You are the villain who just cornered the main heroine

You are the villain who just cornered the main heroine.

What do?

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"you will be spared for now"

Die because she had bullshit plot armor

Bathe her, and bring her to me.


I bend over.

not if you declare yourself the edgy anti-hero right then and there

then you might even be able to get the heroine if there isn't already a hero



Eat these eggs

Attempt to convince her to join me

If not, incubator

Give me your pantsu and no one gets hurt.

came here to post this

I walk up to her, get close to her ear, and whisper the following words: And so I squeeze the mayonnaise unto the egg. Mayonegg.

The whole bowl

Hmph. All of this... What I've done was useless after all. You're a lucky one, mortal. I shall disappear from this world until I get bored once again.

Not enough information. What did I do to get labelled a villain and she a hero?

Snap her neck of course. I'm not going to halt my plans because the person who came to stop me happened to be female. It's tough on her but she should have stayed out of my way. Talk shit, get hit.

I make a thread on Cred Forums about it. For the 6th billionth time.

Tell her I was just kidding about the whole villain thing and take her to dinner.





New volume fucking when

Swifty take a selfie buddy hugging heroine.
"Okay that was fun! I'll see you tomorrow for our next date!"
Skip away humming.

Bang her;>

Ejaculate inside of her and make her wrap her legs around me in a very NTR'ey fashion that nerds will shamefully fap to.

[x] genuflect

Too bad this meme is dead.

I'll look at her, look at her face, her hair, her figure, her eyes..and I'll start crying. I will try to kneel before her and say something, but I will fall on the ground, hitting my chin - because I feel very fucking dizzy.

>What..a lucky guy.
>damn it

Relapse and start doing heroine

Is there any anime where the main heroine fall in love with the villain?

Time for the finishing QTE section!

Blood-C is the first one poped in my head.

Invite her for a ride in my fancy 50s-style car

Well, I do need a taste tester for my desserts.
Maybe she could help.

Create a drama scene and a plot twist by confessing my love to her and submitting my villanious delaings?

I'll brainwash her millions of time and take ahold and reconstruct every aspects of her mind, body, soul, and her very sentience and make her the most obedient, loyal and submissive slave of mine, removing any chance of her opposing me for eternity.

> responsible for human genocide
> dragged the world to despair
> the remaining humans become slaves

it's just a prank bro, lemme take you to dinner. I know a place around here,


The main heroine of an h-series?

Feed her Hawaiian pizza

Cuck the hero

Use talk no jutsu for 50 minutes long and insert some anti-hero endgame.


Tell her that I've been loving her all along.

Stockholm syndrome the shit out of her.
Invite male lead to our wedding.

>You are the villain who just cornered the main heroine.
What if I'm the villainess who cornered the main hero?
The answer remains the same:

Be sexually threatening.


Attempted rape obviously.

Beta cuck user

In a SHOCKING TWIST, I cut her head off and begin to make out with it.

Since we can't actually show rape, but there's a lot of sexual symbolism in the scene anyway, this is sufficient to creep watchers out. Viewers praise the show for having the balls to actually kill off the main heroine.

Also, edgelords think that this makes me the BEST VILLAIN ever. When I confront the hero, I taunt him with her head - now in a jar of formalhyde - before he brutally kills me.

My last act is to crawl over to her head and lovingly embrace it to my chest, establishing me as a sick, sick fuck.

10/10 anime of the year all yrs, such mature writing wow.


ironic as fuck

Sounds like that one thing that happened in Kara no Kyoukai.

Probably this

Look at it this way.

In a mainstream anime, you won't get to NTR the hero. You just won't, leaves a bad taste, et cetra.

Also, you're the villain. The villain is always a little edgy, but there's the edgy 'poseur' villain who never does anything bad, and then there's the edgy villain who's morbid and disturbing.

You're also not going to get to rape the heroine. Anyway, rape is the quickest way to make the villain non-threatening, because he always giggles about it and then Kirito punches him in the face or whatever. (Also, otaku rage.)

