GAINAX now making Gunbuster Part 3

Holy moly, Gainax, please, give it a rest. Diebuster was bad enough.

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Gunbuster was bad enough

Nig you crazy. Gunbuster aims for the top and hits it out of the park. Diebuster is Reddit shit in comparison.

Gunbuster is pretty bad outside of the select Gunbuster scenes that happen to feature the eponymous robot. But people like to write it off as good because of the good ol' bandwagon.
But don't get me wrong. Diebuster was also shit and didn't have many scenes comparable in quality to Gunbuster's.

Nigga what

The director said they are getting ready to pitch the idea to their sponsors. Its that they think its so good that they are sure they will give it a green light.

What really pisses me off is that they also said if TRIGGER went to them saying they want to make PSG S2, they will have no problems with it.

Now I regained hope for something that will never happen.

Fuck this shit.

People at both Trigger and Gainax have been making comments alluding to something like that for a while now (PSG s2).

Holy shit

About time .

I kinda want to Inazami kick gainax in the balls for how lame diebuster was. Without any of the people, or the commitment to ultra-detailed animation, what could another -buster give us?

>Diebuster 2.0

>Diebuster was bad

Nah, Gunbuster is good because Gunbuster is good.

>Without any of the people, or the commitment to ultra-detailed animation, what could another -buster give us?
Hopefully something as different from Diebuster as it was from Gunbuster.

>Holy moly, Gainax, please, give it a rest.
Why? Just don't watch it if you don't want to.

That being said I have absolutely no hopes for whatever this new thing is even being good. Who the fuck even still works at Gainax?

>FLCL season 2 and 3
>Gunbuster 3

tomato farmers

FLCL 2 is supposedly being helmed by the same director as FLCL 1 and Diebuster, Tsurumaki, so that gives me some hope it wont be terrible. Easily the best Gainax director when he isn't being led around by Anno with a chain. His anime expo short was a lot of fun.

Jesus christg why

Diebuster was very good.


>just recently watched FLCL
can they even pull that off again

>season 2 and 3
wait, they want to do a part 3 too?!?

can't these fucks come up with a new idea?


Its like humanity lost its imagination for something new and are rehashing old themes.

>lightning and rainbows in space

I enjoyed both gunbuster and diebuster.

I'm looking forward to this.

>Diebuster was bad meme
Not this shit again. It was good, Gunbuster was just better.

IIRC it's not really lightning, but a weaponized physical canceler used on the Buster Machine, breaking down physical laws. It beat back the bullshit space monsters which did all sorts of crazy shit.

Diebuster was way better than Gunbuster. Gunbuster was boring as fuck until episode 4.

>Diebuster was bad enough.
Fuck you.

tfw no qt robot gf

>post tfw it is all tying in to Anno's 3.0 + 1.0 master plan

>Diebuster was bad

I loved every moment of Diebuster up until right before Nono was revealed as Buster Machine 7. Then it fizzled out.

for reference

>all these Diebuster defenders

Jeez, did you watch it before Gunbuster? Gunbuster is pure entertainment, but it has two major things over the sequel:
>insane attention to detail in the animation
>an emotional core to its story/character interaction

Diebuster has neither. The designs look lame, you are constantly jarred by "lol-so-wacky" spastic Japanese humor, and it looks 1/10th as good as Gunbuster. The original feels special, something unique - whereas the sequel feels generic, especially against something somewhat visually-similar like FLCL.

diebuster > gunbuster

>FLCL 2 is supposedly being helmed by the same director as FLCL 1 and Diebuster, Tsurumaki,
It's being directed by someone else. Tsurumaki is a supervisor.

I have no hope.

>>an emotional core to its story/character interaction

gunbuster is corny af

bloo bloo noriko crying over S-SUMISUUUUUU who she only knew for like a week and had no personality or character development at all

fucking jung freud the bizarre pointless character who constantly flip flopped from antagonist to sidekick depending on what was needed

>The original feels special, something unique

Yes, uniquely bad like something out of a university anime club.

