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I used to hate Juzo boys because ai truly thought they were just shitposters.
Now I see the light and understand the love for Juzo.
RIP in piece you beautiful man.

>saved everything
>after ruining it in the first place

Am I supposed to be impressed

>sympathy for a guy who is the reason why kirigiri is dead right now

Yeah he can go fuck himself

> the reason why kirigiri is dead right now
He's my fucking hero now

Can you really call yourself a Juzoboy if you don't buy his statue?


No, Kodaka being a hack writer and not having her lop her arm off for self-preservation is why she's dead. Don't blame Juzo for that.

Eleven episodes in, and we know fuck all about the mastermind.


>people actually voting Tengan

this man is dead

we saw him die

he even answered that he wasn't a remnant of despair without lying

it is blatantly obvious that ryouta's caller is someone using tengan's phone

He's the mastermind, but he's not doing it for despair. He's doing it to create the ultimate hope who will never fall into despair.

He's dead but his accomplice is Ryota.

There's a fucking thread already

Last episodes OP, Juzo, Munakata, Naegi, Asahina, Mitarai, Tengan. It checks out, he's still alive. If Juzo can survive all the shit that happened to him, should be no problem for Tengan.

Nope, doesn't check out because even when Tengan and everyone else was alive there was an extra person we haven't seen yet. That 6 is essentially a 5 because there is a reserved slot for someone we don't know yet.

Not unless they asspull and said that Monaca was a participant along with Gekkobot. And I sure as hell wouldn't put it past them.

Well he isn't a Remnant of Despair, he's Ultimate Despair, you know, the mastermind of the entire series?

Why wasnt shutting everything down done sooner?

Why would you turn off the power without knowing the monitors are bad? All that would seem to do is make it harder to see in a situation where you think people are trying to murder you.

Why cry over kirigiri when you have a delicious brown right next to you? This series just doesnt make sense

How many babies would Asahina be willing to have from Naegi?

o-one more episode of future left..... t-they sure are taking a while to bring back Kirigiri a-aren't they?

May you all be happy, with Naegiri living in your hearts.

>Keitai scene
Is Tengan secretly Mitarai from an alternate universe?

So the FF has the ability to make people into AIs, a program that lets you put AIs into personality-less bodies, and a way to turn people into a personality-less body that has every possible superpower. Tengan turned himself into an AI and is planning to implant himself into Naegi's body after he Kamakura's him isn't he? He literally set up everything Junko did and DR1 just to make Naegi some kind of world famous messiah figure before body-jacking him.


>they actually might fucking do it
i will be so fucking mad
i wouldn't even mind so much if they'd actually tried a bit harder for it to be more important, like i know a whole third of an episode was basically dedicated to it but for the sheer amount of importance that Kirigiri's character was her death just seemed to come and go, and yet with only one episode left of future it's seeming less and less likely that she'll come back. It's not fucking fair. Kirigiri and Makoto worked so fucking hard and only to run into a fucking unavoidable death for either of them this is bullshit they were meant to live with each other forever and have babies now they won't fuck Kodaka i hate you i want to see their beautiful children

He literally kickstarted the game. And was Junko's bitch.

This needs an update.

Was Danganronpa 3 a mistake?

It takes a true man to admit his wrongs and make it right again.

>Hagakure said everything will have a happy ending
>everyone except four people are dead
>the last episode comes around
>all of this was just Junko using her SHSL Analysis to see what would happen if she went through with her despair plan
>in the end she decides not to do it because she already knows what's going to happen
>ends with Junko going to school with Class 78 and complaining how boring everything is

How mad would you be?

No, keep it. Just put tears in the icon's eyes in the second panel.

That sounds a little too complex


>Hagakure said everything will have a happy ending
>it is a happy ending
for Junko

I would find a way to literally laugh my ass off if that happened.

Don't start this shit.
Put. It. Down. Now.

What are they going to do? Where are they going to land? Do the even know where the killing game is?

But what ends up happening to the Izuru in that world?




Hajizuru is leading the way user
He's leading them to FUTURE


They followed Monaca's example and got the fuck out of this anime while they still had a chance.

>Juzo now a hero
>everyone just forgets he killed Bandai


Does she cuck her boyfriend with Naegi? That's the important part.

Can we get a Juzo Death Hajimeme?

As many as he HOPES

Doesnt work like that.

He's still bored, but not bored enough to try seeing if killing people is fun, I guess.

Tengan is the future child of Aoi and Naegi from an alternate universe who traveled back in time to another dimension to ensure that his parents hook up and force them to become powerful enough to fight the true evils instead of using his mind control powers to fight them himself.

Oh wait, that's fucking retarded.

Why does this look so familiar.

He's still a piece of shit in my eyes it's fine

Not his fault Bandai's NG code was rigged as all fuck.

Fucking "Don't breath" would have been more fair than that shit.

He sits in a room bored getting Hinata-kun yelled at him for the rest of his natural life.

A few things. A. He had no idea what Bandai's NG code was. B. Bandai's NG code was VS from the start, if Juzo didn't accidentally kill him, someone else would have.

Remember to play UDG

It was a necessary sacrifice
Can't blow the budget on one actor

It's from +tic girl

It's Juzofags. He's fucked up and caused so much trouble but he flips a fucking switch and he's a god or something despite him making everyone go crazy in the game with Munakata.

Juzo is shit. His character revolves around swanting to suck Munakata.

>Not his fault Bandai's NG code was rigged as all fuck.

If they would stop being tremendous faggots from the get go he would've survived.

>Even Junko is depressed about herself in Despair arc
Maybe this should have been the perfected Despair mindhacc video

Dude fuck that. It has to be Tengan, I don't care anymore. Even the DR1 anime, which was rushed as fuck, had revealed the mastermind by now. We only have 1 episode left of Future and all signs point to Tengan, the twist will be something different.


t. Asahinafag


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


He had no idea, my friend.

yfw Episode 12:
>young!Tengan flashback, looks like Naegi
>Founder!Izuru talks with him
>says stuff about "talent can destroy the world"
>Mitarai phonecall a recording of his final orders from Tengan
>"My new vessel should be arriving soon"
>Togami finally appears
>Mitarai turns on special animation
>Togami suddenly changes personality
>Togami = Tengan 2.0
>Tengan pulled a Xehanort and brainwashed Togami as his new human vessel when he died during his captivity with Monaca
>Tengami wants to make Naegi "Izuru 2.0"
>Ep 12 ends with Hajizuru and the gang showing up
>"Special Ep" of Despair arc = Mirai Ep 13


Please don't give Kodaka ideas.
Plus, he is missing both the ahoge and the immortality

If Juzo didn't trigger his code, Seiko, Izayoi, Munakata, Gozu, Tengan or just about anyone else would have within 5 minutes of him leaving the room.

