Berserk is on hiatus. Again

The Berserk manga is going to be on hiatus until Spring 2017.


The hiatus is apparently happening because the manga is going to be released alongside the upcoming anime. Episode 347(?) could be the last release for this year.

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Manga with CGI is gonna be a great idea. Excuse me while I hang myself.

>Casca won't be cured this year
It was too beautiful to be true.

A new chapter is coming out in a few days.

>upcoming anime

Wait, what? What did I fucking miss?

>manga is on a hiatus because of a shitty ass anime

probably the announcement in the latest 2016 Berserk episode. It'll be continued (hooray) in 2017

The horrible CGI anime got greenlit for a second season


i cant fucking believe user was right, he was only releasing chapters because the fucking shit ass anime was airing, fuck

>topre switches

My love for this series has turned into a truck filled with hate wanting to berserk Miura to death.

I don't understand Berserk fans. Your author-idol shits on you for a decade and you keep on coming back for more.

Miura probably hit the end of what he's preplanned and is going to spend the next few months planning his next arc.

Maybe it'll be the final one, even. We have GRIFISSUUUUUUUU's "heavenly" kingdom set up and Guts FINALLY got to Elfheim.

Miura said he's only halfway there? Shit, Kubo said he had another 10 years left in his final arc, too. Berserk may just end BEFORE Miura dies of old age!

I can't fucking take this anymore. He was on a good streak too. So fucking close to resolving Casca's arc after 20 fucking years, and we get another hiatus? Miura better give Casca proper closure instead of extending the drama and making her do some shit like go back to Griffith. The ending song to the original anime perfectly describes my feelings for Berserk.

>Miura said he's only halfway there?
I read somewhere he's 70% done with berserk.

Gantz and that other Oku shit about old guy who became a robot.

It looks promising.

Its like NTR. Your waifu finds you worthless in bed now because she's enjoying someone else's cock more than yours right and she cheats on you openly almost everyday. So why not leave/kill her? Because she was once an amazing woman who completely swept you away and stole your heart. Before she was corrupted by dick.

That is berserk and kentaro miura. We can't leave. What we had was too good and we want to see how it ends. So we're metaphorical cucks until he finishes.

Is there a PV already?

What's the source?

Magazine scans? Publisher's twitter? Official announcement? Gimme something.

sauce? for confirmation this is a forum user

I give up

That's all I have. Keep in mind that volume 39 got confirmed for 2017 as well. The official announcement should be announced in the next Young Animal though.

uhh wheres this from

Stockholm syndrome pal

But manga use CGI and photos since aeons ago.

ITT: Berserk's longest standing fans self insert as the angry blacked dude.

Why does a manga that can continue infinity need to wait for the 2nd season of the anime? This doesn't make any sense

Did a new idolshit come out? I don't follow it.

A Wealthy benefactor wants to sell manga at the same time as the show. Also to prevent spoilers and all that.

>prevent spoilers
>what anime will cover is out for like 10 years
Yeah, no.
[email protected] strikes again.

But if the manga continues with the anime there won't be any problem.

Those aren't even topre


The animation in the last episode wasn't all that terrible. I only cringed like twice.

i blame idol master!

I don't even care anymore

People have lived their entire lives before berserk has ended. I swear the author is purposely trying to die before ending it.

Why is a 50 year old so obssessed with [email protected]? Fuck you Miura.

Thankfully I am devoid of hope at this point so I no longer feel pain over this.

I am not surprised in the least. Although I really have to wonder by Miura's editors put up with his shit.


>The Berserk manga is going to be on hiatus

I fucking regret picking up Berserk over a decade ago

Do you think the authors of manga like this realize that fans' love slowly turns to hate over stuff like this? If you don't want to keep working on the manga, why not just rush an ending?

>Berserk fans have died while Guts was on the boat.

Maybe that's what he wants

I call bullshit until verified.

I only just got into Berserk this year so this is gonna be the first hiatus I experience!

Wish me luck!

I think that he just has enough money to no longer need to care. So long as he can keep jerking off to his idol shit cashgrab mobage he will be fine.

It's all he ever talks about anymore.

I want to hurt Miura


Be happy you weren't here for the 7 years.

Because he's single and has nobody to make him feel ashamed of that? He's living the dream
>made money drawing Manga
>creates a pretty popular series loved worldwide
>can afford long and frequent periods of not working
>can always laugh at berserk fans for always coming back

I'm just waiting for someone to kill Miura.

I have a feeling it will happen eventually.

How much do you think he's made over the years?

But no one will dare do it. The man knows we need him alive to finish this damn manga.

Probably because Miura's gonna do some work for the anime

Friendly reminder

I don't even care how it ends at this point. I just want to see normal Casca one more time. I just want to know how she'll feel about Guts now.

My corruption fetish kind of wants for her to betray Guts because the demon cock was too good.

Well, fuck, someone that can use his brain on Cred Forums!

I think Miura wrote himself into a corner. He made Godhand too powerful. Any way Guts could defeat even one would feel forced.

Friendly reminder that this is a shitty translation by Hawk Team.

Friendly reminder that this is the only translation.

At least SK explained that Dragonslayer is a perfect weapon to go against them.

> Taking for granted that Miura want Guts to defeat the GH.

>I just want to see normal Casca one more time
how would this even happen without being pull out of an ass quick fix

>hiatus again
>caused by the shitty CGI anime
Why the fuck do we still even bother? It's never getting finished anyway.

>episode 347 ends just as casca is cured, before she or guts can say anything

If he doesn't then it's a shit end no one wants. If it does then it's an asspull magical nonsense fairy dreams and gundrops ending.

This is why Miura is backed into a corner and can't end the manga.

Brb, i'm gonna fucking kill Miura with my own two hands

>If he doesn't then it's a shit end no one wants.
Speak for yourself. It'd be a 10/10 twist as far as I'm concerned.

i was blown away by how good the animation was when nina was directly in our faces (seeing her from luca's perspective) compared to the third person perspective

Comments on the magazine at the end. He usually comments about idol shit.

He already wrote the End of the Manga.
It ready since AT LEAST 2009 (year of the Interview in which he said the end is already written)

Guts doesn't need to beat the Godhand, Griffith will probably off them for him. I don't know how the fuck Guts will even be able to go toe-to-toe with Griffith but it sure seems like the manga is getting ready to pull some superweapon out of its ass with the magic island sanctuary isolated from the rest of the world.

