Delinquent school uniform

>Delinquent school uniform
>Jojofags think it's a Jojo reference

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To be honest, Jojofags are the cancer of the universe. I actually fell for the Jojo meme when they said it was a masterpiece when it was actually just irredeemable shit.

It is though.

everything is the cancer of the universe if you believe hard enough


Jojo is popular with the normalshitters, so the fanbase is going to be concentrated cancer.

Jojofags ruin this whole board

Kill la Kill have so much references that I don't think it matters whether Mako's uniform is a Jojo or not

And people said that generals are worth having.
Generals need to go. Pseudo-generals need to go. There will be some collateral damage, but it will be worth it.

Generals are the pure cancer destroying any board.

What is that plant in her mouth?

JoJo is an amazing series with a spectrum of character.

Jojo is the new Naruto.

It's a Otokojuku reference

Delinquent schoolboi then...

I think it's censorship.

Delinquent schoolboi now.

It is, otherwise how do you explain the cap design?
They just included a neat jojo reference in their delinquent school uniform. Jotaro's character helped shape the trope itself after all.
If anything, denying there's a jojo influence is retarded.

You have so many opinions I don't think it should matter that what you said make no sense at all.

Is this a banchou-thread?

You can't even read the thread, ESL-kun?
Delinquents in Japanese media predate your favorite faggot, whom just steal their design for him.

I'm just saying.
Kill la Kill is literally an amalgamation of various references from different shows. Why make a big deal out of a single one?

>Dat shoulder spike
It´s clearly Gundam reference.

Phoenix Wright has been lifting.


Literally the worst fucking cancer on Cred Forums. They're all faggots from Cred Forums who thinks Steins;Gate is a very intelligent anime, and they love game-anime like SOA and LogH, and they keep forcing memes like "ZA WARUDO XD" and shit. Fucking obnoxious casuals, all of them.

Her hat is torn at the back like Jotaro's, and she literally yells 'ORA ORA ORA' during some attacks.

There are many posts in this thread, why make a big deal out of one?

Yeah, and Jojo didn't invent neither of those things.
Jotaro looks like that because that was the archetypical school delinquent look.

If it has the part in back that you can't tell if it's hat or hair it's plausibly a reference.

I am not. I am just replying

>jojofags think yelling "ora ora" is a jojo reference

>character stands in a whacky way or is homosexual
>they think it's a Jojo reference

Watch yourself on that edge m'dude

What is it that makes JoJo such a Cred Forums-magnet?
I don't get it.

That's not what edge means, Cred Forums-kun.

Jotaro is still an important contribution to the trope. If you can't understand that's the reason why Mako's cap is shaped like it is then you're clinically retarded.

Are you retarded?

This is from 1965.

>they are all Cred Forums faggots
>they are all faggots who thinks Steins;gate is a very inteligent anime
Except it isnt.Nice engrish btw
>they love game-anime like SOA and LogH
>they keep forcing memes like "ZA WARUDO XD" and shit
Those are just the Facebook side of fans. Try posting one on the jojo threads and see the reaction you get. Also, read the manga.
>Fucking obnoxious casuals, all of them.
Yeah! Watch my loli fanservice anime instead! Again read the manga
Worth noting :
>calls jojofags Cred Forums
>uses an insult even Cred Forums barely uses


Here comes the Jojofaggot defence force.


You're a prime example of why people call your fanbase obnoxius

>Delinquent school girl
>not sukeban.

>Those midriffs

desu looks better from the back than from the front.

>tfw no sukeban gf

Nippon delinquents are best delinquents.

"You talkin' shit about my waifu?"


Ouendan > banchou

>hates Jojo fags
>makes threads about them every other day
Sasuga OP

Kill yourself

KLK would have been 10x better if the MC was male.

This was literally the only redeemable thing about Kill La Kill.

The whole show should have just been fight club mako.

Best delinquent cars.

Best delinquent trucks.


stop being a retard, it's a perfectly good manga even if you don't like battle mango

the real cancer is animeonly secondaries who lose their shit over every 'reference' like OP's post

>tfw all my tsundr matches are fujojoshis

"Manime" with a tinge of gay.

shonen enough to bait retards that don't actually watch anime, tons of material because of how popular and how long it has been going, memorable quotes they call memes.

