Girls und Panzer und auch /ak/ noch dazu

I wonder if the final chapter will be really "final".
Also, do you think they had a special tournament in the GuP world for the 100 Years Jubilee, where only outdated designs from WWI (like Mark I or the A7V) would be used?
Would be interesting to see at least once.

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>100 years
Does anybody even know when the events of the show take place?


i want to be Nonna's little baby tampon boy. i want to turn into a little crying baby and then suck on her breasts. her magic breast milk would turn me into a little baby tampon boy. she would stick her hoo-hoo and i would wait with anticipation spouting little baby goo-goo ga-gas waiting for her to bleed all over me. i want to feel her Nonna blood inside my little goo-goo ga-ga baby tampon body. i want to absorb her hoo-hoo juies inside my little baby tampon boy body and goo-goo ga-ga like a little rolly-polly baby boy. it would be orgasmic to know i am one with her hoo-hoo Nonna blood and i would giggle and goo-goo ga-ga and yelp with little baby boy excitement as i roll around in her Nonna hoo-hoo and revel in her red juices, slurping them into my soft little baby tampon boy goo-goo ga-ga body. then i want her to pull me out and squeeze and wring my little baby tampon boy body so that her Nonna hoo-hoo blood and juices spill all over her Nonna face. it would hurt and i would scream in pained goo-goo ga-gas as pain envelops my little baby tampon boy body until i reach full climax and turn back into grown human man.

Jesus christ, what the fuck...

I want to do things to Shizuka in the name of love!



Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


starring Taeko Kondo


i dont want to live if it'll be the final chapter

Lewding is forbidden

Wait who does that beard belong to?


Little Army: Garupan za Movie when?

I'm assuming you've read this?



I've heard of it but I'm not really into ss so no.

tbf I that might be the correct answer

In about da-dang years.


Jingles might be the correct answer

Da-dang is a miracle of the universe.


Actually for the first time since this meme was forced this was actually funny

Does Shiho even give a shit about Maho or Miho? I honestly have not seen her care at all for either of her daughters and seen her give far more focus to their Nishizumi style.

Like I wouldn't even be surprised if one of her daughters ended up dying and she just said, "Oh well they weren't strong enough"

Worst fucking mother ever

What about her son?

She helped Miho behind the scenes in the movie, redemption arc complete.

I love you, Momo!

That doesn't even come close at all. I have a feeling it was their father doing all the raising because Shiho just seems like an absolutely horrible human being. I mean I'm pretty sure she had daughters just to pass on the Nishizumi style. And she even threatened to disown Miho for her tactics?

Come on, this woman is just fucking awful.

Excuse me?


i just want to watch the tanks, fuck you guys




I wanna see humanized lewd Goliaths.

>be Shiho
>be groomed into the matriarch of a no fun allowed perfectionist autist style with no sibling to confide in
>make a point of having two heirs so they would be spared that kind of suffering
>end up inflicting a different kind of suffering onto them both anyway

She just can't win.
meanwhile the equally influential & prestigious Shimada household rewards failure by saving the Boko museum despite Alice's loss


I'm going to sully Emi's body with my hot african seeds!

Guys, Alice got kidnapped. I think we should save her.

Criminally sexy
Also really smug, is it contagious?



I'm gonna make this baka my wife.

Nah the Shimadas aren't any better than the Nishizumi household. They kicked out their older daughter, Mika.

Why are you posting your wifes undies on the internet?

She's not my wife yet.


Do you think she'll want to marry you after you've humiliated her like that?

Girls love when their boyfriends pimp them out.


user, what are you looking at?

Poor baka.
No one should do this to her.

N-nothing Nishizumi-san, I was just thinking how nice you look today.


Yo nigga I'm lookin at your pants what the fuq you gonna do about it?

Do the carpets match the drapes, Nishizumi-dono?

fluid druid


>goes around molesting little girls and stealing things which, in addition to tanks, includes more little girls
>smarmy hedonistic waster

She had to learn the hard way that actions have consequences.


I'd laugh my ass off if it turns out that Mika got kicked out of the Shimada household for being a klepto-hobo.

I hope if she shows up in another future fight, she gets unceremoniously taken out real easily. It'd be a nice aversion to the craziness they built her up to be.

Stop bullying the Mika.


I'm not bullying. I think her getting rekt would be a nice surprise.

Young Shimada and Nishizumi!

is this the Finnish tank museum?

>Excuse me?
I'm Shiho's special little boy

I love my mom Shiho, she loves me and take care of me, and my sister, that sadist cunt of Miho and the autistic fuck of Maho bully and touch me funny places because of the love I receive from my mom

I made us a channel on cytube if anyone is interested. So far been lots of fun, but we could use more people that have links for good history and gun related videos.

Link in pic. Hope to see some of you in there.

