Goblin Slayer

Now that fake spoilers were cleared up by Amagifag.

Can we agree Female Paladin is best side character and a qt?

Goblin apologists not welcome.

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>female paladin
Does she get raped?

She'll be raped by Goblins sooner or later.

>ITT green nigger

Oh hey it's been a few days, why did the threads stop suddenly? Did it start to lose steam already?

Fake spoilers, End of season and GGfags BTFO.

Girls don't get raped in this manga anymore


only GS gets raped from now on

Characters that are important to the plot don't get raped, one fodder get raped.

Nothing to talk until new chapter in 5 days

Stop! You are a bitch! You can't be cute! REEEEEEEE!

Isn't that the bitch that makes fun of GS-san for only slaying goblins?


What are the real spoilers?

>Now that fake spoilers were cleared up by Amagifag

Wait which thread was this? The last one I was in everyone was shitposting and throwing fake spoilers around.


Anyways, it wasn't just me. There was one other guy doing translation stuff too. I was honestly surprised the bullshit lasted that long.

What rank is she?

Silver. But she's probably better than Goblin Slayer in fighting against most of the other monsters.

What kind of battle tactics would you use Cred Forums? I'd use guerilla warfare and scorch tactics against goblins.

Depending on stats/class and weapons I'll go at them with berserk fury in an open area or go guerilla and kill them one or two at a time.

Dogs. An army of dogs. Throw some domesticated bears in the mix and goblins should be done.

Goblins would breed with dogs
Enjoy your weregobbos

What if GS was a goblin? Also is this worth reading.

Can goblins reproduce with any species besides humans? I just think that goblins have some pretty potent sperm if it can overwrite the female human part of the dna donation of the egg.

Well she got a point.
Goblin Slayer is master at cheesing low level creeps.
But he's really good at it, so whatever.

This is beyond /d/, user, don't go there. Also, by this logic, whenever gobbos should be able to successfully procreate with humans and not kill them by accident, these gobbo children should be half-humans half-goblins, but this isn't how it works.

Did someone say goblin slayer?

Gob gob gob!

So, kobolds?

And then she marries him

Considering that goblins all seem to be the same genetic clones, evolves rapidly when faced with stressful situations and apparently gestate fast enough that it kills the mother, I'm inclined to believe that they are some sort of fantasy version of Aliens or Trolls from Berserk

Wtf I love you now.

So what the real spoiler O kind amagifag-senpai?
Please enlighten this humble faggot.

Literally, Usagi Drop.

Female Paladin is best GS. I really hope she becomes a real player and not just goblin food.

Wasting such a good design on a throw away character is just disturbing. But then again, it wouldn't be the first time.

Fuck off, dogfag.




Large coordinated groups. We surround the goblin den and send in a defensive party in phalannx formation. Mages in the middle and spears/short swords on all sides. Gobbos try to attack and we wall up and pick them off with ranged attacks. Hobgoblins show up we focus them down with mage attacks and make sure to double tap each body as we press forward.

Ultimately our goal is to force the goblins into retreat into the waiting members outside. If they have a shaman or other leader figure we'll know by the ornaments within the den and it will be our priority to sniff out the leader and the hidy hole they store their young in.

Hostages will be a priority but nobody breaks off from the group to attend to one. As cold as it is to say this, if we have rape victims present they won't be getting any worse if we ignore them until the fighting is over.

And bring some dogs. Sniffing out the gobbos that try to hide will be imperative, this is an extermination of course.

>That armor on the mannequin

Hey girls! Ever wanted to protect your vagina and nipples and JUST your vagina and nipples? Well we've taken impractical female armor to the next level!

Made from the finest in faux-metal, this armor is lightweight, sexy, and perfect for getting knifed in the stomach.

Impress your friends, seduce your party members, and frustrate those hordes of rape-happy goblins! Order now and recieve a impractically large and pointlessly ornate sword!

Seriously though, that armor has passed the point of silly female armor and looks like a stripper's parody costume of impractical female armor. The fact that its on a female mannequin like a display at SEARS makes it even funnier.

That IS the joke.