>It is, otherwise how do you explain the cap design?

It existed way before Jotaro.

Kill yourself

>tfw any kind of tuning is considered worse than manslaughter where I live

That middle guy must be shopped
I mean , look at that receding hairline

>Yeah, and Jojo didn't invent neither of those things.
Really, which other delinquent characters had a hat torn at the back before him?

Tons of people got to know Jojo from the Capcom fighting game.

To be honest, it seems like Mob Psycho 100 fans are growing to be the third biggest cancerous shounen fanbase, after Jojo and HxH.

Nippon hair is folded 10000 times.
(and it´s real - not shopped)

>giant hat
>giant collar
>giant shoulder spikes
Chaos tested, Khorne approved.

How the fuck do you even go about doing that?

This thread is a Jojo reference. In fact OP is a Jojo reference.

About two pounds of hair gel and a couple strategically placed wires.
Watch this. It's a pretty good song.

Watch this video my dude.

>mfw this is from the same guys that did Young Folks

>Animeonly secondaries
>Cred Forums thinks that they represent jojofags

Oh shit it's a thread about mai waifu and/or about banchos/delinquents, my favorite topics to disc-
>Jojo fans are the ultimate cancer because I've only been here for 2 years and think I've seen the worst
>Jojo defense force
>Judge the series based on only the anime fans
>Anime fans who are pure cancer

Fuck this stupid board

Is this the final form of Truck-kun?

>favorite topics to disc-
>interrupting your own written sentences as if you speak them

>stop being a retard, it's a perfectly good manga even if you don't like battle mango

>characters look like they were written by an alien that doesn't understand human emotions and reactions at all
>contradictory plotholes everyway
>asspulls everywhere

Am I talking about Jojo or Mirai Nikki?
It's both

>Hokuto no Ken: The school years

Hey, that only applies to series 1, 2, 3, and 5. The rest of the series is far more competent.

And yes I realize how stupid that sounds.

4 still has pretty alien characters
Though Jotaro improved a lot from one part to another.

>wah wahhh these secondaries ruin my favorite franchise

The town of Morioh is a town of weirdos even by Jojo standards. It's pretty much stated only weirdos really get stands, which is why it's a BIZARRE adventure. The characters of part 4 outside of the enemy of the week stand users all get pretty well developed. Part 4 is where particularly the main character and villain are particularly well fleshed out. 6, 7, and 8 progressively feel more and more like real people despite it getting weirder.

They establish Jotaro in part 4 as a more functioning member of society. In 6 that address he is a near autistic antisocial weirdo who doesn't understand how to really talk to people.

>In 6 that address he is a near autistic antisocial weirdo who doesn't understand how to really talk to people.
Happened earlier than part 6

Yeah but it's a major element in 6 since they explore how it made him a terrible father to Jolyne.


>Shitty series
>KLKfags think it's good

>Cred Forums suddenly hate Jojo


>the real cancer is animeonly secondaries who lose their shit over every 'reference' like OP's post
they're fucking everywhere
can't check out Roundabout on youtube without everyone going "lmao 2 be continued xD", can't check out pontiff sullyvahn clips wihout everyone going "xD guys he has a stand just like Dio!1!!!"

it's a shame because i started watching the show and kind of liked it but all this negative association i've subconsciously done in regards to the show makes me not want to watch it at all

The anime started.

>but all this negative association i've subconsciously done in regards to the show makes me not want to watch it at all
so basically your a retard who cant separate a series itself from its awful fanbase.

>your a retard

>Jotaro's character helped shape the trope itself after all.

>Why do people having fun! STOP HAVING FUN!!

>it's a jojo reference
Jojofags need to be burned alive.

Ohhh~ these threads are always fun.

You people get triggered by alpha muscle men so easily

I never got this meme/joke what does Cred Forums have to do with Jojo at all?

Is it referring to fans of Heritage for the Future?

