Dub or sub?

dub or sub?

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Hahaha, fuck you. Subtitles.

Sub, the engrish is what makes PSG so good.



but the dub ain't so bad.

The only dubs I watch are the ones I check.

sub for engrish, go back and watch the dub one day if you're interested

this fatherfucker is right

In this case, dub + subtitles for all the jokes

sub is consistently in every anime

Dub. Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial make the show so much more enjoyable.



The dub is pretty great in its raunchiness and hilarious amount of swearing, but the engrish and RRRRRRUUUUURRRRRUS is what sells the original.
has the right idea.

watch 1 part of the episode dubbed and the other subbed like the real men do.

I actually really liked the dub, the VAs seemed to have a lot of fun with it.

The subs are still really good. It's a matter of preference.


if i get dubs, OP cant watch the show in japanese

You mean like these?

>triple dubs
fuckin verified

Good job+


They really do.


Good try Taiga-chan, but this is what they look like


I prefer trips

no, like this!


nice try, taiga
but its done like this


you attempted

The whole point is that it's a Japanese pastiche of American cartoons, so you should watch it in Japanese. Just because shows like Teen Titans or ATLA imitate Japanese style doesn't mean that it makes sense to watch them in Japanese. You watch American shows in English, Japanese shows in Japanese, same rules apply to both.

I see your triple dubs and raise you single digits


check em

If dubs, Top Gear confirmed best anime

Aw shit

It's one of the better dubs out there, and I'm not one of those HURRR JP ONRY autists who think their glorious Seiyuu waifus can never be improved upon

But the sub is unquestionably the better experience

Who redditgahara here?

The only good dub are these dubs.
Sage the dubfag thread.

If dubs, we'll get a second season.

Thanks for ruining it.

but my glorious seiyuu waifu can never be improved upon


I wonder how many people saying sub have even watched the dub?

They're right anyways, this time.

Fuckin checked. Subs the best

is dub voiceover volume fucked up a
or is it just my copy? all the sfx are several times louder

Do you have Daman?

The sub is better.


You fucked it up.

Thanks, user.

As someone who watched sub first, the dub is so much more fucking hilarious. The sub should be watched for the cute little perks it has (Engrish, RUURUUUUS, FACK, etc.) but the dub overall is a purely better comedy experience.

DESU in this case you really cant go wrong with either. But the sub edges it out for Engrish cussing and RRRRUUUUUUUS

Dub imo, a jap saying fuck isn't the same as a English person saying fuck

confirming P/SG is best with dub


The true answer


OInly fedora tipping fat hambeasts choose to cuck themselves by watching subtitles especially when there is an excellent dub available.
>Third worlders prefer Sub
makes sense.

Latin American Spanish dub. :^)

Dub lacks rrrrrrrrrrurrrrru.

One day, American dub voice actors will no longer sound like shit, but that may literally require changing the animation to match their lines, which is probably not even that hard in the first place

15 seconds of engrish doesn't save the sub

I don't follow.

This holy shit. Every time sub vs dub comes up in P&S debates its the same "Engrish so funny" shit when there's like one minute of it throughout the series. Meanwhile the English dub has way better voicework and writing.

>and writing
the original show is the writing

9 star post


As an enormous dubfag, and a funifag, subs. This dub isn't particularly good and it's weird that so many people prefer it when there's much better dubs out there.

So how are we better than Cred Forums exactly?

We suck dick professionally.

>newfag pretends to be old, Take 454325


Both are good
It depends on how weeb you are honestly

hi Cred Forums

if Cred Forums was deleted from Cred Forums the userbase would rage and shit brix if Cred Forums was deleted no one but redditors would care

i've seen all these posts on Cred Forums

>muh feels =/= reality

I'll never understand how some Cred Forumsnons are so knowledgeable about a board they claim to hate~

>Going to Cred Forums

That's like asking "Panty or Stocking".
Because they're both shit

where else would i go to discuss one piece?

at least half this board goes on Cred Forums

that would explain how Cred Forums has been ruined with "generals"

>projecting this hard

No, like these


While the swearing is better in english, the engrish and sub voices are better.

The dub also fucked up the best line in the show. The Deitooo scene.

The timing is off by half a second but it ruins the joke.



It still drives me nuts.

Only regarding the endless swearing imo.

Subs for pretty much every anime, except with G Gundam and Ghost Stories. And even with G Gundam, you should still be switching back to subs every time Dragon Gundam's pilot is due to have speaking lines, or Dragon Gundam otherwise gets involved in a major fight.


Not matching the lips has NOTHING to do with why english voice actors are ass. They're just all around SHIT at convincing emotion.

Wow that scene really did get fucked. Pretty bad choice of dialogue. I enjoyed both and can't choose a favorite though.

You can actually get dubs here.
And Cred Forums doesn't spoonfeed.

>"Oh, Stocking~?"
>"Yes, whore?"


Sometimes yes, sometimes no


Japanese dialogue
>I told you I didn't
>That doesn't make sense

English dialogue
>Did you decide you wanted to shut the fuck up?
>Yes whore?
>I'm the reason tweens make themselves hurl

Acting aside the writing in the dub is much better.

The right choice

I just want to fuck Stockings and Kneesocks in the ass.

English Dub > Japanese Voices

>Meanwhile the English dub has way better voicework
Fucking no.

DUBS superior in-

>Panty & Stocking
>everything Dragon Ball
>Outlaw Star
>Black Lagoon
>Space Dandy
>Infinite Stratos?

Off the top of my head

Kill yourself.

Dub without question. I'd rather have Garterbelt's VA than a few seconds of engrish.

it's true

By pretending we're not shit as well


you forgot the hellsing OVA's srsly the dubs are better then the original

oh and GITS

I think the line is great either way, though not as great as the Japanese version. Still, the scene had great scripting in English.

Not at all. It has noticeably worse acting than the average dub today because it's "old".

Yeah forgot about Hellsing. Though I like Alucard better in Japanese, Crispin Freeman is still okay.

Rip thread

Watch both.


I find the dub funnier.
but watch both since all the memes are from the original.

>Oh Stocking
>Yes, whore?

No the dub is superior for this scene, sorry

Dub. The writing changes and semi-improvisational humor of the dub just makes me laugh a lot harder than the subbed version. The Engrish bits of the subtitled version can just be found on Youtube.

Golden Boy

>They're just all around SHIT at convincing emotion.

Except that's wrong you dumb fag.

No lies detected.

>Infinite Stratos

Those accents were great, actually made the series watchable. At least for a few episodes.

>But I took it in case it was full of some sweet meats if you know what I'm sayin'

I feel stupid for asking this, but what's that supposed to be innuendo for?

You sir, have good taste in dubs.


>everything Dragon Ball

maybe if Rock the Dragon didnt exist


it wasn't funny, and because the line was said so quickly to match up to the animation it sounds forced.

Fuckin checked

>its another Cred Forums dub thread were none of them have experienced the best dub ever made

I just bought the DVD on a whim

Will check out the dub