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I thought we were over this.

Gappy makes me happy

3rd for best bo'y



Did you really needed to put those words in?

I need more Giorno.


Fucking Joshuufags



>Blaming the general and edition in OP on Joshuufags

>implying taking two words off your OP makes your threads any less cancerous
Either accept you're cancer or stop making these shitty threads, you're no better than any of the other generals.


do you guys think that Medicos might make some new SAS's after part 5 ends? maybe by like next Wonderfest we might get possibly a doppio or FF or maybe even Yuuya along with the part 7 guys? Or will they just only make 7 possibly 8 and 10 more Rohans then just stop?

I don't know why but Purple Haze has always seemed like the most attractive stand.


The numbers~!

>Wanting to fuck walking death

"Oh come on! not again!"

Which JoJo song is the easiest to cover on acoustic guitar?

I want purple haze to drool on me

>you will never bully Koichi

What the fuck is your damage that you would willingly fuck Purple Haze?

suzie Q I'd say or yknow Cream's sunshine of your love


I posted that by accident

desu i sort of feel like swallowing batteries right now

>hate reading SBR in colour
>have to manually change to the B&W scans after every new chapter

I can think of a bad or boring or medicare fight for every part but 5. Am I wrong here?

Got anymore? I'd like to see how the fuck Araki came up with King Crimson or half the stands in part 6

What do you think the new OP is going to be like?

No, you're correct.
Also, anyone that says Clash is retarded.


Sylvester Stallone?

Funky with a mix of old scooby doo-esque mystery to it, like that fake "leaked" 2nd OP link everyone passed around ages ago.

5's fights as a whole mostly felt kind of samey to me so I don't remember all of them too well, but Soft Machine.

Talking Head was fucking retarded
>Gee guys, why's Narancia acting so weird? I wonder where that gigantic Stand hid?

Talking Heads (The stand itself) Was fucking stupid, but the entire fight with clash and Narancia pissing himself was so much fun I don't know how you or anyone could hate it.

It was also a nice breath of fresh air compared to all the extremely serious fights that it followed.

That was like one or two chapters, then Giorno figured out what was happening and the rest of the arc was trying to murder the stand users.

I feel the same about Part 6


I feel the exact same for 4, 5, 6 and 7. I enjoy every fight in the series from 4 onwards.

I agree.
>rhombus pattern
>white + purple colors



If you try to kiss it, it will kill you.
if you try to fuck it it will kill you.
It is literally walking death.
Do not fug the Haze

Is it really so bad to want to fuck him?

>that Karera
I'm not sure how to feel about this.

No, but it's pretty bad how fucking annoying you are about it.

>medicare fight
JoJo's Nursing Home Adventures where?

Part 2 is shit!

Can Crazy Diamond fix Alzheimer's?


No, no it can't.



>enjoying such beauty at the very last moments of your life


You got that right.

Pearl Jam could, if he had the right ingredients. It's shown fixing tumors.

I am just trying to spread my love.

Guys, these are fucking awful. You can do better than this.

Hats off to that Joshu cosplayer for actually shaving his hair

Just ask Joseph :(

Can Soft & Wet take away Hollys Alzheimer's?

So you want to fuck a literal death magnet, and Die a painful death afterwards? Sounds terrible.
Show me what you got.

>No Thickarera fanart fucking ever
End me

It's probably just a skullcap.

nope, that counts as "cure diseases"

Is it agreed that Hot Pants had one of the most horrifying deaths in the series? A windowframe was slowly approaching her heart and all she could do was freak out about it.

I'm pissed thogh because it didn't even feel like an actual death, and she didn't go down fighting like Diego did. It was just so abrupt.

>SBR will never be animated
>we will never see Initial D: 1800s Edition
>we will never see Alt Diego with The World
>all because Japanese people have shit taste and Warner don't like giving David actual budgets to work with

Can Soft & Wet apply something to something else? I know it can remove things, like the cat's fur or the guard's hydration, but could it, say, apply the hydration to someone else?

Post more heterosexual JoJo smut.

Didn't he apply his facial hair to Hato and Joshu?

Delete this

Dat Hazamada

>My meat spray isn't working!
Wait, why not?

>Most horrifying
its up there but its not the worst.

All I got is pegging and futa.

But the real question is if Pearl Jam can cure Alzheimers?

I'd honestly say Diego's was worse. Not just because he was cut in half (although that would be pretty fucking horrific), it's that he thought he'd won and died thinking that.

Could Pearl Jam, if presented with the finest ingredients in the world, restore Joseph to his Part 2 prime?

If it can cure brain tumours, maybe.

It can't revert age. That's Alessi's Stand.

Does this count?

That was the plot of a Rohan one shot
Tonio needed some rare ingredients to fix his gf Alzheimer's
I dont think Pearl Jam can age you backwards

Is there any jojo more fuckable?

What's so bad about that? The last emotion he felt was a sort of a feeling of accomplishment.