You really can't blame it on Juzo, especially since he didn't even know it would have killed Bandai.

>He was being an extremely pushy and aggressive piece of shit in episode 2 until the end because he really, really wanted to prove himself to his husbando that he's worth it
>He was simply jelly that Naegi defeated Junko and became Ultra Hope 4 Arcade Edition, and this entire series he has been nothing but genuine in his pursuit of the despairs
>Munakata impaled him and threw him aside, calling him a Remnant, despite Juzo doing everything he could, including mutilating himself, just to prove to Munakata that he could be a worthwhile agent of Hope
>He died alone, cold, and without even the slightest inklet to imply that the one he loved cared about him, with a heart full of sadness and good faith

You're implying he would've given a fuck even if he did know. He wanted everyone in there dead.

Drop it

We were lucky to have the boy. Now he can go be a legend in that big boxing ring in the sky, where he doesn't have to fearn anyone's reaction to his secuality

He is too good for this world. Rest in peace, my boi, let me punch your grave as my sign of respect.

Fair enough, guess that point really doesn't matter when we're talking about Juzo.

Still though, it wasn't his fault.

>Knows she's going to die
>Doesn't just off her arm
>Doesn't take medicine from the Pharmacist as a precaution when she had the chance

Not him, but was it me or did he seem genuinely shocked when he heard of Kimura's and Yoi's death.

Reporting in, brother!

Our boy died as a true hero and everyone's savior. We shall remain unshakable, for we are his legacy, and not even death shall stop us! Stand proud and stay strong, brothers!

>Tengan has different eye colors in despair and mirai

what does it mean?

No u

>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally
I see what you did there.

It finally hit me. Kirigiri is dead

How is the Japanese reception of 3 anyway?

I don't remember his reaction to Yoi, but he did seem a little upset hearing about Seiko.

Alright, I'm putting it away. Praise hope

Yoi's not as much, but he fought alongside the guy so he probably cared.
He did seem legitimately torn about Seiko dying, since he even tried to break it to Raiden. And seemed really sad about the fact that she died for nothing too.
We should have seen some interactions of Munakata and his posse before he went bananas. Poor Seiko seemed like they did think of her fondly

He was there when Munakata personally recruited the 76 kids after all.

Don't lose hope you fool

Thank you

Guys, I just realized that the suicide video used in the killing game is the same used on the Reverse Course suicide.

None until Togami and Hiro get theirs

>waifus dying left and right
>brown gay musclebro gets the most development
I can practically hear the series being dropped en masse

Yeah that's what I was thinking and to me it's still unclear if he really wanted to kill everyone or if he was holding back. He seemed to actually care about Seiko.

I just feel sad. I have this vague idea that he cared yet not cared and I just don't know what it really is. It's making me question stuff and I'm not even a Juzoboy. What is this shit? I haven't felt like this over a character in a long while.

I might actually applaud, because that means everything we knew about this series was calc'd out by the villain.


I'm sure the fujoshis love it.

Reporting in, Juzobros.

I may not have been a bro from the beginning, but I'm glad I decided to join on.

You give me hope, my friends.

Never stop.

He only cared a little bit about Seiko's. Didnt give a shit about Yoi.

>Seiko was nothing but an angel to the foundation and was obviously an immense contributor to rebuilding the world
>Died for fucking nothing

Junko could. And he was jealous that Naegi did.

Someone probably 10+ threads ago by now mentioned this and I felt like taking up the task. Several hours later, I'd like to share with you all my tribute.


Holy shit move over Kirigiri, there's a new detective in town.

What do you think the killing game viewing parties at the FF Headquarters were like? I bet they made popcorn.

>Munakata would have known about the breaker room had he been informed of the situation since he knew the building better than anyone
>no real need to rush, they had just woken up after all
Juzo literally killed himself to save Munaka a slight chore.


I'm thinking the only people he himself wanted dead were Naegi's group and MAYBE Tengan.

The rest were him just following Munakata's orders.

The power to brain hack

Why do you want to fuck that user?

I want to marry Sonia!


The entirety of the Future Foundation are sitting there, making either sadistic bets or fawning over others at the school or cracking stale/dark humor over the length of time it took for the killing games to happen
Unshaken tension because the entire world was watching that shit and they couldn't get inside to begin with, considering the school is coated in deadly weaponry

It's the symbolism that counts. He could've stayed and been treated, but he just wanted to do one thing right for once and let the love of his life live by his hands.

>playing udg
Nope. Not at gunpoint. I ain't touching that shit again.

Its pretty much her own fault.

He was already going to die, him turning off the power was to show Munakata he forgave him

Just because her death was suicide doesn't mean it's her fault.

I seriously think Munakata pre-edge and Juzo really cared about Seiko.
All of this made me want a manga about their relationship.
Obviously nothing romantic, but it would really help to know that poor Seiko wasn't left alone in the world during all the shit that happened to her. She got expelled around what? 1 year before the apocalypse while losing both her best friends.

You're missing out on Komaeda sperging over Hope's imouto

post your nagito gun edits please I need to fill my folder

Being too fixated on getting vengeance was though

It's not like Ruruka and Izayoi were dead; they were also recruited.

Just a strained relationship hampering her second chance at a bright future.

We have two episodes of future to go so tengan can't be the mastermind

Would you a fish?

Anyone else feel this way?

>Tengen revel was dumb and not really set up
>mind hack meme literally being a plot point
>despair arc lack of real character development
>killing kirigirl
>Monaca was never important even though DG set her up to be a big bad
>Ult Animator being worthless and just the create of meme hacks

This was kind of a bummer. I liked Despair arc more but that's because it was fun at points. Also I guess Juzo Boyz was a plus.

>Legends say that if you stroll the hallways of Hope's Peak at night, you might hear a mysterious voice saying "tsumaranai".

You made it this far in the ride. Just finish it off next week

A fish or a Kappa, if it was Aoi I wouldn't care.
This guy's comics are cute

Calm down you bacon cuck, you and all your kin can commit suicide in two weeks. Most of those are contributing elements to the greater whole.

I couldn't stomach gameplay.

I'll finish it, but there's a chance I'll come out of this mad. I'll still buy V3 though.

I was looking forward to this brother, thank you. Even though I am not a fan of the song, I believe you selected the best clips and it turned out just great! I am really proud of you, brother!

I will drop all my preorders if Kirigiri doesn't come back.

I mean it's not great but I thought it was at least inoffensive.

My boy Makoto has to start lifting. How will he ever princess carry Aoi to their honeymoon as he is now?

I don't know what to say, my friend. I'm speechless and genuinely tearing up. Thank you and stay strong. God bless you my friend!

August 8, I told Seikofag to at least hold out for the ending before he can perform his crucifixion.