Nope. Parola is fairly easy to recognize from the background and models present.

My dreams of Saori only intensify as my love grows! Soon I'll be admitted!

Saori is shitty Funkersoldaten

ah, right

thought it looked familiar, although i've never been there myself

Anyone got the lewd hats pic?


Reminder that Darjeeling is pure and not for lewd.

Will you?

Wrong, Dartjeeling is for lewd.

no, Mika's and Maho's hats

Even if she was, she'd be my shitty Funkersoldaten. I love her!

well i dont like that one

Guys, I think I've found the Sawreehfag

>shoddy state of dress
>improper activity
>green tea

clearly a low quality oriental impersonation of good manners and decency

Sawreehfag isn't British. He plays on the SEA WoT server and sounds like an Ausfag.

I'd be starstruck if he was though.

Shiho is a nice mother!

Good night my fellow user's.

Tank it easy!

I want to smell Erwin's panties and this mate with her

You want to smell that mate who hangs out with Erwin?

Obviously checking to see if the panties and the mate have the same scent, as to confirm her faithfulness.

I want to nuke Nishi!

Oh I will.

The story of Saori being redeemed from being a meme seal by the love of her husband is the most heartwarming thing I've seen in a while.

More nice mommy Nishizumi!

Thank you ms. skeltal.

Don't you have a billboard to protest against, fatty?

The ship is a mobile target, genius. They can alter course and speed well in advance and be well out of the way in the time it takes for bombs dropped at altitude to reach the surface.

Pic related. The only difference between the way you and some slipshod translator misspell Guernica is that yours is at most not Españor.

Even more mommy Nishizumi!

>implying I'm not as much of a skeleton as Shiho

I wish I could've a normal weight.

mate like in breeding with her
making little desert foxes

>you will never see Erwin breastfeeding your children

I hope I'm invited to the wedding!


>I failed to support my daughter during the worst part of her childhood life because I agreed with the children bullying her.
>Furthermore the reason she was being bullied was her choosing to save her friend's life instead of winning a competition
>I then all but disowned her when she started to suffer PTSD
>but I am a good mother because look at these pictures of my children smiling!

I do not comprehend

>ywn be Shiho's son
>ywn be her special little boy
being a Nishizumi girl must be hell btw

>ywn be her tampon baby boy

Oh my god, I just had a pointlessly complicated deja vu.
I remembered Dante riding on a rocket in Devil May Cry 3 and then I thought "it would be funny if there was a character action game where you melee tanks, that would be fun, wait no, that would be fucking stupid. And then I remembered that you do actually fight tanks in DMC2. And if you stand right next to them they can't hit you. What a pile of fucing shit that game is.
And then I remembered that I'm playing Ninja Gaiden Black, (another character action game) now and I'm actually on level 9 where Ryu (a fucking Ninja) actually fights two tanks. And you fight them with a fucking bow and arrows, and the best thing is that I shit you not, you shoot APFSDS cores with your bow. The fucking description says "these are the internal parts of anti-tank shells")

Come on, Shiho might be a bit cold, but do you really think she doesn't love her daughters? She's just pushing them to be their best.

> you shoot APFSDS cores with your bow. The fucking description says "these are the internal parts of anti-tank shells"

I love my wife Erwin

I love her so much I will never let her go




>I will never let her go

What if you overextend your supply lines?

what if hitler sent her a text message saying "kys lol"

It was more like this:
Erwin to Adolf "you ded"
Adolf to Erwin "no u xd"

>implying he actually was involved in the bomb plot
satin pls

reminder tanks make any anime better

I don't know man. Shitty anime with tanks will still be shitty.
Just look at Valkyria Chronicles.

Could use more people in here if you're bored and want to share/watch /ak/ related stuff.


What is it?

My head canon is that Shiho regrets everything about how she treated her daughters. All she really knows about is senshado. If she could she would apologize but she can't bring the courage to do it.

To be fair, most video game adaptions suck by default.

Guys what's the status of the nex RW scans, I want to see smug Darjeeling already

How would your girl solve the jewish question?

You know damn well how

I just recently started watching Girls und Panzer, and holy shit am I loving it

Erwin is best girl

>Erwin is best girl

why is Erika saluting with the wrong hand?



A chat where you can post videos in a playlist. Great for discovering new channels on youtube.

I want to be autistic with Saki.

It's on break this month since RW Vol. 5 will be out this Friday in Japan. RW Chapter 21 will be out next month.

Like, really autistic. Saki sitting on my lap as we stare at TV static autistic.

Darjeeling is my wife!

I'd even go so far as to say I want to stare at Saki for hours on end without saying anything, then kiss her gently and then get dinner ready.

yeah she was my first love back in 2012 and still is today



how about the translations?



1 for the stink, 2 for the pink, 1 for the dink?

all three for the stinky hole


Fucking slut.


