Danganronpa 3

Don't say Chiaki's going to become Chiakizuru! Don't say Chiakizuru will be brainhacked into becoming Junko!

How can you be so mean to her even now?

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Hope is overrated.

Junko is love

1st for survivor counter thought Juzu was dead

mitarai dindu nuffin

what was Ryota's NG code?

kirigiri is dead but i still am holding out delusional hope that she will be back.

Hack writing. Hack anime. Hack ratings

Mitarai version when?

It would have to think giri is dead too since her NG went off.

It is literally inpossible for Danganronpa 3 to have a satisfying ending with only two episodes left. There will be more unresolved plot points than before it was made.

>Asahina "Breast Breastfeeder of the Year" Aoi
>Asahina "Willing Willy Winner" Aoi
>Asahina "Pound and Round Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri's Barren and Dead; I'm Not" Aoi
>Asahina "Polishing Naegi's Pole in Water Polo" Aoi
>Asahina "Take My Brown to Pound Town" Aoi
>Asahina "Safe Sex I Can't Respect" Aoi
>Asahina "Lay Me and Spray Me Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "Ultimate Lucky Student's Amusement" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto's My Seed Steed" Aoi
>Asahina "Ready, Willing, and Able for the Stable" Aoi
>Asahina "Graft Your Shaft In Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Love Fits Like A Glove" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Is So Dreary, Makoto's My Dearie" Aoi
>Asahina "Spunk Bunk Dunker" Aoi
>Asahina "These Titanic Tits Can Sink Any Ship" Aoi
>Asahina "Body Like a Pear, Womb Like A Mare" Aoi
>Asahina "May The Swiftest 'Swimmer' Win" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Sow Waiting to Get Plowed" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Can't Get Ploughed Now That I'm Naegi's Ho" Aoi
>Asahina "Dead Girls Can't Swirl Naegi's Pearls" Aoi
>Asahina "No More Class, Only My Ass" Aoi
>Asahina "Broodmother For Naegi To Smother" Aoi
>Asahina "One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana, Four!" Aoi
>Asahina "Women Are From Venus, But I Desire Naegi's Penis" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Was Too Slow, Now I'm His Beau" Aoi
>Asahina "I Make Makoto Stiffer Than Kyoko's Rigor Mortis" Aoi
>Asahina "Nut My Donut Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "She's Six Feet Under While He's Six Inches In Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Bought The Farm, We Bought A Home" Aoi
>Asahina "She Went To A Better Place, But Naegi Went To A Better Face" Aoi
>Asahina "She Shuffled Off Her Mortal Coils, But He's Getting Spoiled" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Turned Up Her Toes But Makoto's Turning Me On" Aoi
>Asahina "Detective Paid The Ultimate Price, I Didn't Pay A Dime" Aoi
>Asahina "She Met The Grim Reaper So I Can Be The Creeper" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Going Home In A Box While I'm Getting Off Naegi's Rocks" Aoi
>Asahina "She Met A Sticky End And Now Naegi's My Boyfriend" Aoi
>Asahina "Pegged Out So He Can Eat Me Out" Aoi

Don't act like a pussy.


How can you call yourself a Juzoboy when you won't even buy his statue?

Tengan can't be mastermind because there's still the 16th

>Asahina "She's Outta Luck, I'm In My Prime" Aoi
>Asahina "She Bit The Dust, He's In My Muff" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Beyond The Grave, But Naegi Can't Behave" Aoi
>Asahina "Her Last Breath Made His Take Mine Away" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Down Kirigiri So You Can Take Me Around" Aoi
>Asahina "I'm Carrying Him So He Can Mount Me Later" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Rode The Pale Horse So Makoto Can't Divorce" Aoi
>Asahina "She Wasn't Long For This World, A Shame She Never Saw His Schlong" Aoi
>Asahina "Killed In Action And Now I Give Him True Satisfaction" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Kicked The Bucket So I Could Fuck It" Aoi
>Asahina "Going West Made Him Obsessed" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Her In A Box So Naegi Can Stuff Mine" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Food For The Worms While I Get All Naegi's Sperm" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Put Her To The Sword And Made Himself My Lord" Aoi
>Asahina "She Was Infertile And I Was Worthwhile" Aoi
>Asahina "Scarred Hands Couldn't Stroke His Glans" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Made Her Dead As A Doornail And Now He's my Male" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was Bored To Death By Her, So I Became The Best For Sure" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Signed Her Death Warrant, I Signed Our Marriage License" Aoi
>Asahina "Death And Taxes Don't Matter When You're Attractive" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto Gave Kyoko A Death Blow, Now I'm On His Lap Giving A Show" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was A Labor Of Love And Now I'm Going Through Labor Too" Aoi
>Asahina "No Love Lost Between Them, But I'm Gonna Make Him Come" Aoi
>Asahina "Whom The Gods Love Die Young, But That Doesn't Matter When He's Hung" Aoi
>Asahina "All's Fair in Love And War While Naegi's Shoves Make Me Sore" Aoi
>Asahina "all these nuts make make me doughy" Aoi

I mean literally the only thing she did was lead her class to her execution. They have to do SOMETHING with her. Though Chiakizuru is an extremely retarded idea.

>juzo and munakata didn't kiss

no, Tengan is the mastermind
the guy who died was his twin brother

So now that we know the brainwashing videos trigger past trauma and amplifies it to the point of insanity, what do you think each member of UD saw?

Kirijunko or a bust Makato just gotta hope the despair outta her

What if we get a special episode that shows how the Final Killing Game would have gone with the real Miaya?

Being the ultimate therapist, could she have talked down Munakatana and ended his rampage a little earlier, instead of fighting to the death?

So, he died at the end of today's episode?

The only problem with the episode is that Juzo was alive
yes he was redeemed and helped greatly
but its still bullshit he was alive after persona stabbed him

I can't fucking find it anywhere.
Picked up the wallscroll and postcard for my special spot when I do find one though.

Let's erect a bronze statue of Juzo and call him the Ultimate Hope


they saw chiaki's death

that was their despair

Bracelet was already off by then.

their past trauma that was explained in SDR2 that the anime completely ignored in favor of mind hack

Isn't that a prize figure? It's not on AmiAmi
I wish I could buy it so I can make a mini-shrine with other Juzo merch

I can accept the fact that Aoi won the Naegibowl, but can you please stop spamming this shit? It was bad enough the Chisafags were doing it.

>I mean literally the only thing she did was lead her class to her execution.