I wonder if he heeded my words.

You have to stick around until next week when they reveal Hagakure as being Tengan's clone and the true mastermind behind everything. Also that he literally murdered Togami by dropping a building on him.

How did Ruruka rip a hole in her own stomach?

Dude, they have one episode to sell us on everything we just saw. I believe the next despair ep won't be much but ending what we already know because ep 12 is that voice cast thing. Do you really think they'll get it done?

>Retard Aoi reads her notes, and solves everything
>Kirigiri was too stupid to do anything before the time limit and just die
>Turns out you just had to pull some lever and it comes apart

tengan isn't the mastermind he's fucking dead jesus christ


Small bombs.

She didn't.

With a knife.

That was Punished Tengan that died

>Junko isn't the mastermind she's fucking dead Jesus Christ

Fucker, beat me to it.

Naegi is going to stab Animator, right? He was giving the manlet the death eyes at the end of last episode.

How would you translate Munakata's final lines to Juzo? Does "I never manage to make it in time." cut the mustard?

How would you feel if it's actually that pt. 3?

How does the despair feel, user?

Thank you, my friend! It was difficult finding the right clips to use, and the song wound up being shorter than I had remembered, so I found myself not having enough time to use all of the clips I wanted to. But the climax is the most important part and I needed to make sure I fit it all in, and I think it turned out pretty okay!

Before I realized I wouldn't have time I was going to put pic related in the end but I'm glad I didn't, as it would have spoiled the emotion, I believe.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, my friend!

I half expected juzo to come back to life for a few seconds and forgive munakata

Knowing I'll never be known as "the funny guy" really hurts me, but I won't lose hope!

I like "I'm always too late."

You are just seeing things.
He looked like that in most of DR3.

If Future ends with a manlet knife fight between Naegi and Ryota I will forgive Kodaka for everything that's happened in this anime.

Why are nerds(Chihiro, Nanami, Ryota) so cute in this franchise?

>sell us
Aside from people who are for very little reason pissed that brainwashing happens in fiction, it's pretty much all wrapped up now. The Future Foundation's leadership met an ignoble and gruesome end, they have finally escaped the building and can resume, with great difficulty, an attempt at fixing the world, and since the only potential mastermind could have been Tengan with assistance by Chisa and possibly Mitarai, it's all cleanly understood. The only remaining questions are who the hell is calling Naegi, what are they going to do now, what was Mitarai's involvement if any, and what happened at Jabberwock?

I'm 110% sure this anime will end in a manner that segues directly into V3, so I'm not sure exactly what kind of explosive thing will happen next week.

Not just some lever, a lever in a room she literally ran away from instead of looking inside.

>yfw Ryota shoots Naegi with Yoi's gun

Eh, Tengan was shady from the beginning, and we always knew he had dropped a bomb at Katana
Plus, complaining about the Tengan reveal before the show even confirms it is really jumping the gun
This one is bad, but at least Future didn't hang on to it for too long.
Despair arc lacked too many things. Everyone acting retarded in the later episodes didn't help. Also, Izuru might be the most underwhelming character in the universe.
It had meaning because it served a purpose in the end. Plus, it helped establish that Naegi's ideals could withstand tragedy.
Not much to say about this. At least she wasn't on for long.
Same, he mostly just tailed people in Future and barely showed up in Despair
I couldn't enjoy despair because other than the gun thing I found it dull, uninteresting and the way class 77 got shafted also pissed me off.
Future I find had many good things, but with a recoil that gave us Monaca being pointless and Ryouta pissing me off, among other annoyances.

Not even a fujoshit but I do want Juzo to get his happy ending with his bro.
What have the Juzoboys done to me ?

I just want to go see him fuck bitches and beat shit up. Hope he's already fucked Mikan.

You were unwise to lower your weapon.

listen here you fucking fag you think you're so witty and clever dont you

lets make a gentleman's agreement right now, if tengan is the mastermind I will go out and buy a bull's penis and post pics of eating it, and if tengan is not the mastermind then you must do the same.

put your money where your mouth is

They just are. I guess that Witch is gonna be a qt 3.14.

The last sense to go before you die is your hearing. So I like to think he at least heard him, even though he couldn't respond.

>tfw final episode is delayed and won't air next week


That would be great.
Anyway, Ryouta is the one that has the gun right? Nobody else can have it.


>Ryouta is the one that has the gun right
wait, what?


I really just wanna know why, in the first time in danganronpa history, the blood is actually red in Future arc...

As I said, god bless you my friend! God bless you. It definitely turned out okay. it turned out great even!

The only other people who went into that room are dead as shit now, and I doubt they'd show Yoi finding that gun if they didn't plan anything for it.

So yeah, he has to have it.

literally for the ketchup prank

Kirigiri lives. Thanks to Juzo.

The pills she took wasn't for the poison, but were for the sleeping agent in the bracelet.
When she woke up, then faked her death by taking sleeping pills.
Since she didn't "pass the time limit" yet (she was still sleeping), the bracelet didn't poison her.
Remember that Kirigiri's NG-tune is the only one we haven't heard on-screen yet.
And since our boy Juzo broke the bracelets, Kirigiri can safely wake up in the next episode.

this level of delusion is making me despair

Cure W is related to seiko being able to eat candy, only retards think it's an anti-venom.

I'm just assuming.
Someone has to have that gun.
And we know that Yuu and Neagi don't have it.

So you think he smiled after his eyes closed, when he heard Munakata approaching?

So Monaca could pull the ketchup prank and the NG code victims would have the monokuma red eye.

Tengan masterminded what had happened, but died along the way. I'm pretty sure he realized he couldn't survive in there the second he started shit-talking Munakata, so he just pushed him inch by inch until he made irrational decisions and lost it.

How would you respond?

The amount of exposure this one-use sprite has gotten in insane.

Because every other time we saw the blood it was a recording or a simulation and being censored.

Please don't further break my heart.

Sleep well, sweet prince.

He's also the only one mentally unstable enough to actually shoot someone. Dude was freaking out yelling about Junko stealing his animes even before dead people started phoning him.

So it wasn't pic related?

Nice find user.

Hajimemes are the best thing to come out of DR2

>Rewatched a friend play the game
>This sprite shows up literally fucking once, and only during a segment at the very end of the game, before vanishing forever, within a warped vision of his idealized psyche

I would begin to furiously lick them of course.

W-wait... you are joking right!? RIGHT!?

Indeed, personally I believe you nailed the clip selection and editing. Specially the beginning and, as you mentioned, the climax/finale.

And now I the feels are stuck once again in my throat. Honestly: thank you for doing this, brother!

I don't think that he is gonna shoot Neagi tho.
He is probably gonna shoot the Mastermind.

