of villain.

>the whacky tacky joker-tier villain

just kidding, i love her


What do you think the animator who drew that frame was thinking as he drew it?

>hentai villain is an effeminate generic-looking guy with glasses

>Villains who you know the MC can beat down easily but uses bullshit to prolong the fight

I hate most One Piece villains for this

Exactly the words on screen.

>it'll look better in motion

What about Kerghan? Kerghan was cool.

>The guy who kills his own minions on a daily basis for no good reason nor purpose.
>His minions.

was there any modern anime that does that?

If you mean born with a silver spoon in their mouths that just seems like a trait for all kinds of characters. Otherwise, I haven't seen this enough to hate it.

The perfectly handsome cool villain, with long hair who acts like royalty uses phrases like "HOO" and "Omoshiroi" when something happens.
His plan is usually destroying the world because he's bored or because of his retarded ideology to save it. Bonus points for being obsessed with MC's woman and looking like he's suffering through the entire ordeal.

List of some of the guilty:
That fag from Kababeri
That fag from Guilty Crown
That fag from Cross Ange
A lot of other fags I can't remember now

Second place are simple villains who act crazy and sadistic just because, but at least they aren't nowhere near as pretentious as the first.

Watchmen made it work.

user, extremely handsome guys tend to be quite stupid. Just take a gander at male models. More empty brained than a pretty blonde.

I'm confused as to why you even like Japanese media given your hate for over 90% of Japanese villains

>The "deliquent thug" type.
>headbackwards in mocking sense
>speaking with 'cha and all that shit
>always wants to fight
>always trash tier or end level tier

I do love my deliquent-manga antics tho , but when they try to make the thug's serious they act so fucking stereotypical , and you always know they are the bullies that get thought a lesson or are the "see how stronk this character is and insta wipes 100's of them".

Fuck you buddy. Medu is love.


He tryed to save us from pokemon S/M anime, he was a real hero, you will miss him next season

>villains who scream and rage a lot while making retarded faces
The worst kind

Sometimes they make them work just fine if they just try.
It's those, that just pop out of nowhere and start to act retarded just because, that I have a problem with.

>villians motivated by irrationality
eg: Za Major, Biba, Berserker

>villians trying to achieve "godhood" in the literal sense.

Delinquents are only good in delinquent manga.

>I got my ass kicked but I'll pretend I was just testing him
>it's been five hours and this still isn't my final form
>I've been shat on since childhood so I'm going to join the bad guy

There's nothing wrong with villains trying to become god. At least as long as that's not the sole motivation and they're trying to get that level of power for a reason. Like Griffith.

>Implying Griffith has a reason beyond "waa i want muh castle on a hill"

>wanting to be god is not a good enough reason by itself

Seriously, if it was physically possible to become god with enough hard work and suffering, why WOULDN'T anyone try to do it?

>pic related
Fucking hell user. Fucking hell.

Only watched like 4 episodes of this shit show before I dropped but my god was this bitch intolerable. Someone tell me she gets her shit pushed in some future volume or at least link me to a doujin where she gets treated like the shit she is.

>The "Good" Villan i.e. evil police/military/etc who do things for "Justice"

But I like Valentine

This "bitch" was the best thing about that shit show desu and we barely got to see her.

>wanting a doujin so you can fap to her

You see, you subconsciously like her already


>It's the art choice

>I have a cock, so therefore I always win, because nobody beat cock
Literally I would nuke Japan 34 times more plus 10 for being useless crap and for making this shit popular

edgy sadistic killers who constantly talk about how much they love to kill

100% this

>That fag from Kababeri

More like a smooth criminal

He's probably the worst I've seen so far, which is why I wrote him down first. I hated him so much that I've started noticing those common traits in other villains even more than before.
He did drop kabaneri from a 8/10 to a 5/10 the moment he showed up.

Oh I agree, he was horribly presented. He played his villainous hand the same episode he showed up which was a mistake, and was unambiguously evil despite how he tried to present his father. Honestly what did the Shogun do wrong aside from trying to kill him?

And a black train. Yep that's what a good guy would drive.

Nigga Griffith is an actually god tier villain, he's complex, he's human and he makes sense. He's not some stereotypated shit like

Its obviously artistic choice its just not very good

Yah, i really like when delinquents are likeable, but not completely the good guys like Kyou Kara Ore Wa.
Villians that start bein' better than the MC and later the MC overcomes his difficulties and defeats the villain and they become friends but he can't be his shadow, and later they fight but the villain wins but MC discover he was special all along and fight again and overcome the real villain. Also gay.

>the little kid who is crazy and talks about "playing " and using people as "toys"
the worst trope


The keikaku master.
The fucker who supposedly put a master plan inside a master plan with another master plan inside that one so he was sure they couldn't backfire.
Bonus points if MC or party noticed some of his plans and tried to stop him but that also was part of another plan so it didn't matter.

Also the "I'm SO FUCKING EVIL hell (which exists in the setting and it's pretty bad) sounds good".
Then why the fuck even a hell exists if there is a faggot who punishes random people in the overworld.

That one scene made up for it though.

probably "I hope nobody will be dumb enough to take a freeze frame of this animation and post it on a QUALITY thread on a taiwanese puppet board"

Yeah it's definitely a breakdown,not a keyframe and it looks so much better in motion.

Oh wait..

This one right here. Bonus points if they do le edgy smile.