Gunbuster is so overrated. I honestly don't know how anyone can view it and think of it as anything but boring and cookie-cuter. Diebuster is a million times better.

I preferred Diebuster's aesthetic to Gunbuster. Early CG aside.

Speaking of retro revivals, what happening with LOGH? Isn't that shit coming out next year?

I don't deny it's corny; I called it "pure entertainment" (or popcorn entertainment) for that reason. But it constantly raises the stakes for the characters so that the silly "skinny dip in space" stuff at the beginning is almost completely forgotten except as a memory of happier times. I agree that Freud is a spaz except in the climax where her relationship with the others gets a touching denouement.

And you can't deny that the episode focusing around Smith's short time with Noriko is handled superbly. They get to know each other they go out to fight, and then all of the sudden, he's gone. No BAKANAs, no IYAAs, no explosions - first she sees/hears him, then total silence, which makes it all the more disturbing and impactful.

The whole sequence, like some of the best moments in Gunbuster, is handled with subtlety. People remember the flashy parts the most, but it's the way that everything is handled with care that makes Gunbuster a classic.

Diebuster, by comparison, has no subtlety. It is all flash and ugly neon colors (plus bad CG), but it doesn't have any soul. Just loud noises.

Which is why all these people defending it... like, if you just like something loud and obnoxious, that's ok I guess. But Gunbuster has the loud parts done 1,000,000x better - and a better arc for its characters too. It's OVA creativity at its best.

Why Diebuster is better in one minute.

Totally different staff and Gainax is not the old nerg powerhouse that piowed though everything with hardwork and guts

also the pillows best songs have already been used in FLCL, not kiding, go download their discography, they do have great songs, but FLCL OST might as well been called The Pillows: The best of
In no way they will be able to recapture the same feeling, that said, if you are not a sperg that hates diebuster for bing different, it will probably pull the same trick, being so fucking different and its own thing that half the fanbase will hate it

It was a lens flare asshat
and voltaic arcs like lightning can happen in space too

How can they justify making the same ending a 3rd time? I only liked it in diebuster because I didn't know it was coming.

My nigger. At least someone else understands.
The problem with Gunbuster is that it's a collection of cool ideas stuck in an OVA. Its strength is also its weakness. You can imagine the writers and Anno coming up with things they'd love to see in a story and adding it.

Wouldn't it be cool if the main character got PTSD after befriending someone and seeing them die? Cool but then it never affects her.
Or how about how after everyone has given up, Coachy while he's on the verge of dying, opens the door and says the one thing no one has thought of that will save everyone! But it's just Gunbuster.

The problem with Gunbuster is that it lacks emotional impact and you don't care about the world itself to implement its ideas. The only good idea is the time lapse episode where you see how everyone has moved on. It's melancholic and serves as a resolve before going back to space.

Freud Skinner Jung is wasted and a boring character. The Jiggle boobs doesn't matter. It really seems that the only reason people love Gunbuster is for historical influential reasons that it was directed by Anno and you can look at it as some influences relating to Eva.

>Diebuster was bad enough

>It really seems that the only reason people love Gunbuster is for historical influential reasons
Or, you know, because it's visually gorgeous.

Meh, I don't care how gorgeous something looks.

Watched both in order as I chronologically marathoned everything gainax made 4 years ago

Both are good, Gun has its good and bad parts, so does diebuster
what really comes though watching them along with the rest of gainax works is how the studio evolved and learned to not make the same rookie mistakes they did in the past
The biggest problem with Gun is that Anno and gainax had way too much time to think about it, it clearly shows they were toying with its idea for ages before were able to put anything on paper and as a result the world is way too detailed to be fleshed out in the limited run time they have plus all the real world science they wanted to incorporate, so the first part of Gun is slow and takes too long to get going, it was clearly eddited down though, as Gun even has extra material that explains all the stuff they couldnt fit or animate in a way they liked it

Die along with other projects from the same era have almos the same level of detail in their worlds but they dont let the pacing slow down because of it

This is just a studio getting better as it ages, I still prefer the cool nerdy stuff from Gun, but Die is not as bad as people make it out

This, honestly one of the best things about the "series" is how different they each are, and how they reflect on their era and creators. I get having preferences but oldfags shitting on Diebuster is NOT OK.

