Why japan wants me to have a child

Why japan wants me to have a child.

This is too cute for me.

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Abe's genius propaganda schemes doing their job.

Gotta get that birthrate up. Its not really working though

I want to spoil this loli and give her anything and everything she wants. And then, we can cuddle.

>Reading a manga adaptation of a light novel

Fucking why.


It is actually. Their birthrate is surging.

She's in love with him and wants to fuck him later on as some year passes



>Flat chest

He failed as a father.



Fuck Japan.



>Want a daughter I can raise into a pure-hearted Christian girl
>Don't want to pay for whore wife who will embezzle my money and be 3D near me

My paternal desire is my most major life goal, but my hatred for modern day marriage and 3D is far too large. Suicide seems to be the only option.

Is her growth rate that fast or she's already older than him?


Its weird because I'm pretty sure the novels mention demons grow up slower, like she looks 5 or something but is 8, the other kids are all bigger than her. And they are ~10~12 years apart so yeah, just fucking lore we could have changed if we wanted.

With 44% virgins on both sides for an all time high, yeah, totally working.

Kids in anime are a lie, as soon as you put them with other kids or expose them to TV or the internet they'll no longer be the perfect kids that you see in anime, they'll become normal kids, which suck most of the time.

Why don't you just marry someone richer than you then?

Get a good job, become financially secure, unfuck yourself, and then try to adopt. It's the best way to do it and you'll have genuinely done something good for someone. Plus no 3D women.

>light novel
go back to /jp/ and stay /jp/

Because that's the one that's translated. If the LN is TLd I'd gladly read it.

And If the LN is TLd, I'd probably read the manga as well. Seeing all the cute shit drawn in cute art doesn't hurt

All of my friends are getting kids (well, except for my autistic friends and my gay friends I guess) and I kinda feel left behind. I should probably get a girlfriend too and start pumping out kids.

I haven't had a girlfriend in ten years though, and I haven't had sex in five years. I've kinda forgotten how girls work I guess.

Muslim birthrates don't count.

What's the context here? Why is she so skittish?

She was raped by an old man with a geiger teller. It's a hentai manga that kinda turns you off I guess.

Is it even possible to adopt as a single male?

I thought you had to be a financially secure married couple.

In my country it's possible. You just need to have a clean record I think.

That shit is the cutest ever, reminds me of when my little cousin would call me her boyfriend and she would just follow me around and stuff while I was just this teen fuck who would just read books and draw.
Anyways back on topic
Don't have a kid, to get a kid you need a wife. And most wives are cunts, and once you are tired of them you can't leave them or they take away the kid.


Just get a dog.

A kid is a HUGE responsibility that isn't always pleasant to handle.

Except if ir's written by Kamachi then apparently it's ok.

Did someone say goblins?

Shit dude.
That manga was so edgy.



>She's in love with him and wants to fuck him later on as some year passes
that's not how you use spoilers, fuck you

Eh, not really. After all the hype I expected something truly razor sharp. But it was pretty tame fantasy story. Reminded me of that adnd module actually.

>all the hype
They were kids posting about their first non-shonen manga.

Edge is edge regardless if there's something edgier or not.

where can I get the LN?
Without buying it, obviously.

Read the WN.

Probably at jcafe24 or what its called

She'll just grow up to be a slut so what's the point.

It's a rape manga that reminds you why fucking kids is terrible and the fetish is weird.

I'll be honest. I keep expecting her to actually really be a criminal with the whole cute child thing being an act and attempt to murder them all in their sleep.

Actually this is what happened

Post the moreling one.

I hope it's better than Usagi Drop.
Another traumatized Daikichi is the last thing I want to see.

Here you go, user.

This manga gave me heart attack and then immediately healed me.
Shame real kids are never this adorable.

I seem to remember reading in the 2nd LN that demons grow the same rate as human kids but age much more slowly as adults. Also she's getting proper nutrition now so she's catching up okay.

I took care of my little sister for 10 years. You guys have no fucking idea how hard it was

>reverse search it in google
>nothing but a bunch of news articles about guys that raped their daughters
What the actual fuck

I have 2 younger sister and I don't take care of them and I don't think people realize how hard it is to just be around them all the time.