It is a artistic choice though, a shit one that doesn't really fit with the style but it is what it is.

Scientists that justify every action they do as "collecting data". Just so retarded and overused. Doesn't have to villain either, Stein From Soul Eater or Lloyd from Code Geass are well known examples.

The villain whose life purpose is to be defeated by somebody strong is a really shitty archetype, too.

The villain who insists they are saving the world, but less so them and more so the annoying fanboys who scream "THEY WERE RIGHT" to be contrarian.

>female villains

Daala and literally who else?

Kinda but people are united through fear of something that could come back any moment, unlike for example Code Geass where people have literally no reason to band together (a few years of dictatorship after being horrible people to each other for decades doesn't make the hate go away)

Asajj Ventress, for one.

>Rapist villain
There are expections like Griffith, but most of the time rape is use as a cheap device to make a villain easy to hate.
SAO even pulls this shit two times.

I'm gonna fall for your bait. It's Villain you shithead. I'd call you ESL but I doubt you're good enough at your native language to say you know it.

I actually really like people bound to the Big Bad due to affection, and the "He was the only one who came to save me/was nice to me !" trope.
BnHA has the best villain daddy, can't wait to see more of him.

>Villain who gets beaten every time but stills comes back pretending to be hot shit
I only like this one when is done for comedic effect.

>I'm the smartest guy in the youtube comments because I correct grammar and spelling
So how's middle school going?

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
How about fuck you? I love this and I wish there was more of it.

How did you feel about the villain from Penguindrum, if you saw it?

I didn't feel like he was a strong character, but I also don't think he was a weak point of the series. The weak point is that there was too much mystery for most of the series so you couldn't get invested in the characters/events.

>that news article that reported kids in japan starting to cry around the time this episode aired for "no real reason"

>devious, cool and collected villain with eyes almost always closed

Bonus points if no one or almost no one suspects them as a villain

You mean the librarian? was he really a villain?
It's been a long time since i've watched it

Human villains that refer to other humans as humans as if they themselves are different.

Ass chairman is not a vil... lian

>Joke character becomes the strongest.

this shit was so hype

I am the perfect/ultimate ______. There are exceptions but they mostly just spout that they're perfect at every given moment until they start losing. To which they start whining that they shouldn't lose because they're perfect/ultimate etc.

Keikaku masters are fun up until the point that their plan heavily relies on the actions of someone else to work. Any moment past that was not earned.

The mind games pic related pulls are neat but he had absolutely no guarantee that the mariners coach would forfeit at that time. He would have been completely fucked if he hadn't.

But this one is great.
Based Kanchome

I missed the OP subject line.

He was definitely the final boss at least.

>wanting to achieve godhood is a bad motive
Is this jewish trickery I see here?

>that villain who doesn't stick through with their idealogy up till the end

I'm not the only one who noticed this? The only people he actually beat were the guild members and random, non-ability user grunts.

Obito or Homura please

>Villains who get taken out too easily or quickly.
Not really a villain but this was just a disappointment.

Holy fuck how can anyone hate this guy?
He is so fucking based.
All his plans revolved giving someone the dick and if that doesn't work he falls back on plan B
Giving them the dick himself.
He even united all the kingdomes because all their queens were gainant cunts and even edgeir then he was

>taking porn VNs seriously

Lelouch , i guess.

I have this tendency to dislike villains whch are totally overpwered, because mainly the only solution to win is that the mc use a deus ex or the classical training arc (i'm aware that occcupy more than the half of the anime). In fact the few examples which i remember was Hao from Shaman King.

Lelouch's plans backfire all the time.

Villains who have nice designs but are not very smart

All of the mafia guys seemed to be jobbers. The detective agency guys were broken as fuck.

>Autistic little sister with no moral compass

>the "he didn't do anything wrong" archtype
Just because a villain has "good intentions" or something stupid doesn't excuse his crimes

>taking Hentai villains seriously

user stop, that is just stupid.

except it isnt

>Being this upset by fuccbois

user that's how you know you're inferior to them kek

This phrase needs to be banned from anime

>lol I was stronger than a complete deviant blade when I was a child
>lol kill our father before he completes your trainning because I happen to watch a glimpse of it.
>kill me please, but first let me starve for years and then stick myself with a sword that sucks life force

and the worse of it.
>let me force you gf to cut her hair.

>Did you mean "by" his ideal?

This little shit too

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"

This one is fucking shit

Also I hate the crazy scientiest villian, since those only come in 2 ways. Crazy doctor that get overly exited each time his new invention is done or the "progress doesnt need emotions so I will experiment in anybody I want without a sliver of humanity" even worse if his "experiments" doesnt seem to produce anykind of progress or invention.

>and the worse of it.
You take that back. 'Character development' is always a good thing.

>that villain who is seen as a huge joke posing no threat the entire story but really fucks up the MC at the most critical time

I hate it more when the heroes probably doenst even know he/she exist.

Like a kid that his father was a evil general or something like that, heroe kills father and he follows MC withouth having much interaction with him and just to remind ous he hates him, and then, the critical moment is here and he does something fucking everthing.

The only thing wrong he did was losing. His people were slaves, and his society was a feudal one. Revolution and progress is fueled by blood. You wouldn't call Americans the bad guys for turning up against the British in 1765 would you?

Really i haven't seen a villian who actually haven't done something bad. But i guess that trope it's more common in seinen series where the motives might be a bit more ambigous.

