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>opm manga and webcomic going into different direction


What different direction? This actually explains why more heroes didn't go to MA in the webcomic. What's wrong with expanding the source material?

Whoa that wasn't a short chapter.

I like where this is going.

>page 23
>1st panel
Psykos is so moe.

Cute! CUTE!

The fuck is that? Elder?

I havent read the web comic for a long time, who the hell is this demon

Elder Centipede is a centipede. I assume this is some other monster in the association. Some people think he's going to be jobbing to Psykos to show how powerful she is. Perhaps some guy who thinks that Psykos is a coward for telling everyone to retreat after this first strike and wants to vie for leadership, since we kno.

The fuck is that thing?

>The fuck is that? Elder?
Monster King.

OC donut steel ONE probably made up as a red herring for manga only readers to take their eyes away from Garou being a threat

Wheres a good source for cbr/zip downloads of the manga these days? I read up to chapter 79 of the Nereiru scan but they seem to have stopped there

Here's a folder for it

Oh i didnt know that. I cant wait for tatsumaki to be properly drawn

Thanks pal!

Welp, dumping.

Poor Sneck. He's the joke of A-class.

Anyone else feeling for Snek this chapter?

STILL A-Class, like he said. But yeah, it seems he might not take that much pride in that (not as much as he showed towards Saitama when they first met) after all?

Snek's fighting style actually looks pretty cool.

Yeah, Watchdog panel nicely shows just how much different S class is than A class. Good to know Snek finally noticed it too.






The only guy we've ever seen that thought he was S-class after killing some mooks was Stinger. Everyone else clearly knows the difference between S and A class.

People also forget the only times he's done ANYTHING at all was Saitama and Sea King. He's already proven he's a pretty good fighter in the tournament and had done way better than Lightning Max did.


Eh, that's a bit unfair. Even though Lin Lin was just a filler participant for the tournament, I think we can say with confidence that she's definitely stronger than the Harsh Path guy. That guy was a total scrub. As for Snek's fight against Suiryu, Suiryu is definitely intending to play around with Snek, since Snek was an A class who managed to completely overpower his opponent (unlike Max, since Lin Lin was probably a better match for him).

>concert interrupted
There's Sweet Mask's motivation for joining in.



Saitama ruining Suiryu's speech.




>tripnigga since a month
Can you newfag just fuck off right away? Seriously back to re:ddit with you.

5 seats to the left and, probably, right of Psykos. Of all the Dragons capable of sitting there that we know of, are there any empty seats?

I wonder, that Suiryu just said?


>current year
>still reading this

>mouths within mouths within mouths
Elder Centipede and Senior Centipede were great, but this guy here even has his limbs like that. It's kinda hilarious.

Current year was 2015, get ahead of the times.

Finally. I think Murata would redraw Psykos in the fiture.

Here you go.

Calm down kiddo, made it for drawfag threads and never cared to take it off. Been here long enough to not give a shit.

Stop lying you filthy redditor and fuck off. If you were here for more than a month, you wouldn't use a trip.

So who the hell is this guy? Going by the black dougi, he's some sort of martial artist. Can't tell anything beyond that.

Thanks, user!

Based Saitama breaking coolness yet again

So, Metal Knight sees how strong the MA is and decides to stay out of it and let the other heroes take care of it instead of wasting resources on subduing them?

Psykos' body is so soft and plush looking. Her meat puppet too.

Why Psykos is so cute? Her real body is surely cute too!


Literally who.


Mind sharing what they were discussing before that?

The Monster King, Lord Orochi.

Monster King, Lord Orochi. It says it right there.

>>Mind sharing what they were discussing before that?
Random shit about how they already took some heroes out and their plans are actually working out and everything seems pretty good and stuff.

the final villain?

More fodder for Garou

Not that God or st ? Can he be as strong as Alien guy

Flat perfection

Why keep him captive? It's only a machine, all they're doing is allowing Metal Knight to see their base.

Why chain his "corpse" up? Man, these guys are all chuunis.

Most monsters are literally humans who mutated due to being too chuuni one way or another.

I'm glad I dropped this manga. Fuck the filler.

See you next thread.

I predict that this guy will job to Metal Bat

So the MA HQ is some kind of Xenomorph like place? This looks cool as hell.

> Metal Knight jobbing more than fucking Genos

I understand wanting to build and expand on characters and plot elements from the webcomic

I just think it isn't being done in an interesting or compelling way and is hurting the overall pacing with little gain. Particularly the tournament and this mysterious hotshot.

You mean Psykos. He's clearly just here to show that the latter is the MA boss.

You think that, because you can't wait for MA to start. Look at normies who only read Murata - they're actually quite hyped and like the manga as is.

poor sneak.

Kill yourself

Not that user, but I don't mind the expanded monster outbreaks at all. It's this fucking tournament that really won't go anywhere because we know Saitama's here and that Suiryu is literally irrelevant to the future plot.

Or he is and that's why ONE put him here - to build another Murata only arc in the future. Same with expanding on Snek, on Metal Bat etc. ONE probably puts new characters and expands on older ones, so he can do more Murata only stuff in the future, while keeping the webcomic nice and straightforward.

How strong even is Psykos?
She got manhandled by Tats easily and got beaten by Fubuki who Child Emperor can rape while fighting a bear.

He won't be relevant up to the newest original which is like 4 years worth of contents, I don't give a fuck about plot points this much into the future we won't even know whether it'll be meaningful or not. Not to speak Suiryu isn't even canon in his original, it'd be weird as fuck if ONE suddenly shoehorns him into the original and expect everyone to know him.

Her puppet trashed Garou even though the latter beat Rover just before.
She also had enough power to make Bang unable to move.

She's a beast.

> Fubuki who Child Emperor can rape while fighting a bear.

That doesn't means anything though, Tatsumaki should have even less physical strengh than her too.
And Fubuki beat Psykos because she learnt to counter psychics.

>it isn't being done in an interesting or compelling way
>hurting the overall pacing
>little gain
How so, user? I've seen people arguing the opposite before and they've brought up their points, so I'd like to hear what you have to actually say on this. How is it that it's not compelling or that it's hurting the "overall pacing"?

Yeah, that's the problem with characters like that that gets introduced in the remake, they can't be inserted easily in the original plot. It work for minor characters like Lily and random heroes, but Suiryu is being fully developped in this arc, ONE can't give us a flashback in the webcomic about it; Same for the Glasses B class.

the more i look at this guy the more i think he looks like a tan ranma

But I just told you that I think he won't be relevant in the webcomic, and that ONE probably put him here to expand on him in more what you call "filler" in future Murata chapters. So the webcomic has shorter plot, less characters and less stories, while Murata has more of everything.

