Love Live! Sunshine!

When's he coming home Cred Forums?

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He will never match up to honks dad.

Whenever Hanjin pays back their debts.

Seriously, be a mariner in a defunct cargo shipping line must suck dick.

You will surely get the otou-san.

Shhh, her mom hasn't told her about it yet. Poor girl.

>mfw You might never see her dad again.

Why do they make her suffer like this?

>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!


>start over from zero

>Suwawa has no personality they said
>Suwawa isn't cute they said
>Suwawa was the worst seiyuu they said

Who are they?

>mariner in a defunct cargo shipping line

I always assumed he was in the Japanese maritime force since she was always into uniforms and the whole saluting bit.

>You's dad returns in You's S2 episode arc
>You's dad becomes the first male LL character with speaking lines
>Still doesn't show face but its better than nothing
>You comes home from school
>Sees her Dad
>"Tadaime, You-chan"
>Rikikya Koyama is VA

Zero kara hajimaru

How many Papas does You have?

>Zero kara hajimaru
I love my two gay dads.

Mostly modestly sized idol titties.

>Its the night before You's dad returns
>He calls, saying his ship is being redeployed due to the border disputes in the surrounding sea.
>You bites her tongue and says it's okay
>She calls you user, and with a tremble in her voice tells you the story.

What would you say/do Cred Forums?

You hates Riko. This is not canon.


>>You's dad becomes the first male LL character with speaking lines

they are gonna show dad's face right?

why are they crying?

Chika is pretty okay.

So wen we gon fuk bby?

It's DIAmond Service for that sweet sweet shota. Hope this artist makes more.

I would become her papam

You can hardly call what he does speaking. In fact, I am pretty sure he is too retarded to speak.

I gotta say I don't usually care for het, but in this one the guys stayed mostly out of the way and the focus was on the girls' beautiful nude bodies which I can't really complain about too much

I only like this one for Chika happily casually chatting with the rest of them while ass naked at the beginning

Remind her that her dad captains a ferry boat


Shut up, stupid back dancer

This one

I...was not aware of this when I wrote that. Good to know...

Forward her call over to Chika.

What will actually happen:
>You's dad returns home, offscreen
>He has a conversation with You, offscreen
>You may bring up the conversation onscreen, but there won't be any flashbacks to actually show him

Don't ruin my dreams user

I love You so much it hurts ;_;

And I don't even want to do anything lewd.



Been a while since I pay attention to her... WHY SHE SO HOT??

S2 You Drama

Gee I don't know, you tell me.

Chika Watanabe or You Takami?

Incidentally You Takami is a character in Deadman Wonderland.

So I have to believe You is a dyke because she has daddy issues?

Chika Watanabe

Imagine this sweet and soft cheek on your dick.

AiAi is actually kinda hot

>baby bump
Leave it to an impure girl like You to knock up Chika before marriage. Riko would have waited.

Honoka Ayase from im@s btw

VA's still Soramaru

Breaking up with Maki or Nozomi.

Absolute madmen.


Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

which brings me to the question, is kanan suppose to appeal to elifags?

I want to be ship mateys with You!


Knowing You, she'd probably drug and knock up Chika while Riko is away in Tokyo for a concert.

The two of them end up raising You's child.


I hope she likes the AFFF wash down there


Where's You?

Why the fuck do they keep getting 0?

Riko is love

But You isn't a 1st year

10 Days left to vote in the 7/11 poll.

Don't worry she will win somewhere else, this is all that matters anyway

You was suppose to be a First Year before she swap places with Yoshiko.

Their swimsuit were came from the cards, Yoshiko's partner there is You, though.

>16 years old

>you uses glasses

I didn't know she was a nerd!!

>You-chan was here alone. It felt like she was being a bit down...about losing the Chikabowl to Riko

3DPD didn't look like that when I was 16 and they still don't, why go back?


for you

For me?

I love King and her contrasting height with the others.

I want Mari to be my sugar mamma

my Anchan can't possibly be this cute!


Ericchi is damm fine.

I want to drink her vodka

Why is Snow Halation so overrated?? it's boring! Is this the standar LL! image song for the typical otaku?

Why do you write like a fag?

user, user are you awake?

Snow Halation is poor man's Yozora

Yes little rat, I am

I want to drink her milk.

>How to piss off Musefags

Best girl.


I prefer µ's but Yozora is just better. One of the best songs in the whole franchise.

Kurosawa overload!