Miura wrote amazing fights against Apostles. He just needs to do that again, while adding some plot and some fate/high layer of existence strategies obviously

At this point i don't even care how it ends i just want it to end.
I've been following this shit for like 10 years or so?

oh boy I'm pretty sure casca won't be healed this chapter, or maybe just about to wake up so we won't know how she reacts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I'm numb to it at this point. Same goes for HxH.

Thank God Araki isn't a total pussy and consistently delivers.

>He usually comments about idol shit.

I just want some goddamn closure with Casca before this hiatus

Obligatory sad Guts.

Griffith is the godhand

If he can barely beat apostles, how is he supposed to beat their masters?

Except Dark Horse translation exists.
And Evil Genius for post Volume 37 exists.

Now get cancer and die die die motherfucker DIE!

If you really expect a cured Caska in this Episode, well, you don't know how to write a story.

If it ain't on the Internet, it doesn't exist


>Miura promised volume 39 by 2017
>lol JK December 31st

Like I said, plot and fate shit. I'm sure he had the time to think of something that'd be convincing enough (at least with his level of execution)


>need to register to read
Get cancer and die

I don't believe you sorry

Retarded much?

>oh no, I need to go on hiatus for the 3D vomit inducing adaptation which will be covering chapters released since more than 10 years ago
Shit of an excuse.

I can't bear it anymore. This shit. Fuck, I will die before Guts lays a finger on a God Hand.

He should go back, get her and the count's daughter and bring them to Elf Island
Guts deserves nice things in the way of a loli Harem

Part 7 went longer than 4, 5 and 6 combined.
Part 8 is turning into 7 v2.0 at this point.

Araki also got lazy and it shows, even in his art (everything is sameface samebody sameproportions and only difference is clothing).

The only difference is that Araki has the edge in form of splitting everything into relativly self contained parts, Berserk arcs are not in any way self-contained at all.

Ye, cause publishing the four Episode left, with the manga resuming in the First Half of 2017, is clearly impossible.

I don't think Miura intends for Guts to go against the entire Godhand, just Griffith. But you are right with Miura writing himself into the corner. Griffith is a walking deity at this point, while Guts is just a very strong guy with magical armor and a big fucking sword. Look how much trouble he had a against Grunbeld, what the fuck he supposed to do against Griffith? I'm guessing the moon child will have something to do with it.

But that's all considering that Miura doesn't stop taking hiatuses every few chapters. I've come to care less about the stories and characters at this point. An example is that I used to feel so bad for Casca at one point, but now she just annoys the shit out of me.

Yeah, talking shit like you is much better.

>"I'm gonna die of old age before Berserk ends"
>"That fucking pirate is going to return"

that filename

>Part 7 went longer than 4, 5 and 6 combined.
>Part 8 is turning into 7 v2.0 at this point.

Nothing wrong with these. JoJo shouldn't always be about the endings and main villains.

Since the previeus Season, who adapted shit for TWENTY years ago, needed his attention (he even needet to write an intere episode), well, not so shitty for an excuse.

If it's only on torrents it doesn't exist.

Well they must be making a profit on it, that shit couldn't have cost more than 1000 yen to make.

Like your intellect.

And now you can try to imagine the quality of the anime if Miura hadn't put his nose in it.

It doesn't take high tier intellect to realize using torrents that broadcast your IP address to everyone else on the torrent is a really dumb idea in 2016


Not that user but I've never had problems with that.

Yet, atleast.

>living in Murrika
>being subhuman
>being tech illiterate

Yep, you're a dumb nigger.

>the joke

Are you a time traveller? Who wins the US 2016 election?

Yes, we are in 2016, so there are these new thing called VPN...

>Paying to download Japanese watercolor paintings
Yeah, nah


Pls, stop.

Tell me how to get free VPN without download or speed cap

I'll forgive him if he drops the lazy digital drawing bullshit when he gets back.

Fuck you Miura

Cred Forums here


pick 2

Not like it matters, good VPNs are incredibly cheap these days. Some as low as like $30 a year.

>$30 a year
I'll just keep using torrents until they send me an e-mail telling me to stop or something like that.


Pick 1

VPNs have many more uses.

Namely evading bans on Cred Forums

Please tell me how to get free VPN without download or speed cap.

Please, I'll lick your feet.

You're right, please, continue reading the painted fanfiction of the Hawk Team, you deserve it.


There are speedcaps but the Japanese ones are pretty high. One is even around 400MB/s

What work? He's not an animator, he's not a director, he doesn't make music.
What do you honestly think any manga author does? How much time do you honestly think that takes? And that doesn't even make sense. He will continue the manga AT THE SAME TIME as the anime airs. Not the other way around. How can you claim the guy has a brain.

I haven't read berserk manga since like vol30 or some shit. I'll probably never read it again unless it ends

You're retarded.


He supervised the Screenplay of the S1, and wrote the entire third Episode.

Oh cool.

And will it not affect my speed in any way?

So you read 30 Volumes of Fan fiction.
Good for you, 'cia.

I didn't ask what he did you know. But continue calling people on Cred Forums intelligent despite being unable to read and answer.

I actually enjoy fanfiction like the SNES vers of FF6 and CT better than the real translations

>I didn't ask what he did you know
> What work?


Good for you.

Yes, words have multiple meanings. You'll learn one day.

>Casca's retarded after 20 fucking years

Luluco enjoys Berserk responsibly. She does not expect an ending and reads volumes very slowly so as not to burn out. Are you like Luluco?


I wonder if Miura watches Anime. He should know that there are actually capable studios out there. Should've given it to Bones or Studio IG

> He did some work.
> What work?
> This Work.
> I didn't wanna know what work he did!1!!1!


fourth definition. thank me later

>They actually thought Miura was going to finish the fucking series

anyone got the edited guts rape page? where donovan was the animation studio or whatever, telling "berserk" miura had sold his ass

Who has that screencap on the ending with moonchild being very important to Griffth's mortality? I thought it nailed it and somewhat will make things go full circle.

Why was the Lost Children arc so fucking good? Everything about it just hit on all sixes for me.

I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse that we'll never see it animated.

Luluco is a stupid school girl who falls for hollow pretty boys. Nobody should be like Luluco.