Now why would he do that to his waifu?
That's weird because when I faint, sight and hearing are usually the first things to go, or rather all sound just turns into loud ringing.


>Ryota doing anything to even slightly redeem himself after 20+ episodes of doing everything wrong and basically being the cause of everything terrible

Absolutely not.

You want what's best for him, and there's nothing in his world that would make him happier than that.

>about to shoot the mastermind
>Hajime shows up behind him
>who are you?
>it's jammed!..

Their strained relationship could've used a good fucking, that would've patched things right up.

He's better than Juzo.

Juzo also sold the world for being gay and get a time to shine.
And is not like Mitarai destroy the world on purpose

I was expecting that
This is why I'm called lucker

I want to lick the bottom of her feet and between her toes.

There's nuance in brainwashing techniques.
For despair, you need to use Miyazaki's movie style with despair message. Or using that as a filter on a live event to brainwash people.
For kill yourself video, you need monokuma theater so people's feelings are hurt and they would go kill themselves.
It's just that simple. Same thing in Zero too. But the anime haters just don't get it.
Why didn't Junko use them in DR1/2 because she got bored of it and just wanted hope to win so she would feel despair herself.

It's really all about Junko and what she thinks in the end.

I want lewds of this pair.

Why don't they exist yet?

You think Ruruka shoves candy up her cooter and makes Izayoi eat her out to eat the candy? Do you think she does the same but with her asshole?

>think Juzo is an unredeemable piece of shit
>finish watching episode 11
>literally cried after watching it
well then. looks like he really was crawling to safety.

have hope


So why even bother with "we win if Naegi falls into despair" when all it took was a couple minutes of the despair video?

Calling it now, Mitarai will snap and hold Naegi and Asahina hostage, Munakata will swoop in and save them before being killed, thus redeeming himself.

I'm not sure if it's the thought of this or the fact you used cooter that made me laugh so hard.

Dubs and Tengan will return in style like pic related


well that's not dying


I just want our boy to find peace.

fuck that noise. let me lick your loli feet bare, not with the shoes on.

So we all agree that Tengan is the original Izuru Kamukura correct? They did say former headmaster.

That + the mastermind being revealed and the DR2 survivors and the other two characters + Weedman and Togami can't happen in a 26 minutes EP.

my prediction is that tengan is too boring to be the mastermind

while I do think he is evil/warped in some way to build the underwater facility and push munakata to REVENGEANCE I don't think he's the mastermind as he's already dead and that would be an unsatisfying ending. he's also not built up enough as a character for him to fake his death and come back and have it be satisfying.

How many layers of luck are you even on right now

Shut up Mastermind. Izuru didn't save you to become next Ultimate Despair. You failed him. And failed Hajime too.

It was stated a long time ago in Despair that Mitarai's filming techniques help influence people's feelings by amplifying emotional and mental responses. You can't just erase someone's mind, you need to force them into a state of being before it amplifies it. Class 77 was in a state of despair at watching Chiaki get butchered, the brainwashing just cranked the despair up to 11.

If only.


Well just the guilt of Kirigiri dying because of him and breaking his promise to Sayaka to keep her safe seemed to be enough.

We've had 3 different dead people come back as AIs already.

Because he fucked up by letting Sayaka die and he's almost directly responsible (unwittingly) for Kirigiri's death.


that's all well and good the problem is that even if tengan comes back he doesn't have enough screentime to be made an interesting/good villain

That crazy son of a bitch really did plan this didn't he?

Chisa Yukizome is NOT a child killer! it's that fucking bitch Mukuro's fault, she's the shit waifu.

>sakakura writes steamy fanfics in his head but is too embarrassed to share them with anyone

Chisa "Out of the womb, into the tomb" Yukizome is innocent!

Hey. Stop. Don't do that.

"I'm always too late" as in, to act?

>Kirigiri tells Ryota not to check the secret room
>Kirigiri at this time knew the monitors were at the scene of every crime but didn't tell anyone
>Kirigiri could have gone in the secret room and saved everyone by shutting off the power then and there

Who do you think was Juzo's favorite DR1?

Screenshot to forever commemorate our boy Juzo


Yes. To act, react, realize.

He could relate

Saved, my friend!If you don't mind, in both my heart and my hard drive.

Sakura, Ishimaru.

What was Asahina's NG code? What was Ryota's?
What was the purpose of the killing game?
How is Tengan being the mastermind being theorized?

>Naegi with despair: I am growing stronger

Do you even watch the show?

Tengan is somehow Izuru Kamukura. Just watch. Also look at one of Izuru's (the original) and tell me that doesn't look like Tengan. Either that or he's his son or some shit.

It wasn't just the guilt, anyone that thinks they're only despairing at the things they see has the wrong idea, it quite literally fucks with your brain on a neurological level, you can't just willpower out of it.

Getting hit by a punch or a kick

Using his phone, maybe. Hasn't been revealed.

Speedwatcher, kill yourself.

Saved, brother! Much better than the one I took myself, appreciate it!

>Using his phone, maybe. Hasn't been revealed.
That'd actually make a lot of sense. Not like it ran out of batteries or anything.

She's dead. Why should I bother continuing to watch? It's just lame now.

Who is the mystery last survivor that's been around all this time?
Not Tengan cause the numbers were off before he died.

Hina's is getting kicked or punched. Ryota's we don't know.

We don't know the motivations of the mastermind yet.

Tengan is presumed to be the mastermind by Munakata because Tengan was the only one aside from Munakata who could have ordered the underwater base be built. Munakata could be lying.

She isn't dead, the survivor count as well as the Cure Water at the death scene support this.

What complicated motives Tengan has

She didn't know the breakers were there. Though she really should have checked.

Goddamnit we're going with this Aizen-tier shit, aren't we?

Then why is she not back yet? Seriously. Don't post things that would make me happy!

Please don't lust after Monaca, Naegi. Especially so soon after your waifu died.

I thought Mitarai's was revealed to be "surviving past 5 rounds" or something? It flashed by briefly in the ep where Munakata found all the NG rules.

The survivor count has been off since the very beginning
The counter was also counting Juzo

You should kill yourself, Kevin.

You know, Kirigiri is not for your taste.
She's not Sayaka

Nobody cares if you continue watching or not

her own fault for being too cool to check the room, now she has deaths on her hands

kodaka has to make the final episode interesting somehow.

perfect. thank you.

>the survivor count
The survivor count has always been one extra. Unless she lived and the mystery person died off screen, she is dead. Last week when it was up by 2 the second was Juzo.

Yeah, but they're both JUSTICE.

Nah, man. I got too much hope for that right now.

Weedman is gonna be the killer.

The counter always had an extra participant.

This episode was cool. Those monitors creeped me the fuck out from the very beginning. It saddens me that literally no one had to die in this huge mess.