>She's in love with him and wants to fuck him later on as some year passes


>Reading a manga adaption of a light novel adaption of a web novel

>daughter in title
fucking usagi dropped

That's my fetish

Adoption is a thing you know

Are you fucking kidding me?

Become friends with a lovey-dovey couple.
After they have a kid, be a babysitter for them as often as possible.
On one of the nights while you're babysitting, the parents will die in a car "accident".
You'll be able to adopt the kid since you're the adult she's closest to and trusts the most.


good luck finding an agency that will let you adopt a little girl as a single father, though

I like it.

since many on Cred Forums get angry and butthurt when they see a child on anime doind even a small tartum, and lets not mention when they do a big one, I doubt they are ready to be parents.


Can she speak Spanish?

Usagi picked the fuck up.

>For single men


Is this one of those stories where she's going to grow up and be impregnated by him?

>I took care of my little sister for 10 years. You guys have no fucking idea how hard it was


U.S. Senator who raised his 13 year-old imouto after their parents died. Rumor has it he's still a virgin at the age of 61, and he has never out-right denied it.

> Why japan wants me to have a child.

Declining birth rate.

I'm the same, I wish to have a child, but I dont want to bother with the whole marriage thing. I understand that at least in my country adopting when you are a single male is fucking hard since people fear pedophiles or the like adopting kids for their shit, even gay couples have it easier.

>second to last panel

The foreshadowing is there.


I babysit my young nieces occasionally and I'm ready for my sister to pick them up after like 10 minutes.

She speaks latin.

Ave maria, user.

don't fall for the meme

3D kids are annoying, dirty and loud

never try to bring 2D into 3D

>33 years in military
what a nut

Lo dudo.

>bring 2D into 3D

But user, anime isn't real;

>he's still a virgin at the age of 61

Truly a example to follow. He knows that lust is just a distraction in life.

>When they use your shirt as a snot rag.
>While your still currently wearing it

>why people on Cred Forums read manga?

>Wow Dale that's quite the small girlfriend you got there
It's funny because it's true

what the actual fuck is this i can't find shit in goggle captain.

It's a holdover from D&D where morality, and alignment are physical tangible, and quantifiable elements that represent positive, and negative energy with races that are objectively and innately tied to a particular alignment.

Goblin baby? I think you mean Chaotic Evil baby that is absolutely evil, and removing it from the plane is an absolutely good act.

I don't use alignment in my games.

>hurr why do you read manga on the anime and manga board?
>why you do dis?
you are not only this retarded but you have to be a crossboarder.

but i'll give you your (you), heres your answer, its cause theres shit for translations on the LN/WN.

It's explicitly gone up .20 over a very short period of time dumbass.

>Allowing foreigners to live as citizens
You may be legitimately retarded user.

Literally the first four images in this thread contain the title on google

This made my eyes blurry what the fuck. Manga adaption when?

Is your little sister 2D? I don't fucking think so. So why the fuck are you talking about your 3D little sister? This is a 2D board you fuckers. No shit 2D imoutos are in every way superior to 3D sisters.

Why do people think try to argue against 2D with their reallife experience?

You don't see people arguing against dragons in an anime by saying that they don't exists or how bad they would be in reallife.

How can you guys be so autistic? Arguing against a fantasy story with a demon lord imouto by pointing out something in reallife.

>Muh muslim meme
You apparently don't know anything about Japanese immigration. They're not Europe. Foreigners can't even own land.

Surrogacy is an option

Usagi dropped the fuck down.

Just responding to anons who think they want an actual, real sister or daughter.

I just look at the pictures.

That sound fine and all, but there is going to be a moment when you will be reminded that you arent his father/mother and they dont exactly see you like that. There is a big difference withing adoption and surrogacy.

So this is 10 years after the story begins?


Usagi to the GROUND!

Probably 5.


The WN actually has a huge amount translated.

shit, can i get a link then?

Sometimes manga adaptations of LN have better art than the original LN illustrations.


>It's explicitly gone up .20 over a very short period of time dumbass.

It went from 1.26 in 2005 to 1.46 in 2015.

A decade is not a "short time".

Furthermore, the recent rise in the birthrate is mostly statistical noise. The population having kids right now is the generation born after the population boom.

Finally, Abe only came to power in 2013.

>implying my 2D dragon imouto is not real

>BoJ have meeting tomorrow
I have a bad feeling about this. Abenomics have failed.