While reading monster i had some mild annoyance because Johan was way too over everything, but it was handled quite well.
And the bitch from Happy, Choko or something like that. You should never make a MC that naive.

Villain who is intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor. Specifically the evil clown type.

Evil clown basically this amped up to twelve. Wearing a clown make up actually just serve as early warning rather than the actual downside.

every jojo character?

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"

I hate it more when the kid is the child of some other villian, or seem that villians as a parent figure, and goes around killing just to make papa/mama happy.

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
Now that I think about it, I really hate this trope. Shit's incredibly overused too

Groups of sub-boss faggots who kill innocent people for laughs but then later you're suppose to sympathize with them because they put up a good fight and were honorable warriors or were a band of friends or some other shit.

I like that one if it's well executed.

>'Character development' is always a good thing
You take that back. "Character development" is shit

I prefer it when it more like "hero of another story" thing

Like the king of the recently new empire is actually a rebel leader that succed on winning the civil war on a kingdom that was evil (rich people mistreat the poor, sickness everywhere despise medicene being a thing, plain tyranny) and is now trying to free other nations or simple defending his territory after the other kingdoms didnt like the idea o having a nation like that around.

But when the villian commited every crime possible because "he had good intentions but the situation force him to take drastic mesaures" is just bad, he still did all that and the situation is rarely something dire as comple destruction of the human race or the universe that COULD justify his course of action.

This is the shit with the dark elf rape right? What is even the plot to this? I've seen the sex scenes like 20 times but I just now i realized that I have no idea what this is even about.

this, the Ran-Sem series with good ol' Majima and also the Rance series.
There is something incredibly wrong with you if you can't handle those types of plot.

guy suddlenly decide to conquer the world and make a word were anything that has a vagina will be a public toilet and encourage other men to use them 24/7

>The "I want to MC-Kun to fall in with me so I'll try to murder all his friends and be downright psychopathic

Like you know if you try to kill all his loved he's not going to give you the D right?

saitamas teardown was so good, "you haven't killed a single human, you're intentionally using nonlethal attacks, and you're still holding back against me. get the fuck outta my face"

>villain says something like "no one loves humans/this world more than I, that's why I want to destroy them

you mean yanderes?

AI YO and never look back

Judging this thread, then which ones are good villains?



>The bad guy who would have killed the heroes if he didn't have magic cancer

I have no problem with Yanderes. i just wish they were a bit smarter.

>Doesn't like yanderes
How pleb can you be?

I swear this board get's wores eatch day.
What's your favourite dere son?

Holy shit.

It's one thing to dressed up and looks edgy, it's whole new level when you put up such a pose. Only middle schooler will take such a character seriously.

None. None dere.

But it didn't. Nothing ever ends, Adrian

Those villains that their words make a lot of sense but your sense of justice tells you to not listen.

the problem is that the basis of their character is obsessive-crazy love, they have to kill other to be with "their love one" if they are villians, if they are allies then just are the token evil mate at worts.

Not him, but I like Kuuderes.

>watching shounen

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
I really, REALLY like when these little fuccbois get BTFO hard.

>The Cool Calm Villian who goes "HEH" a lot when shit doesnt go there way
The type of villian is the best as compared to the two formers.

Only humans are allowed to have opinions, Shizuo.

Do you want to get sick, user? He's being modest and covering his mouth from preventing germs. Coughing fits are not to be taken lightly.

>Bad and evil organization who openly admits to being bad and evil

Every band of IRL genocidal fuckers like Khmer Rouge thought they were right and justified in their actions.

Shit none taste
Eh, they can be hit or miss.
As long as it's not Rei from EVA levels of autism.

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"

Honestly you just got to fuck the crazy out of these

I think the fundamental problem with villains trying to become god is that they invariably succeed to at least a limited extent by the last act as a way of raising the stakes. If the heroes are about to defeat the villain, and the villain has stated his intention to become a god, a two-year-old could tell you what is about to happen. Then they're defeated by either deus ex machina or just plain bullshit. It makes the story more predictable and less believable.

He he he. They were the worse, those bastards.

On the reverse the guy who beats everyone but is still second to the MC, and is supposed to be villain material because he doesn't accept friendship, so the story itself punishes him.

>extreme social darwinist

One thing is wanting a meritocracy, and another is just wanting to rule because you have the bigger gun, specially if the villian is clearly a idiot that only know how to fight.

>people dying
>a bad thing

Of course, not all are good, but even if it's done badly is way better than another violent tsundere.

>VIllain sets up massive fortress for MC and whoever to try to get to him
>every time they battle their way through, he just fucking dips
>even though he's canonically strong enough to just slaughter the entire team

>"They say he's the strongest of the Four Great/Heavenly ______"

>saitamas teardown was so good
It was fucking lame actually, considering that the guy's goal was never killing people but scaring them. And he did succeed at that, with the exception of Saitama who is immune to fucking everything of course and has a black and white definition of a monster to boot. Arguing with him is useless.

>villian was sick or weakly as a child
>now got power and is bitter and mean
cry more asshole. Not everyone else's problem.

It's just an old Asian thing. The Four Kings can be many things, from a claw wielding Spanish Ninja to a scantily clad band member with huge speakers.