What would you do on your first date with your tank girl?

I'd keep it simple with a nice dinner at a fancy steakhouse. Her fangs look like she can shred a nice steak.

kidnap her


I wonder how her STUG smells like

I want to smell it

bathing with Oreo

Watch some sports

It smells like victory.

I want to suck on Shizuka's fingers!

>is a smellfag
>wants to clean the Oreo

I'm confused.

Just your standard first date, shopping, cafe, maybe a movie, as I described previously. Though with lot's of blushing and embarrassment at seemingly normal date things for all the added cute.

I really want to feed her a parfait!

Eat pasta

Who's the girl?

Continued Shirobako. Knowing GuP makes it so much better.

Shitpost in Cred Forums

Gonna need a sauce senpai

She'll be a shaking nervous mess all day!

cleaning a dirty Oreo is my dream

the fun part is making her dirty

>Maho demonstrating the results of her late night Nishizumi-style observations

Chapter 12 translations have no update still. Chapter 13 and 14 had translations already. But as long as 12's status hasn't been cleared yet with the translator(MadEye) for that. It's currently stalled.

Seeing as Maho and Shiho have the same eyes is it safe to assume Tsuneo has round eyes like Miho?

are there links for the 13 and 14 translation though?

The picture clearly shows that he has no eyes at all, why are you even asking?

Don't be fucking stupid, user!

>I-I-I was just pretending to be retarded!
Fuck off

The Anteaters masturbate as much as we do.

>both parents have dark hair
>miho is getting to saori-levels of orange to go with different eyes

Either those are some recessive ass genes she ended up getting stuck with (Tsuneo, from what I can presume from that style, would also have the 'sharp' eyes albeit with smaller irises) or some NTR happened after Maho popped out.

It may be double recessive.. I hope.. I hate NTR

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Adorable is the UE 57.

arigathanks user

to busy to enter to panda

what is it?

>tfw the ant eater are probably disgusting IRL
I want to fuck 2D Nekonya

>not having panda on automatically

>that pic

But Saki is not autistic.

Shadilay! Shadilay!


Upotte!! #73
That panel feels like the early volumes. It's nice.



time to move forward into Cred Forums

we took /gsg/ we can take Cred Forums


anyone have that reaction face of Wilhelmina? with the smug face

/gsg/ and Cred Forums should stay on their boards.



>he doesn't play HoI3


Hey Man, got any advice on scanning and uploading manga?


Please keep it on /vg/.


Is it wrong that I find the song legitimately good? It's very relaxing.


YES! Best development

Guderian Tier


God tier


Good tier

War Thunder

Shit tier

World of Tanks

Rommel tier


Complete and unbiased ranking

where are you?

Nope it's a good song desu.

I've only tried WoT, Armored Warfare and War Thunder. I enjoyed WoT the most, actually takes teamwork.

Autistic Erika > Autistic Maho

I don't really do much scanning but...
>A sheet of black paper behind can help to prevent ghosting.
>large (like Momo's 3000+p ones), sharp scans are fast and easy to clean as they require less prep and fiddling that tiny ass 1300p jpg raws
>JPGs can do funny things to screen tones.

Can't really think of many pointers right now... if you have an specific question then shoot, haha

Set your scanner to Black and White before scanning?


Some scanner drivers interpret b/w as literally 1bpp b/w. Looks like a bad photocopý. Grayscale is ok.



Feel free to lead by example.


Why is it that site doesn't archive deleted posts or even save thumbnails of expired image files?


We got lots of /k/ in here, but we need more Cred Forums.

What's AK74's game? Up until now, Red Steel has been striking without warning, and been largely successful with carrying out their mission goals.

Guess it scrapes threads at more or less separate intervals so deleted posts might not get fetched?


That was never an issue on any of the other hosts. And what of the thumbnails?

If I ever meet a girl and we fall in love, I want to convince her to wear an eyeglass piece. I never want to forget Momo.

Alright, on the heels of one chapter dump is another!

Groundless Volume 4, Ch. 14 "Selfish People"

>Momofag wants 3dpd
As expected.

Sweet Quads.


If I ever lost my virginity I want to lose it with a girl and surrounded with pizzas and pasta

I try... I guess?


Make 2D real. Do it.

This page will be fixed, just working on it at the moment.


>Momofag doesn't believe in 2d afterlife
Not even surprised.


I hope it'd take place inside a CV or a P40.

I converted to Islam

you literally can choose 27 girls

>Momofag is a Muslim
It only gets worse.

I don't plan on dying. That means someone else will go after Momo.




Now i'll always remember that Momofags are 3D loving Muslims.


Best Girl

What's wrong with Muslims?


It's the exact opposite!