Abenomics was extremely successful.

Abe took full control of Japan and remilitarized it.

That was his real goal. He never gave a shit about fixing the economy or the society.

Read his book. He is explicit that he would sacrifice long-term gain for short term political power. He always wanted to remilitarize Japan.

>reading a trashy LN while you could read a manga
Your call

Yeah, I'm going for a trashy LN.



The WN is actually pretty great if you just want something comfy, really easy to read, low on boring sections and void of any trashy fanservice or too annoying cliches, if you like reading that kind of manga you will like the novel.


The Daughter isn't referring to Latina. Latina is going to be the Demon King.

Correction. She was always in love with him. There was never family affection from her to him. She always saw him as her knight in shining armor that rescued her and gave her happiness

Latina is 15-16 there so its about 7 years after he found her.

That last panel is how I feel a lot of the time. I've had a fucked up life. Nobody will ever notice though that all I wanted in life was a hug.

cute. I'm kind of the responsible person if somethings happens to my brother and his spouse, but I don't think I'll be able to handle two kids.

>My paternal desire is my most major life goal,

Same here user, I've been considering some options. One possibility is to purchase eggs, hire a surrogate (in a country where it is legal to do so), and become a single father. Probably cost about 150k-250k USD, but more feasible than adoption.

Pretty sure Otaku no Musume path is impossible, being a virgin and all.

user please post more.

I need this badly. This is my fetish.

>Otaku no Musume as reference for paternal
Try My Girl user.

but what if you get a boy user?

Ever noticed it's always a religious fanatic that does it?

What is this from, tried image searching but I got nothing.

>Otaku no Musume
it's meant to make you laugh but makes you feel bad
A tiger and bunny reference?

Make him dress like this.

they have horribly low birth rates

Reading this on my own, this page didn't phase me, but reading it now makes me break into laughter thinking about how other people must have reacted.

Single handedly ruined a good series I guess. Though the second arc was pretty poor imho.

Learning that he at least associates (if he isn't actually earnestly a part of) with a group that believes the emperor is really a divine being was pretty eye-opening. It's hard to get more right-wing Japanese nationalist than that. Even if it's just for show, it shows how far they're willing to go for their goals.

FUCK YOU JAPAN. It's like you can't feel empathy with someting if you don't put a dick in it.
Thanks god those neckbeard virgins will never have a child, they would want to fuck him too


Godspeed you wizard. Wherever you are, godspeed. Have faith, she'll turn into someone wonderful.

But that's the point, innit? Having kids utterly changes things. So your shirt, say, they wipe their dribbly nose on it, when you're a parent, the first thing you think of isn't about your shirt, it's worrying whether your kid is sick.

That's what it means to be a parent.

It was rushed, and written by a woman with a father complex.


Why are daughters so amazing?

The mods shut it down. I'm pretty sure that's the last one.

Calm down, normalfag.

Post more I want more feels

That's nice. Now go back to begging for hugs on your blog.

Good read. I hope everything is well with them.

I don't see why you're so mad. You don't think this happens in real life too? It's part of human life, it always has been.

All women have daddy complexes. Thus why they are the most fervent defenders of that shitty ending.

>All women have daddy complexes
The ones that don't end up being complete insufferable bitches.

If it hadn't been so rushed, I would enjoy it. There are hints everywhere that she doesn't see Daikichi as her father, case in point, her insistance on calling him "my daikichi"




I knew this was going to happen since the very beginning.

I need this. I want this so.

EXTRA heresy

Can't we have a proper adoptive father series for once?


>wanting to be a cuck

that's what happen when you force a couple of generation into working themselve to death with no time for anything else, not even babymaking.


How do we comfort her, Cred Forums?

Cream pie.

pomf =3

Not enough action and fun for the guys, women will want to be the little girl, japanese government wants men randy and knocking up women and women slutty and ovulating or at least both of them wanting to marry up and babby make.

Won't last a season before an alien invasion plus the loli is revealed to be a 22 year old college student with an electra complex and they marry and she has 30 kids.


I doubt the tl will ever catch up to that part at least

I feel the same.