We are in the Universe
Planets live inside the Moon
A rocket ship can to space
A rocket ship can go to the Moon

Are any of the girls actually catholic?

I thought it would be Zuramaru, but she is a Japanese Catholic
Eri would be an Orthodox Christian

He's going to be a blank first person dad like Maki's was

I forgot to mention Yohanne is a Satanist so she can be added to that little group as well.

>The only blonde in Aqours has a dumb hairstyle and ugly eye color
Atleast they got Eli right.

Uranohoshi will close. But the school's soul will choose to forward in time in order to be the brightest and happiness and merged with Otonokizaka

Saint Snow's school who loves µ's too and will want to be close, but since Uranohoshi is becoming one with Otonokizaka, they will move close by and merge with UTX instead

But user, the satanist pentagram has its two points up.

*two of its

That's a weird way to spell Arisa


Arisa is cute but just doesn't have the kind of beauty Eli does.

>top two hottest girls barely appeared
>never to appear again because fuck cameos
Sunrise a shit

Where did all of these Elifags come from, she sucks. Did you fags get tired of posting Kanan?

All of her alternate hairstyles are gorgeous and they chose such a mediocre one as the main.

their voice actresses died in a car accident after contracting pneumonia

She's the fallen Angel, she said on her interview that her level is not the same as satan and she still has the blood of an Angel.

Honk imouto was pure slutbait

>Reminder that Arisa is voiced by Ayaneru and Yukiho is voiced by Nao Toyama


I thought they went on a date with Truck-kun


Hey now you can change that to Mari

Just how I like them

How much for an hour with her and how much more for bareback?

>tfw Antichrist Superstar

Man, looking at the other options I'm really glad we ended up with what we have.

Cutest imouto desu-wa

>The third single, "Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari / Future Style", was released on July 15 and had "Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari" (僕たちはひとつの光) by μ's and "Future style" by Honoka Kōsaka (Emi Nitta), Kotori Minami (Aya Uchida) and Umi Sonoda (Suzuko Mimori) It broke the franchise record for first week sales set by the second single, with 96,000 copies sold; it was also number-two on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart. It sold an estimated 124,254 copies, becoming the fourth best-selling anime CD single of the year in Japan.

Reminder that Aqwhores will never even come close to peak μ's

Groups 6 are somewhat better but if we got more ChikaRiko I'd probably hang myself

I feel like that isn't the whole thing

Its amazing how the best selling Aqours single is still the first one. None of the anime singles have been able to beat it, infact I thought maybe the OP would beat it but nope.

Why is Arisha the worst seiyuu? Is it because she is the ugliest? The more insipid and bland? Both?

>puts on tinfoil hat
That poll was rigged. Lantis/Sunrise chose the subunits beforehand and made it look like the fan votes actually mattered.

But seriously imagine getting stuck with Configuration 2 or 3.

Well the first one has the hype to it and a head start. They are going to have produce a knockout hit if they want to top previous records

That is what they do, I do not trust the corporate polls for shit. Strawpoll has more validity than Lantis. Not to mention every country has their favorite


>ever taking off your tinfoil hat



Posting best ship.

Honk wars

Is she covered in semen?

The slut.

we all know
who the victor was

>Kanan, Hanamaru, Ruby

I can't even fathom how that would work.

She really is a girl worth fighting for.

i still think that 6 is best option

Some of the choices are destined to fail because they're labeled random type A/B/C or balance type A/B/C whereas the winner has labels like pop & cute or gothic.


Meh, go home sakurako.

People can't actually believe this.

Dear Honkers

Honk honk honk honk honk honk honk

hehehehe I bought that doujin when I was in Japan last week

Dear Chikans

Chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan chikan



Reminder that if your favorite µ's isn't Umi, Maki, Nico, or Honk you have shit taste.

Who would win in a fist fight, the average Chikanfag or the average Honkfag?


Sorry I don't fight, it's violence.

Honkfags has the power of friendships while chikafags has the bootleg version

Any fag that gets between me and Honk will get heem'd.

What if we are both?

Chikafags have better taste in thighs so I've rooting for them.

>Sorry I don't fight, it's violence.

Aqours has have done nothing but fight and Chika is a self harmer

Chika don't punch the girls, she is not violent user.
Chika is very kind and gives ice cream to Aqours.

Cant argue with this

She IS violent, she self harms

She self harms my dick.

