Macross Delta (マクロスΔ)

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Why'd I ask for subs? I need sleep.

When were you when NUNShits were given a taste of their own medicine?

how is that a cuck?

Worrying my ass off because of my precious Hoina's deathflags.

Your precious Hoina will be fine. The Wind is stronger than ever.

Lady M may seem unimportant to the plot, but her steadfast response on the Windies' invasion to Ragna still intrigues me. It's like everything is according to her keikaku and I bet sending the NUNS out there to get themselves killed is also one of her plans as a threat measurement to how strong the Star Song is.

It just part of shitposting, ignore it.

Mirage a cute. A CUTE!

Mirage a hot. A HOT!

Mikumo now has the highest kill count in this show.

You cannot hold a 3 year old accountable for actions she was forced to do.

What a fantastic depiction of Miragefags.

The preview showed her dying. That means she'll survive and marry Hayate and have a kid that's named after Messer, Makina, Mirage, or Mikumo. They might consider Lady M too.

I'll stop worrying once she's safe, I'm just hard wired like that. I think Kawamori is perfectly capable of offing her for the sake of the message of his show, or whatever.

She's holding her stomach like she's carrying my baby inside. I'm getting horny now.

why was delta so shit

frontier was never this bad

Cashcow that completely lacked direction

>Makina, Mirage, or Mikumo
Why would they named their kid that still alive and well.
Well maybe Mikumo will die, but pretty sure Mirage and Makina won't.

Why don't underage faggots read the rules before posting on this site?

>implying they're not going to have kids named after all of them
That hoina is breeding material.

The background is the same as in this scene. Either Roid is hiding the true effect the ruins will have on the Windies or he doesn't know himself. I'm pretty sure it must be the first.

It isn't about dead people, its about people that helped them.

>frontierfag detected.

I rewatched the scene and all of them have dead eyes. I'm pretty sure this will happen to them again in the last ep, and to Freyja too going by the preview. "Our runes will protect us" my ass, Roid.

Bogue has a nice body.

He's leading them on. His monologue from episode 15, where he figures that their fighters will die in a short time, seems to take this into account. I think his end goal is killing everyone, but having them join up as an eternal consciousness in the network.

Does siegy-chan count? Siegfried Immelmann-Wion?

I know. I think the princess-like hair adds to his overall charm.

Does it sound like a cool ass name? It probably counts then.

What if Freyja and Hayate survive but both their lifespans are greatly reduced with flakes forming on the both of their bodies? I wouldn't mind that as long as they're together.

I don't even know anymore what goes through his head. To be honest, using Heinz who he raised up as if he were his little brother and keeping so many secrets from the guys he grew up with and even possibly betraying them puts him on Grace-leves of evilness, although Roid seems more human than Tv Grace for some reason.

I'd mind. I prefer it over one of them dying. But I don't like it.

He went off the deep end around episode 13. He got corrupted by delusions of grandeur and manifest destiny and is more interested in seeing these delusions proved right rather than actually working for windermere. Him just being right will make everything work out. Except he's wrong. He needs to be stopped by any means now.

I think Roid wants to achieve good but through bad means. His ideals are twisted. He probably lost his way somewhere trying to find the Star Singer and is using any means necessary to achieve what he believes is the right and just.I am not even sure if he does this out of revenge and anger towards NUNs anymore or simple because he wants to conquer the galaxy.

They can die I don't give a damn. I want Mikumo and Heinz to survive.

Heinz must pay for his war crimes

Arad is biggest pointless character of this show.

Agree. It's like Keith doesn't want to see or recognize that Roid is pretty much lost. He's not anymore the boy who became his first family member, and Keith must know it but is too attached to Roid to act, or thinks that they have no other choice but to follow his plan. Well, at least I'm pretty sure Keith and Heinz will rebel in the next episode when they learn his true intentions, and maybe the rest of the Knights too.

He'll pay with his boypussy.

we'll see, there won't be too much back and forth twists, because there's not enough time for it. Keith Hayate showdown should happen too. The second op will play. Mikumo will break free /be broken free at one point, because she's not gonna end the series doing the bidding of others.

They could skip the OP to buy some more time. It's the last episode anyways

That would be twins or Hermann.

Found the pedo.

They are good weapons, they need to survive.

The rest of NUNS will rape his brittle, crispy boi pucci for the rest of his short life


>NUNSfags still alive after their beloved NUNS nuked themselves to oblivion
Please die already. Your time is over.

Sleep is the most overrated shit since C.C.'s butt

That was a small fleet with some nukes. Siege of not-Farbanti awaits.

I mean the OP will play inside the episode. Or rather be sung.
Windies in a nutshell

They don't eat up other characters time, and that's the problem of Arad.

The only time I remember Arad is the 1st episode and the episode where he tells about Hayate's father (that's really is his only purpose, because as I don't remember him as a commander).

Who's Chuck?

A dude from Ragna who lost his sister.

Even the mercat was more important than he is

I searched for this Farbanti thing and god I want to play this game now

Wait, so she's Lady M?


Lady M is Misa you minmayfag. She's the most qualified to make contact with NUNS and do song research.

Well, whatever. Megaroad-1 being alive is still huge news, unless I missed something


Since the Arab merchant spoke about Lady M's debut I don't think that he meant Misa

Then comes this.

HayaFre scene was pretty cute, I hope they get a happy ending.

Oh that's just fucked up.

So Hayate's dad left him his English flashcards huh
Makes you think

I love Kaname.

You think they'll load it with a dimensional weapon and tell him to drop it at the Sigur Valens? He would be finishing the job his father could not.

He might drop the whole plane.

>that filename
That's just cruel.

>If Mirage didn't tell Hayate to go see Freyja she'd spend the afternoon looking at his precious father momentos with him.
Isn't it sad, Mirage?

>although Roid seems more human than Tv Grace for some reason.
Probably because there'll be understanding with Roid too and he'll realize his ambition led him astray from his ideals and the ones he supposedly cares about, although I doubt he will make it alive.

>Blue makes a comeback
Fucking finally.

>penultimate episode.
>90% is non-action oriented exposition

This is why Delta is the weakest Macross series (not counting OVAs or movies here)

Mirage has got as much bad luck as DYRL Minmay. Worse actually.

Every Macross series has exposition/actionless episodes, newfag.

To be fair, we don't know if Hayate would have shared with her his father's mementos. IIRC, Hayate has never actually disclosed personal information to her unless she asks whereas with Freyja, he unloads his personal shit unto her without her inquiring.

I am sure he wouldn't mind with Mirage either. The point of the scene though was to have a HayaFre moment that would resolve Hayate to protect her once again, the comment about her laugh and how these two are connected as well as Freyja finding out that the Earthling soldier who gave her the mp3 was Hayate's father.

It mostly has to do with the impact and importance of why he had to share this moment with Freyja rather than if Mirage is not suitable for this. He likes and respects Mirage, he is grateful towards her but even she understands this important moment before the big battle should have Hayate talking with Freyja rather than her.

>baseless argument
>throw newfag to seem right

Deltafags are the worst. There's nothing wrong with exposition, but there's something wrong with many episodes that are nothing but exposition. It's why Mirage was for awhile a glorified reaction head. Characters don't do enough on the shore but react to info dump and exposition. The writing reeks of a first draft. Also, name me another series where the penultimate episode is mostly exposition? Not SDF where the episode involved Hikaru and Minmay spending time together for Christmas, not 7 where Basara is dead, and not Frontier where the final battle is going on. Delta's penultimate episode is everyone standing around while Roid and the Merchant info dump once again.

>Logos penultimate episode
>pure cum

Just fire Kawamori.

>There's nothing wrong with exposition
Everything is wrong with talking heads exposition which not only makes 100% of Delta exposition but also 75+% of the show as a whole. This was already awful in the first half but it reached ridiculous levels in the second.

is it just me or are there some undeniable similarities between macross frontier and macross delta?
>very good looking male lead, who is deeply dissatisfied with his life. finds his calling as a pilot.
>quirky underdog female, who happens upon male lead early on. always wanted to sing, goes through auditions and ends up being beloved by many because of her voice.
>established female singer who plays an important roll in the society.
>father figure captain to male lead, who is constantly based as heck
>quirky looking eccentric male side character who is also in the army ( fatass in delta, gayfag in frontier )
the list goes on... its basically the same show.

>Also, name me another series where the penultimate episode is mostly exposition?

Well for one, that episode where Global pretty much recaps the entire show using nothing but reused footage from previous episodes.