I'm guessing Ticket To Ride was negating some shit? Honestly I don't understand a single thing about it. It pulled a windowframe towards HP's heart, made a bullet wound move up towards Gyro's heart, and stretched/pulled the land together?

Real reason is that Araki was feeling really fucking cruel.

I'm still so fucking butthurt that Joseph wasn't the one to be with Polnareff during the Alessi fight

>I'm not sure how to feel about this.
Just have a 「BONER」

l didn't even remember this. What happened exactly?

Jolyne because I'm not gay or a pedophile.

Hot Pants got Jesus'ed

I wanna fug a pillar woman

>not gay

Why are you even here?

Is Araki married or does he not want to attract other Stand Users to his wife?

>Those proportions
>Absolute PLEB

THIS is a pillar woman

>I'm not gay
What are you a fucking faggot?

>One more day until Soft & Wet SAS arrives

Jotaro and Polnareff doing gay shit with Mariah and Avdol and Joseph turning into kids with Alessi would've been much better.


Lucy's Ticket to Ride was activating and it was causing objects to gravitate towards people and get pulled into them. Hot Pants had a window frame pulled into her after she ponders what happened with Diego and for whatever reason Cream Starter wasn't working, so it reached her heart and killed her.

So, are we in agreement that Kaato is the SBR Jolyne? also, I'm sad that we'll never mee the SBR Joseph


I want Daiya to turn me into her housebroken love pet.

Because she was in prison?

She references her a bit in some regards, but so does Yasuho. Don't put too much weight on it.

>I'm sad that we'll never mee the SBR Joseph
SBR Joseph is Josephumi.

Nah have Shota Jotaro kick Alessis ass but that doesnt end the fight and Avdol and Joseph show up and get de aged

>"Eh! N-no way. Something..."
What was she trying to say?

Wouldn't Jotaro getting embarrassed in public be much funnier due to how stoic he usually is? Then you can have a full fight with Young Joseph.

You better link me to the uncensored version.

Homomagnetic Polnareff/Avdol and JoJo kids would be even better.
>ultimate development of Polnareff and Avdol's charachters relationship
>two badass little Joestars roast retarded pedophile without even using stands

I dont know seeing Joseph and Avdol in that position was really funny
I dont wanna get rid off that

I think this guy makes vore and mouthnipple porn

>My Star Platinum punched through the railroad, Polnareff!
>Neither of our Stands have the range to attack her!
>SP holds back all the metal shit while SC slices it up


>Magician's Red can't produce enough fire to do any real damage!/can't produce flame underwater!
>I don't need my Stand when I'm in my prime! Your next line will be...

It all works out.

This would also be acceptable.

She's Jolyne Jolyne.

Kaato is obviously the SBR version of Valentine you fucking nerd

I don't think I'd want another Avdol/Polnareff fight, but a grandson-grandfather bonding time fight would be pretty good. Jotaro seeing his granddad in his prime would be amazing.

Alessi is a wimp who has to turn his enemies into little kids to stand a chance. Why would he revert an old man back to his prime and how do you end the fight in an interesting way once he has done it?

Fantastic taste.

>Why would he revert an old man back to his prime
He's an idiot and I doubt he knew how much of a ruseman Joseph was back then
>how do you end the fight in an interesting way
He turned Jotaro back at the end and all he did was ORA him, I doubt it would be hard to come up with something amusing for Joseph

She was in the stone ocean prison. plus the hair buns

yasuho hirose is the SBR koichi hirose.

Holly's parents were canonically the SBR Suzie Q the SBR Joseph Joestar, and presumably Josefumi is his illegitimate son the way Joskue was in the original universe

Jonny's son ended up fathering a child with a woman named Elizabeth though


Uneven pupils annoy me way more than it should.

Nipples with mouths

>She was in the stone ocean prison. plus the hair buns
Is that it? She wasn't even framed for murder, or anything.

That's like saying that Kyo is the SBRverse Jotaro. There's a few similarities, but it's not really as if they're THAT similar.

Google it. It's a real thing I assure you

>yasuho hirose is the SBR koichi hirose.
It doesn't really work like that. One new character often references a whole bunch of old ones at once and likewise allusions to a single old character are often spread out between several new ones.

Post some of your favorite moments from the manga.

Anyone got the QUALITY picture of DIO looking like Koichi?


But Kyo is SBR Jotaro as well as Sailor Kira.

>one more year until DI MOLTO

Kyo is Okuyasu user. Kyo NIJIMURA




How? Apart from a fake last name.


>Those well toned /fit/ arms
Fuck, I think I'm in love.


what are your standards then? This is fucking common sense


Ill parent, dead older brother. Fights with them end in a similar way with the Nijimura being impressed by the Josuke just coolly walking away from them. It's very minor of course, but so are any references she has to any other character.

I don't care about her cosplay as much as I do about this room, it's littered with garbage, who the fuck would think that this makes for an acceptable picture?
Absolutely disgusting.


