Tsurezure Children

What's in store for this week?

[TN: Title is 'Pursuit']
Furuya Hotaru
Year 1 Class 3
Her best memory of summer vacation was seeing a tanuki in her grandma's garden.

My big brother's being deceived by a bad woman.
"Hey, could I have a bye bye kiss?"

What's more, it looks like he started dating that girl recently
"Uh... well... sure..."

"I'm sorry!! Saying it myself"
"Makes me so embarrassed!!"

Wait for me, onii-chan. I'll expose
[Jun] Wh... what the!?
[Mi] Soorryyy
This ill natured woman's true nature...!!

Hello again user-kun.

[Right Side]
Minagawa Yuki...
She seems like a promiscious woman at first glance.
She definitely has other men and makes them buy expensive things.

If I tail that girl and catch a decisive moment,
Onii-chan will also come to his senses...

"Um, did your baby's shoe fall off?"
"Oh! Thank you so much!!"

He's so cuuute!!
Bye bye!!

[Left side]
W... well...
If someone drops something in front of you,
It'd be normal to pick it up.

"Hm? Now what's she picking up..."

A cicada!?
Why did she pick up a cicada!?
This has to be a decisive moment...

Try not to get stepped on

[Right side]
She's even saving cicadas
She must really be super...
No!! Wrong!!
She probably just likes bugs for some reason...

"You a college kid? You have some time now?"

I was waiting for this!! She'll get pampered by the guys
A decisive moment...!!

[Left side]
Huh.... ignored...?
Maybe those people weren't her type?

Wait, she's not ignoring them, right!?
She could've just refused them by saying a word
So this is her sexual deviancy...

"You a middle schooler?"
"Wanna take some print photos together, if you're okay with it?"

will this 4 koma ever be properly edited?

I want text in the bubbles not in the post

"No... uhh... I'm fine..."
"Huuh? Just one!! You can go home right after!!"

"No... I'm... in a hurry..."
"It's not anything weird right? We're just interested in taking print shots with cute girls"

Wh... why're these people listening to me...?
I'm telling them I can't do it...

"Shall we go!?"

[Left side]
"Huh? Miss? If it's okay maybe we can all..."
"She has a curfew"

"You can't just stand there like that. If you address them for even just a moment"
"They'll think that they can negotiate with you"

"Uh... uhhhh.... how did..."
"You notice me...?"

"We were together the whole day today, right?"

Tsurezure scans claimed the right and already told me off. That and my TS lost interest since it was gonna get picked up. And now Nisekoi scans isn't responding to me.

where can I read their scans then? There's only up to ch96 on every manga reading website?

"Uh... you noticed me the whole time!?"
"Pretty much. But I couldn't leave you alone there..."

H...heh... she put on an act...!!
"I... I'm impressed. It looked like you were used to men there....."

"What're you talking about? If I got involved with men,"
"I'd be so scared I wouldn't be able to raise my voice"

"Oh, you're surprised? Despite how I look, I'm just a feeble girl"

"But from other people's perspectives, I look like a bad girl"

"You're like your brother. All that aside"
"You're accepting me in"

Hmmm, my TS took over from 49 onwards. They haven't released jackshit since December 2015 since they were working on Nisekoi. Now they're working on Nanatsu.

I can't help you unless you convince my TS to take back the job or they tell me what the fuck is happening, which they aren't.

I'm sending positive vibrations your way in hopes of you being successful in convincing your TL guy

Claimed the right, they're fucking so far behind. Fucking scanlator drama. We appreciate what you do.

You're an idiot onii-chan...
You fell in love with a girl who looks like a tease
[Hot] My brother has a big heart...!!
[Min] Ufufu... he sure does!!

But well... she's the one onii-chan likes
[Min] So, we gotta get home soon
And it looks like she has some good points...

"I'll take you to the station"
"I'll get worried if you're alone..."

"Uh... thank..."
"You very much for awhile ago"

".... you're welcome"
"Oh... but... I can go home by myself to the station"

I... it's... natural to say your thanks
[Hot] Later...
It's not like I trust this woman...

"I still hate you...!!"

>silly anons complaining


Even when she's not trolling, she pulls a win somehow.

But yeah, the scanlating situation. I asked TZS to let me know what the fuck was happening but they haven't responded. All I know is that they're sticking to volume releases and they're gonna take their time with it due to lack of staff. And they told me that a month ago.

This is going up to mega in a few minutes.

More dead than expected, oh well.

Some of us are still here user.

Fucking internet sucks but I finally managed to upload chapter.

Much appreciated. I rarely catch this threads on time, but I always read them via archive.

Imouto should give up.

I appreciate this, OP.

Trolldere is the best.

Thanks for the TL

What happened to the low quality TS?

You know, that is a very good question. I have no clue. He said he'd continue doing it but I haven't heard from him since.

Can't you get in contact with him or something? :(

I'll try to but I can't guarantee anything