I want to have two mouths like Luluco

Acually yes.
'cause after 8 years, [Hiatus Hell started in 2008], I fuking learned the lesson.

>>tfw you live a country where to peer-to-peer sharing without profit motive has been ruled 100% legal


he was seriously fucked up before fighting grunbeld and on multiple levels

What if the amalgamation of all the souls of Berserk fans who died waiting out the hiatus are a key plot point that was planned from the beginning and that's why the hiatus was needed?










Yurop? Because in my country downloading something "for personal use" is fully legal too.


>tfw it's illegal where I live but never enforced

>we were all sacrifices

Enjoy it while it lasts because TTIP is coming to fuck you in the ass.

>mfw the EU agreed to share cookie data if the NSA requests it

Thank fuck we're leaving.

>Thank fuck we're leaving.
Oh ! So you're already NSA petdog.

>>Implying Theresa "Snooper's Charter" May will not just make a treaty that fucks the UK 10x times worse


Any NATO country is US's and by extension NSA's bitch

Why doesn't the editor tell Miura to fuck off?


because is not stupid/suicidal.

Does he make that much money out of a mangaka that releases 60 pages per year?

>The horrible CGI anime got greenlit for a second season

Truly a great world we live in

It's the 9th best selling Seinen, and when there is an Episod on YA the magazin sell almost double

how can one not love this?

Same here. The police had actually bust a big (yet private) torrent tracker that was hosted in our country. They were forced to move their host in another country, and it hasn't been taken down since (~5-6 years or so?)

It will never end, will it?
Do you have the list of the best selling seinen?

>Guts accidentally bleeds on a behilit buried in the ground
>Guts unknowingly sacrifices all the friends he made since the beginning (expect Puck and Casca because of course not)
>Guts becomes a Godhead
>Guts finally has enough power to defeat Godhead
>Casca dies tragically somehow
>Guts solemnly waits for his end with Puck

Plus all the money from royalties and merchandise. You can live easily from that alone when your brand is being sold world-wide even with mediocre success, let alone something like Berserk.

Try Oricon.
Or Wikipedia

You can only become a God Hand with the Crimson Behelit.

Sounds like a nice ending. Kill Miura and take his place, user.


Nothing's confirmed yet you dipshits. Wait for confirmation from ANN before shitposting.

No one does user, no one does.

Once every 216 years, user. The Behelit Guts owns isn't a Crimson one, either.

Unless the time dilation on Elfheim is THAT big (which means that everybody Guts and company knew would be dead, and the Godhand might've changed the world in unbelievable ways), I'm not seeing it happening.

Rickert and his new Kushan buddies might save the day, and Guts would return to Midland only to find a couple of giant statues which resemble Rickert, but slightly older. He would shed a tear and the manga would be over.

Yes, that would be the perfect ending, wouldn't it? But this is Miura we're talking about. He'd make up something about Guts accessing a deeper plane of existence, and Skully would appear out of nowhere and say something cryptic again. Time travel shenanigans, boy.

Guts would be able to prevent the whole Griffith thing from ever happening. But he would decline it, since it's this what made him what he is today. Yes, he suffered greatly, but he also found new friends, new crewmates. He had all these adventures with them - if preventing Griffith from becoming a member of the Godhand means that he'd never meet them... he won't do it.

Or, he may actually do it it, and he'd meet them slowly, over time, but in the reverse order they had actually met. This means that he'd accidentally find Schierke somewhere, training, then he'd meet the Vandimion siblings and Azan, then after that he'd meet Isidro, and after all of it, they will stumble upon Skull Knight and Fiora in a bar, enjoying themselves. Oh, and Zodd can be seen for a couple of panels - looking at the bar, smiling to himself as he feels Skully's aura and leaving slowly, eventually disappearing into the forest.

Well, at least now I have a few Berserk themed things to look forward to next year.

How does the Ubik figurine even work?

It comes in a very expensive gashapon capsule

special pins on femto and void

Guts won't become a Godhead. He will use his behelit to tap into the souls of all the Berserk fans who have died during the hiatus, who have formed the Idea of Wanting Guts to Win. He will then stab the idea of evil,killing it and destroying causality, which will turn the Godhead from master manipulators of fate into muh pattern autists who seek signs of the future where there are none.


It has a little stand that's been shopped out of the picture. He and Conrad will most likely be able to be bought together.



Knew it was too good to be true /sigh



Get out.

wait, it gets better.

go ---> fuck yourself


Please just let me know if it will end in my lifetime

>VERY fast whorro divign at extreme hihg speed


Honestly though, don't do this anymore, please. This is Cred Forums, it's not some online chat room, or a game chat. Keep *actions* and /action away from here.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

purr bastards.

Why dont you kiss some shit stained donkey balls, then i might consider your /request

I just do it for the lulz

What does Miura even do?

pro Idolmaster player. Occasional mangaka


He's still trying finish that fucking idolmaster game in the 360

it's not fair

He probably just doodles berserk like a bored child in school between idolmaster loading screens and makes stories around them and just releases them to the public when he is running short of food and piss bottles.

>mfw just started actually reading Berserk a month or so ago
>reading it in small portions several weeks apart so I won't catch up to it and be stuck in the same position as everyone else has been in for years waiting for Miura to stop jerking off to Casca Berserk Musou SFM and make a new chapter

>implying their deaths isn't what's fueling the continuation of Berserk
That's literally what the behelit is all about.

Too lazy to check the chapters but do you mean longer as in more chapters or more years? Because JoJo went monthly during SBR.

>He's now the sixth godhand

I seriously hope someone actually makes Casca SFM porn


I read around 150 chapters of Berserk in about 5 hours a few days ago after finishing the anime using MangaFox on my iPhone. It kind of lost its way a bit really.

That fucking gook better still be working on it so we get weekly releases when the anime comes back

Holy fucking shit, people DID talk about Miura only releasing chapters because the animu was airing. I-it's just coincidence, r-right, guys? ..


I wish I could have contained myself better when I started reading it. I fucking binged it like crazy in a couple of nights.

What happens when the anime is finished?

Would you drink tea with Ubik?

He could be working on the chapter the whole time, and return to the previous level of quality for un-retarding caska.
This seems most likely to me. We'll know how it's going to play out when we see the chapter.