It's a stupid thing to argue about, since an idea of "counterparts" is dumb when they should be treated as entirely new characters instead of a retread of old ones.

Even then, a lot of the characters only have slight resemblances to their "counterparts" that it doesn't even make that much sense.

here, not speaking for the other guys. At the end of the day this is a new story with new characters The referencing is fun for a long time fan and it makes for some interesting speculation material, but you shouldn't look at a character and think "This is that one old character", especially given what I said in that post I just linked.

How do you deal with depression, /JoJo/?


I will get a Dakimakura of him once I stop being a fucking NEET

What the fuck was this thing's ability? It got changed around so many times I don't even remember what the fuck it was supposed to do.

I post narancia.
It helps a little bit.


Poor A.Phex Twins, they just want to play football.

The not-so-perfect lifeform.

I think its ability is to phase into stuff and change its internal structure.

By hanging out with my close friends and girlfriend, while making sure not to spend my entire time online since that just breeds depression.
Do you know anyone in your area that you could hang out with? JoJofag or not, forcing myself into social interaction is the way that I pulled myself out of depression.

Its not their fault Kira got BTFO'd and Josefumi happened to be their with them.


>expecting some depressed user to have friends let alone a gf

>she will never lock her legs around your waist and slowly absorb you as you release

I don't know anyone that lives in Wyoming since I just moved.
I might as well just kill myself.

can someone post that god tier joshuu cosplay from the last thread?

I didn't realize this was a JUST meme and thought Joubin had hotboxed his car

Post your JoJo confessions, lads

I'd like to do some dumb JoJo RP nonsense with people equally as autistic as me, using custom Standos

user... your into absorption?


>Implying any of us have friends outside of the internet.
If I knew any JoJofags in my area, I'd be at their house every day.

Sadly, I don't have any friends. Im scared of rejection, so I never try to be friends with anyone. I am also too scared of being boring to them.

I get up and do other things, even if its just little things
Letting it just sit there does no good

No, I just realised that the pillarmen could absorb shit.

user is really underage?
No dignity.

I only like the villain-of-the-week formula in Stardust Crusaders but like the characters and style of the series too much to care.

Anons in this thread are my only friends.

i hate reddit.

I always forget shit like that,forgive me.

That isn't healthy.
I understand why all of you are so depressed now.


Pretty much this. When did everything go so wrong, bros?

I'll hate you until I see some real progress on some sprites. You're worse than meppz and spiggy.

you know who iden1235 is?
my shitposting roommate.

fuck off back there


Why does your shitposting roomate type exactly like you?

Only real bad one was Baby Face. Soft Machine and Little Feet were kinda mediocre as well.


Huh, I just realized. The villains of parts 3-6 all featured a main villain with time powers, but part 7 dealt with a villain with space powers instead,

and now we're back in Morioh.

In other words, what if the main villain's "invincible" stand ends up being The Hand, but used properly

Okey, here I go.

I haven't read the manga for Part 2 and 3.

I almost dropped the series during Part 2 and again in Part 7.

I love Yo-Yo Ma and Dragon's Dream fights.

Shigechi is my favourite character from the entire series.

I hate the use of CGI in the openings.

Part 6's ending is the best ending in any part.

Part 7 is overrated and it has the worst stands since part 3.

I hate DIO and I feel he's just a joke by now.

Will A. Zeppeli is my favourite Zeppeli.



Jesus is this your first day on Cred Forums? Depressed lonely anons are the norm here

>Main villian uses the hand to erase one of teh HIgashikata's
>Fruitdad jumps in to save one of them and gets half his body erased

Why does reddit have to know about this? Couldn't they tell them after the game's done or something?


No, I just checked the Reddit.
The account is literally yours, it has all of the Youtube videos that are on your channel that you've previously confirmed were yours.

There is no such thing as your "Roomate", if you don't stop this cancerous shitposting I will personally email a mod about all of this and explain everything since you deserve nothing short of being banned.

>banning someone because he posts in Reddit



Is this a one man operation?

What if The Hand vs King Crimson? One erases space, the other erases time

HAHAHAHAHA WOW, that's fucking embarrassing. I don't even care if this game comes out anymore, I just want Arcadefag out of these fucking threads.

>source: your ass

Why does Araki work so fucking slow?

Yeah ok i got fucking exposed. got me real good.
You guys are assholes anyway.

Holy shit

>email a mod
>implying arcadefag isn't getting shitposted again
>thinking that someone posting on reddit warrants a ban
>not banning naranciafag or any other shitposter

Two people, including me

It's a tag team of autism

I like to imagine sex with a pillar woman would be somewhat like the sex in scenario 1 of pic related.


I remember thinking, "Oh boy, he dead" when i read this. Blackmore was really cool and interesting.

This one was great too.

I really doubt we will get any side characters, its taking them long enough to release the Part 7 squad. Then again, they made a Baoh figure of all things so I guess Medicos will do whatever the fuck they want. I'd love to be wrong though, Joshuu and Nut King Call would be dope.