But if you do something like that, BAM, instant cliffhanger! The viewers are going "What the fuck did we just watch?" and "Did she died, I have to watch next week."

At the same time, the waifu gets to stay pure, and the hero gets to be heroic, because he can now go to super edgy rage mode and kill you in an epic final duel. Because his love interest is dead, this doesn't feel shonen, no - It feels MATURE and DEEP because he's drawing on the power of hatred.

Remember, jaded otaku are your audience, you have to shock and titillate them. You'll probably get all kinds of doujins where you actually do fuck her, and rather more questionable doujins where you do dirty things to the dead body. For some reasons, fujos will get all wet about your bad boy behavior, never mind that you just committed a horrific act. ("Kyaaaa, he loves her so much ~

10/10 would argue on anonymous imageboards about.

I think I've had enough of Cred Forums for today.

You monster.

Laugh and gloat over her helplessness and leave giving her time to plan or train to defeat me eventually.

Close to what this faggot did, but yours are more extreme.

9/10 Would recommend.

Inspired. How does the final battle go?

I tried saucenao, google search and iqdb, none worked.

Rape, her body serves as my trophy for defeating her.


Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso wo Kasaneru

I dunno, all I have is a picture of the heroine. I'd have to guess wildly, but it's some kind of dark seinen supernatural fighter?

Capture and brainwash her

Assume it is.

Thanks user!

Thanks user!

Rape. I'm also female.

I tell her my plans and then leave her alone in a poorly defended room for a few days.

Sure you are.


Maybe i just rape her and then give her to my underlings.

I would watch a normal anime where the heroine loses and it turns into hentai

>My last act is to crawl over to her head and lovingly embrace it to my chest
Would cry desu



Okay, so the hero has to confront you, the villain, for the final battle. I assume this is still a mainstream TV anime and the hero has to win, right?

So the hero enters the final room to fight you, and he finds that the room is full of dolls, especially the scary ones in kimonos. Heroine-chan is in a chair in the far room. She's also in a sexy kimono, but her face is veiled because she has no head. This is for merchandising (a new outfit to show her in), titillation (it's a sexy red kimono), and symbolism (She looks like a doll herself. In all the art after this point, it will be her iconic look. Megami magazine will run fanservicey images by Tony Taka of her dressing like this but looking down to fuck.)

Veiling her also allows the audience to savor the surprise, you see? They know that the hero is going to discover something terrible, but the misery porn is like actual pornography in that it's a buildup to the climax.

So the hero is calling her name, and he walks over to her, reaching out...

And then SLASH, you cut him across the arm. This establishes you as a dangerous and cunning villain, because you're not posturing. It feels like you really want to kill Protagonist-kun. It also makes the fight more dramatic, because Protagonist-kun is already hurt. He reels away, and then you step out from the shadows like a horror movie villain and say something edgy but profound like-

"You can have the rest of her. I already have the best part."

And then you dramatically show her head in a jar, while you have your katana in the other hand. Obviously, this is going to be a sword fight, because big stupid monsters just mean you look like an idiot and you get your ass kicked in really ugly-looking CGI.


Uh, we need to give the villain some kind of stupidly broken power. Let's go with the Invisible Hands from Re: Zero, which are basically Elfen Lied's vectors. They serve the same narrative purpose as the Funnels in Gundam, which makes the hero look outnumbered and alone despite it being a technically one-on-one fight. So your hands start fucking up the place and the hero is dodging and weaving from the near-misses. He's heartbroken, and he gets his own sword out.

The hero shouts something like: "You monster!" This is where the VA really has to work for it, he has to sound like he's a man raw with grief and on the verge of shrieking his own soul out. He closes in and the two of you fight a bit with a lot of whirling camera and sakuga. But a fight is also about dialogue (See every giant robot anime ever) and he's on a morale low, so you easily overwhelm him.

The important thing is that when you hit him, you don't actually land a lethal wound. You either hit him in the chest so hard with the sword hilt he flies back, or you kick him away. Just to rub in that you're a really bad guy, you hurt him when he's on the floor, too. Like, you kick him in the ribs or your stupid magical hands start slashing him across the back.