Well, that is true, she has that tight butt with nice thighs and delectable pits


Honk was really not that hot. You've been brainwashed by fanart.

Honk is an ass queen

Chika is a good girl who loves all of her friends equally!

At least Honoka doesn't look like a rat.

You think so?

Nice meme.

how can one be ランダムAND 真面目?

My heart says Umi but my dick want Honk.

Chika looks in no way related to Ted Cruz.

How can your heart say Umi when Honk is way more approachable and loveable?

Because Umi is the best.

A cute rat

Why is Cred Forums allowed to post in Cred Forums?

>Questioning Umi in anyway
Heretic be purged

Chika is not a rat, she is a cute super idol and you guys are just jealous that your idols aren't as cute as Chika!

Because she ban'ged me

Okay new question, who is more delusional, the average Chikanfag or the average Honkfag?

>Nico has a bony butt
>Honoka has a plump rump

Honoka gets unlimited bread that goes straight to her ass and Nico can't even afford food. Not a fair comparison at all.

Thanks Chikafriend!
Chika or Hanoka are both good girls, they are not delusional.


The average fan of your favorite raibu, because denying Honk's sexiness is top delusion.


I'm not the one who questioned Umi, user. She's my phone's wallpaper. I have a figure of her. Umi is the only idol for me.

Sorry Umifriend, I meant to reply to the other guy.

I am kinda interested in reading kabedon magazines, are they a real thing?

I want to rest my face upon her tits.


You still have a long way to go, kiddo.


Youkan, give me more LL art now you low res, non-pixiv user cocksucker.

This is wrong. Yoshiko should be in the warm embrace of Maru and You should be bullying Ruby instead.

Have some good art

Is there a size chart for Sunshine?

This song is overrated. Loveless World, Loneliest Baby, and Music Start are all better for early-mid Muse.


Overrated? I may have been living under a rock cause I barely could recall it, instead of the likes of Loveless World or after school NAVIGATORS

Who thinks the 13th ep will time skip to Love Live day, have them win the competition and end it there? All in under 20 mins

I only remember Yoshiko that almost has same measure as Kotori

Lovely average Honoka.

Absolutely no fucking chance. They're going to make this 3 seasons. That's what the pacing of the show and the cash cow is telling me.

It will actually go back in time to the last love live, and show where Aqours were at the time and how it was their destiny to come together

>that gap between waist and hips
Maki is a fucking monster.

Oh gawd! A recap episode would be terrible.

>3 seasons
>not 2
That'd be damn nice.

>cash cow

It wouldn't really be a recap it'd be more of a flashback

Oh, I misunderstood. A loli ep would be fun actually


I wonder what that would like in 3D

>Eli, the tallest member of µ's, is 162cm, or 5'3".
>The average female height globally is 5'4".
>Females usually stop growing around 15 years of age.
>µ's is full of womanlets.

Stop wondering

Maybe she was a victim of early childhood corset

Blergh, nonono, Aqours lolis are ugly!

Only 1 is ugly. The rest are cute

Dude look at their seiyuus. Mari's seiyuu is fucking 4'8. Eli and Nozomi's seiyuus are both 4'9. The tallest seiyuus for each group (Hanamaru and Hanayo seiyuus) are both 5'3.

More Mari, Kanan, and Dia pls

Loli Dia's haircut is charmingly stupid.

what did she feel when she found out her idol did jav?

Tanks when?

Mari is best loli

>Kanan bribed Mari with a hug so that they wouldn't get in trouble for being on private property

Sneak Kanan.

She denied it like every Honkfag did, obviously

She is just asking for hugs with a face like that

Eli is perfect!

You mean rape, right?

How many girls did Chikan molest the last time she visited Tokyo?

She molested an entire school.

Kanan is ruining Mari for me. I never asked for washi washi forced abusive NozoEli2.0 garbage. She's so much more fun without Kanan.

Some may have denied. I on the other hand rose up to the occassion and fought back against the haters and affirmed my unconditional support for her.


So what subunit has the best outfits?

Hardmode: You can't say BiBi

Pic related

Basically Printemps with a huge year gap.

Call them L'autom!

Gangbang Ruby

Why Bibi? they look like sluts compare to your pic related.


>So what subunit has the best outfits?
>Hardmode: You can't say BiBi
>Pic related

Solge's diva concept.

Also, I am now utterly convinced that this is something Nico would do 7-8 years after graduating from high school

The whole damn fan dance thing just gives me flashbacks to Kaguya no Shiro, and that song was pretty sexy for an school idol in Japan.