Wait... is this real?


no dignity

Is this a false flag or a retard?

im atm halfway through Stardust Crusaders when will this arc turn out to be somewhat good like the first season?

>i have shit taste

I still love you

second season it gets a bit better

Talking heads was shit

>Not using the TaT version youtube.com/watch?v=7_ZMTXM5fOw
Cmon, now user....

All of Araki's comments from the Jojoveller Stand Book:

Part 3: pastebin.com/Eh5C3ENT

Part 4: pastebin.com/ynwynZ6v

Part 5: pastebin.com/fnJyWvE6

Part 6: pastebin.com/rMZxRFS2

Part 7+8: pastebin.com/2DsiaZLy

best stand

First the new VA chapters and now this. Thanks based Dan

Get the fuck out of here.

>lol wtf is jojo
>is that an anime
>anime is gay, you should join the football team Brett

Even if your game comes out, I'm not playing your garbage. Fucking kill yourself.

thanks but fuck this shit im going to reddit. it may have cance like that kq over heaven. but at least its not a jojo general.
yeah im fucking of asshole like i need you fuck.

>There aren't people reporting Arcadefag this very moment ITT

>hurr durr muh original fangame
>im special

lad nobody cares about your game, finish it before you spit it

>when being a thread celebrity goes to your head
as long as the game's good I don't care but like shit man try to be a little less overt in your faggotry


Good, fucking end your life while you're at it.

A stand that only gives Pocoloco more courage, right? It doesn't really do anything. It doesn't make you lucky, but it can help you feel more optimistic.

I hope faggots stop saying it gives luck.

>Reddit boogieman
Kill yourself

Dude NKC would be awesome as a figure I also wouldn't mind a Damo but that's just a dream.

Do a flip when you jump off the bridge you retard

don't expect me to be on this cancerous website for long. i dont want my game to be a part of a fucking secret club.

Everyone should have figured he was a dope long ago anyway considering he posted stuff on Cred Forums of all places instead of making a dev blog and then came up with some sob story about a dead grandma for attention, but boy is this a dumb way to be caught. What a waste.

This was a treasure to look at. Arigato... Dàxīng...

>arcadefag is getting reported

I honestly don't know why. His animations are shit, but at least he's trying. It's better than sitting around circle jerking.

1 minute apart

Thanks for driving Arcadelad away, fags

the epic argument to kill my self. fucking nice.

Because he's a cancerous boil to these threads and does more shit than he does good, nothing excuses this level of cancer

Good bye arcadefag.

I'll honestly miss you.

Keep it real nigga.

like i said i'm not coming back to this shit website. one post on reddit and i have 3 guys wanting to work with me on the sprites. this website gave me shit.

If you don't know why he's hated so much, you definitely don't post enough in these threads to know what he's done.


You deserve worse than an heroing after embarrassing yourself this badly

But he has only done like 4 things, the rest are all RIPPED from other games.

Maybe you don't know what's really happening.

>outed as manufacturing his own drama
>"fuck you guys you have no reason to hate me"

I reposted a shitpost when a guy started to fuck with me about my dead grandmother. i fucked up.

Joshuu makes ME happy

He hasnt done shit. You guys are all autistic.

Shut the fuck up you obnoxious attention whoring baby, you've fucked up real bad and this is what you get.
Now fuck off and never come back.

You fucked up by trying to please Cred Forums.


>This guy's trying to do something we always wanted
>Wahhh he posted on Reddit he should kill himself

JoJo threads should be banned to /trash/ to be honest family


You fucked up the moment you started spamming the thread with garbage and blaming it on your "Roomate", your game is shit but not even as close to as big of a shit that you are.

>what is Sticky Fingers
>what is Black Sabbath
>what is Soft Machine
>what is Baby Feet
>what is Talking Head

How would you like the gameplay of diavolo/king crimson portrayed? How should time erasing be portrayed as a game mechaninc??

>being this buttmad over some guy shitposting
>taking cantonese image board to heart
>manufacturing your own drama with an alter ego

cmon man this is getting sad if you wanted to just go to reddit and get circle jerked you do you but don't bring that shit here.

People are hating on him because he's manufacturing his own drama and barely getting any work done

Yes. That's Soft & Wet's whole thing with "grafting".

He didn't manufacture his own drama you stupid fucks

Posting it on an alt was stupid but you were the ones who turned it into drama

People are FUCKING PISSED OFF because for the last month this asshole has been derailing the thread with cancer and blaming it on his "roomate" while samefagging the whole time. He doesn't even make his own sprites, his game is going to be shit.

What's happening to aracdefag?

oh yeah, I'm sure those ideaguys are going to put in a lot of work, at least we just pitch dumb ideas anonymously and don't try to take credit for your work.

He's getting exposed for being a chronic shitposting leafy redditor

How fucking autistic do you even have to be to actually be angry? Just ignore him you mentally defective fucks


He got exposed, and BTFO'D for having an ego.

