Oh look user, you're girlfriend came over! And it looks like she brought you a present, how cute!

Oh look user, you're girlfriend came over! And it looks like she brought you a present, how cute!

Yandere Thread





>not asserting dominance over your possession
>allowing them to damage themselves

Poor job.





It is really weird to see an actual round eyeball in the same photo as a girl with the usual flat, painted-onto-their-face anime eyes.


What kind of gift would you like from your wife, Cred Forums? She would give you anything. Self mutilation is an option, but I think most people here wouldn't like a finger or an eye or something. Hair would be nice, some people keep locks of hair now. The problem is she'd probably give you a lot, or would keep giving you new samples. A vial of blood might be cute, sealed up in a little glass vial or something. I'm not sure how long blood can keep for though, not forever I would imagine.

a hug and a headpat is all I need thanks

A baby.

Chocolate is fine.

Her dick.

You can't carry a hug and a headpat around in your pocket all day, silly.

But any skank could buy you chocolate. You can even buy it yourself. There's nothing to prove it came from her. Only something from her body will do.

What anime is this?

>The only people into Yandere are Yanderes themselves

Her tf2 unusual.

A sandwich.

An eye

a vial of her pubic hair.


Would you help her make a cute eyepatch after? Where would you keep the eye, on your desk?

This is a good idea too. You could put it in a special box or maybe even put it into a stuffed animal to keep on your bed.

What's in the last one?

She admits to blood, hair, and nails being in the first three. The last one is the mystery.

I am concerned that the last one may b e one we avoid buckos.

I hope its her pee

when did touching feeling turned all yandere?

>You can't carry a hug and a headpat around in your pocket all day, silly.
With magic, anything is possible.

>not a single anime-related post in the entire thread

>blood, hair, and nails being in the first three

If somebody actually put their blood, hair or nails in chocolate would you even be able to tell?

that entirely depends on your ratios.

a drop of blood in say, an entire large cake may not be noticable, but a cup? yeah that'll stand out.

What does blood taste like when you cook with it? Could you develop a taste for it? It seems like it could be either subtle or very pronounced. Maybe it's possible to develop a taste for it after you try it enough.

How many of you have waifus who like to cook?

Pat head

never once got dental surgery, or beaten up? If you prepare the blood it can be made essentially tasteless i assume, since they do that with animal blood in a lot of the more 'exotic' dishes, like the pigs blood congee stuff.

Or this

Yeah dental surgeons always cook the blood in your mouth for you. So do bullies who punch your face.

Blood adds a particular flavor. If the purpose is to render the blood tasteless, I can't think of any other reasons to add it to a dish.
My wife has had fried blood. Literally, blood poured into a frying pan and cooked until it turns fine and gritty. She apparently liked it.
>mfw it sounds like eating a pan full of scabs

Wow, wait, this actually got updated?

Everyone enjoys a good scab now and then. But scabs aren't made from heat, they're made from slow dehydration of the blood. Cooked blood should taste a lot more "gooey" since the heat will denature the red blood cell proteins. It would probably be thick and the taste of metal would be a lot stronger as the degraded proteins have more freedom instead of being locked up in an erythrocyte.

>Only something from her body will do
Can't it be from someone else's body?

I want the severed head of that shitty doctor that said I was insane. He's just jealous of me and my waifu. I'll, too, bring her the mangled corpse of whoever gets in her way.

Meat has some blood on it. It doesn't sound too bad.

>this will never happen to you

Why do I keep on going? Having a yandere fetish sucks.


>tfw no female stalker who breaks into my house to check on me in the morning

>You can't carry a hug and a headpat around in your pocket all day, silly.
I'll take a picture

Get away from me you crazy bitch!
>gets stabbed
You're still a crazy bitch.