I want Ritsuko strip me naked, spank me until my ass is deeply bruised...

I want Ritsuko strip me naked, spank me until my ass is deeply bruised, and perform a thorough physical examination on me all while in view of all the female personnel.

I wouldn't go that far, but I'd like to go on a date with her

That's a good middle ground.

She is a very dashing woman indeed

Maybe on her own, but I doubt that much. Certainly the ugliest Eva girl though.

Of course.

You're pretty gutsy.

Here's the order:


I don't think I'm missing any girls. oh, there's Ritsuko's mom, but who cares about her. ANd you can (not) ask me why Yui isn't on equal footing with Rei.

Personally, I think they all have their qualities.

Yeah. What's your point?

All the girls from Evangelion are lovely, there is no best girl because they are all best girl

I think Rei is very cute, though

I wouldn't rank them in any specific order.

Misato is the best, though.

We're not talking about best, we're talking about worst. And it's Ritsuko.


anta baka?


I want Misato to bend me over a table and cane me while Asuka holds me in place


I want her to measure my penis and remark it's smaller than average with a slight mocking chuckle. Then post the results on a bulletin board that all of NERV can see.

I want Ritsuko and Misato to take turns whipping my cock and balls, then for Ritsuko to squeeze my balls and Misato to jerk me off and threaten to whip me again if I cum before she gives me permission

I want her to spank me on my ass and my inner thighs after she forces me to wear the lingerie that I tried to steal from her

I don't really want any of this to happen.

Quit posting on Cred Forums, Maya. Get back to work.

>Rei turned into a moeblob character in the Rebuilds

i want asuka to step on my dick and swear at me in german

You.You have exquisite taste.

Too bad