Well this stinks, but why is anyone surprised? Everything about this "game" was obviously never gonna happen. A whole game made by one guy? It was kinda believable when he was using other people's sprites and just pretty much making a MUGEN but all this 3d shit he's doing? You should all be ashamed for believing that this redditing loser was gonna actually make a game

>tfw you allow a tripfag to derail your thread
Why even though?

thanks doc.

im going to leave you with this soft&wet. it was the only sprite you enjoyed so im giving the source code

>it was the only sprite
It's not even a sprite.

She's actually really cute

End your fucking life.



Doppio fag here, uploaded all 150 doppios I have saved, too lazy to make an album though it is the only thing I have uploaded

thanks doc

what the fuck is happening in this thread

what a shit punchline

Do you think Joshuu ever unscrewed his dick so he could blow himself

Now seems like a good time to post my narancia album

His dick wouldn't be connected to his nerves, so he'd just end up sucking a sausage for the hell of it.


it's not like anyone would do it for him

What got exposed about him?

Rasen Kaidan

Too bad there's no such thing as actual female jojo fans

user... I...


I post the same memes in this thread every single day. The small amount of attention I get gives me just enough reason to live to do it again tomorrow

They do, it's just that they'd rather make you fuck your male friends instead of fuck you

What exactly makes this noose in particular a "jojo noose?"

Are you "Gappy makes me happy"-user?

j-just how fast is that priest??


Because I get a lot of (You)s when I post it, and that brings me back to my original post

No, then I would actually kill myself

Even Speedwagon ___ ________


gay priest gonna reset this shit?


You stop that right now, Gay Priest

What if he speeds up the thread?

Did you already upload it? I'm not seeing anything in there

No, you will get your Jojo means soon enough at a regular pace.

>muh secret club is special
>why dont you marry reddit you love it so much
>youre just a shitposter your opinion is invalid
>200+ kill yourself insults

Why is he so cute?

Haikyo no Machi

Sucks dicks

>200+ kill yourself insults

Cannabis gives me joy and stando powah


hey that's pretty good user

i'm glad you know how to draw

i'm gonna leave this compliment here because i want you to feel nice about your own skills

doesn't look great. with enough time and practice i could easily do better. if your game ever came out it would just be a shit broken version of hftf to be honest. even asb would be better.

Fuck off, Arcadefag.
This isn't even a unique ID, enough shitposting.

k, let's see you back up your words then

This is my Jojosona. I call him "Giorno". He's kind of like a Jojo but he's italian so he's named "Gio Gio" and he's actually Dio's son which is super cool. He has the power to give life to things and control them but if you touch the things he brings to life you get hurt and also if he touches you time slows down and you get hurt even more and also he can heal anybody who gets hurt (even himself) and also everybody likes him and he's really smart so he's always the first one to figure out mysteries and stuff. Also he is so special and unique that the arrow itself chose him to power up his stand and when his stand powers up it's like super invincible and you can't hurt it and it's the strongest stand in the whole show. He can negate any action you try to do and if he touches you you like die over and over forever he's so strong.

>Everyone who recognizes how autismal this general is being is arcadefag

No wonder he left, you people are idiots.

Anyone here do fan art? If so, is your style self taught? I want to draw bara titties like nips on pixiv but my figure drawing class is using a wrinkly old man as the model.

Is it not working? Hang on a sec I'll look into it. My bad

>Part 5 is now in the Zootopia world, where no humans exist
what would change in story?

Nobody likes part 5 for Giorno, they like it for Passione and the fights.

>Metallica is based on Moomin characters
That's made my day.

Check out /fit/, /hm/ and /asp/ for references.

Furfags like you wouldn't exist to post retard scenarios

2/10 bait.
That being said, I hope he doesn't come back.

>Kids movie
>somehow Furry
lol? have you never went outside in your life? animals are a thing you know

Will okuyasu ever do anything besides mess up?

>The live action movie version of Jojo is made by Seth Rogan and its about how weed unlocks spiritual inner powers called stands.

>le bait meme! haha!
Only proving my point.

>Animals are furry
Actually kill yourself.


Sorry about that bossu
Try this one

Yes at the very end, after he messes up dying properly

He stole my heart.

>Weed makes you stoned
>Stone Mask

>it's bait so your argument is invalid

Do you know who else does that? retards.

>it's racist so your argument is invalid
>it's sexist so your argument is invalid
>It's antisemitic so your argument is invalid

Animals are furry though, what do you think being a Furry is you retard?

No user, you are the retard. Do you think /an/ is a furry board?

go back to pol

/an/ would be a furry board if it was about cartoon animals.

>Seth rogan
Stopped breathing there.

Stop shitposting already, lets just move past this.

>you're from Cred Forums so your argument is invalid

Are there complete english colored scans of part 5? this black and white stuff is hurting my eyes

Yes that's correct


I miss Old Arcadefag.
Even though he worked way slower, he didn't type like a 12-year old and didn't attentionwhore by creating fake drama.