Necromancy is the only option

That is the fucking point, Paladin is thinking about it, but GS tells her is bullshit and doesn't protect anything.
He doesn't tell her to get a fucking helmet, though.

>GS tells her is bullshit and doesn't protect anything
GS should be nice to female paladins ;_;

He does it in a polite way, of course.
Which is odd, considering she was shit to him

I thought Japanon said the paladin was curious why other people wear that style of armor but doesn't herself because it's fucking stupid and gives no protection. Not that GS couldn't also comment on that.

Everything what "japanon" said was a lie


>local paladin yearns to try on lewd armor but religious vows forbid it

It was the Amagifag itself who translated the volume, but i missed the link to that thread.

carbon monoxide poisoning. treat, vermins like vermins and not warriors. No point going in their cave. That's stupid.

I'd nuke them.

fuck japanon, the killed GS threads.

Trapmaster rogue. Bobby trap everything in caves. Poison them. Kill them predator style.
Basically, i would become goblin

I am okay with that.

You don't let petty shit change you. GS is a real nigga who doesn't let small stuff affect his etiquette.

It's small and light so even casters can use it. It has Mailed Might of the Magelords cast on it so it's effectively magical full platmail tier. Perfect for slaughtering low tier enemies.

GS is an autist who doesn't care about anything but slaughtering goblins. As long as Pally-chan doesn't say anything nice about goblins, no amount of insults would get to him.

I see the guild has branched out to selling armor to newbies as well.

Lots of fire.

Who can stop GS madness? i guess no more goblins wouldn't be the solution as nothing would stop his PTSD then, turning him into a danger for everyone.

Nice bikini armor in the background.

Guild Girl is only crying in that one picture because she watched GS get his ass beat by some hobbits who were trying to murder Guild Girl because they thought she was trying to scam them earlier on. GS kills them but gets pretty beat up. There is nothing about her saying she loves GS at all.

Also the Dark Elf Mage is just some weirdo who attacked and wanted revenge for the Demon Lord dying. He gets BTFO'd by GS and Priestess. GS cuts off his arm and just finishes him off. Nothing about him trying to bring back the Demon Lord or possessing Guild Girl.

Finally, the volume ends with GS just getting his ear cleaned by Cow Girl and some bonding between them. Really, nothing of note happened in the volume.

>GS cuts off his arm
Pretty sure it's the dragon shaman, not GS.

Confirmed for lying.

I'm too lazy to go back and check, and I really don't feel like translating anything else from this series to be honest.

Here you go again:

Yep, you're lying. Thanks for making a japanon as a black sheep.


> Girls don't get raped in this manga anymore


That is the thread full of lies, fuck off.

I messed up. Here's the real one.


Well, that is the correct one, i am still mad, the lies sounded so interesting.

Go full DPS on them. Inflict them pain personally.

So, in the end nothing very important happened in that volume and GS is still too insane to notice girls, but at least this mean priestess still has a chance.

Thank you based tripbro. Kind of mad i got tricked but in the end all is well for GG so whatever.

I will never stop noticing her fucked up legs. Also this guy draws really sharp and pointy shoulders.

Well, the one that draws the volume illustrations and the manga are different persons.


>Like Guild Girl but know that she's gonna be irrelevant forever
>Suddenly this volume

Holy shit what.

Stop! there some big bullshit surrounding that volume, before saying something, you better check out this thread

I want to Gob this female. Gob her with all my cockfury!



Bumpity bump.

Do you get paid for this?


I'd be surprised if this was shilled, but you never know I guess.

Unliekely, but these threads get bumped a million times before they can finally die of old-age and Goblin Slayer spills over from time to time to other boards. Who knows.

I think it's mostly Cred Forums's fault, because goblin holocaust and everything.

You can never DEUS VULT hard enough.

Nope, is fault of fake spoilers.

>Bretshits in muh GS threads

Delet your post right now

Make me, ignoble canaille.

>Female Paladin
>Expecting DFC goddess.
get this shit instead.



Well, forgive me for suck so much at English acronyms.

Relax, you still can have a DFC heroine

She's from another world

No, she is not.

She has that look

Well, she is not the MC in anycase.

When will she get gobb'd?

No, she is too OP (and that is the whole point of her character), maybe she will becaome the local brat that annoys the MC trying to gain his attention.