Face it, in a few years, when we're done with MA, people will fall in love with Murata again, because most of the bitching here is done just because people want to get to the good parts as fast as possible, not trusting ONE can deliver with some side stuff. If because of the tournament we get something nice Suiryu related in the future, I'd be okay with that.

>yfw Suiryu just casually appears in the webcomic out of nowhere for a few panels to fight a new super threat or Saitama and jobs instantly for a quick joke

>mfw suiryuu becomes the new black one punch man isntead

It reminds me of the crap capeshit pull all the time
>Oh you also have to read this and this to understand who this character is.

More like a psychic sexbomb.

Or you know , he's the Saitama of that other hero group who I forgot the name.

I love how unassuming and squishy Psykos looks here compared to the jobber across the table.

Well, ONE most probably won't pull that, or at the very least he never did until now. He's not stupid. I like how he random insert back characters that already appeared first in the remake and make them more relevant (Forte group).

"S class equivalent" would be more appropriate.

Yeah, I wouldn't say he'd be the "Saitama" of that new group (the Hunters aren't the ones who made the organization, I believe, they're just a vigilante group that got recruited for it), just another one of their members. Maybe their Bang equivalent, since he's a martial artist.
webcomic looks better to be honest.

I got a lot more respect for him after he tried to fight the Sea King. Might be a shitty newbie crusher, but he's got guts.

We could agree that Murata is very close to wrapping up the "filler", now that Psychos got already introduced.

The semifinals should be also offpaneled up to Sourface vs Saitama.

Well, we got to see Garou again, I guess.

I'm enjoying the filler but Monster Association is supposed to be HIS arc.

Holy fuck, I didn't realise that this is the M.A. base. Murata a best.

Well, it's more like he got absorbed into the Monster Association arc and ended up usurping it by the end. Talking about the webcomic here. I mean, he was still a major player in the Monster Assoc. invasion, but the focus was more on the Monster Assoc. members themselves.

Any fight that doesn't have Saitama or Suiry seems to be offpaneled anyway.

Frankly I can't see any potential for the tournament. Suiryu will think he's hot shit just like Saitama by one shotting all his opponents too, then he fight Saitama except he also gets OS'd.

>Tats fucking shit up
>Garou with a shit-eating grin
>Saitama just shitting

> 2016
> still reading a meme series
> Hurr durr monsters appear
> bald man punch
> yay we are saved

No Stakes Man

tfw no one would still care about him because he bullied Saitama

looks like he's mid-transformation into a monster or some shit

... wait, i didn't even see genos getting fucked up this time, did i miss it or did murata just not bother

Yeah, Garou was pretty minor. He's the one who begins the arc by fighting a Ripper and Rover, then he gets beaten by Psykos and the focus fully get on the MA vs HA, with Garou getting a "random" fight with Darkshine. Then he steals the final boss slot to Golden Sperm.

Monsters are all idiots.

The tournament so far just seems to have acted as a backdrop for the monster invasion, especially now with Suiryu making a speech about the "strong ones". We've seen monsters shitting on the heroes. Next, we're gonna see the heroes shitting on the monsters. The difference, though, is that there are many more powerful monsters than there are powerful heroes, which might be pretty galling to all the other heroes who've "lost" so far.

I bet my money that right before they start fighting, the tournament gets interrupted by monsters, so they both never learn just how strong the other one is.

Probably just there to turn on Psykos and then get evaporated.

What if it's that martial artist with the kill style that got OS'd by Saitama who ended up so butthurt he transformed into a monster? He's definitely going to the tournament and already beat Genos.

Fubuki beat her because she learnt an anti-esper technique, not because she had more power.

I was thinking Bakuzan, but Bakuzan had a white uniform on. So unless his uniform became black (or, maybe, blood-red?) as a result of mutation, I'm not really sure if it's him or not.

Is that building up ahead the Super Fight arena?

I hope Murata makes her look at least a little bit fucked up, the cool beauty look doesn't really fit someone who went mad from seeing the future and then spent five years pretending to be a slug cyclops.

And without this, HIS arc would be over in the equivalent of 2 episodes of anime. OPM's arcs are actually incredibly short. You could actually cram the entirety of OPM into one cour if you cut out some content.

>Is that building up ahead the Super Fight arena?


I'm really hoping it's Bakuzan, developping an existing character will be more interesting than adding yet another one.

i-i care, user

You sure as hell couldn't. That means cutting like ton of content which is stupid.

She doesn't really look especially crazy, though, except when she's thrashing Tatsumaki around or when she was facing off against Fubuki and getting pissed off.

The tournament is to give the non S-rank heroes their time to shine. I mean, there's an entire hero association, there's so much wasted potential if you don't get to show off what the 'normal' heroes can do.

I'm just saying, OPM isn't actually very long despite going on for years. It's very short.

I like the filler, I just want to see my villain husband a little more often.

I dunno how many of you guys know this but garou or loup-garou is French for "werewolf".

That's what I was saying, it's nothing more than a way to have Saitama out of action while he still "fight" and does Saitama stuffs.

The only element of the tournament that interests me is the potential backstory for Garou, including techniques he copies and uses as he fights Saitama. Suiryu's role is still unclear so I'll reserve judgement but simply being the cool, unknown star fighter in a tournament with Saitama participating so far isn't exactly capturing my interest.

Well, Garou also means "hungry wolf" in Japanese, I believe.

I remember her looking super disheveled all the time. I guess that's just my memory fucking up.

I'm hoping ONE will introduce him in the manga as part of the vigilante group.

>S2 will be a whole filler season
Just wow

Yeah, there's that too. I mean, this is pretty much the first time multiple cities have faced an all-out assault from an army of monsters, right? Not like monster attacks aren't happening in other places during the major events of the past arcs, but this seems like the first real invasion on multiple fronts. Saitama's a beast who'd be able to zip off everywhere if he got serious.

>Tatsumaki is a 'guy'

I'm almost certain that's going to be the case.

If you don't want OPM++, then read the webcomic and leave manga threads alone.

I'm no expert, but I think the term he's using is a rough way of saying "person" or "people" with no particular gender attached. "Guy" is the closest thing English has.

He can't, so he has to go here to complain about how long updates are taking before complaining in the webcomic threads about how ONE doesn't care about it anymore because of how long the updates are taking. It's a vicious cycle.

