Marry one

Marry one
Fuck one
Kill one

Kill them all.


Kill the series, fuck the production company, marry their profits.

Who are Ash's new companions? All of them?

Fuck Brown
Marry Jellyfish

Kill, Marry, Fuck.

Is Blue a boy? I want to fuck it if it's a boy.
Marry Green, kill Yellow.


Blue. Reminds of me Katanagatari.

Kill Alan three times.

>Is Blue a boy?

Where were you when Pokemon became a SOL school harem?

Marry brown goddess, disregard the rest.

>we want the harem audience

What did they mean by this?

Fuck blonde loli
Marry Mallow
Kill blue loli

Kill the anime.
Just let if fucking die.

kill user.
just let him fucking die

>Main companions are all girls this gen
>They all have shit designs
Why is this allowed?

But I want to die after XYZ.

Shit taste

Fuck off with your toddler cartoon to your containment board, cancer.

>shit design

Kill the ashnimefags.

wtf sage this shit

fuck the bimbo, kill the trap, marry the goddess