Well she's cute and all, but did you guys know what she really needs?

Sorry, only unimportant fodder gets raped.

So priestess will get raped?

>her white spells are damn useful
>saved GS life several times
>according to amagi user, if was her heavenly light spell what fucked up the dark elf

>No-Helmet leads to rape.
She needs to keep avoiding helmets desu.

She is haruhi with long hair and a sword.

>the gob's love of rape exists because of Haruhi's penchant for raping Mikuru

Holy shit

That would explain

What's he thinking?

"i'm thinkin' Arbys"

I would like some dip with that sauce

Show me your helmets. It better not be a shitty one because goblins may put a hole in that bucket.

i'm ready

>Girl with 10/10 design is nothing but rape fodder

Why is this allowed.

>ywn defeat Pally with fellow gobbos and impregnate her.

My helm is dark and edgy with a wicked sense of humorus.

Nice . Now do it with NINJA SLAYER san.


Let's rip and tear some goblin bitches!

notice me GS senpai

For King and country!

Da tovarisch

>i'm just going to stick this fucking bowling ball on my head and call it a helmet lol

god i love russians


Well considering that she has at least gear equal to her rank compared to GS who has gear that even porcelain rank adventures make fun of this should be obvious.
Time and time again it was proven that "massively outnumbering someone">gear>skill.
This was proven in most games as well as real world wars.

Gobs actually impregnate human women, but the children are not hybrids, but full goblins.

So what exactly is that weapon supposed to be, some kinda abomination of a hammer?

Is not a weapon, is something for a ceremonial dance she is doing.

I was about to post the dead space helmet, then i remembered that any small hit from even a fucking screwdriver can make it unequip itself.


Mikuru is the sword master in hero's party. Also goddess is Madoka.

Who was mikuro again?

>Black Company
I fucking loved the books



i will give you another laughing knight helmet from my collection because you posted one i already had


That's a good one. Have a confused helmet.

good taste?
w-what is this, bizarro-Cred Forums?

i like you user, here
i'm glad i finally found a place for my reaction helmets, GS is truly the best knight there is

you might already have this one though

Hahaha! What the fuck?


Well, The Lady is pretty damn anime

>"massively outnumbering someone">gear>skill

Did they had some sort of plan? In peru, the Spaniards took advantage of the local civil war.

God no. The Spaniards just simply fucked shit up for king and country.

>Hero is so strong she doesn't even care if the Demon King comes back to life

>Make a thread when Goblin Slayer first comes out.
>It dies with little replies.
>Comes back months later, non-stop Goblin Slayer threads.
I need to drink more.

Yes, a large part of the forces Spanish Conquistadors led were natives, either because the Spanish paid them well or because of the opportunity to crush their neighbors. Armies led by conquistadors were typically 80-90% native.

Is that priest trying to convert a someone in the middle of a war?
That's badass

Jesus Christ ain't got time for arrows and shit. Niggas gotta convert like Wolololololololol

He was probably making an honest effort to save their souls and the like.

He probably doesn't even understand human language. The only word he knows is "GOBLINS" and like an animal he tells the difference between good/bad by the inflection of tone. When he talks he isn't actually talking. He is vocalizing like his species naturally does, it's just that while dogs bark and howl, the GS species delivers insightful tactics in hunting goblins.

That is hard to believe as the first chapter was the perfect bait for rapefags.

Shoulda worn a helmet

Where's the other version? Ha!

Heroes don't wear helmets

heroes wear invisible plot helmet.

cutie female adventurer didn't have access to plot armor or helmet and paid for it.


Kill yourself, faggot.

kek wolololo

Why are you here r9k?

I find it uncanny that her nipples are hard although she is being violated.

I also find it highly arousing.

You don't get to impgregnate FemPaladin! I am strongest of tribe, I alone shall defeat her and conquer her womb!

I fucking love helmets

Yeah I just noticed that too. Are stiff nipples just a natural reaction to being penetrated?

You can throw all the illustrations 3 volumes?

Sallet helms coming through


Love these things


Heroes get raped by gobbos


>143 gobbos
>12 captured women
>155 bodybags



>no helmet
fuck right off you fucking rookie

Smash them with a big hammer.