Someone do a rant. C'mon a wall of text putting all your feelings towards the manga into words.
>150 chapters of Berserk in about 5 hours a few days ago after finishing the anime using MangaFox on my iPhone

You are the worst kind of fan berserk attracts. I almost hate you as much as I hate Miura right now. I dont even care if its bait. The fact that you typed that all out and attached a shiity tumblr picture just makes me

>a plot-line that lasted 20 FUCKING years on that cusp of conclusion
>Berserk fanbase revitalized, threads popping all day every day
>Muira fucking pulls the plug

Muira, you nigger fuck. How in the FUCK does one decide to blue ball their ardent readers like this after getting THIS close to a major fucking plot-point. All in service of that bottom-of-the-barrel CGI shit-fest.

It is actually true. I don't really like manga and I usually only watch anime, have done for around 15 years now but I was hungover and bored and just wanted to know what happened.

more hiatus until season 3
>bench is a fish
>hat is an owl
>musclechicken halfway out of the egg shot with an arrow
>fish eating seal helmet
damn right i would

Also this fucking captcha

meant to quote past the second line

Shit, I'm so vexed I cannot even spell his name right.

This is my first hiatus since I began reading Berserk!


Is the tea used according to regulations?

At this point he should just announce when Berserk is NOT on hiatus.

Less work that way.


Why don't we just make our own ending? No seriously. Think about it. Let's just collaborate into creating something. Hell I can draw pretty okay myself. We get a bunch of anons and do this. I mean we might fuck up or it may not rise far above fan fiction tier stories but anything is better than this ridiculous wait and the decline in art style quality. As if miura will finish ass before we all die.

Let's do it Cred Forums. Let's finish berserk.

For fuck sake Miura at least cure Casca before you masturbate to idols for the next six months.

Being a Berserk fan is suffering, SUFFERING.

I want bdsm with farnese.

Ah damnit guys we're at it again, we have to wait next year for our dose of loli witches, fairies and super funny puck shenanigans

Me too

Maybe someone will pay an animator to do it

I just finished reading recently and wondered was Berserk originally planned to finish after/near/around the Eclipse? Sometimes it kind of feels like it was supposed to. Then it was doing well so the ending that would have been at that point was changed a bit to allow the story to go on and explore other wider themes too now it is just meandering nowhere and really needs to regain direction.

>Being a Berserk fan is suffering, SUFFERING.
Miura is just having us all experience what Guts goes through. Once we've been drenched in enough despair, rage and suffering then and only then will he continue.

Part-time Mangaka. Full-time Idolmaster

did you do your part Cred Forums?
just got mine in the mail today.


No. I don't really like the song.

After so many years I have just given up. I haven't even read the newest chapters because there is no point. If Miura doesn't die before finishing Berserk I will.


it doesnt come with only 1 song.

The 2016 ver of Forces is damn good.


well I hope you enjoy reading a page for several weeks

I ain't even mad about the hiatus. What I'm mad about is that they apparently want to adapt the rest of Berserk in this piece of shit way and Miura may actually have to adapt to that. We will see a rushed shitty ending of the manga in the next few years because "Miura-san, the anime is running out of source material! Miura-san, the anime has to be finished, write some ending already! Miura-san, you have 5 more chapters to finish the manga, do your best!"

If he is not capable of doing more than a few chapters a year to actually advance the story/give us a dignified ending AND even lets his editors and the shittiest anime producers industry has to offer do whatever they want with his 30 years of work instead, he should just commit a sudoku already.

Is PS2 game has a better graphics.

The last chapter will totally end with a cliffhanger about Casca's state won't it? Like she weak up after the fairy magic, but we just see her back with the group looking at her in the last page.

kill me.

>the entire chapter is ishiro's unfunny gag bullshit

>anime was shit
>but this scene
Made it worth it. SOTY (scene of the year)

>rushed shitty ending
If Miura doesn't have everything that's left decided by this point, it's his own fault.

P-please no, Miura

>people seriously think Casca will get anywhere near healed within one chapter of meeting the Spirit Flower Storm King shit


KLANGED again.

where can I order? what kind of songs are on it? Always liked hirasawa and wanted to buy somethign from him

still waiting on the next volume to come out in the US.

i remember reading an idea for an ending, it was so bad and so good, i was shocked when i read it
it started as your typical "casca wants griff's femtodick" "griffith wins" fictions. guts is stuck in a limbo fighting constant waves of monsters with the exit visible but never accessible, the monsters extending for miles around him and griffith telling him that's ok because all guts ever wanted was to swing his sword.
if anyone has a cap, i'd really want it, can't find shit on fireden

I'm a bit confused by this. Looking at volume release history, looks like he did 2 volumes a year until 2007, so what, was it biweekly? Then I'm seeing he did 1 volume a year roughly, but irregular, until 2013? Then he fucking takes a year and a half fucking hiatus, releases 4 chapters in the span of 7 months, takes an 8 months hiatus, releases 6 chapters in 6 months, making it take 3 years to release 1 fucking volume, and now hes doing 4 chapters 6 months later and doing another year long hiatus? What happened to this guy? He used to do 2 volumes a year, and even when he stopped doing that it was 1 a year, and now he's just completely fucked off lately? Is he having health issues or some shit?

Just wait and see, asshole. At this rate, you´ll end catching up with us.

No. Casca is about to be healed man.


>Casca has been retarded for 20 years

We all know the count's daughter is going to appear at the end and shank Guts after he just killed Griffith anyway.

Sasuga, Miura.

>Casca has been retarded as long as I've been alive


Guts would wrecked his fucking shit if he was not injured.

That's literally not an excuse to stop the manga

hey guys zoro here

He is trolling.

that's how guts' neck got so T H I C C

I don't even feel anything for her anymore.

listening to it right now. theres so many little things you miss compared to the youtube version.

theres a link to the site on the youtube digest.

Fucking this. I don't know what the fuck will I feel when she recovers (if she actually does)

I hope Japan gets obliterated off the face of this earth

this manga is the longest love/hate relationship i ever had

Why does anyone think Miura even cares about Berserk anyuymore? The drastic shift in tone alone shows his interests have changed over the past decades. It's quite obvious he only keeps it going now as a paycheck but doesn't give much of a fuck bout it after like thirty years of writing and drawing it.