That was the thing her character was created to do, though. She doesn't have to do anything else.

she'd get Juzo to confess his Gay feelings for Munakata and they'll live happy ever after

>you will never save Nanami when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Nanami', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there even to HOPE for anymore?

I'm pretty sure that was only the mindhack suicide videos.

It's been explained tons of times.
Tengan survived a fucking rebar through his body and even attacked afterword, was able to talk after getting his neck opened up.
If you're still dumb enough to apply real world shit to anime then I don't know what to tell you.

That's not how it worked for them. They just saw Chiaki dying and that was it for them.

>>Asahina "These Titanic Tits Can Sink Any Ship" Aoi
This is my favorite

>Miaya couldve saved our boy
>She was dead before the series even started

what a shame

i dont know as long as giri isnt brought back its pretty easy to wrap this up in 2 episodes

in despair we get to see tengan's motivations and goals, likley that he was junko's relative that let her into the school. episode 12 of future is the final confrontation with him likley mitarai and munakata dying. Maybe a short epilogue

if giri is alive however, yeah full on trainwreck that along would take up a 3rd of the episode.

Chiaki getting fucking murdered. The live stream was just pushed through some filters, while what FF was facing in Future was the finished product, something that triggers despair without requiring something despair inducing to be on the screen. Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday simply acts as a mental trigger while the victim generates their own despair due to it

This anime has been FULL of bullshit. No point in singling out one instance of it.

DR3 If will be a novel included in DRV3 as a reward for beating the game.

>Chisa probably saw her pre-despair self slipping away and Munakata finally abandoning her
>Seiko probably saw every member of the FF dead and accusing her of being unable to save them
>Ruruka probably saw Seiko and Izayoi turning on her for what she did and leaving her to die alone

Wonder what Gozu saw.

"Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday." It was a nod to the song called Gloomy Sunday or otherwise known as Hungarian Suicide Song. The song apparently made people who listened to it commit suicide. What's even more incredible is that in the song the main character wants to commit suicide due to their lover's death!

Except Junko baited her by mocking her belief in miracles, and we know that the place where Chiaki died is one of the best places to be if you needed emergency medical treatment.

Please everyone refrain from bullying Chiaki. She doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.

After everything they've shown in this shitshow of an anime that's what you focus on?

Never stop spamming this, user.

It's your right as a fan of the winner.

tfw listening to lewd Suwabe audio and not even turned on, just crying for our boy.

I don't want her to be a one-note character.

People in Danganronpa are very resilient to injuries sustained when they are onscreen at the time.

She's dead. Just accept that Zetsobou-hen only exists to suck off Junko and clue is in on some certain things that happen in Mirai. Chiaki's character has no other real use.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

It went off but she didn't die. So it's still around her wrist

Juzu's severed hand doesn't have blood pumping to it

What's the moral of her story anyway?

>making friends will get you killed
>better to play videogames alone

If Chiaki got what she deserved she'd have so much Hajime dick and a bunch of normal babies.

Shut up you fucking slut you're not even a virgin

I bet Junko was the first "Namukura Project" prototype, inferior to Izuru.

Why does Tengan wants to fill the world with despair?

case in point: nanami

What's the most retarded yet somewhat believable thing Kodaka could do with the last episode that would ruin the anime for you?

You are so pitifully wrong it's not even funny.


The video triggered his one weakness.

Let Hope win

I'm betting Tengan is a deluded hopefag like komaeda

I'm prepared for anything and I don't think there's an ending that can sour me on the series now that I made it this far.

How long do you think you could last in bed with your waifu?

Yes. Just like Mitarai teaches you that it's better to ignore your health and stay alone than rely on someone elses' kindness.

Hotglue when?

His wounds got cauterized, it was all daijobu

Not showing class 77.

Kirigiri is really lewd

Mukuro seems like she'd be a dead fish, but I'm a premature ejaculator anyway, so not that long.

Nothing. I really think every possible ending has been theorized by now so I'm accustomed to all of them.

an hour and 5 seconds

>but can you please stop spamming this shit?
Is that a question? Because if it is, I might have to answer it.
Another thing, the Aoipasta spam poster isn't a single person. In a way, you could say we are all Aoipasta spam posters

So which did MIND HACC better?

Son of a bitch...
You'd be right.

All of them are inside new world program, they are there to increase their capacity to spread hope to the world.

Well, too bad. That's what she'll be.

I'm wrong for thinking that a character literally only created to serve one purpose will serve more than that purpose?

Chiaki only existed in Zetsobou-hen so her death could be used to brainwash her classmates in to despair. She won't serve any other particular purpose than that.



Good luck finding it anywhere.

Oh come on. She has emotions!

Why does Ishimaru wear a diaper?

>golly I hope no one flips this breaker and beats my game

>never see Juzo's underwear
Oh god DR3 being an anime was a mistake.

I heard that the final episode is going to be 50 minutes, is this true?

That's true though, I only posted it in this and the last thread. Niggas have good taste already

They're supposed to be briefs like Nekomaru

>implying Tengan being the mastermind isn't a red herring
>implying that even if he is the one that organized everything it wouldn't just be because he was brainwashed by the real mastermind too

>he thinks Miaya is dead

Swear some of you fags are slow to catch on. She's been pulling the strings this entire time with Monaca being her subordinate.

there is literally no reason any of them would flip the breakers

So what the fuck are the DR2 guys going to do?

No. I'm not saying she's not dead, but that there's still potential to be explored with her character, particularly considering the place that she's in. But you're the same spammer who will never change his sorry tune, so there's no point in wasting time on you.

>Izuru saved Chiaki
>she's left comatose and Junko put her personality in Chiaki like she wanted to do to the rest of Class 77

It better be

The one time he failed to be a bro, which haunted him his whole life. He decided he'd rather kill himself than fail being somebody else's pillar again.

Chiaki being real was a serious mistake.

Junko knows how to manipulate her emotions though.

There's also the possibility of her just freezing up completely due to spaghetti nerves

This scene was actually pretty spooky reminded me of when Dangan Ronpa was good can we get more of this in V3 please, Kodaka? Please don't fuck up this new direction.

Was anyone else spooked?

No, that's what people hope it is because otherwise it's going to be rushed shit. Others hope that they use the last Despair episode and the bonus Despair Special for more Future arc footage.

We'll know if they stop cockteasing us for like half the damn season

Hajizuru and Makoto will combine to create the Ultimate Plot Device

>Mukuro enjoying the bath
See? Junko is a filthy fucking liar slut. Mukuro really likes to be clean!

or just make her izuru 2.0

Bandai not being the mastermind.