Reminder that Gunbuster is a shameless otaku cash grab that was made solely for Gainax to recoup their losses from Honneamise.
Mecha fans were not watching this. Just moe waifufags.


literally everyone knows this

Since all the talentless hacks left Gainax, maybe this one will be good.


The youthful energy behind Gun makes it special in many ways. It's brimming with creativity in every episode (silly things like robot gym, and the great ep1 catfight between the school girls in mechs).

It's a minor thing, but I loved the confidence of one of the later previews that said "we haven't animated anything yet, but this is what we're planning!" That some real "hot-blooded youth" shit right there. Hard work and guts. You can tell that everyone on board considered Gunbuster a real passion project.

it is overflowing with passion, yes, no one is saying its not
But as much youth is full of energy, is also prone to make silly mistakes and not realizing

Die is a better realized piece of media, Gun is a more passionate project
Both are good

I know I shouldn't be excited but I am anyway!

Other shows can be as bad as you expect or surprisingly decent, but at least here is a show that you can have real expectations on.

I found Die to be much better on rewatch, it's all far more complex than it lets on. Both of them are absolutely brimming with ideas, both tackle the same themes but from different angles.

In Gunbuster, humanity is powering through an impossible threat with hard work and guts, hoping for a better future, which Noriko learns and begins to do herself.

In Diebuster, it's Nono that's powering through everything with hard work and guts, but humanity is the one in need of relearning their youthful energy, powering through obstacles, and rekindling their hope in face of odds (represented by the Topless, who once wielding unimaginable power, lose it and despair). Which they do at the end with prodding from, and looking to Nono.

>because I didn't know it was coming.
How? I hear that a lot, but by the millionth time Nono talks about Nono-riri if you're paying any attention you already figured out that she is talking about Noriko, and since it's a sequel the only way the setting makes sense is if it is in the far future, so by the time it happens it's obvious that it's coming. Which doesn't mean it's bad, it was emotional enough even though it was predictable.

>The problem with Gunbuster is that it lacks emotional impact and you don't care about the world itself to implement its ideas.
That is the whole point of the slower first 4 episodes though, at least to me. They make you care enough about the world and grow some attachment to it so that the last 2 episodes have more of an impact. If you found those episodes boring though, I can see why someone would think that.

Half of me thinks it's gonna be shit, half of me wants it to be good... come on Gainax, show us you're not dead yet!

Pleiades was alright. It's high points managed to scratch that Gainax itch for a bit. Really sweet show overall.

Haven't watched it yet, I guess I should especially with this announcement and everything.

Just because I knew it was noriko didn't mean I knew they'd be there to light up the words.

If other people thought having an ending like that was surprising then it must not have been that predictable.

Reminder that Diebuster is not canon to Gunbuster but is in fact an AU spinoff

Explain the cape waving then motherfucker

Hard work and guts nigger

I love how Gunbuster goes to great lengths to explain its universe through reams of pseudo-scientific text (and real-life...? science lessons after each episode!) and can occasionally just throw all that shit out the window because a robot with a giant cape is FUCKING COOL.

Rule of cool

space wind

Diebuster and all of the retarded GAR shit that Trigger parrots is bad, and you should feel bad for liking it.

theres no way that current Gainax can do justice for this sequel

Gunbuster barely has a working emotional core. It's a bunch of interesting sci fi nerd concepts with some beautiful art. Diebuster actually wants to be a story with (exaggerated) human emotions and relationships.