I know that many here hate the "for the elvuz" villians, myself included, but the only time I like that type, is when they do shit like if it nothing special, for them killing and destroying is fun and use that to pass time, no to reach ephuric level of excitement or because is the funniest thing to do. Is just something they enjoy but dont make a big deal about it themselves.

btw, other type of villians that is really overused, is the "artistic serial killer"

I like how Toriko inverted this, the Four Heavenly Kings are the MCs.
They do have the 8 Beast Kings, but they're not really evil, they're just fuckhueg wild animals.

This so much. I hate the rape trope used for anything because it is either used for the purpose of,
>female backstory to show her dramatic past
Yeah, rape is horrendous and all, yet I'll like to see one female character whose backstory isn't revolved around their rape.
I mean, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit get an excuse pass because the topic itself is ingrained into the show.

>villian character who rape as a cheap plot device
And, Negan from the Walking Dead, is a decent villian because disregarding all the fucked up shit he did, Kirkman subvert the trop by making him against sexual violence. I still hate Terminus because in their flashback it was implied discount!Negan raped the women.

Yeah that turns annoying, because sometimes those are like super edgy like that Legato guy from Trigun even goddamn Griffith.

ITT: We describe every villain possible.

This is my favorite variant that also happens to be combined with rape.

>Villain thinks he is some hot stuff in the world and acts all arrogant because of it
I hate villains like that, but love it when such idiots get BTFO.

The only serial killer villain in manga I ever really liked was Kira from JoJo, mainly because his actions and motivations are downright understated by the standards of actual serial killers.

Yeah I bet you'll be saying the same shit when some retard has a gun pointed to your head.

I liked that time mage robot dude from wakfu.

>killing and destruction are beautiful and I will dress like somekind of peacock

He's pretty cool

what was the story behind this, they outsourced the animation for this ep to that shitty studio because ???


Escanor is the best thing to happen to NnT.


Warhammer 40k anime FUCKING WHEN ??????????

I fucking hated Shaka during the first major fight with him because of this.

Granted he's not actually a villain but he was an antagonist during that arc, so it counts.



never, there isnt moe or cowtits to bait the otaku.

I was too late

>MC gets small pond syndrome and acts arrogant thinking he's hot shit
>ends up getting people killed when he gets his shit slapped
>doesn't turn into an edgelord, but comes to terms with it being his fault
>gets his shit together

>the cliche shoujo villain that pretends to be a good girl but is actually an evil mastermind ruining everyone's life and everyone keeps falling for her fucking stupid tricks over and over again

An anime doesn't need to pander to otaku to succeed
Plus I think those SoB and /d/eldar have potential for waifu and ecchi

Never, it isn't popular in japan.

Now you're just cheating.

What if the villain's "crimes" are ironically mild compared to, like, the rest of the cast's actions?

I've always thought that's where the "dindu nuffin" archetype came from.

I'm going to Japan to show them how good 40k is, and it will boom like a second DBZ and surely David production or madhouse will pick up the project

>he is so fucking based
Seriously kill yourself, Rance is actually better than him and I don't like him to begin with.
Basically this plus him and his gang winning a war of 200 years for no reason against the so-called-almighty-dark-queen-olga-that-nobody-could-beat-her and then turned her and all the kingdoms's woman into sex slaves and kill any man who was against it or wanted to escape with his relatives.

>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
It's fine, but it's always the same. Just like NINGEN WA OMOSHIROI. There are series I like that use them, but I don't know why they get on my nerves.

>the villains who actually did nothing wrong but have to go full retard in the last chapter/episode so the hero has a reason for beating him up without actually tackling any of the arguments and ideals of the villain.
This shit is way too common.

>morally crusading villain transforms into a hideous monster so the hero doesn't have to feel bad about killing him

"Pain's worldview and psychology are breaking down in this fight. How can I best reflect his frustration and instability?"

>The villain that spells wacky as whacky

>>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
Yeah, this one is always cringey as fuck and annoying.

>you need a reason to become fucking GOD
Come one, this is one thing that should need no justification.

>Second place are simple villains who act crazy and sadistic just because
I don't like this. I'm fine with villains who are doing it for selfish ambitions because it's actually more realistic (sadly) than villains who think they're doing the right thing despite often being spoken of like they're childish, but being selfish is not being insane.

>Not liking rape backstories

Back to tumblr and /sug/ with you.

Well she does whack a lot of people with a baseball bat
That she pulls out if her ass, seriously it's like a ps1 jrpg, where does she keep it?

What if they destroy the world in self defense?

he lost

>The keikaku master.
These are fun as one of the heroes, though.

Outside of Berserk rape backstories are generally shit user and rapist villains are lazy writing. Don't have to be from tumblr to think that.

Having next to no screentime is not a good keikaku.


Good luck with that. They fucked over the rules for it and keep jacking up their prices. Pretty much all but the most diehard and autistic fans have jumped ship to other games.

seconded. Also Children in Horror. Like Maddox said: Shit I can kick to death ain't scary. Kids are not scary. Fuck off.

also the whole -opening your mouth and eyes really wide and "manically" laughing- can go fuck itself too. So can the "It's a cute and harmless girl but then she turns out to be a violent killer" thing.
basically Higurashi. Fuck higurashi.

I liked it in Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh!.

>not raping & killing all you want to

>Villian ares terrorist but do it because muh expierements

More from poor writing, but
>The villain's motives make no sense, but they're not insane

>An anime doesn't need to pander to otaku to succeed
I don't think fujos would buy a 40k anime.