>that soul crushing depression when you just can't contain both the nishizumis


the Quran says 27 virgins

not if 3d or 2d

Allahu Akbar

Why must you bully. That wasn't even me.


Because i love Momofags.


It don't feel like that at all, user.



I only annoy you because i like you.


>tsundere anons

Oh my





Soon, comrade, soon...












Yup mean hot, sweaty, duck fuck?






That's it for now. If you guys see anything wrong or out of place, let us know.

Thanks to everyone that's showed up so far.

Feel free to make suggetions for /ak/ related emotes.

>posting the shitty version
the cross of iron reference is better and less reddit tier


ffs, fine.

'ere, hav' at it.

I hear Saki's voice.

I want to attend Synagogue with my cute Jewish wife!

and she hears you back, she tries to understand all the lewd thing you want to make to her

She needs to experience it to understand.

Your favorite Guppy is real
She has an encyclopedic knowledge of all the posts you've made in /ak/ or gup threads.

How much does she detest you?

but Oreo is an smelly girls who doesn't wears panties

I love her the way she is

One of the worst posters.

These succubi will consume all of your semen, are you ready?

user what if

I'm all the -fag posters?

Then i wonder how much these threads would improve if you left.

This thread so far has exactly zero freedom.

This needs fixing.

you don't get it

user we are all the same person, you, me, the momofag, etc

we are all one entity

Not very, actually.

If anything, she'd be embarrassed over someone liking a neet girl like her. Can I be faulted for thinking she's pretty neat?

I never said anything bad about Yukari or Kay.

but I don't think they appreciate the pastas I made.

Are you guy that wrote Nishi's puke pasta? If so i hate you.

She's autistic enough to not understand a lot of the bullshit I wrote. And the few thigs she understands are when I call her best girl

Even if you never wrote anything about your favorite guppies, they might be mad at all the things you've said about other guppies.

That said, Kay and Yukari... You might be fine.

Deep down she knows she likes it.

>Are you guy that wrote Nishi's puke pasta? If so i hate you.

I think the worst thing I ever said was that Mako will have a stillborn child. Yukari might hate me for that.

literally no reason to play sea wot when you can play on na wot from sea just fine

>the worst thing I ever said was that Mako will have a stillborn child.
Nigga what

Not that I dislike Mako or find the idea itself funny, I just thought it'd be a sad Shakespearean tragedy to happen.

Truly the worst poster.

>Nishi's puke pasta
I'm curious now.

They repost it every fucking thread, how did you never see it before?

Stop exaggerating, I haven't posted it in a while.

Being Nishi's husband must be great. She greets you the moment you enter home, giving you a hug and a kiss. Wearing nothing but an apron, she asks you what you want: a bath, dinner, or her? You obviously choose her, and she leads you to the bedroom and starts to pull down on your pants. Staring at your dick, she inserts it in her mouth and lets it go deeper and deeper down her throat. She goes up and down on your dick, every inch of your length has vanished inside of her esophagus. Nishi goes faster and your pleasure is increasing by the second. You suddenly feel warmth all over your dick, but you didn't think you cum. You look down and see brown vomit coming down from Nishi's mouth all your dick. Nishi pulls off, coughing and crying. But it's okay, you comfort your waifu because little does she know that you married her because of your emetophilia.

I'll be honest, I don't go to GuP threads that much and have only been going back to these threads recently because I finally watched the movie and am interested in the final chapter. Even then I usually just skim through them.

You had me until she started crying, then I started feeling bad for her.

Why is there no Kay x Nishi art? Preferably with a touch of radioactive bullying.

It's okay, it's suppose to be clumsy moe.

No bullying pls.

Because Kay and Nishi barely interacted with each other in the movie, I imagine.


Did you also start the "hippo team smells bad" thing?

The same is true of Kay and Darjeeling and they have this whole shipping thing because of the diplomatic relationship between the nations they represent.

I would hope that a similar relationship would manifest itself in fanartists, with Kay making Nishi her bitch.

Would you?

She's wearing her shorts backwards.

No or at least I don't think I started it. I do talk a lot about how Oryou's butthole smells and Erwin's queefs. I'm a smellfag, feetfag, and a vomitfag and I find it amusing seeing others go to war at each other.

She'd be embarrassed I guess.

Please start using a trip so i can filter you

Why would you even think Oreo's butthole smells?

Yeah, but America/UK is probably one of the biggest diplomatic relationships ever.

If anything, I want fanartists to tackle more of the Cold War relationship.


Not him but I always thought it was kind of fitting for the hippos to smell bad.

He is a dumb smellfag, and apparently responsible for most of the shitposting here.

She probably doesn't. In canon, her name is based off a lady who enjoys onsens, so I'm pretty sure that Oryou and the others shower and bath daily like normal. However, just because how fluffy and chuuni she is, the imagination of all her musk and sweat piling up on her butthole sounds magnificent.

