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Why does Cred Forums hate boats? What did they ever do to you?


Reminder that Jotaro is going to be the protagonist after Kaede gets BTFO

Chiakibros... please

But I love boats



Why does the idea of a female protagonist bother you so?


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


I like his design, my friend!

Yes? What Despair do you wish for?

>Hopebot in the middle of the cover

Sleep tight Juzo.

He literally said Junko did.

Sorry, I'm not into necrophilia.

>not trusting kohacka means i hate female protagonists
Fuck off, explain Jotaro's ahoge.

>duplicate file
Right on time, brother!

Specially because I was about to leave, good night!

>claims Hajime memories erased
>memories had to be there to recreate Hajime for new world program
>nanami tears
Get ready for Hajime 2: the rehopening.

> implying you can do multi protags in a linear story while FTEs are still a thing

I'm thinking drv3 is gonna pull the old psycho twist, our believed to be main character dies and we switch perspectives

The greenish blonde hair bishie is going to be a cunt isn't he?

Have the Hopebotfags moved on to Reverse Trap now?


except junko

Sleep well and stay strong, my friend. I arrived as it should be, right on time!

Hinata and Komaeda were in the middle of top and bottom side of SDR2 cover. This time we have Jotaro and Kaede in the middle of left and right side. So Jotaro and Kaede are protagonists this time.

Reminder that Leon and Sayaka were central in the early DR1 promo stuff

He thought they were erased. They were just pushed back and shit.


She lives!

What kind of boats?

>have MC die in the prologue
>switch perspectives
Are you saying Kodaka doesn't have the madness to do it? Did animehacc not teach you anything?

Five different people have ahoges this time around.
>Blonde fuckboi
>BDSM Junko

Unless the protagonist changes from chapter to chapter for whatever reason, the ahoges mean nothing at this point in time.

Did you think Akane was going to playable too?

I would kek so hard.

She controls everyone, even those with shit taste and need a threadly reminder.

She saved Chiaki from a worse fate until next mirai episode. Fite me hopefags.

The mastermind was revealed through camera angle


Reminder that cap-kun has a hidden cover ahoge like Makoto did on the Japanese PSP cover.


>what is crazy hair
You niggas know exactly what i mean by ahoge.

I'm here to post rare juzos

>anti kaedefags being this retarded and flat out denying all the facts in favor of their autism


I want him to be mad enough to kill everyone except MC in the prologue. And for MC to be someone that's not even on cover or promo stuff.

Because either one of two things is going to happen here-

1) She's going to be completely submissive and just float cluelessly from plot point to plot point, while a REAL MAN (read: hopebot ) does all the thinking.

2) Be so completely unfeminine and masculine in her speech patterns and behavior that she might as well BE a male.

>Kaede falls in love with cap-kun
>Naoto Shirogane ripoff

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born.

Funny enough, she was actually going to be a rival.


defeated her in the longrun by stopping the 3rd killing game

She was originally conceived as the MC's rival, so that makes sense.

I like it, my friend! The art keeps on coming after this huge episode for our boy.

Reporting in.

We're not giving you the Delegates Robohope

after almost everyone had already killed themselves.

FF will be dissolved and reformed into the Sakakura Foundation, complete with statue of our hero

There will also be the Yukizome Memorial Elementary School

How is anti Kaede?

What do you want to say? That Junko is notoriously unreliable when it comes to predicting miracles? Because after the stuff Chaki's classmates pulled off in SDR2, I'm willing to give her a chance.



And he literally caused all the deaths in said game by not letting anyone investigate with his buttbuddy.


>a simple famitsu page saying she's the protagonist
Did you think they'd tell you the protagonist dies?

I mean we already have a Yukiko ripoff, so that's not entirely out of the question.

Yes I do and those are aboges whether you accept it or not.

Just admit your retarded theory holds no water

Boat hope reporting in

Now that I've seen him without his cap on I'm pretty sure he's not a girl. The cap was just to disguise his ahoge.


There is always hope...for despair.

Mikanfriends report in!

Do you all hope to see her in the final episode/ do you think she'll be full despair still? I don't think it'll happen but I still want it to.

Munakata is literally Yu

I wish she would gluttonously lust over my dick so she can slothfully ride it like a greedy girl who pridefully mounts me as she would wrathfully destroy anyone else who tried to take her place out of sheer envy.

Or she'd fuck them and me too, have me a Dangan-brown girl orgy.

No ones friends with mikan

all part of the plan to create a greater hope in both persona and hopelet
its too complex for you to understand

>ahoge hiding under his cap
>bigger artwork compared to the other characters
>holds no water


im so fucking mad. Im happy juzo got a other episode and redeemed himself but i genuinly hate that giri died from a narrative standpoint.

And yes she is dead. They do not have enough time to pull a ruise cruise and revive her. The confrontation with tengan will take up the whole ep

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.


>denying famitsu, other sites and literally trailers
>in favor of his retarded theory

I apologize to Kirigirifags for saying they're the most delusional

> Kaede is killed in Chapter 1
> Player jumps to Jotaro, who takes his hat off for some deep reason at this point because he feels responsible for it
> Complete game as Jotaro, ending is vague and confusing
> New Game + option opens up
> Now that you know how the character you control dies, you are able to steer her to safety and Jotaro's obviously twin sister dies instead
> The anime intro of it changes the title to DRv3.1, and you are now in a harder timeline with completely different and trickier murders, which results in the true ending of the game
> Hopebot is just the protag of Easy/Storybook mode, which is just the same as Jotaro's path, except he solves all the trials for you until he dies midway through Chapter 5, denying watchers the First ending and NG+

Because I want to waifu her and if she is the Mc, then it is going to be hard to self insert.
Also, no free time with her.

Kaede's the biggest one on the fucking box.

The thing that makes me think Kaede will be killed is that she's described as taking charge and becoming the leader of the class.

We all know what happened to the characters that took the role of leader in DR1 and DR2.

Cap-kun is about the same size, if not a bit smaller, than Kaede

Either Kirigiri or Nagito of the group

I cried for my hero juzo, seriously life just kept fucking him but he trucked through that shit and kept rolling. he had shit to do, people to save, ass to get. literally the best character in the dr universe.

>30% accuracy
If this post ends in 7 8 or 9 Chiakifriends Kirigiribros Chisapals and Juzoboys will have a happy ending

Trivia time!

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown? Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves.

AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials.

Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.


Unfortunately, she has surely fallen by this point.

She suffered double mindhack, my poor angel.

I always thought Mitarai was overreacting when people died and also that his VA's acting was really bad in some parts of Future Arc but it actually was all on purpose.

So you think those sites are going to outright tell you the ruse? Do you know what a ruse is user?


I guess Kirigiri should have been playable as well because her artwork was bigger than the others except Naegi

Technically, every FTE would be hers.

That is not true HOPE my friend.

Tengan says that "extremes" are bad

Tengan said he's not Despair

Tengan's game had both Monokuma and Usami present

....He didn't do what I think he did, did he?

>30% meme
30% of 100%.

>Chisapals, and Juzoboys
Dont put these idiots on the other two's level.

Mikan a cute!


>Yukizome Memorial Elementary School

>And yes she is dead. They do not have enough time
No she isn't dead. She'll come back.

Hope never dies!

Then what is Hopeden and why does he have an ahoge?