>Villain uses manipulation and strategy to surround himself with strong people to fight for him and fight smart.
>Usually he himself is weak or average.
>Right before or during the final fight he obtains some major powerup that was his plan all along.
>All his skill goes out the window and he goes full retard and becomes a generic big strong guy.


This is the absolute worst thing you can do to your villain.

>buff 7ft men with slightly homosexual undertones
>not appealing to fujos

Didn't DIO lose this way?

I don't know, I like the facial deformation in Higurashi.

You mean Japan during WWII?

For a second, thought you were referring to the "Villain" of Durarara.

yes very he acted like a total retared if he just killed everyone and didnt fool around like a fuck head

Joker in Arkham Asylum?


I think I would be more accepting of it if it was a one time thing but.. it's basically every girls only trait. "Oh there is blood so I'm gonna laugh like a crazy person now" The whole thing just seems lazy to me and I can't understand why it's as popular as it is. Is it the same as Elfen Lied? Is it because girls + gore = views?

>Villain is pushed as being some super smart and wise person.
>"You can't understand how great he and his plan are"
>His plan is so retarded a 5 year old can poke holes in it.

>Shit I can kick to death ain't scary.
What if you CAN'T beat the kids?

with that type of nose I can see why his plan is retared like ever yother jew

>buff 7ft men
>appealing to fujos
Gays are not a viable market.

You should see his hair.

Aw yes new chapter

>gays are not a viable market
>to fujos

It's a kid. You can pick it up and throw it in a well. You can sit on it.

If you make it super strong then you've just created a Monster in a tiny, non-scary body. I mean honestly, if a knee-high toddler came at you with a knife would you scream, cry and run for your life or would you just punt that little shit across the room?

>the villian that's the smart one and he's constantly re-adjusting their glasses / striking a pose

Hes saying that 7ft buff men appeal more to fags than fujo, and fags aren't a strong enough market to go after.

I think it has more to do with the visual cues of insanity. Emotions in anime are always overblown, it's part of the gimmick. Like laughing with your eyes closed, or grinding your teeth like you want to eat them.
The deformed facial traits are supposed to show when a character is batshit insane.
I don't know about the recent arcs, but YuGiOh used to pull that a lot too.

but 40k is gay user

semi related
>new villain shows up
>He kills that one guy that showed up just one chapter earlier to show that he REALLY means business because he did actually kill someone omg!
Looking at you Deadman Wonderland you potential wasting fuck.

>i-its not scary because its small
You might have autism

Fuck you man I cared for her.

>mfw loli medusa is better than regular medusa

Well they are not always completely overblown. Sometimes they are sure, but I feel like if you go as far Higurashi you have to show that "hey we're not really taking this all too serious, we like to have fun here" or you end up being a terrible watch/read like when in Mirai Nikki that girl literally found out that the cherry tomatoes are poisoned because THEY WEIGHTED SLIGHTLY MORE ON HER FORK THEN THEY DID IN HER HAND WHEN SHE WAS WASHING THEM. what. the. fuck.

Also, I wouldn't take Yugi as a standard for anything, since, you know, it's basically just a vehicle to sell shitty cards to kids.
>Literal wizards with the power to take over the world
>already have most of it under control
>that little faggot shows up to beat them in a CARD GAME and if they lose they will just pack in and go home
>the little faggot gets beaten within an inch of his life
>literally one turn before he would lose he pulls that one card that not only can save him but also wins him the game
>the card NEVER works like the real life version does.

Did nothing wrong villains are best.

Morally grey faggit who think their in the right all the time and think their mind set is the only right one.

but they're usually right user ;^)

Well there's also Soul Eater and the second half of Re:Zero, to name a few.


Holy fuck that retarded

No you faggot name one time they were objects right.

>Cute girl in love who is edgy as shit and will do things like smile cutely while covered in blood or torturing people, but she's sympathetic because she wants to love someone

One of my biggest, when it's played too straight:




I feel like Soul Eater fits in the "tongue in cheek" section here. Soul Eater is fairly generic shounen but it is fun since it is obviously aware of that and plays with it a bit.
>If Soul Eater does it, it is fine because soul eater is also saying "haha that's kinda dumb, isn't it?"
>if Higurashi does it, it is retarded because it is saying "no really, that's supposed to be human reaction, honest guys."

He was a remorseless murderer and a war criminal. He did plenty wrong.

Squealer in relation to "humans".
I have a more interesting challenge, give me any morally grey faggot of a character, and I'll explain why they're right.

>Please help me Kokuto

>only does bad things

at least he didnt half ass his ideals and helped kill Pride from within when Pride became a hypocrite

except that was fucking fantastic you charlatan

not necessarily a villain thing but I absolutely hate it when there are little kids or people who have twigs for arms kicking the shit out of giant muscle men who have fought their entire lives without the aid of some in universe magical bullshit. Its even worse when its a kid because its always
>Oh they are so super special talented or they trained since they where two months in utero in the arts of ninja mastery
drives me up the wall. And this shit is ABSOLUTELY at its worst when the series tries to present itself as being grounded in our reality. Sinthia the mission comes to mind, I feel like a dumber angrier person for reading that schlock.

>The edgelord who loves the MC because they're "the same"
Bonus points if he turns into a supporting character later.

>Villain who is intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.
Wow, you just described me to a tee.

What are some anime examples of this?