In Mirai? Show up. In Zetsubou? Pretend like they're normal.

>Aoipasta MINDHACC
>Jut a monitor focusing on them Hinas bouncing around while she carries the hopelet

>in a complex completely submerged underwater
>lmao better start fucking with the circuit breaker what could go wrong

Why not both?

They even made Mondo butter. IDK how the fuck do you turn a person into butter.

>Both Juzo and Mitarai were mad/jealous of Naegi cause he wasn't bitches like them who submitted to Junko

Show up to do what?

Mitarai becomes true ultimate hope, possibly as a result of other, vastly superior characters, jobbing and/or dying.

Who is Izuru 2.0 and why is it Ryota?

I really don't know if I like her portrayal in Zetsubou or not.

actual question, why do people hate gunboy?
and why is detective girl dead?

The last despair episode is a "special" because it's both a Future and Despair episode.


>Naegi falls to despair in like 5 seconds and would have killed himself had his luck not factored in

>it's literally a video that makes you kill yourself
Didn't they already do that with the despair novel in the togami LNs?

>Stops Munakata just before he meets Juzo again and "You know why"s him
>The two meet up with Juzo
>Juzo can't tell Munakata what he wanted to tell him with Miaya there

But then how does it go from there?
Would Ruruka still stay out of sight and alone, or join up with them?
Would Naegi's group going through Kirigiri's notebook and learning the truth a few minutes earlier change anything?
Would Juzo still cut off his hand to try and find the mastermind?
Who would be the last suicide victim?

I was expecting Celeste to get hit by a truck right after that

Reminder that once Juzo cut off his wristband, he no longer counted as a participant.

Our girl Kirigiri is still alive boys!

I mean... Junko shouldn't be in the room while you're sticking it in Mukuro, but okay.

Is it possible to freeze up during sex?

How did the Manlet inspire such jealousy? You would think they'd be happy Junko got crushed

Why did he go to tie himself up anyway? They literally established already that his luck would just get him out of his bindings.

Trucks don't exist in the hellscape that is Makoto's mind.

That's something I pray for with all my heart, because it'd add much needed time to the end of Future.

If anyone cares. I got over the despair and fapped again today.

I edge for hours so hopefully a while. It depends if I can put practice into practical use.

Yeah, Naegi's brainwashing was scary. The V3 kids are trapped like in DR1, so expect a similar atmosphere.



She's still alive, Kiriboys!

>It's okay if Komaeda does it
Why can't people just accept the LUCC

>hey bro the Junko kid is innocent
>hey bro kill your most loyal subordinate he's despair

What the fuck is wrong with Munakata

Tengan is a despair/hopefag who planted Junko and Mukuro (Ultimate Brain and Ultimate Brawn) to fill the world with despair or some dumb goal. He was behind everything all along, and wanted to chase the perfect talent/hope/despair Izuru Kamakura. Also he is Izuru 2.0.

He then effortlessly stops the DR2s coming to help with his bullshit ultimate talents. He's captured Togami, which also leaves Komaru and Toko / Warriors of hope helpless. Also kirigiri remains dead. Chisa was his second-in-command, and he sacrificed her to give himself more despair, because why not reuse plot points. Either that or to straight up piss Munakata off.

He hates HATES Naegi and hoped that Munakata and Naegi would have finished each other off but instead they found too much hope. So now he resorts to a straight up CHOOOSE moment. He'll kill the remaining survivors one by one until either Naegi or Munakata kills themself (see OP where they both have gun pointed to their own heads). Mitarai dies first of course. Instead Munakata sacrifices in some way and Naegi lucks out and lives again. Well time to rebuild the future foundation. No epilogue.

In other words, something completely generic and empty.

Yes, people called it retarded then, people call this retarded now.

post >yfw Juzo shows up alive and saves Naegi

Nothing, of course. They're just going to show up.

lol gay

I'm pretty sure that Kodaka just has a hat full of terms that he draws out of to see where the plot goes

>I mean... Junko shouldn't be in the room while you're sticking it in Mukuro, but okay.

Are you sure? I think there's a greater chance for survival if Junko's in the room.

can we just admit how retarded the despair scenes are in both shows?

DRV3 has the worst designs

He was literally churned.

I keep seeing these Celestia images, where are they from


Why does dead Juzo look so cute?

Why leave Jabberwock?

the question was "what would ruin it for me"

Luck is the most overpowered talent in Danganronpa

Jin was the first principal to suggest they try finding lucky students, so I guess he isnt all that dumb

Please, she's too pure to be that evil.

Shes just confused on what to do if it isnt killing people

Who /dresseslikehopeman/ here?

Or at least try to look like him


What the V3´s plot will be about?

Let's face it, like it or not, she's coming back for the big finale.
The real question is, how will it happen?

>an hour left in the entirety of danganronpa: hope's peak
>waste it on gay men thinking about each other
So little shit actually happened this episode.

>We get some time with class 78
>Junko is nice to everyone and has a blast with the others everyday
>Treats Leon like shit, and he doesn't even know why.
Or hell, considering how she yearns for despair so bad, maybe she had a crush on him, I don't know. Fact is, his execution is pretty hardcore

I was spooked by Ishimaru's eyes mostly.

I thought the same thing, but they're actually alright once you see the actual sprite rather than the neutral bodyshot.

What are you asking?

I was so fucking happy

Why's Ohwada so lewd

Luck is always OP in any situation where luck gets to be a factor.

What would Asahina see in her despair video?

Reasons for Chiakizuru:
Tengan is the main key here. Aside from what happened this episode, when he talked to Munakata about the Kamukura project, he talked rather cagily, wanting to "protect it", and we know from his "I guess you could say everyone is the attacker" his idea of a lie was pretty different from what most people would assume. It's possible that what he meant there was a second Kamukura project, one presumably meant to iron out the issues the first one had.

In addition to this, there's what Junko herself said about Hajime in SDR2. She called him "Izuru 1.0", and that in and of itself implies the possibility that there was somebody even greater than he, somebody who could be Izuru 2.0.

Junko mocked Chiaki for believing in the possibility of a miracle, yet as we all know, Chiaki's secondary talent seems to be "miracle-enabler", something that's even more ridiculous than Nagito or Naegi's luck. We know that she's right in the one area that she could actually be saved in - the Kamukura Izuru facilities, which are presumably stocked to the brim with all sorts of medical equipment to account for any possible issues that the subject might have dealt with.

