Danganronpa 3

A killing game of hope?

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Dicks out for Juzo

You can rest in peace now, my boy. You did well.

WTF I love Juzo now

Give me a summary of today's episode an no one gets hurt.

>Juzoboys were right the whole time
What a fucking world.

Start of DR3
>a lot of great theories and speculations, quality discussions

>muh waifuuuuuuu

End of DR3

>muh waifuuuuuuu

What went wrong?

Is it me or did Juzo look even more handsome than usual this episode

>Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday
fucking Kodaka

shows with a broader mystery like this one always wind up like this once the mysteries get revealed, it doesnt help that omg it's suicide was the big reveal and i saw it coming from a mile away- tengan took me by way more surprise and im not even sure if that's the truth yet


>mindbreak-tier raping

For her, someone loving her and resisting her despair IS mindbreak-tier.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

everyone was too retarded to realise you could shut down the facility's power to disable the NG

You mean


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


F. Stay strong, my friends.

I don't know how far down the hole of liking guro-esque things I go, but I haven't been this hard since Nagito's death scene

Why would they think the bangles work on the buildings electricity rather than an internal power source?

Frodo had an aneurysm and Juzo did something right in his life for once.

>All those "People" who doubted Juzo

Fuck I knew deep down she was dead but I was still holding out hope. It hurts so fucking bad.

RIP in peace Kirigiri, you were to good for this world.

>no one
My friend, even Juzo could not punch away Death.

Thank you Juzoboys for having made this shitshow of an anime watchable. Seeing juzoboys meme on everyone else is the most fun I've had with this anime


That's just your body soiling its bowels as dead bodies tend to do.

Do we know for sure the final episode will be 24 minutes? Could be an hour long special.

WTF? I love Juzo now!

Love the edit. Stay strong, brother!

Tengan is the original Izuru isn't he?

Kirigiri is still alive, the counter would have counted Juzo as dead after he cut his bracelet off.
Plus they still have to explain the bottle rolling away, there's zero probability that was coincidence.

They could have if Juzo didn't start throwing shit around like a fucking monkey in the monokuma door room. If he didn't start shit then kirigiri would have found out about the switches and she and juzo would have been still alive.

But let the bozoboys ignore all that because kodaka made him indestructible for a bit for a sad redemption arc

How are you Kirigiribros coping with the fact that she's dead for real?

>finally seeing the light instead of thinking she died
Glad you could make it.

>tfw I've just the most satisfying fap ever over Komaru
>tfw I've never even played the game she's from

Gonna play it now though, I think she's earned it after all of that pleasure she just gave me.

I get to see more of the cute green haired despair too, so it can't be all that bad.

>They could have if Juzo didn't start throwing shit around like a fucking monkey in the monokuma door room. If he didn't start shit then kirigiri would have found out about the switches and she and juzo would have been still alive.

He gave up after she subdued him. He said "fuck this game, I'm out.

He did. He looked beautiful. It's making me so sad.
I can't feel like his death was a satisfying ending. Munakata still stabbed him for no reason, and he still died thinking he had been abandoned.

Komaru has the best fucking doujin in the history of danganronpa porn, i hope Chiaki gets one too, it's the artist from pic related

I hope you're right but that would make the final episode even more of a mess than it's already looking to be.
>reveal mastermind
>death mastermind
>Kyoko is alive
>Mitarai's role in all this has to be explained

Reminder that Mirai-hen is still an anime being broadcast to our world.

Reminder that Mirai-hen will have a good ending.

Reminder Kirigiri is still alive.

We'll get answers to Mitarai, Tengan, and possibly Chiaki in the finale of Despair.

dude, it's almost 50 minutes long


>Implying the final episode will resolve anything
Please watch the Danganronpa Movie for the finale! Hope to see everyone there!

Woah, I remember you said you were screencaping ages ago but I thought you were talking shit.
I wish she was still alive but I've lost all hope.


Togami is just there to job and for Kodaka to bully.

He's talking about before that you fucking ding dong.

Remember that he shows up then beats them up or rapes them or whatever?

If he didn't do any of that nonsense, she would've found it.

>monaca did literally nothing relevant in the anime besides killing wheelchair and saying "Lol someone might die lmao"
What a terrible dissapointment.
>literally wasted one episode of future on her

You know, it's funny you should say that since that is me and that's the one I've just fapped too.
That leglock just made me cum buckets.


If Kirigiri is still alive thanks to Cure W she has to be fucked up in some way.

Either mind controlled by Junko or something else I doubt they'll just let her go with a sexy scar on her face to complement her bacon hands.

>50 minutes long
I fucking hope so.
Source? People said the same thing with rezero's final episode but that turned out to be bullshit.

Source? Or are you counting Despair 11 and Future 12 as one episode?

tfw it was Ryota's directorial decision to make Juzo gay. He explains it would be progressive.

Juzo sweats as he watches Mirai-hen because he is actually gay.

2 DEep

Baconface and Baconhands it's like pottery

Kirigiri could've still found it if she didn't go for a 3 course dinenr date with the crew.

This guy makes the best DR porn.

And that's how I was born? You didn't need to go into such detail, you know.

>Tfw if Juzo and Munakata weren't such edgelords they'd have found the control room anyways.

Is it really? please tell me it is, they can't fit everything in one 20 minutes episode.

I'm mad that they showed the Warriors of Hope, but nothing really important like how they're going to survive in Towa City. I would've been ok with a AE episode if they did more shit than "lol space NEET"

I'm the culprit! My 7 proves it

Munakata knew where everything was anyway.

>he died with a smile on his face, knowing that his bro is safe
He literally deserves the title of DR3's heroine

Bad LUCC son.

>killed his best friend for no reason

Munakata is a stupid fuck.

>Kyoko is alive
you can skip that

kinda forgot he existed... outside of fukawa fantasies at least. just leave him under the rubble

Alcohol and an unsafe amount of xanax.

Goodnight best girl,you shall be missed.

>Kirigiri and DR2 show up in the finale
>This starts playing
How hype would you be?

Amazing taste user, i can't blame you, that doujin was god damn amazing, the way the artist drew Komaru's legs and ass was too much for me.
Wish i knew japanese so i could ask him if there's a Chiaki one coming.


>you can skip that
I know but I said that would make the final episode even more of a mess if she was actually still alive with only 20 minutes.

Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Hajime Penetrates Me" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan
Tsumiki "Dungeon Master" Mikan
Tsumiki "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsumiki "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsumiki "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsumiki "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsumiki "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsumiki "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan
Tsumiki "Stealing Chiaki's levels in love" Mikan
Tsumiki "Capture the Flags" Mikan
Tsumiki "Tripping onto Hajime while Chiaki trips on traps" Mikan
Tsumiki "Giving your man life while you face death" Mikan
Tsumiki "Pierce you with despair while he Pierces her with hope" Mikan
Tsumiki "Leveling up" Mikan
Tsumiki "No Revives for you" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hajime's new white mage" Mikan
Tsumiki "New #1 in being your man's new Player 2" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hijacking Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Plays doctor with your man while you play video games all day" Mikan
Tsumiki "Make Chiaki despair to get into Hinata's underwear" Mikan
Tsumiki “No no Nanami” Mikan

he knows why

I'm ok with that because i felt like their story didn't need any more closure than what they got, i didn't watch this anime to have the story of a game i already played repeated to me.

Fuck off mate, he had a better reason than this bitch.

>Gets asshurt that a friend of hers who does EVERYTHING she asks doesn't eat one of her sweets because it will literally kill her
>Kills the one guy who would clearly never ever betray her for the dumbest fucking reasons ever.

Is this the most idiotic girl in danganronpa history?

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

You know why

How? Juzo was banging on the door with Ruruka trying to stop him.

There was still a chance he'd kill want to kill her or she'd set him off. No telling with the guy as he was dying and desperate. Her only purpose in revealing it was to distract him.

The door could have also been a trap like Chiaki's fake door. She just looks stupid now cause we're in the future but if you didn't know, it couldve been a trap. She could've checked it out but then Juzo appeared like an idiot.

Juzo clearly is at fault for her not checking it out in the first place cause of his stupid fight.

>implying it won't happen
Juzo Rubio and Lyin' Tengan Ted can't possibly hope to beat Guacboyz for Best Girl

>Munakata will never know Juzo's true feelings.

Yeah she surprassed Celes's motive.

Only mildly. DEAD OR LIE is the DR3 theme, it would be much more appropriate.

>they could have powered off theri wristbands the whole time just by fucking with the switches

Jesus Christ.

I'd like to point out that 2 of those posts are mine.

Where were you when the entire world got T R I C K E D

Why do Japs do gay characters so much better than the west?

with the reboot. They quickly wanted to get rid of her, I guess. Such a shame. I would of loved a better AE episode

>they used the trope of character dying thinking their lover didn't like them anymore again
>first with chiaki
>then with Juzo
This shit is very sad to me, i fucking hate that they used it again because i could barely handle watching Chiaki die losing all hope thinking Hinata didn't remember her, like if she atleast had seen Hinata cry i wouldn't have been so sad about it.

>bad call
>gets dubs
Sounds like hopeman

He knew but didn't give two shits.

What about Ruruka's?

Who is more of an idiot? Ruruka or Sayaka?

Because being gay isn't their only character trait

Are there any subs yet? I can't live like this.

She's in the better world now, user. We should be happy for her because she died without regrets.


He literally ignored everything. He was on his way to get the hell out of there and said "fuck it". If they had stayed around him they would've made it through and he would've faced the trap if it were a trap.

But Kirigiri nodded and walked off with Mitarai, period.

True, but it really felt like Monaca's appearance was really lackluster and there was no reason for her to do anything at all.

Nothing new. DR1 guys could have asked genocider syo why they were locked up from the start.

How would they know that the switches would do that?
If anything they were risking too much by making it easier for the attacker to get to them, but they just didn't knew there was no attacker, can't blame them for that

Subs are already out.

>tfw you realise Ruruka's death was especially violent because deep down she hated herself and felt guilty as fuck about what she did to her friends

my girl just needed some therapy

I wish I had saved the portuguese version of the Sakakura copypasta


I hope so. It's nearly impossible to close all the loose ends in a 24min episode.

yfw if you literally kys and then Kirigiri was alive after all



Kirijunko or a bust

HOPEless scum detected. Leave the premises at once.

Mikanfriends report in!

This ep was pretty heartbreaking. Shoutout to the Juzoboys for epic redemption and Juzo being uncontrollable til the very end.

I guess Kirigiri really is dead though. Fuck it hurts.

How are Japs liking this anime? Do they like the reveal it's looking like to be?

It was a misunderstanding. He knew Chisa was despair because she said Junko was innocent. He falsely assumed Juzo was a Despair too because he attested the same thing.


Heck I'd take Kirijunko instead of dead Kiri
I'm desperate


Should we tell him?

It's actually Chisa.

I'm totally calling it.

>wasted one episode

They wasted several scenes across six episodes. Literally every single character moment gekkogahara got was made null and void in an instant when Monaka just shot off into space and out of the story. Same with the candy/medicine/cuck trio when candyslut died. This show is just a bunch of weird subplots abruptly cutting short because "le KODAKA rusemasterXD"

Have a little hope.

she has pretty much surpassed the rest in that

Ruruka killed Izayoi and fedoraman for absolutely no fucking reason. Sayaka at least had a motive for her half assed murder attempt.

Dude I'm gay! Did I tell you I'm gay? I'm not straight I'm homo lol I like dudes. Have I mentioned I like guys? Can't go 5 minutes without reminding you of their sexuality.
Being gay is just another character trait, his character doesn't revolve around it.

I cried like a bitch. RIP Juzo. I really wasn't ready.




Don't tell me he wasn't ready to betray her at any moment, just listen to him.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.


I remember a lot of people kept saying the attacker raped her.
So what actually happened here, did she pleasure herself while killing herself?



There's no one left then. Junko would be an even bigger asspull.

>Juzo hated himself for falling for Junko's tricks and thus helping her destroy the world
>Literally couldn't tell anybody not even his best friend about it because he was so ashamed about it
>Jealous of Naegi's will and hope to go against Junko
>Still to the very end helped Naegi and everyone by ending the game because he believed in their hope
Fuck, i really can't help to like Juzo as a character.



> tfw no happy ending

Reporting! Mikan will win the Hajizuru


There...there are people who still believe?
Am i that weak because i lost hope?

It's Junkofied Chiaki she dies again at the hands of Hajime.

those exist?

In heaven probably.
Who is the guy on the right?

Used the Kamakura project to turn other people into old men

No one cares about that human garbage.

>People STILL waifu this

This kind of hope hurts too much to believe in, but i still do, stay strong Chiakibro

There are still people who'd believe if Future 12 doesn't show her being alive, user. Like me.

>"the counter is out of universe"
If you believed this, you brought mockery onto yourself.

Kirigirikirigiri JingJing!