Ruruka fucking tortured herself, she was already in intense emotional pain, whatever she say must've sent her over the top. Probably a Seiko and Izayoi guilt trip.

Sorry i didn't believe Juzobros, i'll cut my arm off to redeem myself.

It wasn't counting Juzo, Juzo chopped his hand off. mastermind had no way to track Juzo


>stopped the killing game
Motherfucker he got almost the entire world killed because he was gay. It was his fault there even was a killing game. Although Tengan stands on top of everything after all.
>yfw Junko never lied when she called FF World Enders and that the world got destroyed cause of them
>yfw Junko was just a pawn in everything

>Asahine is going to taste that Hope every day now

They are both cucks

The counter is a credits thing. That isn't an actual counter in the show the mastermind is watching retard.

With that logic robot Miaya wasn't counted too.
Also, The counter is not a real thing in the killing game is something for the viewers.

It's okay brother. I am just glad you have now seen the light of our boy. No need to any self mutilation!

But it's kinda strange how accurately it was changing from ep to ep.

>tfw I just realized both Mukuro and Snake are the ultimate soldier

Holy shit. Now I know why I love her so much.

Serious genuine question for the juzoboys. How did this even start? When Juzo beat up Hinata, right? Did that one guy just think it made a funny shitpost to leave in every thread, but gradually start liking him as time went by? I think everyone else started warming up to him largely BECAUSE of the pasta, and then his gradual character development as well.

It's just so weird because he was a completely unlikeable asshole for the first several episodes. Meme magic is really real.

They're adults now. You can't show underage bleeding dude.

No, it's not strange at all that a survivor counter would change every episode as the number of survivors changed. In fact that's the opposite of strange. Are you trying to win some stupidity award?

>Ultimate Therapist
>Could've talked everyone out of attacking each other
>Was the one person that died before the game started

Fucking Monaca was the reason everything went to shit.

user, You're dumb.

Not that hard to look up "J U Z O B O Y S" and sort by oldest.

>DR1 killing game had 6 survivors.
>SDR2 killing game had 5 survivors.
>DR3 killing game will have 4 survivors.
Does it mean DRV3 killing game will have only 3 survivors?

>They're adults now.
makoto is still a fucking manlet at 18?

>Kodaka's Greninja
>Not a jobber

>Juzoboys think _they_ stopped the killing game
Everything is going according to the mastermind's keikaku.

You think one more person is going to die next episode?

>literal piece of shit character with no development and "muh IF"
Whoever wrote that should be fucking lynched.

I really want to have nothing but lucc for the rest of my life.

Reminder if KODAKA and OKADA are both hacks.

>Student council killing game had 1 survivor

So DR3 game coming after DRV32?

He is around 21.
And yes there are Manlet adults, Is not really that weird in japan.

Kill yourself.

Best bear?

>everyone but Tengan was facing the camera or turned sideways
>only Tengan had his back turned
How did people not notice something?

I'll explain it to you!

I suspected him since episode 1 to become the character that'd get the redemption path. From there out I noticed his antics and I figured I could write a copypasta out of it. It ended with the Juzoboys. I started it after that episode yes, Episode 3 of Despair-hen. It wasn't made as a shitpost though.

I genuinely liked him since episode 1 due to his design, his VA and his antics. I just edited the copypasta after each and every episode and posted it in each thread, while making crops and OC for everyone who wanted something.

I had the slight suspicion that he'd walk the path of redemption. I just didn't expect it to be like this, my friend. It exceeded all expectations and I'm glad we managed to be so cordial and get such threads and such comradery over our boy, as he truely was a character that walked a great path in DR3. God bless each and every one of you and god bless our boy, my friends!

What the fuck, it's like he doesn't even remember the rule.
Did the writer just forget about it or something?

I mean more how did it go from an ironic shitpost about the (at the time) worst DR3 character to a genuine movement.

>Kodaka's Greninja


The game didn't end even after Juzo snapped Naegi out of his despairboner. It was rigged to continue indefinitely the whole time.

He was until it was revealed that it was Junko.

>I'm coming
Even in despair hypnosis he just wanted to be with his waifu(s).

>literally just another Junko personality

Will V3 finally save our bear from being tied to the worst character in the series?

Can someone help me figure out what all the girls here have in common besides Christmas?

No u, you Kevin-tier avatarfagging piece of human trash. Its what your waifu likes to be called, remember?

I hope we get new bears in v3

The killing game was set up by an asshole who doesn't care about rules or spreading despair and just wants everyone dead.

I'm a big fan of NaeGiri.
I played Danganronpa 1 in bad times for me.
This game consoled me.
Therefore, I strongly become attached to the characters. I lived with them as alive.
I was lonely, and they were like friends to me.

You could say that I fell in love with Kyoko.
Rather, I thought and still think of her and Makoto good pair.

Now I feeling FUCKING PAIN when I thinking about Kyoko's death.


Please, calm me!
Tell me, please, what hope is there.
Please, tell me, what are the arguments that Kyoko could still be alive.


People did speculate about that but after he died, that theory just died down.

>I hope we get new bears in v3

Bad art.

>implying the mastermind didn't plan for Juzo to shut down the game via the switches

Isn't that exactly why he wanted to destroy them though? The monitors are the reason why anyone dies during the sleeping cycle.

>Implyng it wasn't why the bracelet stop
Stopping the energy is not gonna made them stop unless they work by Wi-fi.

I'm still gonna say, counter is real thing though. Mastermind had to have a way to track every participant, since for some of NGs there is no way to program it without some sort of sentience monitoring them. Thus counter was also being changed by mastermind.

>Kevin-tier avatarfagging piece of human trash

Excuse me? Are you that Pekofag assblasted because his waifu is a jobber?

>Its what your waifu likes to be called, remember?
She's just a puppet in Junko's hand. Please, read IF.

anyone have the webm of Juzo dub telling Munakata to "go get um big guy"?

Slutiness. Also all of those have been canonically dicked.

Thanks for the explanation, juzobro! I also took him for The Togami type who you'd hate but would redeem himself and survive ;_; but I told myself I'd never like him or Munakata. Then I appreciated both for memes only, but this episode changed everything.

Thank you for your pasta, my friend. I will truly miss these threads.

The counter being real has nothing to do with tracking NG codes. Your post makes no sense.

>Not Mr CHAIRman

Izuru wasn't participant. He was observer, who was just defending himself, so it's no survivors there. And I don't count it, since there was no way to stop game prematurely, unlike other games.

But maybe it wasn't wake-up time yet, so it hasn't been determined to be over? Juzo was an exception since he cut it off.

How do all the shounen series get away with it?

Isn't he a little taller than DR1 though? has there been an official thing for his height since DR3?