>tfw manga changed the scene so we can have helmet memes

I hope it's invisible to the naked eye, user.

>Track lair
>observe patrols
>Estimate number of gobs by individuals leaving for raids or hunting
>Lay traps
>Ambush groups small enough to handle for a single person or, if I have a partner, two people
>Follow raiding parties and alert towns ahead of attack so gobs run into prepared defenses
>Wittle down numbers and apply pressure until survivors pack up and leave lair
>Once out in the open, chivvy into various prepared traps and ambushes until they're all dead
>Mount heads on spikes around lair and expanded area to show potential gob settlers who's boss around here and if they muck up they get the axe

To them, I will be the Goblin.

mfw there are people without helmets near me

classic counter insurgency, routine foot patrols between villages, getting intel from town people to conduct s&d missions

Best kind.

Such ineffective defense.

>Would Gob

No attack in the world can penetrate the shield that is moe.

Paladins are secretly sluts.

You Lie.



My comrades


There's a chink in my armour!

>i've seen this joke literally every time that image is posted, even as the title sometimes, but i still audibly laugh each time


Is this porn?

Who's that?


Literally GS's helmet space version, with the cool feature that can fold itself away and requip at any time.

So how much does rat catching pay?

More than your actual job.

No wonder more experienced adventurers are loath to taking goblin quests.

What really bothers me about this:

How many gobs spawn from a human woman? And does the woman survive the process?

Because given the number of goblins, that's a fucking shitload of raped women, no matter how you look at it. And that doesn't even account for all the women who get raped to death, burned, eaten, etc. before they can even spawn goblins.

How is that not seen as a huge problem by more people, aside from GS?

>How is that not seen as a huge problem by more people, aside from GS?

Entirely possible. Ask Merkel.

Don't try to think about it too hard, it doesn't really make much sense.

Is a world with magic and jerkass gods.

Entirely possible. Ask Merkel.

Shitskin Slayer wouldn't be celebrated as hero by the media, though.

Who the fuck is Merkel?

The current German dictator


Were the fake spoilers from that user claiming to be a nip?

Like, did GS actually spend his childhood with the guild girl, making her more of a childhood friend than the cow girl?

>storming of the teocalli
>literally waking into parties and killing unarmed people because m-muh religion

Such bravery
Much skill

I assumed that the goblins just rape human women for fun and breed among themselves, since they kill human women pretty fast so they shouldn't have time to give birth.

He said loads of lies, but never what you just mentioned.

He totally did, that after the whole village rape event GS was taken in by the Guild Girl's family or some such; and that he reunited with the Cow Girl much later.

He spun some bullshit story about Guild Girl's family drama I really don't want to waste my time trying to recall.

Could you give a brief synopsis about what the books are about?

What does the MC do/accomplish?

I missed a couple of threads. What exactly was the fake spoilers? Last time I checked some jp user was telling gw girl was about to get cursed or develped a feeling for gs. Was it all a trollpost


I have only read the first one, but will answer if anyone else shows up. The black company is a mercenary company that is used in a war between wizards. Those mercenaries are your pretty standard mercenary guys, paid to do the job. No real heroes, not bad guys either. The book shows the ugly side of war, the black company itself is stuck between the quarrels of the wizards, that actually get more shit done than the soldiers. The hero is the medic of the group.


>goblins become a necessary evil just to keep GS in check

I could dig it.

Thanks user, you said you'd only read the first one but you'd recommend reading it right?

>mercenary company with a long history decides they need to move onto somewhere else
>get tangled up in the current dark overlord's plot and the rebellion against her
>POV character is their medic/chronicler who likes poetry, and gets made fun of for writing love poetry about the evil overlord woman
>evil overlord woman basically finds it cute and takes him under her wing to show off how fucked up the world is right now, as explained
>most of the mercenaries are just 9-5 soldiers, they have a few wizards on their side
>there's various rape and war crimes the mercenaries both fight against and participate in, notably when they stumble across a group of female warriors training and then have some surprise fun with them off screen.
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the books, aside from being the one of the first to set off the modern trend of "Dark and Gritty" American fantasy books, is that they're very non-edgy. There's rape and war crimes and they're on the evil empire's side for pretty much all the books about that places, but the tone of the books makes it seem very banal and dull. Not uninteresting, but there's very little bite in how its depicted tonally. Nothing is ever harped on in a shock value way one might see in other stories using such events differently.