Even though it would be nice to see her, i would prefer if the people who are comatose would stay that way.

I want to violently fist Chisa's chest wound.

>Kaede is killed in chapter 1
>MC being killed in chapter 1

I guess V3 ends there

YO user! Me and my boy HOPE are going to go hunt some BABES, you're coming along with us, right?

Good. Now if only there was culprit path, where you decide to kill and survive for hidden bad end it'd be perfect.

That's dumb, tho. How else does the power of friendship break through and create hope?

>Just want all the waifus/husbandos to come back alive so everybody can have a happy ending
>Know that if it does happen it would cause a shit storm the likes we've never seen before and Kodaka would cement is status as the SHSL Hack Writer
I don't know what to feel anymore.

Sure thing my dude

Literally says special edition on the box.


Yep they actually killed her off. Im honestly surprised they had the balls.

I mean cure w was a unfounded theory anyway so shame on us for buying into what was literally just some trash on the floor.

It's a good and yet sad time for us Juzoboys

>Kirigirifriends and Chiakifriends
>Dont put these idiots on the other two's level.


Nice dubs

Reporting! I don't have any hopes to see her or the others waking up, because it's unlikely and I'll get disappointed if I do.

She'll probably be harder to cure than the others, since she got it worse, and even if her normal-self comes back, after realizing what she did as a Despair, there's no way a fragile girl like her will be able to live with it, so she'll try to kill herself and be on constant suicide watch...

Cap-kun is canon love interest confirmed. Watch him make his waifu seem incompetent by comparison like Kirigiri did to Naegi.

They're just gonna troll us all by killing him off in the very first chapter, so why even bother?

Now, despair.

Smile at DESPAIR in the name of HOPE!

...I fucked up, that's kyousuke, this is juzo

it's 4am

Thank you, being able to share good art to appreciative people makes me happy.

Yeah. The 3 of those characters could have been completely removed.

Doesn't matter. It was the JP coverbox. Face it your theory is retarded as fuck.

No they couldn't have killed Kirigiri off, not without making her look like a total fucking idiot

Think about it, if Kirigiri truly is dead, it means that fucking Juzo was a better detective than her.

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Yours are also pretty good f a m

I have a mighty need for a translation

I am so fucking happy I made this a thing

>there's no way a fragile girl like her will be able to live with it, so she'll try to kill herself and be on constant suicide watch...
No that's too bleak. She'll muster the courage to live on. Her friends will give her that courage!

>The confrontation with tengan
Why are you so convinced that Tengan means much?

That's just how I would prefer it, and it would be such a huge fuck you to all the people who like DR1 cast more if SDR2 cast would wake up.

>JP coverbox
A special edition.

Well guess this confirms cap kun is the kirigiri of the game and will boss the MC Kaede around.

So who's going to be the Togami then?

For what it's worth, she was going to be Ultimate Sinner at first and basically be the role which Nagito ended up filling.

Which if anything, should be a point against Robbie Robot getting put in the drivers seat

and also Juzo.

If she does wake up I'm banking on Hajizuru's ultimate therapist abilities.

>The notorious Sayakafag sees more reason than most idiots here
Were you placated by the reveal that Makoto loved both of them equally?

But she has no friends!

>Weedman was right and everyone is alive.
>Old man Tengan is the mastermind and he was offscreen all the time, the Tengan we saw was a body double.

ZTD ending confirmed.

There is an image of the game with his sprite in chapter 3.

Will Hope save the anime?

Dear god guys Kaede is deliberately designed to be bossy and proactive, I don't see why you'd want a Kirigiri

Man I hated Kirigiri in DR1. Constant cockblock

>damage control

Must suck for you having to play as a girl this time

You could have read the rest of the post before responding you know?

So did he want to be normal and talentless or something?

It's not a carbon copy of ZTD, we already know what happened via a clue that you can't find in the Future arc.


Naegi was actually an old man with fake skin

This guy sounds pretty legit to me!

I do like the DR1 cast more. At least most of them I like more. However, I wouldn't be upset if they didn't wake up. If Naegi's plan to save them from despair and make them into Agents of Hope, then it would be literally the best thing ever. It would show that Naegi, the Ultimate Hope, was able to turn even Junko's LTs back to hope. We have to accept that DR1's cast was killed, but DR2's cast was in a video game.

The 13th Leader is just Tengans twin. Aoi just forgot to bring it up, because Other Tengans daughter is the Ultimate Make-Up Artist

>Constant cockblock
What? She very nearly sucked Naegi's cock.

>says it's the jp coverbox
>prove otherwise
>d-damage control
why is it so hard to understand kodaka pulls retarded shit?


Remember how we had all these ceiling shots?
What if we weren't meant to be seeing things from "the killer's" perspective, but they were actually strategically-plcaed camera angles that prevented us from seeing who else was in the room?

>despair is what you can't predict
>now in post Junko despairland
>despair is now ridiculously predictable after 3+ mutual killing games

>Class trial
>(Improved) Improved Hangman's Gambit

How would you react?

It's hip to despair


I dont have it but it's somewhere. twintails and leoon/hagakure clone have it too.

>implying she had a choice with two people trying to kill her inside the room
>had to flea with the little time she had left to say goodbye to the manlet

>"man, this timeline actually sucks"
>pulls out a gun
>kills himself
>"welcome to Hope Peak Academy"

Capkun will most likely fill both roles. Unless Kaede gets a rival like twintails in red uniform.

>Unless the protagonist changes from chapter to chapters
I feel like this could happen for some reason, with the focus on lying


>Fite me hopefags
I remember when you cast her aside for Chiaki.

You devotion is weak despairfag.

I would burn the game.

Or from noticing the monitors.

This is pretty damn good

It's one of the JP cover box's which doesn't make it any less valid. And Kodaka could be purposely referencing it, whether it turns out to be a ruse or not.

>not the better version


Who's going to be the girl you romance in Prison Mode? Will be kinda awkward now that we're playing as a girl

Mad while playing, but I'd look forward to new memes.

You seen the new doujin yet user?

There is a small chance she went to hunt down the mastermind. But yeah shes probs deader than dead.

It's not Tengan, it's Chiaki and Junko

>yfw this entire thing turns out to be VR

I agree, my friend! I hope you enjoy this one!

No she didn't

So I guess Animator-Kuns bracelet was either don't lose your phone (due to automated COME HERE TO BE THE NEW HOPE message when the game ended) or don't sleep nearest the television (his immunity would probably save him from killing himself)

Was Chisa just a giant red herring at the end? If she was already hypnotised by despair what would the second dosage even do?

Where the hell do you see cap-kun without his cap?

Exatly Mitarai Ryota real name is Kazuo Tengan


>yfw this whole thing turns out to be a shitty anime

Have it your way then, don't come crying when kohacka pulls a ruse and kills your waifu.

She was despair but she wasn't suicidal. The video makes you kill yourself as well.

I would have a hearty chuckle, and then be cursing its existence by the third chapter

God tier taste there user

So what's the deal with this "complex" glasses thing?

Inb4 Tengan is old Mitarai and time travel shananigans are involved.



Made her kill herself. She'd probably be okay killing herself without being brainwashed into it anyway but whatever.

I still liked her.

I think Mitarai's NG was probably the "don't lose your phone", thing, too.