Finally, there's the issue of "For the final climactic confrontation, how does Junko become a credible threat with Hajizuru around?" We know that she has no chance whatsoever of beating him, and she already got pummeled by him in SDR2, so any chance of playing mindgames with him is null so long as she's at her current threat level. One way of getting around this is by having her follow through on what she said she'd do in SDR2 and hijack somebody's body with her AI. In this case, it would be Chiakizuru. Somebody to fuck with Hajizuru on a fundamental level and who could also defend herself in a pinch.

Plus, hey, let's be honest, who doesn't want to see everyone's "favorite" Gyaru bully and torment Chiaki some more by parading around in her body and doing whatever the hell she wants with it?

Hahahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Brainwashing Real Hahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

>43 bucks
i'm tempted

>Are the reserve course kids angry because their funding went into a shady project
>some of them are but they're mostly brainwashed!
>Could the attacker be everyone given a motive by the monitor?
>Lol! Brainwashing, they kill themselves!
>Why did the DR2 kids join Junko instead of getting revenge on her for killing their friend?

It's nice to see Cred Forums aren't complete Kodakacucks and call him out on being Japanese George Lucas.

I've been looking everywhere for him but can't find him.
Munakata's prize figure is already going for like 12k JPY on yahoo auctions.
Juzo is gonna be even more expensive after this week's episode.

Uneaten donuts being wasted

A world without Donuts and everyone she loves and cares about deader than dead.

What did you fap to?

What the fuck

From a very dark place.

>it was luck that freed Naegi from the rope
>it was luck that saved Naegi

I'm glad they showed off Naegi's LUCC

Kirigiri and Naegi fucking


16 students are trapped in a prison and are told the only way out is to get away with murder

along the way, they find out their situation is part of some grand scheme laid out by the mastermind, who they also discover is one of the 16 students

How do the prize figures work exactly? Prizes for what?

I'll never forget you, Juzo. I will always be a Juzoboy.


Character limit, but I should add that I'm not saying this is a certainty, not by any means, I'm merely bringing up some of the reasons people (like me) cite.

Why was Ishimaru so buff? Does a hall monitor need muscle?

He's a textbook lunatic.

Order versus Freedom.
Cats versus Dogs
Pokemon Red versus Pokemon Blue
Just for the love of god, abandon the hope versus despair shtick.

I kinda want Chiakizuru because that would mean she's alive. Even if Junko is parading in her body, Chiaki can still be saved with the power of love and hope.

It would also serve as Junko's true ultimate punishment. Being forced to watch how all of her supposed pawns who were supposed to soread despair are sowing the seeds to a new world and being unable to kill herself at this point is the only viable punishment we have.

I will.

Tell me guys, what will you HOPE for last eps? Only 1 or 2 left

He needs muscle to beat the shit out of misbehaving Hall Runners

She'd probably just get off to that.

I mean both suck total ass. Danganronpa did mindhacc better, though. It's established earlier in the story and actually serves a point that isn't a convenient out to explain how Delta knew about SHITTERS and the 8 BILLION.

>you will never get a best girl who hates everything to fall for you.

Cant wait for this sleeping beauty to wake.

Something about her being unable to save her brother. Also sauce

Getting real tired of this, put the gun down

How are you ever going to get to fuck the real Mukuro if she's around Junko?

That Sonia dies

This anime is so mindnumbingly fucking stupid that it's honestly entertaining. Like how do you look at "a despair video makes whoever it watches kill themselves and make it look like the attacker did it" and not go "okay wait a minute, this is pretty dumb, why don't I go and write something that isn't completely retarded"



I feel bad for Chisa. Chisa had been despair for years but Juzo never was. Munakata will always have the same fond memories of Juzo but he'll likely always wonder when Chisa was telling the truth and when she wasn't.
Juzo got to say goodbye to Munakata in his own way, and Munakata ran to be at his side seconds after he died. I just think with the order of events, Munakata's memories of Juzo might be stronger than his memories of Chisa in the end.

How did Chihiro fit that dick in his boipussy?

Souda, please.


Staying on an island all the time must be boring.

Fucking show something already, no more gay ass battleships.

Hajime kicking ass
Return of Chiaki AI
Return of Kirigiri
Togami doing at least one awesome thing, Hagakure doing at least one useful thing
Most remaining people live
UDG characters show up again
Happy epilogue, no sequel hook

He doesn't like games or anime, so he gets /fit/.


I like to take my time when eating my strawberry. I'd whisper in her ear how adorable her freckles are when she blushes.

>post yfw the rides will end next week

Those look like shit. The buyfags would disapprove

Pretty sure she'd be fine with that.

I want Saionji to stomp on my disgusting thing

I want full-on Arkham Knight ending. Junko being forgotten and left to rot.

Is there any HOPE that can overcome the full powered despair video? Naegi barely even contested even with Kirigiri's last words fresh and having saved punished Munakata.


Just Miaya.

>no sequel hook
Now our children are trapped in a game much like what we experienced back then SEE MORE IN DRV3 :^^^^^^))))

>had his luck not factored in
No shit, his luck is the reason he was the one to test this out in the first place.

I love Mahiru but I don't think I could ever be her lover.

Doesn't Delta MINDHACC Eric into shooting him for no reason? I can't remember if this just a meme or something that actually fucking happened in ZTD.

That's what the training was for.

it was a good run
I cant say that some of the shit didnt disappoint me, but Kodaka reminded me of why I really love this series: the god-tier bros


>Cant wait for this sleeping beauty to wake.

Don't do this shit to me man.

Kind reminder that candyslut chopped herself up AND THEN placed a perfect row of candies on her body and up her snatch.

Prize figures are usually awarded in things like claw/crane machines. Sometimes you only need to buy a 500 yens ticket and play the lottery.
They're usually of lower quality than normal scaled figures.

That's a nice hope.

I thought they chose him because they thought HOPE would never yield to despair

>people still think tengan did it for despair
This "project" was to escalate hope to end the deadlock with the remnants of despair, he came up with it after he saw how well it worked with the DR1 killing game and everyone banding against the mastermind.

If I had the skill to do it, I'd totally put some subtitles with Naegi saying some cliched romcom bullshit to him before he does the romcom run

How were they brainwashed if the video footage was live and unedited? Wouldn't you want to kick the ass of the girl who killed your friend rather than join her?

Did Kodaka just finish watching Revenge of the Sith?


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


None of us will, brother!