Suiryu knows what's up.

Guys in english refers to both girls and boys in this context, ESL.

Tatsumaki would have been better with her doodle face here. I mean, she's supposed to be the same as Saitama, not really fitting to have one in his doodle mode and not the other.

Now I just feel bad for him. I like the webcomic too, but I have the manga to keep me going while ONE is busy.

Only Suiryu and Garou being serious would have spoilt the impact of Saitama.

well Saitama is taking a shit so there's that and Tats usually is serious about eliminating monsters

Saitama has some serious faces, though only ONE time where it was actually serious, I'd say.

Tatsumaki IS supposed to be like Saitama, yeah, but she's not on his level.

But then we need to replace Garou with Watchdog-man.

They're getting swatted like flies so that's a moot point

The story ultimately isn't about the Hero Association or any group, it's time consuming to elaborate on aspects in a world and it doesn't necessarily add anything of value to a story.

Watchdog-man is so based.

>The story ultimately isn't about the Hero Association or any group
And it's not really about Saitama either.

It's about heroes as a whole. We've seen the highs. Now we're seeing the lows for the first time in depth.

Where is Garou?

Jesus the manga goes way too slow compared to the webcomic.

Last time we saw him? Approaching Watchdog Man.

Just noticed Tanktop Vegetarian running away with the rest of the patients.

He ain't living.

The monster in the first panel is probably the one who took out Genos here, if that's the arena right in front of him.

Another "King" monster. If he turns out to just be a Demon level threat, I swear I won't be able to take these guys seriously.

>Just noticed Tanktop Vegetarian running away with the rest of the patients

Well, it at least seems like he's helping that old man evacuate. Still means he's doing that while Rider is going to the monster. And didn't think we'd see these two again.

You don't really need to take them seriously. This entire manga stands on a joke.

Nah, I mean, they're all going to be shat on at the end by Saitama. Just saying, going by the track record of all the "King" monsters, it's beginning to seem like they're only being introduced to job.

I wonder if Psykos' face will bulge out of the body later?

So are we getting more pages this week or was I retarded for believing that user?

I wonder if she'll later have penis tits like in the webcomic.

That's what the current limbs are now. Instead of these telly-tubbie antennae, they're all now extra arms.

Yep, 'tard. That said, this update is worth 2 updates, so there's that.

So what's with the "I'll try to make 70 pages"?

Wasn't this going to be 70 pages long?

Believing a random user without source.

Saying I heard Murata say it in stream is not a source.

>it'd be weird as fuck if ONE suddenly shoehorns him into the original and expect everyone to know him.

You mean like this guy.

Literally everything in this manga is introduced to job.

>Suiryu will think he's hot shit just like Saitama by one shotting all his opponents too, then he fight Saitama except he also gets OS'd.

In typical OPM fashion, the tournament will be interrupted before a fight occurs,

Some more than others, user. Or rather, at this point in time, they get to shit on others before jobbing at the end to someone superior or getting defeated with some dignity (pretty much just Psykos, at this point).

The fucking pothead idiot aka "I draw good, let me try writing now xd" completely ruined another manga.
>b-but its written by one!1
No, fuck off.

It doesn't matter at all here though.

"expecting everyone to know him" means that the character would be matter and remembering him matters. Here it's just a random guy from the MA.

that would have ruin the joke about 3 serious characters and then Saitama pooping

>being this new
ONE literally said that he writes the story for everything and even posted prove scribble storyboards

And here it's just a random S class level guy. I wonder how significant introducing a new bunch of S class level heroes will be.

Saitama's disguise is TOO PERFECT to be seen through.

All of the content in the manga is based off of ONE's storyboards.
Murata is in charge of art and character designs. It has always been this way.

Do you have any evidence to imply otherwise? Or are you just shitting on Murata for making this series accessible to normalfags?

Suiryu got lot of characterization. McCoy didn't.

And? This makes it any harder to bring him in how?


Do you even have any proof of this or are you just projecting?

>b-but its written by one!1
>No, fuck off.
>b-but its written by one!1
Are you senile?

>being retarded

>Fuck off, its not written by ONE
>Yes it is
>Fuck off, its not written by ONE
Are you senile?

This is the new canon

The strongest guy could care less about whatever is going on.
2nd strongest guy is natty Zyzz n-no homo.
3rd strongest guy is a legal loli.

Sounds about right.

Apparently, "no one" likes rewrites. Nothing is allowed to be changed or revised at all. Everything was perfect from the beginning and adding anything to it ruins it all because "it's, uh, ruining the pacing and it has no importance for a reason I refuse to explain".

But it is written by him. We've even seen ONE's drawings of these filler arcs.

I just don't get it. Even if you don't like the new pacing, the webcomic is still fucking there, unchanged.

*Not you specifically, "you" generally

Well, Garou was still barely Genos tier at this point (though his specialized technique also make him more dangerous)

N-n-n-no, he doesn't.

There is literally proof that this is written by ONE in his twitter. Greentexting it wont make that any less true, user.

It's been a while since I read the webcomic, but doesn't Garou kick Genos' shit in at around this point?

No, ignoring that extra arc he's supposed to fight Genos right away after Tank Top Master and he's struggling.

Mm, true. Just from exchanging physical blows, he and Genos seemed to have both retained the same amount of damage during their fight. Maybe Garou was hurt more, considering he was bleeding.


He also lost against 3 demon threats.

Kinda proves he was still "less stronger" than Metal Bat at this point, but his technique make it much more adapted to beat a human being, but for monsters it's different.

Garou THRIVES in adversity, user. For sure, he'd have begun improving in his fight midway the more he was pushed. He was the same way with Darkshine, remember?

Garou's strength is constantly evolving throughout these chapters.

Yet he didn't really get a boost because of the Genos/Bang/Bomb fight.

The times where he got much stronger where when he went saving the kid and when Darkshine triggered him. Until then he didn't have any crazy boost.

His zenkai boosts are mostly psychological, he doesn't just get stronger because he fights a strong guy.

For a moment I thought it was a reference to the Great Youkai King from Mob Psycho, guess I connected the two because of their untranslated weeb names.

face reminds me of the grey demon's of Nanatsu. That's quite the over the top design.

Snek bullying has to stop.

His head looks thin.

Awww, even his fingers are cute tiny mouths!

The use Kaijin/Kaiju here though and not Youkai.