Reminder that you're retarded

Zero time dilemma often had very complex motives

Well, since brainwashing videos are so important in DR3, it's possible that we're being brainwashed by this anime too.

The mastermind is Junko. She had a copy of her brain scanned before she died and placed it in Chisa.
Since 'Chisa' died, the Junko copy wakes up again in her body.
That's why Chisa killed herself first, literally for Despair.

Japs all think Cap-kun is pulling a Shkanon

He does though:

Turns out to be?

It's already a shit anime.

>I cried for nothing but juzo and friends are alive and happy

How do we stop Kaedefags, robros?

Zero Time Dilemma, a game made by a friend of Kodaka, had a villain that literally came out of nowhere with no hints whatsoever. He was an old man who was literally just there in every single room the game took place in but no one ever acknowledged.

He wore those glasses and the only explanation he gave for his actions were that his motives were complex.

I'm going to miss you, Jin.


That shit was so fucking bad.

But Munakata stabbed Chisa's corpse! Furthermore, there's no threat in Junko coming back in the body of a d

>looking up old posts
>see the mitarai x kirigiri fags
>see all those people fully expecting kirigiri to survive to the end while naegi died
Ah, a glimpse of past hopes.

>Since 'Chisa' died, the Junko copy wakes up again in her body.
Wait what?

How does Junko live in a dead body? Chisa is dead...

It was in the trailer

I'd be extremely conflicted, my friend.

>Last Episode of Future
>Remnants have left Jabberwock and are nowhere to be seen
>Naegi calls Hajizuru
>"What the hell do you think you're doing?"
Finishing this fight
Danganronpa 4 coming soon tm

Please no, Kodaka, I don't think I can go through that again.

>He was an old man who was literally just there in every single room the game took place in but no one ever acknowledged.
my sides

Juzo had the dorkiest poses.

With this.



I'll be crying if they kill caps kun in the middle of me playing through his FTE.

Put the gun down hopeman.


the only one who's gonna be crying is you for being a literal retard

>tfw Junko will never punch you

How would that feel? Where would you like for him to punch you? Your jaw, dislodging it painfully? Your eye, making your eyeball burst inside the socket? Your nose, burying it deep inside your brain?

There's just so many ways Juzo could fucking kill you horribly with just a single punch

If you mean the Japanese image text, and not making fun of my English, then sure... It has two other pages as well.

Tsumiki: Uuu... I'm really happy...

Tsumiki: There's never been anyone before who worried about me before even if I got hurt...

Tsumiki: There was also nobody to give me any plaster or anything else...

Tsumiki: T-thank you, Hinata-san...

Tsumiki: Really... Really thank you so muchh!

Hinata: ...

Tsumiki: Hyaaaaa!?!

Hinata: Sorry, didn't you like it?

Tsumiki: T-t-t-t-that's not truee!
I, I was just startled that's all...

Hinata: ("I want to protect Tsumiki", that's the thought that went through my head)

Poor Chisa's brain must have turned into flan.
Brainwashed and lobotomized to love despair and hypnotized to kill herself.

She deserved to have a happy ending.

No, we did see the monitors plenty of times. They never really made an attempt to hide those. Heck, in this sequence they immediately cut to a part where they're walking through a hallway that's filled with monitors.

Junko not Juzo my illiterate friend.

So, Cred Forums, who was the true heroine of DR3?

Could be this fag

>kaedefags this insecure
why? kodaka would never pull a retarded stunt right :^)

>Play as Kaede for the first chapter
>Midway through the final (Improved) "Improved" Hangwoman's gambit of the case everything just starts slowing down and pink blood floods the screen
>The murderer saw the writing on the wall and shot her right on the stand
>Play as Badminton Midget the rest of the game

and cap-kun ends up dead.
No happy main characters in numbered titles allowed

That's the kind of thing you see people post as a fucking joke and it's ACTUALLY SPOT-ON WHAT HAPPENED

fuck, ZTD is so bad.

I actually never hated this. I had a power that gave me fast meter recharge so I abused the time slow that the game GIVES YOU to beat it first try with ease every time.

Blessed image, blessed Juzoboys.


Guys. Kodaka wouldnt kill off kirigiri after koichi saved her. Thats why kuzuuru lived. Shes gonna live guys, cure w and seiko save the day

Still in my denial phase. Theres no hope. Im just genuinly salty koichi had a pointless death and that they killed a survivor.


>hypnotized to kill herself.
>implying that wasn't a body double

Juzo Sakakura

Even though R07 forced it way past when he should have, it was still better than Junko, especially in terms of the characters catching on or not in the respective series.
Fight me.
And wouldn't it be a Shmion, since there are two different ones here?
Eh, I know the twins thing is what many in Cred Forums and /vg/ have thought already. So could be a west = Shmion, east = Shkanon.]

>implying she won't fall for sailor dude


>Munakata can know of and accept Juzo's real feelings this way


Money's on blue haired girl. She's the only one who has the Togami/Baby Gangsta "rich heir" look

You know who


>That's the kind of thing you see people post as a fucking joke and it's ACTUALLY SPOT-ON WHAT HAPPENED
I don't get why people like Clover never said anything about this old man flirting with her.

It's OK user. You're starting to come to terms with your denial. That's the first step in the right direction.

Ah, but to see HOPE fail after falling to it is even GREATER DESPAIR!

Can't have one without the other. None of this changes the fact Chiaki was too good for this world.

In fact, the monitoring room is noticeably absent of any monitors whatsoever.

Which begs the question: Why?

What's that?

>Theres no hope.
Sore wa chigau yo!

How do I get my friend into this series?

I could show him the anime since he's into that but I don't want him to miss out on the polish of the actual games.

I don't want him to think I'm weird for playing visual novels.


Just cause you're dead, doesn't mean you can still other people lines Kirigiri.

>The final Despair episode is in-universe commentary of Future side
>Juzo didn't expect to be outed by that fucking Hopelet and is all nervous

>Munakata has glowing HF blade
>Kills so others dont have to


>Dangan uses Hope vs Despair as a business to get elected head of FF so that he can end Hope vs Despair as a business
>HOPE is diseased to the core, needs to be torn out by the roots, etc.

it's been years by now and I've sort of accepted shkanon for what it was and admit to the foreshadowing despite being a huge antishkanonfag until the end of ep6, but I still think it was a shitty twist. Junko at the end of DR1 twist, I liked. Yasu is better than despair video, though, for sure.

Thanks bro. Ill move on soon i just need that final episode to completly dash my hopes

She didn't deserve her fate. Hopefully Izuru saves her.

These three get some really cute fan art.

Brainwash them.

Loan/Gift the first game

"It's a bit like Pheonix Wright with more story"

Two sibling, one male and one female, turn out to be the same person just wearing different disguises.

Umineko thing.. I think that's what they're referring to? There was a maid and a butler, Shannon and Kanon, they were both servants, yet ended up being the same person. We never saw both of them in the same frame, etc.

In a mystery visual novel, two different characters were actually the same person (male, female). They were never in the same place at the same time near the protagonist, so you'd assume they're two different people

Will we ever get a character as bro-tier as boozeman ever again?

So what anime are you guys planning to watch next season? Maybe we'll find a new meme show and see each other around. I'll really miss these threads.