>post loli

Fucking clockwork everytime Cred Forums good jerb

Ronald had a phase I'm guessing

As an anime/cartoon/movie/piece of media goes from something hipsters would only like and reaches a bigger auidence it suddenly becomes "for normies" "cancer" "[blank]fags"

I do agree Jojo fandom can be obnoxious, but at least we have not made anyone almost kill themselves like the Steven Universe fandom (talking about Western fandoms fyi)

keyword there is subconscious

Fun is bad when you don't understand it.... I guess

To be honest I think we are guilty in some of this, a lot of anime I've avoided like the Plague because of its annoying fanbase

lol dude josuke reference

>Lol [blank] reference

this can apply to any fanbase dude

And it's always terrible. I've had entire conversations derailed because I said a word that was also in some irrelevant quote in some unrelated book/show/movie and the other person just exploded their face and yelled it out but I'm not going to project that common experience onto random people online.

It's referring to normalfag tier taste in anime. The kind of people who only watch dubs, watch at most one new series a season, and think that everything they know is the be all end all in the medium.

Blame Araki for making the most memorable delinquent character.

So, whats the perceived value of JoJo? Can someone explain to me why its so well liked?

Me and my friend either have the most cancerous conversations "Lol Killer Queen BONER" or have "deep' conversations about Kira's motives and thinking.

SO I guess I can't relate because I know him better or I am that guy.... sometimes

Um... it's enjoyable to read because of it's creativity? I don't understand your question

Hey, that guy's ripping off Downtown Nekketsu!

It is a JoJo reference though.

>claims jojo is shit
>hasn't read up to part 6 and 7
I have yet to see a person that doesn't have either of those in their top 3x3 manga.

>Huge eyebrows and 80s artstyle
>HnKfags think it's a HnK reference

>Most memorable delinquent character
Maybe in Japan I suppose.

How many delinquent series or shows have you read/watched?

Isn't part 4 one of the least liked in Japan?
They have such shit taste.

Deco Truck Gal Nami movies were pretty fun.

>Maybe in Japan I suppose.
What the fuck did he mean by this?

>I have yet to see a person that doesn't have either of those in their top 3x3 manga
Really? Every single one you've ever seen had those on it?
>Captcha: SIMPLY

>Cred Forums gets triggered by Jojo
How does it feel to have shit taste in anime? Go back to watching your moe garbage like Lucky Star or some shit

No it's beloved in Japan and runs for their favorite along with 3 and 5. The fact that 3 and 5 are among their favorites and they hate 7 is the proof they have shit taste.

Maybe because it takes place in America

That's literally why. Even though 5 takes place in Italy it has a very Japanese feel and the foreigners are played outlandishly. Part 6 and 7 is more low-key in the way the foreigners are foreign so they dislike it. Literally they don't like how "not Japanese" SBR is.

I personally don't care about secondaries and their autistic shit, but YOU are the ones that complain, just read the thread


>the foreigners in Part 5 are played outlandishy

What do you mean?

>started reading yankano cause cute delinquent girls doing cute delinquent things
>it only lasted 5 chapters before cancellation

fucking kill me

Japan is pretty okay with part 7, its part 6 that's hated.

It's hard to describe because it's really stupid. Basically they like that it's Italy but it's weird and exotic, amped up to 11 like it was a cartoon depiction, whole having a very Japanese feel and weirdness. It's hard to quantify.

They hate part 6 because it's more grounded in its setting and also is mostly women. This doesn't please the large fujoshi fanbase nor the younger make demographic.

Part 7 is better than 6 but still fairly disliked. And mind you I say hate and dislike by Jojo standards, its a rather normal thing to still enjoy Jojo even outside of otaku culture. It's a series that has ingrained itself as just Japanese popular culture.

I see, so the exotic feeling of Part 5 is so bizarre that it makes a full circle and goes back at being typical anime weirdness.

Jojofags actually do need to be holocausted.

I think if it's referencing any character in particular it's this. Not translated though so low-powerlevel newfags on Cred Forums wouldn't know about it.

/jp/ is where the true oldfags and the highest of powerlevels reside. Most people on /jp/ have seen more anime series than 10+ average f/a/ggots combined. In addition a lot of people on /jp/ can watch anime without waiting for subs like you fucking faggot babbys. Generally, Cred Forums looks to each other for approval of things, while /jp/ looks inward at itself instead of relies on a hivemind mentality. Also Cred Forums has no OC besides shitty image macro memes that get old within a week; /jp/ translates VNs, games and has doujin translation teams that regularly post there. People at /jp/ know your own boards' subject far, far better than you do, fucking dream on if you think you have any kind of superiority in any way whatsoever.