That's irrelevant

Is there a place that keeps track of berserk hiatuses like that HxH one?

You know what sad about that statement

In a way it's Miura's fault we're stuck with CGI

In an old interview about the 97 anime he said something along the lines about how he didn't really like how it turned out and wish is was done in CGI instead

To be fair at least his drawings are still better than Togashi's chicken scratches in between dragon quest games

isn't Miura fucking around with drawing digitally and it looks way worse?

He's doing digital because it's faster would you rather it not be fucking finished before you die?

It doesn't look "way worse."

>between dragon quest games
Well, can you blame the man?.
>No monster joker 3 localization
Enjoy it togashi, enjoy it for us...

You do know the actual manga pages are still hand-drawn, right?

This is one of his digital paintings... looks great right?

Isn't Erica suppose to have blue eyes?

I wanna fuck both of them.

I actually shuddered.


He'll improve, for a first time it's pretty fucking masterfull.

Erica and Rickert are for each other.

Holy shit, I wouldn't let my daughter alone with this Rickert for sure.

So you don't torrent? On Cred Forums?

feng zhu said that many conceptual artists that worked with digital would just draw traditionally then clean or edit it on photoshop. I wonder if he is aware that he can do this and he is just trying to master pure digital or he doesn't and is struggling for no reason.

Miura, if you're going full digital, there no excuse for making Rickert's face that lumpy.

>drawing digitally
We are talking about the manga, not miscellaneous paintings you actual retard.

thank god

Miura doesn't have the leverage to give this thing to Bones or IG, they want to make money on the series

The characters have been coming off as lumpy these past few chapters. Miuara's new style is weird.

Miura understands how it works, he's been drawing manga all his life. People are basically getting upset about a digital drawing he made that was basically just a quick tryout with basic photoshop brushes.

What the fuck are you talking about? That's one hell of a stretch. Literally the only problem with that pic is that he's clearly inexperienced with mixing up brushes and shit to make it look professional. It's just as technically competent as his regular paintings.

user the conviction arc had the best art in the entire manga. It was traditional too. And miura would release a chapter every two weeks. Now tell me, how getting a chapter every month with just digital is better?

Have you even looked at the last chapter?
The "lower quality" is solely based on the prior scans being korean shit


The fuck are you talking about?

>user the conviction arc had the best art in the entire manga.
Patrician as fuck.

Not really lumpy, I guess I just don't like his current style when he draws humans. His monsters and magical shit are off the charts though, especially Locus and Shiva.

I still wouldn't mind if he took the six months to do the one chapter that we all care about.

>Not even Sakuga

Well, in a sorta compliment-insult kind off way, he raised the bar to high and seeing something disappointing coming from him ends up hitting more

There's this thing called IRC. Perhaps you've heard of it.

Marc Diraison is a national treasure

i can't even feel anything anymore

>You are going to die before Berserk finishes
do I really need to make kids just so they can finish this shitty manga I started?

it's because you love killing children

So does Guts.

>that rush you get from killing infants

Guts is just a guy with magic armor that compensates for the weakness seen in the Black Swordsmen arc and a Sword that's developed magical properties on account of all the apostle slaying, presumably to make it just that much better at killing the fuckers. He'll be fine.

>tfw just ordered it

feels good man

Where is the torrent

Were you introduced to the series by the 1997 anime, because that's the only reason I can ever see someone thinking that the series was planned to end there. Even if you aren't pleased with the development since the eclipse, the series was JUST getting started and kicked back into present day after that.

I don't get how can anyone prefer anything over the golden age

>wondered was Berserk originally planned to finish after/near/around the Eclipse?
>what is Black Swordsman Arc.

Is Kentarou Miura the George R.R. Martin of manga?

George you fat old cunt, finish The Winds of Winter already

I think I've just officially lost hope. I held out for so long. But it's just getting to be too much.

>tfw cucked by 2 old men

They probably like that there are more naked chicks after that arc

I don't get how you can prefer the golden age over the conviction arc.

No. Miura works hard on Berserk daily health permitting. George does jack shit and now the only conclusion we'll ever have is via HBO.

Golden age had naked casca, rape and the only shota rape scene in the series. If all we cared about was the sex then golden age would be our favorite by far.

Too many males around during the nude scenes though. It's a real turn off.


>Elf Queen places her hands on Casca's head
>hands start glowing, Casca is mumbling something again
>blinding light
>Sorry, there's nothing i can do, too much time has passed
>post yfw


Post your mecha figurines, i know you have them


The recent anime was shit, and the three movies and 1997 series wasn't perfect either, but at least there was the source material.

I have a lot to catch up as I'm only on Vol 5 now.

Hopefully they'll change the anime and make it at least fucking presentable for once.

>Sorry, there's nothing i can do, too much time has passed
>followed by hiatus

The movies skimmed over so much stuff, they should purely be viewed after you've read the manga and want to watch the golden age arc animated. Not to mention that even the movie suffered from low-fps cgi tinmen moves, so i don't really know what anyone expected out of a tv show except disappointment. What baffles me even more is that they're actually making a second season

>[email protected] strikes again.

Fuck that show is terrible, like who watches that shit?

>>Sorry, there's nothing i can do, too much time has passed

Berserk had a hard life. Its first anime was born too soon for a late night anime to have a high enough budget to have good animation. Its movie series was born just late enough for total shit CG to take over and be strewn throughout. Its second TV series aired just in time for idiots to think that making a series to train your interns in CG is a good idea.

The worst part is that the elevens apparently support it

You really don't understand how hash ID's work and how to keep them private don't you?

I don't even read this manga and I feel bad for you guys.

Only 8 people on the planet do unless the answer is "USE A VPN"

>Doesn't realize that in america nobody cares that you share a product of a foreign culture.

Dude only get VPN's if you intend on using pirate bay.

Nobody gives a shit if you use a semi-private or private tracker.


Yeah it seems that Berserk is a masterful manga that produces mediocre to shit anime.

I call it the curse of Guts.










At this point I would be glad if Griffith became gigantic and raped the entire world of it meant that the series would finally and.

If dubs Griffith inserts earth in his anus and everyone lives in utopia

>Griffith's boypussy in Utopia
No wonder that noble wanted him again so badly.