The only bad show that they have made since was Medaka Box S2. Pleiades was amazing. People just don't like their new style, in the same way that people didn't like Diebuster as it was too different.


Stop revisiting series that reached an adequate conclusion, Gainax.

>Diebuster was bad enough.
Diebuster was good, and told an independent story while respecting the original (and tying in with it). Chances are that Aim for the Top 3 will just be a cash grab...

Gunbuster was good but by the time you started to care what was happening, it was the end of Episode 4. It still has the visuals and sci-fi going for it, but the 80s training montage style is just parody nowadays.

I don't see how Diebuster is any worse than it, I'd definitely say it holds your attention more than Gunbuster does for the first few episodes at least. The ending tied in well enough and I don't see why they should copy Gunbuster again just to satisfy nostalgiafags.



Not yet, wait a few thousand years.

Goynax, please, no.

Gaianx keeps in touch with Khara and Trigger and according to interviews with different members they are still pretty much the same studio, in fact Khara has made a lot of animation for both.

I have hope.

You're literally missing out on the entire advantage of the medium over books or music.

Trigger are the only studio that could make more PSG, given that it's creator, writer and director all work there.

Is it actually going to be by Gainax or another studio? Who actually even works at Gainax anymore, besides tomato farmers.

>People at both Trigger and Gainax have been making comments alluding to something like that for a while now (PSG s2).

Let's hope for a crossover parody

Don't care how bad it is if we get an OP as good as Groovin' Magic

I'd like a new series with completely new characters.

actually kill yourself

>Who actually even works at Gainax anymore

fuck off. Nono's animu was superb

People only care about or even know what Gunbuster is because it's Gainax. Otherwise it would just be another random 80s mecha OVA (of which there are much better ones than Gunbuster).


Yamaga had a trailer ready this past spring, but was told it was kind of shit. So he's starting from scratch and redoing it.

>they also said if TRIGGER went to them saying they want to make PSG S2, they will have no problems with it.
I want to believe.

There writing staff is still around, somewhat; C3-bu and Pleiades both had some of the Gainax crazy in it. They just lack competent directors now that they've moved over to other studios or split off.

I liked Gunbuster and Diebuster but for some reason I am not hyped for this.

We need Trigger to steal Tsurumaki. I don't want that guy to be tied to fucking eva forever.

Tsurumaki seems to be doing fine at Khara as evidenced by his Anime Expo short. He just needs to get out from being chained by Anno. He's supervisor for FLCL 2+ at least (heard an unsubstantiated rumor that he's taken over as director but we'll see), and is doing a full Dragon Dentist short so that's something.

Yeah, I absolutely loved the Anima Expo stuff he was involved in. It's just a shame that all these people at Khara who are probably capable of putting out amazing stuff are in with Eva for the long run, and if 4.0's delay shows anything it's lack of motivation to even finish that.

Gunbuster is overrated

The only good point of Nono's anime is Nono, though it's enough to make a good anime nonetheless.

Yesterday's thread was comfy. This one not

>there is no thread about Dragon Dentist anime being announced

I think Anno at this point considers Khara HIS studio, though they do appear to finally be branching out. I'll be glad once 4.0 comes out and they can finally move on to other things.

Yes, thank you. What Gunbuster needed was fleshing out the characters and world. The 6 episode OVAs is like one of those recap movies that has zero of the emotional impact of the show. Everything moves too fast, characterization and events are rushed. We never get any good reason for Noriko to be selected as a pilot other than nepotism for example.

It's an spectacle, but not a good story.

Gunbuster last episode is so fucking disapointing, no problem with the black and white but the static scenes were shit.

Diebuster is so much better.

Is Gainax the hollywood of anime? Just remaking old stuff and giving everything a sequel.

Gurren lagann was already a gender swapped gunbuster

Gainax is in zombie mode, right now.
Everyone important left, leaving the husk that is somehow still kicking.

c'mon dude; she trains her heart out in the first two eps, and kicks the shit out of that top-of-the-class girl at the end of ep1. Coachee knew she had guts.