So he starts to crawl over to Heroine-chan's body, and all the sorrow of the world is in his eyes. He's gone somewhere beyond pain, and he starts to have flashbacks as he clutches at her legs, the camera tastefully lowered so it shows her panties but not her severed head.

(One last part.)

Now, to establish that you're a progressive villain, you have to be a little sexually ambiguous. This will also sell a lot more shonen-ai doujins. So you say something like - "Worry not. After you die, I'll make you one of my dolls, too." or "That beautiful face...That's the look I want to see." (The VA has to sound like he's having a massive boner. Or even worse, if he says it softly, intimately, the way you would to your waifu.) Expect the next Comiket to be full of yaoi doujins, it takes all kinds.

So with your mocking laughter echoing in his ears, Protagonist-kun slumps. But then, he sees a red butterfly, and a voice says "Protagonist-kun, don't give up." or the equivalent. Bloodied but unbowed, he rises to his feet...and he's dual-wielding! He has Heroine-chan's sword in one hand, and his own - there will be a special figurine for people who buy the DVD.

BAM, Round 2. Slow-mo and sakuga.

CRASH, you hack through Protagonist-kun's sword. But wait, he still has a second sword! You could never have foreseen that! He swings, and cuts through your superkatana's guard, severing your fingers! (Blood and sickening injuries mean that things are SERIOUS.)

Then STAB, right through your fucking heart.

This is where you crash down, crawl away, and do a bit more corpse-fondling before dying - while the Protagonist stands, looking all badass now, surrounded by waifu-chan's red butterflies.

Some kind of Japanese orchestral piece starts playing.

LINGER for a few seconds on dramatic but hollow victory.

SMASH-CUT to end title, no ending song (Next week is the finale) with some kind of sufficiently pretentious text.

"The furious BLADE"
"I won't FORGET"
"The DEMON of the SWORD"
"A CRIMSON butterfly"


Cornelius, please.

I like the idea, but we can do a bit better.

You, as a villan, have (or rather, had before hero and heroine killed them all) bunch of loyal (or semi-loyal as some of them are now on hero's side) goons that were your company.

So, as the hero comes into your lair you first reveal a shit-ton of heads/bodyparts (from your goons, random people, that one guy who sacrificed himself to save the hero not so long ago, etc.)

Now as the MC is dumbfounded, you go on a long and edgy speech about friendship, like it is just a stepping stone to your and MC's goals. Make MC believe that it was all his fault. If only he didnt ruin your plans all of them would be alive, and happy. (Insert long and elaborate keikaku explanation and how it was supposed to save the world/make it a better place).

And then drop a bombshell that the heroine knew that plan all along, and the only reason you defeated her - she tried to spare you in the end, even after everything you've done.

>Maybe to her we were the same, blinded by the hate for each other, crazed on saving the world no matter who or what stood in our path, even ourselfs, isnt it ironic?

Bonus points:

Heroine somehow knew you and MC before all the shit went down.
And MC was cursed/scarred/merged with a demon to get stronger.

And the rest as your post goes user.


Hear a faint sound of crashing and screaming, dampened by the thick layer of steel and ceramics. My crew and I keep going, and in the evening, some poor fuck will have to clean blood and some hair from the tracks of the tank, asking me what the fuck I was doing.

Of course, I answer that I don't know, don't give a shit, and that this dumb ass private has the choice between keeping cleaning the tracks today, or getting to clean the porta-shitters for two weeks.

A month later, I learn from the newspaper that the main enemy leader has been killed in combat, and that some faggot glory hound from another brigade, 100 kilometers away, claimed the victory as his. And that's what history will remember.

You hate all anime don't you

At least I didn't give her super dank weed.

I'm just saying what it would be like. You know how ridiculous the advertising posters can get? Like Strike the Blood, there's always one where the heroines decide to dress up like cats and play with cat teasers or something.