Dumb frognigger

fuck you I love this trope
Rock Lee vs Gaara and Kimura vs Mashiba are good players on this trope, though obviously not the strongest

I would call Rock Lee a solid joke character. Sure his personality and interactions are meant to be ridiculous, but he was established to be a major player when he effortlessly beat the shit out of Sasuke way back in the beginning. Its a shame the series became more about wizards then ninjas

pretty much this.

Google isn't giving me source, anyone mind?

what manga


Accel World

Fuck off Kenshin, Shishio was right and you know it.

HE WUZ RIGHT villians when they are just children throwing a tantrum about something.

Wish she had a dick female villians that are played up as all deep and feminist. No they are just assholes and should be killed like the rest

Scheming villians that don't really have a scheme. They are just given "just as planned" bullshit as a way to handwaive the plot holes and move the story along without any planning.

Big dumb asshole vilians. No, stop that shit, it's stupid and boring. The big street smart villian? They're far more threatening on an instinctual level.

The brilliant villian. A brilliant villian would not allow himself to be seen as a villian in the first place.

I hate the type who pretends to be a good guy because he wants a better world for whatever reason but is actually just a narcissistic psychopath on an ego trip who needs to be put down.

Thankfully they do end up being put down most of the time, prime examples are Lelouch and Light.

krul is love; krul is life.

I was hoping to see more of her machinations but alas we only got retarded(but not generic) shonen shit.

Thanks, I would've never guessed it was from that series.

let me take a guess to what you are referring to: akame ga kill.

I only watched 6 episodes of that shit, but reading your comment, that retarded shit came to mind.

Sounds like how people feel about Marik

I remember Medusa being pretty GOAT, especially in the manga.

Her death came out of fucking nowhere though, seemed so strange.

He's enjoyable though, especially the whole bar part. Also showed a more serious and nice side of him when he was complimenting escanor's weapon.

>the villain who was right all along

Top kek

This fight is literally a pleb filter, and since everyone who watches Naruto is a pleb, all Naruto fans hate it.

Honestly, I'd like it if the kids villain really was brutally smashed to death by the hero.

post the full cut you fucking faggot memer
if you can't appreciate the skill on display here then you should probably kill yourself

>that's supposed to be human reaction
Did you even finish Higurashi?

Fuck no that was pure shit.
I was referencing those band faggots in Inuyasha.

In Code Geass they had war exhaustion and the need to rebuild as a good reason to join together, plus there is a new hero and so on. It does not need to last forever, but progress will be made in the meanwhile.

Medusa is nothing of what OP said.

And the kind that piss me off the most is usually the
>I must turn myself into a monster for a great ideal.

>there will never be a STALKER anime made by gainax/trigger so you can be HYPED AS FUCK every single episode for at least half a year
>there will never be a MMORPG STALKER game so you can fuck around in the zone with your buddies
>there will never be another STALKER game
>there will never be another good STALKER mod
End my suffering

This thread made me think.
What kind of villain do you consider good?

Name 2

Villain who is so damn powerful that they stand there, unflinching to take the characters attacks to show JUST HOW DAMN STRONG he is. Like I know it's mostly a Shounen trope, but if the villain can't get invested in the action, why should I?

Medusa is a good one.
And i like even those like the kishin that represent the embodiment/humanization of a plague or a concept like madness, hate, war, or things like that.

He just wanted a quiet life user

Hypersexualized villains if they work in context are good I think that's what you mean (pic related)

If it's there for no fucking reason it's obnoxious.

>What is Betelgeuse

Do I win?

>Not following the most glorious president to make America great for everyone

What the fuck am I looking at? Delete this post and go find an image that isn't eyecancer immediately.

Child-sized villains that aren't really "other"ly and are just super-skilled or super fast/strong can clash badly with other stuff depending on how they're written and put to use in a story.

"Welcome... to the True Man's World"

>Villain has no motivation for being evil

it's been a while since I watched Soul Eater, but I do not remember Medusa filling this role while in possession of that body.

He's Dio Brando you troglodyte, he's so charismatic that he has a whole harem who would let him suckered the life from

Obviously not if he didn't get the absurd expressions and behavior were part of the plot and not just lolsoedgexd

Back to your containment thread, jojofag.

Not the guy you replied to but I didn't like him much. Most of the series you can't really tell what he's gunning for and yeah, the plot is just a huge jumble.

Anti hero


A good villain should have big, or at least interesting, ideas
Their actions should be what make them unquestionably evil, rather than their intentions

A truly great villain should be able to corrupt the reader, and convince them to see life as they do, be it through deception or determination

>Having this much shit taste

I agree. This is why I loved Madara. Not only was his idea legit but he planned to make it work. Eye of the moon plan was perfect.

So perfect that everyone tried to make their lives as close to the dreams they saw as possible.

So why does it look like some retard cropped the awful colored version by slowly selecting around DIO with the default paint selection tool then filling it with the bucket tool? Troglodyte, go back to whatever fucking kiddie playground you came from.

But you're wrong, they're super amusing.


Foolishness user. Foolishness. Might controls everything, and without strength you cannot protect anything.

>>That fag from Cross Ange
No no no user, you do NOT put Embryo in the same category as them.
The best thing about Embryo is that he acts like what you described but is actually a shallow waifufag.

Isn't the lore itself still popular at least? They have to be doing something right if the Black Library keeps pushing out dozens of 40k books.