The final battle between Guts and Griffith's avatar happens at the 'interstice" between his balls and boipucci

They divided the 2016 in two coeurls (how the fuck do I pronounce this shit). That's it, nothing new.

Not even a new ova, film, or new season entirely.

It was always supposed to be 24 episodes. They had to cancel it midseason though.

If anything, I was glad the anime was helping giving the manga a boost, and I was even okay with digital art if that meant we would get regular releases from now on but...

Fuck Miura. I thought we would have 350 chapters done this year and THEN hiatus until spring 2017


Fuck Miura, not even he gives a shit to Berserk anymore

I also started buying the tankobons and have 13 books already.

>It was always supposed to be 24 episodes. They had to cancel it midseason though.

And it looked like shit.

There's nothing wrong with digital drawing, you dumbass luddite.
Sure, the transition period can be a little shaky, but some of my favorite manga artists either are or have gone full digital.


Coeurls are some fantasy panther monsters with tentacles on its back, like D&D displacer beasts.


best hawk won the lottery,, too bad he probalyl not be a playable character in the berserk musuo

I imagine Moonkid is going to be the deus ex machina Miura needs for a Guts victory even though Guts winning in the end would be a shit ending for the series and is probably a horcrux for Griffith.

Munsu won at the end of his series and it was fucking fantastic. Berserk wishes it can tie up the final confrontation that well.

Been about two years since I've been in a berserk thread, what happened to that one femanon who would always derail the thread into Griffith did nothing wrong?

Griffith sacrificed all the good animators and artists, he did everything wrong

It's been implied that Guts sword can slay otherwordly things now. And he has berserker armor and a full party now, all with magic attunements by now.

He just needs to make a plan with Skull Knight. Skull Knight can kill Void and the other faggots.

I kinda wanted a Past Arc focusing on Skull Knight, but Miura takes so fucking long with everything I'm okay with just a page.

And why do you think that is not on the internet?

Did you seriously fucking read it all with those shitty scans when good QUALITY scans actually exist?

Internet manga fans are retarded.

Guts fired a cannonball at Griffith's head from like twenty feet away and it did jack diddly shit.

Skull knight also cannot contend with the Godhand.

Miura basically just needs to asspull anything in order for Guts to ever kill Griffith. It'll have to be some "power of love/friendship" tier bullshit.

>It was always supposed to be 24 episodes. They had to cancel it midseason though.

I wish this meme would die and you would stop literally making up bullshit. The BDs for the entire series have shown as 280 minutes long total or 13 episodes the entire time they have been offered for presale.

A man who followed his dream and ambitions no matter the consequences is not evil, he also made it clear to his band of mercenaries. "Monsters" already existed in the form of monarchs and religious establishments in the Berserk world. So no, he did nothing wrong

>Part 7 went longer than 4, 5 and 6 combined.

Because it's monthly, retarded? He still draws a chapter every month. Every. Single. Month.

>Araki also got lazy and it shows, even in his art (everything is sameface samebody sameproportions and only difference is clothing).

Unh... you must be the only person to say this. Everybody else knows and sees that the art got better when he switched to monthly seinen format. That's SBR and Jojolion.

>I kinda wanted a Past Arc focusing on Skull Knight, but Miura takes so fucking long with everything I'm okay with just a page.

It's much more fun just drawing conclusions towards Skull Knight's past from the scraps handed out by Miura along the way in the story as it is.

Hit by a truck. Its how all tripfags are destined to die.

>Except Dark Horse translation exists.
>And Evil Genius for post Volume 37 exists.

I only have DH up to 27, you happen to have a link for the rest?

>13 episodes
Meant to write 12 there. Should really read posts before posting them.

Is this the slow decent of the audience into a place they would be okay with guts just sacrificing everyone?

Fug! When is the OST for 2016 coming out? It has a few good tracks.

>being this fucking paranoid retarded


You must be watching movies in 480p still.

All this.

You are too fucking dumb for this.

Keep being retarded while we all laugh at you from 50 posts ago.

What changed? Did you even notice it?

Fucking memesters

It's out.

>sacrificed his closest friends for muh dream
>merged two worlds together, bringing about almost certain destruction to mankind or at least a very bleak future
Griffith apologists are the worst

Does the Idea of Evil know it's in a manga?

Something about its dialogue always gave me that impression. Or at least that it was Miura's avatar in the universe, and in real life he's now manipulating people's misery, hopes, dreams, ambitions, sadness, and anger by withholding their Indo-Chinese macrame stories.

You're so retarded it would problably affect your brain speed severely.

Not the same thing retarded.

The opening song has some memorable bits.

Is the rest worth listening to?



Why the fuck is she 3d and he is 2d? What fucking idiot does this?

>his closest friends
They weren't his friends, he blatantly explained this in plain Japanese to Princess Slut.

>merged two worlds together, bringing about almost certain destruction to mankind or at least a very bleak future
Everything seems pretty cool living under Griffith's reign desu

Only Berserk thread, so here goes. I'm making a detailed Berserker armor for 3D printing purposes. Please destroy my ego as a modeler and tell me everything wrong, disproportionate and shitty about pic related

Hell yes.

>They weren't his friends
They were comrades, he considered Guts his equal at least

>Everything seems pretty cool living under Griffith's reign
Did you not read the part where humanity can't survive outside that shitty bird town?

Right o

>sacrificed his closest friends for muh dream
He never considered them his friends except maybe guts and even if so a small sacrifice for the greater good.
Big changes to the world usually start off chaotic and violent so we can't know for certain if its going to be worse than before.
>not mentioning Falconia a literal paradise on earth for humans.
Butthurt gutsfags are the worst with "muh emotions"

Meant for

That means fucking nothing you idiot.

The episode count that was PLANNED was always 24. That's what was stated. And we even knew (well, guessed it) that it was gonna end with the Schierke arc and the Berserker armor.
They even foreshadowed Schierke in the first scene of episode 1. Why would they even do that shit?

Then, rumors about it being cancelled at 12 appeared. AND THEN THE BDs, because OF COURSE, they only make BDs after the show has aired.

That's literally what's gonna happen except the next 12 episodes will be next year.

>They were comrades, he considered Guts his equal at least
So not his friends.

And no he considered Guts his tool which is why he got so butthurt about Guts being better than him and beating him in a sword swinging contest and leaving.