Here, we can have really slutty images of Heroine-chan 'accidentally' losing her kimono's sash or lying around all langurously. Put a silk ribbon around her neck, and it's no longer softcore pornography, it's ART and FORESHADOWING.

Here, let me tell you the doujins you'll get.

> NTR doujins where you rape/fuck heroine-chan before the final battle. ShindoL has her being decapitated, too.
> Foot fetish doujin where you lick her feet, then tongue her whole body. Some really fucked-up ones have her headless while you're doing so.
> Happy End ones where the hero saves her in time and fucks her later.
> Yaoi doujins.
> Yaoi guro doujins
> Unrelated doujins where she gets fucked by horny fat men while she's in that outfit.
> Beastiality doujins where her last request is to fuck dogs or something.
> NTR, so much NTR.
> Doujins where she gets gang-raped by monsters before being executed.

I could go on, but you know how it goes.

Let's think about it. Most anime the last decade have been awful.

He's just pointing out how cliched it is.

No futa?


Pretty cool actually

Did expect me to rape her? I decline, because I am a gentleman villain *tips fedora*

>tfw Junko will never take you out to dinner


Fucking dropped

no you ruined it

I'll make an evil laugh and I would tie her up in a pole while I taunt the hero that I capturred her and tell him the location. Then send my minions (which are all dressed in black) after him when he gets to the place, ordering them to attack one by one only when the hero has finished transforming.
When my minions are defeated, make a convoluted escape saying "I'll get you next time!" at the end.

The cons is that I won't be able to achieve any evil deeds.

The pros is that I will keep appearing in the next week's episode untill the end of times.

I thought she was this 美少女. Got baited pretty hard there

Kidnap her and cryogenically freeze her. Tell her if the circumstances were on the other side we could've been friends unfortunately they are not. Tell the hero this is between you and me not some other third wheel. The place where I freezed her is my main base and is an impenetrable fortress.

I agree, that weird guy's original idea made the HERO look good and that was the point.

You can't make the villain look good to the exclusion of the hero, or you get that one about the blank-faced dude who NTRs everyone.


Disarm and take her as a prisoner. Get her to join me.

Maou no Hajimekata?

I force my consciousness into her body, and then make it seem like I had a difficult time escaping from the villain. Later with the current "villain" just being a meat puppet I manipulate the final battle so that I get the killing blow. Then I go on to live happily ever after with the mc and the rest of his harem.

I actually sincerely laughed. Thank you user.

I'd go wind up possessing her body and exist as a separate personality and then rape the hero until I get addicted to cock
Happy ending for all of us

Hell of the west

This is so stupid it's actually really good.

That's the one.

well thought.

You understand otaku mentality well.

Is Griffith the only villain that got away with rape and not reduced to Saturday morning cartoon infamy

How do you replicate that

I swear I've watched an anime like this before, but I can't place it. It's the damndest thing.

I don't know if its such a good idea to touch the heroine. What if I incurred someone like pic related's wrath?

It's liked the Sacred Blacksmith. There's one scene with Cecily, the female lead (She's the girl who always dresses like a maid, you've probably seen the images a few times) gets assaulted by the white-haired prettyboy villain.

So he smacks her around and tears her clothes. But he doesn't rape her, oh no. See, he's a eunuch, so he can't take his peepee and put it into her vajayjay. Because the savage beating isn't upsetting, but the thought she might get FUCKED is.

What upset the fans wasn't the trauma, but the thought that their waifu might not be pure anymore because the mean alpha male put his cock into her pussy.


Do you think otaku would be more "accepting" if the villain was a trap of futa

No. If it was played for drama rather than eroticism it would become fujobait and no one else would care.

Sexual one, preferably.

No-one would give a shit. Girl-on-girl rape is not 'real rape', it's too hot to be rape.

You guys have probably seen the really shitty manga Deathtopia, where the girls get put in sexual peril a lot of the time. Guess what, no-one actually rapes them. The only time a girl nearly gets raped is when an attractive lesbian gropes one, tears her top, then sticks her fingers in for a bit.