3 hours special

I only have 18 gun images, pls help

I honestly believe that Munakata would have eventually loved him back full homo if he would have survived.

Maybe that too, But his Talent is Luck. If you are gonna use anyone, it's the guy who gets lucky.

Where is the shitty flute version?


Titanic theme would of been more fitting

I'm too shit for her.

What kind of gamer would have a 2DS

Drop the gun or the pig dies.

He died as he lived: taking one for the team

What did he mean?

It probably had a slight delay or some kind of subliminal message filter bullshit over it, don't overthink it

Not as bullshit as Syo's sudden super powers.
No Kodakacucks multiple personalities don't make you Goku.

I was half-expecting Juzo to say he fell in love with Naegi's hope and was just being super tsun about it.

Glad it didn't happen.

Juzo is love.
Juzo is life.
Juzo is a real hero!

So do I.

we'll never know
thats the juzoboy's despair

Hope is all I can have now.

How did Munakata immediately know Juzo was the one who cut the power? Why didn't Naegi (who actually saw Juzo) think of it?

Chiaki's a filthy casual. Notice how she got completely BTFO by Junko's traps?

>Has Hajime trying to wake them up.
>Turns out DR2 cast is just a bunch of didnt do nothing wrongs.

They are going to wake up.

No it actually happened. To demonstrate his 'awesome power' he has Eric kill him and then say "U-Understand now? This is my power..." He also killed the dog for literally no reason

Delta is an experience and turned a shitty game into a funny meme I guess. Junko is just a shitty mary sue that ruins her games with no redeeming qualities.

When did you realize we were all Despair all along?

First post best post

I want to squeeze that manboob

The kind of gamer who molests a loli therapist.

Thank god.

Do it.

Says who? You can easily put a short delay on it or just have a filter for it.

She's not my lover. She's my wife and mother and my children

>tfw you'll never have a paralyzed miaya waifu who you must tuck into bed every night

The same one that would also only have a PSP and Xbox HUEG

There's no way Munakata wouldn't have given him the d.

Wait. Chisa is in the theater. What could this mean?

I don't think so nerd

They didn't realize the power was cut, but that the emergency lights turned on.
The one who would know and connect the emergency lights turning on to the power going down the fastest would be the guy who helped build the original version of this place


>my wife and mother and my children

Go back to the trailer park, user. Mahiru stays with me.

Is Juzo the Carlos of Danganronpa?

Is it possible Juzo left a dying message? ;_; I want to believe. Post delusions.


Despair, hope - two sides of the same coin

Which side lands faced up comes down to luck

You are a normalfag go get lobotomized

Danganronpa 3 WILL have a happy ending and Juzo WILL get to be with his husbando, just you guys wait!

I totally missed the new thread link, excuse me for that, my friend.

A poorfag one

If Monokuma Theater played backwards can cause suicides, what does playing it normally cause?
We've been brainwashed into liking this shit series.

Thank you, Junko. For giving me HOPE.

>Says who? You can easily put a short delay on it or just have a filter for it.
Says Mitarai who wasn't even with Junko at the start or end of the recording. If he could just apply filters to everything I'm pretty sure Junko would only need him to show her how it's done and be done with him all in one single meeting.

It's shit writing.

Fuck you, I'll shoot that pig myself.

Yeah, that conversation was weird. It was like he was preying on his insecurity and telling him one thing while meaning the other.

>you will never fuck the crazy out of Junko

btw, do we know which remnant fucked junko's corpse?

I want to protect that smile.

>Kodaka was the real mastermind all along

What if the coin lands on it's side?

I shouted "JUZO BOYS" like an autistic retard.

And then I got sad because that probably means Kirigiri isn't coming back.

Can those be filled in 25 minutes?

Juzo is not for lewd

>multiple v3 characters have ahoge
What did Kodaka mean by this?

>We've been brainwashed into liking this shit series.
speak for yourself, I hated this series ever since DR1's ambiguous ending was ruined.

It's implied to be Izuru.

Fuck, watching this ep in a weed trip was not a good idea

>you will never save Nanami when she's on the brink of death
neither will Izuru

>>Turns out DR2 cast is just a bunch of didnt do nothing wrongs.
Nah, they did it. Just because they were fucked with mentally doesn't absolve them off it. SDR2 pretty much made that point clear with them still having to take responsibility despite not remembering it.

I'm not even a fujoshi but I think Munakata and Juzo would be cute together. Has Cred Forums poisoned my brain?

>next episode
>munakata finds juzo's hand he cut off
>inside the hand is amessage
>"munakata, I love you, I am sorry"


Munakata knew it wouldn't be Ruruka.
He hoped.

Probably Teru.

Listen I wasn't gonna pay $150 extra for some shitty 3D I don't care about just to play MH and VLR

it was definitely teruteru

Doesn't seem like a very Izuru thing to do desu

None of them fucked her corpse, that was a mistranslation. Mikan might have taken her ovaries but that procedure still seems kind of impossible.

Izuru could if he wanted to. He's the Ultimate plot device.

Hey, 12% survival is NOT bad odds.

>Juzo wins the Raidenbowl
>Aoi wins the Naegibowl
Brown would be too strong, that'd pretty much secure Akane winning the Hajimebowl, and not even Akanefags if they exist would actually see that coming


Naegi is going to clear their slate clean.

It's time to let go, my friend.
>mfw he really was just sleeping
I'm cry like a bitch and become Kodaka's slave

>Nah, they did it.
Not really no. Them regretting it is their personal punishment but they all really didnt do anything. And Naegi will suck all their dicks cause lolhope


>Juzo wins the Raidenbowl
>Aoi wins the Naegibowl
I want to believe

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.

I'm channeling my dark, forbidden powers into weedman's good end prophecy.

I'll believe.
I still hold onto the belief that no one in Mirai is actually dead.

I doubt, he loved Chisa even if she was despair, Juzo was just his bro

Learn to recognize a one sided attraction for once, fujos

Don't worry, brother: we got each others back!

I agree!

What is Kodaka's obsession with brown?

They can cheat by taking part of the despair episodes into the future.

E.g. the next episode is Hajime / other survivors recounting the despair that the RoD caused thereafter, and reflecting back into the present

props to this time traveling user

STOP bullying Mikan she did nothing wrong

Juzo wanted to kill Naegi because he was jealous? What a petty faggot.


>Hating DR2 the best thing in game in this franchise

>You will never have Akane's tighs pressing against your face
Meh, I can live with that.
>Or Aoi's

If Kirigiri is actually dead, she pretty much wins by default.