So he's either

>Gonna job before the MA attack and Psykos takes over
>Backstabbed by Psykos who then becomes boss
>Gets to the MA arc as an extra bossfight, for either an extra character, for Saitama to oneshot, or maybe for the Bang/Bomb/Genos/Fubuki team to to look good rather than jobbing to Rover
>Actually gets to tag team with the dragons to fuck up Tatsumaki and jobs to awakened Garou

Make your bets

I'm speaking in general. Garou is 2nd strongest obviously.

It's also hard to measure his power level at certain points in the story considering his Super Talented Saiyan gimmick and the tendency to hold back for the most retarded reasons.

He looks kind of like that god dude who gave Sweet Mask his powers.

God damn, you need to reread.
First he really doesn't, and secondly it was Homeless Emperor, not Sweet Mask.

That wasn't really the point. His encounter with the 3 monsters was ultimately meant to address his hesitation to kill, which nearly cost him his life. He's used to sparring, not killing. After that you can witness his transition to being way more cold-blooded with the monsters, who were nothing like his expected ideal, and thus he goes on a killing spree to protect a kid.

Garou could have killed very many human heroes instead of playing around, in the same manner. But he never passed that threshold because muh morals and humanity.

yeah, perspective is kinda fucked there


>Strong guys
>No King

Didn't expect to ever see those prison dudes again, now that's fucking cool. PriPri gonna save the day.

Maybe glasses and other extra chapters characters will appear? Sonic might too.

user, the boost he got from the fight with Bang and Bomb was the combo, which he managed to copypaste effortlessly against DS later. DS, who foolishly claimed that Garou's technique "is not perfect" even though the kid is a goddamn genius.

The fight with Genos was interrupted with a classic cliffhanger, where Garou usually starts getting "kind of serious". Genos would have jobbed there. I also suspect their fight will change somewhat in the redraw, considering that Garou has faced and is about to face S classes above Genos, so the comparison he draws in the webcomic is, well, obsolete.

>who foolishly claimed that Garou's technique "is not perfect" even though the kid is a goddamn genius.

To be fair he was talking about the one Garou used against him, which indeed wasn't perfect, that's why he "beat" him.

Then Garou got his PU and suddenly was able to use the combo attack on his own.

And if anything, pretty sure he didn't perfect Bang's technique but instead just combined ton of them.

Wait, who the fuck mauled Genos?

He looks like what Bakuza would be if he turned into a monster.

Most probably that.

Let's add it was the MA that detected the 7 monsters in the city, and this one wasn't part of them, so chances are high that it's Bakuzan who became one. Since Saitama is still taking a shit he'll probably fight Suiryu.

> MA


there has to be people who have asked ONE if the manga is going in a different direction, I am getting scared honestly
>there will probably not be a diner dashing scene

He got stronger from fighting against 3 Demon level monsters all at once was what I was saying, user. He didn't power up before that; he powered up THROUGH that fight. That's why Dr. Genus' monologue was super-imposed over his fight scene (on the page where he was busting holes into Senior Centipede).


Well I doubt he "perfected" Bang's technique either since he's only, what, 18, while Bang spent decades practising.

But he is his absolute best student and he also did the impossible by using the combo all by himself, which speaks a lot about his prowess as a martial artist.

Eh. I'd say that he perfected it when he became Monster Garou, at least.

Mumen Rider wanting to help despite still being injured.

Showing why he is best hero.

He did? What do we know about him besides that he's strong?

In reality Garou's ability to pick up tech instantly, no matter how complicated, is what makes him closer to perfection than Bang. If he can learn any move or style by looking at it once he can master it much faster as well.

It's just that being a jack of all trades is cooler lel.

At that point he combined everything he knows into one entirely new fist. He wasn't exactly perfecting Bang's technique there. But I'm sure he can do it way before hitting 80 years old if he ever so wishes.

I'd say he had a good grasp of each of those techniques, really. He improved across all parameters, is what I meant, not just strength and speed or what have you.

It probably is.

>jobs to Psykos before the heroes attack HQ

It's probably just the god that gave hobo his powers.

He's pure.

He looks nothing like him. The God was a thin, skinless mannequin with no face, this guy is fucking shredded and has too many faces

God didn't have a cape or mask as face

yo uk if you here,how long till the tl?

He probably reverted when he gave powers to the hobo.

We haven't seen homeless emperor yet, so he probably hasn't received his powers yet.

I'm really interested to see what will happen next in the webcomic. I know ONE is busy but this is hard.

Literally the only thing that God and Monster King have in common is that they're big, weird-looking humanoids. This theory is as solid as cardboard.

Bleach has a similar final boss where he gave powers away just so he can take it back later when it's matured.

If opm is supposed to be satire of others, then it's not that outlandish.

Just don't go around saying "Monster King is God lol". It's possible, that doesn't make it probable.

>she's supposed to be the same as Saitama,
no she's not

she's supposed to be kind of a foil to him

no she's not, Genos is a foil to saitama, not Tatsumaki


No, the joke is that she's only ever drawn as a doodle when Saitama sees her as a little brat just like how everyone else sees him as a weird baldy> People who know her see her as normally drawn

What have they got to do with it? I don't know what you're annoyed about.

Nobody was talking about Fujos

No the joke is that she looks funny when drawn that way, it's not about saitama's perspective, that's just your fan theory


Murata's version feel like it lacks focus. ONE is trying to cover too much.
Hopefully the next chapter will put us on track to get to MA properly, because, in the original, we got led into MA from Garou's perspective, and that's part of what ended up making him such a good character. he's supposed to be this monster, but he's clearly opposed to the actual monsters.
I hope we focus in over his shoulder soon and get the ball rolling on teh MA proper.

Monster King Orochi, isnt that the same monster Genos killed in the last chapter of the Webcomic?

That cat is actually horrifying.

People have been whining about the webcomic's pacing almost literally since chapter 1.

Tournament is so gonna get interrupted which lead to:

Saitama heading to Kings house so we get infinite Combo.

Suiryu fucks off somewhere(maybe to where the Hunters are).

WDM btfos Garou and we go back to the webcomic storyline.

But I'm talking about the adaptation of this specific arc. And my issue isn't pacing. A slow burn would be fine.
The issue is perspective. Earlier on we were getting a lot of great Garou stuff, including him and the ugly kid reading from the book to find heroes for him to hunt.
Garou was the focal point that grounded the entire MA arc, but he hasn't shown up in any meaningful way in months. He got a worthless head shot in this chapter, as if to say, "Yeah, he still exists".
Again, I don't mind ONE expanding the content and showing us why some heroes weren't there. But the lead in to MA was important to the story and to Garou's arc, and I just hope the tone and the themes in MA are preserved in the redraw.