>Go on a shooting spree and take multiple hostages
>Police surround the building
>Watching the latest Mira-hen episode
>It's the final showdown and the music begins to build as you hear the SWAT team counting down in whispers
>Last thing you hear before they toss in the flashbang is "Naegi-kun..."

good man


Munakata clones will take good care of Juzo in heaven. ;_;

I am unbelievably fucking upset.

>Example Death
Mukuro - Bandai

>Sudden Death of Seemingly Important Female
Sayaka - Chisa

>Death of Chill Bro Character
Chihiro - Gozu

>Double Death
Hifumi/Ishimaru - Seiko/Izayoi

>Sacrificial Death
Sakura - Juzo

It's like poetry. It rhymes.

user, you don't seem to understand.

At that point, the door was either a trap or an exit. Both things she doesn't need as she needed to solve the case and was used just to distract Juzo.

He was about to beat them up with a metal spear but that seemed to be the only way to distract him.

She had no time to investigate properly as you're saying something like "around him" would be so easy.

What planet do you guys live on?


He wasn't well on his way out. Kirigiri found the door and candy bitch got pissed because of her code. Juzo saw that and then started going after the door with candy bitch trying to stop him. Why would kirigiri even think to work with juzo who was hellbent on trying to kill naegi or think that he would work with her?


I wasn't here when the raws dropped, how fucking smug were Juzoshits?

It's Shiro Munakata, Juzo, and Kuro Munakata

Reporting! Juzo went out like a fucking badass. RIP the truest bro that ever was.

But what about others?


Danganronpa memes are the best

That's a good way to finalize the pasta. It's been a pleasure to have you in these threads.

>Tfw Kirigiri could've easily found the switches if it wasn't for Juzo
Fucking shit. This guy. He couldn't just calm his tits for a moment.


How pissed would you be if Juzo acted like a character from Will & Grace?

I thought that was only the studio commentary.

Am I the only one who thinks Tengan being the mastermind is a red herring?

Upset Johnny?

i hate memes but love munakata
what's wrong with me

I was too busy crying to be smug

All things considered almost anyone would have thought Juzo was a despair in his position.
>Tengan claims everyone is potentially the attacker while showing his wristband
>Chisa and Juzo both defended Junko
>Find evidence confirming Chisa was a despair
Its only natural to think Juzo was one as well.

That would be something! But reminder to vote in this extremely important poll!

Remember that Kirigiri didn't even bother to check Monokuma's envelope back in DR1. It's in character for her.

Part of Kirigiri's personality is that she's arrogant and doesn't play with Monokuma the way Hajime or Nagito would.

I can tell you but you won't like the answer.

we all do Kirijunko or a bust

You may as well add in the fact that Naegi was almost killed but saved at the last minute by someone who was thought to be dead.

>He was about to beat them up with a metal spear but that seemed to be the only way to distract him.
What? No, he broke free from the mindcontrol of Ruruka and then calmed down to get the door open.
>At that point, the door was either a trap or an exit. Both things she doesn't need as she needed to solve the case and was used just to distract Juzo.
So she didn't need the exit to the killing game? Now that's kind of bullshit.
>She had no time to investigate properly as you're saying something like "around him" would be so easy.
It would as she subdued him by deducting the case surrounding Ruruka and Izayoi.

Where were you when Juzo went from a silly meme to the bro to end all bros?

>I might've been abandoned
>But I still want him to live....



Well in FE, all the characters are basically achetypes. You don't really know them that well unless they're a main character.

Both at once?

So Kizakura doesn't count as sacrificial?

Juzo did too many retarded shit to be compared to Sakura. He's more like Saionji, fucking everyone's day up unless it's their gay lover. But Saionji didn't redeem herself and died like a pleb.


>So she didn't need the exit to the killing game?
She knew it wasn't an exit since she knew they were underwater. Also see

Suggest a better boyfriend candidate for Juzo since Munakata doesn't deserve him.

>tfw this old man BTFO every single of these teenager shits and is the final boss of the franchise

Hope, you can keep the trash on the right.

>some nip on twitter made a poll asking who is DR3's heroine
>juzo is leading

After all that shitposting about the Kirigiri + Junko AI, I was almost certain that call was going to be from Junko/Kirigiri

>compared to Sakura
>Muh dojo
>Muh kill myself even though I defied Monokuma already and my dojo will get destroyed because I helped the other survivors anyway.

Is it true that Dangans factually have the greatest thigh's in the 2D world?


Anyone have that pic of the NG cut of this scene? And are there any more?

>is the final boss

good man


How is he allowed to get away with only a dead waifu?


Uh yeah she doesn't. She doesn't want it to END. She wants to SOLVE it.

Remember Munakata's logic? The killer or mastermind will still be among them.

Kyoko would rather solve the killing game and the mystery then just end it prematurely and let the possible killer go and let it all remain unsolved.

She's a fucking detective.

I'm just trying to convince myself she is dead, because I can't keep suffering during the rest 2 weeks to be really sure whether she actually lives or not.

How does it feel for your beloved Nanami to be tainted by the Kamukura project?

Junko shitters were worshipping an underling whore who was gobbling old man cock all along.

Juzo is just the cutest, holy shit.


Yes, DR is thighfags paradise.
ywn get your dick squeezed by Komaru and Chiaki's thighs as they breath and moan hotly into your ears
why even make breakfast in the morning?

>Bandai is not the mastermind

Missed opportunity.

i can't believe i talked shit about juzo every since episode 1

i feel like such an asshole


Who are the others?

>Hey Jin, covering up the murders is a great idea!

Fucking Tengan. I knew he was an asshole but I didn't realize the extent. I can honestly say I didn't think he was the mastermind.

Which would cause people to collectively lose their shit more?

>Naegiri kiss

>Chiaki and Komaru
user you quite literally couldn't have picked two better girls.
Excellent taste.

>togami is still MIA
>kirigiri is "dead"
>tengan is alive(?)
>izuru is on his way back
>still no concrete motive/mastermind

what is going to happen, honestly

We should commission Tyrone to do the Juzoboys copypasta.


>Subdued him
You keep using that word like it's a permanent state. There's no reason he wouldn't just go crazy again.

Imagine if she tries to use or see the exit. He still thinks of her as possible despair. Why would Juzo even allow her to go near it? He'a not gonna let her possibly escape.

munakata x juzo kiss
I'm in disbelief it didn't happen


Are these characters real? I haven't watched the other DRs. Are they related to Munakata?

What you said

Yeah im doing the same thing.
Worst case scenario,she is really dead and i already half accepted it.
Best case scenario,she lives and i can die happy.

But the Kirigirifriends always give me HOPE when im here in these threads.

Munakata isn't gay dumbasses.

Chiakizuru, without a doubt in my mind.