>newgamefag having bad taste
All's right with the world.

More like
>The cool calm villain when things go his way he says "Well I kind of expected that"


>unreasonably edgy bully schoolgirl

I wish there were more villains in anime like Zant from Zelda twilight princess

I like how he appears all powerful and menacing but before you fight him its revealed that he's just a crazy, childish faggot who can't fight worth shit.

>Villains that kill/threaten their minions for no reason
>Villains that are evil for no reason but don't have enough charisma or cool factor to balance it out (see: most SAO villains or any non-Jaeger Akame ga Kill villain)

>Villains with vague motivations and little personality beyond being evil (see: Yhwack from Bleach)

>Whiny villains with "OMG tragic pasts!" (see: Tobi from Naruto)

The one that can do magic

>his sword fight consists of spinning around and flailing like an idiot
>said sword attacks also happen to knock Link off balance and overpower him

He may have been a manchild, but damn was he a tough one.

Well yea he had to blow Ganondorf for that power

Of course, have you seen his mouth? Shit's weird as hell.

Wasn't he just Satan?

Last action Hero was campy as hell though.

Villains with a high amount of charisma and talent in addition to their inherently villainous nature. Pic related and DIO are good examples.

Stone cold nihilistic motherfuckers with a sense of style, like Vicious from Cowboy Bebop

Noble Demons/honorable villains in general

Villains that are inherently evil but are so hilarious that you love watching them, such as Yuuki Terumi from BlazBlue or The Joker)

Visionary villains such as Light Yagami or Griffith

Prideful, batshit crazy motherfuckers that love to fight, especially if they eventually side with the hero for their own purposes.

Not exactly archetypes but shit villains do that piss me off.

>Villains who harm others for no justifiable reason
>Villains who talk the hero's ear off
>Villains who don't just shoot the hero in the face the instant they get a chance
>overly designed bright flashy costumes with lots of accessories and pointless gadgets
>Villains that try the same tired tricks over and over

The major from Hellsing is one of my favorite villains.

But that was the best part.

too bad dio got cocky as fuck when he got his power in the last fight

He wasn't cocky, he was high. People do some crazy stuff when they get all that power all at once.

yeah thats a better term

Villains that care an awful fucking lot for their subordinates ,villains that respect other people and actually show humanity and kindness.
Villains that are just people with a goal and that just incidentally harmed the MC

A villain that you can't decide if they are actually the ones in the wrong.

>villains who pose as good guys to the extent they actively sabotage their own plans

So basically, you all hate everything.

>le wacky meme man villain
reddit zero needs to be banned from this board

not in the 4kids universe

How about le wacky meme woman villain?

>people who like Anemone

Betelguese from Re:Zero beat the shit out of one of his minions for basically no reason.


Because he's: Because he's wacky, he does wacky things like torture cute oni girls and mistreat his followers for unknown reasons. If he didn't do this he would just be le wacky meme man rather than 'nihilistic, intelligent, with a wicked sense of humor' and you can't have that.

Guns < Cards

>villain licks their lips
>doesn't fit the character at all

ones that are either

(a. A reflection of the characters flaws and trials
(b. Someone that is so god-awful you want nothing more than the MC to horribly torture the fucker to death (note: this is different then characters you hate so much you don't want to see them on screen).
(c. Someone so interesting in methods, motives, and character that the MC has to be always on his toes and in the right mindset to defeat him (and prevent him from stealing the spotlight)

a little vague yeah, but there are more villain archetypes I like than what I don't like, I'll be here all day if I try to list them all.

Somebody whose smile and optimism are gone, but not in an edgy way

"You and me are not so different" is gross but I'd like to see someone pull it off competently.

problem is in situations where those words work the parties don't even have to say it.

I complete "show don't tell" scenario

Kek, I like when this is done properly like in One Punch Man. Not a villain though.

I think he's talking about aizen, who didn't even bother to use his shinkai or bankai when he was in full butterfly mode

Seems like a reasonable response to the bullying.

could also be Darcia


seriously Kaiba was the original Tetsuya

I absolutely hate this one. It is so cringey, especially when you see it in a videogame and its voice acted in English.

The other two OP mentioned are okay, not my favorite, but I can stomach them.

Somewhat related to the first one,
>the psychopath villain that's always snickering and laughing maniacally, and talks with a shrill voice, like he's just holding in his laughter
So cringe.


I agree 100% with this. We sympathize with the human characters because we see them grow up and they look like us, but their society is fucked beyond repair.

Joker-type villains are the best villains.

the worst

>especially when you see it in a videogame and its voice acted in English.

If you become god, then you'll be able to do whatever the hell you want. Why would you need further explanation?

The kind who is only interested on himself. I like extremely self-absorbed villains. I'm not talking about villains who actively want to hurt others, I'm talking about the ones who simply don't give a shit about others. The kind who isn't aware how evil they are because they never even spare a thought for the other people.
In short, a solipsist who only sees himself as the reality of the world.

>>that little faggot shows up to beat them in a CARD GAME and if they lose they will just pack in and go home

Do you even shadow realm?

Do you not like best villain, Medusa, user?

Misplaced resentment villains.

Only because when it's done poorly. it's annoying to watch.

