What the fuck was this dude's problem?

What the fuck was this dude's problem?


>menacing cello intensifies

He tried balancing a soft heart with a world view that almost exclusively promoted lying and theft. Overall I'd say it ended up working pretty well for him in the long run. He had some rough patches, but in the end he pretty much achieved most of what he set out to do, except for getting the girl.

loss of smile and optimism

No, wait, sorry ---- more likely, something more like, HOW??? HOW DID HE SPEND *SO* MUCH MONEY???

Fell in love with the wrong woman. Teacher fetish did him no favours.
It didn't help that in the end he ended up having to deal with her sister for a few years either.

That brings up an issue though. We know Kaiki was a young boy when he met Tooe, did he also meet Izuko around the same time or did he only meet her at college?

Too perfect

he had none, he was the best character in the entire show


His waifu died and his goddaughter is a lesbian

He's best boy but he had a rough life

>he's best girl


Literally can't get over his dead waifu, and goes so far as to stalk her daughter for some closure. In order for him to try to justify it to himself, he acts more like a selfish prick than he usually is to try to get people to not guess his personal motives and the fact that he really has a soft spot for families in general.

Ya know. if you could rearrange the characters on that massive scroll, you could have a pretty solid set of wall decorations.
I take it from the size that they all must be life-sized.
Get them coloured in and maybe some background on it and BAM, your ability to hide your power level is no longer a thing.

Not by being some kind of spy, let me tell you. Mostly by having some very soft-hearted but successful friends

This is why I can't stand you kids, you always see everything through romance-tinted goggles.

Best theme.

He tries to be a good person but doesn't know how to.

Aren't you supposed to be masturbating over Gaen's grave, Kaiki?

>He tries to be a good person but doesn't know how to.
He does?

He's a real cutie (no homo)

Kikey turned me into a Jew

He knows the typical way to be a good person, he just doesn't see it as logical. Kaiki is a good guy, but at the same time he sees being fake as being just as important as being good. All of his roundabout methods of helping people involve him trying to fix their problems while staying true to his philosophy. And in terms of just results, it essentially works every time.

Believe it or not, he really does try his best to adhere to his sense of right and wrong. He's actually a lot like RRG in many ways, but the main differences are his approach and his waifu being kill.

>it essentially works every time.

Fucking what. No it doesn't. Senjougahara is literally someone that Kaiki's faggotry didn't work on.
In the end he just got so buttflustered that it failed that he went and singlehandedly fucked up the cult out of revenge.

Are you retarded?

You're missing the obvious and literally stated fact that the family was already a ticking timebomb of shit, doomed to collapse. All he did was accelerate the sequence of events so she could try to heal sooner and get rid of the toxic influence on her life as soon as possible.

You're right that he fucked the cult up to make himself feel better though.

Kaiki set out to improve Hitagi's family life, and he accomplished just that. She may have hated him for his methods, but that's irrelevant when we're just talking about results. Kaiki is successful in pretty much every con he pulls off, regardless of how people feel about it.

Yeah but his original stated goal was to get the split to happen cleanly but by his own words "He underestimated a daughters love for his mother".
His revenge was him being butthurt that he couldn't actually help. Yotsugi gives him shit for it.

>Kaiki didn't fuck up the cult out of revenge

You've confused two events. The event your thinking of is the conning of the family in the first place.
He went in to break them up and failed. The revenge was afterwards.

He just wanted to make money.
He had no problem.

>You've confused two events. The event your thinking of is the conning of the family in the first place.
He went in to break them up and failed. The revenge was afterwards.

Yeah, I realized that shortly after posting and decided to just delete it.

In the long term, he does manage to save her by severing her relationship with her mom. What he didnt expect, is that she loves her mom, despite all the awful things she went through. Her hating him is probably why he is so afraid of openly helping people now.

All he failed in was making it a clean break and ignoring the fact that someone might want to remember the good times even though the memories bleed in with the bad ones which is largely the reason why he can't get over Ms. Gaen as well in my mind.

In all other regards, he was successful in his actions regarding Senjogahara and removing her mom from her life, even if it wasn't optimal.

Hitagi's case is the single greatest failure of his career and yet in the end he still ended up pulling it off to great effect. It wasn't exactly how he wanted, but he got it done even so. If that's his worst case, then I'd say the man's got a pretty impeccable track record.

It's even stated in Mayoi Hell that he probably would have fixed Hitagi's Crab issue as well around the time of when he showed up in Nise.

He's presented in a bad light because of Karen's black and white worldview. She considers herself and the fire sisters to be paragons of justice, and any enemy that opposes them is completely evil.

his waifu's daughter doesn't appreciate the finer points of MEAT

Now that's an interesting spoiler, I wonder if SHAFT will adapt that scene.

I don't see why they wouldn't. The scene is pretty important for Araragi's character as well as the core theme of "helping" that surrounds him and the specialists.

From what I understand and what I've heard from other anons, there's been some questionable adaptation choices in parts like Nise and Kabuki.

They cut some fairly important scenes that weren't part of the main storyline. That scene is probably the main reason Nisio sent Araragi to hell in the first place.

He needed more meat.

Only good chara in this trainwreck.

>being fake as being just as important

way to miss the fucking point.

if kaiki wasnt there, senjo might have eventually be raped for real by one of her mom's "friends".

senjo was just so naive and childish back then and didnt want to blame her mom for how fucked up the family was.

Anyone else here hoped that Kaiki would have NTRed Araragi? He deserves it anyway.

Literally the living embodiment of the placebo effect

He sells placebo and pseudo spells because people do half of the work and believe his lies because they want to

These half truths tend to blow up in his face sometimes

pretty sure it only backfired when he gave that kid snake charms.

That reminds me, what's Meme's specialty again?

Kaiki = hypnotism
Kagenui = strength
Gaen = information
that dude from tsukimonogatari = barrier
Meme = ???

He's literally the all-rounder if memory serves. Might be more accurate to call him a Red Mage or something though.

Being best girl

Diplomacy. Or maybe you could call it empathy. He just tries to see things from each viewpoint and come up with solutions that satisfy both.

I was talking about their abilities though, not their personality.

That's Oshino's primary method though. Gaen can also swing a sword real well, but you correctly identified her primary method as gathering/using thorough information.