>read IF
I have, and I regret it. Shit wasn't written by Kodaka, so its not even canon. The only canon thing is that Mukuro is a dog in heat for Junko trying to fucking kill her constantly. At least Juzo was a good dog.

It isn't, the Counter is clearly in the building in the OP.
There is not a counter in the anime.

Gekkobot didn't had a bracelet as seen in EP 8-9, Wasn't she counted? We have two extra people?

Likewise, my friend. I'm glad my explanation worked out and I'm glad we had the same thought!

This episode was tough and I'll miss each and every one of you as these threads were phenominal! ;_; F

There must be a way for mastermind to activate them, so I wouldn't put it past them.

>Junko's face when she reads this post.

>so its not even canon

Kodaka said he considers IF a plausible story. It's semi-canon.

Don't worry, everything's gonna happy. For me anyway, because my favorite's still alive.

I hope not. Monokuma without Junko behind him feels wrong and makes me genuinely uncomfortable. I don't want Junko back in V3, mind you, I just wish Monokuma could be retired with her (and his original VA) and get a new mascot for V3.

>Tell me, please, what hope is there.

Drae says that he grew 1CM. Guys stop growing after 21. So it makes sense to grew a little between DR1 and DRAE.

I'm not an avatarfag tho...

>able to determine if owner's shadow is stepped on
I wouldn't put it past this hack writing.

Alright guys I was busy dodging spoilers until the subs came out and now suddenly people talking about Chiakizuru. Where did that come from?
Or is that just some stupid idea like Kirijunko?

In my case, I don't really remember when I started following the threads, but sadly it was only after episode 2.

It only took one read of the pasta to win me over. Since I tend to be a lurker, it took a while to start reporting consistently and whenever I could. From there the trend caught on. I wanted to contribute more, so I did a couple of OC's/Crops/Edits.

I didn't like Juzo from the very, very start, mostly because I didn't knew what his motivations were at that point. But from the moment I realized he was a real bro, he quickly rose through my ranks. I believe it was clear to all of us that he would redeem himself for his actionss in some way, but this? This has indeed surprised me to no extent and I honestly felt his death, brother.

I'll miss these threads when the wild ride is over

There's the general in vg

Yes, you're Kevin. Just because you've forgotten that blue haired girl, doesn't mean we have too.

>Juzo supposedky cut his hand off with the sword that was sticking out of Chisa
A Jap katana would break 10 times before even reaching the bone if you tried using it like a knife. Plus, he can't swing it that hard, not so close and with one hand.

It won't be the same without new content being released.

Easy just swing your hand at the sword

Just like, backhand the katana really, really hard.

>literally 1cm
He's a big boy now.

>Munakata concluded that Tengan is the Mastermind

There's still V3

D-Don't know what you're talking about.

Have you seen this Mikan? She's cute.

>There's the general in vg
No thanks.

Aye, keep telling yourself that when you realize you're waifu has no character besides "muh Junko". Worst than Soda, even.

that what I was thinking. the wiki lists him as 5"7, which seems really generous, so it'd make sense he's still a manlet.
>general in vg
literal dogshit
stop posting anytime.

This ship has been sailing ever since DR2 game...

Nigger you're /drg/ tier of autism. Don't try to deny it.

If you read his post you'd realize he simply had no clue it was referring to the ship.

The Wiki is full of bullshit.
He is just 5"3.

How did Tengan send a text when he's dead?


Will they like my Mikan posts?

Automatic timed message

He's the Former Super High School Level Shitposter.

Not even death can stop his powers.

I think he means the people theorizing that Chiaki got turned into Izuru 2.

The same way Nagito started video playback, when he was already dead.

How does it feel to know that Mikan is worst girl and pushed everyone towards Despair of her own accord?

>He is just 5"3.
whoa, he's 5"3+1cm, dont be so rude.
>Will they like my Mikan posts?
they'll love them, go check it out. right now.

Alright fuck me I'm retarded. Thought people were referring to Tengan creating Izuru 2.0 out of her body.

>Naegi is holding Kyoko's hand
Well, Weedman picked that much.

When has Munakata ever been wrong? Joking aside though, he probably is since there's way too much pointing towards him setting up the game but he's not the one calling them at the end of the episode and probably dead.

Stay salty, Pekojobber. There's nothing wrong with "muh junko".

Some people are. That's literally the new Kirijunko theory, you're not wrong.

>There's nothing wrong with "muh junko".

Of couse they will, so how about you do us a favor and go to /drg/ and never come back?

Old man Tengan is a robot controlled by Monokuma.
Monokuma is still alive and built his own personality without Junko.

They'll love if you just kill yourself, my man.

What's wrong with wanting your imouto to be happy?

But people have been saying that ever since Tengan first died.

His fist can be detached on its own. His fist are currently remotely chasing the mastermind right now. He is SHSL Boxer after all.

Of course there is nothing wrong with "muh junko". The wrong part is that there is nothing more.

How is she worst girl? She was bullied non-stop and that led her to despair. The class shouldn't have bullied her so much.

Want me to post my favorite girl from DR1 then? I think she's a qt who smells nice.

Will do!

Nah, I can't do that yet.

Nah, I love it here tho.

Holy shit, who edited that, he's nowhere near that tall.

>tfw my Ghost Junko theory has finally been proven wrong second to last episode
Oh well. Lasted pretty long compared to other theories.

>nothing wrong with "muh junko"
So you admit you're shitty waifu has no character besides that, canonically?

Well, there is still room for Despair Chiaki mastermind theory, so I believe that's the longest lasting theory right now.

Good night, my friend! I need a bit of rest for the time being, stay strong!

>i love it here tho
Well we don't love you. Would Mikan approve of you bullying us with your presence?

There is. Read IF.


So I guess logic won't stop people from trying to desecrate the memories of the two best girls?

Am I weak for having lost hope last episode?

I think she would approve of me being here taking your abuse until you finally despair with me.

Admittedly DRAE says he's 5"4, but that's the highest I think he'll be, 5"7 is way too far off.

Kill yourself, Kevin. Everything you touch becomes shit.

I want a manga about what they did together during all this stuff too

Mikan was shit to begin with

>Read IF
Basically: "Muh Junko" casted me away, but I'll still give you Despair you wanted. If not by dying, then by casting you away in turn. So it's still just "Muh Junko"

Good night and rest well, brother! I too shall take a small rest for I got a test in a couple hours.

Where is Sonia

>can't edit the wiki and fix the height
Manlets! when will they ever learn?

Face it nigger, she's a hollow corpse of a character. Your "read IF" shit doesn't work when Kodaka said it might be possible just to satisfy faggots like you.

>So it's still just "Muh Junko"
It's not. Read again.

Tengan zangetsu


>yfw it was suicide all along
>yfw that reverse monokuma theater

Fucking traitor

Was that NISA that said that by chance? Because they fucked up the heights before. He's 161cm in AE, that's still 5'3".