Juzo and Chiaki are the heroines

Kodaka agreed don't bother him about it

>compared to Juzo
>Muh Munakata
>Muh kill myself even though edgyman abandoned me already because I helped Junko and was gay

wait a minute is this actually a song about kirigiri jin? the headmaster?

Have you seriously not watched enough anime to know what those words mean by now?

>everyone loves Juzo and is either pressing F or wishing for a respawn

Who could have ever foreseen this 8 weeks ago?

They don't. How many times do you see lecherous, feminine musclemen in your anime?

You should praise Kodaka, not Japan.


Can someone tell me what does the message mitarai receive on his phone said, the spanish sub didn't put that in the screen?

Do you think Munakata and Chisa were still fucking, even after Chisa became despair?

he's talking about his persona before tengan fucked him up and afterwards

>Implying you need to be gay to be a man attracted to Juzo.

If we didn't have the memes, he would have been Munakata Tier.

Sounds like you're making my case that Juzo wasn't dumber than Sakura but in fact as dumb.


Reporting! At least he died doing what he wanted to do, rather than a pathetic death. Good for him! But we all know Mikan or the others won't wake up... Kodaka seems to like her getting everything harsher than the other characters, going by her past, getting brainwashed twice and how she ends up in DR2 and the anime, both times being caused the by the same action (trying to help people).

Munakata did everything wrong.

Juzo wouldn't have hindered any investigating if he wasn't just following Munakata's will. Gozu would have directed his man.

You've received a message from Tengan.

>"New message from Tengan"

Sounds like a great idea




Chakizuru would be memes upon memes

>you have received a message from 10gan

dick says yes

How old are you?

Then she walked out of there by herself if that's the case, which is what we saw. She didn't even attempt to investigate it or want to as she nodded her head.

Reminds me which is the opposite of DR1 where she did go and check the secret room and deducted a lot and solved it. Irony.

Because it was the same with Munakata, except Munakata didn't even seem to be able to reason. At least Sakakura was able to listen to reason and be subdued. He also showed remorse when he heard of Kimura's death.

She has her theorybook which will solve everything. She knew how it was going to end and she knew what was going on. Why wouldn't she tell him when it's near solving right there.

She already had it solved, how is this still not clear? Had she walked in there and not just nodded her head when Mitarai pushed onwards about staying then it would've been fine as I said.

It's just the JP fans' way of splitting Munakata into two characters. Shiro(White) is just normal Munakata. Kuro(Black) was "Punished" Munakata.

>Munakata sprinting to save his fag friend
>fag friend going apeshit on switches
>JPOP blaring the entire time


>the heroines died in misery thinking that their loves didn't care about them anymore
That's just not right.

>a fucking copypasta became real


Chisa still hadn't won Munakata's heart even by the beginning of Miraihen. So he never got to tap that. Just like Naegi, shit was too late.

Nobody did. This is asspull is worthy of the SHSL hack.

>Get drunk one day and shitpost that Chiaki is going to become a new Izuru
>That actually might be the fucking plot

Tengan doesn't necessarily has to be alive. The Monokuma in the screen was a recording so the email could have been programmed to be sent at a specific hour or after x round.

Even if he's not if would be a crime not to give Juzo his dick after everything he went through

No confirmation or denial, but I think it's likely that he wasn't gay, which is why we're in this situation.

So even across cultures we share memes. Really makes you think

>yfw gravel in the swimsuit

I agree, it isn't likely that she'll wake up, but don't despair! Remember, even if she fell into despair, even if she ended up dying, you should still be happy you met her!

>it was programmed to send after all the power was cut

>Hey Jin, see this girl who is currently under suspicion of having caused every single bad thing that happened to use in the last year?
>Lock her with the rest of the students

like hajime



>New message from Tengan
Are we even at the top of the lift hill for Kodaka's wild ride yet?

and his clone looks like this

If it turns out it's just Tengan explaining his motives via email I'll be so fucking pissed

There needs to be some crazy reveal. The killing game itself was so underwhelming

Nope. At least Sakura didn't help Junko. Juzo did it for a some faggotry reasons. And he actually tried to kill Naegi for muh munakata.

He's a good dog for sure. Probably the best one Munakata had ever owned. But a dog is still a dog for how intelligent it is.

>stop the attacker and you win the game!
>there was no attacker the whole time
I think this probably disqualifies Junko. While she loved to bend and break the rules, she'd never flat out lie about something like this. She was very clear about the objectives of the DR1 and 2 killing games, and she was telling the truth when she said there was a "traitor" amongst the DR2 cast.

>Literally everyone shits on Sato x Mahiru despite it being a mutual attraction
>This thread is full of people who wanted Munakata and Juzo to kiss despite Juzo being a huge asshole who let Junko go free and Munakata not actually being into Juzo
Jesus Christ, is Cred Forums full of faggots or fujis or what?

What was Munakata's NG code? It was shown on the floor, but it wasn't subbed.

AYY Jin and Munakata, Junko dindu nuffin wrong, she a good girl, she needed more money for dem programs

It's the way it's being played off in the anime.

Why is everyone just accepting it's Tengan? Mastermind could have just picked up Tengan's phone.

He couldn't open doors, it was stated through the anime quite a couple of times

>people are using my pasta
I'm so proud.

You're a bit late user.

The Spike Chunsoft PR guy is a bigger shitposter than people on this board

>At least Sakura didn't help Junko.
But she does by killing herself, Monokuma even says so.
Try to make up your own rules all you want, but Sakura surviving would have been THE best outcome for the FF.

Can't open doors. It was already revealed a few episodes back.

>Sato: Directly murdered Fuyuhiko's qt imouto
>Juzo: Directly murdered ???

>all shit goes down in the next episode
>Tengan final boss
>Izuru and remnants coming in for the assist
>Kirigiri is revived and saves Naegi at the last minute.

Ehhh... Guys

Why is Mukuro not on Naegi Alucinations?

>But the Kirigirifriends always give me HOPE when im here in these threads.

Oh yeah me too. Reading comments that she might not be dead so I keep on being a bit delusional. It makes it better, even if she is actually dead.

>Komaeda cucked by Nanami
>Juzo cucked by Chisa
>All of these people dead or in a coma
>Nobody wins and protags get together in remorse
Based Kodaka

>>I think this probably disqualifies Junko.
No, it's her. She was the one who made the brainwashing video, we -know- this from the opening which shows her in the knife.

She and Nagito has the biggest chances.More so Nagito but, her good as well. I won't give in!

Is this guy Delta?

>The previous episode had an entire scene dedicated to it

fuck I'm stupid and forgetful. Thanks guys


Shit, boys! We've already got an SHSL Detective on the case to replace Kirigiri.