Usagi Drop, Lotte no Omocha, Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai (Still Angry about this one) anything related to Genji always ends with the girl being dicked by her "father figure"

>Hold her close and tell her it's going to be okay
>Put her head to my chest so that she can listen to my heart
>We'll sit like that and I'll tell her stories and listen to her problems as she pours her heart out.
>I'll listen to her fall gently asleep and put her to bed then lay beside her.

Oh this is Cred Forums..

I'll totally slam fuck her tight little cunny while she screams my name then pump a massive hot load into her.
That'll make her happy!
Ironic thing is that I actually used to fuck my depressed ex till she was happy.

The other two maybe but holy shit you missed the point of Lotte no Omocha

I signed on for fatherhood and tentative /ss/


That is literally the exact opposite of Lotte no Omocha

wasn't that how the daughter was conceived?


>Ironic thing is that I actually used to fuck my depressed ex till she was happy.

damn son, that sound hard, is like you cant even enjoy it because she is all depressed.

Literally Yotsubato

I know Lotte no Omocha was going for that route, but sometimes it made desire that it didnt, it doesnt trigger me so much as the other because I saw it coming from a long time ago.



Your child will come out 3D dont do it

>Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai
Why are you angry about the one that was most obvious it was going to go that way. The girl and him were only a few years apart and they weren't even blood related and it was obvious from the start that she wanted to fuck him, not be his daughter.

The girl wanted to get the dick, but the guy has being more interested of being a good dad to the 3 and to provide them, from his part, there wanst many signs he saw the girl like that until the end.

Picked up

The fiend! she'll never be able to chew that thing! it's as solid as a rock!

>not cutting up the sausage first
My headcanon is falling apart, fuck off visual representations.

I came in here to post this goddamn it user you beat me.


So what the best father-type anime and manga?

Fuck you japan

Fuck you

Les Miserable Arai Takahiro version.

>tall onee-san will never win

There's Myu and I, where MC and the main girl straight up house a bunch of psychic lolis.

Sadly translations never.

All Hail Abe.

I don't know. I just don't know man.

Well this thread has been depressing.
Here's a wholesome, bittersweet daughter-father manga for us non-deviants.

Honestly would have no problem with it if the idea itself didnt get kind of overused.

Prota adopts a little girl or has a daughter who we find out later is not blood related, still doesnt mean he needs to fug her.

But then the story goes she falls in love with her adoptive father either while she grows up normally, joins the harem as a loli even if mental still child or has a sudden growth spurt and then falls in love/joins harem whatever. And father prota out of some kind of reason has no problem with it.

The idea basically only exists to have a loli who develops a father complex/falls in love with older man and acts on it.
At least assume more then 50% of the japanese webnovels have that, from what read at least most had.
Of course korean and chinese WN can be just as bad with that.

Otaku no Musume.

That guy had a blood related daughter though.

Try to name a series where the Prota adopts a little girl and she doesnt fall in love with him and end up together or joins harem because mostly those are harem stories where the adoptive daugtheru needs to lust for her father.

I needed a feels trip, thanks.

It's kind of different in this story if you actually read it.

Latina was in love with him from the very start. Dale never really acts like a dad with her. Both of these become more clear as the story progresses. Dale is more like a doting older brother at best with Latina. Latina's affection for Dale just becomes more and more obvious too. Then it makes you realize that all those little things she was doing from the start were hints of her romantic feelings.

Oyaji, of course

I think her size was more of a fact of nutrition than actual growth rate.


what is bigger?

I want to shape my cute daughteru in to ultra pure beautiful wife too.
Life is not fair guys.

I feel like to cry honestly
It's just so disappointing
I read the 3 chapter of the manga adaptation and thought it will be the one but it's just another Usagi drop
Why is there no justice in this world user?

What manga? Google shows nothing

my girl

Here is hoping everything went well for the guy and girl didn't end up being shitty person.

So the other horn is also gone now?

I want to make a daughteru happy

Same, but with my dick.

Wasn't there another series similar to this about some really strong hero or ex-hero of some sort who picked up a little girl while in a dungeon. I recall the girl pissed herself too or something.

I need this for the pissing.

Then user spends his resources to become an ara-ara milf.

Can't have two boys in the house. That'd be too gay.

what the fuck

>Ironic thing is that I actually used to fuck my depressed ex till she was happy.

Sounds like a sad doujin. Must suck.

RIP Baby sitter

You may be thinking of goblin slayer

>Ironic thing is that I actually used to fuck my depressed ex till she was happy.