>Did you not read the part where humanity can't survive outside that shitty bird town?
Why would you live outside of Birdville?

No. This is not Dark Souls. Fuck off.

Yes, you can find it on the internet.

It's not even hard to do that, retarded, you can find it yourself. I have faith in you.

>What changed? Did you even notice it?
Yes. You can't tell the difference between digital and traditional? Do your eyes work? He did start getting gradually better but some of those first few pages were not up to his usual standard.

>he considered Guts his tool
Not true, you don't go risking your dream after losing a tool.

Oh yeah, living above a Demon City and never being able to get out because monsters are everywhere killing stuff sounds great.

Clang-chan is the only good thing to come out of the Berserk 2016 anime

Its entirely miuras fault for making a neverending manga.
I think he got inspirated by hl3.

>So not his friends.
Entrusting your life to your comrades is closer than being friends with someone if you ask me

>Why would you live outside of Birdville?
Why would you live in a city full of man-eating apostles?

>No. This is not Dark Souls. Fuck off.
Right, it's Berserk, which is why it's much more fun just drawing conclusions towards Skull Knight's past from the scraps handed out by Miura along the way in the story as it is. I don't know what you think a video game has to do with this.

Too. Fucking. Squarey.

It is shitty. I honestly don't know what to tell you where to improve, because it's clearly in the early stages, and it's all shitty.

Maybe you can find one cheapter on ebay

And the music.

>And why do you think that is not on the internet?
Because I can't find it ;)


I can but the artwork and details are just as good as they were. There still hasn't been a good fight since he switched formats...

If anything, if all we get are talking heads and scenarios, digital is fine.


It's basically impossible to find movies in 480p anymore. Lowest you can get is 720p

Because that's the exactly train of thought Miayzaki and the Souls series follows. And it's vague as hell and doesn't really tell us anything.

Not sure why you think it would be appropriate for a manga/book to do this.

It's okay to be ambiguous, but not giving bits of info? We have barely anything to explain Skull Knight at all.

>Not the same thing retarded.
It really is though. Both are inaccurate translations.

>Entrusting your life to your comrades is closer than being friends with someone if you ask me
You're not Griffith so why would I ask you?

>Why would you live in a city full of man-eating apostles?
I dunno Falconia doesn't seem to be that.

>And no he considered Guts his tool which is why he got so butthurt about Guts being better than him and beating him in a sword swinging contest and leaving.
A tool that he risked his life for on multiple occasions which he cared for enough to make Casca jealous.

>Why would you live outside of Birdville?
Because it's one city on an entire fucking planet and anyone not remotely close has little to no luck making it there before being raped to death by monsters.
It's like if a small portion of one city was the most amazing place on the planet where no one was left wanting, but the rest of the world is polluted and unlivable. Also the only means of travel is covered wagon, horse or walking.

That was causality at play, it needed to happen in order for his dream to be fulfilled.
Its like you weren't even reading the same manga.

You need to texture it so it looks more like the real armor, that will give away the flaws better

>You're not Griffith so why would I ask you?
Cause you're doing the same thing i am, interpreting things your own way

not on streaming sites

Nope. Those fan-translations you mentioned are the best you can find and have love in them.

Hawk scans are the worst you can find and are literally done on a whim.

A fair comparison would be comparing the actual good translations of Berserk with those fan-translations. Or compare that to other fantranslations of FF6 and CT (they will be shitty/non-existent)

What you're doing is comparing a god-tier fantranslation

>We have barely anything to explain Skull Knight at all
From the bits we have there's alot we know about SK.

Anyone who streams is nuts

>Because that's the exactly train of thought Miayzaki and the Souls series follows
And that's exactly the train of thought Miura follows as well, because it's a hallmark of writing competency. Hence your desire for more info on Skull Knight because he hasn't given you a Skull Knight chapter.

>Not sure why you think it would be appropriate for a manga/book to do this.
Because that's what good storytelling is. I'm not sure why you think this would be inappropriate for a manga, let alone Berserk, when it's exactly what Miura has been doing for thirty years. He even openly expressed regret over publishing the Idea of Evil chapter because it was too revealing.

>It's okay to be ambiguous, but not giving bits of info?
He's given enough bits of info to explain Skull Knight already.

>Everyone forgetting that Griffith's realization that he allowed Guts to actually become his friend is what drove him crazy in the first place.
>People forgetting that Guts was the one thing that kept him somewhat sane while he was being tortured
>People forgetting that Guts was the one thing that made Griffith forget his dream.

Okay, but Griffith didn't consider Guts as his tool.

No, it's clear Griffith does not share your sentiments, so why would your sentiments be relevant?

Berserk isn't going to finish in Miura's lifetime, is it.

>He just needs to make a plan with Skull Knight. Skull Knight can kill Void and the other faggots.
This. Skull Knight knows some shit about what's going on and can handle his own against God Hand. Him and Guts teaming up could do wonders, Guts isn't as polished as Skull Knight but he can do some unique karmic stuff.

>Guts went on his knees looking at his hands before clenching it
>Guts started crying and everyone saw his cry like a bitch
>Then hugged Caska saying he shouldn't had left the Hawks
>le neo-miura idolmaster magic Casca uttered G-gattsu
>3 blank pages cause Miura got tired of drawing
>see you on 2017

I'm guessing you're saying that because of the visible polygons? Cuz if that's the problem, it looks better on this front once I sculpt up the models a bit. I'm mostly wondering if the sharp eyes of other Barazark readers might notice something that's just wrong, or disproportionate.

Also pic related is just a test, i've updated the master low-poly model since.

Yeah, I guess I should've been clearer, I wanna 3D print it, so it's gotta have all the details in the model, can't cheat and use normal map textures. Also, the low poly model is just a kind of draft I use to then sculpt the (pic related) smoother model.

I'm confused here because the official SNES FF6/CT translations are less accurate than the fan translations (SkyRender, ChronoCompendium).

And the Hawkshit is less accurate than EvilGenius or Darkhorse.

So why aren't these comparable?

Oh because people like the official SNES FF6/CT mistranslations but like the EvilGenius/DarkHorse real translations better than their alternatives. Subjective.