The soldiers would be seen as pretty bad from a modern perspective, even the hero, but they're not evil and have their own personal lines in the sand. They rape the female warriors they fought once, but the hero, who doesn't participate himself just says "well, what did they expect would happen?" When they find some allies raping a young girl, they all get rather worked up and decide to protect her.

There's also what amounts to an anime protag in the group, and he annoys everyone by being anti-social and prone to doing dumb shit that gets them into trouble.

The books were written by a veteran too, so there's a certain realistic tone to the group, despite the setting.

>Dark and Gritty
>But not edgy

Interdasting, I'll give this a spin than

Bump for gobs

There must be another rape for the ultimate edginess. The victim must be pregnant with a gobbo's baby and GG must rip the belly.

Werent it like everyone hated Aztec and wanted to fuck them to death or something like this?

Is this manga more than just edgy?I've seen one of the first threads and I want to ask how many instances of rape are in this and if it's worth reading.

Supposedly there is no rape after the third chapter. Or at least on-screen rape.


Female warriors should dress like this.

But this is a martial artist.

Martial artists are warriors too.

They are closer to monks and lose their bonus of WIS if they wear armor.

Have dex builds for every female fighter.

Then they can't channel any KI.

I had one of these babies in the army.

>MC's in love with the Lady
>Finally, he meets her after countless nights of wet dreams about her
>He leaves the Lady's tower scared shittless of her, fearing to even see her again
That went south rather fast, I feared. This is not like my animu at all.

It was good til like book 5 or something when that new nigga took over. And I hear he does it for 2-3 books. I'm sorry but can't go through it to finish it up.

But it was enjoyable from what I read.

god damn that is some swaggy ass armor

What did you expect

She's not even a goblin you dolt.

Goblin Slayer has goblin sense.

He knows who's a goblin and who is not.



>That miniskirt


its an anime

Me in the center.

>being second worst Judge Magister
Anyway, Zargabaath4lyfe.

>You don't get to impgregnate FemPaladin! I am strongest of tribe, I alone shall defeat her and conquer her womb!

Not if GS kills you first..then I, Gobbo shall Gobbo her womb.

who is she?

The OP heroine that just happened to find the holy sword out out pure luck.

>Bloody sacrificies of citizens, enemies and slaves.
>Cristianity so bad.

Which armor is best when dealing with Goblins

Gambeson with Leather armor

Any armor.


Full plate nigga, what else? Or do you want to get fucked by thetanus because you got scratched by a rusty knife dipped in Goblin shit?

MOB PSYCHO The helmet

Plot armor.

Terror tactics: pike gobbos around villages, hang their corpses across the trees, make a mountain out of their skeletons. Make very clear that if they come, they will be REMOVED

Bikini armor with gobbo pheromones to bait gobbos.

Doesn't matter what you wear, if Madoka or Truth gets a bad roll you're fucked.

Eh, my history teacher told me once, do you see that baldie with a cross?
Do you think he really was talking about the gospel to the drying native?
Hell no, he was telling him he will go to hell for not being Christian.
Of course native was like "Dafuk is he talking about" because they couldn't understand his babbling.

Then came the artists and story tellers saying how merciful were conquerors(invaders) and tell stories about how Virgin Mary descended from heaven and started raining thunder and lighting to the oh powerful enemy that was somehow inmune to gunpowder.

I keked.


That game really grinds my nipples sometimes, more so when I trip on a piece of wood fighting a pair of skeletons.

Doesn't work, gobs are primitive and stuff like that only pisses them off.

agreed, the original trilogy plus The Silver Spike are by far my favorite ones even if I enjoyed the later glimmering plain stuff too.

Best Armor

There was a GS thread at Cred Forums and managed to reach 200 post in one hour before the mods realize it and delete it. What happened to us?