I think you're agreeing with me and aren't the poster I replied to. Maybe I wasn't clear, so I'll reiterate. In general, there's nothing wrong with exposition. There is something wrong when it's used too much and we lose character interaction and general action, which is delta's problem as a whole.

Useless fake lesbians. Should have died a long time ago.

Sisters, faggot.

I wonder if that one user that said the star sing will cure the windies lifespan a couple months back is still around.

All Macross are pretty similar. The most consistent similarities are
>male MC pilot
>two girls want MC's D, at least one is an idol
>Father figure pilot
>Friendly wingman
>Comedic relief pilot
>Pilot death
Sometimes these are mixed into fewer characters.

I'm much more concerned about that pathetic attempt at generating drama by having her shot taking a bullet for someone else with no one in the audience believing one second that she'd ever kick the bucket.

I guess you don't know what penultimate means. Congrats. And a recap/exposition episode in and of itself isn't bad. Delta has had 3 in this half alone

>And a recap/exposition episode in and of itself isn't bad.

"It's okay for SDF to do it a few times but not for Delta."

Don't be such an apologist.

I want to touch her ears.

She holding her helmet.

>forgetting qassim

SDF did it at a time that made sense, around the end of the first, when they returned to Earth. There were 2 more instances, I think of off the top of my head: the episode where they explain the protoculture for example. Buthe SDF is also 10 episodes longer than Delta and the penultimate episode is not exposition. This episode should have been episode 22 or 21. Not 25

Mirage is love, Mirage is life.

Did you forget the last message from the Megaroad was from Minmay? She called the shots. Misa and Hikaru became her glorified bodyguards.

Oh, Messer-kun.

>This episode should have been episode 22 or 21. Not 25

Nobody really disagrees with you on this. Delta supporters didn't enjoy the second cour as much as the first but we just don't think it's as bad as you make it out to be. Exposition or filler episodes like 16 or 17 were very enjoyable. Same for 23 and 25.

What if they don't?

What a goddess.

This is a three years old.

Would you adopt her?

SDF basically has 2 culminations due to the original plan to end it on episode 27. Episode 26 is nothing but talking heads exposition. Episode 35 was Hikaru and Minmay spending time together and generated 0 hype as well. At least Delta spend this time on HayaFre, and not Hayate with Mirage.

Yeah the real final battle in SDF is ironically the worst in the series. The third cour in general pretty much ruined SDF for many.

Sure, let's call it that.

>j-just one week left for Mirage to win guys

>very good looking male lead, who is deeply dissatisfied with his life. finds his calling as a pilot.
Hayate isn't like Alto. If there's a character in Delta who is an Alto clone, that's Keith.

Episode 26 is them working out their treating with Breetai and Admiral Hayase preparing Earth's defence. Talking, but action oriented talking. 35 is partially taking, but not exposition and Qazim doing his thing. Characters talking != exposition.

Maybe this what they meant by "feel good triangle". Even though it's clear that Mirage has lost, she's not going cry over it like Ranka and Minmay. She chooses to embrace the fact that Hayate and Freyja just work well together.

Don't see how episode 25 was enjoyable unless all you care about are Hayafre

Hayate isn't a very good looking guy, he looks like a faggot with a hairpin on his head. Even messer looks much better than him.

>Also, name me another series where the penultimate episode is mostly exposition?
Key the Metal Idol. Your turn, faggot.

HayaFre takes up nearly the entirety of Delta. That's why it's enjoyable here as it was in previous episodes.

Man episode 27 was unexpectedly awesome. The moment when Macross blasted through the main Zentradi ship and missle'd Boldolza was hype as fuck. If Delta ends that awesomely that I won't complain.


>Talking, but action oriented talking.
Is this some kind of new term? It's even worse than any kind of exposition, because there is no point in talking about their plans if they showed them in action in the next episode anyway.

>35 is partially taking, but not exposition and Qazim doing his thing
It didn't feel like penultimate episode at all, it had no real buil-up. Quamzin action was so minor and unimportant it felt like any battle in any episode before that. Episode 35 will is forever remembered for Hikaru and Minmay spending time together on Christmass and that stupid pineapple dropping scene. Not for Quamzin doing his things.

Pretty sure anyone saying that is a false-flagging Freyjafag or troll. Nobody's that delusional.

Why do Deltafags lack reading comprehension?

Exactly. Some people are overstating the severity

14-15, 19-24 were crap. That's most of the second half.

Could anything have saved Macross Delta?

Even if we accept that the second half was supposed to be a movie, the plot we have seen in it has been garbage. There's no excuse.

You forgot 17, the T&A concert.

The difference is that they had to rush the content for the second cour. They would have had plenty of time with the movie scenario to write a good story. See GBF. First season, great. Rushed second season season, mediocre.

Are you that retarded plusfag who always complains about idolshit?

No, I only complain about shitty idolshit fanservice. Good idolshit like episode 04 is fine.

This is the one teaser image to screw w/ Freyjafags that will actually come true.

The end results will be glorious but Delta as a whole can go to hell if we don't get some delicious Lady MinMILF.


Fixed it for ya.

He used similar complains.
It was a good episode. We got 2 news songs, new outfits, some important HayaFre interaction, Bogue comedy. Not every episode needs to be action and plot. This is what rest/intermission episodes should be, not what we had in ep 14.

Ep 22 and 24 were pretty fine too. People complain about them only because they wanted something extraordinary to make contrast with mediocre exposition/filler episodes we had before that.


>some important HayaFre interaction
Literally the only worthy thing about that episode. Rest episodes should be used to develop characters or give them more characterization, especially when they are as bland as the Delta cast, not to dump fanservice scenes.

>The difference is that they had to rush the content for the second cour. They would have had plenty of time with the movie scenario to write a good story.
This implies that they made the first cour without having the latter half of the story done. If you write the first half of a story before having any idea what's going to happen in the second half, there's a good chance it's going to be a trainwreck or atleast have a noticeable drop in quality. That's some rookie shit and so many shows seem to keep doing it.

>if you write the first half of a story before having any idea what's going to happen in the second half
They definitely had idea. Like Roid trying to use ruins to conquer galaxy, Immeldad dropping the bomb, Mikumo being protoulture clone and getting captured, Freyja winning. But ideas =/= story. You need a good writer and time to combine all the pieces in coherent and interesting story.

Also this was posted in previous thread. It seems Kawamori is not a guy who likes to think ahead:
>Interviewer: I presume the conclusion is already set.
>Kawamori: It sort of is. Yasuda is the type who wants to know the ending so he can work backwards from it, and he had kept on insisting that we should hurry up and think of the ending (lol). I can never do that, but this time I did my best, though we did end up changing it 3 times (lol), but it was much earlier than in F.

>should hurry up and think of the ending (lol). I can never do that

>Yasuda is the type who wants to know the ending so he can work backwards from it, and he had kept on insisting that we should hurry up and think of the ending (lol). I can never do that, but this time I did my best, though we did end up changing it 3 times
By they way it means whatever we get in the final episode Kawamori is the one who will be responsible for it. So you know whose house we (as in Freyjafans) should burn if Freyja dies or we get sky ending.


She's getting ready for

So is this why Delta is so bland? Because they planned ahead?

Logos was certainly... different without Kawamori, but I felt it ended on a better note than EVOL did, which was
>largely ignore Kokone who clearly had some kind of feelings for Akira but lol too shy therefore him and Maia kissing at the end didn't feel like it was really screwing anymore over.
>everything that happened to Zessica in EVOL and dumfuk Amata still choose MIKONO-SAAAAAN

How come they fucked Delta up when they perfectly nailed the concept with 0048? I just can't understand.

I half expect her to be a brain in a jar if I'm honest

>ghostbusters parody episode better than that lump of shit feministbusters movie that flopped miserably
>autistic fistfight over who gets to be the messiah

based LOGOS

>5 idols
>2 are literally whos, 1 is a plot device for most of the series, 1 gets minor development and only 1 is fully developed
This is why. I cared more about the 0048 girls than Walkure.

Yeah the Walkure development has been pretty shoddy on the whole.
In fact, even Mirage hasn't been handled well. Like she drops her tough facade so quickly and pulls it back up and drops it again that she must have gotten tsundere whiplash.

I mean, now that I think about, even the Bridge Bunnies in Frontier got some pretty decent development, like how that one had the crush on Captain Wilder, and there was Bobby, The one with the black eyes always going on about food. I think maybe they've just got too many characters to try and cover this time, what with all the exposure the knights, the prince and Roid also got.