She's with her pole sister in paradise

KAEDE IS THE PROTAGONIST Kodaka wouldn't pull a shitty twist like that, he'd lose sales


Lads I'm about to begin chapter 5 of DR1. What should I expect before I start DR2?

I tried to get him into Phoenix Wright once, he also dropped Ghost Trick.

Guess the anime will have to do.

You aren't going to be able to replicate these threads until they make another DR anime.
Anyway, I'm just bothering with Occultic;Nine and the various mahou shoujo of the season.


>save your bro's daughteru
>she dies anyway

Fuck off Kaede. I'm protagonist now.

Definitely! I love the trio, they're probably my favorite.
I can't wait until more gets drawn.

Who is SHSL Makeup artist?

Wow lads, it's not like we've already had a female MC.

Red herring
Now quickly leave

Why are you in dr3 thread on Cred Forums even?

>What should I expect before I start DR2?
Spoilers, in this thread. Quickly, get out.


>he also dropped Ghost Trick
he's beyond saving, don't even try

Are there any Higher Resolution versions of this yet? A lot of them are holding props which might help us figure out their talents and/or crime

>super afterlife detective

Imagine this.

Imagine Munakata in a cardigan because it turns out that's how he dresses "irl".

> he's beyond saving, don't even try

Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks anyways, friend.

God, Ghost Trick. Easily the most overrated game on Cred Forums. The cat twist was stupid and predictable, I rolled my eyes hard when I saw the cat come in to frame in the finale. it was a good game, but it doesn't hold a candle to other similar games in the genre.

As bad as Junko looks in the Despair arc, does anyone else still like seeing her spontaneous acts of craziness?

Komaru doesn't count because she's not in a main game!

I hope that Nu-Weedman is actually her love interest. Kodaka might actually do that since he was his favourite character.


> dropped Ghost Trick
Don't even bother. If he's not going to give the actual best of the puzzle VNs a chance, it's not even worth it

Why are you even on Cred Forums?

>game has expanded friendship / romance option
>Keeps track of who Kaede likes during game
>the characters she likes the most are killed in the next chapter

People were genuinely pissed at the super analyst part saying that Danganronpa had gotten too retarded for them.
I thought she was fun for the most part, but after that it went to shit.

You can also try your chance with Hotel Dusk & Last Window

What if they just lent the IP to Atlus and let them do a RPG.

I tried Ghost Trick because it was more game than VN and because I truly enjoyed it.

Oh well, at least I can still discuss stuff with gentlemen of great taste.

Why does this Sayaka look so weird? Why did Sayaka die in the first case instead of the second case? Wouldn't if have been better for her to survive a bit longer?

He died for literally nothing

Agreed. Nowhere near as good as people claim it to be.

Why did nobody look at Mitarai's forbidden action?

Don't worry friends

Juzo will be fine. Munakata still has Seiko's regeneration pills. As long as Juzo at least has somewhat of a weak pulse, his husbando will save him.


Kirigiri will be fine. She took the W Cure and is getting up right after they confront the mastermind!


No, you retarded tripfag. She wanted out NO MATTER WHAT.

Never lose hope

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.


All her plot twists are ruining DR, but I can't deny enjoying her screentime in general. Especially the grin.

I'm liking seeing how this mysterious biggest most awful blablabla happened, but I kinda feel like by showing so much of Junko they're weakening how menacing she used to seem.

She would have had more impact if she lived until like Trial 4 or 5 then betrayed.

Because of Boozeman, Kirigiri's notebook survived.
Since the notebook survived, the crew learned about the monitor trick, which led to Naegi literally sitting across a monitor.
Since Naegi did that, he was chosen as the attacker instead of Juzo, which would have been the nearest person to a monitor otherwise.
Thanks to that, Juzo was able to stop the killing game later on.

Essentially, Boozeman saved everyone.

That godawful stupid Monkey D Luffy grin ripoff makes me mad.

This, and this.

Why can't he just be the Chiakers/Kirigiri of the game?

I mean people were calling it early because he has a similar thinking pose to them both and he has the same placement in the trials, standing next to the musclebro. Chiaki stood next to Nidai and Kirigiri stood next to Sakura.

Now that he's the second largest person on the cover that all seems even more likely.

I... I expected el pato

You finally pulled through, Junkoposter.

I'll never not hate ZTD. At least if you're going with a shitty "main character is really not who you think and is the villain" twist, make him like the Ultimate Impostor or something so you don't have to literally pull an entire character out of your ass.

How did it even get to this point? 999 was a fucking masterpiece that combined clever room escape puzzles with a cool plot and setting, VLR was a great sequel, brought back some characters from the first in different ways with more good puzzles, a super entertaining villain, and another good plot and good sequel hook.

Then the sequel throws all lead-up from VLR away, throws a random mishmash of characters together, has the gayest fucking plot, and doesn't even make sense half the time

I fucking laughed when Juzo told Naegi why he hated him. Hate yourself man, for being weak.

stay triggered One Piss Fag

I can understand the dislike, even though I was personally fine with the concept at the end. I really do feel it might have been better if he stuck with his original plans(i.e. just outright revealing it at 3 instead of dragging it out until the middle of ep7 at the latest). For example, Hideyoshi is a fucking absolute nothing character, and I would say the same of Genji, except on a reread, he comes off as a better written yandere than what Kyrie is to many at this point, and what many joke about how Yasu is. But this is a DR thread, and we're getting off topic.

I personally think him and the maid aren't connected in any way, but you'll be lead to think they are. Since they are each tied to those two girls(red twintails that was revealed early on, and the possible ninja twintails with the green hairpiece). And I just can't see those girls as not being sisters or otherwise blood related.

If Kyoko fell into the abyss, he wouldn't have kept his promise to Jin, Kyoko wouldn't be alive to reveal the secret room for Juzo to find the power room, and Aoi wouldn't have found the notebook to reveal its all a suicide. Naegi may have never even realised she was dead and wouldn't have got the By you side speech.

Basically, his intervention allowed the game to start moving to an earlier end than the Mastermind had anticipated

She needed her Ayaka back

Juzo deserves a happy ending!

Actually, let's say they all do. I'd be okay with that.

Anyone else thinking the Despair arc is now going to jump to the "present" because seriously what do we have left to cover in the past, they're clearly not going to cover Zero in full and that's pretty much what is happening next. And this would solve the "how the fuck are they going to finish this in 20 minutes" problem.

>enjoying Junko's grins

Ruruka deserves no quarter

Pretty much love every scene with her and Mukuro. Pity not so many of them in this seasons
Also, dat One Piece reference

I don't know if they're gonna do it, but it's the ideal thing to do now.

That made me mad, because the next second she opened her mouth and it WASN'T sidemouth. Were they just going for one-sided monokuma grin or something? It was retarded.

I always thought the two arcs would merge together to create a seamless ending

>try to talk about the mystery on /drg/
>they all just talk about tripfag drama
Holy shit guys we can't be exiled there when this show ends

Not if I have anything to say about that

No, you're retarded. See the other response by . By dying in the first chapter, her betrayal was so earlier that Naegi forgot he even despaired over her for a while. Seriously, her betrayal was bad, but it wasn't as bad if you kept her alive long enough to egg you on and manipulate you. A real villain if you will. Junko's motivations are kind of stupid, but if we had a real villain it would be even better. It would have been better if she did the killing and framed Naegi. This way her falling apart in the trial would be so good. Kirigiri would save him and that's how the feeling would transfer over.