We sneer at you fucking newfags/normalfags, your shonenshit Big 3 threads, quasi-Cred Forums mentality and everything else that makes Cred Forums suck fucking balls. /jp/ is a better board than Cred Forums could ever dream to be because most of you f/a/ggots are, in our eyes, eternal newfags, aka there is nothing you could ever say or do to bring yourself up to our level, because you aren't true oldfags. You're G/a/ia, you're ANN and MAL trash now. Stay away, we don't want you in /jp/, not now, not ever. Go on and continue existing in your own world of shit thinking that it's any good, while the master race quietly resides separated from you mongoloids.

>>the real cancer is animeonly secondaries who lose their shit over every 'reference' like OP's post

But that was before the anime was even on Part 3. Nice try Jojonie.


Fuck off back to Cred Forumseddit, cancer.

Bakuon meets Initial D

You were blessed by being a native japanese.

>/jp/ wants to make up for his endless garbage threads and nonexistent discussion

Here's your (You)

>character use a stand
>jojofags think it's a reference

The bad jojofags are the anime-only secondaries, and they're gonna drop the series in droves when part 5 gets adapted, because that's when the series comes out of the closet

>The bad jojofags are the anime-only secondaries

All Jojofags are bad. Don't kid yourself Cred Forumsedditor.

>and they keep forcing memes like "ZA WARUDO XD"
That has been a meme years before jojo anime was even a thing you goddamn retard.

>the real cancer is animeonly secondaries
/jojo/ generals seem everything but animeonly secondaries yet they manage to be one of the most cancerous things this web domain has to offer.

The franchise attracts crossboarding mouthbreathers, regardless anime or manga. You should all kill yourselves.

I think people are more concerned about the Jojo generals here than the 'general' Jojo fanbase. The people in those threads have been proven to be autismal as fuck.
>this guy is posting things against the grain in the general
>we need an IRC dedicated to purging him from our circlejerk threads

Almost every single one. Are you actually brain damaged or what?

>I have no actual argument so I'm going to spout the Cred Forumseddit meme

You shut the fuck up before I release my standu


That is my argument.

Fuck off.

>autistic sperg does something stupid
>other autistic spergs blame the thing the original idiot likes rather than attributing it to individual retardation, so that they can arbitrarily classify anyone who likes said thing as a thing-fag worthy of derision
Is there a term for this specific school of thought?

Jojo is bad.

He's asking for examples braindead-kun


>Judge the series based on only the anime fans

this literally defines Cred Forums. I'm actually not sure if Cred Forums even enjoys anime

>reading youtube comments


>I'm actually not sure if Cred Forums even enjoys anime
This can be applied to almost every board, Cred Forums doesn't like sports, Cred Forums doesn't like video games, and Cred Forums doesn't like tv or movies. Boards like Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums only really exist for memes and shitposting regarding the board's topics.

>character mentions JoJo
>JoJofags think it's a JoJo reference

>Not liking Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Fucking off yourself

I think he's retarded and meant Log Horizon since Legend of the Galactic Heroes had nothing to do with video games.

Why do Japs have such a big boner for 50s greaser culture?

I happen to really like Jojo :(

things can be a reference to multiple things.

in this case, her hat has Jotaro's hair.

Because greaser culture is sort of cool I guess.

>Why do Japs have such a big boner for 50s greaser culture?
They don't. There's just a community of people that know what they like.
Kinda like Cred Forums but with less lethal doses of autism.

the back of the cap though.

Who are you quoting?

give examples fucking retard

I was at the Kill la Kill panel at Anime Midwest this year. Someone dressed in a terrible Jotaro costume actually asked if this was a Jojo reference, and they said no and that Sushio hadn't read it. They pointed out that both this and Jotaro's costume both draw from bancho outfits.

Remember when JoJo was a respected classic and part 3 was essential Cred Forums reading?
When it was a manga, a game, and an OVA, and it still somehow had a large online community with a lot of it's own jokes instead of JoJo being the joke? When people wouldn't just read/watch JoJo because of it's wackyness and epic meme status but because it was fun and because they liked the characters and action just as much as the humor?
I don't.

le pepperige farm rembembers!1!