I really hope Aqours gets their shit together for the 1st Live. I really want to see GK live.

Especially manly rikyako?

Season Final episode speculations?

I want it to end in a cliffhanger so season2 might have a big hype. I want Saint Snow and Aquors to duke it out.

Going with Azalea simply because of how great this outfit looks on Dia.

I actually like Printemps' outfits nest. The look just feels real fitting for the unit.

These look the best in the final live concert and it gave the world Ucchi belly. The style reminds me of Elvis which is iconic.

My little sister is not for fucking you bastard!
buu buu desu waaaaa

Zura is fat

Would you like to take her place Dia-chan?

I'd give her the torpedo, if you know what I mean.

>her place
No but take Chika or Riko.

Kotori's half shorts are just fucking weird

>take the worse girls instead


I just hope the final episode of season1 stops it with the whole fucking muse references. I love and miss muse and all but it's time to fucking move on.

Is it still a lewd upskirt peak if she's wearing a swimsuit underneath her cloth?

After watching alot of episodes I began to realize. Dia does indeed look like a penguin minus the beak.

Swimsuit crotch is even more lewd than panties, prove me wrong.

Accept Zuramaru's loveletter or not?

It's ok to be seen in a swimsuit but not in underwear

Swimsuit material definitely feels better to jerk off into, it's usually nice and smooth compared to the matte texture of normal cotton panties.

I can see the appeal but at the same time, think of the number of girls' panties you've seen in your lifetime versus the number of swimsuit crotches. Realistically for most anons it's the closest you'll ever get to most girls' pussies.

>loveletter more like bills I'm gonna pay for all the food she ate
Uh yeah I will give it to Yoshiko then.

You're right.

Who is the urabanchou of Acqours?

Chika "The Mandarin" Takami is the judge, jury and executioner.

>Kananfags in charge of having taste

ugugu desu wa

Kananfags are the cutest though.

I'd like to see a source on that.

Even genki as fuck tomboy can be shy too.

The best.

Being fallen angel with fat girlfriend is suffering

Not this shit again.

Okay thank you.

I'll leave it here and pass it on to Ruby and I will make sure Yoshiko is there to hear Ruby read it out loud.

Kanan getting some

According to wiki, Arisha is slightly taller than King. Though, if they stand side by side King seems taller. Regardless, it's still funny how they both tower over everyone else.

>little demon sticker
Yes, I'd gladly forward that letter to Yohane.

Kanan is the best looking girl in this

I tought it was a cat or something


yohanes should be bigger

That's the face Yoshiko makes when you try to pull out on an unsafe day but she leglocks you to keep you in.

Her's 79, though. Just right like Riko and the others.

Yoshiko fights MMA?

Shh don't break Yoshimaru delusion.


Dia is perfect desu wa.

Pick a trio.

Not that kind of leglock

can I?

She doesn't wear like that, though. She likes dresses

>YouYohaneMari / ChikaRIkoDIa
>I'm really glad we ended up with what we have.
No, fuck you.

Definitely group 3

As much as I like You, Hanamaru should be with Mari and Yoshiko insted. Her voice is great and powerful.

Who would you have costume sex with? Kotori or You?


Why was loli Dia so heterosexual?

>Hanamaru should be with Mari
But that's impossible. Just look at the chart.

Fallen angel

Reminder that riko is a degenerate who's into walls

Densetsu no meido Minalinsky.

>no mari and maru

wtf? but why?

You dressed as a japanese policewoman.

I want to molest loli dia

Chika, Maru and Mari are the "leaders".


I'm still doubt that.

You, she'd clearly be more into it, Kotori is just better at actually making costumes

>second years are Chika's girlfriends
>first years are Maru's pets
>third years are Mari's toys

What's the concept of solge? Singers of every year or just the good singers? I hope we get that with Aqours.

I guess King and Ainya were just shy to be at the centers during live stream.


But Riko, You and Yoshiko is my dream triumvirate.



Muh Dia ;_;

me on the right

what the fuck is going on here?!
Who is that person ruining Arisha's purity?

Pick one.

is this real


What's worse, this or the Rikyako one?

Row 2.


If worst girl Riko wasn't there, it would be perfect.

Season 2 should be about kanan's harem

It's from a movie called Heaven's love
that person on the right is supposed to be her teacher

forgot to attach

screams externally

>mind says hanayo
>heart says kotori
>dick says nozomi

what should I do?