I'm pretty positive Despair will timeskip to the present or near-present within a couple of months.

> Anyone else thinking the Despair arc is now going to jump to the "present"
They won't. Zetsubou-hen goes up to right before DR1.

>what do we have left to cover in the past,
We still have plenty left to do before DR1 begins, with setting up Tengan and Mitarai at a minimum. Plus, there's this.


The MC used to stand in front of Monokuma, and this time around they do not. So maybe patterns changed. I can't deny this though.

So who is your favorite Mirai, anons?

/drg/ is not about danganronpa. What you should do is focus on Cred Forums threads and perhaps the occasional Cred Forums thread that pops up.

What's this?


Did you watch the last despair episode?

>Then the sequel throws all lead-up from VLR away, throws a random mishmash of characters together, has the gayest fucking plot, and doesn't even make sense half the time
ZTD currently sits at 10/10 on Steam lol.

someone other than junko & izuru watching?

>inb4 that fluffy megane


Juzo. It used to be Kizakura.

It will be easier when we all take over and exile them to some RP form instead. There's too much to talk about now that the new game is slowly inching forward.

Could Hinata have passed the final dead room with his latent SHSL luck?
Is that why Chiaki told him not to do it?

>someone other than junko & izuru watching?

>as bad as she looks
She's ultra qt in the despair arc, especially compared to how janky she looked in DR1


I honestly cannot comprehend it. How could anyone who played the past two actually think ZTD is even mildly acceptable?

Please, answer
If you did, you would have noticed that scene, because it stands out.

Try again.

>walking through the hallway at 2 a.m
>see this
what do?

Why couldn't they have made Akane a likeable character? It kills me that they made a delicious brown such a bad character.

Let my reflexes do the talking.

He wouldn't be able to pass it, that's why Chiaki told him not to do it.

>Junko says Goodbye class rep
>RoDs clear the class trial room
>Class trial monitors showing static
>Camera moves and focuses on Chiaki on the floor
>Izuru immediately walks in
Who was camera?

Illusions to illusions. The Junko who rises from the ground should return to illusions.

Illusion to illusion. The killing game done in the name of despair should disappear into illusions.

Illusion to illusion. The live broadcasted killing game should return to illusions.

Illusion to illusion. The culprit was neither Hope, nor Despair. The notion of the crime being performed for an ideology should return to illusions.

There wasn't a single tripfag there.

People somehow gave up after her VA said she was dead. It's weird.

Maybe people are just happy we got it on PC this time.

Shut the fuck up. Why do you think we give a shit enough about what you say to the point where you need a name for every piece of text you write?

I'm still waiting for a way to play VLR

Was his name a roundabout Gyakuten Saiban reference?

It shouldn't have made me jump, but somehow it did. She wasn't even doing anything creepy, she was just out of bed.

Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward still had the better jumpscare "and suddenly a girl" moment when Sigma and Phi enter the voting room and turn around to see Luna just before the doors lock

namefags, whatever

same shit, The /drg/ people are fucking insufferable. I'd take Evil Master Vyro and Quentin over any one of them in my thread

Reporting! Even if we may never see them I'll still keep hope.I have faith in Hajizuru to bring everyone back.
Normal and well.

Whoa settle down champ. Y U so mad?


Better hope for a 0 to not give a shit about hope , despair or future

If i roll a 2, Kaede and Jotaro will die.

Clean the drool of her face.

It's very easy to get good ratings on Steam, especially for games like that.

Shes fucking dead dude

Couldn't you have used an Cred Forums tripfag? Why a /r9k/ and Cred Forums tripfag?

It's funny, I was one of the people who jumped to claim that she was definitively dead and bringing her back would "cheapen her sacrifice", yet as time went on and I thought about it more, the more the death seemed really weird to me and the more convinced I was of her survival. The fact other "definitive deaths" on the radio (Asahina, Juzo) were mentioned didn't seem to matter to people at all, only that her seiyuu said it and that made it "more official", as if Ogata once again being the sole source of confirmation and being proven wrong when a character dies wouldn't diminish the fun.


I think the argument is that she isn't going to stay dead.
This is Cred Forums's hope user.

>He wouldn't be able to pass it

Why not? Didn't Gundam pass it? It's only a one-sixth chance of dying if you don't go full retard like Nagito. And that's ignoring Hajime/Izuru's SHSL Luck/plot armor that AE Chiaki probably knows nothing about.

because both of them are infamous board-ruining site-wide-infamous troll faggots and I needed people super fucking infuriating just to compare the stupid shits in that thread to. /drg/ is THAT BAD.

I broke and watched youtube.

Well, maybe you should use OR instead of AND here.


It'd be a nice win for us Seikofags. If the drug was only for staying awake, this would have been revealed.

I only know of ZTD from the memes in these threads but that's depressing. A friend gifted me ZTD on Steam at launch, full price, knowing that I loved 999 and VLR. I hadn't played yet because I needed to play DR2 first in preparation for the anime.

I'll still play to see for myself how bad it is, but feel bad that they wasted all that money on it if it's truly that awful.

>main heroine
>full of HOPE
>suffers a lot but doesn't give up
Do you think Kyouko would try to fuck her senpai if she knew about her?

Yeah user just relax~. No need to get so hot and bothered.

Quentin is somewhat noteworthy. Vyro? Are you kidding me? Are you Vyro? All he does is pretend to be a girl half the time to get people on /r9k/ upset. You could easily ignore his threads and you'd never know who he was.

Is kyouko a hinata-kun?

If i roll a 2, Kaede or Jotaro will die
4 and robo dies

Hajime != Izuru
And luck is quantifiable in the computer world, AE Chiaki would probably have read access on the random number generator.

quite a bit of stretch here though

If I roll a 1, Hopeden dies in the first chapter

As much as we meme Delta, he's actually kind of fun. Carlos is probably my favorite protagonist in the series

ZTD's biggest sin is what they do to Akane

If she had a ahoge, then yes.

>AE Chiaki probably knows nothing about.
Chiaki's Alter Ego knew everything about everyone else.


If this is a 5, Hopebot is the first victim and it's a suicide.


>only that her seiyuu said it and that made it "more official"
Once again you can't trust people on the creator's payroll. Remember Jon Snow?

It's in their best interests to lie to your face so their surprise will have maximum impact.

Well you got a 3.

Meanwhile if I a 3 I am always right from here on out.

I never said anything about Chiaki fucking her.

How would she know Hajime was Izuru when Kirigiri, Naegi, and Togami didn't?

>Last Despair Ep shows the DR2 survivors in the present and the Jabberwock Island fight.

I would be okay with this.

No. His name is based off Willard Huntington Wright aka Van Dine. He's a guy that came up with 20 rules for murder mysteries.

Because she, unlike them, had access to his memories.

Delusion or not, I'm fairly sure it's not decided yet and her odds have gone up after this episode. We don't know what the counter is at now, and Juzo cut his hand off, removing him from the counter.

For the sake of her character arc (and because I don't like her very much anymore), I hope she's dead for good, but I'm fairly sure she's alive now. At the current pacing, they were never going to reveal her fate before the final episode anyway.

33 and subs will be on time next week

We already know we're gonna have to rely on the usual kibousubs, 16h-user.