Next week we'll get Mitarai shooting Naegi and Naegi screaming in pain and horror.

I can't wait.

I thought Monokuma Theater was already supposed to make you want to kill yourself?

>people have hope for V3 after the final big bad of the series has been revealed to be fucking Tengen
sasuga Cred Forums

Mikan a qt! A qt!

I bring gifts from Cred Forums the musical


Mitarai will redeem himself. Where are my Ryotaboys?

>Was that NISA that said that by chance?
pretty sure it was, as DRAE was translated by them, no?
fuck off to /vg/ already kevin

The bracelet didn't come off because of the levers. The bracelet came off because they won the killing game.

So do the RoD on the island just not do anything this series?

This is bad.

Looks like it. It's implied something happened though, as in episode 11 aren't the ships sailing away from the island, not towards?

it's Junko

Heavy, what are you saying? You're saying she was watching her Despair arc story as her suicide video? HEAVY, SPEAK TO ME.

I am really feeling the despair.

No, no, no. The first time he actually fucking does something should be something awful.

He has to fall so deep into being a useless shit even Mikan seems like a good character compared to him.

that's the joke

El Pato is a mexican idiot who takes lyrics and butchers them with his shitty singing. There's an actual good version of the song coming from a real actual singing user with an actual music video too.

Kirigiri's actually dead lads.
Pack it up, go back home.

One was sailing away, the rest were completely still.

Everything she does in DR1, DR3 and DRIF is for Junko. She doesn't do anything for herself. She's only "Muh Junko" and nothing more.

I know. I mean it's fucking real bad. This shit's making me despair and it's definitely not hip to be a despair.


Makoto's NG Code didn't lead to any sort of big dramatic scene where he had to save someone by running to them in time or some shit then. Sorta meaningless in hindsight really, since he always had someone to move him out of danger in the hallways and when the plot really needed him to run, they just stuck him in a non-hallway room.

He got his just desserts, honestly. Nevermind allowing Junko to kickstart The Tragedy over such a petty reason in the first place, he still didn't speak up after Jin went ahead with his "Protect Class 78" plan which included Junko in it, and we know that the FF were monitoring them even.

He had a nice little arc overall, but the fact that it was all over something so comparitively petty will always bug me.

It is. Runs through her entire internal monologue including the ending. She's using Hope as a method to bring Despair to her despair-seeking sister who she loves more than anyone or anything else in the world.

I knew Hajizuru was going to obliterate every single one of attackers offscreen.


This is a demo of only the first verse. A full version is being recorded in an actual sound studio on Saturday

Why didn't they just not look at the monitors?

See . It's not all about "muh junko". There's a far bigger reason. She loves Junko.

You really can tell that Juzofags are cancerous crossboarders.

Sorry fujoshits, but the rest of the thread can tell when you delusionally samefag about Juzo

I've liked him from the beginning because he's hot and his asshole antics were funny. I'm also attracted to displays of strength, so that added to the hot factor. The more bro he got though, the more amazing things became, and it was nice bonding with my fellow Juzoboys over him.

although I'm a girl

Haha like brainwashing is real, just close your eyes and walk away nigga like haha

Pulling the levers turned off the monitors
No monitors = winning the killing game

>although I'm a girl
yeah man I'm a girl too

it also has this cover art

yeah woman*

This, this faggot ruined everything in the first place. He wasn't even brainwashed, he was simply a dumb piece of shit.

Why did all of Chisa's development go to waste? What the fuck Kohacka?

I thought everyone is a girl? Even Juzo is a pure maiden in love

That's pretty good.

>either tengan or munakata would definitely know about a replica structure being built underneath the FF building
>kirigiri observed that tengan didn't seem worried during the sleep cycle, implying he knew he wouldn't die
>tengan knew about the suicide method since he technically told the truth to munakata
>he personally scouted mitarai, the one who knew brainwashing techniques
>mentioned another project that wasn't the kamukura project and heavily implied it was their current situation
>monokuma is a recording and feels more like an imitation of how he should act, doesn't fuck with the participants much at all
Face it, it's Tengan, he might have accomplices to pull the strings after his death but it isn't Junko, she would have given the game more flair than this.

If 47 MunakatAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH wins the Juzobowl

>mentioned another project that wasn't the kamukura project and heavily implied it was their current situation

It's dawned on me that it's been 3 years since the DR1 threads. I've enjoyed these threads so much and it makes me sad they'll be ending soon. Will it be another 3 years before DR gets to return to the only fun board to talk about it on?

If dubs, I win the Juzob owl

>She loves Junko
>literally the same as muh Junko

Remember what Monokuma said during the end of DR1?

How the fuck are they gonna conclude this with one Future episode left?

It's bizarrely popular, and kind of a runaway meme success.

anyone else notice the Eva references?

if dubs we're all winners

no shit
thats why it was delayed :^)

The Mastermind is Jin

Wait, now that I think about it, DR1's Monokumka woke up, but SDR2's Monokuma was just a program. DR1's Monokuma is the mastermind.



No user you are the Mastermind

Clutch reference


>buff and tanned
>same VA
>died after saving the day

Dude it was actually delayed? Sasuga Kodaka

The master of minds is me


I'm a girl too. One with a huge, feminine cock.

Kodaka was the mastermind all along.

I want to marry Hiyoko and raise a family with her!


The moment I realized I became a Juzoboy

Is it that bad to discuss it on /v or /vg?

>Monokuma was controlled by Tengan all along

During the confrontation with Munakata, basic gist was this.
T: You can't just end despair by wiping everything out in war, that's why we started this project.
M: The Kamukura Project?
T: That's a thing too (it's not as clear in English as it is in Japanese but he basically dodges the question, and his wording suggests it's a different thing, not sure how to phrase it in English).
If you read between the lines and take a look at all we know so far it's suggested that this game was FF's idea to create a new hope, going off of the 78th class's killing game as an example which ended with them banding together against the mastermind. The fact that they were having trouble standing out the last remnants even after Junko's death was brought up very early and has been mentioned a few times. Tengan is probably more like Komaeda than Junko.

Turn liquid black, so it can be shown to veiwers of all ages.

Isn't Seiko 5'2?

How fucking small is Ruruka?

>you will never find a bro who is as loyal to you as Juzo is
Why live ?

Tengan is Komaeda's father

>Mukuro wasn't in Makoto's hallucination

But the free time events...and IF!

COMPLETELY NOT CANON, HAHA. Where all my despairfriends anyway?

Don't remind me my friend, it's despair-inducing

>Ep 12
>Hajizuru roll up to FF
>"Sup Naegi" - Hajizuru
>roll credits

They killed Kirigiri?
Never gonna watch it then.