Rude. At least I'm not the Momofag. Or the Darjeelingfags. Or that other Nishifag. Or most [email protected] Kayfags.

Cold war relations are needed too, but I really want to see Kay beating the shit out of Nishi then pounding her with a strapon labeled "Little boy", and just when Nishi thinks it's over, out comes "Fat Man"

Seems like there's a bunch of you here who have the time.

Can one of you help to clean up Phase Erika? Just remove the black bits, split the pages that can be split, renumber those and upload the zip. Makes typesetting next time a little easier.

Always thought Mako led an incredibly lonely and boring life before panzer

>Dead Parents
>Only caretaker is her grandma
>Grandma is probably trying her best to look healthy, but is growing frail each day
>Very little social life cause of her condition. Probably only regularly talks with Saori and Sodoko
>Spends free time alone reading or sleeping
>Probably doesn't do much back home considering how barebones her room is
>Probably spends any time not sleeping thinking about how to support her grandma before she is bed ridden

I can totally see her saying pic related to her future date.

forgot pic

You misunderstand, all of us have a ton of free time because none of us have the talent to even do something as simple as cleaning

Is GuP popular enough for Toei to plagiarize it yet?

Would watch a spinoff featuring AU GuPs as mahou shoujo equipped with magical tank arm cannons that fire explosive rounds of love and justice.

>Rude. At least I'm not the Momofag. Or the Darjeelingfags. Or that other Nishifag. Or most [email protected] Kayfags.

But all of those people are better. Although the Nishipukefag may be on par with you.

What. This is like super easy stuff. What's so hard on how to clean these?

Not sure what's sadder. Mako sleeps to escape the reality of no parents, or to dream to be with her parents again.

Sure sounds like you enjoy the same waifuposting every thread.

Why are they all jews?

I really don't care about the current state of the threads. I still have some fun regardless of the staleness.

But the smell fetish is gross. The other fags seem very inoffensive by comparison.

The six-pointed Star of David has origins found in magic which is why magic words are often written in old languages such as Hebrew or Runes.

>But the smell fetish is gross. The other fags seem very inoffensive by comparison.

A fetish is a fetish. It's not even posted that much compared to waifuposting. Usually one or two fags go "I wanna smell Erwin/Oryou's queefs" once or twice a thread. Very rarely will half the thread be talking about them. You guys just pile it up by complaining. Stop being a dickhead.


I'm sorry, I don't want to rip your fetish apart, but it's just a weird thing to have in these threads. Everything else is rather tame.

Everybody has things that get them off differently, we all should appreciate each other's fetishes as long as we're not being obnoxious.

Sadly no one appreciates my Katyusha bestiality fetish.

I sorta agree with him though, kinda hot imagining Oryou's smelly butthole. I think I found a new fetish.

I dunno, there's a lot of weird shit in these threads.

I was surprised when so many people thought pegging was extreme. That's about as tame as it gets where I come from.

There's no Saemonzafag so I can have her to myself, right?

If only there was content.

I wanna see a doujin where Nonna and Katyusha finds two stray dogs and takes care of them. They feed them every day, hide them from teachers, and name Joseph and Igor. They teach them tricks and read them stories about the purge. One day Nonna has to leave on an errand, leaving Katyusha alone with the dogs. Once they realize the alpha female is gone, they pounce on Katyusha, ripping her clothes off and forcing themselves into her. One inside her pussy, the other in her ass. After hours of mating Nonna would return to find Katyusha in a pile of fur, cum and sweat.


Ogre the line

Wew lad. I'm gonna need to see this commissioned.

Is there even a good artist that takes commissions?

Find a flaw in this image, other than bottom left

The entire right side. Bottom left is best part.

You take that back.

Cooking : Kuromorimine
Rolling mat

Firstly, using the rolling mat, gently roll the maho and miho...

Holy shit you ruined everything like everything you try to do
-school transfer

This senshado is your life
You do nothing but mess everything up

You never finish even one thing that you have started

And nobody will ever love you

Something about Yukari's mother there makes me think of someone else...then I noticed she had her left arm dislocated at the shoulder and is smiling about it. What a hardcore mom.

Erika will always have my eternal pity. She's a cool beauty in my eyes.

God Erika is such a bitch

Did I hallucinate some pages related to this one where katyusha takes nonna to the top of a playground kv-2?

Are Maho's eyes like that behind the dialogue bubbles?

i see Kay

i love this image

Why is Naomi not the gunner and his waifu/
>these are the people you shitpost with

What's wrong with posting on wotg

We can only hope.


Mika is a SLUT

You can't shave bald spots like that with scissors
Nonna's loli meds must be taxing it hard on Katyusha's health

Yukari is kinda a special kind of stupid.