Sadly, i think not.

even b&w english is not done.sorry dude.
some people download part 5 color raws to read it side by side with b&w scans

>this black and white stuff is hurting my eyes

Yeah you'll find them deep inside the barrel of a shotgun. Look inside, all the way to the very back. Then pull the trigger, and all the anime you ever wanted will flash before your eyes. You can even read part 9!

>Part 5 post
>with those digits
also no

I do but it's pretty shit desu. But look at the OVA of stardust crusaders, DIO got some big ass bara tiddies. Here's an ova Dio I just drew

Honestly how does this place get three and four sets of four this often?

so now that he's gone we're not getting a new game ever. unless somebody else will take his place.

>that 7up
Well THIS convinced me

because you dont notice them until dumb mistaposters point it out

>this black and white stuff is hurting my eyes
Have you never read another manga in your life?

How do I tell you this, user...

I will pick up the mantle

yes but jojo has too many details and trying to figure out whats what is a hastle

I've been meaning to give it a re-watch. Polnareff is too moe.


are you the old arcadefag that emailed the idiot arcadefag the trip password, or are you just a new arcadefag?

7SU2 is still happening. Slowly. Coding bites.

i mean,no one was seriously going to play the game anyways if it was done.its bad at being HftF and bad at being ASB.

I wouldn't call it a hassle, but I see what you mean. Part 5 in particular is extremely busy.

I'll do it

Seems to be working now, much appreciated

Where's my fucking bast

I am the old one, and seeing how much you all cared about this game has motivated me to give it another shot.

I'll start working on it soon, when my schoolwork lets up a bit. I didn't realize there was so much interest before. Tons of people seem genuinely upset that there won't be a jojo game.

>''new'' arcadefag gets exposed
>the ''old'' arcadefag appears

Really makes you think...

Why is she so perfect?

Is the original Arcadefag even still alive? I wish he'd come back.

If you're legit you probably shouldn't update us on anything until you're ready to show off a demo or whatever. Just so we don't have any more confusion and controversy.

I'll end you fucker.

I'll just give some periodic updates like the last guy did, but I think I'll start over using some of the assets I had before. I don't think his version looked very appealing desu.

I drew it last night you fucking meme
I'm doing a thing of fun fun fun now. I'm not sure how I can make it lewd though

>I am the old one.
Prove it, and Please change your trip name to something more flattering.

The Arcadefag that the title is associated with is probably the worst shitposter in the history of these threads, I don't want to open a thread and have to deal with that name ever again.

Bato, right? You get used to it.

What's worse is figuring out which translation to read.

You silly goon. Keep up the good work desu


Dirty Deeds Done for Free

What are you talking about?

Download it from the scanlator's webpage

I'm going to keep this name so there is no confusion.

And as far as proving I am the original, I don't really know how I would do that, nor do I care if you believe me or not.

All that mattes is what work I put out, and I will update you guys as soon as I get some work put together :) I'm glad I have the chance to keep you guys from being disappointed!

Oh thank god.
I knew that emailing him your trip was gonna be a bad idea from the beginning. Even though he had a lot more work and free time, his typing made him really suspicious.
As for the Schoolwork thing, that's fine. Slow progress is better than no progress.
I suggest listening to though, posting about it while it's still a concept will just create drama. Also because people will just associate you with the idiot.

For the record, I was the guy who suggested the "freeze mode" idea for Dio, and the one who said about Joseph having the highest Hamon Defense due to his training with the Hamon mask.

Every single thread you're defending your waifu. It was annoying at first but I gotta say I respect your dedication

Does Pocoloco have the weakest stand of all time?

Thank you then.

Yeah, but Pocoloco has insanely high luck so it doesn't matter.

Survivor. At least Poco's did something good

What's that?

Optimism that actually helped him in the end. Alot of people could use optimism and with all the Jesus stuff going on in SBR some people need a pick me up.

All Hey Ya does is talk to you. It's like Cheap Trick but without the threat of death

Oh good, now we can set the record straight.
I was the guy creating the Santana and Terunosuke movesets. If you really want to follow through with this, I'd be glad to write more ideas.

But if you truly are the original Arcadefag, please change your name so you won't be associated with the other guy

The one at the punishment ward arc of part 6 that made everyone berserk

A stand that makes everybody around you easily irritable and able to see their enemy's weaknesses. It, however, doesn't distinguish between friend and foe and can't be turned off.

>I was the guy who suggested the "freeze mode" idea for Dio, and the one who said about Joseph having the highest Hamon Defense due to his training with the Hamon mask.
Okay cool. I remember that.

I'm glad some of you still have some enthusiasm for this idea. It has been my work in some form for years now, so it would be a shame to just let it die now.

I know what Survivor is, I was trying to remember what useful thing Pocoloco's stand did.

It's the weakest Stand with the strongest ability

I don't fucking trust you.