It was the ripped hat which sealed it

He's talking about the back of Mako's cap (that looks like spiky messy hair just like Jojo's cap). Still pretty retarded of him to think that Jotaro's costume is the origin of the whole "school delinquent trope".

Delinquents having ragged caps is as old as the bancho manga genre itself. You can see it in , Yuuyake banchou, Iwaki from Dokaben, that delinquent fatty in Dokonjougaeru.

>But none of them have as completely destroyed as Jotaro
Yeah and neither does the cap in OP's pic.

What is the actual name of the hat?

The Jotaro :^)

It's just a traditional "student cap". Used to be more prevalent around Europe after the late 18 and early 1900's.

Male uniforms called a "gakuran", translated out to "western student" and is based on western military uniforms. They were introduced during the country's militarization leading up to ww2.

When did people start hating on Jojo? I thought Cred Forums was alright with it.

Damn son, and here I was still believe Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daishou was the first delinquent manga, I knew there must have been something else out there, you've opened my eyes brother. Can we go even further below 65'?

What's a Ouendan?

>Jojofags actually believe this

This fucking fanbase needs to stop commenting on shit they know nothing about.
Yankee manga like Rokudenashi Blues, Be-Bop Highschool, Kyo Kara ore Wa, or Crows are all much more iconic of what that sub-genre is about than fucking Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Maybe in the west the extent to which most people here know of Yankee manga is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but i'm not going to defer to casuals like Jojofags on anime/manga history. Jojo's isn't nearly as influential as Jojofags like to make it out to be.

To be fair on a more popular context is hard to gauge which is the most popular or iconic delinquent character. Slam Dunk has sold like 25 more mil than JoJo as a whole but Sakuragi is not as iconic as a delinquent since the manga is centered mostly around basketball and not the delinquent aspect, not to mention other than the pompadour Sakuragi doesn't have the classic gakuran-delinquent look.

Followed by Slam Dunk I think is JoJo, but then again Jotaro isn't actually a delinquent despite the gakuran and neither is Josuke despite the pompadour so it's hard to really say what most people think when you mention "delinquent character"

And of course, I'm equating manga sales with popularity which isn't a very solid base, especially since anime is far more mainstream. Looking into the most popular anime world wide from around the 90s would probably yield the most iconic delinquent character even if not the main character.

Cheer squad/male cheerleaders

It's just edgy contrarian faggots

Worst fanbase by miles
The manga is nothing special

Lazy writing
Lazy story telling
Lazy battles (most)
Lazy characters
Lazy mangaka

Part 4 was good, part 7 started good but went to shit, the rest is trash

I think JoJo is good because it knows it's bad and doesn't take itself seriously and intentionally over-exaggerates everything but too many people legitimately think the thing it's parodying is the best thing ever.


>Lazy writing
>Lazy story telling
>Lazy battles (most)
>Lazy characters

... But how?
Lazy mangaka

>that flag

If you like any fucking Jojo past part 3 you should probably off yourself.

>I only watch the anime

Underrated post.

Unbreakable Bancho...


Well it used to be a classic and due to the small exposure on the west not many new people that didn't know anything about anime got into it. It was considered a good fanbase. I remember a 2009 or something thread ranking shonen fanbases and stuff like Naruto was at the bottom while stuff like JoJo's was at the top.
Since the anime it's turned into the literal opposite. It's spoken about all the time by people that act as if it's the best anime ever because it's self aware or something. Most of the time they say it's better than other types of anime they don't even know what they're talking about. See that guy that said Josuke was the most memorable manga delinquent in this thread for instance.
It's a very good manga (the anime not so much I feel), but just like I've read someone here before say: It's turned from Touhou status where everyone knew a bit about it due to all the spamming but was still part of the site's community to mlp tier where it's so annoying seeing JoJo's everywhere it's gotten to a point I've seen people seriously talk about making a containment board for it. Not as a joke like it's done all the time (like "X did nothing wrong"), I mean seriously talking about the pros and cons of banning it away. Of course that wouldn't ever happen but it just goes to show how much JoJo's been forced everywhere.
Jojofags just need to calm down and stop seeing every smallest thing as an opportunity to make a JoJo joke or reference.