I hope mumen rider will turn in a real kamen rider. Cause with all the cyber bullshit currently in this arc he might receive an upgrade.

Well, in the first place, I doubt Bang mastered his technique not too long ago, it must have been decades.

For you it's "months" - for people reading this all at once it'll be a chapter or two since the Watchdog scene. Calm your autism, you're mad that the updates aren't more often, and not that the tournament is slow, since it's not.

Again, I'm not upset about teh pacing. I'm concerned that things like character, tone, and theme might be being changed.
A lot of the new stuff has been great, like the MB/Garou fight and the stuff with the sister and the first MA recruiters. But I can't see why this split focus on things that have seemingly no relation to the arc's story line is being used.
For example, let's say something like what were to happen. Well, if so, then what was the point of all of this new content other than to pad the length of the manga, perhaps to give ONE time to expand the post MA arc?

Killed by Saitama casually while he was going home.

Psykos takes over and takes a hostage boy right after that.

the king in yellow?

It was probably so that he could use some of these characters in the future. Who said the tournament arc is the only original arc we're getting in the redraw? Maybe he introduced these characters so he could use them in future arcs he has planed only for Murata's version?

Not saying that's it, but I trust ONE and Murata enough. I mean, they always delivered, so I bet it's worth the wait.

> takes over

Psykos was and still is the boss. You can quite clearly tell because she's sitting on the middle of other chairs, that round shape seems to be the same place where they met Garou.

Genos lost vs 1 Demon class that took out 3 A class, an S class and a fair few B and C class before.

Scaling based on the danger level means nothing because of how dumb the scaling is.

I'd have put anyone capable of beating an S class in the Dragon class but Sea King, Underground King, Dinosaur King and Sky King were all Demon class.

What happened to that 70 pages thing?

S class are supposed to be able to take demon class out solo.

Hence why PPP and Genos got shat on for their dismal performances vs Sea King.

Given that we know that Sonic could have killed Sea King if he had weapons, and that Genos and Sonic are roughly equal, Genos probably could have won had he not dropped his guard costing him an arm, and then had to sacrifice himself to save a civilian.

It was a meme, Murata never said that.

>I'd have put anyone capable of beating an S class in the Dragon class but Sea King, Underground King, Dinosaur King and Sky King were all Demon class.

Dinosaur king was a dragon.

Is that god? or that whorf type character for psykos to beat.

Geno had technically no arms at all, why is anyone surprised he got taken down easily?

That being will probably be part of the Demon group Garou will take down later on.

Yeah and he got defeated because he basically told Tats his weakness(meteor).

>memedogman btfos Garou
>this is what retards actually believe

My sides are in orbit. Honestly.

> weakness

don't be stupid. He meant "you'll need to have as much strengh as a meteor to beat me". So Tats jokingly literally sent him a meteor. She still could have wrecked him with anything else.

holy shit is something actually happening?

>worthless headshot
I wouldn't call being featured on the same page with the strongest characters in OPM a "worthless headshot" tbqh senpai.

but memedogman has meme power

oh shit

mid boss confirmed

Cute meme and all but he's a mere dog cosplayer. I bet his name doesn't even mean "dog".

Garou is THE wolf. Wolves eat dogs for breakfast.

Oh fuck. Compare the organic patter on these guys to the one of Homeless Emperor's God.

After the tournament is done there will be enough content for another season since the MA arc won't be done until 2 or 3 years.

S2 in 2017 and S3 in 2019.

Tats couldnt finish off weaker monsters in Demon Fan and Water.

announcement in the september event?

Season 1 Covered up to 36 chapters and todays chapter was Chapter 66.

6 More 26 pages chapters and there is also enough material for 12 new episodes.

Means easily we could get Season 2 next year.

>monster king

I actually laughed at the monster king part, he is going to job so fucking hard I can't wait

>Another "King"
Well he's gonna die a horrible death

>several previous Murata's monster designs included multiple mouths
>this one is literally made of mouths
Murata has a thing against dentist, isnt?

But i can't see a clear ending for a S2 right now

Dunno how I would feel about S2 being made up pretty much of manga only continent. It wouldn't even have final boss who can put up fight against Saitama like Boros.

>Underground, Sea and Sky Kings as Demons

>Ancientand Monster Kings as Dragons

I kinda dig it.

Do you think Saitama will end up with Fubuki or Tatsumaki?

Forest King is probably Demon too, considering his subordinates were Tiger level collectively.

The Monster King may just be the king of all "kaijin"? As in, all those who mutate into monsters?

Tatsumaki is only for big thick monster cock and anal.

>That hair

Fucking Recca

Saitama still thinks of Tats as a shit-faced brat and for good reason too, so she's out of the question

Evil Water survived a fucking punch of Saitama. It's easily the second strongest dragon besides Golden Sperm.

And for Demon Fan she was just careless, could have used a big attack to wreck him but just decided to separate it.

Is that shitposting? Tats is strong enough to kill dragon threats easily, that's a fact. Look at that one she randomly killed when she was fighting with Saitama.

Maybe he's into it.

Garou's pectorals are threatening to burst out of his magical shirt any moment now.

Metal Knight is more of a joke at this point. Dude litterally never achieved anything onscreen.


Saitama's a pretty simple guy, if someone constantly insulting him and acting childish then he pretty much find them annoying and irritating. Not to mention she is the one who destroyed his apartment and clothes, and I doubt he'll take kindly to that

I'm ???% sure Murata will draw a spread portraying them as a wolf and a dog during their fight.

Metal Knight has the status of "he's just testing stuff", which means he hasn't ever really been facing anything seriously up to this point, which allows him to keep his dignity. The Metal Knight we see is just a single drone, after all.

But he said he only cares for testing his robots.

Besides, he has a win vs TTM.

In seriousness I doubt it. Garou is still too weak at this point in the story. He might level up but he's not going to handle someone who defends a whole city by himself. Otherwise why would he even need the MA?

Also, a) watchdog doesn't need an excuse for not participating in MA, so there's no need for him to job and b) unlike the rest of the heroes there's no one to fill in for him in his city if he goes down, so the actions in the rest of the S-class would leave too much unresolved that way.

>Metal Knight is more of a joke at this point
user, that's the point. It's a meme. The experimental robot models and weapons. Just like others literally stealing dragon threats from under MB's nose.

Fubuki is just an acquaintance.
Tatsumaki has just a little bit more chance for the sake of comedy relief considering they kinda parallel each other.
Still, don't expect Saitama to end up with anyone.