If 5, Kaede is NOT THE MC

I started of thinking she was dead but started buying the cure w stuff, when i saw the survicor count i was convinced she was alive. That said the va is actually a pretty conclusive piece of evidence in addition to juzo living. Its just too late in the show to revive her.

>when Kirigiri, Naegi, and Togami didn't?
I'm genuinely angry about this.
Were they thinking Hajime was the Ultimate Impostor or something?
I mean they put 15 people into the machine, 14 of which they should've been able to recognize instantly even from hearing their names, the last person is missing but there is a new guy they've never heard about.
Ultimate Detective my ass.

Who made this anyway? It never stops being cute.

If 4 then we will get some real good Hentai of Kaede

Yeah I just read Umineko Episode 8 and I want to vomit

What the fuck was the point of the ending? The truth of Rokkenjima was bad so Ange shouldn't know it?

Like there's a part where Jessica says LOL OF COURSE KANON WAS REAL I SHOWED HIM OFF TO MY FRIENDS XD when it's very obvious that she was gay for her fucking crazy maid.

>naegi loses hirigiri
>hajime loses chiaki
Is this what despair feels like?

He's probably one of the more iconic /r9k/ trips, and he used to shitpost the hell out of /x/ in 2012 to the point where it was unusable basically.

I only use /r9k/, Cred Forums, (formerly) /x/, and Cred Forums. Those two were just just the ones that popped into my head when I was thinking of bad trips. You're about to join my list too.

It's the Korosensei grin
It's the same studio and same director

You know damn right that K4ede is the protag


>That said the va is actually a pretty conclusive piece of evidence
For the 1000th time, no, it's not a evidence. No matter she's alive or dead or Kirijunko or all was an anime, she's gonna say she's dead because if she says other thing, she's spoiling things.

How do you feel about real life Munakata?

I guess I gotta be careful then.

Why is he wearing make up?



He's() not wrong. I've had my issues with you in discussion in the Madoka days, and even then, I'd rather have you as you were back then, for 1000s of posts, than /drg/ now. It's essentially a Discord between e-friends, save for it being on Cred Forums. And they rule discussion. Spoilers in OPs? Lack of friendly discussion towards a new player if they so happen to pop in the thread(that is, if someone were to ask for a tip about minigame x, or bring up their own theory before completion for example)? Insular real life drama discussion that's repeated(like one of them is having twins)? Constant roll posting(to be more specific, usually hunger games or vocaroos)?
Check the entire fucking list.

How do you filter tripfags again ?


wrong colors, juzo should be green and munakata white

You know how.

It's supposed to be the monokuma grin.

What's Tsumiki doing in there?

Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Hajime Penetrates Me" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan
Tsumiki "Dungeon Master" Mikan
Tsumiki "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsumiki "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsumiki "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsumiki "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsumiki "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsumiki "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan
Tsumiki "Stealing Chiaki's levels in love" Mikan
Tsumiki "Capture the Flags" Mikan
Tsumiki "Tripping onto Hajime while Chiaki trips on traps" Mikan
Tsumiki "Giving your man life while you face death" Mikan
Tsumiki "Pierce you with despair while he Pierces her with hope" Mikan
Tsumiki "Leveling up" Mikan
Tsumiki "No Revives for you" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hajime's new white mage" Mikan
Tsumiki "New #1 in being your man's new Player 2" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hijacking Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Plays doctor with your man while you play video games all day" Mikan
Tsumiki "Make Chiaki despair to get into Hinata's underwear" Mikan

user its just too late to. Pull a fake out. The survivor counter, the va comments, the fact that cure w has never been brought up or even loosly hinted at.

Shes actually dead. It upsets me cause kodaka lied about never killing survivors but ive accepted that she aint coming back. Theyd need to of at least hinted at it by this episode

It's a stupid Monkey D Luffy grin and you can't fool me.

This is just perfect. Imagine being Naegi, enjoying this intimate moment, and this faggot of MunakatAAAAHHHH comes near to you and ruins everything with his edginess: "You know why."

If they were under the impression that Izuru was masterminding it, then assuming Hajime was the imposter wouldn't be overly out there.

Hell, Makoto's crew would have had no idea what they looked like before even enrolling in Hope's Peak anyway, considering the bodies were built from their memories. He could have been Komaeda for all they knew.

You're pretty delusional in your belief that she's dead.

You're right...about the protag, I mean. I knew something was...off. After MGSV, I thought I could walk off the lies and into a normal advertisement campaign... but here I am, surrounded by guns, arguing MC spots, with Kaede. I told myself this was about justice, about being an interesting MC...but I was wrong.

I learned young that being the MC felt good. Really good. In Gifted Inmates Academy, my friends, my inmates...they helped me forget the MC inside...but who am I kidding? I was born to be the MC! The bit about my role, that "not the MC" stuff? I guess I just needed something to keep "the Ahoge" in check when I was knee-deep in FTEs...

But you..all this...is a wake-up call to what I really believe...what I really am...

I'm saying that Hopebot is back!

That nickname "Tin Can" you love sooo much- wanna know how I got it? Actually, why don't I give you a demonstration? I think it's time for hopebot... TO LET 'ER RIP!

what's with all the implications in these posts of Mikan/Hinata?

Is that a thing or is it le epic cuck meme

I like this fanart. Can you translate it please?

>Shes actually dead. It upsets me cause kodaka lied about never killing survivors but ive accepted that she aint coming back. Theyd need to of at least hinted at it by this episode


Can you fucking stop for a second and read what I wrote? I'm not saying she's alive, I'm not saying she's dead, I don't care.

I'm just saying that the VA comment is not proof of anything because no matter what's the status of Kirigiri, the VA is obviously gonna say that she's dead because that's what the anime is making people think.

I wish I could help you. I really do. I wish I could be my old self from the Madoka days. I would run right into /drg/ and hurt them, but their drama is too advanced for me to get caught up with. I never really liked discussing things with people outside of Cred Forums. They get too friendly with each other and I'd rather you not know anything about me personally. Most /vg/ generals I post in are usually friendlier to know people. It's a shame that /drg/ is so horrible. I'm sorry for you.

Get 4chanX and then add my trip to the filter.

Getting all hot and bothered because a girl from the stall next to her bullied her by dropping water on her head.

Why do movie/television/stage actors wear makeup? Any cosplayer would look bizarre with out it.

What happens to Akane?


We know who is the mastermind

stop torturing me

They eye make up is a little too much for me tho. I also don't think all cosplayers would look weird without make-up, but I think they overdid it. I wouldn't honestly be able to take him serious if he looked like that.

There's a fatty in the way of my beauty.

Junko coulda manipulated Juzo even harder then she did if she cared too.

with ultimate analysis she can mimic anyone's voices
Examples : when she fucked around with snake bros body and pretended to make him apologize to her in Dr0 and in DrIF when she pretended to be "Besshiki Madarai the Ultimate Hacker." to turn the 78th class on to Mukuro and Makato

So Junko coulda phoned Juzo and pretended to be munakata and react to the pics and juzo being gay.

I bring this up cause if we hear tengan's voice on the other end of the phone call with Ryota. It still Could be Junko as she could be mimicking tengan's voice

inb4 people say Dr0 and IF are non canon

It's because of the official description of the red eyed twintails and the heroine/ lover pictures. But honestly it's mostly people meming, no one actually believes this will happen.