We became the Goblin

I'll try

>At that moment 5 goblin heads fell off in a flash
>"KISAMA WHO ARE YOU!?" said Magus Goblin in anger
>"I'm Goblin Slayer, hajimemashite."
>"Domo, Goblin Slayer-san. Magic Goblin desu. Hajimemashite."
>"I never believed you existed, a loser like you and your trumped up story about dead to right means."
>"Goblin korosubeshi. Goblins shall perish."
>"Take this!" Fast! Magus Goblin throws a deadly fire bolt!
>"YEAAART!" but when he realized, Goblin Slayer was already behind him.
>From Magic GCoblin’s slouched back – Namu-Amida-Butsu…Oh my Buddha – Goblin Slayer’s arm is sticking out.
>A thrusting hellish chop pokes daylight into Magic Goblin's torso.
>“It’s true. Aaargh.” Blood overflows from the breathing holes in Magic Goblin’s mouth.
>“Rescue is heading to this location.”
>“You really know how to make my day.” Goblin Slayer remarked.
>“Even if you avoid them,” Magic Goblin went on, “stronger goblin warriors and Dark Goblin-san surely won’t permit your existence!!”
“I won’t let you exist either.” Ninja Slayer uncorked his arm from inside Magic Goblin’s back “Yeeart!”
>"SAYONORA!!!" An explosion!? What a miserable end Magic Goblin met.

I'll try
>At that moment 5 goblin heads fell off in a flash
>"KISAMA WHO ARE YOU!?" said Magus Goblin in anger
>"I'm Goblin Slayer, hajimemashite."
>"Domo, Goblin Slayer-san. Magic Goblin desu. Hajimemashite."
>"I never believed you existed, a loser like you and your trumped up story about dead to right means."
>"Goblin korosubeshi. Goblins shall perish."
>"Take this!" Fast! Magus Goblin throws a deadly fire bolt!
>"YEAAART!" but when he realized, Goblin Slayer was already behind him.
>From Magic GCoblin’s slouched back – Namu-Amida-Butsu…Oh my Buddha – Goblin Slayer’s arm is sticking out.
>A thrusting hellish chop pokes daylight into Magic Goblin's torso.
>“It’s true. Aaargh.” Blood overflows from the breathing holes in Magic Goblin’s mouth.
>“Rescue is heading to this location.”
>“You really know how to make my day.” Goblin Slayer remarked.
>“Even if you avoid them,” Magic Goblin went on, “stronger goblin warriors and Dark Goblin-san surely won’t permit your existence!!”
>“I won’t let you exist either.” Ninja Slayer uncorked his arm from inside Magic Goblin’s back “Yeeart!”
>"SAYONORA!!!" An explosion!? What a miserable end Magic Goblin met.

>Nothing personal

master gob knows helmets for for maximum trolling

Have we become Cred Forums?


Artists pretty much always draw female nipples erect for no reasons beyond titillation, so I wouldn't read to much into it.

And Just like that Goblin Slayer goes from a series with potential to another waifu fagging harem shit show.

This type of Armor?

He still kills gobs brutally.

Is that some sort of chainmail?

No. Its Lamellar Armor. Closes we ever got to Leather Armor.

Here's one with a Gambeson and steel plates

Would you Hunt goblins with this Armor?

lamellar. it's a bunch of small plate swwn together. It's usually more associated with asia and eastern Europe than western europe.

the example in the picture seems to be boiled leather plates.

>>Closes we ever got to Leather Armor.

boiled leather chestplate did existed, but those were severely harden to the point it can stand upright by itself.

With disease carrying ticks, fleas, mites and mosquitos
Carrying orbs filled with them
Like grenades that explode them everywhere
Also wasp and bee orbs
I'd unleash goblin specific pestilence upon them
goblin smallpox
goblin ebola
goblin malaria
goblin trigeminal neuralgia
goblin marburg hemorrhagic fever
goblin brainerd diarrhea
goblin Spanish flu
I'd infect clothes, food and water around goblin infested areas.
I'd use gas and other toxic fumes to flood their area.
And when I'm not killing goblins with my creatures I'd preform flea circuses for the common folk.

Blow up the den

I was going to read this until you told me this. Now I won't bother.