>Otherwise why would he even need the MA?
What? He never needed it. They needed HIM and tried to manipulate him into joining two times, to no avail.

If anything Garou fucking up WDM would keep MA's interest in him alive after the (very rude and not monstrous) greeting he gave them.

You see,
>lel I'm stronk
is not enough protection from Garou's crazy bullshit unless you're Saitama.

Why not both?


I doubt he'll end up with either of them, but I think Fubuki has more of a chance. Saitama still thinks of Tats is a child and an annoyance


>still reading the shitty Mob Psycho

I look at it this way: Saitama draws strong monsters to his little hole in the ground because of word of mouth among them that someone strong lives there. Watchdog Man is on full display as the sole defender of a city, and probably deals with strong challengers all the time. Given the characters Garou loses to after he first meets the MA, I can't see it.

Nice quads

>being a band wagoner
>not reading both
>being a faggot

But Mob is better than OPM.

>reading a bad version of something that already exists
>That's what I'm saying you illiterate retard

Im still waiting the day One makes a OPM x MP100 crossover.

Tats meeting Mob would be gold and more interesting than Saitama meeting Mob.

Given the fact that the whole Hero Hunter arc got changed and the start of MA is being changed, your attempts to evaluate Garou's supposed power level compared to a freaking mememan's with no comprehensible feats are funny to say the least, user. Garou's power is growing as we speak, with every additional fight. That's what his character is all about.

You do realize that in the infamous limiter explanation scene Garou might even have to fuck Elder instead of Senior at this point?


There a pretty nice untranslated non H doujin on pixiv about Fubuki and Lily going to Reigen's place.

What's he going to do about the dwindling birth rate then?

Maybe senior centipede didn't die, he was still alive when the elder came.

>not canon anymore.jpg

The webcomic is canon.

So the reason this guy never showed up in the webcomic is cause he ran into Saitama before the MA arc even started and got splattered right?

It's junior who maybe was still alive, Senior exploded.

Oh right nevermind.


Well. Genos was an acquaintance too and yet he was living with him.

>refer to events in the webcomic that are long obsolete
>monster and human enemies are the same haha
>ignore the context and current setting completely
WDM is jobbing. If not exactly jobbing, Garou will rip apart his fursuit for sure. Because that's the only possible development we can get for the guy - what he looks like under that suit and the dumb backstory behind it.

Either that or coming back at a later time


An acquaintance is still better than a small annoying child

>The webcomic is canon.
Except it's not because it's literally incomplete and parts of it were changed for whatever reasons in the manga. The manga is canon, the complete OPM experience.

Otherwise we also wouldn't have retarded Garou vs Boros discussions because webcomic Boros "canonically" looks like a shitter in comparison. But, you know.

And Senior dies in the manga before Garou can kill him. Reread this stuff sometimes friend.

>it's literally incomplete
>filler makes the manga complete

where the fuck is ultimatekuck?

Say that to my face, not online, and see what happens.

t. shitty brat

Don't. Just don't. Without the redraw you wouldn't know shit about quite a few characters and characterization is an important part of any story. Pic related is the primary example despite him being in focus for the most part. His kid friend just suddenly popping up in the webcomic was fucking stupid. Like a chunk is missing from the story. Which it was, until the manga.

The source material is canon, end of.

the dubbed anime is epic awesome,
I can only imagine what the manga's like...

Try to answer this one honestly:
Are you behind some of the Mob Psycho is AOTS threads?

The manga is the complete and canon source material of OPM. Period.

You don't see ONE adding his latest drafts for Murata to his site and editing the webcomic, do you?

Because there's no point when he has Murata drawing the fucking definitive version of OPM for him.

By ever saying that the webcomic is "canon" you're claiming that half the shit in the redraw simply didn't happen, even if ONE is personally drawing instructions for Murata, approving and spoonfeeding him shit that should be added or changed.

where does this cancer come from? what the hell

The manga is an adaptation.

Saw One Punch on Toonami.... outside of Hunter x Hunter, everything on Toonami is total crap @ present

Er. In the first place, do you consider light novels as only being adaptations of web novels? This is crazy talk.

Those dubs

But can he really be strong enough to take down Madara Uchiha?

Toonami at the point now that even a dubbed Railgun or Index would be redeeming

plz be bait

They are the Fantastic 4 of the series?

The Fuccboi Four

>No King
Absolutely not

Why is Kung-fu dude even there?

OPM is the best anime of all time.

It hasn't been ever since they drifted away from the webcomic itself. ONE is writing new stuff for Murata to draw. As such, the manga is the COMPLETE AND CANON VERSION of OPM, done by BOTH ONE AND MURATA.

How thick is your skull jesus christ. ONE is reconstructing the biggest arc in the series with Murata's help because he couldn't be arsed to write and draw it this way in the supposed "source material". The webcomic is not canon anymore. You never know what these two will want to alter next.

First panel symbolized Saitama taking shit on 3 of them later on

Geno's dub voice is terrible.

I have the feeling he is gonna be an important character in the webcomic, why would One/Murata bother giving him tons of panel time if he is gotta be forgotten later on?

Bakuzan got less panel time than Snek in the tournament Arc, that pretty much tells u he was gonna be forgettable.

Suiryu will either be a hunter or idk he is someone related to Blast?

>translate and typeset this itt
>someone reposted it to facebook or some shit
>gets reposted in the same thread
I hate myself and all of you

Chill out it's just a nip comic.

No, Mob Psycho 100 is! It's so dark at times, it's epic!

Sure, the manga events won't be the same this time, so the information is faulty. But it's also the only information we have. And at the very least, he's not going to solo the MA. He'll lose.

Trying to guess Garou's manga power level is complete speculation, along the lines of whatever other imaginary matchup people fight over. I'm not trying to get into that.

Watchdogman doesn't have any "feats," yes, on-panel. But there are other ways to describe a character's power level so to speak. You can take a "logic" approach to it. Say you're an army general in the 1900s. You might never personally see your army fight, but if you keep sending people to attack a city, and they keep getting wiped out, then the defenders are probably strong.

My argument with this guy is the same. The strongest opponent so far for Garou in the manga was Metal Bat, who had already fought Elder Centipede before Garou showed up. Metal Bat doesn't protect a city by himself, but Watchdogman does. It seems like too big of a leap for Garou right now, even if it enables him to take on Elder Centipede or whatnot. If Watchdogman was weaker than the MA guy who will beat Garou, then I don't think he would have that he does, and I might see it as a weird development if not a plot inconsistency.