Catch the rainbow

>can talk
>strongest ability

>Catch the rainbow

>I was the guy creating the Santana and Terunosuke movesets. If you really want to follow through with this, I'd be glad to write more ideas.

Okay, that would be great. Just don't need those yet, I won't be able to start working for a couple weeks probably. But if you have ideas then keep them coming by all means.

>But if you truly are the original Arcadefag, please change your name so you won't be associated with the other guy

If we change names now it will just be confusing. You guys all know the drill if I keep using this one.

If we're gonna pick part 7 stands that aren't Hey Ya! then Oh! Lonesome Me is pretty weak

Donatello and Damo, yet?

I'd like if Joseph was reverted back to Part 2 Joseph and then just as he's about to Ripple the fuck out of Alessi he gets de-aged again.

The one idea I did like from the idiot was that he used EoH models as the base for sprites. It's a great idea that he squandered.
Would it be possible/easier to use the EoH models to create a basic sprite, and then touch it up to look like a HftF sprite?

>allows the user to control his infinite luck in a series where virtually everything is decided by lucky asspulls

There aren't exact counterparts and if there are it doesn't actually mean anything.

Catch the rainbow is extremely situational so i can see where it would be weak, but Pocoloco's stand gave him optimism that actually worked in his favor. It was a friend.

>he doesn't know

Yeah that would probably be the easiest way to go about it. I will look into that. Hopefully he will contact me and pass on his work so I can salvage any usable parts too.

Okay niseu
I'm just suggesting the name change so you won't associate yourself with the other guy but if you prefer to use it then it's perfectly daijobu

Turn all it's suction cup things into horse dicks

You're the original Arcadefag, I can fucking tell by your awful post format and run on sentences.
Leave already.

>a dude who is more powerful than his stand


I need to come clean.
>Who are you?
My name is maxim shekhovtsov I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine.
>Why did you start posting?
I got sucked into the hype form the original arcadefag promises and wanted to keep the dream alive
>How much of the game is finished?
The menus and parts of Jonathan
>Did you post on reddit?
So the game got more exposure and to find people that can help me.
>Why didn't you tell that upfront?
because you guy's for some reason hate reddit.
>Did you create your own drama?
>Did your grandmother actually die?
>Why did you start shit taking Cred Forums?
I got mad at the people who keep telling me that I have done nothing. You can say the sprites look like shit but when you say that haven't done anything then you are just plain wrong.

Any way I'm giving up this job. It was fun while while it lasted but every thing good needs to end. Who knows maybe some other guy will name him self arcadefag and make the game. But I'm giving this trip out. the trip is

Thanks to everyone who posted positive comments and thanks to the people who shit talked me because deserve it.

So like Joseph then?

Nice try, now back in the coffin.
>I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine.

utility is actually useful. Hey Ya isn't.

How the fuck did you even get into JoJo in the first place?

I seriously hope we get some Shakedown Road and Milagro Man shenanigans soon since they're both focused around collecting money and Josuke needs money.

Fucking called it.
Well good riddance you self-victimizing worthless autist go back to Plebbit

>I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine

>I'm a 13 year old boy

Was in Italy on a holiday some guy suggested part 5.

Please never come back.

Please dont take this as an insult but you are a sociopath.Tell your parents that you dont feel well and make them send you to a psychologist.



What the fuck is going on

Before you're banned, how slutty are Ukrainian chicks? They're hot af and I'm gonna be there for a few days in a couple of weeks and I plan on getting my dick wet.

I reported you.
Leave this place, kid

>Did you create your own drama?
Bull fucking shit, all that garbage that you've stated was from your roomate was all your own doing, you even confirmed it.
Fuck off.

>I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine.
You home alone tonight?

>i'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine.

Nun pants is so fucking cute it's unreal

you thought that was the nut in your pants


Get out and stay out.

Would you contact me and hand off what you have so far at least?

One last thing for now. Can we finally get a straight answer on you leaving?
I heard like 3 different stories on what happened.

>Idiot said that both of you + one unnamed guy worked on it together, but there was a fight and only he was left.

>You? just said "It's over" and didn't come back until you emailed the trip to him.

>You? said "It's over" because somebody fucked up the Google Document but continued to post until giving him the trip.

>My name is maxim shekhovtsov I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine.
Explains your typing style.

>Didn't create your own drama
Fuck off. You literally made a fake "roomate" character just to make drama. You made a shitty leafy picture just to make drama.

>I got mad at the people who keep telling me that I have done nothing. You can say the sprites look like shit but when you say that haven't done anything then you are just plain wrong.
You have literally done next to nothing this entire time except post shitty model poses, most of which weren't stuff that should be in the game. And if that Soft & Wet sprite is "finished" to you, then your sprites really do look like shit.

I even used to support you because I figured since it was still in development it would look bad. But no, it just straight up looked fucking bad.
You are the absolute fucking worst attentionwhore that has ever been in these threads. I would even take pixelfag or naranciafag over you.