>stop the attacker and you win the game!
And our boy Juzo stopped all the monitors.
The attacker wasn't a person, it was several objects.

>Old man who appeard in Naegi's worst day ever, giving a speech about luck and hope and later kicking ass with martial arts techniques
>Had some project besides the Kamukura project that he didn't want to waste
>Possibly one of the higher-ups who admitted Junko into HPA in an unorthodox way
>Personally scouted the real Mitarai into the FF (without Kizakura, unlike class 78 survivors) even though only a handful of people knew about his existence
>Has suddenly become incredibly relevant again even though we only have one more week to go
The door of Guf has been opened...

How did you not guess Tengan as the mastermind when only he or Munakata could have set up the game under the FF building and Tengan mysteriously knew who the attacker was?

Because Tengan is the only one who could have installed the monitors. There are very few possible masterminds left (almost all of which require a fake death) and Tengan is surprisingly the least retarded option.

because mukuro wasn't an innocent character

>Tengan is the final boss

that feels really out of the left field and sudden even for Kodaka

Same reason why Junko isn't there.

I doubt the old man is a despairfag

I also don't understand why Juzo kept it a secret, what the fuck
Also why was Juzo mad at them for escaping Junko's shitty game in high school?

Fucking F



DR1 cast never got their memories back.
They only knew her as a killer/the 16th student/mastermind red herring
He doesn't feel guilty about her death because she was despair.

Which one?

Tengan makes the most sense given all the context. Junko got away with all that bullshit and infiltrated FF because Tengan was playing everyone all along.

He was in love with Chisa

>caring about despair


I was mainly hoping because it was such a flaccid end for the character. She deserved better.

Tengan could be the mastermind, but he still needed someone else to activate the bracelets whenever a NG Code was broken. You can't automatize most of them.

She wasn't a victim

Because homosexuals in Japanese things tend to be characters with unordinary sexual orientation. Manga has a really good track record of (non-trap) trannies being pretty fleshed out characters.

That is a heterosexual character. They made her gay in the US release. She isn't a good character in any case.

But they did, it's explicitly stated they got their memories back by Future Foundation

If Tengan is an accomplice then fair enough, but if next episode we get a bunch of exposition about how Tengan is the mastermind who maniuilated literally everyone from the start then thats not enough.

>>DR1 cast never got their memories back.

the ending will not be satisfying will it?

>DR1 cast never got their memories back.
This is wrong.

>that feels really out of the left field and sudden even for Kodaka
Exactly. Kodaka will not pull out a brank new villain for just 1 episode, especially when its the finale of Hope's Peak.


Naegi saw Mukuro as Junko's accomplice.

Why did Chisa end up so irrelevant?

Eat shit /u/

Kirijunko or a bust

>Why didn't she just tell him
Maybe it's cause he would have no reason to trust her or believe her? Because she'd rather tell Naegi than Juzo who could even accuse her of being the mastermind because of figuring it out (not the first time)? Because it's more reasonable to tell your friends the case rather than risk it all on something that looks like an obvious trap?

Again, it may look dumb in hindsight but then and there it obviously looked like a trap and there was no reason to risk it. You do realize if it turned out to be a trap you wouldn't be spouting this shit, right?

At least TRY to think about these things, user.

Just face it that it's Juzo's fault Kirigiri didn't stop the game faster. He already disrupted her by beating them up. This is fact. If he just chilled out or not even started this whole nonsense, it would have gone much smoother.

If you want to move the goalpost to "just do it later when Juzo is unstable and could be set off," then go ahead. Believe what you want.

Huh. When was that? Don't remember that at all.

If Kirigiri had simply gone through the Monokuma Door and fucked with the switches, she would still be alive.

It's either Tengan is related to Junko somehow or he was Original Izuru ALL ALONG. That way Kodaka can claim he planned it all along

yo this shit is hella gay
still sad tho


You know it, my friend! I hope you don't mind me using it till the very end of what reminds in this long ride! It's an honor for me to see a pasta that was made in the past tense better than I could've possibly done.

How do you know that? What if Naegi got killed instead because Sakura didn't?

And by helping I mean choosing to do so. Which Juzo did because he couldn't admit he was a faggot.

Who did you think it was?

No matter who it is the next episode will be not enough to explain everything.

Ohhh boy,we are all gonna suffer.
When the ending comes i look forward to Kirigirifriends,Juzofriends,Chiakifriends and the others despairing together.

We are all in the same sufferboat friends.

It doesn't really matter because IF is non-canon now. Mukuro literally only cares for Junko, she never cared about Naegi at all

Did Junko really threaten Juzo that she'd reveal the fact he was looking at his best friend's photo?

I'm not anti-yuri, but Sato and Mahiru was just underwhelming and boring.
Juzo got a really good development. although I agree he deserves a better husbando than Munakata

>Also why was Juzo mad at them for escaping Junko's shitty game in high school?

Because them beating Junko makes him feel shitty about his own pathetic existence since he wasn't able to.

Yeah, and that doesn't negate him not being able to like Juzo. I still think he's not gay though, otherwise Juzo wouldn't have been so afraid of revealing himself.

>mfw can't decide on which Chiaki to have as my waifu
They're both great, i enjoy IRL Chiaki because she feels more real and more like an actual person than AI chaki, but the game version was too god damn cute and perfect that it just makes it very hard to pick one.

Its obviously Junko again. She's impersonating herself as Tengen and giving Mitarai orders from the phone.

It bothers me there are so many anons (like ) that think the powercut made the bracelets drop when it was the time limit + no one dies = beating the game. Why so many speedwatchers?

I dunno -- Chisa, Mitarai, Junko again. Even the retarded KiriJunko theory had more foreshadowing.

Junko is dead and gone, she's not related.
We'll find out that he was using Junko for his own purposes all along.

You could explain it by saying Naegi remembers her as a huge bitch after his experiences during the killing game, but in reality, they probably didnt even consider putting her there.


>what they didn't show was juzo's furious masturbation session after that


>cucked by Chisa for his husbando
>cucked by Naegi for his victory against Junko

Ultimate Boxer? More like Ultimate Cuck.

are subs out?

Tengan actually synthetically created Junko. He also has many more copies of Junko, so he can create Junkoland.

>"I like cute girls"
>not gay

Her literal only character trait in either version is that she is attracted to women. The only change they made in the US version was making some of her S-rank dialogue less romantic in tone.

Cred Forums is fucking terrible at actually watching anime, if these threads didn't clue you in.

Blame Juzo.

they have been out for 5 hours now, user.