Granted, it took Makoto a bit to get over Sayaka, Aoi might have to wait a few years for him to move on from his waifu.

Only 30% of them will have a happy ending.


I fucking wish
But I believe he's truly dead this time my friend, there was no life left in those eyes

Reminder that Junko was just brainwashed to love despair by Tengan and the True Ultimate Despair.

>Says Mitarai who wasn't even with Junko at the start or end of the recording. If he could just apply filters to everything I'm pretty sure Junko would only need him to show her how it's done and be done with him all in one single meeting.
He probably didn't use filters, probably just edited that stuff in manually into his anime so it would be more effective and tailor made for it.
Junko on the other hand, is more likely to use such like filters.

Not if Komaru has anything to say about it

>liking the tumblr game of the series

>30% meme
It's 30% chance of it being 100%.


damn, he got everything right

Im still impressed by that one user who predicted Koichi's NG code


>Complaining about tumblr in DR

Reminder that all of his predictions have come true so far

Congratulations, user, wherever you are.

>if they exist
time to wake up

We'd totally get a cheesy timeskip with the 2 having built a happy family
And she'd still have to get past her sister-in-law.
In mud wrestling, I hope


Every game?

Is this supposed to be Chihiro and Greninja?

Nope, Munakata could and would fall for Juzo and now that he's dead he'll spend the rest of his life wondering what their relationship could have been like.

Anyone got the transparent version of this with one gun?

What you smoking?

>30% chance
>100% of them were right

No, you can't just willpower your way out of it just like you can't undo your own neurological wiring.

What a waste of a watermelon

Someone post the magazine q&a translation where Munakata clearly said partner and not just girlfriend.

I'll let you have it but only if you drop your weapons.

Izuru Kamukura, the founder of Hope's Peak Academy, hiding somewhere in this building. The one they call Kazuo Tengan. Watch out for him.

>her titties

I love how Akane and Aoi's sprites in the island/school modes have boobs sticking out on the sheets.

Him and Naegi having the same mother to their children was only true on one out of 3 choices so it still works out

>Munakata clearly said partner and not just girlfriend
That was just Kodaka teasing fujos.

but there were only two choices

It's still possible.

>Byakuya scored with Asahina first on that route
What did they mean by this?

try me

He's so good he predicts Alt Universe outcomes that's why he's so inaccurate

>magazine q&a translation
What magazine?

There were two outcomes but three dialogue boxes

You already forgot about her?

This just give us confirmation that Persona is the true Ultimate Hope and he was right.

Cucking Fukawa to death was more important to her than Naegi's dick.

Wasn't there also "run away"?
It's just that if you picked it, Naegi said it wasn't the time to run away

How long ago did [Hope] come out?

will V3 have a bro anywhere near the level of Juzo?

shit, I think he finally pushed Fuyuhiko out of my #1 spot

>took millions upon millions of dollars and a complete virtual simulator to cure victims of the beta despair video
>ultimate hope can't even stand a couple minutes of the final version
Hope is fucking done for.

I haven't rewatched the episode since the stream this morning. Seeing it in its full glory with subs and no lag is going to destroy me.

They just need to chain up Mitarai and force him to work on a Hope Anime for the rest of his life

I don't even get this complaint.
He doesn't have HOPE superpowers. Even when he beat Junko, all he had was optimism and skepticism on Junko's words.
If he had pulled a Disney ending and resisted it due to magic HOPEpowers, that would have been one of the cheeziest asspulls Kodaka could have done

Is Juzo an Uke or Seme?

>tfw Cred Forums wont stop making fun of us for being Kodacucks
It's not fucking fair bros

>Juzo is a hardass to everyone
>turns total submissive for Munakata
>Would have done anything Munakata wanted, even kill everyone to make him leader

juzo....you fucked up, but I appreciate what you went through to protect your man.

We /FUTURE/ now.

Well he has LUCC powers so that saved him

Would you marry Mikan?

Literally who could withstand it though? He just fucking cured the other ultimate hope and was on a hoping spree ready to fight it head on and got fucking ruined.

When did we ever even remotely care about what they say?

>Question: Where do you like to go out during a hot summer? For dates, are there any places you like to go to?

>Munakata: A calm summer resort where you can relax would be good. There aren’t any places I’d particularly like to go to in my case, but at least I’d like to make my partner feel at ease. If there are other places where they’d want to go then I would follow them. If we could spend a peaceful moment together without any accident, that would be enough for me.

Why wouldn't I?

Uke for Munakata

>If he had pulled a Disney ending and resisted it due to magic HOPEpowers, that would have been one of the cheeziest asspulls Kodaka could have done

Persona fell into despair himself

post gun

I 100% agree with this theory.
They would be one of the shittiest twist ever and I totally see it happening

Juzo is a virgin

>caring about the opinions of a board that uses food analogies as a basis for an argument

Yeah that'd just be dumb

>I’d like to make my partner feel at ease. If there are other places where they’d want to go then I would follow them
Was Munakata bisexual?

im only turned on by hope mikan not despair mikan

>54 minutes ago
>almost 400 posts

Calm down

That's just his shadow.

He's whatever Munakata wants him to be.

actually, its was 700+

I can't stop until my prayers are answered.

This, slow down on the stealth general.

>Kodaka finally killed a brown in a numbered game
Pls save her in V3

That sounds really fucking gay.

She's going to be one of the killers

Yes. In episode 1, when he struts on the table, no perfectly straight man would do that.

How do we fix him?

Pretty much Asahina, Naegi and Kirigiri.

Izuru Resurrecting Kirigiri using his Ultimate Necromancer talent

>its class trial again

You don't, he's perfect.

You can't cure gay user

Not a chance. I want someone who is capable of standing up for themselves when they need to.

Cure W

Why would being brown save you?

Fuck, i just wake up. How was Cred Forums reaction to Juzo's death?

Any shitstorm i missed?

Do you have the original Japanese?

Give him his husbando.

Fujos everyone

>female juzo
I'd fuck her straight.

You can't, he's dead.

That was pretty fucking funny

Go back in time or make doujins.


Name a single living character in Danganronpa worth giving a shit about at this point.


you cann't fix a homo

Where were these questions from? What are the others aside from Naegi.

Can't fix what isn't broken.

OP, the rule of thumb is to make the new thread when the old thread reaches page 10. That perserves the threads longer so people aren't jumping ship on page 6 in mid discussion.