Fuck off and never come back.

post dick pics

That or he might also get master con woman Karera involved somehow.

Of course! I might add some other images too later tomorrow not sure yet. I only have a Doppio, narancia, and genyatta folder

Heck off

>I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine

4 years too late

this has proven to be a complete and utter train wreck. Gay Priest was gonna do it earlier, but it's time for a clean fucking slate now honestly

How many images do you have in your narancia folder?

Did you ever draw my polpo?




Why are you so gullible?

>I'm a 13 year old boy from Ukraine

Arcadefag is a pathological liar, you can't believe a single word from his mouth.

Oh fuck what if they pull off a heist or something ridiculous like that?

your such a fricking frick

I'm confused. How many arcadefags are there?

underage in its purest form


/jojo/ it's over boys, lets go home.

as many as there are docs

Great thread, guys. I'm glad we could discuss Jojo

Everyone here is arcadefag

Wow even I look like less of a fag than you.

I don't want to cause anymore drama for that kid that just quit, but

>Idiot said that both of you + one unnamed guy worked on it together, but there was a fight and only he was left.
Made up bullshit

>You? just said "It's over" and didn't come back until you emailed the trip to him.
It was pretty much just this.

I got sick of doing it and was bogged down by schoolwork so I gave it to pretty much the first person that volunteered to keep it going. I didn't think there was legitimate interest like this, but its got the whole thread reeling so I'll pick it back up.

I didn't know this new kid was so young and inept at the time of giving him my old work, but as time went on I saw him post and it became pretty apparent. I will mostly be starting from scratch.

>he doesn't put specific names on his narancias
You're fake, kid.


What do you mean.
I have only put names on a couple of narancia pics.
I have proof I am the real naranciafag though here is one of my one edits.

hey guys this is the real arcadefag. I'm leaving forever. From now on anybody claiming to be me or having anything to do with a fanmade jojo game is just a troll and should be ignored.

Dont reply to it.

Oh okay, i believe you then.

A little less than 50. 42 images nothing too big

Good on you. Now we can all move on.

>it's a fucking general AND an edition
>Gappy makes me happy
>Naranciafag doing the usual by posting characters that aren't Foo Fighters
>Arcadefag gets exposed as a samefag as everyone goes from collectively sucking his dick to tearing it off as they finally realize he doesn't actually make his own sprites

Missing from this thread:
>people sperging out over animeonlies
>taste charts
>that one guy who keeps posting fat fetish art
>ironic "part 2 is shit am i fitting in yet" meme

not too bad desu

Feel free to look at the narancia album I've made anytime if you want more mane.

Not counting the one thread where we had over 30, 2.
Let's just call the original one Solid Arcadefag, and the new one (that is currently shitting up the thread) Liquid Arcadefag.

Man, I love talking with you about JoJo




Fall of your horse, faggot

You wanna talk about jojo? Fine!
but if you want a real discussion, wait till this one hits its limit

Link it again?

Skyhigh is fuckin cool kill yourself
Other than that it's pretty good


Bye Bye!

I posted it earlier this thread but here
Hope you like it but there are some duplicates and porn on there.

>Least favorite Jojo
>Favorite crew
I don't get it. Are you just retarded?

>tfw some guy who got mad at you while playing HFTF actually died

Ok thank you. Good night narancia


It's almost like everybody in Passione was great except for Giorno. Weird, huh?

what happened to Mosaicanon and the Teru fags?


What's so hard to understand? Abbachio, Mista, Bruno, and Narancia were great. Gio wasn't.

You don't count the Jojo in your favorite crew. Otherwise the part 2 crew would be a lot less garbage.

You called?


you do have the copy pasta?

Well, this is hard to explain, this started 1 year ago when i played with this guy, i ragequitted cuz i was bad and he got mad at me and started yelling at me in the lobby chat, then i never saw him again. Now after a year ago i was searching more about him in google and found his channel, and there was a comment in his last video that he made 1 year ago that said Rest in Peace friend, it seems pretty real.

This is his profile: fightcade.com/id/Gouki.mst

Great! Now everybody can stop acknowledging any arcadefag in any future thread and thread quality will raise ever so slightly.

The meme got old so I left.
I'm only even in this thread because someone linked it during the meltdown

i will return

That sounds... sort of believable, yet at the same time so far fetched...


How about we just move to this thread?
It's JoJo related.

You can check his youtube channel, but the comment i said is in spanish, well, you can easily translate it, i also commented on it to see if it was real.

>I will return

Holy shit....

If you check his fightcade profile, the last match he played was 1 year ago, and i was like one of the last match he had...

This is sort of scaring me.

He's dead, wish i knew him more, i just played 2 matches with him and he got mad at me.

did you drive a man to kill himself, user?

Don't say that, i wasn't the last one to play with him.

And some guy in the Fightcade lobby is saying he was sick.

thank fuck

Jobin is pure aesthetic

Did Araki get inspired for Jesus in an America by Mormons?