But weren't the trio watching them in the simulation?

If so, why don't they know who's who?
Everyone introduced themselves to everyone else.
Togami would certainly object to the idea that Twogami was not the Ultimate Impostor (which would've been Hajime instead), but actually himself.

If not, how did they know there was a killing game and decided to enter?

>The survivor counter
We haven't seen it since the previous episode, where it was at 6.

>the va comments
As the guy literally just said, they mean absolutely nothing. They even said Juzo's lines were finished for the series and lo and behold, he returned in this episode.

>the fact that cure w has never been brought up or even loosly hinted at
Duh, they never even returned to the room where she died, let alone had a look at the object. Plus, meta-wise, this is not the right time to reveal her survival, if it happens.

>Theyd need to of at least hinted at it by this episode
No, they didn't need to do anything of the sort. The pacing is bad, but until we know how the final episodes are actually going to go, it is not an argument. Even if it's as expected and the next Future episode is the final one, that logic is in no way enough to conclude that she is not coming back.

It is in no way too late. You're actually more delusional than the people who rely on simple things like "they wouldn't make Kizakura sacrifice himself for nothing".

And what im saying is. The evidence surrounding the comments valididates the va comments.

We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

The VN or the manga? If you finished up the VN(Trick ending included), I would say to read the manga version of 8. It generally addressed a lot of the issues many felt with the VN, characters especially.
Like there's a nice Rosa and Maria scene that's really sweet given their overall relationship in the series for example.
That being said, if you don't want to touch the series again, I can understand. The manga isn't a complete rewrite as much as an re-edit, if you see what I mean.

According to one of the magazines which Jap guy posted some sources of, Mikan is the one who likes him in canon and him as a '"savior"o r something.
That and officially Hinata admited she's really cute.

monokuma grin

There's literally no way for her to survive her killing game.

In VLR, she was characterized as being a a shifter that experienced millions of year worth of timelines and became absolutely a cold ,manipulative and emotionless girl. It was implied in 999 and outright stated and illustrated in VLR
But in ZTD she was just a 20yo yandere girls that made no sense whatsoever

>I never really liked discussing things with people outside of Cred Forums. They get too friendly with each other and I'd rather you not know anything about me personally.
Why so reserved user? Bare it all.

Maybe you should try working on your English, bozo.

can you modify it? add:
Chisa/Junko switch (with DR1 retcon)


If only he met Mikan and saw how shit she was even with a talent over waifubait maximus.

I read the manga after the VN. Really what I took from Umineko was that Eva was a hero. I didn't buy or feel sorry for Yasu/Sayo for a goddamn second.

I had 'other' in there for a reason, punk.

OK, sure...

Tsumiki: Hinata-san, pleasee stay still for a moment.

Hinata: OK

Tsumiki: It's donee!

Hinata: And you did it really well too.

Tsumiki: T-that's... I am the Health Committee even if I'm like this... Ehehe

Hinata: Thanks

*pats head*

Tsumiki: Fuee... I'm really sorryy!
How presumptuous for a thing like me to be tending to Hinata-san!

Hinata: What?

Tsumiki: Hi-, Hinata-san is tall, very kind, good-looking and your chest size is 91cm

Tsumiki: Compare that to me, my hair is disgusting and I'm called a "shitty bitch".
We really don't match, right?

Hinata: ... Tsumiki... Don't you like being with me?

Tsumiki: T-that's not true! I want to be with you! But I just can't help but think we don't match...

Hinata: Then who cares about that?

Hinata: Who you want to be with is something Tsumiki should decide

Hinata: Just like I went ahead and decided I want to be with Tsumiki

Tsumiki: *crying* Eeee

Hinata: I'll protect you, Tsumiki.
Until your hair realigns beautifully, and after that too, I'll always be by your side forever

Hinata: Someday, er... I.... *gets knocked down before can finish sentence*

Tsumiki: Fuyu... I-I'm happy

Tsumiki: Truly happy...

Hinata (internal dialogue): I was going to say "let's get married" but...

Hinata (internal dialogue): For now it's fine like this. Even if it's not now, we have plenty of time

I want her to grin at me

Thanks. I haven't installed yet since I changed my HDD and didn't remember if it was native or not
Why do you trip ? Honest and innocent question i'm legit curious about that. I've gone 10 years on Cred Forums without ever feeling like tripping.

>The evidence surrounding the comments
There is literally no new evidence supporting the fact that she's dead. There IS one new piece of evidence suggesting she's alive in the form of Juzo cutting his hand off, with the counter not being displayed in any way.

Your only arguments are your wrong assumption that it's too late, and the VA comments, which is an even more ridiculous thing to rely on.

>Getting all hot and bothered because a girl from the stall next to her bullied her by dropping water on her head.
Uuu I wouldn't get off on that!!!

Why are you so mean?

Monkey D Luffy grin.

My heart just about melted. You're doing God's work user.

you know you did something wrong when "other" gets more votes than one of your choices

>There's a fatty in the way of my beauty.
No. That is just a very based man carrying a nurse girl

No, not at all. 'Other' encompasses a lot more than one singular choice, it is a unification of various theories all mixed and melted together into one poll choice.

> They even said Juzo's lines were finished for the series and lo and behold, he returned in this episode.

Did people really misinterpret Suwabe finishing his recording to mean Sakakura would have no more speaking lines for the rest of the series?

I think Tengan called them from outside of Neo World Program. Everything in Despair arc was virtual reality. Tengan wanted to weed out Despair and Chisa. Not actually kill anyone.

Stop dickriding Chiakizuru theory Kirijunko friend. They're both radically different and by necessity mutually exclusive theories

They sure as hell did.

Fuck OFF.
It's a Monkey D Luffy grin, end of story.

>nobody has ever said something so nice to me before!
Wasnt Chiaki supposed to be a god-tier class rep or something?

Not him but thanks mate. I wish I knew japanese too.

>Meme character gets an infinitely better death scene than Kirigiri

I don't want people coming to my house and I don't want to keep the rumor going that someone beat me up at the Madoka screenings.

I was really, really lonely a couple of years ago when I started. I wanted to connect with people. I was alone and had no one. I still don't have many people and I'm still alone, but age wears you out. It's why I don't shitpost like I used to. I like it here. I don't want to be permabanned, I don't want my trip banned.

Then why do you look so happy?

Uh, I could carry her just fine!

No, but she's a god tier waifu

I rewatched the trial 2-6 Izuru segment, they didn't know they picked up Izuru at all. Izuru knows about Hajime, he probably just called himself Hajime when they picked him up and they rolled with it.

You k ow im a kirigiri fag taking it pretty bad that she died. But seeing you people going into your own little delusion makes me want her to stay dead.

Fuck so this is despair. I want to spread it now.

Chiaki was just a dumbass that wanted to play games. She probably didnt even do FTEs and had her classmates do hers for the entirety of their schools stay.

>that faggot valwinz actually lurks /drg/ and probably these threads too
I want to fucking puke.

Kirigiri isn't dead, Seiko's entire existence was to save her.

I literally am not a Kirigirifag and I'm saying her chances have, logically and objectively, until presented with new evidence, gone up. You're just too fixated on the mindless idea that it's somehow too late to reveal her again in the final episode.

They didnt even know if Izuru was real.

I really hope we see the Naegi meeting Izuru scene.