Too small colonies to be fully effective. A disease needs large populations to spread. If you find Goblin capital, sure.

Worked on the Native Americans

Everything worked on the Native Americans

>continuously blow chlorine gas into the cave entrances
>no extra work necessary

but what if the chlorine gas blows towards you German?

Where do I go to start reading the translated chapters?

>that left helm


I use plebian magic to make half of them frenzy on each other and the other half to fuck each other.

would it work



With my Leather Armor I am invincible

I warned you about japanon. I told you about his lies. You didn't listen and this is the price we must pay.

ITs was you who spoke of lies

>Enter Goblin Slayer thread
>Find arms&armor thread

It's like I'm really on /tg/

Was this show actually entertaining in any way other than boner inducing?

I was under the impression that D&D "studded leather" was actually inspired by/confused wit brigandine.

GS is crossboarder bait.

Actually just one user mentioned theblies, everyone else waa talking about GS mentality, comparing him to Caim.

Goburins got nothing on that Teuton

>females in armor

God help me, I already fapped.

Slippery slope.

I even missed what was the fake spoiler about

Goblin slayer failling in love

We were deceived


You better enjoy being done the same by the Goblin


>Was this show actually entertaining in any way other than boner inducing?
It was funny if you like poking fun at RPGs.

I found the episode where the "heroes" loot the houses of all the commoners pretty funny because I did the same when playing cRPGs.

She's a demon, not a gob gob, you have no right to do this to her !
FemPaladin was right you piece of shit

Hmmmmm, loot.

Goblin Slayer Sales

20,360 Manga Vol.1
19,122 LN Vol.3

Manga sold less than I thought given all the hype, but atleast the LN is selling great without an anime yet.

If she's being raped why is she drooling?

Imagine a world where interdimensional travel is possible. A world where money is of no concern anymore and anythingis possible.

We could travel into a fantasy world and Juggernaut, Bitching with pic related through a horde of gobs


Manikin-chang best girl.

Read on, my user. They end up together, or at least that's implied to happen after the last book.

Nada especial~

I don't get what is wrong with a MC with girls around him, in this case he doesn't care in a romantic sense so why is this a problem?

She loves it

She is a corpse at that point, i guess the bobs used all the holes...

It honestly feels like the only appeal this shitty manga has is the ryona and rape.

I personally don't give two fucks about anything else in this but tuning in to see the monthly qt adventurers getting murdered and violated.


yes, リョナ

So now that we know all was a lie, we are back to zero with the "which girl will heal GS?" question, i hope priestess wins.

He'll heal himself after every goblin is dead.

Why not just chicken out and go for harem ending?

Doubt it, is there aren't more goblins, what will keep his PTSD in check?

So she is gold class hero?

It honestly feels like there's a lot of appeal in this manga, mainly the helmet.

I personally loves the fuck out of this since the MC actually wears helmet on daily occasion.

My nigger

Hello there my brethern.

Helmets are the best.
Are there any other series with MCs who wear helmets prominently? It seems kind of arbitrary, but fuck it, I like knights.

You're all right.

>Are there any other series with MCs who wear helmets prominently?
I'm afraid no.

I wish a drawfag would draw GS surrounded by other helmet characters like in pic related.


I guess is the only one in the setting at the moment?

Also the chosen one


>Read this series on a whim
>Kinda like it
>Find out it's monthly

Every fucking time

The manga is not a very good adaptation.

Otaku are assblasted about the rape

What is the name of manga?

Goblin Slayer

Both of you, get out.

Are you so sure?

This will have a happy ending

Frankly, frank Frank frank?


You asked for it.

The fuck is that. also source

The 25th of each month

She's a knight, not a paladin yet.


Pretty funny how many people fell for the fanfic.

So Priestess is still best girl?

Not much content for people who like her in this volume.

But she's best girl



Fill cave with acidic gas. Air spell that makes invisible,razor sharp planes of air at dick height at the openings on their cave. All the gobos get clipped.
earth magic that lets their feet sink into a small hole about a foot deep then closes crushing the leg and triggers a fire trap spell about a minute later when other gobos come to look.
gobos see a couple of women lost in the forest go to do their rapey things, it's a momma bear and cubs with a glamor on them.