It feels that way for the last -what- 15 years?

Robots doing push ups is just ridiculous.

Of course it's silly. But it also teaches the pilot coordination and getting to know the limits of the mech.

Considering I have not seen any type of training montage with mechs like that before or since, I can take it as a unique and funny way of showing off the training. I mean, didn't that make you laugh out loud when you saw it?

Why is Noriko's headband flapping if she's inside the robot?

this whole thread is playing with my heart

Alternatively: the AC system inside the Gunbuster (must get hot in there!).

>Not caring about how something looks in a visual medium

Better get those stick figures out.

More like a genderswapped Diebuster, really.

>Diebuster was bad enough.
Diebuster had great animation(Sadamoto's designs were adapted much better compared to Rebuilds) and OST at the very least.
Nono was cool too.

>Diebuster has no subtlety and Gunbuster does

Holy fuck these nostalgiafag apologists. The details in the relevant worldbuilding was done better in Gunbuster, but it had the subtlety of a brick with regards to character development.

Smith? Smith? Are you fucking kidding me? A development that was supposed to impact Noriko for the rest of the series felt like it wasn't even planned for at all and written up as the third episode was being produced. The major romantic love interest got a single introduction scene, then promptly died and we're supposed to believe Noriko was completely devastated for the rest of her career over it.

Jung was an antagonist in one scene and then just walks up as if they were old friends the literal next scene. Not even a mental monologue on how she might've misjudged the pair.

Don't even get me started on comparing the Onee-samas. Kazumi was a cardboard cutout with no distinguishing character traits, and then a tacked on romance with zero development with another cardboard cutout mentor character. (who also has no distinguishing character traits or personality)

In comparison, Diebuster had a story and message it wanted to convey, and all it's "flashy ugly neon colours" in the backgrounds were working towards the thematic it was trying to portray. The colourful childish designs of the topless base is consistent with the theme of childhood, as is the mecha designs or the scenes where we see the topless goof off and act like spoiled brats, because that's what they're supposed to be.

Lal'c and Nono's character developments happen in parallel, and they feed off of one another, one of them getting over their superiority complex and learning to be humble (Nono facilitates this with her earnest attitude) and the other having to confront dealing with adult responsibilities (Lal'c was an anchor for Nono to return to who always took on the responsibilities given to her).

> Noriko was completely devastated for the rest of her career over it

You seem to be forgetting hardly any time has passed for Noriko over the course of the entire anime.

A year at least while she knew smith for literally days.

You act like a year is a long time. In any case this romance you're alluding too isn't important. It's the fact that she allowed her fear to result in his death. She is just a high school age girl being tasked with putting her life on the line to fight aliens, so naturally she's terrified. She uses the event to draw courage from, it's what enables her character to grow and accomplish what she does later on in the series.

>we're supposed to believe Noriko was completely devastated for the rest of her career over it.

No, we're not. Anything about Smith is only episode 3 and 4. 5 and 6 have their own challenges for Noriko to overcome. Maybe she mentions him in one line.

Like, you are criticizing Gunbuster based off of something that doesn't even happen.

Kazumi was always shown as close to Coach, but it wasn't until later that it is revealed as a romantic attraction. Freud wanted Coach's D as well, which explains the antagonism, but her character is the weakest part of the series.

I find it amusing that you seem to criticize Gunbuster's characters for being paper-thin but seem to think that Diebuster's characters have any more depth... when they don't. They are as cliche as Gunbuster, but since those characters don't have to undergo the same emotional trials that Noriko has to go through, it comes off as more shallow, and less memorable.

Gunbuster's characters are not complex - it's just that Noriko's arc is well done, and the show is very "earnest" about itself, especially as things grow darker towards the finale.

Again with subtlety: If Diebuster had handled Smith's death, there would have been a huge, spastic fight, dramatic music, and probably a death monologue, instead of how well it is handled in Gunbuster.