Now, this would be pretty fucking traumatic for a girl, but it's the closest she gets to having a dick in her.

I'll also point out that this is a very otaku thing. Even when the girl is all corrupted and evil, she only wants your dick (i.e. she's lowering her standards.)

Really, if a girl turned evil and all her morals vanished, there would be a literal buffet of cock waiting for her. She'd probably find the nearest Chad and ride his cock raw, or have a gangbang orgy with cultists. She ain't going to suddenly realize her hidden feelings for you and only you.

Offer her cookies.

>she wields a katana

Withdraw coolly . Anything else ends in my painful death.

Show her a trick.


Why you gotta be like this man


Erase her and take her hands

Ever heard of yandere? Yeah, that.

I'd watch this

You have the set of the rest of these?

this:✓&tags=kenkou_cross &ms=1

Futa on girl rape could be made scary, you just have to do it right. The old in-out, in-out could be enough if you're a good writer, but since the anime industry lacks these, you'll have to improvise.

For that, I would personally enter the BSDM territory a bit. Wait, I'm just gonna start explaining.

First, the futa would blindfold the girl, rope her to the wall, or to a movable platform of some kind, and take off (nay, "cut" would be a better match here) her clothes off.

Just let me start off by saying that the girl that was attacked NEVER saw who attacked her, she was attacked from behind and she was unconscious before she could see who was it.
And that the futa is using a string male perfume to mask her own scent, so her target won't be able to smell her familiar scent.

First, she starts with pretty standard "tickle torture". The futa does it herself at first, but eventually, she attaches it to a machine nearby to automate the process, while she can relish the sight of the girl spazzing from this with her eyes, fully.

Next would be water torture (not waterboarding, mind you), combined with some soft electricity applied to the nether parts. For that purpose, the platform is made horizontal, and a dripping self-made device is placed right above the bridge of her nose. It would irregularly drip (about 3-4 times a minute, I guess?). This would continue for at least 5 hours, and electricity would be applied to her clitoris as to prevent her from falling asleep.

Next stage is less 'shocking', but more sexual. Nettle play, surgical alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. The futa slaps the girl's most sensitive parts of her body with nettles, making them itch like hell, and then she shoves a couple of them up her vagina. Of course, she moves them in and out, twists them so it can cover as much as possible. Because she is tied down, she cannot scratch the itch, thus making her a bit furious. The nettles are left in for about 20 minutes, and after that

The inherently fetishistic nature of the scenario works against it, though.

Like, people inherently understand sex, death, morbidity and so on. An elaborate BDSM scene just has people thinking of 50 Shades of Grey.

In some ways that's worse.

i would choke her to death
And rape her dead body

Knock her to the ground and pin her for the three count. Go on an extended monologue about how nobody can beat me until my enemy's theme music starts playing.

That's just a really shitty hentai scene tho.

is this a naruto jutsu?

Especially if it's futa stuff and sexual torture.

Unless you draw the futa as some very ugly unfappable gonk then this just won't work. Futa is inherently fetishistic because the only thing that separates them from a regular woman is a penis meaning to feature this aspect of them at all you need to go pornographic. Traps are more acceptable because being male or female isn't inherently fetishistic since you can convey this without showing genitals.

Yeah, the whole point is "This man is going to fuck your woman. He is sexually threatening her." Then "Shit, wait. What he's doing is even worse, what the fuck man that nigga ain't right."

the girl is left to sleep (an surprising act of goodwill), and after she wakes up, the platform is made vertical, and the futa feeds her normal food she has made herself. It's a bit bland, but the girl doesn't complain. She kisses her belly button, and exhales. The girl feels like she has heard that exact same voice before, but she can't really remember it now, as she is overwhelmed by the events of the last two days. The torturer reapplies the gag, and walks away to the distance.

Church bells can be heard in the distance, and there are farm animals nearby. For a fact, the girl knows that the attacker (or at least, the torturer) is female, and she is not in her city, but rather in a village. The smell confirms it, as well. But she can't really do anything with that knowledge.