Of course. The real question is, how did she come back?

Was it via possessing Chiakizuru?


To be fair it is really confusing considering it happens at the exact moment Juzo flips the last power switch,


Juzo Status: Controlled. And dead.

>Junko was a nice child dindu nuffin
>Tengan DESPAIRED her and gave her Analyst talent
Watch it happen


There is no way Tengan is the Mastermind.
This is probably same troll shit as Monaca

That's not gonna happen, I've seen enough interviews of Kodaka to know that he doesn't like those kind of twists.

He has prosopagnosia too I bet

way to cherry pick
people were practically eating up komaru/fukawa

you know, because it's a popular pairing compared to irrelevant murderer and boring freckle lady

Viva Kyoko's body of course

I'd still spout shit like that if it were a trap. She'd still be able to investigate it if it were a trap. Remember that each trap has pathways to what's going on, so if Juzo got caught up in a trap she would've still been able to pull it off.

Juzo was fine after the explanation and seeing Kizakura died. I'm just thinking it's retarded to put Kirigiri's death on Juzo like half the idiots in here proclaim it is. If anyone's to blame for her death it's Ruruka.

I hope. Then she gets deleted from Chiaki by some bullshit

Worst hope girl, worst despair girl.

Someone didn't read Zero

Don't do this to me.

The message isn't from Tengan. He's already dead. It's coming from the person that he's been taking orders from.

>A person with talent cannot possess talent itself
>lol jk Chiaki is now another Izuru

Almost as bad as the 'Junko played on their fears and doubts to make them Ultimate Despair' meme.

She doesn't even have any romantic supports with women. She is 100% yuribait and heterosexual. I'm sorry that's difficult for you to accept.

> The only change they made in the US version was making some of her S-rank dialogue less romantic in tone.
You mean non-romantic.


Kodaka also claimed he wouldn't kill any of the DR1 survivors and look where that ended up

At this rate I think "it was all an anime" shit would have been better. Brainwashing anime is actually 100% worse

I admit it, Cred Forums. I didn't like Juzo at first. But now I realize I have been wrong.

I hope it's not too late to join the boys.

(You) are the worst.

>He also has many more copies of Junko
How much of a shitstorm will there be if this happens:
>Junko still alive via a clone
>she dindu nuthing because she was mindhacked
>they undo her mindhacking and she gets a happy ending while all of her victims rot in hell

Reporting in, brother!

Our boy may be gone, but he went as a hero and everyone's savior!
We are his legacy, brothers so we shall carry on, no matter what. Remember that!

It was greatly done, brother. Thank you!

the dude definitely jerked it after that
they just cant show it cause TV

Also gave Hajime shitty advice.

>Juzo literally couldn't be stopped
>ended the killing game
>mfw meme magic became real

Because despite your shitty headcanons and alternate universes, Naegi never cared about Mukuro and he never will, good riddance, Mukuro was nothing else but a monster.

The red blood vs pink blood thing has yet to be explained so who knows, you may get both

>m sorry that's difficult for you to accept.

She's an utterly terrible character. And also an example of why japanese suck at writing gay characters since that's literally all there is to her character.

Does Sonia have nice thighs?



Now just wait for Munakata kills himself and the world would be at peace.

>For the first time in the series, Juzo doesn't fuck something up worse than when he found it
>He's some kind of meme hero as a result
I don't get it.

Yeah because that's non-canon too. As proven by the Despair arc

Goddamn. F

Fuck off and go read Zero, secondary

Kirigirifriend here,can i join the Juzoboys.
I hated him until like an hour ago and now i realize i was wrong.


Right back to you faggot /y/.

who do i become a juzo bro?

Have you not been reading? Can you even?

No one is saying it's his fault she died. I never said that. I'm saying it's his fault she didn't get to the monitors faster which, sure, would've prevented her death, but it wasn't all his fault as there was no intent to kill her. It's Chisa's or the mastermind's fault. This is common sense.

Why would you even assume that when no one has said it? Are you THAT insecure? My god, grow a pair.

We actually know why

You seem to forget that all the bracelets are off so NG codes don't matter

Top kek

>Non canon

Are you fags for real? It didn't retcon anything


>literally told nobody about Junko scared because people would find out he's gay.
>muh jealous of Naegi for "beating" Junko.

Why be jealous? Junko was happy she lost.

Two theories

Junko didn't die at the end of DR1. She escaped through a secret underground passage. There were lots of them as shown in DR3.

There was another copy of AI Junko that's shown at the end of UDG. Both Shiro and Kurokama had the Junko AI chip. Only one was destroyed with Neo Program's deletion.

No but the previous threads have said so I just assumed it was the same shit again.

>implying it matters when Naegi lost his memories of school

Did he, though? His advice sounds fine taken out of context but I think the idea is that he worded it in a way that would make Hinata do the opposite thing since he is insecure about "normalcy".

Yes, I'm sure you're a master detective, as well.

>No intent to kill her
Are we just ignoring the kicking, the chairs, the knife and the spear because Juzo got distracted by a door?

I can't even imagine how upset doubters are now.
>"Fuck I hate this guy so much he's styling all over my self insert, so he's styling on me by proxy"
>"Haha!!! He's gay! And stabbed by his best friend!! Juzoboys should die out now"
I know it's been 2 and a half months, but hold on a little longer, your suffering at the hands of the GOD will end soon.

Are you saying his motives are complex?


It's not.

>meme answer is winning
Nice to see some things are universal.

But just think! Hajime was potent enough without a single talent. Imagine how much greater Izuru 2.0 could be if it was someone who was aware of talent?

He got them back after the game ended.

That's exactly how Trump got his support.

Hey even if I didn't poke my head into the "Automatically win the game" room, I would still at least chop off my hand instead of killing myself

How are they going to wrap this shit up in one 24 minute episode

Built for the Ultimate Breeder

Naegi got them back. Some of them, at least. Go play DR2.

Jealous because every day after that he probably fantasized about how he'd eventually kill her and Kyosuke would jump into his arms.

Juzofags blowing things out of proportion.

They're ignoring the fact that he and Munakata was the one who caused all of this anyways.

She's average for a Dangan girl.

Which is still pretty good overall but there are better girls when it comes to thighs in this series.


He did. He knew Hajime hated being a nobody.

Junko in Chiakizuru's body

Gets BTFO by manlet and Hajimeme

Happy ending

Or we have Tengan explain that his motives were complex and that 15 years into the future a girl named "Kaede Akamatsu" will destroy the world

My brother


I made a thing

>implying Gamer is a talent.

Come on now.

Well, he had no intent to kill her through her NG code. But, you know, the rest is fair game.