Another great point of subtlety: Noriko finding her father's ship in hyperspace, and despite disappearing when she was a small child, the clock on her father's ship is still on her birthday - or a day after, I can't remember. It's an ominous foreshadowing to how far the OVA will push the idea and the strains it causes for the cast.

Diebuster was a big enough turd over the masterpiece that is Gunbuster. Now we have to deal with another great turd.


It kind of is his studio.

>Captcha: animation school

What I meant was that he seems to treat it as something subject to his whims.

>Again with subtlety: If Diebuster had handled Smith's death, there would have been a huge, spastic fight, dramatic music, and probably a death monologue, instead of how well it is handled in Gunbuster.
Lol no. That was definitely Gurren Lagann though.

Oh, wow, I didn't know there was 1080p version.

This looks awesome, who did remastering?

There really isn't any evidence of that. We also have no idea about the working relationship between him and Tsurumaki, to everyone saying he's "chained" to Eva.

BD set released in 2012, it's fucking amazing

It's another everything must be framed as an argument and false dichotomy thread. I enjoyed both, both have great presence in SRW, you people just suck.

Stupid people gonna stupid. Yeah there was nothing wrong with yesterdays thread but clearly the shitposters that have to be heard have decided this discussion has to be Gunbuster vs. Diebuster with the requisite braindead arguments and reasoning that go with that sort of thing. Fucking fake ass fans.

>they also said if TRIGGER went to them saying they want to make PSG S2, they will have no problems with it

Really? Source?

I watched Gunbuster in like 2002. Diebuster has great design, and is also much less messy than Gunbuster. Gunbuster might look great, but it's very sloppily-executed and feels so disjointed that it could be a pure parody. It's basically just very shallow.

This was for: For whatever reason, it did not quote properly or I deleted the link during revisions.

Pretty sure most of the people in this thread like both. No reason to cry over like 5 people.

All I want is TTGL ;_;

Diebuster was overall better than Gunbuster, which had an awful first half, though.

Well I mean, Gunbuster is in some ways a parody of Toppu wo Nerae. They sort of ditched the parody angle halfway through, which is why the first three episodes are pretty light-hearted and the final half gets pretty depressing.

I actually really enjoy the light-hearted first half of the OVA. First episode is just a great, small story, and there is enough fun stuff going on in 2 and 3 to keep you entertained. Afterwords when characters/people start dying left and right it gets me pretty ;-;

Well yeah, it was a parody, but the way it was executed makes it just feel completely unserious despite it clearly trying to be.

You have it.

I feel the exact opposite.

I mean, there's a scene around halfway through Die where 60% of the cast, mostly people who have only been in one or two scenes and sometimes without even a speaking role, all die withing seconds. But it's like, who cares?

Current Gainax is like that tv show that doesn't know when it's done and tries to go back to what made it popular in the first place but the characters that made those moments special have been killed off.

TTGL under any sort of modern Aniplex production management would just be bloody travesty like what happened with Durarara to Durarara X2 and Darker Than Black Season 1 to Season 2 among other things. It's best left in last decade unless it can get a new producer/publisher.

Not every death is supposed to be am epic emotional moment, guy. Seems like a pretty weak criticism to me.

Just saying if this is where these threads are going to lead now after the decent one yesterday we really don't fucking need them after all. Not that I wouldn't want to talk about the Buster series or anticipation of a followup as it's one of my all time favorites but zero interest in Cred Forums style stupid and arbitrary back and forth shitflings if that's the way people want to play it. If dumb teenagers want to fight do it after school in the parking lot or something in person

Why is Diebuster so shit? It ruined the whole Gunbuster legacy.

Well that's exactly the argument that was made to justify Smith's death. It's a little different when tens of characters all die at once.

I mean those characters died to show how crazy fucking strong the space monster was. The writers weren't trying to make you cry or anything.

Well, I guess so. Those two sisters, though, I mean, what's the point of characterizing them for all of the 30 seconds they got just to kill them off without accomplishing anything?