Living proof that a good dicking can cure almost anything.

She broke it off because of her racist ass substitute teacher, who also made her realize that she'll outlive everyone she loves.

This shit was so nice, anyone know if they're all in one place?

She's going to get res'd just you wait.

It makes me feel happy inside, though it seems he was expecting it, being eyes closed kissing.

Morgan is a gift.

Daughterus > Waifus

>racist ass substitute teacher
This rings the holocaust bells with me.

Would you comfort a hornless goburin?

Honestly, I don't mind this route as long it's properly written.

The problem with Usagi Drop was not the relationship itself, but the lack of Daikichi's development. The first half did amazing job at making him the father figure, but there was no effort to revert than in the second half. Until the very end he saw Rin as his daughter and her sudden daddy complex wild ride caught him completely off guard. It wasn't some story about forbidden love, it was Daikichi giving in to Rin's demands.
In a weird way it would be less disturbing if Daikichi started to see high school Rin as a woman.

The worst part is she was one of those idiots who believes humans should be at the top because she says so types. She got btfo by the kids' logic.

Probably why people couldn't accept the end. Daokichi basically didn't say no, which kind of made the whole thing feel forced since it essentially was.

>Not raising your own genetic offspring

Woah, it's like you wanna be an evolutionary dead end.

does this not count as?
i means its not adoptive father but still.

>You don't see people arguing against dragons in an anime by saying that they don't exists or how bad they would be in reallife
Someone's never seen/read Gate.

Since when goburin have horns

That's Lazy Dungeon Master. She's not much of a daughter, since she does want to fuck him. However, since the guy basically lacks a sex drive, it'll never go her way.

>My Girl
Koharu-chan had a hard life...

>Making baby Morgan with Future Morgan

My Girl, by Sahara Mizu.

That's his mom and they're concerned with his taste in females.

Why ?

Can't make grandbabies with that.

sure you can, yo just need many attempts and a lot of lotion

Too young but they do approve of Latina anyway. Made me wonder about the customs of their village.

Child please. Goblin slayer is a healing story.

oooh,the other images before this failed to return google results.This however did.thanks user.

The singer demongirl in the sea village made it clear its nearly impossible

>nearly impossible

So you're saying it isn't impossible?

well, they will try, thats obvious.

the point is that it has to be adoptive

They use the excuse of not being blood related to force the romantic pairing of father and child, ignoring the psychological and emotinal side of things, specially from the parent that seems to be fine all the time with the idea just because they arent blood related.

Also the point of having a adoptive child is to show how a person can stuggle to take care of child that isnt their own, dont have a partner they can relly on (or miss if they are death) and how a child, if is not young enough to quickly see them as parent figure, tries to figure out the whole situation.

So far only Yotsubato does it without any hints of something more than a father and her adoptive daugther living together day by day. Or that I know about, recommendations are apreciated.

There is a huge difference between adopting a kid from orphanage and being the only relative of a kid with ded parents. They pretty much force you to do adopt


at least i still have anzu pure daughteru

Being this cute, should be illegal.
Holy shit Cred Forums that manga gave me diabetes

Picked the fuck up.


Fuck that manga was such a wild ride. Author has a huge fetish for UNEXPEECTEED TWIISTS. Especially that end NTR twist that the mother never cared about him and fucked him only to get attention of MC's best friend who is a huge lolifag. He didn't give a fuck about her. And that literally last page twist with where run away mangaka girl that MC fucked is actually pregnant as well

or "I'll keep my surname", this was pre-timeskip
Cred Forums can't bear different opinion without chimping out

Reading it myself it's pretty blatant that she's in love with him basically on the first day. Doesn't mean it's what you're looking for, but I wouldn't call it bait-and-switch.

>and that literally last page

in a previous chapter she started with her pants and finished without pants, was a little hint maybe?

Well yeah. There were a few hints that they actually fucked when MC was hallucinating but it got confirmed only in last page

That's my fetish~

>Was expecting a comfy father/daughter lifestyle
>This type of shit happens

There must be more to life

Family fun time, user

>not liking daughteru dicking

>your daughterus will get you drunk, tie you up and take turns fucking you for few days straight until they are pregnant
>everything approved by God
Feels bad man

The only correct one is My Girl, but thats not adoptive.