Cast spell that creates a smell of female dragon in heat and apply to goblin camp.

you know. the normal things.

Well, she saves the day again but that's not saying much since she does it in every volume.

Does the thought of a Strong independent Woman scare you shitlord?

I love thinking about strong independent women, and all the ways they can get gobb'd.


>This doujin again


here you go.

Take over their lands, and force them to open trade. Educate them to be less fuccbois and treat them as second class citizens unless exception individuals prove otherwise.
Any SJW who tries to fight for their rights can go live with them in their slum areas of the cities.

I hate when that happens!

Saturate the cave with whatever poison gas you have, is perfect for pests.
And I'm not making a holocaust joke.

It's like Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Sure thing Cred Forums


No thanks but it could be worse.

Not sure what the relation is there.


Just good friends.

I kinds preferred the fake spoilers. The real stuff is a lot blander.

Japanon please.

I still can't believe priestess did fuck off back to the temple after that experience, only rape can break her will.

*Didn't fuck off

This is the worst shit I've every read.


So what do you recommend?

A LN were you can self-insert

So what do you suggest

Something better

They get together, and there are a half dozen or so books after that where they stay together.

>Thread is still active for days after its creation

W-what sorcery is this?

Off-topic magic.

I kinda wanna draw these guys attacking a goblin cave. With good end and bad ends.

Dog user would have dog themed armour with with floppy ears on his helmet

Pestilence user would ride a giant flea and have insect themed armour with two big feathers on his beaked helmet making him look like a mosquito

And chemical user would be constantly surrounded by smoke and have a gas mask like helmet and overcoat that looks like a labcoat

Good end would everything going right for them
Dog user would have his dogs sniff out goblin escape holes
Chemical user would flood the cave with his chemicals forcing the goblins to run out.
Pestilence user would then throw his orbs and cause them to go into disorder as they try to get away from the bees and fleas
Dog user would clean up with his puppers

Bad end
Pestilence user throws his orbs of fleas and ticks which attack dog user's puppers causing them to roll around and run away
Chemical user would prematurely unleash his chemicals killing pestilence user's bugs pissing him off.
They all get into a fight while the goblins just look on from the cave


Well, the next chapter is about to release. Guessing people are constantly checking back to see when it drops.

What day does it usually drop?


Try to post
>I'm not a robot
>reCAPTCHA: Please select all the houses until none are left!
>Not this shit again
>30+ goddamn clicks later
>I'm not a robot
>reCAPTCHA: Please select all the store fronts until none are left!

It really is like reCAPTCHA is trying to kill my will to ever post. Are bots really that fucking big of a problem?

>he doesn't know about legacy captcha

You remind me of the porcelain adventurers that didn't prepare at all for the raid on a goblin lair. Get raped and die as soon as possible.

Not him, but lately I've been getting some odd things in my Captchas for me to put in.

Odd isn't difficult.

No, but normally it's just numbers or street signs.
Not whatever the hell Semen Padang is or the german stuff I've been getting now.

When will helmets become an acceptable fashion accessory irl?

Kek, somehow my country's word popped out on chapcha nowadays.

It means Padang's (a location) cement, by the way.

What country?


I thought you were conquered

Nah mate, we're fine and dandy.
You're thinking of Malaysia.

Light novel English translation when?

You know that never happened and is Polish war propaganda, yes?

So they do some raping? Was it at least their enemies?


Care to summarize how they got together?
Any hand holding?

New chapter in two days.

Typical indons. Fuck off and go back to your shithole facebook.

my niqqa

>dat t-shirt

Can't wait for more skipped chapters.

that is too long

I don't. Explain.

So where are the gods? you said there would be gods.

Did goblin slayer lose an eye?

Manga skipped it.

They skipped anything that was a "sidestory" in the LN, right?

At first she finds him amusing as a plaything, his corny poetry endearing. Later he has value as a tool. When she loses her war he's the one to convince her to continue living. From then on they become an item. I should note she never stops being a terrifying force of evil, but she genuinely comes to love him. They even have a kid.

She also has a yandere immortal twin sister who features as a recurring villian.


Evil mage resurrects GS's sister and makes her fight him.