>No, it's clear Griffith does not share your sentiments
>right before sacrificing mentions how Guts was the only one that made him forget his dream
>hurr he's jelly cause he better swung his sword
fuck off

Except he's right. Griffith is Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Guts is literally Satan on a pointless sinful revenge filled frenzy and he needs to be put down like the dog he is but even saints aren't perfect, case in point Griffith.
That was the other guy replying to you who said that. Even if he didn't consider him a tool it doesn't mean he did anything wrong.

>getting tortured every day by a supremely ugly troll manlet
>only thoughts of your hot boyfriend keep you sane

Is there a date for the latest chapter yet?

A pretty cool guy. Like a good Griffith.

Do I need to recap for you?

>You: Comrades are closer than friends.
>Me: Griffith doesn't seem to think so.
>You: Fuck off.

Excellent argument user.

Reddit says 23 september, so not long.

Guts is destined to win because Miura said drawing all that shit would've been a waste of time if Guts didn't win.

Gaiseric is a much more successful Griffith.

>neo-miura idolmaster magic Casca uttered G-gattsu
Don't you mean
>Casca lies down
>Farnese lifts up her skirt
>turns out piss is the cure for every illness
>its not potent enough, the younger the donor, the better
>2 page spread of Schierke lifting her robe and wizard hat, ready for blast off
>while they're at it, it helps Guts regrow his arm and eye too

God fuck you Miura.

>The biggest fuckup in berserk better than Griffith
Can skullnight do anything right?

I'll recap it for you too

>Guts is considered Griffith's friend
>nah he's just mad he beat him in a sword fight

And also cooler. He opposes not only one GH but the five of them, without Behelit shit.

Femto survived his sword, but I'm sure he pissed himself and dreams of skeletons.


I accept your concession.

Don't be hard on SK man, he tries hard.

Apparently, Blunder Knight can't even get his dubs right since its outside of causality

So you just proved yourself wrong?
You've yet to state any wrongdoing by Griffith.

Femto expected him to come, but I don't think he realizes that his "masterful plan" has fucked him and his 4 other buddies. Now Guts and SK can cut them.

Just look at this nigga. You know he's going to fuck your shit up. Want to burn his tree? Well fuck you here's 500kg of skeleton horse. Get his friend's head? Sure but he'll slash you in two before.

He did pull the greatest rescue of all time during the Eclipse.
A rescue he didn't even plan, mind you.

>So you just proved yourself wrong?
scroll up

Speaking of which, did we ever see him after the Femto fail? Could he have been captured or killed? ;_;

Remember in ep1 of the 98 anime some guy says "man the kingdom really went to shit since Griffith became king"? And now the manga storyline is proving it to be a complete innovation on the part of the animators.


And just because he's that nice of a guy. Well, the Struggler could help him but it's really not something to bet on when you're crafting an interdimensional sword.

Well it wouldn't be Miura if he didn't put ridiculous amounts of detail into a panel that will be breezed past.

The closest Griffith is to any Christian figure is the anti-Christ you regard.

>Deceitful monster who tricks humanity into believing he's a savior
>Has a prophecy warning against his advent in the holy sees scriptures

Guts represents humanity trying to struggle amidst all that bullshit.

Yeah so fuck off. You're likely just baiting but no one except newfags bites.

Nah, he made it out.
I'm sure he's going right for Void and his stupid brain realm to kick that nerds ass.

More than that, it's the fact that literally only a single member of Godhand has actually individually shown up and had an interaction with Guts in the entire story so far
It's difficult to care about them when they might as well not even be there

But they are the villains and are responsible for pretty much everything that has happened to Guts since the beginning of the Eclipse. His entire life of suffering since then is their doing.

fuck you

Fuck yeah

Ubik keeps gushing about him and his determined attitude in the 2 times we've seen him.


Guts hate them, they had a hand in everything bad that happened and they're menacing enough as antagonists/allies to Griffith to be taken seriously. Could use some development later on maybe.

You're forgetting the parts where Part 7 was the best part of Jojo he'd ever written, and that it also ended
He started a story and ended it instead of rambling on for 20+ years, how does that not qualify as delivering

I have a feeling that we're gonna get to their backstories soon, at least Slans. I dunno why, but I feel like she's gonna show up again soon.

Why is skullnight so moe

Is there a mega for Ash Crows anywhere?

You must channel the power to create 3D from 2D.

>no one except newfags bite.
What does that make you?

I come here for Berserk. I'm lurking in the thread and all I see is shonen shit and moe shit. See you next year

well at the very least thanks for giving me the sauce of the 3rd panel

See you later Cred Forums, enjoy your e-celeb threads and overwatch generals.


is Conrad Kirby after using a crimson behelit?

Slan is.

>Casca gets cured
>Wants revenge
>Guts goes after Griffith with his new band and the Elf King
>Serpico gets killed by Grunbeld, Farnese becomes mad
>She manages to kill him by burning him to death
>After a long battle where God Hands get involved, as a more or less neutral party (because Femto tried to fuck them over), Falconia is destroyed
>Only Guts and Femto are left to finish the fight, Guts picks up his DragonSlayer
>heavy metallic sound; DragonSlayer breaks, Guts can't handle it as it is his only astral weapon
>a familiar voice gets heard "Did you lose your blade, Guts?"
>"a-aniki? You're alive?"
>"I've been watching you all this time, Guts. You've grown a lot. Now let me show you how you do it"
>"Aniki, why?"
>"Because I think I owe you more than three mere pieces"
>Donovan starts raping Griffith in front of Guts
>Party and Casca join, watching everything
>Femto/Griffith dies from karmic rape retribution
>everyone does the tidus laugh

How is SK still alive if he is the same King Gaeseric from 1000 years ago? Magic bullshit?

because they both suck a lot?

Berserk armor probably ate everything but his soul, so Flora plucked it out and put it into his current skelly armor.

Dude is cursed. Guess who void is?

>burning a crystal fire dragon to death

>(because Femto tried to fuck them over)
when did that happen?

It hasn't (yet...)

Why did Griffith begin roaming the countryside as a normal human again after becoming a giant demonbirdman?

To best get humanity comfortable with him.


That's one shitty translation.

Why does he need humans at all? Isn't he an all powerful demon king?


>Miura will die from an illness before finishing Berserk

I'm starting to worry that he has legitimate health concerns and that's why he's taking so many breaks. If he dies, we'll never get the ending to Berserk.


The Man Who Valued Waifus Over Art

>heat seizure