>too many characters to try and cover this time
It's a combination of this, and using precious screentime for nothing. Like in some episodes it's not even filler, there's stretches of literally nothing or flashbacks to the previous episode.

>Is this some kind of new term?
I'm probably using the wrong term, bit the idea is that dialogue != exposition. Dialogue can serve as action like in Inglorious basterds for instance. Most of the films action was done through dialogue.

As for episode 35, the main focus of the narrative had always been Hikaru chasing Minmay. It's why the ED is runner, this is especially true in the last 9 episodes. The major conflict was not Qazim, but with Hikaru choosing Misa or Minmay. It only makes sense that the penultimate episode is when he chooses the one he's been chasing, and then she asks him to give up his life.

But the one fully developed idol is our MC. It was never said all of them would be MCs. Same goes for the pilots. Only Hayate and Mirage were billed as MCs. Mirage failed but this show is mostly about Hayate and Freyja. The pilot and his idol. Kawamori made this clear, didn't he?

If we got rid of the knights, we would have had 7 to 8 episodes worth of screen time that could have been allocated to the other characters. They were Delta's biggest mistake.

>remove the plot characters
Yeah, let's have 24 episodes of Walkure galactic tour around the Galaxy singing cheesy songs. Who needs planes, actions, or a war or a story, right?

>plot characters
Look, there's one episode left. Are you still going to go "but they'll be relevant later" and "the development will pay off".

The Knights aren't even that bad, especially compared to previously badly written antagonists except Zentradi and Protodevln. Keith, Heinz, and Roid are good. Herman and Cassim are okay. Bogue is mixed since some can sympathize with his loss and others can't. Nobody cares about the twins, it's not like they took up a ton of screentime anyways. I just wish we got to see windy cannon fodders get raped by Delta or NUNS like in episode 22.

I wonder if people were complaining about shammy's "character development" when SDF was airing.

On surface, Delta had more, but that's on surface. Really, it's just that the show isn't handling it's characters well. Goes back to what I've been saying about exposition.

If we don't include the ship captain and bridge bunnies for both Frontier had:

Twin 1
Twin 2
Old man 1

But really, in frontier you also have the president, Wilders, Ram, mina and Monica, Nii-San Saotome-senior and Mr. Birler. The thing is Frontier knew how to and how much to use their characters. Compare the scene where Alto meets Mr. Birler to whenever le happy merchant appears. One is 3 minutes, the other half an episode

Minmay and Misa are fucking MIA. Lady M is someone else.

>Yasuda: What will be crucial is Roid of the aerial knights gradually becoming suspicious or rather revealing his ambitions.
>It might be good to focus on what Roid's ultimate goals are and how Keith and Heintz will react to that when it is revealed.
In case you missed it, last episode is Roid vs Keith, with the rest of the Knights probably defecting too. So yes, last episode will be the pay off.

Characters like Chuck,Mirage, Reina and Makina on the other hand will remain useless even in the last episode.

Sammy, Vanessa and Kim were handled well. I feel like I got to connect with them more than I have with Mirage

but they're not useless, they're just irrelevant.

Lady M is, in fact, Carl Macek.

Minmay must be like 80+ now would she still be an idol? Is that the reason there were pics of IIjima in what looked like a recording studio?


He might not have been important but poor guy needs to be mentioned at least ;_;

>last episode is Roid vs Keith
I'm going to laugh at you next week

This whole second half has been pretty weak so far

Maybe time moves slower when you're stuck that far outside of space. Maybe she's a brain in a jar.

I think by this point the only name not mentioned or her is Myung

That's not saying much? At all.

Back then autists didn't have the opportunity to spend every day for weeks bitching about and obsessively dissecting every detail of shit in a forum.

Because Myung a shit. I'd rather Lady M be a mystery then end up being Myung.

It's no about miragewho, I'm talking about Makina and Reina. The bridge bunnies trio in SDF worked, went shopping, gossipped and were overall likeable without being relevant, that's litterally what Makina and Reina always did and we have people here who keep repeating that they were a mistake, that they take too much screentime (wut) and should die for being irrelevant.

You're comparing Birler to the merchant. Come the fuck on.

meant to reply to

I don't understand how a show can manage to feel both rushed as fuck and dragged out at the same time.

Fucking this.

It's time to admit that all of this bitching stems from retards throwing fits that their favourite character or muh dogfights didn't get as much screen time as they wanted.

Reina is a joke character and has the personality of a cardboard cutout, don't compare her to the based SDF BB trio.

Yeah, it feels like they are improvising all the time. Pacing was atrocious for the second half.

Well, yes, that would actually have been infinitely better.

What the fuck is this?

>Shit talking Myung
>On the internet
>Shittalking the brains of an insane A.I.
>On the fucking internet
>On a public Vietnamese Kite Airshow board
You got balls mate, I'll give you that.

I'd say the trouble with Makina and Reina is that for most of their screen time they're not really doing anything except maybe holding hands. They're background, one-trick pony, characters, but they're put in a position where they're standing beside main characters in such a way that they should be main characters. They're superfluous to the big thing of having an idol group.

They're the same, don't delude yourself.

Maybe because they're not main characters.

>in such a way that they should be considered as main characters

Missed a word

MakiRei should die for SIlent Hacker. Truly a crime against humanity.

And Shammy isn't?

>Not main characters

Valid point. 3/5 of them are just stand-ins to make up numbers to make it look like an idol group so they didn't need to redo the Sheryl/Ranka dynamic.

>they should be main characters
they never were. They're background singers and have only one solo song each. Also if you looked past the holding hands you'd see that Makina had always been acting like the big sister not only for Reina but also for Freyja and Mikumo. It's okay to have characters who aren't fully fleshed if they're likeable enough.

Sure, and in every story involving any sort of team the entire team is obviously composed of main characters only. How is the dynamic in this even remotely similar to two individual idols in the first place?


Space muslim's new voice just sounds wrong...

She'll get her happy ending! You'll see!

I agree, fuck Myung she's a worthless bag of flesh and bones.

I noticed this user has some strange hate towards Reina. He always uses words "cardboard cutout" and always to describe Reina only (even though she has the same amount of screentime/development as Makina).
I'm starting to suspect that he is Bogue.

Birler is irrelevant, but he's the same as the merchant. Outside third party with their own agenda. The difference is that birder is rightfully irrelevant, while merchant exists to take the alloted time for info dumps

Remember Kanamehaters in the first cour?


The roles played by the rest of Walkure are typically played by other secondary or background characters. Instead, you see these roles constantly outsourced to Walkure to make them look busy and capable. A prime example of this is all the spy jobs that they do.

If they were high value assets who were being escorted by a coordinated paramilitary effort, that would make sense, instead, its literally a few of them or all five of them and friends crashing the party only to watch bad things happen. This keeps happening time and time again, and most of the time it ends up looking ridiculously silly.

I'll even go so far as to say it looks as silly as the one episode in Gundam Seed Destiny where Kira and friends run a spy operation on a shopping mall.

From all that viscous, clear liquid dripping from her chin and on her hand I'd say she already got a happy ending.

386 best girl

Makina feels more human than Reina, Reina is like Gubabba, she's just there and says funny things just like Gubaba was the comic relief, but that's all. Reina is like a pet character but human.

It should be, since one is a main protagonist, and the other 3 are secondary characters at best

She's the second imouto of Walkure. Well, before

The show is about a group of idols caked Waljure. Members of that group should not be bridge bunnies tier. Shimmy, Vanessa and Kim aren't on posters, magazine scans, have musical albums. They weren't an integral part of the show's concept.

What do you actually expect them to be doing, though? Do you want this to be like the Frontier movies where the idols just sing and the entire show is just concert advertisements for the new singles?
You really are exaggerating here. They're all employed by the same company so I'm willing to accept that Makina and Reina help out with the specific skills they bring to the company while the other three basically stick to entirely idol related business.
And honestly you and I both know that if they didn't have those side jobs you'd be bitching about them doing nothing instead.


She does fit right into the archetype of the deadpan tech-wiz. You could swap her out for Hackadoll#3 and the only noticeable difference would be the presence of a penis.

Pretty Cure has gotten it right season after season, and Delta just can't get it to work after 2 cours.

She also created MessaKana.

If she had gunfu and knife skills, her name would be the Blackhat Hacker.

>high value assets
>Gundam Seed Destiny
It's so easy to recognize you even when you're not shitposting.