He even says so himself. He has more of a brocon complex

>large age gap
>demon girl
>race mixing
>pure love
>fantasy setting
>this art style
Only true a true faggot would find this disgusting. I fucking love this and there needs to be more of this.

Slit your throat.

I don't think 10 years is all that large of a gap.

Considering there's stuff like this where the age gap is 40+ years then yeah, 10 years is nothing.

that depends of what age you have.

If you are 20, she is 10
If you are 30, she is 20
If you are 40, she is 30
and so on.

>If you are 20, she is 10
This is the best.

This is hot.

Troubled old men are moe.

>to old to produce offspring
>Girl start lusting for his kid while granpa husbando is on his deathbed years later.

To much?

Nah, she has a fetish for old men.

>grandpa was 33 when he married my grandma
>she was 12
That lucky fucker.


Yeah, read Hinamatsuri for fuck sake, there are two adoptives daugthers, one for single and one of a coupe. Purely family love, 100% guarantee.

Wasn't around 7 years? Latina looks younger than she is.

Around 10.5 years. He was 18, she was 7 close to 8.

I read Hinamatsuri too, but My Girl is the best parental manga hand down.

But that post mentioned about *adoptive* so you are putting My Girls as answer while discreditig other workds e.g Hinamatsuri is misleading and perhaps wrong.

I'm not debating about the aspect concerning quality of parenting btw.

Wait so she was horny for him even when they first met?

So does he really defeat the Demon King.

She see him as somekind of savior/hero figure, since he basically save her from starving and being alone when he find her. She nevers saw him as parent or brother figure, but the nice guy that saved her.

The Demon King is a metaphor for the difficulty in conceiving a halfbreed.

>conceiving a halfbreed
This is my fetish.

>this kills the user

I want to dick this dragon~



Is there half plus 7 rule?

Something this cute should be illegal.

Yes. She saw him as her knight in shining armor that saved her and gave her happiness. Maybe it started out as just a crush but it developed into full blown love pretty easily.

Makes sense, now that I think about it. I guess yeah it was a crush that turned into full blown love after he took care of her for what I assume to be years.

Current WN events are talking about the reasons why Latina was exiled to die and those reasons hint at her becoming a Demon King pretty damn strongly.

I see it like this. Dale and Latina will have a daughter. Latina will then become a Demon King. Dale will fight with Latina to reunite the family, therefore making the title of the story actually correct.

It's pretty obvious even after a year or two that she's in love with Dale. Even when she knows the language perfectly, Dale is always her "most special person" and never anything else.

I need more. Chapter 4 when?

The "Half your age plus seven rule" is pretty universal, unless you're in Africa I guess.

Pretty sure that wont happen.

Basically we are already getting the hints that early and pretty sure story will be instead daugtheru awakens as demon, gets chased out, misunderstandings whatever happend or she gets kidnapped by demons and then she becomes the maou. either way
prota coming after her and after whatever happends with their drama being resolved ending up together again

Story resembles basically the Yuusha and Maou SS on japanese boards like ex14.vip2ch.
Quite alot of those stories actually are very similiar to this and needless to say those came out before this novel got ever started but are a lot shorter.

Basically I am not expecting anything from this novel writer.
If he goes a original route would be interesting too.
Only the will have a daugther thing just seems a bit strange, cause his daugther is already Latina and would assume rather she somehow gets caught or whatever and prota assumes the demon king did that

Latina is his wife, not his daughter.

Thank you for telling what I already know.

If I call her waifu or daughteru doesnt matter in the end because she is both.

But she's not his fucking daughter and never was outside of Dale being delusional. He never even acted like a dad with her.

There's no way she'll be kidnapped by demons. She was exiled to die by the demons to avoid the prophecy where she became a demon king. Why would they try to bring her back when they tried to get rid of her in the first place?

So how many chances is there for this to one day get a anime adaption. I will literally do anything to see this animated

>that baby power
what are the species again?


the japanese goburins have horns

The lowest you should go is half your age plus 7.

Sadly I don't think we'll ever see it.

Yo, whoever mentioned My Girl in this thread, fuck you.

Made me cry like a bitch nigga.

That's a gay rule. My grandparents didn't have many issues with it.