Pretty sure I'm the cancer of the universe.

No, you, as well as everyone else, are just a smidget of dust floating on an insignificant rock at thousands of miles per hour.

You are NOT the cancer of the universe, not even close. You're just another guy who's too hard on himself.

Well that is somehow even worse, but I've felt like that too already.

This has been a trope for delinquent type characters in fiction for over a hundred years.

There aren't enough teachers in tracksuits wearing glasses.

It's because Cred Forums has regular offtopic JoJo threads.

>tfw no scanlated 1911 delinquent manga

>Jojofags think it's a Jojo reference
Name FIVE people who thought this, unless you're just making shit up.

Sounds nice

This is definitively pasta but I'm replying anyway
/jp/ is where the Touhou memeing autistic NEETs who have given up on life are contained, everyone knows this.

as someone who bashes weaboos, i can say for a fact that jojofags (at least the ones since 2010+ animes aires) are cancer meme-loving fuckwits

I wouldn't mind JoJo fags if they just admit the series is a HnK ripoff and Araki can't hold a candle to Tetsuo Hara

Oh, so that's who Metal Bat was referencing.

>jojo is self aware
Where the fuck did this come from? It's not self aware at all. Quite the opposite, it takes itself very seriously. That's what makes it fun in the first place.

>Posts Valvrave
>Dares judge anyone else

Cred Forums=JoJo

the manga is uniquely drawn

I guess that I'm biased as I'm a jojofag as well, but I do think that the manga is quite creative, and the anime is a faithful adaption. (Albeit with budget issues and QUALITY). It's an alright franchise, and certainly memorable in the overall scheme of modern Japanese fiction.
It's just the memes and cancer that bring down the outside view of the fanbase.

The first few parts were a HnK ripoff with more vampires. But then you get crazy shit with David Bowie, gay mob bosses, gay black priests, and Jesus.

It may have took itself seriously in the first part, but it's been super comical ever since.
The posing is just because Araki thinks it looks cool, I'm sure he wouldn't be shocked or anything if he was told it's silly. Part 5 is serious too but still has a lot of comic relief from the gang and only tries being dark by the end with Diavolo stuff. Up to that point all villains apart from Metallica are fun ane humorous when angry and stuff. Literally every fight in part 3 up to DIO apart from N'Doul, Pet Shop and Vanilla Ice was a joke and ended in a funny reaction from the antagonist.

I'd say that part 7 was pretty serious as well, considering it was about a crippled, formerly rich and famous genius who has a shitton of guilt and was abandoned by his father. But even that had Gyro's weird antics, and strange jokes.
Araki just likes putting in wacky humor.

The correct answer is 'cancer'

>4 Manga by Tohru
my chocolate-skinned partner, Ino-head Gargoyle is pretty good too

It's okay.

>Lucky Star

Get out.

Okay. That doesn't make it self aware, dude. The narrative is still quite serious, there's only brief moments of the characters not being super serious.

By the way, being "fun" and "light-hearted" are not the same as being self-aware. Jojo is tons of fun, but it's really not self-aware. This doesn't mean that Araki himself isn't aware of how silly Jojo can be, just that the work itself takes itself seriously.

>I'd say that part 7 was pretty serious as well
And part 8. Actually, since switching magazines its decided to be more serious. The plots actually have thought put into them, the character's emotions are actually relevant to the story beyond "I don't like you, [bad guy]!" and the art switched to something less goofy looking to something more akin to other serious manga (at least relatively-- it still has that Araki charm).

I dont even watch jojo but that hat has hair coming out of the back like ora jojo

>no modern sukeban mango

So when is the Bancho Mako spin-off happening again?

>Black American inner-city delinquents are transfer students into a Japanese High School.
>They encounter Japanese delinquents.

Make something out of it Cred Forums.


YYH is a shitty meme anime that has been surpassed by eveeything else Togashi wrote afterwards

>hat that transforms into hair and huge shoulder buckle chian things
>not a jotaro reference

Jojofags are the worst.