I told you countless times to go back to for your gritty war drama..
>it ends up looking ridiculously silly.
It's the fucking definition of Macross, you fucking retard. SDF was silly, 7 was ultra silly, F had shitton of silly moments too. But no, you still come back and complain about everything not being realistic, edgy and grimdark in every single thread.

She didn't.

The show is about the conflict between the main characters and Windermere focusing on a couple of specific people on both sides of the conflict. The show isn't actually about Walkure, their music is just featured in it and the heroine is a part of it.

I wish we had forced trips like in 2ch.


Makina told Hayate to lead them both together. Yes she did.

Why? So threads would turn into pseudo-generals and force the mods to create /ag/ - anime generals, where its tripfag rp defense force threads all day every day until they implode into nothingness between tripfags and their IRC dickriders?

Why? They are used to detect samefags within the single thread and it does not seem anyone is heavily samefagging here.
And if every poster had unique trip carrying from thread to thread Cred Forums would lose anonymity and instantly turn into anime forum.

>with all the exposure the knights, the prince and Roid also got.

At this point Keith feels more like a main character than Hayate. Because the course of the plot seems to be decided by him and Heinz. Nothing Hayate or Freyja can do or decide will affect the outcome.

She did so Messer could have a talk with Kaname, she never took sides.

>Show is not about Walkure
>The very first poster is of Walkure
>The entire premise is about a musical group that sings to cure Var syndrome
>Majority of advertising is of Walkure and their music

Riiiiiiight this is Kawamori making Akb0048 for Macross. To pretend otherwise to defend the show is intellectually dishonest. You can say that it's not entirely about Walkure, but to say it's not about them is a straight lie.

And if it weren't about them, then the writing is wasting time half-assedly focusing on them, like with the flashback episode or having Makina get shot.

>it does not seem anyone is heavily samefagging here.
>macross delta threads
Sure, user. Those AC memes were so funny.

Please do not let that faggot derail the thread

Regardless of how MessaKana fags abroad and practically the whole fanbase of Japan feels about the subject, Messakana would have never happened. Messer was too creepy and not sociable enough to be with Kaname, and Kaname was already working hard towards her retirement life as Arad's secretary wife. What Makina did ultimately got Messer prematurely killed because he re-entered the combat zone on a false pretense of romantic feelings.

>hurr why no forced names???
>gib thread ids hiro
How to spot an off-siter 101

Walkure and Windermere posters were revealed together.

Cast for this was too big, mismanaged too. Too many characters at the expense of screentime for the supposedly more relevant ones. Freyja had lots, while Mirage suffered horribly from lack of it. She had like three or lines an episode at times. That unacceptable for a main character, specially if you want to pretend there is a love triangle going on.

They never did anything interesting with Freyja. She wanted to join Walkure, she does, and is immediately accepted by everyone. Sure, there is a war going on and she feels sad about it, but hides it behind a big smile. She likes Hayate too. Not a whole lot going on with her character.

They never did anything interesting with Hayate. Just like with Alto, his dad thing amounts to nothing. Nobody was ever going to bring it up, or hold it against him either, so why bother to begin with?

They barely did anything with the Var syndrome either. The 'mystery' around it was poorly thought at best, and they kinda forget about it later on. Windpeople are lame villians too.

It's still an alright show, but frustrating at times.

>Members of that group should not be bridge bunnies tier.

Why? There's really no problem with that at all. Especially since only 2 of them are.

>Shimmy, Vanessa and Kim aren't on posters, magazine scans, have musical albums.

Actually they are on posters but they aren't on others simply because they don't sing. I really don't see why all Walkure members must be well fleshed out MCs when only Freyja is said to be the MC.

It's almost like they're trying to sell the show by advertising the musical aspect like Symphogear does. That means fucking nothing. The show focuses on two members of Walkure but Walkure isn't the focus.
Do you actually not understand the concept of a side character? Were you equally upset when that idiot nobody remembers who was a part of Hikaru's squad didn't get a lot of focus?

Kaname acts as if Messer were alive and lived with her, telling his memento "I'll be right back/I'm home."

She went insane.

She's just that grateful to him. There's still no romantic implications though.

Took them long enough to play Ai Oboete Imasu ka.

People complain about Makina and Reina not being MCs yet they gladly suck Max's dick even though he's not all that fleshed out and his relationship with Milia is the very definition of asspull.

Its moreso that she is hiding PTSD. Shes been putting in a lot more work ever since he died. She probably feels guilty that her singing couldn't help him survive in his final battle, on top of every other battle in her career where her singing did jack shit. I wouldn't be surprised if she died next episode because the death flags are all there. Its not like Arad cares for her, and its not like Walkure will need her after this war if it survives at all.

Max flies a plane. Makina and Reina fly a mobile phone app.

>this post
Let me guess, you're a mesakanafag?

Now to hear Freyja or Mikumo sing it! I bet heavily on Freyja. Her VA was recorded singing it.

That would require me to like Messer. They wrote him as a tragic character but he ends up being too weird to live.

Dude, at this point all I want is for Mirage win so Cred Forums and /m/ explode in a fit or rage. Just imagine:

Hayate: "Ok Freyja, cool that you are alive. You´re like a sister to me. Lets go Mirage love of my life LOL."

>and his relationship with Milia is the very definition of asspull.
I dunno man, she's from a warrior culture, she meets a guy who can hold his own against her it's not a great leap to say she'd be interested in him from that. Only issue is how Max is insane enough to chat up the alien lady who's trying to murder him (but hey, maybe he just wanted to be the first guy to date an alien)

>muh twist
too bad for you, it won't happen. The best you could have is a wings end.

Mirage winning has as much chance as Mirage dying.

Because he doesn't sound menacing at all. I hope they at least rerecord his lines for the BDs after Fujiwara recovers.

Mate, Mirage has already won, Freyja's probably only got 10-15 years top assuming she doesn't get calified in the next episode/movie, Mirage just needs to play the long game and she can bag Hayate in his 30s.

And they said freyjafags wanted a wings end.

We're totally getting a wings end

They are going to throw Messer a bone in the movies and have him survive and get Kaname too

The AKB girls are way more fleshed out than Makina and Reina though, even when they have way more members.

Kaname never loved Messer.

More importantly, there won't be a movie

>What Makina did ultimately got Messer prematurely killed because he re-entered the combat zone on a false pretense of romantic feelings.

Not really, Makina and Reina knew that Kaname liked Arad and most likely Messer knew too, and even if he didn't know he never asked anything from Kaname, he was happy just being able to protect and work with her, not even in their last talk at the jellyfish festival did he told her that he had feelings for her, he just voiced his gratitude.

So no, Messer didn't go to the combat zone on false pretenses, because regardless of Kaname's feelings, he would never have forgiven himself if he wouldn't have went to help and save Kaname, Walkure and Delta squad.

Messer's a good boy.

It was their meeting on the pier that nudged him towards heroic antics. He was needed elsewhere in the war, and he knew it.

Why couldn't Mirage be a badass ace instead of a destined to lose triangle participant? HayaFre would have definitely benefitted from extra screentime it would have gotten if Mirage wasn't forced to be an MC. Oh well, maybe the movies will fix her.

Because all of this was one big scheme by your parents to finally teach you that we don't always get what we want.

Alternate universe version of Delta:

Episode 1 starts with Kaname's farewell concert as a solo idol. We then we see her join Xaios where she learns she has fold receptors. She has doubts about becoming an idol again but ultimately decides she can't give up the stage. We get an expanded version of the flashback episode and the see the struggles in the early days of Walkure.

Meanwhile, there's a parallel storyline with Messer as a brash and arrogant greenhorn pilot. We meet his wingman and the members of his squadron who are a likeable bunch. Messer kills them all when he gets Var syndrome and he then takes on the Shinigami personality.

The story threads converge midway through when Messer is assigned to fly with Walkure. From there the story proceeds mostly as in the series, but Messer doesn't die. As Messer and Kaname interact with one another, she learns to overcome her insecurities and he learns how to let himself be human again.

But what about Freya, Hayate, Mirage? They don't exist in this universe. Some things must be sacrificed to preserve the Macross timeline.

Autism at its finest

Delta is a mistake but so are you.

>HayaFre would have definitely benefitted from extra screentime

Not really. You can throw all the screentime in the world at it and it won't change a thing when the writers don't want any actual progression. They've had plenty of screentime and have been stagnated for months now at flirting but both too stupid to realize the feeling is mutual because this is anime and you can't have a confession or any kind of romantic development before the final episode.