The socially accepted age for someone you're dating. If you're 30, this is 30-15 which is 15 +7 which is 22. So if you dated someone younger than 22 when you're thirty, many people will think that this is too young.
It works better with older ages I guess, I think no one would bat an eye if a 30 year old guy dated a 20 year old girl.

Dammit, I don't wanna Usagi DROP this series since I love their interactions but I find it off putting for that to happen. Meh .

user, that is how I felt, but then I saw how it could revolve to something much greater. Like a romantic story of a savior that gave this little girl a home. He is clearly not that fatherly, but more of someone that is affected by her moe

Your grandparents lived in a different time. Also marrying young also mean that the older one takes care of you financially, it doesn't necessarily mean a sexual relationship until later. I guess most people know they shouldn't have sex with a prepubertal girl. There was this sandnigger that just killed a 8 year old girl with his penis on their wedding night a couple of months back.

Okay three years ago, tempus fugit.

>sandnigger that just killed a 8 year old girl with his penis on their wedding night a couple of months back.
>tfw 21 cm dick
Yeah I don't want to hurt a loli. I just find the thought nice, being the older brother figure that a girl eventually falls in love with. Besides, it's best to wait until 14 for intercourse. Also, wasn't there a case were some Muslim guy raped a girl, fucked up her internal organs and the family wanted to honor kill her?

>Besides, it's best to wait until 14 for intercourse
You should wait until they're physically able to have sexual intercourse, which is when they're in late puberty. This shouldn't really be measured in age, some go into puberty later, especially malnourished kids.

Is this shit consensual or are they raping them? If it's hurting them, pull it out and don't jam it in. Not fucking hard. Subhuman retards.

>Subhuman retards.
You need to be a subhuman retard if you want to have sex with a child anyways.

That's why I say the minimum should be at least 14. 16 is OK. Don't force it if it hurts her or doesn't fit. There's always oral.

>The one girl you can't impregnate is the one that just happens to literally be the best

Japan doesn't want you to have a child. Japan wants JAPANESE people to have a child.

Does it count if I go to Japan and impregnate a Japanese cutie?

>Making filthy gaijin halfbreeds.
I bet you're Mexican.

Not that particular user, but I am and that is my fetish.

Fuck off Latina I'm not making more lings I'm making mutas

>not lurkers

Of course she is, she has the genes of the best result on a very long and carefully planed eugenics sequence.

I didn't even soley mean eugenics wise. I have never met an awakening player who has disliked FeMorgan
In a series filled to the brim with incest and incest subtext, the only time I actively want it is the only time I can't have it

Morgan is for protecting user. I know how you feel but it's wrong.


It's not my fault that Morgan is the only girl worth mentioning. They shouldn't have made her so perfect

Is this an actual doujin? I just get a pixiv picture

But who makes the best mom for Morgan?

I went with Nowi, because Nah is a cute, and the idea of marrying a fertile member of a dying race.

Reminder to love your children

Oh god I just read this and my fucking heart oh god HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG

Other Morgans

I don't think that's the right way to love your children.

one of the kids, gameplay wise.

personality wise? fuck, I dunno.

Im so fucking tired of 3DPD garbage everywhere on Cred Forums.

For a board that hate 3D so much you guys love to talk about it everywhere.

>daughter haters

This man is my personal hero.

Of course I don't hate daughters. But Tomaru takes it a little too far
Daughters are meant to be spoiled, protected, and loved. Not fucked and dropped

Fuck off Abe, I'm not going to drink your kool aid


I'm gonna fuck and drop your daughteru

>Tomaru is rich enough to get them all the toys they want
>Females naturally desire Tomaru
>Tomaru lets his kids play with him
Hr doesn't drop them. He cares for their wombs.

We don't serve your kind here.

>not the right way to love your children


>defending 3DPD

Fuck off

Cosplaying belongs on /jp/ though.

>Im so fucking tired of 3DPD garbage everywhere on Cred Forums.
>Cred Forums is not you blog

>I don't know what blog mean


Who knows why,
It is just another possiblity, not saying that it is going to happen but 'the have a real daughter with latina' thing find even less likely.
Also the politics of demon land could change however and whenever the author desires it.

Okay can someone explain what the heck it is with Toumaru and his 'powers'?
In another thread was stated that he has demonic powers, which also make him immortal and if he rapes a woman they immediately fall for him
But how did he get those powers or best in which game is his origin explained?