What are some good delinquent manga to read?
Or at a stretch, animes to watch?

Just saw that post. NVM

>not redditzerofags
>not oreigarufags


>Kill la Kill airs
>Cred Forums thinks its good

Really makes you think.

Who are you quoting, you contemplative enigma?

Otokojuku is a parody of HnK tho.

>jojo invented bancho

>No one in this thread knows that KlK is just a remake of Blazing transfer student
You've all been rused.

Will someone please finish SJG? I've been waiting for so long.

Just because HxH is great, doesn't mean YYH wasn't also. While HxH has a more serious tone, YYH excels at being a classic battle manga, the best one there is in my opinion.

I dropped that after the first chapter.

I'm not a jojofag but what else could it be refering to?

They're speaking Spanish with a Japanese accent.

>time stopping in any medium

normal people:


The problem is that you're equating all Jojo sales to mean that Parts 3 & 4 were more popular than any other delinquent manga of the era which isn't really a fair comparison.

Lets say we're being generous and say that both parts are like 45% of Jojo's sales despite only making up 29% of the series in length.

Even being somewhat generous they would have 42 million sales between the two of them. That would still rank it below Rokudenashi Blues and Crows, and would put them slightly above in popularity from Kyo Kara Ore Wa and Be-Bop Highschool.

I also don't think it's completely fair to discredit Slam Dunk as a Yankee manga, since I feel like it's definitely apart of that sub-genre for sure. Its main focus is as a sports manga, but Sakuragi definitely plays the part of a delinquent MC both with his personality and the situations he finds himself in inbetween each basketball gang.

>basketball gang.

Slight typo, meant basketball match.

Literally all of them? Do you even know what a bancho is? The torn back of cap and split brim IS the cliche, if it were just the hat it wouldn't contribute to the 50s-60s delinquent look.

they aren't though, that's the whole problem. if they had gotten around to actually watching more anime they'd be familiar enough with literally over half a century's worth of tropes and cliches to know they didn't come from a modern show based on a manga from the 80s

>the most memorable delinquent character
Your scale needs some calibration. You should try watching more than 3 anime and 2 manga and see if that helps.

It isn't you retard. Read the thread.

>letting a fanbase's quality determine if you can like something or not
By this logic all anime is cancer and should be removed. This is true, though

What? Can someone explain was happened?


That user got shat on in a general so he invented a conspiracy against himself rather than admitting multiple people may not like his opinions.

Actually right, though. How many delinquents do an exaggerated chest puff before a rapid punch combo again?

It's just a japanesy sound like "Yoshi yosh" is.

>they went back in time to make a Jojo reference.

>ye xD

I frequented the occasional Jojo threads before Part 3 began. Part 3 did bring an influx of newfags to all of the Jojo threads, but it was relatively harmless. In the months the anime was paused, thread quality increased, and when the anime began again things worsened a bit again, but not that seriously. Then it ended, a lot of people made threads about the ending. But still again, it wasn't that serious.

In the months before the Part 4 anime began, the threads were genuinely nice, and people had a lot of fun guessing what the OP and the ED would be.

Then it started. The first threads were tolerable, but then the various Jojo threads turned into a general, coupled with spoonfeeding pastebins, dedicated tripfags who give people the link to Unemployed Sphere, Nyaa, and various streaming sites so people can easily find the episodes. That's not just it. The thread (since it's a general) is horrible, since there is some semblance of people discussing the manga events, and secondaries which keep complaining about being spoiled by fucking "mangafags". Posting quality in the average jojo thread went to an all-time low, and I'm afraid this has ruined the public image of all jojofags in Cred Forums's eye permanently.

Oh come on is this really a big deal though? It just a couple of fanboys discussion shit from the favorite anime. Literally Cred Forums, don't know why people make a big deal on fanbases as long there not trying to make someone commit suicide

>user makes an autistic blog post
>They think it's a JoJo reference

>and secondaries which keep complaining about being spoiled by fucking "mangafags".
This doesn't ever happen. People love circlejerking about it, but it doesn't happen outside of hypothetical scenarios about how the "animeonlys" will react despite no one ever "reacting" on the actual thread

Now please go back to Cred Forums and take your idiotic general with you

No Ushijima, shit.