What the hell is this Chiakizuru theory?

> because people would find out he's gay.
Because he was afraid of being rejected by Munakata

Nah, if they went with Naegi's strategy first people would have been getting slaughtered anyway and shit still would have played out in a way that got everyone at each other's throats.
>Tie up one guy
>Someone by a monitor kills themselves
>Rinse repeat until Munakata goes nuclear

Zero hasn't happened yet, time-wise it should be really soon though.

When he's not despair hypnotised I'm enjoying our new Naegi.


Who said anything about NG code?
I mean Munakata should just kill himself regretting for killing his homo boxer. That would make DR3 a perfect ending.

>someone saved my OC
OH BOY HERE WE FUCKING GO! Enjoy next Monday, lads.

He caused a majority of shit to go down though.

Juzofags just sucking too much dick. He's done so many stupid things.
What did turning the power off do? The game already ended.

Hoping Despair 12 is actually Future 13


The same as Kirijunko theory.

Kirijunko Ofcourse

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If it really is Chiakizuru, she was probably created with the purpose of taking on Hajizuru. Given that, for obvious reasons, nobody in the Reserve Course would be an option, they can only rely on the incapacitated Chiaki for that.

A shame it took the death of his waifu before he finally did something, though.

Reminder that there's no hope.

Tengan took Chiaki's body from the battlefield and turned her into the Cyborg Ninja.


We need a thigh tier list

>Suddenly only Juzo has the power of free will.

>Junko was happy she lost.
People seem to forget this. Even when she lost, she won. She lost her shit in DR2 because an ending path opened up that she couldnt control.

>can't access pomf.cat for some reason
Uh, okay.

That is accurate. The fact that Juzo is gay is secondary to the fact that he didn't want to ruin his friendship with Munakata by letting him know he had feelings for him. It would have been the exact same situation if Juzo were a girl. Juzo knows there's no stopping Munakata and Chisa's relationship.

However that fact doesn't make Juzo's complete idiocy any better.

A really retarded theory.

You made your point the first time, my ESL friend. Once is enough.

I know this is going to sound pretty weird, but does anyone else find Despair Naegi really hot?

I can't believe it's not real Mondo.

So let me summarise this niggerloonietoon episode

The fucking monitor theory was true, Juzo although gay, is the best fucking bro in DR, Tengan is the mastermind this isn't what made me open my mouth, it was when Ryouta got a message from him I went what the fuck and Munakata has finally de-edged himself.


Kirigiri's alive

they never showed her suicide in the montage.

That was Naegi withiut Kirigiri andMonoca thinking doe

Nice filename, my man.

The bracelets are set off by the monitors - with the power cut, there's not way of telling if someone died. Also the noise that played wasn't the time limit music

Wait, which doujin?

Technically Peko is still breathing, so there is a chance that she and Fuyuhiko will have a bunch of baby gangstas. Even if Peko isn't conscious to see it.

Some waifufags can't let go.

>tfw the next Despair episode absolutely has to focus on the mastermind and we won't get to see the remnants attach Junko's body parts to themselves and fuck her corpse
Why did DR3 have to be filled to the brim with filler?

Even as a straight man, regular Naegi is legit good looking in a suit. Gives off proper leader vibes.

>Junko takes all the executions in the first game in a row and only dies at the very end
>Chiaki gets stabbed multiple times but keeps pushing forward until the end and even then she still talks to Izuru
>Juzo gets stabbed by a super fire sword cuts off his own hand but still saves Naegi and stops the killing game

Are these the most tanky characters in danganronpa? They make the ultimate solider look like a complete weak fuck for dying so quickly.

Reusing AI Junko like that would just make me roll my eyes. Having her hijack real Chiaki's body would, at least, be an interesting new way to apply the character.

I wouldn't be surprised if Junko just plain survived myself, but in that case, who do you think the remnants carved up? Chiaki? Mukuro? Sayaka?

Well played user. This made me laugh hard.

>Kill the girl he was crushing on
>He becomes Ultimate Hope
>Kill the girl he loved
>Becomes cool
How do we escalate further?

She didnt suicide though.
The hell you on about user?

>What did turning the power off do?
There could still be more MINDHACKS after the game ends, he prevented that.

user, you've got that wrong.

Poison injections don't count as killing yourself.

Because the suice ones were the ones who died by the "attacker". The ones dying from the NG code is different

>we won't get to see the remnants attach Junko's body parts to themselves and fuck her corpse

probably because that's just head canon that's been parroted so many times people take it as fact

I'm going to laugh if Junkiri is canon. That would be Aizen levels of troll right there.

>Idiots who don't actually pay attention to the fucking plot details insist that it's mindhacking
>Point out how it actually isn't
>Y-You like a hack!
Shut the fuck up and never come back.

F best boy

Are you into mind break user?

Tengan is creating another Izuru. Izuru obviously saved Chiaki and made improvements on it to try and get her to awake but she didnt. Tengan found it and added shit to it.

Since Juzo survived, it's easily explainable that Chiaki survived and got med care from Izuru.

Also, what other reason would these guys leave the island if Chisa is dead for good now?

Where are my fellow Top OC anons? People who've made less than 5 OC do not apply.

This one was underappreciated, I liked it user.

So only two episodes left? One of each series?

>Juzo is the best fucking bro in DR
No he's not. He let a massmurder go free because he might have gotten his feelings hurt. He actively contributed to the death of his "bro's" girlfriend, and his noble sacrifice was completely pointless.

Killing the mother of his children(Aoi) would turn him into a man, finally?

It's never too late.

Posting the proper format.
Far left, rival. Far right, love interest. Bottom, all other contestants in your game.




>UDG Toko/Genocider




N/A Tier
>DR1 Toko/Genocider

Cause Naegi can only be cool because of his waifus. He can't stand on his own as a character.

Tengan is not necessarily the mastermind but an accomplice to the mastermind.

The message at the end of the episode is the real mastermind.

Knowing Danganronpa, it's gonna be Junko.


Hypnosis is hot

Nigger u ok? Being a bro does not include those things you said. Do you not have a bro, anonigga? i dont ;_;

>He actively contributed to the death of his "bro's" girlfriend
Chisa was already filled with the Big Black Despair though, at least put events on a timeline before you try to shove your opinion anywhere retard, it hurts my brain when stupid people inject their opinions into places I can read.


>actively contributed
I don't think you know what active means.
Plus Chisa was brainwashed before Juzo got btfo by Junko so no, actually, he didn't contribute at all.

>head canon
It was literally stated in game
They literally showed you Komaeda with Junko's hand
They literally said one of them fucked Junko's corpse

I told you he wasn't the bad guy.