Id probably get 15 strokes max of Mikan in before I finish. That much ass is deadly

Is the final episode an hour long or is that just a meme?


Our boy don't need fixing. He's forever immortalized in the Hall of Based now

Of course it's gonna be gay, it's fucking otomedia.

I was surprise how straight forward Hajime was in this.
You can help her out with that

So they're gonna be in DR4, right?

Hiyoko, Imposter-kun, Nagito, Komaru, GENTLE, Monaka.

I'd fuck her, but I want to marry a girl I can actually have conversations and hang out with.

The protagonist
Or Munakata, that guy went through some serious shit

Make him proud of his gay.

It's fujo pandering.

I still don't understand why he did that. I know now that Juzo watched with hearts in his eyes however.


->Question: What kind of clothes do you wear to bed during summer? And are there a lot of times where it gets too hot to sleep and you wonder how you can endure it? (might not be the exact translation but the idea is here)

->Sakakura: After a workout and a shower I just fall asleep without changing so I usually go to bed in my trunks or something like that. Most of the time I go to sleep just when I’m tired so waking up from a troubled sleep never happened to me. A proper amount of exercise brings a peaceful slumber. …Is there anything fun in asking something like that?

>If we could spend a peaceful moment together without any accident, that would be enough for me.
>without any accident
I don't think this would happen if he goes on a date with Juzo


As long as she forces me to last.


this is just like one of my japanese doujins


>Juzo x Munakata moment making me shed tears
What the fuck? DR3 isn't allowed to be good


Yeah, but even against said UH, he still only used his LUCC, and only really once, and relied on trapping the guy with an actual plan and forcing a dialogue. Man, episode 10 Naegi was sorta magnificent


I'm a big fan of NaeGiri.
I played Danganronpa 1 in bad times for me.
This game consoled me.
Therefore, I strongly become attached to the characters. I lived with them as alive.
I was lonely, and they were like friends to me.

You could say that I fell in love with Kyoko.
Rather, I thought and still think of her and Makoto good pair.

Now I feeling FUCKING PAIN when I thinking about Kyoko's death.


Please, calm me!
Tell me, please, what hope is there.
Please, tell me, what are the arguments that Kyoko could still be alive.


>mfw like them all

Juzo is so lewd and yet so pure

Oh that would be moe.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It's not.


I lack the HOPE required to wear this

>I usually go to bed in my trunks or something like that.
>A proper amount of exercise brings a peaceful slumber
Literally made for sex and cuddling

>text from Tengan now that he can turn on his phone
>oi fuccboi where you at meeting's starting


Mark my words:

Despair 11 will explain the Mastermind's motives and plans for what's to come in Mirai. Whoever they are, it can all be mostly established there.

I'm going to miss you all. I hope you guys enjoy the finale.

Everyone always asks how Kodaka could possibly top Komaeda in V3
What I wanna know is how could he possibly top Juzo?

DR3 justifies its existence by giving Mukuro screentime

mikan is only good for sexual favors for old men

>Implying Tengan hasn't been texting him constantly since the game started, knowing he can't check

And then Future 12 ends with their reveal.
The special episode of Despair will be a Future+Despair episode, tying the two stories together.

She's still dead. None of this fucking matters anymore.

Fuck life.

>tfw never liked fujos
>tfw episode made me cry like bitch and made me hope for a Juzo x Munakata end
Did Kohacka make me into a fujo?
Can boys be fujos?

He won't.

>there were people who got mad when we compared DR3 to ZTD
>it ended up having the EXACT SAME twists, as always, right down to old man mastermind and mindhacking


Are you killing yourself or something?

Komaeda and Juzo are two different character with quite different purposes, only similarity is fujobait

I think you're just homo at that point

Hina is getting that Naegi dick, son.

that pretty much has to be where it happens
there's no way they can resolve everything in Mirai with another 24 minute episode
Hell, 48 isn't really enough either, but that's what they've got to work with

How do you know he turned on his phone just then?

His waifu is dead. Why wouldn't he join her?

Fudanshi is the male term.

Seeing a muscular monokuma thumbnail brings back memories.

You were born a shitter.


As someone that thought his hope powers were kinda bullshit, I actually liked how they handled this. He really did trick a guy into a situation where he would be forced to have a conversation, and he reasoned it out instead of having a shouting contest over who could say "hope" the loudest which was seriously where I thought they might be going with it, since they've done it before.

>Meme pairing
Asahina's getting cockblocked until she's 50 by 11037 and Baconhands.

Where'd Kodaka learn how to write a homo that wasn't just another flaming onee?

The Ultimate Cute deserves it.

>tfw Komaru is waiting patiently like a good girl for Naegi to come home and give her cummies
What an angel.

>these threads will soon be over
I'm not ready.

He took a traditionally female archetype and made them a boy

Tengan is alive or it's just a delayed message cause there's no freaking signal?

And what will become of Mitarai next last episode, I hope he stops bitching 'IT'S NOT MEHHH!'.

>Juzo died a virgin
How does this make you feel?

At least wait a week to find out if it's fake or not, goddamn.

He can only get more homo.

I can't believe I managed to go 4 years without spoiling anything about SDR2 other than Nagito really liking hope (and I assumed he would go crazy towards the end of the game not the very beginning)

those titties

well, we know the mastermind isn't really Tengan since he confirmed that he wasn't a despair in an answer to a question, but yeah, absolutely everything in DR3 revolving around mind hacks was pretty funny

I really hope Mitarai pulls out Izayoi's gun and shoots Naegi.

>Hina is getting that Naegi dick, son.
Damn right he is.

It makes me sad because every night for the past week he's fucked me in my imagination.

You'll see us all again in V3 threads in a couple of months.

These threads are the only good thing that came out of this anime though, for real.

For one brief moment I thought Naegi would kill himself and Ryota would take over as MC. What does Naegi even have left to live for at this point, Aoi's tits?

I will lose my fucking shit

Chisa want up!

Munakata used a heated sword right?

Ha ha ha. Like poetry, weak hope gives way to strong hope. Soon the denial of Kirigirifags will reach a meme magic level that of the Juzoboys and revive Kirigiri.

Lucky you, I went in with only one spoiler, but it was a major spoiler. The part about the whole thing being a computer simulation.

>he confirmed that he wasn't a despair in an answer to a question,
He only said that he wasn't a remnant of despair.