Alice Shimada figure:

Fuck, I've already dropped about $2000 on figures. I don't think my wallet can handle another beating

Why is this allowed?

Because it's futa and purely for fetishism.

Mako isn't gonna complain. If they fuck, she'll have more family members.

Will the child be a lazy fuck? Or a diligent hall monitor?

A diligent fuck who is also a lazy hall monitor.

Which one is the futa?

both of them




Looks like user Junior's gonna have to go for an immediate round 2.

Futa on futa is shit, i just wanted Mako breaking Sodoko or Sodoko waking Mako with her dick.

>Sodoko waking Mako with her dick.
That does happen

>What time it is now?
Should be "What time is it now?"

I mean she seems like she would enjoy watching sports

Cute autist.

Noriko and Shinobu are the good ducklings.

Fukuda is the duckling.

Fukuda is a ducklet!

>2 legs

I pet the Fukuda.

Probably hates me, I've been a massive faggot in these threads

She'd probably be weirded out due to what would be a very one sided love.

I can only hope she'd at least give me a date.

Be careful with that head! She has the most developed brain in all of Chihatan!

I'm the only male that she knows to have shown her direct adoration/affection. She'll find it a little odd, but will none the less enjoy all the praise and defence I've given her.

I love you, Saori!

Taeko and Noriko are my favourites but it is really difficult to choose they're all perfect

Okay, I'll pet elsewhere.

Please refrain from touching the Fukuda. She's the blossoming wallflower of Chihatan and is very delicate.

Why is the owner of the hand wearing a Chi-Ha-Tan uniform?

So do I pet her head or not!?

Gentle patting and cheek poking only. Petting is limited to once a week per student. Hair brushing and braiding is allowed.

I wonder how Tojo feels that he's been transformed into an incompetent little girl

Please do not feed/ touch/ berate/ hurt the Fukuda. She must remain untainted so that that she may grow into a fantastic commander.

Here you lazy piece of shit.

>Good golly

She needs to speak like this in the actual show.

She's literally the only competent person at Chihatan. I'm surprised their Panzerfahren/Tankery/Senshado/Tankration group still get funding, considering the only tactic they've ever used never works, ever.


I'm going to teach Fukuda about life!

Does that include motherhood?

You will be casted out of Cred Forums. That is treason.

Touch Fukuda and I'll blow a hole in your chest with a 12-gauge.

Well, it worked - once.
That's why they're using it in the first place.

You can't stop me losers, Fukuda is going to become a well-educated girl under my direct supervision.

You're going to break Nishi's heart, user. Please stop.

When you die you aren't gonna get to see your waifu. You get to go to 3DPD hell.

It's going to be fine.

I hope it is final. I rather want to watch more Monogatari.

Stop right there filthy gaijin!
Fukuda is already a well-educated and proud imperial officer. She's gonna banzai charge your sorry white ass.

RIP Fuku-chan.

>Forcing a growing loli to eat salad out of her hat instead of a nice growth-inducing steak


There will be ripping, yes.

Everything will be fine.

I hope you totsugeki off a cliff you barbarian!

Erika is such a helpful girl!

She tries very hard. I wish I could acknowledge the Erika.

I dont get it. Why is she portrayed as a lizard?

Could you repeat the question?

Well thank goodness I've kept the pastas to a minimum and posted translations of their schools. She'd probably be a little miffed that I haven't gotten to her school yet.


I'll be totsugeking alright, but it's not going to be off of a cliff.

A drive in a KV-2

>Guess I'll take him to a police box...

post pastas

>Wanting Katyusha bestiality


I see 5 flaws

>Kay is in the pic
>Naomi is in the pic
>Yukari is in the pic
>Alisa isn't wearing sexy underwear
>Alisa isn't "Riding" the cannon of the T29

I wonder if Maho knows what Erika feels for her.
Or if she's just oblivious.

What's wrong with that?

what is she pouring?

Sex hormones.


Combination aphrodisiacs and Sleeping pills(powder?)

Pekoe, is the tea still not ready? [Darjeeling]

I'm bringing it now

-Do you know this saying? Darjeeling-sama...
-When it comes to love, Orange Pekoe will stop at nothing(lit: won't choose any means)...

can't blame her, would do the same.

I want to suck Shizuka off!

In terms of skill and competence how would you guys rate the commanders?

Darjeeling>Miho>Maho=Duce>Katyusha>The maginot girl>Kay

Nishi isn't even on the list, huh.

oh yeah


>Kay on last place


I moved Éclair up because I feel her plan would work much better if she had different tanks.