There's no method. Just be keep hope and be strong.

You know she was a huge cunt and a bitch, but her earnest attempt to live and stop the MINDHACC by slashing herself, drowning in her candy, still dying and no one ever finding her corpse and giving no shits about it is kinda sad

Show me.

Nah, even if he revealed that to Munakata, Junko would probably have a Plan-B and still manage to escape from Munakata.

8888's and Kirigiri is alive

Reminder that all Naegi has done this entire season is deedge persona by crying about waifus.

I blame the Despair girls episode, i loved that game, but that was filler to the fucking max

If he hadn't "actively" told Munakata that Junko was innocent, the Tragedy could have been avoided and the Final Killing Game would never have happened.

Pretty close.

>girl is literally using mind control to wreak havoc among the most prestigious high school in the world
>don't do anything since you don't want to come out of the closet


D-double dubs, t-thats good enough


Let's just average these out and assume she lives.

He wasn't bad from the start. Just a little bit retarded and gay.

Congratulations to the six people who called a mystery survivor biting the dust!

But he's based! Really! He finally did something and saved a full four people!

>Naegi is Kirigiri's hope
>Always shown to be the rock
>Never loses his way
>She died with full faith in him
>...that was totally misplaced, because it's only due to luck and our boy that he's still standing

I'm honestly a bit depressed. He just straight let Kyouko down and failed at one of his only good character traits.


Thats...thats a good point.
Im a little mad now

He doesn't even deserve these many waifus DESU

I can agree with this

Amazing how he went from probably the least liked of the cast to one of the top.


>His noble sacrifice was completely pointless
They won the game because he cut his hand, m8

The show was fucking terrible, that's what. The only enjoyment is memes.


Present and proud. CHISA IS LOVE. CHISA IS LIFE.


This scene was scary as fuck but his laughter and screams got me going

Let's be honest as cliche as him fighting brainwashing with his HOPE it would have been alright.

Why do you think he was actually trying to kill himself? He let her down by watching the despair anime and he couldn't live with that.

>Not wanting to suck the sweat off Saionji's upper thighs after her private dance on you

What are you, a fucking faggot?

You can have the hand, but not quite fucking the corpse. Some have speculated removing eggs, uterus, or just cloning.

It could well be, but assumptions tend to bite you in the ass on mysteries.

>next Despair episode is a Jabberwock episode with some plot important flashbacks.

>They literally said one of them fucked Junko's corpse
That was a mistranslation. The original was more like they transplanted her womb.

>What did turning the power off do? The game already ended.
Juzo is too played up by Juzofags, but we have no way of being sure the game ended. We were already lied to about the broadcasting of the game, as well as given a lie of omission about the number of killers. We can't be sure that the game would have ended as initially stated.

You're welcome for that one, my friend! I'm glad you liked it.


Literally one minute in google

Someone needs to add this to the DanganronpAAAAAAA compilation


Him falling to the brainwashing is logical. But did the one logical thing in this anime have to be the one that hurts my view of the main character?


2 Naegi might be an overkill

The original said someone even wanted to have offsprings of despair. So It can be interpreted either way.

She might have been eating it out of guilt. She lost a friend due to her being a cunt about Seiko not eating her candies, and she killed her boyfriend with her candies as well, all because she had huge trust issues.

The MINDHACK could have amped this guilt up to a point where she tries to eat a bunch if ger own candies before finally offing herself with the dagger.

There's already 2 Hajimes

Kirigiri let herself down by not ending the game when the finish line was in plain sight. Naegi at least snapped out of it, unlike any other person who went through the brainwashing, even if it was with help.

>even if it was with help.
Doesn't make Naegi look very good.

I suppose you could chalk it up to his SHSL Luck...
Wait, you actually could do that. That's intentional. Fucking Kodaka


Oh god, it would be hilarious if she abused her sister's corpse one more time.

Yep, it is intentional. Him snapping out of it makes him look a lot better than everyone else. As luck's an acknowledged talent in the DRverse you can't really take that away from him.

>fenrir tatoo is on Mukuro's right hand
>Komaeda only has Junko's left
Oh man, I can see it.

This is literally the line of thought involved with creating Komaeda.

Crazy, sexy Naegi.

>Him snapping out of it makes him look a lot better than everyone else
No, because he needed someone else to do it. Meaning he'd have killed himself on his own. He lost to despair.

All the luck means is that he lived.

>No, because he needed someone else to do it.
That's why it's luck. Juzo's appearance is him getting lucky, and since it is his main talent (even if it works in a quirky way), you cannot take that away from him.

Plus, remember - SHSL Hope is his unofficial title, not his official one. There's no reason for him to be any more immune to the videos than anyone else.

I knew Tengan was fishy.
He was the one I picked on the original poll for the Mastermind after episode 1. It appears I wasn't wrong.
Though it seems less and less likely there was only one Mastermind.

>SHSL Hope is his unofficial title, not his official one
That's not it. I just liked his optimism. He's the guy who never lost his shit. This hurts because I liked the manlet. You'd have a point if he went in full Komaeda, expecting his luck to save him.

It just feels wrong to me.

DR2 stated that someone with a talent could never become the Ultimate Bullshit.

Though I guess that was Junko talking out of her ass anyway.

To be fair, absolutely everything there was filtered through a lens of both Junko and Chisa.

I believe in based Weedman.
The second I saw this scene my first reaction was "Huh, so Kodaka wants to reveal his hand this early? Alright then".
Weedman can't be wrong.

Well, he could have just lied to her and then told him over the phone, or something.
Unless she figures it out by his reaction, but then again, not much you can do against that. In any case, his motives were different, so it doesn't matter.

Hope, but only if it's AI.

Dunno, I would still vote for Kirigiri.
She might not have done much during the series, but just for her death scene. It must have taken balls to go through with it.
I wonder why she was so freaking tight-lipped about everything, though.

It was, but Munakata and Juzo sure did their best to fix that.
The entire game was literally them running around after people with kicks/swords and trying to get a hit in.
They seem to not get that Danganronpa is a mystery genre, not a battle royale.

This killed my sides. He sounds so pissed in the dub.

I would honestly accept it just for the parallel with Class 77.
If they aren't guilty, then why would she be, were she really mindhacked?

Yeah, I always thought it was intentional pottery too.
The main characters kill her in reality and are famous, but they never went out of her calculations.
The "supporting cast" kill her in a game nobody knows about, but she actually loses her shit in this one, and in the end everyone presses the button by themselves instead of having to be convinced by the protagonist.

I hope they show DR2 cast in the last episode. They should be present at the end of it all too.