Tamamo Tuesday

Hello everyone!
It's yet another Tamamo Tuesday today!
What a time to be alive!

How were you doing this past week?
Did you read the newest (translated) chapter of the Foxtail manga?
It was pretty funny to finally see the hot-springs arc translated.
Suzuka-Gozen and Tamamo are really similar, aren't they?

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Truly a best servant combo.


What if Tamamo was flat ?

Her bust size is always changing, even in official art.

That would be a bit different than it is now.
I wouldn't mind it
Anyway, she's got a shapeshift skill at rank A, so she may do it at any time she want.

Just like her Witchcraft skill, she will never use her Shapeshift skill because it bring back bad memories for her.

Is there a servant in TM, that had such traumatic life as she did?


She would be beautiful nonetheless.

A loli Tamamo ?


A Cat is fine too.


So, when does she have a birthday?


The fuck there are two Tamamos???

It's Suzuka-Gozen. A new character introduced in the Foxtail manga.



Don't think she has one
In f/go when it's the player's birthday she says "so you have something like that"

Well, it's only logical I guess.
She is a deity after all.

I will never get tired of saying this, Tamamo has an excellent fashion. Who has her figure with that outfit? Just curious

I really hope she gets her casual outfit in extella, it's one of my favorites

Pre-ordered the re-release

Wait so is she saying that she fucked Twice? What a slut.

It's more like she's saying she knows men as much as Suzuka does.
Twice barely gave a shit about Tamamo

I'm not claiming Twice gave a shit about her. But since she's talking about her sex appeal Twice wouldn't be relevant unless she fucked him. Hence her being a slut.

She will. It's in the opening after all.

I do. She's the best Tamamo fig so far. All these little details are really awesome.
And her legs and ass... are a miracle of the universe.

I think that she meant Emperor Toba.

No she said she had two masters so far so she clearly meant twice, doesn't mean she fucked him though

Her backstory isn't that bad compared to most of the servants in fs/n.

Then why would she even bring him up? She was talking about fuckin dudes.

Not really.
She just didn't want to be inferior to Suzuka in any way.

From the context she was just talking about her sex appeal

Wait a second.
But what's the point then?
Suzuka Gozen said that she had a partner BEFORE she became a servant.
In this context, Tamamo may be talking about Toba, not Twice.

Noob question here.
Does foxtail take place in an alternate version of CCC, or is it the manga adaptation of one of the routes in CCC?

In Fate terms, is it a route (like UBW) or a totally different work (like Apocrypha)?

That wouldn't make sense considering Twice was her master and she said she had two masters. However she wouldn't necessarily think of Toda as a master. As to whether she fucked Twice or not? Probably nott. But regardless the only pure servant in Extra is Archer.

alternate version
more specifically stuff that was cut out of CCC

So I can read it and avoid spoilers, correct?

I honestly don't know CCC's story so I have no idea

>the only pure servant in Extra is Archer.
Former eroge protagonist. He lost his purity long ago.

Extra was after Realta Nua Archer is as pure as the falling snow.

[citation needed]

Realta Nua.

Don't be jealous just because your waifu got jackhammered by Toda.

Any news if Tamamo will be in the Extra anime?

Chiwa has a role in it so she'll appear somewhere

It would be nice seeing her, but I don't want Shinbo to force her in there just for the fanservice.

Here's the Tamamo cursor pack if anyone is interested:

I converted and resized a few of them



These two are too cute.

Hello /tt/, can I have some casual and triple c tamamos? Today's my birthday.




She's my everything