I want to go on a date with Erika. We'll go to a theme park and hold hands while we ride on a roller coaster.
Then we'll go to the haunted house while she holds on to my arm for dear life.
After that, we'll go back to her home to watch recordings of Maho's matches while we sing her favorite song, Erika.
We'll prepare hamburger steak together and have a lovely dinner. After that, I'll lubricate her anus with the leftover hamburger steak sauce and shove my dick in.
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I'll suddenly shove my dick into her mouth and deepthroat her. Erika will resist at first, but gives in quickly.
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Once I cum deep inside her throat, she will gasp for breath and vomits out the half digested hamburger steak onto my dick.
I'll collect the vomit and shit to use as ingredients for hamburger steak and make Erika eat it for supper.
Finally, we'll cuddle and hold hands as we sleep.

Both you and your story suck, no love.

>marching fire and clever tactics that Miho never matched
>Managed to win a tournament only with crappy tanks and newbie group
>established leader with fixed groupd and strategies
>weak team, but managed to break through with clever strategy
>strong team, but allows pride in her decisions
>team is in shambles and their fighting style is still in early stage of delopment
>Relies on the tanks and firepower, doesn't even plan on defence.
> like Kay but this time charges

I didn't said that Kay is good at tactics, she need to improve it.
But on competetive side she is the best, because she gave up her victory just because she wanted a fair fight.

Darjeeling barely wins when Miho is at severe disadvantage both times literally having to carry her teammate in the movie. Why would you put her first?

This is what I believed at first, but after seeing the movie where the Oorai team already have established group, Darjeeling still out skilled Miho in the match.

You do realize that match is basically Ooarai vs. St. Glorianna+Pravda with Chihatan being an active handicap on Ooarai's side? And even then, the first shot that the movie depicted is Miho about to win.

>If we don't know what we're doing, the enemy certainly can't anticipate our future actions!
But I'd agree that she definitely showed great sportsmanship.

Miho still lost in the paper at the end though.

That was Katyusha being MVP though

Miho only lost because of the banzai charge. And yet, despite her allied team flushing her strategy down the drain and being hindrance than help. She still managed to drag that fight into an even parity. The fact that she actually dictated the pace of that fight is actually amazing in itself since she's technically outgunned/outnumbered from that point.

I guess so, I hope we can get an Oorai vs St. Gloriana in S2 or something.

that doesn't make her a worse commander, it just makes her win lose ratio worse. That match was like two Pro fighters versus a Pro and a small child. The whole point of the fight was to show that shitatan was horrible so they could grow in the next match and the movie could have character progression

How would each Garupan react to a marriage proposal from their respective /ak/ fanbase?

Probably outright disgust.

Ecclair lost to fucking CV-33. She's not that good

Eclair lost to Semoventes

In your fanfiction

Yeah you can keep hippo team Hana

So that's her name? I will try not to forget it

a repost of a repost of somebody who bothered

> >How was Anzio able to defeat Maginot with their peashooters? The French had many very well-armored tanks in WW2 and previously.
>Serious answer; a self-repost.

>The Italian tankettes charged into the French lines, caused a great mess but caused no damage, then ran off. The Italian tanks gave chase, but their B1 Bis flag tank was too slow to follow and was left behind. Then 2 Semovente attacked the isolated flag tank with the third keeping the returning defensive forces away. The entire round ended by a single HE round fired by the Semovente.

>The strange thing with this match is that the single B1 Bis was the ONLY tank that was disabled by either side. So it was a close match for that reason. The infobook said Eclair ended the day in tears, unfortunately.

I don't get all the hate on St.Glorianna. They're alteast as good as Ooarai.
St.Glorianna can put a fair fight against teams like Pravda and KMM while being equipped with fucking Matildas and Crusaders!

Blushing, confusion, and crying, eventually ending with yes.
Taken aback by the sheer amount of loyalty portrayed, followed by a long pause and then a short and sharp yes while blushing.
Laughter, then embarrassment upon realising the user is serious for a few seconds, then accepting with a big grin.
? ? ?
A very embarrassed yes, whilst trying her absolute hardest to look composed.
"Oh, just like a ! I accept!"
She looks up from her sleep, staring in silence, followed by a sleepy and long drawn out yes.
Heavy blushing, but with a very composed smile. Accepting as if it were natural. However the excitement in her voice is obvious.
It's pure fucking love, you know exactly how this one goes.
"Eh? Uh..uh.." followed by some intense blushing then "Yes!"
Turns 360 degress and totsugekis away
No idea. Could go either way.
She'd start to give a haughty and pompous review, starting to blush as she lists off good things, eventually jumping into her lovers arms and accepting.
Immediate kidnapping

That's all I can think of right now.

Too bad their tradition from alumni is keeping them from using different tanks, St. Gloriana could be the strongest team if they reform or something

What about Hana?

Sorry didn't saw it

Also Erwin would probably run away

I want to pee inside Kay's pussy.

Sawreehfag melts my fucking heart. He totally flipped the general opinion on Saori.