But we'll see how it turns out.

What if Suiryu is Blast?

>then I don't think he would have that he does
Meant to say "the spotless record that he does."

>we'll never see Garou vs Suiryu

Don't worry user, we'll see WDM in action in a year or two.

He'll get turned into a monster and be used for a later arc.

damn,those are some pecks garou has
infact they look alot bigger up close

Fubuki and Garou are the Ms. and Mr. fanservice of the manga.

>doesn't have any "feats," on-panel
What. What logic. I've seen people assume WDM is unstoppable because his face looks similar to Saitama's. Everything we know about him is baseless speculation. Even HA don't bother to check what's up with his city.

His only alleged feat is him ripping off random monsters' heads, whose threat level is unknown. Garou can do that too, among many other things. To human and non human bodies. Incredible, I know.

Well, at the very least we know he does can one shot demon threat. But again, that's not telling much, lots of S class can do that.

I really don't see being really hope, probably mB and Mask tier, but maybe his fighting style will be unexpected for Garou.

> hope

meant OP.


>lots of S class can do that

>fighting style
>unexpected for Garou
An oxymoron famalam. Unless he's an esper furry. And I strongly doubt that.

now all we need is either a garou x fubuki or garou x psykos vanilla or rape doujin respectively

He didn't have a counter for Saitama's fighting style

Not enough muscle shown, a shame.
The collage needs an update.

The hell does Saitama has to do with anything? Saitama has no fighting style aside from punching with insurmountable power. Key word is insurmountable.

Began modeling in 3D not too long ago and damn, I really need to make a proper figure of Garou. Aside from ones of Fubuki and Tats.

>An oxymoron famalam. Unless he's an esper furry. And I strongly doubt that.

I'm just saying that his fighting style who might be more monster like could be harder for him to fight than TTM and MB.

Seeing how much WDM was teased and how much we've been waiting for their fight to begin I just want a good one.

At least Garou managed to backhand Saitama. That was hilarious.

Garou must smell horrible. He hasn't taken a shower in how long? Not to mention he woke up surrounded by garbage that one time

I'm not talking about his strength directly
I'm talking about his table flip and how Garou wasn't able to figure out he was upside down the whole time

Not the last updated version.

Been looking for this, thanks

That was because it was night time and Saitama threw him so high he couldn't see shit. It's a joke and not a technique, or fighting style. It's Saitama. Don't bring up Saitama in these discussions, it's retarded.

When TTM used an actual technique to throw Garou off the guy spun around and just fucking landed back on the floor no problem. Okay.

It will be a good one. But don't expect WDM to show off a lot because we're in the martial arts arc and approaching its culmination. Just a heads up.

Season 2 is premiering at the end of the month

Orochi and Webcomic Absolute Monster Garou sort of look alike. Does this mean that when the Monster King is dead, Garou will replace him?

The only thing saitama is going to fuck is whatever monster finally equals him

> The much-anticipated Season 2 of One Punch Man is reportedly going to air by October or November.
> Meanwhile, The Bit Bag suggested that there will be two new major villains on One Punch Man Season 2 - Garou and Amai Mask.
> Another story arc for One Punch Man revealed that Saitama could lose his power. As the site suggested, Saitama and Lord Boros will have a rematch come Season 2 as the latter seek revenge of his defeat from the first season (Ooops, Spoiler Alert!).

Where do they even find all this.

>Garou must smell horrible
He's a poorfag with an Adonis body, wearing a turtleneck that defies physics and he can recover from any wound in moments.
I imagine he doesn't smell at all.
He probably uses rivers and lakes instead of your average shower and smells like forest.

Their asses. It's called clickbait for a reason.

As much as in sure that if I undertood Japanese I would consider the va shitty due to it sounding like madlibz, the stupidity of the situation makes the rhing work

>that everything

I'm ready for the real powerhouse to take the stage.

It's clickbait meant to play on the hopeful and idiotic hearts of the youth and retarded

>UK offline
>niggerstream too lazy

Pure suffering.

Fubuki was sweating a lot in her recent fight.

Do you think her and Lily ever went in a public bath together?

> One-Punch Man" Season 2 Almost Complete! Will "My Hero Academia" Season 2 Be Next?
>There are several fan speculations that "One-Punch Man" Season 2 could get an earlier release following the success of the first season's English Dub debut on Toonami.

Whew, gotta thanks the english dub release on Toonami, thanks to that we're getting the season 2 early.

>yfw Horny Garou and Fubuki meet in the manga and he kabedons her because Murata
The doujins will be drawing themselves.

Who is the best MA monster and why is it black sperm

Even the Fubuki group deserves a little rest and relaxation. I'm sure they've been to the hot springs at least once

the cutest 14 years old

And Murata released the chapter today because he has to attend the OPM event that is set for tomorrow or the day after IIRC.

So how would we rank the Kings in terms of power so far. I'm thinking it's something like this:
Acient King>Sea King>Forest King>Subterranan King>Sky King
I have to see what Monster King can do before I rank him, but he's looking like a top tier demon to low tier dragon

Subterranean is the strongest. It took a serious curb stomp and his head was still intact.

King > All
Nothing else matters

Remember when more than one year ago we were hyped about the infinite combo coming very soon?

But that was played more for gags though
I cant type 5 million power gaps user

Threat Level: Demon

Why is Genos so spiteful and mean?

Okay, who's gonna fight this faggot? Psykos, Saitama or Garou at the end of the arc?

He thinks Fubuki is gonna steal his master from him

But he never shows this attitude with Bang or King two of the strongest heroes by the way, only her.

Now it will definitely happen at the earliest by Christmas week.

All the pieces are coming out together.

King is still at home playing videogames, Saitama most likely heads to Kings place once the tournament is interrupted.

The entire reason behind this arc is filler so thats the only reason he never showed up

King and Bang aren't assholes.

King only wants to play games and Bang wants both of them to join his dojo, not just Saitama. Fubuki wants Saitama to join and serve under her, plus she might also try to use her tits to her advantage.

Also, Genos knows better than to take on either King or Bang

It's not filler for the last fucking time

You must be new to OPM threads

meant for

You have to admit, they're more optimistic than we are.

I like this.

It makes more sense for Psykos to be a subordinate at first.

Probably Garou while invading, I don't think they'll change much once the arc truly begins.

That guy isn't the MA boss, just a red herring. She's the founder of the MA.