Male fujos are called fudanshi
But liking one homo pair doesn't make you a fujo, considering it's a non-mutual love it's more normal than shipping two guys just because they're hot or something

He stops glaring for 1 second but smiles a smile that outshines a pure maiden's


Asahina's hinas

jesus christ

To be fair, the game heavily implies it at the very start of the game with the digital door you walk into

They just expect you to forget it 40 hours later

>implying I'll be stepping foot in V3 threads
I'd be spoiled within a week.


He wasn't a Remnant of Despair. He was the Origin of Despair

>Not a bottom

now this doujin I know I haven't seen

>the game heavily implies it
It just doesn't imply it at the start, but throughout the whole game. You just think it's all part of the motif.

Their "hopes" "clashing together" will make a "greater hope".

Why can't he see me? I'm here, I'm right HERE. He could have made love with me instead ;_; I want to feel those chiseled abs!!

Nah, couldnt do it. I wouldnt be able to send her to the store to get groceries without her allowing herself to get fucked by everyone she encounters


It's okay because he pastes a Munakata print-out over the face of his Naegi fuck doll and dicks it every night.

He was taking it from Munakata while he fucked me if it makes any difference.

>Junko and Mukuro were good girls who dindu nuffin until they got corrupted by Tengan
You know it will happen.

>Juzo literally didn't know why
this is the saddest part of it all


So unbrainwashed Zetsubo no Zanto are Juzo (accused of), Mitarai (a pussy SHE STOLE MUH TECHNIQUE!) and Tengan (either brainwashed some time in-between Despair and Mirai or he's naturally Despair). Fucked up Mirai Kikan.

No, Chisa. You're a big girl now: you can walk.


You don't just leave your imouto waiting, user.

Why did Juzo act out of character and stop Naegi from killing himself if he hated Naegi so much?

Shit. Tengan being the Origin of Despair sounds like a final boss worthy.

Don't know what else to do so I'll just keep posting Naegiri things till I fall asleep.

Only Junko got brainwashed. Mukuro is just a retard that does whatever Junko tells her to do.

He stayed pure for his husbando. What the fuck more could you ask for?

>Died thinking he was rejected and abandoned, but still gave his life for his bro

After beating Junko you're not allowed to kill yourself.

He cut his arm off as a last ditch attempt to stop the attacker
Obviously, what he saw made him reconsider his feelings

Uh how does this work? The video shouldn't work on her cause she's a part of the gang right? Or is she experiencing orgasm as she thought of killing herself?

That or she is counted as a participant so meh.

Favorite part and biggest complaint of the series?

Literally anything with Kirigiri in it was great, especially the Kazuichi sacrifice scene. Biggest complaint is easily the shoehorned-in AE episode, which wouldn't have been half bad if it didn't have such a shit ending.

Because he witnessed what happened first hand.

What kind of reasoning is that?

Could Crazy Diamond unfuck his shit?

It's not actually Chisa

If the despair video worked on the despairs then who could have created it without killing themselves?

Naegi told him why.

>Monitor starts up
>Oops, Chisa, you gotta die
>Chisa super happy about causing such despair to Munakata

Where is Komaru's ahoge?


The bros were amazing in this
Ruruka was an irredeemable whore and I'm glad she killed herself so horribly
I don't like Ryota in Future though, he seems so pointless

Naegi told him Munakata was tricked, even if he still considered that being abandoned, at least he understood why (considering before that he probably thought Munakata stabbed him for harboring feelings for him).

Merge him with the pieces of Chiaki. Form the strangest waifu.

She's not the main character yet.

Well this seems plausible. If that's not the fake Chisa.


>Favourite Part
Hopeman pulling a gun on Junko for Despair, Juzo being the best in Future

>Biggest compliant
Overall the anime is pretty shit, it's been a fun ride with you guys though.

He is the only guy who can fix the mindhack process though.

He's too weak to do it himself, he has one arm, he's madly gay to the point where he blames himself for the most horrible event in human history. I don't know, maybe Naegi's talent isn't luck but being saved.

>Faking a crying all of sudden
>Goes to his open chest
>Smiling mischievously as she did that
Why are Despair people so lewd and confident? I want to be Despaired if so.

She grew into it later, it wasn't in the game illustration either.




Why did Juzo not die sooner with that much blood loss?

no one can contain him, not even himself.

His love for his husbando kept him alive


Love is very powerful.

He can't be controlled. Not even his own body can contain his determination and his love, my friend.

I-It's a fucking comedy, stop taking it so seriously
K-Kodabros where you at?

The power of homolust

That's funny to have an antenna randomly grow from your head while you're growing. Especially when she was probably pretty old at that age too.

Love trumps hope and despair!

Sugoi. I should gain that power too.


Not only did he get stabbed in the stomach he also cut his arm off without proper medical care and still be able to move around and talking, I call bullshit.

>The reason so many waifus are getting killed off is because DR3's theme is love
It finally makes sense

She developed it when she became a protagonist.

Holy shit Naegi's mom is a milf.

Komaru a cute
A cute!

Who do you think he got that cute face from? Bitch. Bow down.


Izayoi loves Ruru enough to die for her
Ruru's twisted love causes her to kill Izayoi
Munakata's love for Chisa drives him into full edge mode
Juzo's love pushes him to save Munakata
My love for Kirigiri will keep her alive

Yeah probably but, we'll be close friends first.

No wonder Miaya was dead before it even started.

Nobody but me loved her.


I miss the Chisa = Junko theories


>My love for Kirigiri will keep her alive

Let's love her together, my boy.

>thought she could control our boy
>is now dead


>What does Naegi even have left to live for at this point, Aoi's tits?
What, that isn't enough to you?
Do you even DONUTS?!

A milf? You mean a Majestic (and) Interesting Lady For (sure)?


So out of respect for mourning Juzoboys, I request a Hajimeme of Juzos death.

>Brother's face looks cuter than yours
No wonder girl turned out to be a brocon. It is not fair when said brother is the best heroine




Was anyone else's legs purple though? I don't remember if their whole halfs were purple, everyone was either wearing pants of knee high socks.

Mods delete this.

Their arms were at least which would suggest their legs should be too it's not much farther.

It's an old thread which was on hold. Chill.

That's stupid. According to that logic, the whole face and the other arm should be purple too

It was specifically designed to make people look like Monokumas pinhead.

Who you calling pinhead?

>putting Kodaka in charge of understanding the circulatory system and blood flow

Her Rurugirls really didn't look that big, what sorcery are the HPA uniforms and her coat made of?
Or did they grow immensely due to doping candy?

is show worth the watch lads