She comes back 8 minute later, and she can be heard humming the Ninth, by Ludwig Van, and she is slapping two plastic bottles together. She puts them on some kind of table, and then she is heard rummaging through metal tools. She finds whatever she was looking for, and she picks up the bottles as well - the futa starts humming a bit louder, and closes in to the girl. With a precise, yet lightning quick slash, she runs a diamond knife through the innocent girl's clitoris. An excruciating cry of pain is heard, and the futa quickly opens up the bottles. She pours the peroxide (about a cup's worth) right her crotch, and the girl can feel something bubbling and warm. The girl calms down rather quickly, just like a child who had thrown a tantrum (and afterwards got what he wanted). She pisses herself, and falls unconscious.

But the futa won't have it yet. She pours (again, an entire cup's worth) of alcohol INSIDE, and then she inserts something metal and ice-cold inside to soak up the juices. She takes it out, and she clumsily aims at the urethra. She softly forces (yes, I know it's an oxymoron) the sounding rod inside, inserting it as deep as possible. (There's more.)

Are you planning to masturbate to this or are you masturbating RIGHT NOW

please stop


futa on female rape is my fetish desu

w-what kind of trick?

Here, let me show you.

Bring her back to my place and command her to eat a bowl of eggs

Well, I managed to screw that one up. But that's okay.

>creepily smile
>let out a big fake laugh
>turn around and say
Hahaha! Come back to me when you prove your not a small fry!
>and leave while waving backwards, revealing your a vilain with a jeart of gold (and you can't kill her now because the show got a second cour)

Disarm her, put her in my captive princess tower, take care of her, let her go after a year or so.

There's a weird kind of genius to it. Sad thing is, Cred Forums would basically respond exactly like that.

The futa scotch tapes it so it won't fall down. In the meanwhile, she fondles the girl's soft, but not big, boobs. The hands are not rough, which only serves as more proof that the torturer (or attacker) is female, but as said before, she can't do SHIT with that knowledge.

After a while, she removes the scotch tape quickly, and playfully (she takes the sound a bit to the outside, then she pushes it back in - this happens a couple of times) takes out the sound. She shoves the sound up her left nostril, and a sniffled laughter can be heard.

This is it now, boys. The culmination, the thing I was waiting for.

The platform is rotated, but it is not quite horizontal. The girl's head is slightly below the rest of her body. The futa pours SAND from a bucket, tons of it - aimlessly, on her crotch. It wasn't as effective as she had expected, though. While some sand had gotten inside her genitals, the majority just fell on her midriff, and some got inside her nose.

The next time, she took an elongated glass (which isn't that wide, by the way), and filled it up with some of the sand that had gotten on the ground. This time, things looked better. The girl was grimacing and moving her body wildly.

The futa puts on a condom, and starts pounding the girl, while doing her best to hold back her voice this time for some weird reason. Her condom rips after a while, and she quickly replaces it afterwards. Again, and again, it continues ripping.
She exclaims "tch!" in annoyance, and something within the girl's head clicks.


>the futa thinks to herself "Fuck it, I'm going in raw! I don't care what happens to my dick."

She picks up a wooden/metal-sounding object from somewhere, and comes back to the girl. The futa had bitten the knife between her teeth as she went in, all out. She bounced, and trounched, and huffed, and puffed. With a gay cheer, while humming to Richard Halley's Fifth, she forced her penis into the poor lil' ol' girl, and then she..


cuts the blindfold in half with the same slashing motion she had done before, and takes the ball gag out of her mouth.

The futa is screaming and laughing like a god damned madman, and the girl is yelling in pain (and a wee-bit of pleasure) making a terrible cacophany in the middle of the night.

The neighbour, an old jii-san has had enough of this, and he starts loading his old family heirloom shotgun, bit by bit.
He knocks on the door, but nobody can hear him. He shoots the lock open, and kicks the door down. Both of the girls express some concern about the noise they had heard, but nevertheless, the futa kept going at it.