Praise your dick for making the right choice


Here you go.

seems that only your dick made the decisions.


Was there ever a male character in any Love Live even on the background?


Rate Koi ni naritai AQUARIUM and Mijuku DREAMER

Watch the movie again.

> Yazawa Cotarou
> Honkdad
> Makidad


Also the dude Nico gave the flyer to and the actor from the movie they watched at Nozomi's.

Kill yourself, your entire body is worthless.

Mijuku dreamer 9/10
Koi ni naritai AQUARIUM 7.5/10

where can I watch this? heard there was a part where she's on top with bare shoulders exposed. to add, where can I also watch the Rikyako movie?


Wallbang!! or Chinpull!!?

So shels tired being the third wheel so she rather go for hetero instead


Walpole Chinbang

I want to give her a facial. Glasses on.

The best part is how such an absurdly niche thing has 98 volumes.


She can pull my ochinchin, if you understand my anecdote.


>you fell for the "Sunshine has a better cast than the original" meme

Absolutely untrue.

Absolute love.

Cutest muffin.

She is wonderful, though the lewd thoughts block out the cute thoughts with this particular image, for me

>Talking to your wife's girlfriend

I still think the glasses thing was strange, unless of course she really loves to cosplay

*girlfriend's wife

Is this how I begin to watch Japanese live action aimed at girls half my age?


> tfw born on same year as her
> supposed to be studying for midterms.

If I were a girl I'd read it desu, the hard part would be repeating no lesbo.

>they're all 17 y/o

hol up
does that mean we can fugg them

If the price is right.

Muse girls are well into their college years and probably out of college by now.

Mari, Kana, Dia are all 17. So depending on where you live they are legal

Dia please this is a public beach

>I still think the glasses thing was strange, unless of course she really loves to cosplay

It's just an obvious way of depicting You in a vulnerable state, than her normal public appearance.

I also think it's meant to illustrate a closer relationship between Chika and You, because I don't believe anyone outside of Chika knows about You wearing glasses, but she would since they're childhood friends.

Rin really is a boy.

Sunshine is 5 years after the original. They're all between 20 and 23.

Dammit Zura

She wants to be somebody else?

rin is adorable
I want to headpat her


I want to date this.

I would drive over to her place and fuck her.

She is a very traditional girl


What's she even doing here


>tfw Nico is a year older than me

Are we gonna leave this user unanswered?

What's your favorite feature of any girl in Aqours?

I really like Dia's design. To me it displays the traditional Japanese view of womens beauty.

Kanan's kanans.

You's eyes

I always liked the long straight hair.

Dia's hips
Chika's butt and pits
You's vag spot
Ruby's cuteness
Hanamaru's breasts
Kanan's body
Mari's bust and pits
Riko's legs
Yoshiko's hips

Nico's body
Rin's hips
Honoka's butt
Nozomi's tats
Eri's bust and hips
Kotori's back
Umi's charm
Hanayo's legs
Maki's huge hips

Is this why Dia is unpopular? Since she already has roles that defile her and thus idol otaku can't love her?

Is she unpopular with nips? I know there are people worldwide who love her

She's popular with most of us toku/rider/sentai/ranger fans.

Mari's cat mouth.

I love that she just has long straight black hair. It's feels refreshing to see.


>make Dia the preetiest aquors
>she's unpopular in the anime

These jap girls have no taste


Responsibility, somebody is going to have to take it

Chika thighs!

I'm not even sure if everyone knows this kissing scene, I myself only knew this today. Rikyako also had a soft porn scene (stripping) from a movie but she and her character's pretty popular if I might say.

Anyone got an image of Kanan's fan in her room with Kanan merch?

So uh. Which members of Aqwhores best represent each planet of our solar system?


Pluto is definitely Hanamaru



can I become a school idol too?
college is basically a school, right?

Respect for the Kananfag

Nope. You missed out.

Happy birthday third worst girl

Their sense of rhythm and those tight ass midriffs.

How do I sing good?

I want to be Chika!

Happy Birthday GanbaRuby.

Kill yourself, c/u/nt.

Happy Ganbaruby day!

Crawling like a giant baby

Happy Birthday!

>getting triggered

Happy birthday Ganbaruby? More like gangbang ruby!

Kill yourself, t/u/mblr

More like you got called out on your shit, get fucked retard.