>democracy is good because (arbitrary reasons)

Grow your hair long, tie it up in a low ponytail, take two somewhat thick handfulls of hair, make it fall in front of you, all of this with your hair still wet, then keep it all in place with a hat of use some hardening gel on the base to stop them from going back to their place

That or

villians that become good guys later on

>Rape on an international scale.
At least he dreams big.

hypersexualized little kid who talks about playing with people, and goes heh a lot when things don't go their way

Its literally JoJo in space but less stands and more heresy

Please off and stay off


villains are, by definition, bad
the writer wants you to dislike the villain

That's how heroes talk

You know I always wanted a bisexual yandere with a harem for them and their man as their goal.

The pretentious type who spouts pseudo-philosophical nonsense but portrayed in-series as a brilliant genius whom everyone adores. Pretty much the go-to villain for any autistic self-insert MC. Bonus point if they run needlessly complicated plans.

Also, the Joker-wannabe but without everything that makes Joker likable in the first place: personality, humor, creepiness, enigmatic charisma.

It's not the villains themselves that people hate. It's the lazy, cliché character writing that the villain embodies is what ticks me off.

>Older Brother who's calm, collected, reserved, a total dick, and a genius/prodigy who blatantly overshadows the younger brother (who is generally the MC or part of the MC's immediate team)

>Also, I wouldn't take Yugi as a standard for anything, since, you know, it's basically just a vehicle to sell shitty cards to kids.
OG Yu-Gi-Oh wasn't so your point is moot there but I totally agree. Kaz was fucktardedly obsessed with his gimmick which wasn't original or great to begin with.

At least in the early manga Jonouchi would fuck shit up sometimes.

especially if they get nerfed.

>The Villian does EVERYTHING because his girl died
You're wrong, user.

Revenge has got to be the most acceptable motivation for any villain to do anything.

stop being a faggot

the ending of code geass was meant as a proper ending for Lelouche, not the world or setting itself. The zero requiem definitely wouldn't have worked but the concept of his death was the perfect fusion of Suzaku and his' initial ideologies.
Plus, his plan not working was his true plan.
Code geass R3 soon my friend.

one's that directly challenges the ideals of the main characters, instead of making a villain that's just evil cause they wanna destroy the world.

it's like people forget what a villain is supposed to do or something. If a character has an ideal like "I'll never hurt etc. etc. etc." then the villain should challenge that.

The Joker from Batman is often praised as being a very good villain because he makes a great antagonist to Batman. Joker constantly challenges Batman's ideals like never killing and such. He's antagonizing batman in terms of his moral code.

Pitting the main character against someone who just wants to do evil shit is not a very good villain, I'd say.

Name 3 examples.

actually, I think it goes even further than that.

A villain technically does challenge the protagonists in some fashion in terms of their agenda. The protagonist wants to save the world, the antagonist challenges that by wanting to destroy it.

I think a villain like that is considered so bad by many because it's the most basic type of villain, so many writers has utilized this kind of villain that it has become stale.

The villain who does literally nothing wrong.

>hyper sexualized lewd villain
I haven't seen these in a while, but I like them.
Especially if they try to seduce the main protag this is my fetish

Itachi Uchiha
Byakuya Kuchiki
Hell Kaiser Ryo/Zane Truesdale
Kurei from Flame of Recca

I find it really annoying how every "crazy" person in anime does the same voice delivery and staggers around like a zombie because being crazy gives you poor balance.

Dude why are you expecting amazing vanilla writing from a hardcore hentai game? Do you think the underpaid interns in charge of writing the dialogue are going to waste time writing the next Shakespeare novel for a porn game that will be pirated to hell and back? Just be fucking thankful for the good designs.

Do you even read the fucking tags when downloading new games?

Sounds like Cred Forums

>Villain who is intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor

>what is Betelgeuse
Overrated shit

This guy fits multiple archetypes.

First thing that came to mind was the villain from Power Stone.

>weak and sickly as a child
>later outlook: "Fuck it."

For starters, one that defies common archetypes or put a twist on it. The Major could have been another bloodthirsty warmonger, but he is physically incompetence, contrasting his genuine savage psychology. Hazama could have been another plans-within-plans Devil's advocate, but his crass and vulgar personality made him hilarious.

On a more advance level, the best villain is the one who subtly contrasts the hero in every way possible. The key word is 'subtly'. There's nothing more annoying than telling but no showing. That's why there will never be greater villains in comic books than Joker and Magneto, the chemistry they share with their heroes are absolutely perfect.

Villains whom are told by the story as highly dangerous but fails to deliver. Ex Voldermort is supposedly the most powerful dark wizard of all tine, yet fail time and time again to kill some dumb kids. As he leads thousands of Death Eaters, he supposes to carries some sort of dark charisma, but a wooden spoon is less dull than him.

>The Little kid who is crazy
>talks about "Playing"
>using people as "toys"

>The Cool Calm Villian
>who goes "Cool Calm" when shit doesnt go there way
Eh, close enough.
Made me think of these two, specially the first one.

>the villain who is also the protagonist

what animu is this?

Kodomo no Jikan

villains that cares of their comrades.

Embryo was entertaining as fuck, aside from at the very end.

I liked that trope for this series, although I'm not sure if it entirely counts as an example.

But most fights in One Piece are usually bullshit anyway. The entire manga is like a gag made into a shounen

40K is probably the few sci fi with space travel that does a good job showing a big universe and how things can differ from planet from planet withouth each planet being a planet of hats.

Guts did that.
Whole arc was about him smashing and burning kids alive.