Senpai, I'm so nervous about Freyja's fate. What if she dies? What if she makes it out alive but with an even shorter lifespan?

She's been through so much shit already, more than any other Delta character and if they do this to her...

Episode 26 will be one hell of a torture for me for a whole fucking 24 minutes

Pretty sure they realized the feeling is mutual. The two just need a good time to act on it. Best time for a romantic moment would be after the war ends. Then they can finally be free to sing and dance as they please. Though to be honest I do wish we got more blushy moments like in episode 17. Not just from Freyja, but Hayate as well.

I think that at some point that relationship stalled. HayaFre, I mean. Like, there's no more room for development. The lack of a strong conflict doesn't help, either. The screenwriters never cared about Mirage, also.

there... must... be... AT LEAST 3 to FIX THIS SHIT.

>It was their meeting on the pier that nudged him towards heroic antics. He was needed elsewhere in the war, and he knew it.

Did you even watch that episode? He wasn't needed elsewhere in the war, he was actually going to be transferred as a flight instructor to the Laramis System which it's outside of the globular cluster, they let him keep his VF-31F as a courtesy and he even told Kaname that he doubted he would get to fly in combat again.

What ultimately killed Messer was that every other member of Delta squad was useless against the knights at that point, If he wouldn't have disobeyed orders so he could go and help, Keith would have killed Hayate and Bogue would have killed all members of walkure (which maybe wouldn't have been so bad, because by killing mikumo Roid wouldn't be able to do what he's doing now).

So again no, his talk with Kaname at the festival didn't affect his decision to go and help them out, he was so sure he would never fight again that he gave Kaname the bracelet he had been using (as a placebo) to keep his var in check.

Arad seemed like he would have done decently but he always seems to disappear from action scenes.

So we can all agree Delta is shit right?

Kakizaki isn't on advertising posters, especially not the first. There was no attempt to market Kakizaki as anything more than what he was: Chuck-tier. If you think that Makina and Reina were meant to be Chuck tier, again you're delusional. Furthermore it's not about expectations vs reality. Makina and Reina eat up screen time that could go to relevant people/have character drama or action sequence. Neither Kakizaki, not the bridge bunnies ate up screen time. There was no. Episode focusing on how the bridge bunnies met or on Kakizaki's past. If Reina and Makina are bridge bunny tier, then why waste many scenes in their "development" or past. Why constantly show them in n the exposition scenes or do action things that could have been n utilised by someone more important kyle Mirage or Arad? Makina and Reina are too present to be minor near chorus-like characters that were the bridge bunnies, yet their characters offer nothing to warrant their amount of screen time. They're shown a lot, but can be removed entirely. At least the twins or Herman never eat up screen time

Yeah, it's shit.

>I like this. The way your laugh makes me feel relieved.

What a fucking faggot. He's so whipped and I love it


The first cour was pretty good. After that yes

I can't blame him. I don't even like Freyja, but I love her laugh.

Delta a shit CONFIRMED.


>advertising posters
Theo and Xao too were on advertising posters.

>Makina and Reina eat up screen time
You mean the time when the show explained how the past walkure came to be?

Admit it, you just don't like them.

>It's almost like they're trying to sell the show by advertising the musical aspect like Symphogear does
Nobody fucking cares about advertising. And I really don't think you understand what a side character is.

No, That't freyja



NO, only Freyja is a shit

>no more room for development

Don't be retarded. They still haven't hugged or kissed yet. We need that for the last episode.

So what was the point of her again?
>love triangle
What love triangle?

not until the final episode and then I shall pass my final judgement on Delta.

shitting on the nostalgiafags.

Someone has to pity fuck Hayate when he's a blubbering loser after the last episode. Clearly Boggie is gonna get him a Star Singer and Wind Slut hate fuck threesome.

Shit's gonna be glorious, runes everywhere, catfish living with Hayate.. mass hysteria!


It was never a love triangle. It was always Hayate and Freyja with Mirage as a thirdwheel just gasping and crying in the background.

>muh paralulz

>Theo and Xao
You didn't even read my entire post
>You mean the time when the show explained how the past walkure came to be
Most of what was in that episode was stated in previous episodes. Also, if Walkure itself isn't important, then why devote an episode to its formation and to the history of 1 semi relevant and 2 irrelevant characters when you could flesh out the relevant ones?
>Admit it, you just don't like them
>criticism must be because of irrational hate and not because of narrative flaws.
This is only used when a person actually has a weak or no counter-argument. But I'll indulge you. I don't hate Makina or Reina. I'm indifferent towards them because they're irrelevant characters that serve nothing. The problem with them, or rather the writing is that because they're in Walkure they're giving screen time and dialogue time to say nothing relevant. The flashback episode showed us nothing new for instance--we already knew from several episodes back that Makina and Reina hated each other. We knew why Walkure was formed, we knew how Messer methe Kaname, we knew Mikumo joined shortly-ish before the show started. Yet 15 minutes were wasted on that. That time could go to battles, flesh out Mirage, add more tension to the situation etc.

In short, Makina and Reina are Luca tier, not bridge bunny tier. But Luca never ate up screen time of other characters. Makina and Reina do.

That is a love triangle you autist.

A last valiant effort from Miragefags giving their last futile kicks.

Post your MUH TRADITION memes too.


Technically yes. But not the love triangle that people wanted. Specially since Hayate never even looked at Mirage as more than a buddy.

Kawamori purposefully deconstructed Macross with Delta

make a love triangle; make one of the participants a total non-competitor with less spoken lines than your average irrelevant fucking Windmereian

put in sweet-ass jet planes that turn into giant robots; put in virtually no fight scenes, and what you do are lame and poorly choreographed, and instead of pilot skill and mechanical excellence all the fights are dictated by THE WIND...IS BLOWING HARD TODAY...

make a badass, no-bullshit shinpi who never hesitates to kumoslap a bitch; she's actually just THREE YEARS OLD and moe!

Pls Kill Yourself

More like kawamori is tired of macross already. Delta is just his way of killing it for good.

Why should anyone care that anons didn't get what they wanted? Maybe this will finally teach Frontierfags to stop parroting all this bullshit about Macross tradition and the three main elements of Macross.

Sasuga Kawamori

is this Freyja?

Freyja has beaten tradition.

>inverted nipples

So who won in 7? Haven't watch it yet.

>virtually no fight scenes

Just because the early second cour lacked fights doesn't mean they never existed in the first, user.

Don't you ever get tired of complaining about this show every day for months?

Nah. I've still got one more episode of Macross Freyja/Macross HayaFre to enjoy.

Nobody. Sivil goes back to her home planet and Basara ends up closer to Mylene's other love interest than Mylene.


Shitposting only hit the roof after episode 19. Been going consistently up to 21. The show has gotten better since 22, but they still can't get over it. Now they need a fight every episode or else "nothing happens".

No, that's Frayja

>holding hands while smiling

We've had dedicated shitposters around since episode 13. People stopped tolerating their forced memes so now they just spend all day shitposting about how Delta is literally the worst thing ever made. This is what happens when you force a general to stay up for the entire length of a show.

That's what Cred Forums for, newfriend.


Too many salt in this thread.

After 25 episodes, Mirage is finally ready to join the race for the Hayatebowl

Please remember to cheer for her in this last episode.

>You didn't even read my entire post
you mean this isn't an advertising poster too? It's not the first, but it's the second.
Also I'm curious, is there an official source citing the walkure as main characters?

>Most of what was in that episode was stated in previous episodes.
That's been the second cour's overall problem sadly, but still that lashback was neessary, it gave us a nice background on the past walkures and how was their debut back then. I honestly didn't feel how rough Kaname had it until that episode. It also showed why they switched to their idol outfits since people here were bitching about that and gave us Kaname's second solo song. That's the only time Makina and Reina had actual screentime, the rest is them being in the background. Mirage and Arad have nothing to do with this.



I mean I see people being butthurt, shitting on chinese cartoon character and whining like a faggot.

>dat snail

My sides

>They never did anything interesting with Freyja and Hayate.
What the fuck user?

Roid did nothing wrong.

