So who was best girl ? I think they're all great

so who was best girl ? I think they're all great

who does Kodaka end with in the end ? I only watched the anime and it was unclear

Open ending, Yozora is the best.



>normies reeeeeeee : the character

Meat because shes honest but shes not fucking retarded like Yozora.
Rika is good too

the one who didn't cut her hair

Read the manga.

Kobato by far.

lowly make best girl worst girl why did they do this

the one with the tits

It was a very comfy show

Implied Sena ending.

Yozora and Kobato were the best.

I am a Yozorafag and even I don't want her to end with that faggot.

Kodaka starts dating Yukimura but she insists that he either disbands the club or they're over.

He chooses to dump her so that everyone can be friends again.

No one wins.

I wish this series had just been immediately canceled after the nandatte incident. The follow up completely ruined Yukimura and Yozora's characters. Kobato does start to really shine though. She's the only sane one in the cast.

he's far from being a faggot.
>good looking
>dresses well
>mature and reliable
>has skills

Nobody won, anyways. The author chickened out.

Until nandatte that was true but after that he just regressed into being a childish cunt. Not only did his character just generally get worse after nandatte but it retroactively hurt his character in the past. Before that he was the lovable oaf - a little dim but overall a kind and reliable friend. But now all those times he was being "dim" have been changed to him being an asshole and a coward.

what's nandatte ? I only watched the anime

Best is open to interpretation, but Yozora was the clear WORST girl.

Same but with Yukimura being the worst.

It happened at the end of the anime although the anime doesn't show the fall out. Sena tells Kodaka "we should get married" very closely in the middle of the clubroom. Kodaka tries to back out of it by saying "eh, what did you say" or nandatte. She calls him out on it and then he runs away like a bitch. After that he stops coming to the club for a week or so and it falls apart (they were all only there for the dick). Eventually Rika convinces him to come back but the real problem begins when Yozora "runs away." She basically has a mental breakdown. Normally in this situation you would expect the plot to shift to a typical drama storyline where Kodaka and her friends help her deal with her troubled past and then everyone happily moves on. Instead, what happens is everyone but Kobato (a complete angel) and to a lesser extent Sena just totally ignore her and the plot never advances. After a few volumes of nothing really happening, Yukimura blowing everyone off (she made a new friend and doesn't give a fuck about them anymore) and Yozora moping like a bitch the author just randomly ends the story and starts a new one.

that should say very clearly in the middle of the classroom