What are you looking at pervert?

What are you looking at pervert?

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>ruining shinka

Shinka was the only thing that survived Chuu-2 and the show treated her like shit.

Your big, fat floppy tits that I want out.

Can you please stop ruining this character for me.

Not true. Cred Forums regularly discusses the ins and outs of Rikka's butt.

inb4 that hideous black-haired version

your hair clip

The mirror.

your tits


Why does this turn me on?


You know if you don't want me staring close your fucking jacket.

Your collar bone

There really isn't much to discuss. A consensus was reached long ago.


does shinka have nice feet

The nicest.





Useless meat.


>tfw no gf who is plainly superior to me to abuse me physically and mentally while having vile pity sex with me until I eventually die from the abuse

Seek help

Why would she want you? Disgusting.

What is this?

A really weird doujin.

>What are you looking at pervert?
Do women really talk like this? I fucking hope not, I don't need yet another reason to commit global extinction.

If you go outside and they see you, they sure would, user.

Batou Shoujo

It's really too soft though, since the hint she does in fact care in later chapters.

>later chapters
Where? It's not on panda.

>the ins and outs of Rikka's butt.

I'd like to be in and out of her butt if you catch my drift.

>Better than Kumin

Nigga, please.

You shouldn't cover your eyes with those pink things. How am I going to look straight at them?


I just want a gf who verbally (And sometimes physically) abuses me but who actually loves me deep down inside.

You know, in the same manner some men want sexually abusive women, some women are attracted to men that lets her to be abusive. It's not that odd.

>What are you looking at pervert?
You're flashing those beautiful breasts and I look at them and _I'm_ the pervert? What else am I going to look at an appreciate? Sheesh.

Literally who?

I want to literally turn into Shinka


>ywn be forcibly transformed into Shinka and raped by a pack of horny Cred Forumsnons
It's the small things in life that hurt the most

Once you are Shinka, will you beat me up and rape me afterwards?

Sounds like a plan
Gotta test out that Shinka bully strength

Time to get a dog

Well you aren't a girl, so you can't.

Why is she so intimidating?

Isn't she like the good route of that girl from Shindol?

I'm a girl on Wednesdays (and sometimes Saturdays).

This post genuinely made me mad. It made me think of all those whores who dress like fucking centerfolds and then whine about how men stare at them. How hard is it to understand that there are consequences to your actions? If you dress like a slut, you're going to get treated like a slut.

Fucking hell thanks for making me mad OP. That's exactly what I needed this fine morning.


More interested in Shinka's butt.

See this, what do?

Anime trip and hope she develops a new found fetish from suffocating me with her butt.

I've got a treat for you:

I want to remove that hairclip.

here's the cuteness

>She's the one showing dem tits

Nice try to pretend being pure you filty bitch.

It would be extremely painful.

You don't get how it works, do you

Superior version.

the hairclip is even more retarded than I remember

What saggy bags of fat
Gross as shit