The grandpa comes closer, and shoots his shotgun to the roof, breaking some of it in the process, and causing a rather plank to fall near the girls.

>G-Gimp-san!? Is that you?

lick her feet.

It looks like it has a cap :3

>says the futa with a scared, yet also a bit aroused expression

It's an open ending

Manipulate her memories to make her think she was my lover all along, then watch the male lead fall into despair as she attempts to kill him for trying to ruin her love-life.


Congratulations, I winced and fliched a couple of times.

Nah, I'm not that cruel. Just feed her the pizza with broccoli.

What if you ARE the main lead AND the villain. You go full Aur on us?

Then I saved a few shekels on postage stamps.


someone please screencap

Hawaiian pizza is delicious though

Do it yourself faggot.

>hawaiiwan "pizza"

I don't see how there can be people enjoying that abomination. Seriously, I'm not even american and I think I finally understand why I've heard so much people complaining about it. Pineapple does NOT belong in a pizza.

Would watch

You're just a pleb. If other ingredients aren't utter shit, pineapple fits perfectly.

Wake her up at sunrise the next morning to teach her the art of katana on the ocean shore, where seagulls cry.
Make her run around with a truck tier roped around her waist, yelling at her to keep her balance point low.
Reward her efforts with a delicious hotpot dinner and an extra helping of rice.
Take her to the bath house to rinse off the sweat and buy her strawberry-flavored milk on the way out, light-heartedly jesting about her modest chest.
Take her to the Obon festival and buy her the fox mask she keeps eying but is too proud to ask for.
Wake up an hour before she does every morning so that I have the time to prepare her lunch box for school.
Come to the school festival in disguise, so that I wouldn't embarrass her, but she recognizes me anyway and offers to show me around while blushing and pretending to be reluctant about it.
Make sure she wears her muffler properly as the days keep getting colder.
Watch her dance under the first snow as we come home from grocery shopping.
Struggle to hide my tears as she shows up to keep me company on my lonely Christmas eve.
Try to make her valentine's day chocolate, but mess up horribly, so that they end up looking like burned toads riddled with shotgun wounds. Yet she insists that they're delicious.
On a rainy spring day challenge her into a duel, lie that all I did was only a plot to break her, be properly killed by her, and whisper words of gratitude in her ear as I succumb to the darkness of death, never to feel as proud and blessed again.

Here, this is for you. If you want something better, you will have to do it yourself though.

I wish I could interact with a cute 2D heroine.

I will remain the villain of my own life forever ;_;

It's because she loves big bad more than her own moral system, rather than some kind of total evil conversion thing.

He is an insecure manchild, the only correct answer is go Rance on the heroine.

who the fuck knows man

I get what you're saying but that picture in question is actually a slightly different scenario despite its appearance. Who corrupted her and who she essentially rapes are different people and the feelings weren't exactly suddenly realized since the corruption partially happens due to feelings that were already there. It's a case of already existing selfish desire overtaking her sense of duty. I guess you could call it an example because she didn't rape a bunch of men on her way to raping her LI though.

Kill her swiftly. And make sure she stay dead.
And set a boobie trap under her corpse to fuck the main hero too when he will go embrace the corpse for the dramatic "BITCH-CHAN NOOOOO!!!". And collect a party of high level minions to ambush and finish him after the trap trigger. And take a cllective dump on their corpses.

A boobie trapped corpse is actually pretty genius.

Well damn I feel old now

>a boobie trap

Fill her tits with small bombs?


Shave her head.

>remove her weapons
>restrain her
>tie her to a chair and shoot lightning at her until she becomes my minion
>teach her to wield dark and sinister power
>convince her the main character was holding her back
>send her to fight the main character next time he shows up

And then we'll take over the world!

Kojima please, I don't want to deal with another "there's a bomb in my vagina" ever again.

ask her out on a date

Lock her up in a tall tower, guarded by a large dragon.

Either kill, or release.
Depending on my goals and why it opposes me.