This. I have a feeling Garou will run into him and he'll share his thoughts on what it means to be a real monster, being their king. But Garou will reject it because it doesn't match his idea of what a monster is (since he's actually good deep down). And Garou will kill him on his way out of the crashed MA base.

This spread simultaneously illustrates ONE's dream team and his 3 favorite characters.

He's listed his favorites?

>3 favorite characters
I didn't know ONE was such a huge fan of Shiryu

No, but his preferences are kind of obvious.

He hasn't said anything other than Saitama being his favorite if I remember correctly

B-but what about Rover? Garou's fight with him was really cool.

IMO this big guy is either going down now because of Psykos or much, much later when Garou dons his monster cosplay.

You're right, he does look like Recca in that panel!

Translations when

when uk gets informed of these new pages

No, but you must be

H-He's on vacation though

there is always that user that translates the webcomic here

I think he's in the Mob Psycho thread currently

then ask him kindly to do this chapter

What's up with beginning

If we get to see him in Season 2, will have the same voice as Dimple?

He would fit him.

I wish Sugita were Black Sperm seiyuu.

So how strong do you think Monster King is?

lower dragon

Mid tier at best. Also, where is the translator

It's going to be him, otherwise we riot

If Suiryu were somehow secretly Blast (and older than he looks obviously) then these would presumably be the 4 strongest humans that we know of on the planet.

Granted, the gap between Saitama and everyone else is incomprehensible, but that's part of the premise of the story anyway.

I don't think Suiryu is Blast though.

But, we've seen Blast already and he has a way more forehead space that Suiryu. Suiryu is going to be important in a different way, probably with the monster that returned Genos to his Modern Art form

Well yeah, he was also obviously older, since he was an adult when now 28 year old Tats was just a kid.

That's why I mentioned that and said I didn't think it was the case.

Oh ok, I'm surprised by how not shit this thread has been

Or he is Blast son, Isnt Blast supposed to be in his 40?.

One said Kings power can rival Saitama, makes u wonder if he gonna become OP like him, Reigen became OP in the MP in the Claw Arc.

In MS we trust.

>>One said Kings power can rival Saitama, makes u wonder if he gonna become OP like him
what kind of metastasized cancer is this

Well it's better than nothing at least

SauceNao keeps timing out on me. What's the name of the doujin this is from?

It's One Hurricane 4

Thanks, user!

If King realizes his power, he is gonna become OP like Saitama by EOS.

you should give that chapter a hundred more reads, then you can have an opinion

One could make Kings power like Gremmy from Bleach(turn imagination into reality), which is quite hax.

Suiryu is Accel, right?

he's probably A tier so who cares

He's S-rank

he was given the S rank because he formed the group, they don't even know how strong he really is
I assure you that most of his group is full of jobbers

Yeah they're jobbers, but I don't think he will be since the everyone else was going to be b and c rank

it'll be funny if the people in his group are the martial artists in the tournament

If u read Mob Psycho then u have an idea how the next arc in the webcomic will be.

Mask will go full Teru, although he will be more homosexual due to finding Saitama "beautiful".

Black Sperm is already another Dimple.

I just noticed Homeless emperor was an evil version of Serizawa.

Garou currently heading the Shou path.

God will probably have an op ability like Suzuki.

No, it has to do with his city is filled with Dragon level threats.

We don't know if he fights Dragon Level threats, we saw what Dragon level monsters could do to S-class heroes in the MA arc. Most couldn't do shit to them, some could barely give a good fight, and only Tats & Bang could kill them like nothing.

That's a narrow minded way of looking at things
>Mask will go full Teru, although he will be more homosexual due to finding Saitama "beautiful"
He'll go crazy alright, but he won't be Teru, we don't even know if he's human
>Black Sperm is already another Dimple
Not entirely, he's trying to stay out of things unlike Dimple
>I just noticed Homeless emperor was an evil version of Serizawa
Except Serizawa was oblivious that the things the Boss was doing was bad.Emperor knew what he was doing and he did it well
>Garou currently heading the Shou path
What makes you think that. The only similar thing that they've displayed is that their names end in U
>God will probably have an op ability like Suzuki
The dude can create dragon level monsters and will people out of existence, he already has an OP ability

His city has the highest rate of large disasters, they've not specified how many where Demon or Dragon

Evening, OPMfags, Cred Forumsnon here.

Please vote against Generals being allowed on Cred Forums unless new content is made.
Thank you.

>This theory is as solid as cardboard.

Don't fucking knock on user's house.

he just streamed drawing that panel like three days ago. WTF

literally plebbit tier theory

here. recorded literally two days ago

Murata, ironically, draws faster than your average mangaka. It's just that he thinks all his drawings are shit, so the increases their detail, then does it again, then redraws it, the decides to change the design. I think you get what I'm saying
Let the man dream user, there's nothing wrong with speculation, even if it's stupid

Translations never?

I also wanna know if there's an official confirmation that the manga is non-canon?

From what I know, ONE sends various drafts for Murata to draw. At the very least, the events in the manga has ONE's approval.

We'll know once and for all if the manga is canon, if the events that happened in the manga only are at least mentioned in the comic, such as Metal Bat's fight with Garou.

I do like to think that the manga is canon. To me, it makes sense that all of these things happened in between the MA arc. Mainly because Garou's increase in power was substantially fast as hell. His path to becoming a monster seemingly happens really fast even though he hadn't been in a lot of fights. However, in the manga, you can see that he will be in much more fights than in the webcomic, which adds more experience to Garou and makes his path to becoming a monster more sensibly longer than it was.

>I also wanna know if there's an official confirmation that the manga is non-canon?
What is there to confirm? ONE is the one writing all the scripts, ALL of it. The only people who kept saying it is non-canon are trolls and retards who believe the trolls.

And we still get fools like you every thread who refuse to accept reality. How thick are you?

Woah pal chillax a bit. I never outright said that the manga is non-canon. I'm just saying that I'm entirely unsure if it's 100% canon. It seems to be leaning towards being canon to me, especially since ONE is writing the scripts.

>Woah pal chillax a bit. I never outright said that the manga is non-canon. I'm just saying that I'm entirely unsure if it's 100% canon. It seems to be leaning towards being canon to me, especially since ONE is writing the scripts.
There is no leaning. It is ONE, take it or leave it.

S3 Maybe

What are the chances of a season 2 anime?

Genos jobbed again? I thought the roach guy left him already


Some new guy came, the presence he sensed that was approaching him. Possibly the guy in the first panel here
Some monster martial artist.