I really want to know this too

The only one I can think of is akage no anne. Which is an old anime that a lot of people forget about. Its a solid 50 episodes of watching a fun and cute adopted girl grow up to become an amazing woman.

Latina a qt.

I don't know how to break it to you user...

How far in LN and/or WN are we in?

Next you'll tell me that Gankutsuou was based off of a novel, too.


>manga consists mostly of cute art
>LN is walls of badly written text and some cute art
This one isn't exactly a work you would want to read in its original form.

Who'd want to read LNs except weeaboos anyways. They should keep to /jp/.

Im well aware that its based of a book by some canadian girl in the 19th century. Doesn't detract from it being a great story. Millions of nips visit the island every year because they love it so much.

People who like reading rough drafts from authors who aren't good enough to actually get a novel published.

>implying the average garbage lining the shelves in a bookstore are any better

It's not, but if the Western world had the concept of a "light novel" or something similar, 90% of the young adult books would likely be published as LNs.

I will never understand why that page made everyone so butthurt.

>go to some poor country with a bunch of cash
>give poor family with 2-3 year old daughter some money in exchange for marrying the cute little girl
>raise her as a cute daughter

It's perfect

>brown, slant eyed, or both daughter
no thanks

Better than dying alone while holding a daughter-shaped pillow. Besides, I'm sure that there are some poor places that have cuties.

>not drones

Bunch of Russian orphans are probably looking for someone to adopt them.

I know someone who adopted siblings who weren't that old. One of them had almost not developed language, because they were so little stimulated. They were just more or less alive in an orphanage.

why not

The WN translations would coincide with LN volume 2. End of LN3 was when Latina confessed and LN4 was when Dale got over his problems and accepted.

Because that is not your child, it is a powerful demon's even though being a foster parent is not perfect butSleeptrain can help with that.

>He got away with it and it ends on him about to rape another one
This made me angry

whats the name?
I having the same problem...

Better protect from man who girly screams internally.


>tfw loli smugs while performing oral on you

>tfw I read this while having Bobobo's 1st OP stuck in my head

aw man this sounds like a feel good movie or SOL series.

Does something bad happen like she gets gang raped? I can't look at cute things anymore without thinking it's just a facade

Well, she does end up craving MC's dick, so there's that.

this doujin fucked me up more than any ntr doujin ever could

Are All men potentailly lolicons?

Yes. Purest form of love. Purer than yuri, in fact.

W-when? When shes still a loli?

Scroll up.

If you hate real women so much what makes you think a real kid will be any better user?I doubt you've even been with alot of women anyway.

>Japan spends years making the japanese into work-slaves with no time for anything else
>Population starts dwindling due to nips not having time for families
>Now they're flipping their shit trying to push the nips into getting kids and become family men

Why are the nips so fucked?

>you will never have a sad gf who you cure with good oral and dickings

Fuck Im jealous.

Any idea where to search? The archives don't find the trip for me:


>Bunch of Russian orphans are probably looking for someone to adopt them.

Russia pretty much closed off adoptions to the US though, mostly for reasons of national pride. Chinese adoptions are drying up, too.

>>Want a daughter I can raise into a pure-hearted Christian girl

She'll just end up fucking a few retards when she's 15

>Hating on brown girls

Spotted the fag.

>tfw I have a fetish for fucking other men's daughterus and turning them into corrupted sluts

And its a strong fetish too. Stay away from me if you ever get a daughteru Cred Forums. I can't help it, she'll just end up coming back to you as a different person.

Do you know how old? That's kind of freaky, don't orphans still go to public school?

>Imply that I won't fuck your ass so hard that you also turn to be cock-craving whore.


Successful yes, but I don't necessarily agree with it.

It wasn't really approved by God though.

I love you user, I'll hug you.

Because it perfectly sums up the last arc of manga.
Look at Daikichi's fucking face. This isn't an expression you would expect from someone, who just heard his lover saying that she wants to have his children. This is a face of the man who wonders what the fuck did he do wrong.
Not even once in manga Daikichi acts like Rin's lover. He never wished for that. All he wanted was to guarantee his daughter a normal, happy life. And that exact wish - to make a child happy - pushed him into giving to her unreasonable demand.

No, fuck you.

So... can't find it anywhere. Is there a name?