The threads on /vg/ are terrible and the Cred Forums threads are only alright around the time a new game comes out. Hell Cred Forums did DR threads better than Cred Forums even though the translation and anime both came out at the same time. Cred Forums flat out has the most fun DR threads.

I am one, pure maiden feelings and everything.

Give her that contract.

He really is. And I love that gap more.

What if,Junko is merely one of Tengan's puppet?

Your loss.

Thank you, brother

pretty gay

>no one will be that gay for you

I only know of bromances, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to full homo

Is she really dead?


if he survives im killing myself

>kirigiri holding makotobear

One of them had to die in order to remove the boring Mary Sue tags

Guys, I'm not ready for it to end
I'm not ready for these threads to end, they've been the most enjoyable thing about this season's SDR so far ;_;

Everyone knows at least one DR1 survivor had to go.

Why does anime ruin lives?

I mean, IF is an AU, why would he remember that. Just be happy they put in the scene where he pitied her for being a victim and made Kirigiri put her body back in storage out of respect in chapter 6.

>there's only one episode of Despair and one episode of Future left for everything
>my face when neither of them answer anything and DR3 ends on a cliffhanger leading to V3

Absolutely beautiful.

So, fellow Juzoboys, when did you first find our uncontrollable boy so based?
For me it has to be in Future 8 when he ripped that spear out of his shoulder and kicked that chair over.

>Tengan is one of the Remnants of Despair
>Tengan himself answered that he wasn't in an earlier episode when Munakata questioned him, and he wasn't killed by his NG code

Explain this to me.

Izuru is better punch him. I'm starting to feel it was Tengen who uploaded junko.exe to the NWP because Izuru literally does nothing.



>giving up hope at this point
Do you want to disappoint her like how Naegi did this episode by falling into despair?

That was Tengan's twin brother, Tengan is actually chilling out at the Despair Department(DD) texting Ryota.

>same jacket
>same shirt
>no hand
>one is gay, the other isn't or is he?
What does it mean?


>Izuru Kamukura 2.0 was literally Izuru Kamukura, who's now immortal

they're literally my two favourite characters

wtf I love amputees now?????

Brainwashing Video made with the talents of Animator and Analyst and repeatedly fine tuned and perfected over the years

He's not despair, he's doing this all for hope, see

This is all Mitarai's hope-inducing anime. The vision Hagakure prophesied was everyone leaving the cinema.

that was TenganBot

Fujoshits incapable of distinguishing between lust and friendship as usual.

red herring

Sorry but Munakata only cares about Naegi.

Only Naegi understands Munakata not some closet faggot.

>be Mexican
>violence and chaos are like air and dirt, it's everywhere
>decide to lock self up in fortified home
>play video games and anime all day so not to fall in to despair
>no contact with sun make him pale
>he turns so white he starts speaking English

Is he Mexico's hope?

Who else could the big bad of a despair based series than an old NTR man?

Making me real sad, we didn't deserve our boy.


He's not fat enough for that


>only one episode of Despair
dude what? theres 12 each.

I know its a funnyjunk link but i actually guessed the mastermind.
I feel proud of myself. i actually used logic and figured out a trope in the series to get it

Only 11 of Despair, last episode slot is a special with the voice actors and such.

>He doesn't know

The 12th episode of despair is a special with the seyuu.

>He thinks he was the only one

Also, how old are you? Honestly. You write like you're 16.

>You write like you're 16.
you do realize the there are fujoshits and neofags in here, right? that should tell you who you're talking too.

19 but im still pretty immature. I do wanna raise the second question of that post here. Has Danganronpa 3 foreshadowed the twist and plot of v3 yet?

shieeeeet, so a shit ending is pretty much confirmed unless we're getting 1 hour episodes or some shit then.

What? The funnyjunk link wasn't enough to confirm it? Have you learned nothing from this series?

Munakata is definitely going to do a heroic sacrifice.

There is no way he could be justified in surviving.

I don't know how, or against what, or any of that, but he is going to die for Makoto.

No because they're washing their hands of all the ongoing plot threads with the anime. The only thing v3 has in common is the basic system and Monobear mascot.

I know that's what was said, but every entry in the series has foreshadowed the plot and twist of the next. Its in there as often as monokuma and is part of the basic system

That will make Juzo's sacrifice pointless. I doubt Kodaka will do that.

Except sacrifices are meaningless in this anime.

Candyslut's bf sacrificed himself for his gf

Fedora sacrificed his life for Kirigiri.

>there's only two characters with an ahoge

>anyone but Junko and Ryota

>"hey kid how'd you make it that good?"
>I, like, brainwash people a bit?
>" ]:^))))))) "

The difference was that 1 and 2 took place with students from the same school and AE used a main character's little sister. V3 has a new setting and no returning cast (remember that 2 teased fat togami before release, I haven't seen anything like that for v3). They even said it's unconnected to the previous games. Also, if anyone told you they said that about the previous games so don't trust them, they were wrong, all they ever said was that they could be enjoyed as a standalone too.

Danganronpa 3 is a bit of a mess, but you have to agree the idea is neat.
Having two story arcs, one in the past and one at the end of the series, being innately tied together did help tell a larger story.
I do wish though, things hadn't been so rushed for the lesser stories. We might have gotten something epic.

Also anyone else find it hilarious we finally saw the exact moment after the end of the first game we got cock blocked on, after three whole games, and a ton of light novels and similar material?
Maybe if they had like 16 episode apiece everything could have been fleshed out better.

If Ryota says that Junk stole his animation techniques, I wonder who actually made the videos (if he didn't make them himself). He was pretty quick to accuse her there, but then again not a lot of people have watched him making anime.

No. he needs to live on for Juzo's memory. He has sins to make up for an live with.

It'd be nice if they embraced in heaven, but Chisa would be there and make it a group hug

Im not saying the characters return, or the story is connected. But im just saying theres probasbly gonna be a passby hint that goes over everyones head that gives the story about 3 away. Like maybe saying the ultimate despairs really didnt all kill themselves. I mean the head of the FF was the one who said everyone except the ROD killed themselves. Maybe they create the prison. They arent connected in the story so they would be new characters too

Ahoge's are stupid

I don't think Yukizome's gonna be up there after everything that happened and I have my doubts about Munakata despite his intentions.

Holy shit fuck off
This is the worst post I've ever seen on this site.

I don't think you realize the joke you just made

It's dangan ronpa, everyone goes to heaven unless they're junko tier.

Everyone in DR becomes a ghost or butter, rip mondo

delete your life

I love it

Not worthy enough to be in my DR NSFW folder.

>no Sonia

Tengan probably saw them, as ryota had to prove he was a shsl animator. Did he check out all the promising applicants?

How much would Junko orgasm at this sight.