Well, since you apparently missed what I said earlier, let me re-post what I posted

>Furthermore it's not about expectations vs reality. Makina and Reina eat up screen time that could go to relevant people/have character drama or action sequence.
The point isn't that they were in the initial poster, it's that their constant marketing/advertising matches their screen presence, but not their relevance. Unlike the twins, who while shown on the initial posters have little screen time, Makina and Reina have a lot, but ate irrelevant characters with irrelevant dialogue, most of it serving as a joke or a reaction to some info dump. Things that could go to more major characters. Mirage who's supposedly the third mason character always stands around luke a background character. Why not shift some of their stuff to her? Buthe the thing is, I think they want those 2 to be relevant more involved, but it's hard to when do much of the show's time is exposition

>lashback was neessary, it gave us a nice background on the past walkures and how was their debut back then.

How's half an episode to reiterate what was already said in previous ones necessary? We didn't gain anything new. Knowing why they started wearing idol clothes is not relevant at all. It serves nothing to the story. It's a show about idols. They wear idol clothes. Why would anyone care?

That's Mirage with brain problems.

Roid is going to die. Either Keith or Hayate will kill him though I'm hoping for Keith since it'll be reminiscent of Plus.

yeah, that's Freyja with brain problems, hydrocephalic, Down's syndrome, and autistic amongst others.

So, just Freyja.


>brain problems, hydrocephalic, Down's syndrome, and autistic amongst others.
This is probably the best way to describe Freyja.

Man quit bitching about two idols that don't meet you "standards". Characters like the original bridge bunnies also ate up screentime but they were completely irrelevant. This isn't new.

>those mad spoilers

wtf I hate [gg] now

>Can I see?

retard-kung re-shitposting the same headcanon

It's not about my standards. It's about giving balance to the cast, something Delta lacks.
>the original bridge bunnies also ate up screentime
No they did not. The bridge bunnies were not in every episode for one, said one or two lines per episode for episodes that they were in. They were just handled well for the little that b they were given that their role and presence seems larger. Makina and Reina have large presence, but offer little to justify it.

You sound like someone who takes criticism of an anime as an attack on your honor

If you actually got spoiled by any of that you must not come to Cred Forums much. Those spoilers were posted all over the board all season.

genki sisters

Those windmills. Is Hayate from Eden!?

Who the fuck is retard-Kung? And what headcanon are you talking about?

Reminder that there is 0% chance that Freyja dies
Screencap this post

>The bridge bunnies were not in every episode for one, said one or two lines per episode for episodes that they were in.

That doesn't mean they didn't take up alot of screentime from characters we wanted to see more of. They had entire conversations in nearly all the episodes they were in. Don't be so delusional.

There is a 0% chance anyone besides Roid will die. Delta has no stakes or tension at all.

This is the real reason why Messer went to fight in ep. 10

A jobber and a cuck, jaysus kuraisto


"Wanting to see more of" is not the same as having a major character get development. The bridge bunnies did not take character development time away from Hikaru, Minmay, Kaifun, Breetai, Global or Misa. In fact, their bridge conversations helped enhance the latter two. You know a character is under developed, when the only thing that people say about them with 2 episodes left is the same thing that was said back in episode 3. If Makina and Reina are on the same level as the twins or bridge bunnies, they sure did eat up a lot of screen time

I remember someone said that you should use mp3 instead of money. Do it faggot.

yo that's what I thought

fuck off

Reminder there is 0% chance that the Delta ending will be good
Screencap this post

Of course not. None of the girls are as hot as Sheryl.

Too bad she looks like a tranny.

Let me guess. Rankafag?

But Makina and Reina didn't take away character development from Hayate, Freyja, Keith, Roid, and Heinz. Even with their screentime, they're all still well done characters. If you're not satisfied with them, I wouldn't be so childish as to blame it all of MakiRei. Episode 14 for instance was entirely Mirage's fault. 19 was space Jew's fault. 21 was a flashback episode so it's the writers fault.

All we need is a final shot of HayaFre and it'll be alright.


>still a ridiculous amount of people that believe Lady M is anyone other than Minmay

I'm absolutely flabbergasted, unless this is just another stupidass meme I was unaware of.

man she looks really youthful for someone who's 53

asian aging

They look like brother and sister.

That's not something brothers and sisters should be doing.

>Lady M

I like the music, I guess the characters are fun, and it's been an interesting ride, but at the end of the day Delta doesn't feel like a Macross. They only made the thinnest connections with the canon wherever absolutely necessary while avoiding it in all other cases whenever possible. All in all it feels like a shitty excuse for an entry in the series. Hell, Macross F did a comparatively fantastic job of placing itself in the universe.

>That's not something brothers and sisters should be doing.

>interesting ride
>shitty excuse

Make up you're mind autist-kun. Also, since when did all Macross feel the same?

The way she poses like a young school girl is hilarious.


They don't have to feel the same. It's important to try new things. It's not cool to use the Macross name and end up forgetting where it came from. The show is fun, but it feels more like they tacked the macross name on it to give it brand recognition.

F, for example, paid homage to the series and kept the zentradi who are huge in macross kek around as a part of NUNS and SMS. There was a healthy number of mentions to the previous entries like comparing Ranka to Minmay on a couple occasions, having one of the characters be a Basara fan, not to mention the entire movie episode.

The majority of VF fights in Delta have been fighter dogfights (with some here all thrown in here and there). They've basically ignored battleroid for the whole show with few exceptions.

The closest Delta has gotten to keeping in line with the canon is heavily implying that Minmay is back, which is something I guess.

Also, the windfags are terrible antagonists, for whatever it's worth.

>with some gerwalk thrown in

>father figure pilot

Basara and Alto I believe are exceptions to this rule.

Also, posting sexiest Valkyrie.

>The majority of VF fights in Delta have been fighter dogfights (with some here all thrown in here and there). They've basically ignored battleroid for the whole show with few exceptions.
Are you somehow forgetting every other Macross series where they mostly focus on one form? Unless you're Basara there's practically no reason to not use the fighter form in actual combat.

Hayate and Freyja have adequate screen time. Mirage, Arad, Mikumo and Kaname do not, especially Mirage. She's the third protagonist, but is utilised less than Makina/Reina. And it's not about disliking the two, it's about the writers not knowing how to use their time and characters. Either Makina and Reina are characters deserving of their screen time or they're irrelevant characters and should have less>>


Haha, what a joke. Delta's dogfighting is so underwhelming. It's puppy fighting more than dog fighting.

Is Kawamori redpilled?

Don't be a bitch. Dogfights in ep 22 and 24 were fantastic.

>blaming the lack of Mirage's character development on Makina and Reina of all people

It's not like Mirage had any planned character development to begin with. She was slapped onto the show for tradition's sake.

>more exposition
Oh wow. Do the Delta writers know ho to write?

and yet that user wants to remove the few screentime they have for Mirage, instead of, you know, rewriting her scenes.

>everyone forgot Ichijyo Miku existed

Cap it, yo.

>put in an episode where Mirage gets greased up like an idol and put on stage
>a fleet of space goblins appears out of nowhere because they want to rape that elf

post your rune when that piano version of DYRL

Nice lies. She wasn't slapped onto the show, they changed her character because they also had Messer.

Hard to re-write a character when their are too many cooks spoiling the broth.


sasuga gg

freyjafag shitposters are retards


Hikaru and Misa's daughter? I think that's possible but didn't they say Lady M was alive during the voyage of the SDF-1?

I miss Basara.

@HorribleSubs mad that the ending wasn't the way he'd liked it and in fury he spoiled it for everyone.

Happy merchant only said Megaroad 01, I think.

>letting backup Arab do the big Lady M reveal as an "oh by the way..." kind of statement

How gay was that? Cmon Kawa SHOW don't tell it's like the basics of directing.

>They've basically ignored battleroid for the whole show with few exceptions.

Good, Battroids in dogfights and space battles is stupid

Battroids were designed to be infantry and fight on their feet, except for the exceptional pilots/circumstances

I don't think I've ever fucking seen anyone who actually knows what show don't tell is talk about show don't tell.

They already did that with the Zentradi who owned SMS in Frontier anyway.

May as well spell it out if you're returning to the same well.

>The preview showed her dying
They didn't kill irrelevant Machina being a bullet buffer, they are not going to kill the main moeblob waifu.

Messer ate everyone else deathflags.

Based Messah-kun

Frontier was overflowing with energy, it had passion, talent and effort put into it. Delta is the complete opposite.

>They never did anything interesting with Freyja. She wanted to join Walkure, she does, and is immediately accepted by everyone
This pissed me off, Ranka didn't get big overnight. And it's not even an issue of having to rush things for the show is slow as a molasse.


fucking FUCK


Lady M is a capable military leader.

Did she go with her parents on the Megaroad?