>Meh, I don't care how gorgeous something looks
Do you also not care about the writing in a book

That shit felt more of a swan song than a revival of the studio but at least it showed they can make something good still. However it also felt like a dinosaur so I hope Gainax can actually produce new ideas on these shows because rehashes of great stuff are still just rehashes.

Most of Gunbuster's arsenal was references to older mecha.
Hell it's even got a baseball bat and a tomahawk stashed in its shoulders, even though it only ever uses those in other material.

And there's this one shot during episode 5 that's frame for frame straight out of Ideon.

> you were born at just the right time

There was the day it was announced, but it died in around 70 posts.

>Gunbuster was boring as fuck until episode 4.

The first 3 episodes were a great set-up and build-up to the second half. Gunbuster is one of those stories that is 10x better on re-watch since there are a lot of things in the first 3 episodes that you couldn't have noticed the first time around.

But yeah, the last 3 episodes are better, and the last two are godlike.

Groovin' Magic is the best song ever

Give me another Groovin' Magic-tier OP and the series can be shit for all I care

>Die is a better realized piece of media
What a joke. All it did, throughout, constantly, was make call-backs to Gunbuster. Enokido is a talentless hack.

See for reference all the bridge-board action scenes. They're so lame in Diebuster. They're already 2 orders removed from what they're all referencing: Space Battleship Yamato order issuing scenes.

Dilluted crap, that's what Diebuster is.

>Gunbuster barely has a working emotional core
Except that the entire story in Gunbuster revolves around loneliness. That's why the finale has such a huge impact. It would be nothing without the emotional build-up that precedes it.

I bought a little Super Robot Wars Nekketsu Gunbuster figure. The only accessories it comes with are the baseball bat, tomahawk, and the cape

>the 80s training montage style is just parody nowadays.

It was parody back then too you fucking newfag. Gunbuster is filled with parodies and reference humour. Not that you'd notice though, since Gunbuster is probably the oldest anime you've ever seen.

Not mention how the scene with it ripping out its core is straight out of Getter Robo.

Diebuster is also very sloppy, but it was less sloppy than Gunbuster.

Gunbuster is better directed, but Anno's inexperience makes the first few episodes of Gunbuster pretty messy.

Diebuster is an overall better production because of the more experienced staff, but the direction is still pretty mediocre.

TTGl sucks, just like everything Imaishi directs.

Some hot opinions you're sportin' there, champ.


TTGL and KLK sucks
Luluco and PSG are great.

To show how out of league and powerless that even some of the wisest and most talented people in this era are against the might of the true space monster.

You saying shit about my Waifu's anime m8? Tell me to the face not online and see what happens.

Then get ready for that new mecha project Imaishi was planning.

but user, man is the real space monster

>Anything about Smith is only episode 3 and 4.

The Smith character was named after Toren Smith who had translated a lot of material (mostly manga) for re-publishing in the USA market. Apparently, he and Gainax got along.

hell of a tribute. I wish golden age Gainax liked me well enough to put me into an OVA.

Which reminds me that I've never watched Otaku no Video. Is it worth it?

Good taste.

>I mean, there's a scene around halfway through Die where 60% of the cast, mostly people who have only been in one or two scenes and sometimes without even a speaking role, all die withing seconds. But it's like, who cares?
You're not supposed to care about the other Fraternity members; in that same exact episode they're all characterized as awful snobbish people.

Like the other user said, the scene was only supposed to illustrate that the Topless were weak and Lar'c was in mortal danger.

It's worth watching because of the beautiful animation though. I don't think any generic 80's mecha OVA or anything for that matter had better animation.

Well, not "Generic", but Do You Remember Love competes for "the most beautiful mech anime ever made."

Gainax is fucking dead though. I bet like none of the staff who made the original Gunbuster or even Diebuster are still at the studio or would even work on this third installment.

Do you drive your car without A/C?