>still triggered

Ruby is for ______




Fill in the following:

First girlfriend,

Man I even straight up said I fapped to it

You's entire existence.





Aiai made a anime.

No, thanks

>First girlfriend
You're waifu
You're waifu
You're waifu


I think his problem is you using a term which is, or at least was, only used in the context of /u/ related shitposting.

"Ruby, did I ever tell you about that time I found out about my alternate universe self who was in love with our friend Hiromu? Hiromu also happened to be my teacher in that alternate universe"


Reminder that this shit exists.

A kabedon situational cd. I've never listened to it but I imagine it's nothing but 1 hour of the self-insert getting wallslammed.

The funniest thing? Anchan who sang the OP ended up the MC of Kabedon Fetish the Anime.

Somebody did it, they really did it

Happy birthday, Ruby !

Good taste.

What about these?


Looks like some GUST game

Are there any with a school setting?

Mari is very lucky.

>first girlfriend

I don't see the difference .

Not that I know of


Mana Khemia

Blue Reflection is going to have a school setting.

Where could a lass find some young girl chin in hand self-insert fanfiction? Asking for a friend.

I bet Mari has sucked on them

Why is Riko such a pervert? Has any other girl been as perverted as her?


>cheating on your wife

She just wants to get thrown against a wall and get kissed by an assertive girl while she holds her chin

She's a romantic if anything

Honk's room was filled with porn and her slut sister would go in and read it when she was out

I love how she's so crazy about such a tame fetish. It's such a cute and hot quirk for her to have


Little sister shouldn't have those criminally thick thighs


How many of those are girls?

What do you all think?



They all look like boys


The era of µ's and the era of Aqours should be separated by several centuries

Countless kingdoms have risen and fallen on this very spot


I need to just start imagining that the Kurosawas aren't blood related so I can enjoy this

Problem is they have the same eye color

I'd aishteru her banzai if you know what I mean.




not a yuri or ship fag person but this along with eliumi are my favorite pair haha

>Incest anime
>They are actually not blood related so it is in fact okay
What's the point?

They had some hot moments

I want these three to keep me up all night

>incest anime
Keep dreaming.


Listen to them sing, and you'll fall asleep in no time (ayy)

I don't think it's possible to fall asleep to Nozomi's singing

Not with Nozomi's shriek.


Best day of the year.


I love how Honoka brings out the sillyness within Maki

reminder that idols with pigtails love giving blowjobs

Maki acts too cool for shit then Honk comes in and makes Maki spill spaghetti

Good taste. My top 3 as well with Kotori a close 4th

Honk is literally Emi Nitta. I bet she could take me down in a fight.

Fatalpulse please.

I thought they were handlebars

What about sidetails?

My fetish

Honaka is better then Chika in every way possible


I see.

I like them better when they were turbo cunts.

If it wasn't for her, Maki might've spent her high school life without any friends.

Honk and Yoshiko are living proof of retard strength.

She looks like a fucking weight lifter, it's scary.

Do you even lift?

The idea of Ruby struggling while trying to lift weights is way too cute. Gym episode when?




I hope season 2 delivers more on SoL elements, maybe
>Mari taking Raibus for luxury vacation and the girls can't adjust for shit
>Raibus trying their damnest best to make Kanan exhausted for once, and failed
>turned out Maru can never get fat no matter how much she eats, but instead what was supposed to be a nice shopping trip turned out to be Yohane's diet episode with her sampling too much of everything at the grocer
>special training day! Kurosawas struggling at everything they do
>You-centric episode with her being based at multiple of the 812749812764 things she can do
>Riko getting lost in the dog park in Nemuzu town
>Almost exam time, and Chika still haven't studied. Sleepover time

Shit, when we can get separate SoL series of Raibus?

What does it mean?

Every one of these ideas sounds great

No onsen episode in S2 and I will riot

Why are you not fucking me.


They had one in both cours of LL, we didn't even have one in LLS, just a barrel and cold water

Love Live! is 90% SoL, bro.

And it was even better.

Too much drama and RABU RAIBU, need more comedy element

>Riko getting lost in the dog park in Nemuzu town
But seriously, they really should dedicate a season or maybe a series of OVAs just to SoL shenanigans. There's just so much squandered potential in the cast.

I love I love AiAi.

Ruby makes me moist


Sorry user, she loves me

P-Pardon me Ruby-chan, my dirty mind.

Have you rubbed Ruby's head today?

wooby thread