Also please do one for Ducefags, I need to know.

how do we solve the fetishist question /ak/? In my opinion the problem are the Garupan people, us Haifuri folks are decent and pure people with good intentions

Decent and pure people who want to eat little girls' shit. I remember the threads.

She probably would blush and ask you to wait until she asks her mother's permission like in her confession pic

>Thinly veiled 'delete generals' meta shitpost


say again? I want to hold hannds with Wilhelmina and have sexual intercourse with the sole purpose of procreation with her after our wedding

>She'd start to give a haughty and pompous review, starting to blush as she lists off good things, eventually jumping into her lovers arms and accepting.


Did you forget about the guy who wanted to be Wilhelmina's toilet?

Cartman pls

>monogatarifag watches haifuri: the post

So the Maginot team essentially ruined the match by breaking formation to hunt tankettes that not only are way too fast for them, but don't even pose any serious danger, leaving their flag tank vulnerable to the two or three Anzio tanks that could actually harm it.
Eclair, you should shoot your team, or at least every third of them. They are even dumber than Anzio and Chihatan.

Thanks for helping this lazy piece of shit
Much appreciate

She's not made to look like Tojo. She's made to look like Teiichi Fukuda, a Japanese tank commander during WWII who later became historian and writter who was rather critic with the Totsugeki! mindset that lent to the Sino-Japanese war, and of whom Cred Forums actually found a pic that looks exactly like her (glasses, round face, helmet...). Would post, but image limit. Google his name in desuarchive

I bet Rosehip would listen to Brain Power while commanding, despite her lack of brain power.

You could always post a link.

Don't call Chihatan girls dumb
Chihatan girls are smart
their doctrine is stupid
I bet you do even know how to drive while Nishi know how to drive jeeps tanks and maybe even trains, not to forget she leads her school

Talking about WW2 jap tankers

I just remember there was a gold medal winner horse rider who died in Iwo Jima

Any reference of him in the anime or the manga?

I want to rape Assam the moment she wakes up after getting a new idea for a joke.

You better be trolling if you remember about "Baron" Nishi and still ask if he gets any reference. BAKA.


That was his name?

shit sorry for being a baka

still feel bad for him, what a waste, war should be fight by peasants

War should be fight by everyone

actual not-shitposting "kill yourself"

t. peasants

Nishi, who fought in ifirst line with his men, would have smacked you with his riding crop for those words. In the crotch.

Good taste, Assam is very pretty.

And the Americans would have made a chivalrous temporary cease-fire to allow him to do so in full view of everyone

Assam is underrated imagine if she became the commander of St. Gloriana. We would be seeing a commander that cracks jokes before shooting the enemy flagtank.


Isn't that the same statement?

Also, if any of you don't see any major problems, I'm going to get the batch ready for release on the wiki and elsewhere.

lol give me an M1 Garand and a few Marines and I could hate his entire mobile tin cans out, that of course if they have the fuel

>M1 Garand
No, user. According to US training videos, you need a machinegun for that.

will a 50 cal penetrate a jap tank armor?

Does she lead her school, or just the sensha-do team?
Miho doesn't run Oarai school, you know.

Yes, especially from the sides or rear.

>blanket statement
You need to be a lot more specific. Which tank, and which part of it, and at which range?
all Japanese lights and some mediums were vulnerable from sides and rear, some lights even from the front, but good luck trying that with a Chi-Ha

IIRC even a T-26 could destroy any jap tank

Maybe because jap tanks were just like T-26 designed in 1930's?

A .50 with Ap ammo would penetrate a lot, not just Japanese tanks. For example, it could penetrate a Sherman if fired at he top ffrom an elevation, or at the bottom from hull defilade.

>even a T-26
user, in its time teh 45mm was the most powerful cannon mounted in a tank. It remained a threat to flanks and sides at pointblank until war end. There are PANTHER kills chalked to tanks mounting the same gun than the T-26, I remind you.

From wikipedia:
>All .50 ammunition designated "armor-piercing" was required to completely perforate 0.875 inches (22.2 mm) of hardened steel armor plate at a distance of 100 yards (91 m) and 0.75 inches (19 mm) at 547 yards (500 m).

no, even in 1945
Jap tank doctrine and armor itself was bad, I even dare to say the steel was bad

You can also completely disable turret movement with a rock

Uh huh? Jappo police boxes are insanely helpful and polite to people.
Too bad your show was lackluster as fuck.

xfags ruined everything

You're completely wrong, they've existed in every fanbase since the dawn of Cred Forums. Fuck yourself.

They're simply more prevalent due to the lack of content.

I wonder what kind of xfags will appear until the new whatever is release

guess I'm a whinyfag now

To be fair, a lot of the xfag stuff was spawned by people who aren't even 'xfags' , I guess they're just something to point at while theres nothing else to do.

Bullying Momofag is fun anyway.