This should be a cute feel good love triangle

Freyja has had 3 struggles: 1) mistrust from NUNS citizens, but that was resolved in 5 minutes, because "Freyja is love". 2) Short life span 3) Being a traitor. Out of the 3, only the second one has been done well to create character conflict. The same goes for Hayate with his dad. The writers had so much time to develop character conflict and drama, what with them stuck on a barely functioning colony island, but instead we got tonnes of exposition and talking heads.

I'm pretty sure you can judge the quality of a Macross series based solely on the amount of screentime the bridge bunnies get.

I forgot to add for Freyja: all of these are tied in her singing, but constantly she gets over it quickly. Hell after Varring Hayate, that was resolved shortly after it happened.

SDF > Frontier = 7 >>>>>> Delta

Needs more

the best part of the episode was the "Do You Remember Love" piano rendition.

But it's really
7 > SDF > Delta > Frontier

Basically an idol show and a battle show aren't compatible when there is a war. Idol shows like Love Live are heavily character driven, but there isn't much for the idols to do here if they are being targeted by high mobility enemies. This might have worked if they stuck with the format of the first episode where it was mainly riot control against Zentradi in urban environments, which would also enable more use of battroid and variety in combat, but not against valks. There is also less of a coordinated effort between Delta squad and Walkure too so most characters become dead weight or they disappear. For Delta to have worked the way Kawamori envisioned it to, the declaration of war should have happened much later, like episode 13, with Windermere being primarily a mystery antagonist until then. If they wanted to address the Windermere culture earlier, they could have added a Windermere spy in Xaos like Quassim and have him defect.

Defect as in return to Windermere

What are the chances of us getting another series like 7 next instead of more idolshit? I'm guessing slim as long as idolshit keeps selling as well as it does apparently?

Rock has been dead for almost 20 years user. Unless you're okay with a girl band.

so what happened in 25? summarize, I can't watch right now

Kawamori bases the music and setting on current trends so it won't be likely for there to be idols again in the next Macross if there is another.

>implying dad music sells

Watch them ruin heavy metal music by giving it the Babymetal treatment.

It feels like Kawamori defiling the original characters.


I wanted to cry but couldn't

What was this about? Rem? Wasn't that the name of the clone from Robotech 2- Southern Cross?
Or is this the translators talking about another series? Re: Zero? Or Hack/Sign?

Megaroad-01 mentioned. I wonder if there's time to name-drop Megazone?


more like the best part of delta aside from the existence of mikumo

Yeah, they spoiled what the anime didn't reach in the last episode.

You NUNSfags sounded like the UN Government have never done dick shit before. Have a look at 7, the UN Government refused to provide reinforcements, literally abandoning the fleet, telling them to deal with it.

I'm sorry, I thought Macross was about good music. You want the next one to be about rap and hiphop garbage? Doesn't have to be rock, maybe EDM or similar like the Eureka7 soundtrack went with?


Please stay there and never come back.

inb4 the next macross series has the main interest as a male DJ who mixes while dancing in a destroid while the rivals are a female pilot and a male pilot competing for his dick

Yeah, fuck off.

Interesting. I remember seeing her at Tekkoshocon like 7 years ago at this point, and she mentioned how she had come to terms with voicing Minmay, but didn't want anything to do with it anymore.

She literally moved to California in the early 90s to get away from all the crazy fans and get her life back.

Another change of heart if she's doing a cameo voicing of Minmay? Then again, she can cut back out to the US right after that I suppose.

What's worse? Windermere and their constant windshit, or Gepelnitch and his incessant whining about his Dream?

Honestly, I'd rather she remain an also-ran than the bullshit love triangle they pulled in Frontier and chose to punt on resolving in the TV series.

Or how 7 had half the series be Basara pining for Sivil and going to great lengths to get through to her. Mostly snubs Mylene literally the entire series for being the brat she is. Mylene spending all her time with Gamlin etc. Then in the end they throw it all out bc the Jenius has to win.

At this point I'm honestly expecting Freyja to die and Mirage to win out of left field by default. It's the Jenius tradition.

She has had voice roles in Macross 30 so she got over it some years ago. Honda isn't involved in Delta and it could be for something else Macross related, like the smartphone game.




You forgot to take your pills user.

Vajra being hiveminded spacebugs really freed some precious screen time to develop the cast of Frontier.

Actually I think that was the original pitch.

And that hivemind is still more sympathetic than windniggers.

Fuck off D-Joe

At least the idea of a hive mind came out of good will. Windniggers are basically abusing it for genocidal purposes

>implying Vajra were the bad guys

>NUNSfag speaking of genocide.

Kek, the only genocide comitted is by NUNS.

Yeah, I don't really get how anyone could possibly use mass mind-control on planets worth of people, furthermore psychically lobotomising a good portion of them in the process, and still think to themselves "Yep, I'm the good guy in all this"

Better than anything Delta, which is sad.

Sure they need to be stopped. But in the end they've done a lot of bloodless conquest, so the deathtoll on civilians is going to be really low. Unless you count the millions NUNS murdered 7 years ago.


I wonder if we'll get a final HayaFre resonance in the finale. And if Hayate will finally get over his "VAR" because if episode 24 is anything to go by, he's not actually cured yet.

Is it odd that I think Freyja will sing DYRL and that will "fix" Hayate and allow them to sync once again?

Do you guys think that Mikumo's song will kill off the minds of our past singers if it really reaches the entire galaxy?

She will sing Zettai Reidou Novatick.

Kumokumo will likely sing DYRL.


No, they can. All they have to do is making her stop following Hayate everywhere and screaming delta four. You don't need to cut any other character to do that.

I'm not baiting though.

It's a magic song apparently, so probably yes. Would be fitting too cuz they're clearly in love.

There hasn't been an explanation to the resonance yet, so I suppose it will happen. It will be something stupid like having to do with the fold quartz necklace I bet.

Would the mo in the Mikumo be like the も particle? So the name would mean "Also Miku." Kawamori likes to do this shit with naming offsprings. If so it would make sense if Lady M is Minmay. Like she was jelly as fuck and decided to make her own daughter.

In Delta mind controling people is bad, but it's not as bad as killing them because they can still come back, unlike the dead. The show hasn't even been subtle about this. And it certainly isn't as bad as nuking the MOTHER EARTH and killing millions in the process (I swear I could hear Kawamori speaking when both Gramia and Heinz said this).


She is a pretty cloud.

I can't help but feel after Freyja's aging dosables her and Mikumo unable to break free, Kaname will be the one to sing DYRL. At least the first few mins of it before letting Freyja continue on. Kaname has been quite the surprise heroine throughout the show.

>25 episodes
>Hayate still displays no romantic progression with ANYONE
>One episode left

So who ready for no triangle resolution end here
Everybody is getting friendzoned and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop it.


I can imagine how butthurt you must be after 25 and it's so delicious. And next episode will be even better.

Is this one of the best anime to watch while stoned off your ass?

>Hayate still displays no romantic progression with ANYONE
This one doesn't count?

I get that what you're saying is that Hayate hasn't exactly been chasing after a girl like Hikaru or Alto, but come on now. It's pretty obvious he's only interested in Freyja. Hell, a book containing triangle charts for all shows says he's interested in Freyja while only seeing Mirage as a comrade.

All Macross is really. Especially SDF and 7.


You could take the word Macross out of Delta's title and could go the whole show without realizing it was a macross show other than literally calling the Elision a Macross-class ship and mentioning NUNS.

Why is Delta so bad?

Delta was the reason why I started watching Macross from the very beginning. Now that Macross is one of my favourite franchises ever, why is it that the show the prompted me to begin this became so shit

>Hayate still displays no romantic progression with ANYONE

Son, have we been watching the same show?