Well if Kirigiri truly is dead she's going to look like a giant idiot for ignoring the GET OUT OF DEATH GAME FREE room

>Mikanfags are roleplaying now

My god, I guess they spent that break they took getting actively worse.

I like to think Seiko was Munakata and Juzo's pretend imouto.

No idea what you're talking about. However, you're horrible for not protecting her.

She already does. It changes nothing, doubly so since DR3 made just about everyone dumb.

We gotta get that. I'm more interested to see if we see Izuru bury Chiaki's body or if he just leaves her there.

And Kizakura's existence too Kirigiri can't be possibly dead or Fedoraman would be pointless and his promise to Jin

Nope. My assumption at the moment is that Chiakizuru gets possessed by Junko. After all, a key character trait of hers that's been established over and over again is that she is a very meticulous planner who will do things multiple times in order to refine her techniques. We see this in action in DR3 - she did brainwashing twice before performing the third and final one which would convert the entirety of Class 77, sans Chiaki, into ultimate despairs.

The one thing that's startlingly out of place for her here is her plan to create Junkoland, which relies on a very experimental technique that she's (seemingly) never used before. It's not just about conditioning people to enjoy despair at that point, but making them be like Junko herself, removing all traces of themselves (whereas even as UDs, they still had some sense of themselves). If she had dealt with it before, such as via overwriting real Chiaki's personality, her confidence that the plan being a success would make more sense.

I honestly admit that I couldn't think of a good, all-encompassing portmanteau for Junko-possessed Chiakizuru so I left it as-is, but as you can see, in my view Chakizuru=Kirijunko because they both boil down to "Junko possessed a beloved main heroine".

All new characters existed to either pull survivors through or try to act like a retard and give up in the end.

>Kirigiri literally could have survived if Kodaka hadn't made her a retard for plot

Didnt they know that before the NWP?

New thread lads

I was there when /drg/ hit rock bottom. It all started with an Ibukifag, kept complaining how he wanted to commit suicide. Then some guy pretending to be Fuyuhiko came in, and it was all downhill from there. I promise /drg/ was good a year ago.

It still seem to me like quite the weird choice to Trip on Cred Forums. I enjoy Cred Forums quite a lot and made several Online friend but especially because how anonymous it is. Turning on a trip would ruin that sense of homogeneity the site has and stick me out like a sore thumb. Seems like a pretty complicated way to get online friend. Were they not friendlier community online ?

Hey! Yeah!
Why didn't Kirigiri went to the room without monitors or simply didnt look at the monitor?

I don't want a girl who's such a weak-willed pushover that she needs me to protect her from gentle breezes. My testosterone count isn't in the single digits.

Whats wrong with her leg?

>I don't want people coming to my house
Holy shit people actually do that. That must suck.
>I was really, really lonely a couple of years ago when I started. I wanted to connect with people. I was alone and had no one. I still don't have many people and I'm still alone
user why do you do this to me?

Hey there. I heard you liked boats.

Im not the guy you were arguing with before. I just see no real evidence shed coming back but a plethora for her being dead.

Id hope so cause i loved seiko and i love kirigiri so itd be a nice way to add onto two characters i love, but i just dont see it happening. I have to chalk seiko up to bad writing despite her and juzo being the most likable new characters

Juzo being the protective big brother to Seiko
Wish we would have seen that

I want to protect that grin.

it still bothers me how kirigiri's left ponytail has been missing the entire DR3 anime


>the entire
Nope, she had it in the flashback. She just changed her hairstyle later. Is a girl not allowed to do that?

He said he'll live on as Hajime after the DR2 game. Why would he say that if he was using Hajime as his name? He wasn't.
He might have called himself Hajime (as you said) to deceive the trio though, entirely plausible.

I remember that as well. I went there to post pictures and look for cute art and suddenly suicidal stuff, namefagging and avafagging in the span of a few months.

Yeah he calls Cred Forums cancer and disregards all the theories and shit he comes for the memes he even disregards kirijunko and Chiakizuru even with the proof. though you can barley understand what he's saying half the time besides when he goes Fuck hope man

I'll have her then. I'll protect her with my life.

It's called a braid.

because she's junko

Junko hated Kyoko's Style so she changed it thats why she looks sexier in Future, U know what leg pouch it probably has junko's monokuma hair pins in it

It was a Brazilian who started it all. Remember, HUEHUEs ruin everything.

>guy pretending to be Fuyuhiko
He's the one having kids.

I've been on Cred Forums for like 11-12 years now. There have always been tripfags. Tripfags have existed in some form or another. They need to exist. If they don't exist, there's nothing to set people off. A pure Anonymous board turns into what Cred Forums was. It created a monster. A whole bunch of people banning under the name of Anonymous. Boards with tripfags didn't turn out that way. You have something to distract and create your own culture. It would be wrong to say that Cred Forums hasn't benefited by trip culture and even people say the old Cred Forums was better they neglect to mention that tripfags were a lot more plentiful and had a lot more power to influence the board. Cred Forums no longer has that. There's only a handful of tripfags and the board is basically running with generals and the lack of real creativity. You have idiots spouting that we need more moderation and all sorts of new rules. It's the same people who have never seen Accel spamer. This is as good Cred Forums will get. The culture of Cred Forums is stagnating. The generals are back and in full force. Do you think that place like Cred Forums would benefit from force user? Even Cred Forums no longer has a true forced user thanks to tags.

Wouldn't it mean that your testosterone count is in the single digits because you don't want to be manly and protect the woman you care about?

It's only my fault.

So what's the difference between pre- and post-brainwash Komaeda?

Zetsubou-hen has sucked dick but Mirai has been fucking great.
This was the exact opposite of what I expected to happen.

Juzo, how is this even a question?

What? He's only 19, are you saying he's already got kids? What the fuck.

No, Izuru said he was Hajime.

You are literally retarded if you think shes dead.


You're literally retarded if you think she's alive.

>So I guess Animator-Kuns bracelet was either don't lose your phone (due to automated COME HERE TO BE THE NEW HOPE message when the game ended) or don't sleep nearest the television
What? No, his code very explicitly was something that would kill him if he let others know of it.

He likely knew that the monitors were brainwashing people but his NG code prevented him from saying anything without dying. The reason he's constantly angry at himself and hesitating to do some unspecified thing is because he's too cowardly to sacrifice his own life to end the game (just like he was too cowardly to try to save his classmates from Junko)

Who makes Junko's pussy wettest?

>0. Matsuda
>1. Makoto
>2. Izuru
>3. Nagito

From most likely to survive to least:
>#1 Chiaki (SHSL Deus Ex Machina right next to her)
>#2 Kyoko (Muh Cure W)
>#3 Chisa (Potential mastermind, body replacement/trick)
>#4 Juzo (Got his triumphant redemption moment, maybe if simulation or something)


Makoto. With blood
Wait, that sounds disgusting...

Juzoboys aren't claiming their boy is coming back en masse and Chisa is a despair, so general fuckery and her coming back just to screw with Persona wouldn't be unheard of in DR.
Chiakifags want a guy who can't even remember who Chiaki is to ressussitate her and Kirigirifags are putting all their chips in some medicine that was never shown to work at all.
Clearly is right.

We already had a happy ending, Weedbro.
We got to meet the boy at all and witnessed him going uncontrolled