-gets angry whenever Freyja gets mistreated to the point he's gotten beaten trying to defend her
-was ready to give up his dream so Freyja could continue singing
-was ready to give up his life so Freyja could escape
-made it snow for Freyja
-blushed for Freyja in episode 16 and "realized" his potential feelings
-made googly eyes at Freyja in episode 17 while she was singing
-blushed when Freyja was about to confess
-gets angry at himself when he makes Freyja sad
-he looks at Freyja like she's the best thing in the world
-went from saying her laugh was creepy to saying he likes how it makes him feel.
-in his final hours before the final fight, he ran searching for Freyja so he could be with her (thanks buddy)
-has repeatedly promised to protect Freyja
-has said Freyja's songs make him feel like he has wings
-"I'll fly to protect you, and Walkure"
-I don't want to taint Freyja's songs with blood.
-"I guess I'm connected to her" Hayate to Mikumo when she asked why Hayate only reacted to Freyja's songs
-repeatedly teases Freyja about her rune even though he knows it's something sexual/intimate to her


Cheap budget
Sponsor interference
Marketing priorities
Lackluster soundtrack which must be marketed above all other priorities
Talentless writers who can't effectively deal with all of the above to create a decent story
Kawamori giving absolutely no fucks and taking business class trips to his new future in China

It's more a reactionary than anyone genuinely wanting to side with NUNS.
The Winderemeren faggets are complete hypocrites and the show hasn't called them out on that at all.
Also, giving them 80% of the screentime isn't helping.
If you wanted to put out a show about a humanoid species fighting against the now oppressive/evil NUNS then fucking do it that way. What the fuck is this bullshit.

And what the hell is up with this horrible direction. The entire 2nd cour has been a dejavu of itself. Repeated events and character interactions.

Freya is basically somewhere between first crush and innocent teen romance. Not having any other guy for Hayate to fight with for her really helps reinforce that image of innocence.

>that file name

D-Joe is a delusional hardcore slainefag shitposter from AZ threads and also a delusional yukinafag shitposter from Kuromukuro threads that haunts and shitposting the anime threads on Cred Forums (Cred Forums and /m/), animesuki and MAL. In short, it's just a hardcore shitposter and his super autism.


Wouldn't it be funny if the windies somehow got their lifespan fix but also lose all their superhuman abilities and become worthless little child soldiers? I can imagine Hayate finally being able to land a punch on Bogue after getting beat up by him twice.

I really love HayaFre romance. It's a mix of "destiny" and "innocent love". The way they're so devoted to each other makes my heart do backflips and vomit rainbows.


Slow pacing is the only reason, they're too lazy to write a new script for 2nd cour that use to be movie.
But the post has nothing to do with him. Mylenne didn't end up with Basara is a truth.

Why would it when he looks like he ran over a puppy?

>Not posting the book
user please.
And it's not even like he's chasing them,he isn't chasing them at all. For example just look at the OP picture where Mirage straight up has to tell him else he would've fucked with his planebros more.

All of that literally isn't romantic in the slightest. Especially shit like
>I'll protect you and Walkure
>I don't want to taint Freyja's songs with blood.
nigga one of those is literally his job and the other just reinforces such an end because it shows he values her for her singing.

Discarding any sort of love triangle stuff (As that's been weak in general), Mirage is not a well handled character in any way.

She's given basically zero growth or chance to properly talk about her emotions that isn't to serve another character's plot. She's established as a skilled but flawed pilot...yet every time it's time for anyone to have a dog fight and learn a lesson it's always Hayate.

I really don't get why she's so prominent in advertising if they didn't plan to actually have her act like she's a real main character. Beyond maybe to give the illusion that Hayate isn't the sole pilot on the Chaos side.

>All of that literally isn't romantic in the slightest.

My child...

>the show hasn't called them out on that at all

Freyja and Hayate are our MCs and they believe what Roid is doing is very wrong. Don't act like the show is trying to make you sympathize with Roid and his mind control tactics because it clearly isn't.

>Not posting the book

>And it's not even like he's chasing them,he isn't chasing them at all.

I never said he was chasing them. I just said even though he doesn't chase them romantically, he's CLEARLY got eyes for Freyja.

song-kun won the basarabowl

Jesus christ, is this a animesuki shit?

>DYRL (THE Macross song) plays in piano version during HayaFre's scene of their last moments before the battle
>Them sharing Immeldads mementos and reading the letters, transporting them to an imaginary beach with a night sky full of stars
>not romantic


a cute

You mean we arent all animesuki, MAL, Reddit, macrosswold users?

There is no way he would off her. Just like he wouldn't off Makina. The second Delta started pushing Walkure outside of the show in a bigger way than usual it had shown its hand. The characters cannot not be harmed without fucking the side project which already has full cast investment. Everyone will be okay.

Hayate and Freyja act as brothers and sisters

The cutest.

Cred Forums suffers from elitism syndrome

ded thread

ded series

ded franchise

And yet, here you are

>Alto pops out of nowhere and becomes the sky for Hayate's wind
>also the vajra turned him into a girl.

Oh god that's Alto. For a slight second I thought it was Sheryl before reading the text.

>Keith kills Roid and survives
>Keith kills Roid but ends up dying with him too, "you return alone to the wind", etc.
>Roid kills himself to help stop the Protoculture system
I really can't see Roid surviving the next episode, he's too far gone. Also, maybe they introduced Herman's son so he could be Heinz's next regent.

"Arto" looks like Sara there

Sponsors wanted triangle but Kawamori didn't.

Keith and Heinz are reminiscent of Isamu and Guld, so I wouldn't be surprised if Roid gets a change of heart in the last minute and destroys himself to save Keith and Heinz.

And we ended up with this shit.

Bravo all round

>Keith and Heinz

Sorry I meant Keith and Roid.

I want Roid to survive and carry the weight of his sins. Let him feel like shit for the rest of his life.

His sins will not be that many after everyone is saved. His ploys wont have added any lasting damage.

This more than anything. Roid is scum.

I need the album right fucking now.

Oh please. That's just the "but mind control is wrong!" nonsense.
And worse, despite having met the Windermereans multiple times now, they've yet to say that to their face. It's always either "songs should be nice" or "muh treaties".
What's astounding is that in any of these interactions the Windermereans haven't shied away from assblasting their anger at hayate and co. and despite that they'd said nothing in return.

Honestly at this point, I'm just looking forward to the DYRL version of Delta. This episode with the DYRL ost confirmed it's there.

Has there ever been a thread brimming with such anger and disappointment every single day for over 3 months? Most people would have lost interest and moved on to other seasonal anime by now. It's quite astonishing.

>Keith have royal blood
>Keith order to mikumo staph

The GBFT generals on /m/.

>Macross series
>no triangle

Is that what all this is about? He wasn't allowed to do some bullshit so he's taking it out on everyone by letting the 2nd cour go to hell?

Fuck you man. I just marathoned the entire Macross franchise in the last month or so and now I get this.

I want to cry like a bitch.

it's just one or two dedicated shitposters actually

NUNS brought up treaties because they knew they were fucked. It's mind control against incompetent NUNSfags. They had no chance. Also, what exactly would Hayate be able to say to the windies when they yell at him for what his father did? How could he possibly respond to something they know more about than him?

>animesuki, MAL, Reddit
The vast majority of shitposting from the Macross Delta threads and other anime threads on Cred Forums are accurate copies from shit posts of these weebs (especially reddit and AnimeSuki).

Come on in


The triangle is a minor problem. Delta was supposed to be one cour + movie but during the production Kawamori + writes were told by the producers they are going for 2 cours. It's easy to see the quality dropping in writing starting episode 14.

You aren't even trying anymore, are you?

We are two separate entities. You decide who will be forgotten.

I say both because there's no need to have another thread when this one is still on page 5, retard.

Quality began dropping after episode 18. 15 was better than 14. 16-18 were good. Then came 19....

So when does Delta start getting bad? I'm on episode 5

Episode 14, the second cour.

You've already seen the best of the series

I only really consider episode 14, 19, 20 and 22 to be bad. Other than that, I think it's good. Anons just like to shitfest.

Why do Japs insist on these long-ass waits before they release music?

> 14, 19, 20 and 22 to be bad.
> Mirage focus episodes

user, are trying to say something?

Depends. If you literally care about nothing but spess planes, then episode 14. If you actually care about Hayate and Freyja, episode 19, but 14 is still shitty. The fact that you're not waiting on episodes every week like us means your view of the show will be a hell of a lot more positive than us.

Not him but it's nice when she speaks more than one sentence per episode.

22 wasn't bad. 21 was pretty boring though.

>Sheryl has grandmother complex

Goddamnit, Japan, it's fucking 2008 and you're still doing this bullshit?

22 was bad in that the execution and the resolution were terrible. Episodes 19-21 weren't only boring. They became complete wastes of time because of 22.

Alto is as hot headed and stubborn as Sara. Suddenly everything makes sense. Except Sheryl never knew Sara but it could be a spiritual kind of thing or some other bullshit.

I was talking about Hayate and co. not NUNS.
Also, I wasn't talking about Hayate's dad. I was talking about no one calling out Windies on their hypocrisy.

delusional freyjafag shitposter